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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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weekend. you are looking at oracle park and the golden gate bridge. it looks in the right now, but tonight just you wait. there are events coming up. >> we cannot underestimate how happy the fitness industry is in san francisco. reggie: mask mandate a reliefief some but causing confusion for many others. kumasi: another live look outside. there is a meteor shower. you don't have to stay up too late to see it. good morning, everybody. it is friday. we want want want want want want our friday forecast. mike: mother nature is going to get busy, but it's just for tonight. a pristine weekend is on the way.
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you can see the bulk is into the central valley. as i put the radar in mot you can see everything clearing out. a little bit of fog forming around santa rosa. there's a look at the drive. increasing sunshine and increasing resist today. temperatures in the upper 50's to mid-60's this afternoon. one of the coolest days we going to have. jobina: take a look at tonight's rain and also a fire threat in the back half of the forecast. just -- mike:
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jobina:jobina: -- they have three lanes blocked. they told us 20 minutes until things opened so we are still watching. it the civic center bart station is closed due to police activity. buses and between 16th street mission station and powell street bart station. you can take the bus to get to and from. don't go to the civic center station. it is closed. kumasi: it is going to be a busy weekend in san francisco. fleet week is in full gear oracle park, the giants are hosting the dodgers. it abc -- live at oracle park with more. >> it feels good to be back in orange october. since 2016, it is event is evenn because they are playing our
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arrival. the giants are just -- playing our rival. fleet week is going on. it is going to make for a busy day in the city. the streets are expected to be very congested, especially around the chase enter and the ballpark. bart says they are prepare the influx of people. >> we be running trains saturday well into the midnight hour. >> muni streetcars to get people from bart to all of their fun destinations. we have been looking at parking lots around the area. we have seen parking going for one hundred $20. even higher. it makes sense -- $120000000000
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higher. they plan to do a lot of walking to get to all of the fun. if you are coming from outside the city, we wish you luck. you can do it. it's going to be worth it when you get here. it's going to be a lot of fun. reggie: i know that you are a long time giants fan. is it too late or just the right time for me to jump on the bandwagon? >> i say jump in, reggie. you can do it. you also need to get into the ted lasso bandwagon. i'm going to pop into the store and get you a t-shirt and you are going to look great and you are going to love our team. the vice president of the united states has decided to root for them. reggie, you cannot be the only person not on this train. reggie: if it's good enough for amy hollifield, it's good enough
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for me. >> there we go. reggie: go, team. go giants. and also, go military go militaa kumasi: we will work on this. we have been trying. >> ok. reggie: if you want to see more this, make sure to head to our website. we are going to be streaming the fleet week air show including the blue angels flight. you can find everything you need for the busy weekends including forecasts and more transit tips. kumasi: we are one step closer to taking off our masks again. yellow tear from moderate covid transmission -- yellow tier
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moderate covid transmission and stay there for two weeks. since the, why it weeks? >> it will take it that it will take at least that long for children to get their two doses. kumasi: there is no bay area county that meet these metrics. it could take months to get there. these guidelines apply to all area counties except for solano county which has declined to dissipate. mask rules will not change for places like hospitals, public transit or schools. san francisco released its own guidelines for certain circumstances where indoor masks to become optional. they plan to limit those next
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friday, october 15. the city's rules are specifically for indoor places where access is controlled. places like your office, your gymnasium, your church. if everyone in your group is vaccinated, you can take off your mask. bay area tech companies are responding to the change in mask policy. san francisco plans to loosen its rules next week. facebook and google told us they will not be changing their math policies. reggie: flu season is coming and health officials are urging people to get their flu shots to avoid a pandemic. -- avoid adding to the pandemic. >> i have always gotten the vaccine to protect the patients that i care for. reggie: the u.s. is gearing up for a bad flu season with more
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schools and businesses reopened. cdc recommends everyone starting with six month old babies should get the flu shot. the president of san jose state university stepping down amid a high-profile investigation into the school's handling of sexual abuse. >> all on me. kumasi: coming face-to-face with the shark. it talked about everything that goes through his mind when it was attacking. reggie: there is a bad back up multiple lanes are who doesn't like more? and i mean, like, a lot more. well, with xfinity you get more for your money. because with xfinity internet you get a free flex 4k streaming box
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reggie: the meteor shower should be visible to the northern hemisphere.
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this one can be spotted earlier in the evening. the peak of the meteor shower is inspected to hit tonight, but if you miss it you can still have until sunday to see some of it. mike: i can guarantee saturday night and sunday night will be better than tonight because the clouds are coming in and the rain that is on the way. it's mostly cloudy in the city. sunnyside 52. a wealth of areas around 55 degrees. 49 petaluma. the rest of us mid-50's. that's talk about fleet week. 3:00 will be one of the brightest times during the day. it will be a little breezy and 62. mid to upper 60's saturday and sunday. could not be much better. tonight's game, typical fall classic. dropping down to 56.
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look at all this clean air for the weekend. good news on your commute. jobina: good morning. the positive is that the alert has cleared in berkeley. all lanes have opened. it is very slow. the average speed is tracking around 10 miles per hour. we had three lanes blocked for over an hour because of a crash. things are moving. we have something coming in from bart. they are telling us that the civic center station should be open soon. that is their word. a police in the area are wrapping up their investigation from earlier this morning. the station is still closed but should be reopening sin. kumasi: this is an accomplishment of monumental heights. a double amputee has scaledledld
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mountain in nepal. it took his expedition about 34 days to reach the 26,700 foot summit. the man says he wants to show anything in life can be accomplished as long as people go do it. collectibles of a legendary legy area band up for sale. reggie: two stars getting close. kumasi: a new law giving college students a whole new decision about their diplomas. mike:
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. let me get this straight. you've got an a.i. strategy to deliver a better customer experience, that will help us retain our customers and even grow our business? how much is this going to cost? here's the figure. 59. 59 million? no, five9. as in five9 intelligent cloud contact center. they won't just power our transformation. they'll fund our transformation. yes, yes! exactly! what are you waiting for? ♪ ♪ kumasi: san jose state president is resigning or you comes after
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allegations that the school mishandled sexual assault claims. settlement with the students. she will step down but will continue with her part in the investigation. >> i'm surprised it's happening on this timeline, but i think it's probably the right decision. i think this is the thing that needed to happen because otherwise it would be hard to be an effective leader. kumasi: she said in part "the best interest of the campus continues to be at the forefront of every decision i make. i love this university and believe this choice will allow the focus to be positively and solely on our campus." reggie: a bill by san francisco assembly member was signed into
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law this week by governor newsom. it gives students in california public colleges the ability to have the names that reflect their gender abilities reflected on their diplomas. the diploma represents years of hard work and students should be able to celebrate their academic achievements. it will take effect next year. kumasi: empowering young women to pursue careers in stem. this is a bay area organization through a program that places high school students at stem focused college prep classes at universities across the country or three summers at no cost to them. i talked to one student about the program. >> i would not have had the confidence to pursue stem. it showed me that it is definitely possible to take those harder classes and take
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classes with people who don't necessarily look like you. kumasi: > -- it is all about being confident and feeling empowered so these close our representation of that for the young ladies to put on the close and feel like they can conquer the world and conquer the stem field kumasi:. kumasi:-- reggie: dead up for auction. fans can bid on instruments like jerry garcia's care just tars -- jerry garcia's guitars. the band was formed in 19 62 five. the band gave fame and san francisco -- 1965 and gained
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fame and san francisco. mike: you know what i'm buying? i'm buying into this great weather. we are going to stub our to a little bit with the rain, but we needed -- but we need it. we have some other issues to talk about. let's focus on, it's kind of quiet down there right now. we are looking at where all of the magic happens tonight. oracle part. increasing clouds. elsewhere, louts very. --clouds vary. once the weekend ends, so does our pristine weather. let's talk about this cold air. jetstream is bringing down one more chance of wet weather.
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one last push of a rogue shower possible inland east bay through the morning commute. look at all the sunshine when we have something flying through the air over san francisco. 11:00, is going to be a gorgeous -- most of the moisture is out over the ocean. then it comes ashore. onto a few rogue showers left over tomorrow morning. very light, very widespread. mid morning, late morning sunshine is out and it hangs out the rest of the day even out to the coast. impressive for this time of the year.
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little bit so outside of that, we've got the north bay mountains, the valley where all of us live. fire weather watch becre weath critical conditions. enjoy the tranquil weather this weekend. get ready for that fire threat. >> it's friday. we've got lots coming up on gma today. pfizer requesting emergency use authorization or its vaccine for kids ages five to 11. what that could mean for the fight to end the pandemic. also, holiday travel expected to surge. united airlines expecting a jump and passengers. why you should wait to book your flights. james bond is here. we are joined p p
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back. the phantom of the opera. a jampacked friday. on top of that, my instagram followers have jumped significantly since i started following you yesterday. so i thank you for that. kumasi: you are so welcome. i do i can. reggie: i'm excited that broadway is coming back. i will be coming to new york soon in case you don't want to hang out. >> let me know so i make sure i'm not here. reggie: i'm just giving you fair warning. >> come on. i would love to see you, reggie. in all fairness, i miss you and reach out when you make plans. reggie: that's what i was looking for. now my friday is made.
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reggie: new details and that sofer who survived a shark attack -- surfer who survived a shark attack. he tells good morning america he was not sure he would make it. >> i was in a lot of pain and still thinking i'm either going to lose my leg or i'm going to die. it was like a clamp around my leg. we went underwater together, slow motion. i reached down to grab what it was. reggie: he has undergone two surgeries and he hopes to get right back to surfing in the near future. kumasi: we are hearing from adele. she is on the cover of votes british and american --vog
6:26 am
british and american additions. she talks about divorce and her new love. she says she recorded the album to help her son understand why she and his father got divorced. >> she describes as being about self-destruction, self reflection and self redemption. i think it is very much charting that journey from a life crisis and emerging back into the world feeling pretty great about herself and positive about the future. kumasi: you can watch the full report coming up at 7:00 right after -- coming up 7:00. reggie: justin bieber is out with new music. ♪ reggie: diane keaton,
6:27 am
oscar-winning actress appears in the video for the song ghost which is about of family coping with grief. drinking, dancing, sharing hugs. on instagram, diane keaton wrote "my dreaming? it was an honor to work with justin bieber. the secretary of leaving the airport. confirming his important meeting happening this morning. kumasi: multiple fights, trips to the hospital. we just got new answers from police this morning. reggie: a live look
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reggie: the bay area is back. did you miss weekends like this? san francisco to be flooded with major events. s rsstason play in five the rurn of eeweshs. we know with all the fun comes the crowded traffic. reggie: the halloween warsallowr here. neighborhood decorations are starting to go up and this is gunning for the crown. we are going to start with a pretty great forecast. mike: on this friday, i am watching one storm exit which is going to leave us with a
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gorgeous afternoon and another storm quickly on its heels. we had a few drops during the overnight hours. it was the talk in the newsroom of the folks who had to drive through that. it looked at what it's doing in the sierra. showers and thunderstorms. love to see that in october. behind this front, it's going to be a little breezy. those breezes are pushing us into the 40's and 50's where we will stay until 7:00. sunshine 59 to i will time out tonight's rain coming up. reggie: san jose police investigating after violence broke out after last night's soccer game. we have new information that we just got in the last hour. jobina: police say there were multiple fights and a shooting.
6:32 am
we now know five people were arrested. at least one for firearms. one what person was grazed by a bullet. a large group of area -- one person was grazed by a bullet. a large group of police were there. more than one person was taken to the hospital with various injuries that resulted from physical assault. none of the injuries were considered to be life-threatening. on social media you c c c c c fan run onto the field, throw a punch at a player. the fan was tackled by another player. kumasi: thank you. let's talk about this because today marks the kickoff to a jampacked weekend of events in san francisco. everything from the giants and the warriors plane tonight.
6:33 am
the giants plan again tomorrow and fleet week to marionette son -- flaunt -- fleet week. reggie: today's fleet week event kicks off today with the parade of ships along san francisco's waterfront with a reviewing stand in the maria grant -- marina grand. the airshow it wraps up with the blue angels taking to the stock -- taking to the sky as the grand finale. we will be streaming all of it on our website,. -- streaming and on our website. kumasi: logan webb it will be starting for the giants and it will be the first postseason for the 24-year-old california native. >> i've been part of the
6:34 am
in l.a. and even those are pretty crazy. i think it's going to be a great series and i think fans from both teams are going to be going crazy. kumasi: first pitch is set for around 6:30 p.m. reggie: live outside oracle park. hi amy. >> the city is going to be bumping. we have the giants game. it's the first game. they are playing their rivals. the l.a. dodgers. a few blocks away, you're going to see a crowd of basketball fans as the warriors have their home preseason game. driving will be tough. living here, being able to walk
6:35 am
to places will be great. >> it will be easier to walk around. usually, i know not to drive. it's going to be a nightmare, especially downtown. >> encouraging people to take public transportation. art says they are aware of this and they are prepared, they will be running trains well into the midnight hour. --bart this and they will be prepared to run trains well into the midnight hour. the vice president of the united states has said she is pulling for the giants. governor gavin newsom says both teams -- he is pulling for the
6:36 am
giants. reggie, will you be next? are you going to jump in and cheer for our team? reggie: i always cheer for a winner. i will be there. i'm on the bandwagon. >> yes, we did it. baby ain't you. with everybody coming -- baby steps. thank you. this weekend is going to be a huge help as they deal with the pandemic. fleet week alone generates more than $10 million in revenue for the city. bars and restaurants are expected to be pretty busy and hotels are quickly filling up rooms.
6:37 am
gone from 50% occupancy up to 80% occupancy thanks to the baseball game. reggie: the governor's office says he will highlight his california comeback plan which supports small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic. that event is going to be live-streamed at 10:30 a.m. this morning. kumasi: congratulations congrato winners to the nobel peace prize. their work being honored. reggie: we are slightly down. another update how the markets are doing,. >> are you telling the rides? >> if i'm not telling up for a
6:38 am
ride, i simply strap on some stilettos. reggie: miss piggy is back. she spills the tea on her favorite and least favorite rides at disneyland. you don't come after miss piggy. don't do it. he is lucky that is all she gave him. mike: mother nature is giving us a gorgeous weekend. we got some issues to talk about. we are looking at the east bay. the coliseum looking northward. no fog. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's. let's check other neighborhoods. ready much low to mid 50's. 45 in santa rosa. so much going on this weekend. it's like we went from nothing to full on 100%. we are back at it. today, clouds will open up. a little breezy if you're going
6:39 am
to be out. definitely need the sunglasses. a few clouds tomorrow morning. 66. even more sunshine and not as breezy sunday, 67 degrees. the game today today at 6:30 p.m. air quality is going to be green , good all weekend. snow level down to 7000 feet today, more snow monday. hope you enjoy it. we will take a look at our rain chances will become back. jobina: good morning. the update from bart is there is no update on the civic station -- civic center station. you can take any in between the 16th street, powell street.
6:40 am
the civic center station is still closed. a live picture at the toll plaza. you should have no issues getting it to san francisco from the east bay if you are traveling on that bridge. a look at the san mateo bridge. much busier. we have cleared things up from our
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kumasi: the u.s. and mexico are meeting for their first security talks in over a decade. a working breakfast with mexico's president and he flew there overnight after a short stop in mountain view.
6:43 am
counterparts. reggie: two international journalists have been awarded the nobel peace prize. jobina: maria russa them are journalists that have been awarded the nobel peace prize. russa is the only woman to win a nobel prize. -- year about the importance of journalism. >> we have to hold the line because if we don't, our democracy will fundamentally change. it is dying in front of our eyes. the crash happened in plainview. can we resuscitate it. can we uphold our rights?
6:44 am
kumasi: it remaining newspapers of highly critical russian president vladimir putin. being awarded the prize is retribution for russian journalism which is being repressed now. kumasi: at least one person has died, several people are trapped after a scaffolding collapse in hong kong. major windstorm lou the scaffolding off the side of the building that was under construction. local media reported that the construction workers were on the site at the time and one of them died. emergency crews are rescuing the remaining workers and several other people who were trapped in cars. reggie: new details on the oiled -- oil spill. the rotterdam express has been cleared in the investigation. he left oakland yesterday.
6:45 am
-- it left oakland yesterday. the ship's as as as incorrect. there is now a criminal investigation to figure out what happened. there is also an end to get an investigation underway to determine if this bill is the source of some tarballs that have washed ashore. for people --four people are in the hospital with serious industries -- serious injuries. this is video of the fire. it has been burning in the sequoia and it is only 11% contained. kumasi: tesla is moving its headquarters to austin. elon musk make the announcement yesterday during the company's annual shareholders meeting. he says the company is not moving out of its factory plant
6:46 am
-- adding that he plans to increase. >> possible but there is a how far you can scale in the bay area. kumasi: he is not surprised that tesla is changing mailing address. we reached out to tesla for comment, but have not heard back. some surprising numbers released by the labor department on the september jobs report. the unemployment rate dropped from august. the country added just 194,000 jobs last month which was down from august. the september payroll gains well
6:47 am
below economist projections who expect 500,000 new jobs to be added. let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange. we are down by about 30 points. reggie: google is taken away the ability for climate change deniers to make money on their platforms. the company says it will no longer allow advertising on youtube to allot this to appear alongside -- advertising on youtube to appear alongside, and that policy goes into effect next month. having trouble getting a date? maybe you need to pay for a ride? it lets tinder pay for their lyft rides.
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your date is buying you a credit which means they don't get to see your address. when this date goes left, you don't have to worry because they can't follow you. kumasi: i like this. we should talk about this for hot topics. friday is here and that means it's our guide to giving that that means it is -- friday is here. your guide to creating a better weekend. jobina: we've been talking about the main event all week. fleet week is here. we took this line out of the script and i'm going to say it anyway. the city is going to be bumping. get ready. if you are not into planes or sailors, i have other news for you. >> weekend to catch a glimpse of the air because fleet week is
6:49 am
back in san francisco after a year off because of the pandemic. the 40th annual event celebrating our armed forces will feature a full display of planes, ships, precision pilots and even neighborhood concerts. calling all goblins, ghosts and witches. boo at the zoo starts friday and will continue every weekend in october. take part in a spooky animal themed scavenger hunt and find fun goodies. instead of trick-or-treating, staff will hand out goodie bags to all kids. make sure to reserve your tickets in advance. this one is an oldie but goodie. every saturday, the museum offers free general admission to the galleries to all bay area residents. museum is offering free general admission for essential workers until the end of the year. just bring your work badge and you are in. kumasi: that's not all that is happening this weekend. there is so much.
6:50 am
if you go to the front page of our website, we put together a list of open friendly events happening all over the bay area. i want to give a shout to a viewer. is it too late for a better weekend submission? technically, yes. but i'm going to mention it. there is a zoe lofgren festival --jolloff festival happening. you can google it and find it on instagram. jobina: i wish i had a ticket to one of these games. i don't. but if you don't, i think it's just, want to be out in the mix. that's what i'm going to be doing. just eating and being out and feeling energy. that's my plan. reggie: i will myself out last week. i'm excited about this weekend.
6:51 am
i'm excited about the weather. but you're probably not going to see me out in the streets. i will be sitting on a chair and watching you. mike: i will be watching baseball tonight and one of my favorites on right -- one of my favorite fundraisers tomorrow. raising money for equine therapy. no charge to their families so we've got to raise a lot of money tomorrow. really looking forward to this. trying to find some of that rain. lake level, up in the mountains it is definitely snowing right now. that will be a full site when the sun comes out tomorrow. -- that will be a beautiful sight when the sun comes out tomorrow. better chance of measurable rain tonight over a wider area. milder afternoons this weekend.
6:52 am
say goodbye to one storm, we say hello to the next one. 730 this morning -- 7:30 a.m. this morning, 3:00. how -- hot -- high clouds coming in and gorgeous sunset. 11:30 p.m., showers along the sonoma coast. 3:30 a.m. -- 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, just about over. rainfall amounts, we are looking at two possibly up to 1/10 of an inch. after being in the 60's today, our coolest day in the forecast, 60's to near 80's sunday. fire danger monday and tuesday. warmer weather wednesday and thursday. enjoy. kumasi: let's get into the halloween spirit.
6:53 am
the special ranks the muppets inside the haunted mansion ride at this -- brings the muppets inside the haunted mansion ride. >> you can get really sick on those things. >> are you tell enough to go on those rights? >> mi tell enough? if i'm not tall enough for a ride, -- am i tall enough? if i'm not tall enough for a ride, i simply strap on some stilettos. reggie: so who are -- -- - to talk to gonzo. i'm also talking to pepe who was another star. you can watch that at 11:00 today on midday live. i cannot wait. gonzo is my favorite muppet. fawzi is my second favorite. 11 up -- new at 6:00, halloween
6:54 am
decoration wars are here. melissa jansen built a monster display for her garage door. she calls it monster garage. the door has two red eyes and sharp teeth. she describes herself as a halloween obsessed cat lady. kumasi: halloween obsessed cat lady. reggie: that's something. kumasi: she's probably lit up at night. i think that's probably going to be cool. reggie: i'm making my list of questions for gonzo. the first one is you are an icon. that's not a question. i just need you to know. i'm also going to ask if, he said a few years ago that miss piggy is difficult to work with so i'm going to try to start a
6:55 am
fight. kumasi: don't do that. because you know miss piggy will come for you. reggie: he has chickens to defend himself. kumasi: things you need to know today. reggie: mike was just talking about it. snow in don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure.
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kumasi: a big busy and b weekend in san francisco because there is so much going on. the giants and dodgers are playing today and tomorrow. streets are expected to be very congested. the warriors are playing. reggie: fleet week is in full swing. the events kickoff at 11:00 today created this afternoon, the blue angels fly. mike: our chance of wet weather just about over. midnight through 6:00 tomorrow morning, another chance of wet weather. kumasi: san jose police say
6:58 am
there were five arrests stemming from multiple fights and shooting outside of paypal park. it happened after last nights game. one person was grazed by a bullet. reggie: reggie: we are one step closer to taking off masks indoors. no county is eligible althoughlh -- details on that at. kumasi: we've had remain under the limit until you make it about halfway across the bridge. jobina: who needs waterfront dining when you can just dine in the water? a the besf aecent tropical storm. you can see customers are enjoying, enjoying eating in
6:59 am
shiin deep water. the stuff looks like it's toppling over. they cheer and laugh when the waves come through. the drone always gives it a little pizzazz. kumasi: it does make it look like an event. reggie: jobina:bina:bina:bina:bina:bina: mike: knocking you over. reggie: do do do do do do do doo available? immediately after? kumasi: something brushing up against her ankle and you can't see it. mike: the food is something else. reggie: it must be.
7:00 am
good morning, america. on this friday morning the pfizer vaccine now teed up for kids across the country. pfizer requests emergency use authorization for their covid vaccine for ages 5 to 11. nearly 30 million kids eligible if approved. pediatrician, dr. richard besser joins us with what parents need to know. this as the airlines crack down on vaccine mandates. when you should buy your plane tickets before the massive holiday travel surge. breaking overnight, financial meltdown averted. lawmakers reaching a short-term deal to keep paying the bills. the crisis far from over as the vote heads to the house. underwater collision mystery. a u.s. navy nuclear powered attack submarine striking an object in the pacific ocean.


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