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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 5, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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at 6:00. testimony from facebook whistleblower frances haugen reinforced allegations the tech giant repeatedly chose profit over public safety. today's hearing highlighted harmful effects the social media giant is having apparently on youth around the world. stephanie sierra is in the newsroom tracking the latest. even more allegations uncovered today? >> that's right. one of the tens of thousands of internal documents leaked accuses mark zuckerberg of choosing strategies that were proven not to be effective in addressing instagram's negative impact on children's mental health. the testimony clearly highlighting the company needs more transparency and congressional oversight. >> trust is earned and facebook hasn't earned our trust. ask former program manager frances haugen testified before
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a senate subcommittee, accusing the tech giant of being morally bankrupt, saying the platform weakens our democracy. >> kids say i am unhappy when i use it and i can't stop. >> a study by facebook leaked by haugen found teen girls said facebook -- facebook and instagram were sent to suicidal thoughts and contributed to eating disorders. haugen says it needs age limits. >> i encourage raising limit state 16 or 18 years old looking at problematic use. >> do you agree? >> i think that is an overly simplistic, great soundbite solution to a problem that is super nuanced and complicated. putting an age restriction, that is laughable. >> this stanford clinical
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psychologist has studied the effects of social media on young adults. she says the solution starts with education. >> educate parents. let's start incorporating content into pediatrician visits and into psychology visits. let's focus on social and emotional learning. >> facebook is no longer valid paying a version -- developing a version of the app for users 13 and younger. another whistleblower's research found over half of apps appear to violate child privacy laws. >> most of this was due to sending personal information to various third-party advertisers. >> he says facebook is tracking information in about one third of mobile apps on the market, collecting what people search for and where we go online. we have repeatedly reached ois research and today's hearing but have yet to hear back. as far as what happens next,
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haugen has called on congress to amend part of the congress -- the communications decency act that would hold platforms accountable for publishing misinformation. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dan: they have done extensive research. how does the doctor think california should reform privacy law? >> he highlighted a loophole. under current state statute a company needs to have knowledge they are receiving data from children to be deemed in violation. he says many of the third party recipients, including facebook, receive data automatically from apps and services and often look the other way. he says there should be a provision requiring companies to verify the data they collect meets the standards so changes on the federal level but here in california. [bellringing] dan: after taking a dip on
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monday, the market bounced back. facebook recouped some of its losses from yesterday, rising 2%. the nasdaq gained 1.2%. the dow and s&p were each up about 1%. facebook says a faulty configuration change was behind yesterday's nearly six hour outage. during a routine maintenance job, a command was issued that unintentionally took down connections in the network, disconnecting facebook data centers globally. the outage is the largest ever tracked by web monitoring group down detector. kristen: vaccine watch, and of everyone in america is fully vaccinated. we are doing better in california. 61% of our state's total population is fully vaccinated. johnson & johnson submitted data to the fda to authorize booster shots for its covid-19 vaccine. the company says a booster given
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56 days after the first shot provides 94% protection against symptomatic covid. there is a substantial increase in immune response when the start was given at six months. studies show the vaccine mistreated strong and long-lasting protection. an advisory committee will discuss the booster at a hearing next friday. you can ask our vaccine team questions. go to click on the blue box. dan: growing concerns the vaccine requirement for city employees could significantly affect public transit operations. about 11% of smt a workforce didn't meet the september 30 deadline. that is more than 600 people. they have until november 1 to get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs, which could impact bus service, parking control, and school crossing guards.
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most bay area transit agencies offered discounts in september to alert passengers back after ridership limited during the pandemic. did those incentives work? we asked ryan to find out. he is live tonight. tomorrow could be the transit system's busiest day of the year? >> they certainly hope so. california is having its fourth annual clean-air day, where people are encouraged to take public transit. part says -- bart are going back up to where they would like to see them right now. they say people are getting comfortable taking public transit and as they do, they want them to remember the benefits it has on the environment. the sound of a bart terrain is something the agency says more people heard in september. bart created a program to provide discounts to riders. they say it had an impact on ridership. >> we saw an increase in
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september. we were 14% above projections in september, 2.7 5 million. it was very strong. >> he says it has been a steady process getting passengers back on the trains. he says the pandemic caused many to avoid public transit. now, some are returning. >> we have been on a steady trajectory of improvement for the last few months. that includes time during the delta variant. >> bart is the only agency. -- is not the only agency. the ferry cut prices. >> we are happy our ridership has stayed where it is. we saw the increase and it has been regained and eventually will go up but we have to let this play out. >> tomorrow is clean-air day, a new initiative to encourage californians to be mindful of the environment. dan is an energy professor at uc berkeley and says the increase
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is promising because transportation is better for the environment. >> every time you take a public transit ride, you are moving to a low carbon form of transportation. >> he hopes people take the day seriously and ride public transit if they can. fewer cars means cleaner air. >> the goal is to demonstrate how clean the air can be and ironically, during covid, this will help air quality. >> in terms of discounts, bart is not offering any. the ferry is offering something. it is free tomorrow so if you are taking the ferry, you will save some money as well. dan: thanks, ryan. in terms of discounts tomorrow, bart is not offering changes in fares for its service. the prices of the same. the ferry will be free for clean-air day. anyone planning on taking that tomorrow can save money. look for that.
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that is a good sign. something else to know, other transit agencies benefited from offering deals in september. ac transit we did it surpassed 100,000 riders in a day for the first time since the pandemic started. but rides were free every friday in september. in the south bay, bt air offered free light rail all month. vta says it will extend service for trains and buses beginning monday. a spokesperson for cal train says ticket sales were up 19% in september, but caution, that doesn't mean ridership was up because clipper card data wasn't compiled but they didn't have details beyond that. kristen: now to the criminal trial against elizabeth holmes in san jose. her attorney claimed incompetence by a former lab director was behind the problems at the blood testing startup. the attorney tried to discredit
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the lab director by questioning him about faulty results at his current employer. the lab director said he quit there in a because the blood test didn't work. holmes is charged with making false and misleading statements and faces up to 20 years in prison. there is a podcast about the trial posted by rebecca jarvis called "the dropout code and episode comes out every tuesday. >> i'm leslie brinkley. 30 acres with a diablo view could become a comprehensive senior community. >> i'm spencer christian. rees he and cooler with better air quality are in the forecast, coming up. >> this is not a sound effect. this is an empty water tank. we will tell you about new
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dan: the only fleet week in the country to happen in real life this year is underway and it is happening here. sky seven captured the uss --'s captured part of the navy's special class of missile destroyers, part of friday's parade of ships along san francisco's waterfront. fleet week is our first in person since 2019. the blue angels flew in yesterday. health officials are considering using mask mandates but people are being encouraged to enjoy the week safely. >> make sure to participate and attend. follow the covid restrictions so you don't get in trouble. make sure you do your part
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because we are still in a pandemic. dan: the navy and marine corps bands be performing in a different location every day this week. tours of the ships will be available so lots of things to take part in and enjoy. the air show runs friday through sunday between the golden gate bridge and alcatraz. a list of events is on kristen: in west marin county, , residents relying on well water are reaching a tipping point where they could have no water left. the county is asking the water district to supply those families with water from the depleted reservoirs. there aren't many other options. >> that is the sound of a hollow while. >> normally, it is a dense sound . there is reverb. >> after once of drought in northern california, camellia schinner says this is the new
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reality. >> some days if you are the last person to wake up, good luck flushing the toilet. >> camellia is the sanctuary manager at rancho compasion, a sanctuary her family owns and operates. it is where her family lives and they rely on their property's four wells for their water. another sign of how depleted these wells are, this echo of an empty tank. that has meant less water for irrigation. the vineyards on their property are dry. the olive trees, sadly dead. >> we have been taking one shower a week pretty much, and doing military style showers every other day. >> she and her family are not alone. many west marin residents are finding their wells trying up. the county is asking the water district to supply water from the local reservoirs to these families. >> this program is for when you
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run out of water and have no other choice. >> if the program passes, marin water will provide 55 gallons per person per day to applicable households. the reservoirs are also depleted . the county supervisor says it will have a minimal impact on supply, and there is not really another option. >> customers can't find water anywhere. >> it is not fun to think that you could be without water for -- i don't know. a couple weeks? a couple of months? who knows? >> in west marin, liz kreutz, abc 7 news. kristen: we are always hoping for more rain and it doesn't look great. dan: we are inching closer, spencer, to when we could hope to get rain. spencer: we will be in that season where we can expect cold fronts from the pacific
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northwest and hope they move far enough south to bring us actual beneficial rainfall. i have some good news, the air quality is good and will remain that way for the next three days. all the green boxes, in all in l regions of the bay area so good air quality. one reason we have that is this weather pattern, as you can see on the satellite radar image, a strong, brisk onshore flow bringing us cooling and cleansing marine air. 24 hour temperature change shows it is sharply cooler everywhere except calhoun bay. 20 degrees cooler in santa nevada and hayward so around the region, feeling the cooldown. this is a view from the exploratory in camera, increasingly cloudy skies, 57 in san francisco, oakland 62, mid 60's in san jose, 74 in morgan hill. low clouds beginning to stack up
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along the coastline and high clouds above so we have lots of clouds increasing at the moment. 62 degrees in santa rosa and napa at 66, faye -- fairfield 71, livermore 72 and here is the view from the rooftop camera looking across the bay. mixed sky conditions, high clouds and blue skies. cooling will continue over the next few days. breezy to gusty with good air qualityowers are possible frida, mainly in the south bay. only a slight chance at the moment. tonight, increasing high clouds moving over and low clouds continue developing along the coast, pushing locally across the bay overnight. clouds lingering tomorrow so skies could be bright from time to time, but it won't be a completely sunny day. not a clear night overnight, low temperatures in the low 50's on the coast, upper 40's to about 50 in the northern parts of the bay area. other locations, lows in the
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mid-50's overnight, then tomorrow, highs 59 at half moon bay, 63 in san francisco, and the warmest inland areas or the mildest will have highs in the low to mid 70's tomorrow. fleet week is here. the three-day weekend looks like this. friday in san francisco, cool and breezy, mainly cloudy. if you are interested in the air show, brighter skies saturday and sunday, nice flying weather sunday with temperatures in the upper 60's in the city. here is the seven-day forecast. a breezy pattern, and certainly a cool one. friday will probably be the coolest day with inland ties up to 70 degrees. writer, milder conditions a saturday, the warmest day sunday with inland highs just above 80, than the cooling begins again monday and tuesday. dan: in the east bay, a new development is stirring up debate. it is about the construction of a senior community center on land mayor heather farm park.
6:20 pm
leslie brinkley is looking into what is at stake. leslie: a group called save seven hills ranch is spearheading an effort to stop construction of a senior community, what some in the group does -- it would views of mount diablo from 354 housing units, most of them apartment style buildings with parking garages. >> there is an element where there are single-story buildings that look like villas. leslie: the city of walnut creek would weigh in on a list of concerns including affordability and traffic. >> traffic concerns, if there were to be a significant development, what the impact would be. >> my issue is the impact on the environment and the density and how many trees they will take out, if they will take out close to 400, 300 of which are special
6:21 pm
species, highly protected oak trees. leslie: the developer pointed out what could make this a cutting-edge retirement community with a new medical facility. >> the unique aspect is the health care center we build right next to the main campus, which includes assisted living, memory care and nursing so as the residents need higher levels of care, they have access to it. leslie: the county is in the process of drafting up an environmental impact report. they will then get input from the public for the board of supervisors takes a vote on it next spring or summer. i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. kristen: do you know what happens in 81 days? it will be christmas. while you might think there your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital.
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kristen: the holidays could be a happier time for merchants and consumers compared to last year, when covid impacting income and spending. people have seen their incomes rebound, and their money and confidence to spend it. david looks at rising optimism for holiday shopping. >> what a difference compared to a year ago. retailers and shoppers appear to be optimistic about the fast approaching holiday shopping season. the international audit taxing and consulting firm kpmg says
6:25 pm
67% say their income has returned or exceeded pre-pandemic levels. nearly one in three planta shop in stores on black friday. that is twice as many as last year. >> a lot of people now say black friday is a bit of a sport and i'm looking forward to getting into stores on black friday to do some shopping and take home products. >> online shopping will remain strong, and limber goering -- a lingering impact from the pandemic. consumers will need to prepare for shortages due to cargo shipping delays and supply chain issues. about 60 and 10 surveyed say they plan to start holiday shopping this month. >> what would normally take a couple weeks for us to get, or even a week, has stretched out to about a month or so. >> michelle manages a chocolaag shop. many shops like this are expected to see a rebound from the pandemic downturn as vaccination rates raise
6:26 pm
confidence in holiday socializing. >> people are going to go to holiday product -- parties and by gift for coworkers. >> consumer spending will increase 7% with computers, hardware, jewelry, travel and games leading the way. the biggest change could be extending courtesy when shops get crowded. >> we will wait at the door. we have a small shop and they will wait at the door and let the other customer take care of their needs. >> david louis, abc 7 news. dan: an oil pipeline dragged across the oceans are 100 feet. that is what crews think caused the spill along the coastline. the latest on the investigation. also -- >> the pilot said i have been flying over this ice sheet for 25 years and i have never seen so much melting, so widespread. kristen: climate change happening before our eyes.
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california scientists got back with new
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>> building a better bay area.
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: new evidence suggesting a ship's anchor snagged and dragged an underwater oil pipeline, causing the massive spill off the southern california coast. 144,000 gallons of oil poured into the pacific. the first federal lawsuit has been filed. >> any discharge of oil into sensitive coastal waters is damaging to the environment and disruptive to the economy at a minimum. dan: the governor met with leaders in orange county and has declared a state of emergency to free up funds for cleanup. questions continue to emerge about the oil spill and specifically how much time may have passed before the company sounded the alarm. kristen: the spill off huntington beach has endangered wildlife and damaged the coastline. jessica did nova -- jessica de nova has more. >> this oil, visible from space,
6:31 pm
picked up by satellites, likely the start of the oil spill along the orange county coast. the president and founder of sky truth, using the same technology he used during deepwater horizon. >> that slick we saw was 2.8 square kilometers on friday evening. >> the spill, estimated at 3100 84 barrels, a worst-case scenario according to the coast guard. a spokesperson with the federal agency said 4700 gallons had been collected, according to fish and wildlife officials, eight seabirds had been rescued. one didn't take it. this bern has the huntington beach travel, unable to access the sea. the president and ceo of amplified energy, taking responsibility. >> we on the pipeline and we are responsible for all elements of the recovery. >> martin wilshire, not saying
6:32 pm
why they reported to the coast guard. records show two calls went in before the company reported the spill. the first, a good samaritan reporting a sheen around 8:22 friday evening to the national response center. the coast guard, unable to confirm if a call went out to other vessels in the area at that point and amplified energy's platform. >> we have satellites that provide space-based detection of anomalies on the surface of the water. those, there was an alert in the middle of the night long after the original report from the good samaritan. >> based on what he has seen in the past, john says this will be an environmental mass for years to come for beaches and protected wetlands. >> we saw that after deepwater horizon in the gulf of mexico, and even 10 years later, every time a severe storm came through, these mats of sticky
6:33 pm
tar would appear, washing up on the beaches. >> county beaches in orange county remain closed along with several city beaches, and officials are keeping an eye on the oil as it moves south, heading towards san diego. jessica de nova, abc 7 eyewitness news. kristen: we profiled a mission from a -- by a team from california designed to document climate change. spencer has an update. spencer: it was the melting of glaciers in greenland. the team has returned with a firsthand look. for climate r climate r climatee willis, flying over the greenland glaciers is like washing a familiar world slipping away. he spent half a decade dropping sensors around the perimeter shoreline, trying to document the effect of warming oceans on the ice sheets. on his latest mission, the evidence was visible from space.
6:34 pm
>> i had seen a small plume in front of one of the glaciers and a satellite photo, and it looked like a tiny green dot. spencer: they flew over the location and found a turning plume, originating at a hole melted through the ice as seen in this animation. >> it looked amazing when we flew over it. the water was literally broiling up from down deep and disturbing the surface. spencer: disturbing may be the best description. the project, run from the nasa jet propulsion lab, is known as omg for oceans melt in greenland. rising surface temperatures and warming ocean waters undermining the glaciers. >> they melt rapidly with contact from ocean waters and if the ocean waters get warmer, that interaction is enhanced and helps accelerate the flow of the glaciers. spencer: for the team, the flow
6:35 pm
was visible in every direction. streams of melting ice rushing like rivers through a canyon. at one point, temperatures had warmed so much that rain replaced snow at greenland summit for the first time on record. >> the pilot remarked, i have been flying over this ice sheet for 25 years and i have never seen so much melting, so widespread. spencer: he says the omg mission is designed to generate data that can be compared year to year for a clear look at the growing threat. the study is data driven. the latest images of the ice melts provide a vivid picture of what is becoming clear. one of the major concerns being studied is the effect of melting glaciers on sea level rise. effects expected to be seen globally, including in the bay area. kristen: coming up next, his life changed the world. can you believe it has been a
6:36 pm
decade since the death of steve jobs? >> if i had to check a box, i would check that one. dan: latina, latino, latinx. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ who doesn't like more?
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kristen: today marks 10 years since the death of steve jobs. his legacy lives on through family, friends, and the company, which is the most valuable company in america. jobs died when he was 56 after battling pancreatic cancer. tim cook shared this message on twitter today, with a quote from jobs. people with passion can change the world for the better. he ends the tweet saying, hard to believe it has been 10 years. celebrating you today and always. jobs' friend and collaborator johnny -- jonny ive said, perhaps it is a comment on the daily roar of opinion in the ugly rush to judge, but above all else i miss his singular and beautiful clarity, beyond his ideas and vision, i miss his insight that brought order to chaos.
6:40 pm
how one man was able to bring so much change to the world. dan: he changed everything in many profound ways. he could be a difficult diffi personality from what we gather, but he was driven. he was a visionary, and he changed how we use technology and interact with the world in ways that are incalculable, really. kristen: the way we live, really. dan: cooler weather today and the trend will continue over the next few days. how fast temperatures are dropping. spencer has his update in a mome
6:41 pm
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dan: it is hispanic heritage month and we are celebrating hispanic culture and community. when it comes to identifying as spanish, latino or latinx, it can be complex. for many it comes with cultural pride. >> i am latina. >> i consider myself latinx. >> i am hispanic. >> i consider myself hispanic. >> i'm dominican american. >> i'm latina and i hold space for my latinx community. >> i consider myself latino.
6:44 pm
>> hispanic, latino, latinx. it is complicated but it is evolving. we can see progress being made just by looking at these terms and examining them, and identifying the differences that bring us together. >> my parents have always identified as hispanic. me, i identify as latino. >> [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ [ language. many people from spanish-speaking countries will oftentimes refer to themselves as hispanic. >> my mother is costa rican and nicaraguan, my father is salva dorian and cuban. i identify as hispanic versus my parents who identify as latino. >> my parents are from a small town in mexico but in the united states, we have always coined
6:45 pm
the term latino. >> we see the terms used interchangeably. latino tends to refer to geography, self latin american countries include people of latino descent. of course although these are separate terms, they overlap in many ways. some people refer specifically to the country they are from. >> when people ask me what i am, i normally say i am columbia -- colombiana. but if i had to check a box i would check latina. >> it could depend on your generation. >> i consider myself latinx and my son is afro latino. >> micah -- my cuban parents call themselves hispanic, i consider myself latina and my daughter prefers to be called as latinx. >> i don't think my parents have come around to understanding latinx. >> there is controversy around
6:46 pm
the term latinx, critics saying it takes away from the spanish language which has gendered pronunciation. people's -- people who support using the term say this is a way to be more inclusive. >> as someone born in mexico who came to the united states when i was a year old, i never felt like i was enough mexicana enough u.s. american. i have always struggled in the in between. when i saw the word latinx it made me feel more comfortable. for me, it is another option for people to feel seen and heard. i feel like that is valuable, to really be able to see everyone for who they want to be and who they tell you they want to be. >> it is important, no matter your background, no matter your nationality, your gender preference, whether we are documented or undocumented, that is where i feel latinx is a powerful word.
6:47 pm
>> to research did a study that one in four u.s. hispanics had heard of latinx but 3% used the term. we see that kind of divide when it comes to the acceptance of the term and the use of latinx. >> another concept i have been hearing that i kind of like is latine with an e. inclusive and more friendly to the ears of latinos. >> with some of these labels, they don't completely cover everyone. it is hard when you have to check a box that says other. who wants to check a box that says other? >> i choose both boxes. my mom is mexican, my stepdad is puerto rican and my biological for -- father is black. my parents did a good job making sure i was immersed in the black community with my school and i'm grateful because i was able to be represented.
6:48 pm
representation matters. when i came home, it was puerto rican side and the mexican side. >> it is important to recognize there is not one label that people identify with, and that is what is so beautiful about what makes up people's backgrounds, and we need to embrace those differences and not separate them. we want to look at all of these differences as something that brings us together. ♪ dan: bringing us together. to celebrate hispanic heritage month and the contributions of the latino community, abc 7 produced an hour-long special, "our america." you can stream it on ab 7 --, hulu and wherever you stream. kristen: some interesting
6:49 pm
weather coming our way. dan: spencer is back. spencer: an interesting view of the setting sun provided by our friends in the transmission department who are working hard to capture the last rays of the setting sun. the western sky is colorful, watching this from the east bay hills. where we are, the sun has set. let's move along to overnight conditions. clouds, high-level and low-level clouds overnight, overnight low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50's. chillier in the north bay valleys where lows drop into the upper 40's. tomorrow, lots of high clouds and highs ranging from upper 50's at the coast to upper 60's around the bay to low to mid 70's inland. cool days ahead, increasing clouds as well through friday with a slight chance of showers in the south bay friday. brighter and milder skies over the weekend. this is fleet week so we hope we have bright skies over the weekend for the airshows. early next week, it cools down again. dan: feeling like fall now.
6:50 pm
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6:53 pm
division series starting friday at oracle. they will play the winners of the dodgers-cardinals wildcard game. nothing on starting pitchers yet but you figure gausman, webb. the giants held a workout and our cameras captured videos of base -- a surprise participant. you can see the brace on brandon belt's thumb. chris alvarez took in the sights and sounds. >> what a sight to see for the giants and fans. brandon belt took infield practice tuesday as the giants prepare for game one of the n.l. ds. he won't be available for this series. hopefully for the national league championship series. before than they have to taste the winners of the dodgers and cardinals wildcard game. game one at oracle friday night. >> we will try to keep everything as close to the way we prepared during the regular season as possible. i think we will learn a lot watching the dodgers and cardinals. >> just to get a sense of what we will be feeling emotionally,
6:54 pm
less physically, more the mental battle we will go through as these games mean a lot. we play meaningful games down to the end so we got some good practice. >> the versatility everyone in the bullpen has and all over the map, the position guys, pinch hitters, we have guys that are ready for all situations. the job isn't done for us. we won't settle on 107. it is time to win a championship. >> more news and notes to come as the giants get ready for the next series, the n.l. ds, against the cardinals-dodgers winner. first pitch writing night at oracle park. -- friday night at oracle park. larry: yankees-red sox at fenway park, the green monster draped in the american flag. boston on the board first, xander bogaerts with a homerun. red sox taken early 2-0 lead. more trouble in the third, kyle sure -- schwarber. $300 million doesn't get you once -- what it
6:55 pm
once did. right now 3-0 red sox in the fifth. andrew wiggins did get vaccinated and then explained his reluctance last night after the warriors preseason game. he says he tries to avoid putting chemicals in his body of any kind, adding he had an allergic reaction to some medicine a couple years ago and wiggins admitted if you needed surgery, he would take whatever medicine the doctors prescribed for him. but the unknowns of the vaccine in the long caused his reluctance to take the shot. >> it was a scary moment. i know a lot of people get reactions, who are getting reactions or injuries from getting the vaccination and also, just -- i don't know what it will do to me in 10 years. larry: klay thompson continuing his rehab from injury, is now apparently practicing to become a ninja. yeah. abc 7's sports
6:56 pm
team dr. from ucsf points out, the fact that klay can move on an uneven surface like sand is a very good sign in the recovery process. and he is looking pretty dangerous with the stick. all of that is good. i want to come back to the andrew wiggins story because beforehand, andrew wouldn't explain what his reluctance was all about. i was really happy he came out and said, i had something occur couple years ago and i didn't want to repeat that and that is why he was reluctant. a lot of people may feel that way. much better to say that then, i'm doing my own research on facebook or whatever nonsensical thing people are coming up with. he did get the shot. he had one day where he was under the weather, but appears to be fine now and full speed ahead for the warriors. dan: it is nice that he just told us his reasoning. larry: it is well thought out so
6:57 pm
i'm glad he did it. kristen: coming up tonight starting at 8:00, three hours of the bachelor in paradise, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. dan: for spencer and larry and everyone, we appreciate your time. have a nice evening. we will see you tonight at 11:00.
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