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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 6, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tesla's $137 million lawsuit sharing his story. his alarming testimony of racial abuse inside the fremont factory. >> a clean-air day in california. you may have seen the signs posted on the freeways and there are some free public transit deals to give our earth extra fresh air. >> good morning, you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live in wherever you are streaming. lisa: it is chilly out there. we are a few degrees warmer towards hayward. otherwise there's fog with numbers around 50 up in the north bay around santa rosa. it's a cloudy start. temperatures are in the mid-50's. 59 in san jose. another view here or we can make out the clouds. it's 52 in the north bay in nevada.
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another cool and breezy day with cloud cover looking at a few peaks of sunlight in the day mainly in the 60's. a few low to mid 70's imminent. >> change could be coming to the bay area's indoor mask mandates. county leaders are rethinking restrictions and updates could come as soon as this week. amy joins us live in the east bay with more. amy: is it time to change the signs again? these have been up since the beginning of august. it was two months ago mask mandates came back. health officials in the bay are talking about changing the rules again. the number of covid cases on the decline and the bay area had some of the highest vaccination rates in the country. some believe it is now time. we talked to one doctor who said we have passed the metrics defined by the cdc to lift indoor mask mandates. it when we ask people if they are ready, we heard some
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hesitancy. >> this feels too soon, too many different variants. amy: the san francisco mayor said dropping the mask mandates is long overdue. it is not up to elected officials, it is county health officers who will make the decision. health departments are looking at softening the rules in certain places in specific situations. they are finalizing the details, the timing and exact rules could be different from county to county. in contra costa county, case rates are down 35%. officials are saying an announcement could be coming i the end of the week so expect some changes. kumasi: there is some frustration in the east bay for people trying to get a booster shot because some pharmacies don't have any.
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at least two cvs pharmacies canceled appointments because they ran out of boosters. abc 7 reached out to cbs and the company said it may have exceeded the initial allocation from the government. >> it's always frustrating for someone to have an appointment for a vaccine and then find out it's not available. >> their people pushed by their family. they have a negative thing and they go it's not meant to be. that's the sad part. kumasi: both alameda and contra costa counties have their own vaccine allocation from the state. the county sites are open for booster appointments. you can ask our vaccine team your question about the vaccine. by whistleblower who testified before congress the former employee claiming facebook spreads hate speech for profit and knew that its platforms could be harmful to teen girls but did not do anything about
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it. some lawmakers are threatening new regulations. jobina: mark zuckerberg is flat denying claims. he posted this letter are sent to facebook employees saying many of the claims don't make any sense. they painted dark picture of face -- dark picture of facebook. saying internal research shows it shows the negative impact they can have on teenagers. >> facebook knows its application algorithms, things like engagement based ranking can lead children from very innocuous topics like healthy recipes to anorexia content over a very short period of time. jobina: he said if we wanted to ignore research why would we create the program to understand these important issues in the first place.
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she underscored the lack of transparency from big tech and encouraged others in the industry to speak up and senater richard blumenthal from us congress will take action. kumasi: we are hearing from one form or tesla employee who sued and wanted discrimination lawsuit against the automaker. rebecca jarvis has more on the racial abuse he endured. >> we just want to be treated and seen as equal human beings. >> a former tesla contract worker speaking out after a san francisco federal court decided the electric car maker must pay him 130 7 million dollars over claims he suffered racist abuse at the company. oh in -- owen diaz told the court he faced a hostile work environment where employees drew swastikas and racist graffiti on bathroom stalls, or coworkers told them to go back to africa
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and ethnic slurs were heard routinely. diaz says nothing was done to stop it, quitting after roughly one year on the job and ultimately suing. >> they decided to kill investigations. you can keep treating workers like this. >> now tesla 100 $30 million in punitive damage and $7 million in emotional distress, an unprecedented amount of racial discrimination cases. >> they have to takeeeee choose and take the abuse that these billion-dollar companies are putting out and feed their families. >> following diverted post on the company's website. tesla's b.p. of people writing although they didn't justify the verdict reached by the jury in san francisco, we do recognize
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in 2015 and 2016 we were not perfect. >> of other change and realize racist, it has no place in the workplace. >> they've had claims of a hostile work environment. kumasi: governor newsom has signed a new law to tighten security. fraudulent employment payments is the pandemic. any of those came from people in prison. prison system to share the names
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with edd. we have all of our website. the issues with overspending now so bad that the state is on the verge of stepping in. >> the warriors are back in front of fans once again tonight. the new chase center food and drink additions could seal the show. the all new menu
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kumasi: the city of pleasanton has declared a local drought emergency. at the moment the city isn't i'' penalizing anyone for excessive water use. that could change the drought gets worse. >> we are not looking at any
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measurable rain in the next few days. the southbay on friday could see a few drops from an incoming weather system. this brought the cooldown and continue spread 59 in fremont. today at the northbay, plenty of clouds up her 60's toward san rafael and as we get toward san francisco, advertise should be about 71, shy of that with cloud cover and breezy wins. we ticket to the east bay where we see up her 60's in oakland. 66 in berkeley with a lot of cloud cover and then along the peninsula a little bit brighter but still on the cool side, san mateo 65. as we head into the east bay valleys we would inspect warmer numbers. maybe 70 and at that warm up in time for the weekend. jobina: we will start in san jose where we have a similar
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this is an upgrade from this crash earlier. we knew a pedestrian had been hit, the chp is confirmed this is northbound 680 at jackson avenue. that's all lanes are blocked. i also want to move up to hayward crash we were following. the backup is still very extensive quickly wrapping up their live pictures. california has day and officials encourage you to celebrate by taking public transportation which is better for the environment. more than 600 organizations and businesses statewide have pledged to help clear the air.
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kumasi: one of the bay area top stars accused of faking their vaccine card. jobina: fall allergy season -- reggie: fall allergy season, dealing with theing a pandemic is tricky. kumasi: let's take a live look
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reggie: the u.s. homicide rate has hit its highest increase in recent history. it jumped 30% between 2019 and 2020. the last time we so i jump li wf the deaths reported in the september 11 attacks.
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the data shows seven .8 homicides per 100,000 people last year. it's up from six homicides per 100,000 people in 2019. the homicide rate is lower than the 1980's when the top 10 -- kumasi: new help for people on house to get off the streets. city council approved new housing units and they will be billed at police department overflow parking lot in west taylor and guadalupe play parkway. -- guadalupe parkway. >> these communities that are part of our community that are not simply strange people moving in from a strange land, these are our community members and we should be very welcoming to. >> the units are considering bridge housing. the total cost of the project is estimated to be $13 million. kumasi: no more mandatory --
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reggie: no more mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug crime -- certain drug crimes. it allows judges to order probation instead of prison time for nonviolent drug offenses. the state senator from san francisco helped to write the bill. kumasi: education is a focus of commitment for building better. it may be forced to intervene to solve the school districts dire financial crisis. san francisco unified has been spending $60 million a year beyond the revenue debts from the state. the school district blames declining enrollment and rising salaries. built to trend 13% of the budget. >> the nhl is investigating whether the sharks forward used a fake vaccination card in violation of the covid-19 protocol.
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the sharks have declined to comment on this. it is the latest off the ice problem, of the nhl is also investigating accusations of physical and sexual abuse raised by his wife at a recent court filing. two weeks ago the league said it found no illicit gambling. he is not participating in the sharks training camp under the mutual agreement with the team. kumasi: the warriors will be packed to a full capacity crowd of fans for the first time since the pandemic. there is a brand-new splash wine bar and it features a rotation of premium wines. if you want to talk the heat you can try the spicy margarita. you can try a loaded baked potato or a handful of toasted sandwiches. the warriors play the denver nuggets in a preseason matchup
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tonight at 7:00. reggie: gray a table wine infused with mustard seed. it cost $30 a bottle and you do get an eight ounce jar of dijon mustard with it. these companies w companies w cs to get on the local news. [laughter] it works every time. kumasi: someone is going to try it. lisa: i would take that over the doughnuts. i like mustard. reggie: you would take that over the doughnut? lisa: yes. kumasi: wait a minute now. lisa: i just like that acid type mediterranean thing versus a donor not. what can i say. ponder that won't you folks as we talk about the midweek
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temperatures and also into the weekend where we are looking at a warm, here is a live look where the satellite and radar component allowing for cloud cover into the pacific northwest with some rain and trailing cold fronts. with that, high clouds, a low clouds in the clouds slow to budge. as we get into the end of the workweek, some showers visiting the sierra nevada, perhaps the southbay missing the bay area th bronte looking at some fog earlier. conditions are better in santa rosa right now. a live look outside where we have the morning clouds. breezy and even cooler today. friday looks to be the coolest day and then a slight chance of showers perhaps in the southbay. warming up for the weekend. our inland valleys should see lower to middle 80's.
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mid 70's in our warmest locations. that's beyond the livermore valley by the delta. probably not even 70 on friday and then the warm up we get toward saturday. sunday looks to be the warmest day. as we get through the early afternoon, 20 to 30 mile winds along the coast, that's ushering in that cool sea breeze. breezy is much as 10 degrees below average in our inland valleys and we will look at the cloud cover today allowing for the temperatures to be held down with about 70 in napa. mid 60's in fremont. the seven-day forecast, breezy and cool today and tomorrow. slight chance of showers in the southbay friday. warmest day is sunday. cool with gusty winds next week. reggie: let's turn to ginger who is live with a look at what's coming up on gma this morning.
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>> great to be with both of you. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg firing back after that whistleblower's on capitol hill. then we have the latest on the gabby petito case. her parents are speaking out in a new interview. we also are learning more about his movements in hearing more with our exclusive interview with the sister prayed john tasha joins us live for his first tv interview since his cancer came back. the challenges he faced the first time he was diagnosed and this time is totally different. also, a two amazing women joining us. star lashawnda lynch and -- -- - lashanna lynch and terrace sheep he henson -- taraji p henson. reggie: dancing with the stars,
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all the drama. with covid and everything, they really pulled through. is he still your pick? given every thing that's gone on? >> he is and i am saying this only because he's mine. i don't know if i'm saying this as a forecaster. jojo is blowing everybody amanda looks like a total pro. everybody is so good. you've got so so know how to dance. reggie: it's a tough season. i wouldn't want to be on this season. >> no. i had a much better field. giraldo, come back. reggie: so good to see you again reggie: so good to see you again babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah?
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here. many people want to know if it's allergies or covid-19. a doctor with the cleveland clinic says if you've got a fever and a loss of taste or smell, that is likely covid. allergies, with other symptoms. >> with covid we don't have as much itching. if you've noticed every single year for years that you've got the same sorts of symptoms during the fall time, it probably is more allergy related. reggie: if you are unsure and concerned about symptoms, it's time to call your doctor. kumasi: adele is giving us a glimpse of her new song and music video. ♪ kumasi: that's it. reggie: we wanted more. kumasi: the grammy winner released this short snippet of her upcoming song titled easy on me. it will be her first single in
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more than five years per the full song will be released on october 15th. her last album came out in 2015 and fans have been speculative her next album will be called 30. reggie: our bodies are ready. always a good time for her. i need the vegas residency. kumasi: do you? reggie: wouldn't that be nice? kumasi: i love adele i just don't think she is at that her -- at that point in her career yet. reggie: how dare you insult myc celine. more top stories at 6:30. troubling signs with the price of everyday clothing will be taking up soon. kumasi: the bay area traffic is back on a few different bridges and one of them is hitting pre-pandemic levels. reggie: a while international manhunt.
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i need an entire store. now, i've got one. explore floor & decor in person or online at >> this is abc 7 news. reggie: rethinking the mask mandated rules. the session from bay area counties that could be coming in just days. kumasi: s.f. mta warning of a deadline that could double or triple your wait times. >> is this the fridge of the future? amazon is betting on it. i have definite thoughts about that. good morning on this.
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it's wednesday, october 6dnes lisa is here this morning is another fall-like morning. lisa: temperatures as much as 10 degrees below average so that's even cool for october. this will stay with us the next few days and as we look out in san francisco, you will notice we are in the 50's in the city. 56 in morgan hill and another vantage point per the sun doesn't come up until 7:11. fog is lifted in santa rosa with high clouds and low clouds as we get toward the next couple of hours we are still cloudy. maybe a few low 60's. clouds are slow to clear. by late in the day we will see numbers in the low 70's inland, low 60's san francisco. we will switch it up for the weekend.
6:32 am
details on that in a few minutes. reggie: california is no longer in the cdc recommended range to have indoor mask mandates. that has county health leaders working on a plan that could see some mandates we have now go away soon. amy is in walnut creek with the mask situation. >> these signs have been greeting you for two months now telling you to wear your mask. the signs could be coming down. county officials are looking at changing mask mandates. health officials are considering softening the rules in certain places under certainmany are ste where they don't have to wear a mask. we did hear some hesitancy though when we asked some people if they are ready to take off their masks.
6:33 am
an infectious disease doctor we spoke to said she think's it's time to lift the mandate. >> we have a low transmission now, we have high vaccination. that loses its definition of mandate versus recommendation. amy: the san francisco mayor says she thinks a change is long overdue pointing to the high vaccination rates in the region and the decline in covid cases. it's not up to elected officials, it's up to health officials and they say they are working on new rules and there could be an announcement for the bay area by the end of this week. reggie: thank you. oakland is now requiring all city employees to be fully vaccinated. the city council just to prove that mandate last night, workers have until november 29 to get their shots. employees will be allowed to request a medical or religious exemption. kumasi: if you rely on public
6:34 am
transit in san francisco, a mandate could slow your commute. at yesterday's meeting we learned 640 employees are not vaccinated and more than 300 of those are operators. less than 50 are currently asking for exceptions. transit workers union of america says on vaccinated bus operators could be fired for not getting the vaccine but november 1 under the city's mandate. >> it's a scary situation because it's like the city and county of san francisco chopping off their own leg when you don't need to. >> the mandate could lead to terminations for unvaccinated parking control officers of covid tests are not accepted and employees don't give into the vaccine mandate. >> about 1% of kaiser employees are on paid leave after deciding not to get t vaccine by the
6:35 am
company's deadline. those 2200 employees are all over the country including california. a lot of workers waited until the last minute to get that vaccine. kaiser says last friday close to 5000 employees hadn't responded yet. >we are getting a better sense f when the pfizer vaccine may become available for young kids. jobina: thank you. the fda has sent a meeting, the committee will decide whether to authorize pfizer's covid vaccine for kids ages 5-11. it will review data from pfizer's trials for kids. they will make a decision soon after that meeting. >> how many days it will take i can tell you exactly but i can promise you no one will be sitting home playing solitaire during that time. >> as more cities and states implement mandates, the department of homeland security has issued a warning.
6:36 am
it's tracking potential domestic extremists who may target health care workers, facilities and public officials. forecasts predict fewer hospitalizations and deaths in the coming weeks as more people had vaccinated and their booster shots. reggie: you can ask our vaccine team your questions about the covid vaccines. kumasi: mountain facebook is in the spotlight over allegations the company chose profit over public safety. it whistleblower says facebook knew about the potentially toxic effects its platform had on new users and still put money over morality. >> facebook has failed to live up to its moral responsibility by prioritizing profit over the safety of its users. there's also been internal pressure from facebook to live up to its responsibility but leadership seems to refuse it's doing that. >> santa clara university
6:37 am
psychology professor says facebook could reach it with deep pockets to address problems the platform is said to be creating for society. >> to get quality professionals who can help them including ethicists who can help them to create safe platforms that don't hurt anybody. >> elite study conducted by facebook said facebook own instagram worse than the suicidal thoughts 17% said it contributed to their eating disorders. >> criminal trial of elizabeth holmes is underway right now in san jose. an attorney for holmes claimed incompetence by adam rosen dwarf was behind the problems of the blood testing start. the attorney tried to discredit rosen dwarf by questioning him about faulty lab test results. he claims he quit fair and no
6:38 am
because the blood -- he quit theranos because the blood tests did not work. she faces up to 20 years in prison. rebecca jarvis hosts a podcast about the trial. a new episode comes out every tuesday. kumasi: the san francisco unified superintendent is warning parents of a tiktok trend. reggie: a look at the big the of the new york stock exchange where we are down this morning.
6:39 am
>> we've got a weather system to the north of us dragging in some high clouds. we have a mostly cloudy start out fair. looking at the upside from a roof camera here, temperatures are in the mid 50's. 68 it oakland. so cool mid and upper 50's in the southbay, the coast as we look at another view here, the s mild and conquered. 52 with cloudy skies in santa rosa. 54 nevada. you can expect a lot of cloud cover a few sunny breaks in the day. will remain cool this time of year. the cooler weather sticks around for the next few days. i friday, it system missing the bay area hitting us a chance of
6:40 am
soureikely from the sierra nevada and then we will look at a system behind it with high pressure building in. that will bring warmer temperatures. write in time for fleet week where mid upper 60's over the weekend. sunday the warmest day. 70 in napa as well as san jose and the lookahead we are cool till friday. warming up over the weekend and cooling-off next week. jobina: we want to get right to sky seven. an alert we've been following through the morning. this is northbound 680 at jackson. this is a fatal crash and the chp will be on the scene investigating throughout the morning. you can see the impact of the backup here because northbound 680 at jackson is shut down so traffic is being diverted. this happened before 5:30.
6:41 am
the person involved in the crash they are cooperating with the ll rn..gatioesmesllan jeorun68acone. t bcand are looking at a slowdown. if you commute on the bay bridge. traffic there and several bay area bridges his back to pre-pandemic levels. a signal that people are returning to in person work. the metropolitan transportation commission spokesperson said traffic is routinely topping 90% of pre-pandemic levels and says of pre-pandemic levels and says the antioch bridge has i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community.
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kumasi: vandalism and now this. new social media trend in schools involves kids daring each other to hit a teacher or a staff member on the backside. a warning from the samford cisco unified school district superintendent. jobina: they had to do a double take on this because the superintendent emailed a warning to families about all this. according to the chronicle the email said this behavior will not be tolerated. if a a school staffmember backsy could be suspended or expelled. matthew's encourage parents to talk to their children about inappropriate trends on social media. last month another trend we won't name on the air goes on tiktok encourage students to destroy school property, most specifically the bathrooms. a tiktok spokesperson said the new trend violates community guidelines paid the company notes it has not found related
6:45 am
videos on its platform. kumasi: convicted killer scott peterson is set to be back in court. he is expected to appear remotely from san quentin. he has been on death row for more than 15 years for killing his wife and their unborn son. today judge plans to set a day to to life in prison with no chance for parole. the supreme court previously throughout his death sentence because jurors who personally disagreed with the death penalty but were willing to impose it were improperly dismissed. reggie: this is a journey i'm about to take you on. the search for an international fugitive who's been missing for more than two decades. authorities say he may have been spotted at a dodger baseball game. he has been on the run since 1998 and was convicted in a $350 million bank fraud scheme but never showed up for prison. he is on the u.s. marshals 15 most wanted list. they thought he may have escaped to italy in 2016 someone fitting
6:46 am
his description was seen at a baseball game sitting behind home plate. officials have released the image from this game in 2016 that shows a balding man with a mustache sitting four rows up. investigators tracked down who bought that seat. >> we were able to identify the ticketholder. it was a block of seats, so we were not able to identify who actually was the individual in that seat. the tickets could have been scalped or sold online. reggie: abc news has been following the case for several years and documented what they found. there's also a documentary in the works that will air on hulu. kumasi: now add cotton list of things going up in price. the wall street journal's reporting cotton prices are surging to their highest levels in about a decade. analysts claim the spike on several factors including extreme weather, droughts and heat waves have wiped out cotton
6:47 am
crops in the u.s. which is the world's leading exporter ended means higher prices for everyday clothing items could soon follow. for the first time in 25 years, the forbes 400 list of wealthiest americans does not include former president trump. in 2020 he ranked 33 ----- despite still being worth an estimated 2.5 billion, he missed the 2021 list by about $400 million. the cutoff climbed to 2.9 billion dollars which knocked 51 people off the list including oprah, jeff bezos still -- including oprah. jeff bezos still remains number one. followed by tesla ceo elon with more than 100 and $90 billion.let's take a live look e new york stock exchange. you can see we are still down by about 200 points. reggie: amazon is reportedly developing a smart refrigerator.
6:48 am
business insider reports a contractor grocery buying habits , predictor food preferences and order groceries on your behalf using similar technology they have in amazon go stores. it can also suggest recipes based on what you have. on top of that it can provide health and nutrition advice. kumasi: i'm ready to buy this right now. lisa: really? get outta my business. kumasi: i feel like don't you hate when you buy food, you don't use it, you don't know what you have. it's just too much and this can be really helpful in saving me from making unnecessary purchases. lisa: that's a plus i suppose paid out even like when my phone says set your alarm for tomorrow. you don't know what i'm doing tomorrow. reggie: i have alexa in there.
6:49 am
kumasi: but now you don't want her to help you eat right. reggie: i don't want her to look at my food. alexa only talks when i say to talk. this refrigerator is ordering groceries and i don't even know it. kumasi: yes. and it has a recipe for me. lisa: today, tomorrow and even into friday where we could see a chance of a shower. there is a look at what is to come with satellite and radar composite showing there is an area of low pressure to the north of us and allowing for the high clouds and low clouds this morning. mostly cloudy skies. a live look outside. there's a look at santa cruz where it's 54 degrees. cloud cover hanging with us through the day. numbers in the upper 60's.
6:50 am
it is 60 in oakland. look at this gorgeous shot. the air quality at tahoe is moderate today. temperatures in the low 60's and the mountains could get some rain tomorrow into friday. nothing too significant. barely measurable but still any little bit helps to clear out the air. the wind helping us out with that cooler sea breeze and fresher air. 52 in santa rosa. we are looking at morning clouds, cool temperatures. slight chance of showers friday but the cloud cover hanging tough today, a few peaks of sunlight in the day. this is late in the afternoon. into thursday we have more cloud cover and then temperatures five to 10 degreesler with 20 to 30 mile-per-hour wind. breezy by the delta. as we get into your thursday, temperatures will come down a few more. looking at little change as we get into thursday and friday, more clouds.
6:51 am
this begins our warm up. highs with the cloud cover for most of us. 65 in richmond with mid 60's in palo alto. this video shows the moment a passenger plane got stuck under a pedestrian bridge in india. the plane was being transported him a large truck when it hit the overpass near an airport. the person who took this said he started recording on his phone to show how people -- to show other planes being moved. he did not intend to watch this crash. now to the pipeline leak in southern california. it spewed 144,000 gallons of oil off the coast of huntington beach. governor newsom was in orange county. many are speculating a ship
6:52 am
anchor could've caused this bill, investigators are collecting more information from inspections of the past two years. >> there's no way she is cited in those reports when they were last inspected. it may be academic if this turns out to have been the cause that some have speculated. reggie: investigators are looking to reports workers may have ignored alarms, reported the spill. governor newsom is declared a state of emergency to free up funds for cleanup. an invesan invesan invesan invev environmental report is shedding light on a problem affecting us. the problem is air pollution. the environment california research policy center found wildfires were the leading cause of poor air quality last year. roughly 98% of residents brief
6:53 am
polluted air for at least 30 days. this increases the risk for prematureeath, asthma attacksd a air pollution is a public health emergency and one single group is especially vulnerable. >> are essentialalalalal farmworkers were mostly undocumented and work every day to put food on our tables but do not have any labor rights or access to medical care but are expected to work every day. >> the greater los angeles area had the worst air pollution in the state with seven months of unhealthy air. >> pg&e is telling customers about a new safety measure leading to preventative power outages. pg&e had a webinar to explain that this new system is intended to help reduce the risk of wildfire sprayed crews are adjusting the sensitivity of power lines to automatically turn off power anytime there is an issue detected. the company says it has seen a
6:54 am
60% decrease of potential fire hazards. about 45% of powerlines have had their settings adjusted. reggie: the muppets are coming to disney plus and we are getting a sneak peek. >> lend me your fears. >> it's show time. >> usually i'm worried about dying up here but you beat me to do it. reggie: i love the muppets. actress taraji p this new movie. >> you are part of this muppets haunted mansion special you are too scared to go on the haunted mansion ride? >> i don't like anything haunted. [laughter] >> i know you had a run-in with miss piggy. >> she has all the sauce and attitude and clap back. but i also love kermit and that's where we will clash.
6:55 am
that is her man. >> don't mess with her man. [laughter] reggie: you can watch "muppets haunted mansion" on disney plus this friday and you can watch the full interview on gma at 7:00. when she deadpanned says i don't like haunted things but she's in a haunted mansion movie. kumasi: i'm giving it my all. reggie: did mic mrs. piggy? it's miss piggy if you're nasty. unless something changed. kumasi: she would tell us. reggie: didn't she break kumasi: . i don't know. reggie: i don't think that they are -- they are friends. kumasi: up next, the seven
6:56 am
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kumasi: is it time to drop the indoor mask mandate in the bay area? some local county health officials are thinking about it. this is the number of cases is on the decline in the bay area has some of the highest vaccination rates in the country. reggie: the city of oakland requiring all employees to be fully vaccinated. workers have until november 29 to get their shots. kumasi: the fda has set a meeting for october 26, that's when the committee will decide whether to authorize pfizer's covid vaccine for kids ages 5-11. reggie: fleet week ship tours kick off this weekend. the air show friday through sunday. lisa: grab the jacket. breezy and cooler than average. 63 in the city. 70 in san jose. this will last through the work week.
6:59 am
jobina: we are getting an expose of look, sky seven at the deadly crash we been following in san jose on northbound 680 and jackson avenue. the last five minutes, the chp has opened one lane of traffic. traffic was being diverged at jackson. the best advice is to avoid the area if you can because there are extreme delays in the area because of the backup. kumasi: gray poupon is large -- launching its first ever table wine infused with mustard seed. reggie: [laughter] kumasi: you skipped this the last time. reggie: i didn't want to say it. it really rolls off the tongue. kumasi: but it's $30. in case you want to go get it. reggie: lisa wants it.
7:00 am
[laughter] >> good morning, america. as we take you through this wednesday morning, facebook's ceo firing back after the whistle-blower's testimony on capitol hill. breaking overnight, mark zuckerberg responding to the claims brought by the company's former employee. >> i believe facebook's products harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy. >> accusing the company of putting profits over people. why the facebook ceo is saying, quote, that's just not true. new weapon in the fight against covid. drugmaker astrazeneca requesting emergency authorization for its antibody treatment. the new report saying how many vulnerable lives the covid vaccine has saved. plus, what you need to know
7:01 am
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