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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 6, 2021 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- mark zuckerberg fights back. the facebook ceo responds for the first time to the whistleblower who claims the company spreads hate speech for profit and knew about the harmful effect of instagram on teenage girls. and the oil spill disaster in california. new questions about how much has spilled. and word this morning that alarms were sounded hours before the leaking pipeline was shut down. the pipeline operator's troubled history also coming to light. two developments in the search for brian laundrie, the fiance of murdered gabby petito. what his family is revealing about brian's hiking trip. and the flight he took just days
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after this encounter. prices at the pump, on the rise again. the area of the country seeing the biggest increase. major league manhunt. the search for a fugitive who may have been spotted at this baseball game. and are coffee cups too big? the photos fueling the brewing deba debate. good wednesday morning, everyone. we begin with a new statement from facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. >> he is responding to scathing testimony yesterday, when a former manager said facebook knew of the harmful impact of its social media platforms especially on the mental health of teenage girls and did nothing about it. >> with lawmakers threatening to impose regulations on the company, zuckerberg is fighting back. this morning, mark zuckerberg is rejecting claims that the
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company puts profits ahead of safety. reading this letter, many of the claimson senson esy, a faceok r tne whistleblower testifie before a tee, painting a dire picture of the company's policies. >> the choices being made inside of facebook are disastrous, for our children, for our public safety, for our privacy and for our democracy. >> reporter: she claims the internal research shows facebook ignores the negative impact of social media platforms can have, especially on teenagers. >> facebook knows that its algorithms, things like engagement-based ranking on instagram, can lead children from innocuous topics from healthy recipes to anorexia over a short period of time. facebook knows they are leading young users to anorexia content. >> reporter: in his post last night, zuckerberg writing, if we wanted to ignore research, why would re-create an
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industry-leading research program to understand these issues in the first place? another facebook executive is also pushing back. >> she didn't work on these issues at facebook. and i think that she's mischaracterized a lot of the documents that she stole. >> reporter: she suggested a federal agency be formed dedicated to policing facebook. john thune tells lins linsey da new laws are needed to give them the authority. >> give them the power and the authority to impose penalties when violations encur. laws have to be enforced. it's one of the rare issues when there's bipartisan agreement. and that's big tech companies have way too much power. >> reporter: she underscored the lack of transparency from big tech and encouraged others to speak up. senator ed markey calling her an american hero. >> facebook is like big tobacco, enticing young kids with the
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first cigarette, the first media is to hook kids for life. >> senator richard blumetion. the coast guard is not sure how much oil leaked from a pipeline in southern california. officials say it could be moore of the previous estimate of 144,000 gallons. the source of the leak has been found. a section of the pipeline was pulled across the ocean floor, possibly by the anchor of a cargo ship heading into one of the busy ports nearby. >> the pipeline has been pulled, like a bow string. at its widest point is 105 feet away from where it was. it was kind of in a semicircle. >> officials say alarms that signaled the problem inside the pipeline sounded three hours before the pipeline was shut down. records show that the company that operates the pipeline has been cited 72 times for safety and other violations. investigators say a shipment of marijuana led to a deadly
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shoot-out on this train in tucson, arizona, on monday. a dea agent was killed and two officers injured. they were conductingecth stted e drugs, including raw marijuana edibles and other products. a suspect died in the shoot-out. turning to the pandemic, a new treatment for covid. astrazeneca is asking the fda to authorize its antibody treatment. antibodies have been used to treat people who already have gotten sick. but this would prevent disease from people with compromised immune systems. the fda could authorize pfizer's covid vaccine for children 5 to 11, soon after advisers meet. as adults across the country face more vaccine mandates, lindsey graham faced an angry crowd in south carolina, as he urged people to get their shots. >> if you haven't had the vaccine, you ought to think about getting it because if you're my age -- 92% of the
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ronaunvaccinated.pitals sou >> graham himself summer. new fallout from the larry nasser sexual abuse case. the fbi agent is accused of bat botching can investigation can be facing charges. here's dan lieberman. >> reporter: the justice department is considering whether to prosecute the fbi agents refusing to bring sexual abuse allegations against larry nasser, the former gymnastics team doctor, now in prison. accused of abusing 150 women. >> i am deeply sorry that in this case, the victims did not receive the response or the protection that they deserved. >> reporter: according to an investigation by the justice department inspector general, the fbi received its first report of abuse against nasser
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in 2015. as the february dragged its feet, nassar allegedly abused as many as 70 additional victims. >> because no one at fbi, usag or the usopc did what was necessary to protect us. we have been failed and we deserve answers. >> reporter: the country's top gymnasts say the fbi turned a blind eye to their reports of abuse. >> it was like serving innocent children up to a pedophile, on a silver platter. >> reporter: the inspector general's report accuses two fbi agents of mishandling evidence and making false statements. >> i was outraged by the inspector general's findings. >> reporter: one of the agents was fired over the summer. the other has retired. the justice department initially decided not to prosecute them. but now, it says new information has come to light. it's not revealing what that information is. but amid the public outcry, and
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pressure from the victims and their families, those agents now aparo in daliern, abc news, new york. today, democrats say they will try for a third time to raise the u.s. debt ceiling. but they face solid oppositions from republicans. presid it's a real possibility they may change the senate filibuster rules so they can raise the debt limit with a simple majority vote. but every democrat would have to be onboard. meanwhile, the president says he has reduced his $3.5 trillion spending package to 2.2 trill$2 trillion. it's unclear what parts will be cut. we're hearing from a former contract at tesla who was just awarded $137 million in a racial bias lawsuit. owen diaz worked at the company's factory in fremont, california. he says that co-workers drew racism graffiti on bathroom
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stalls and told him to go back to africa. he says nothing was done to stop the abuse. >> this is about a verdict that a jury made to tesla know they were being put on notice to clean up their factories. >> a tesla executive says the company took action. and says the facts don't justify the verdict. time for a look at your wednesday weather. storms triggered flash flooding around flagstaff, arizona. a rare tornado warning was also issued in parts of two counties where residents saw large hail. meanwhile, a lightning strike saw this palm tree to burst into flames. looking at the radar, heavy rain is expected with flash flood watches in six states, alabama to florida, up to tennessee and north carolina. today's highs, 50s and 60s in the pacific northwest. 70s in the northeast. 80s and 90s across the south and southwest.
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coming up, the news on gas prices. the region seeing prices rise the fastest. first, breaking news overnight, in the gabby petito case. what the parents of her fiance brian laundrie, are revealing about his whereabouts last month. and new images of the terrifying moment a mother terrifying moment a mother rescued her lit [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪ a place where everyone lives life well-protected. ♪ and even when things go a bit wrong, we've got your back. here, things work the way you wish they would. and better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that!
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>> reporter: this morning, a new twist in the search for brian laundrie, a person of interest in the murder of his fiancee, gabby petito. the attorney for laundrie's parents tells abc news, that brian left home to go for a hike on the nearby carlton resefrve n september 13th, one day earlier than his parents originally told investigators. the attorney said the clarification came after further communication with the fbi. he confirmed that laundrie flew home to florida in five days in august, during the middle of his road trip with petito. flying back to utah the 23rd. he came home to obtain and empty and close a couple storage units. the couple contemplated extending the road c flori aft r.ot to s was a r being in of
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painpot, you intuition tell yout she was gone? thehthe was in florida, on the 11th. i felt in my heart she was gone. >> a spokesperson for petito's family, says that laundrie stole gabby's credit card. he believes laundrie's hiding. >> do you believe he's hiding somewhere? >> i do. >> why do you believe that? >> because he's a coward. >> reporter: gabby's family says they're frustrated with laundrie's parents. what did they do to find brian? they called the cops. >> i haven't seen them on tv shows finding brian. why do you think that is? >> reporter: laundrie's sister is urging her brother to cooperate with investigators. she is sending a similar message
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to her own parents, saying she hasn't spoken to them in two weeks. >> i don't think my parents are involved. if they are, they should come clean. >> reporter: his parents say they don't know where he is. their attorney says any speculation they are helping brian is just wrong. andrew? mona? >> meghan, thank you. oil prices just hit a seven-year high. that means drivers can expect to pay more at the pump in the coming days. analysts predict prices will surge in michigan, ohio and parts of illinois before the rest of the country. you can add clothes to the list of things getting more expensive. cotton prices are at a ten-year high, thanks in part to severe weather in parts of the country. coming up, the plane that got stuck under a bridge. also ahead, the search for a fugitive that may have been fugitive that may have been spotted at a major league why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within,
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neutrogena® for people with skin. back, now, with a passenger jet stuck under a bridge. this happened in new delhi, india. the plane was out of service and recently bought by an owner of an airplane-themed restaurant. back in this country, new images of a terrifying moments after aed toly at a park with his mother, fell into a manhole. his brothmother wasting no time jumping into action. new video showing the moments after a woman jumped into a manhole to save her 1-year-old son. >> i got him out. >> this is him? he's not in there? >> he's not there anymore. i got him out. >> this is him? >> yes. >> reporter: the mom and her
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toddler were in this park, when -mthell a expo child plunging seven feet into sewer water. 911, i someone. i need someone to come. there's an open manhole. >> reporter: while she's on the call, her boy begins to float away. mom taking things into her own hands, jumping in and grabbing her son, water coming up to his neck. >> she put down the phone. jumped into the manhole and was able to reach him before he was in the sewer that was too small for her to get into. >> he's fine. >> reporter: you can see them inspecting the open manhole. mother and son were taken to the hospital but were not seriously hurt. officials say pressure during tropical storm ida last month likely pulled off the manhole covers. >> you have to be careful, watch
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youhodr u nn s i ewater. going to come back out. >> incredible. crews inspected the park to make sure all manholes were covered. u.s. marshals are trying to track down a face in the crowd at the dodger stadium in los angeles. they believe this man, you see them there, sitting behind home plate in 2016, is john ruffo, one of the country's most wanted fugitives. he was convicted of a $350 million bank fraud scheme but never reported for prison. it wiz was win or go home, the yankees. boston beat new york in the a.l. wild card. next up for the sox, the tampa bay rays. coming up, the new cereal that tastes like a favorite fast food menu item. also ahead, do coffee cups also ahead, do coffee cups need to be smaller i ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment
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and we begin with an accidental art show. alice brown came across so many abandoned cups around boston that she decided to document them on her phone and post them on instagram. three years later she has a collection of nearly 500 photos. >> good eye. she calls them half-drunk dunks and they're often half full leading some to question whether dunkin' should downsize its cups or maybe add less ice. next, nfl legend and "dancing with the stars" champ emmitt smith is selling his dallas mansion. >> and it comes with a special perk. the buyer will get a private dinner with emmitt himself. now, the house is selling for now, the house is selling for $2.2 million which makes a ton
4:24 am
of sens smith's jersey num thei. the single called "easy on me" a omday. thblk anwhite clip not include adele's voice. ♪ it took a few hours for the clip to rack up 13 million views online. >> it's about to be 13 million and 1 when this shift is off. next, grey poupon is not just a mustard anymore. >> no, the high-brow condiment brand is branching out. >> pardon me, would you have any grey poupon? >> but, of course. >> and now you can also ask for wine with your mustard. it's the white wine used in the mustard recipe, so i guess it makes sense. and finally, something new from wendy's. the fast food chain is turning its frosty drink into a chocolate flavored cereal. >> it is promising the same chocolaty taste to hit stores in december.
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checking the top stories, former u.n. ambassador nikki haley now says the republican party needs former president trump and she'll consult with him if she makes a bid for the white house but earlier this year she criticized trump for his role in the attack on the capitol. she spent much of her speech at the reagan library last night slamming president biden. mark zuckerberg is defending his company after a whistle-blower testified that facebook harms kids and fuels misinformation. in a letter to staff, zuckerberg denies that facebook puts profits over people and claims their research has been mischaracterized. target says it will pay workers an extra $2 an hour during the peak days of the holiday shopping season. it comes as retailers struggle to fill jobs and retain workers. today's weather, drier weather in the northeast. showers but mild in the midwest. rain and possible flooding in the south. dry and windy from the dakotas
4:28 am
to montana. finally, the notable names no longer on the list of america's rich evidence people. >> will ganss has details. >> reporter: for the first time in 5 years the forbes 400 list of wealthiest americans won't feature former president donald trump. in 2020 he ranked 339th and despite still being worth an estimated $2.5 billion he missed making the 2021 list by about 400 million bucks. >> i'm really rich, i'll show you that. >> reporter: the former president's net worth experiencing a significant comedown from when he was at the start of his presidency. >> then, of course, you have the pandemic which damaged the value of hotels and also of retail real estate. >> reporter: former president trump not the only one to fall off the list. the cutoff climbing to a record $2.9 billion knocking 51 people off the list including oprah. >> what?
4:29 am
>> reporter: today she's worth $2.6 billion but like other powerhouse players including gap co-founder doris fisher and patron's ceo , and several millennials made a debut. 29-year-old sam bankman-fried is the youngest billionaire on the list amassing an astonishing $22.5 billion fortune after founding a cryptocurrency exchange based this china. no one has gotten that rich that young except for mark zuckerberg. and also new to the list this year, melinda gates independently worth about $6.3 billion after she and her husband announced their divorce back in may. bill still remains number four. so the third richest person on the list mark zuckerberg, second, elon musk and the first jeff bezos worth an estimated $188.2 billion, mona, andrew. >> ah, thanks, will.
4:30 am
see, i didn't know they were making the list otherwise i would have right now on "america this morning" -- mark zuckerberg fights back. the facebook ceo responds for the first time to the whistleblower who claims the company spreads hate speech for profit and knew about the harmful effect of instagram on teenage girls. and the oil spill disaster in california. new questions about how much has spilled. and word this morning that alarms were sounded hours before the leaking pipeline was shut down. the pipeline operator's troubled history also coming to light. two developments in the search for brian laundrie, the fiance of murdered gabby


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