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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 5, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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back now with m back now with more incredible live images of a volcano eruption off the spanish island of la palma. more than a thousand homes have been destroyed and the lava flowing into the water has added several dozen acres to the island's size. a top aide from the trump white house says she is terrified that trump will run again in 2024. former white house press secretary, stephanie grisham, now describes her former boss as an erratic and delusional narcissist. saying he will foment more violence and line his pockets. she spoke with abc's george stephanopoulos ahead of today's release of her tell-all book.
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>> and wn i woed h w absolutely impressed by the crowd and the reaction that he got. and i liked the way that he truly was giving a voice to people who felt forgotten. as i went through my years, i spent a huge amount of time on the east wing. and so, i was almost shielded sometimes from a lot of the toxic nature of the -- the west wing and the administration. when i went to the west wing is when i actually started to see what it was really like, and i regretted that decision immediately. >> you're likely to go down in history as the only white house press secretary who never held a press conference. did president trump order you not to hold briefings? >> yes, he said he didn't think we needed any more briefings. he spoke to the press two or three times a day directly. so then, my job was going to be to work more behind the scenes with print, with -- with regional and local. >> but you were talking about this cultural -- culture of casual dishonesty at the white house. so you were, as press secretary, even if you weren't getting briefings, enabling that culture, weren't you? >> yes. i now want to, in whatever way i can, educate the public about
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the behaviors within the white house because it does look like he's going to try to run in 2024. >> you believe he will? >> i didn't at first, but i am starting to believe he will. i mean, he is clearly the front-runner in the republican party. everybody's showing their fealty to him. he's on his revenge tour for, you know, people who dared to vote for impeachment. and i want to just warn people that once he takes office, if he were to win, he doesn't have to worry about re-election anymore. he will be about revenge. he will probably have some pretty draconian policies that -- that go on. there were conversations a lot of times that people would say that'll be the second term. that'll be the second term. meaning, we won't have to worry about, you know, a re-election. >> you worked for the first lady, as well, her chief of staff. she's put out with a new statement overnight saying the author is desperately trying to rehabilitate her tarnished reputation by manipulating and distorting the truth about mrs. trump. ms. grisham is a deceitful and troubled individual who doesn't deserve anyone's trust. >> i -- i expected that. i expect more.
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this is right out of their playbook. when they don't like the message, they're going to destroy the messenger. i know. i was part of doing that sometimes. so i don't -- i mean, i know that she's not denying anything fully in the book, just yet. i think she knows that i have a lot of receipts to show that, yeah, i'm being fully honest. so i -- i expected that. and i'm sure that there will be more to come. probably a lawsuit or two or three or four. >> was it a mistake to work for president trump? >> yes. >> why'd you do it? >> like i said, in the beginning, watching how people reacted to him and i do believe he gave voice to a lot of people who did feel forgotten. but i think that many of us, myself included, got into that white house and got heady with power. and became really -- we didn't think about serving the country anymore. it was about surviving in there. and i have no illusions right now that people are going to suddenly think i'm some hero. that's not what this is about. the left doesn't like me. the right doesn't like me. but i have gone back to basics and i have my family and i have my friends.
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and people can, you know, take this book for what it is. it's honest and that's -- that's all i can say. >> former president trump fired back saying grisham is getting paid by what he calls a quote radical left-leaning publisher to say bad and untrue things. coming up, captain kirk is heading to outer space but for real this time. plus, a big win at talladega for bubba wallace. details, later in sports with mona. na.
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you're part of a big family of helpers around the world. and you're making a big difference. find ways to help children feel safe at that's well, things are about to get a whole lot more crowded up in space with a growing number of billionaires and celebs set to start tripping over each other. >> will gantz is here now with more. will. >> unfortunately i am not a billionaire or a celeb but i will tell you about them. we have seen tom cruise perform a variety of stunts while
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filming his half dozen "mission: impossible" films, so it kind of made sense cruise would be the first star to film in outer space, right? well, it looks like he might have needed to pick up the pace a bit if he wanted to be the very first. >> i feel the need -- the need for speed. >> despite high-flying plans to begin filming a project in space, tom cruise is not the first movie star to make it to orbit. this morning, a russian actress and director launching into the cosmos to shoot the first feature film aboard the international space station. beating tom cruise who announced in 2020 that he would be taking off with nasa later this year. it's an all-new space race giving new meaning to the term "star wars." an actress and director launching from kazakhstan this morning. the duo will spend 12 days in orbit shooting a film inside the iss called "the challenge" about a surgeon rushing to the
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international space station to save a crew member. no word yet on when tom cruise's space mission will be possible. >> space. the final frontier. >> meanwhile, news this morning that yet another star is joining the hollywood space race. one week from today, william shatner, aka captain kirk in "star trek," going to space for real. the actor's set for takeoff tuesday morning not in the uss enterprise but in blue origin's "new shepard." the same company that took jeff bezos to space this summer. shatner tweeting, i'm going to be a rocket man. the 11-minute flight will take shatner into weightlessness about 60 miles above the earth. and although he'll only spend three to four minutes there, fans are certain his extensive training has prepared him for just about anything. more than 50 years after he first took tv audiences to the far-flung corners of the galaxy on "star trek," william shatner will become the oldest person to ever go to space at 90 years young on tuesday, you guys. >> at this point, space is starting to feel like an
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people forget about sports center because we've got the you can forget about "sportscenter" because we've got the latest edition of our sports with mona, starring mona, and starting with "monday night football." >> that's me. and i am starting off with the game between the raiders and the chargers. which got off to a late start because of lightning outside the stadium in englewood, california. which is hilarious because the chargers, the bolts, get it? lightning? well, is it sofi or sofi stadium. >> so much sofi. >> so sofi stadium has a roof but its sides are open so they kicked off about 35 minutes late. chargers qb justin herbert threw three touchdown passes in the first half. but the third quarter was all
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raiders. derek carr tossing two touchdowns of his own. >> plenty of electricity inside the stadium. unfortunately, that was as close as the raiders would get. the chargers winning it 28-14. and taking what is pretty much a decisive lead in the division. there are three teams, i believe, that are 3-1. and now, the chargers sit atop even the kansas city chiefs. >> this is a rivalry, too. it's like a rivalry. >> it is a rivalry brewing. and by the way, there were plenty of vegas fans there, too. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> you could hear them in the stands even though they were the road team. and speaking of the road, next to making history at talladega. >> shake and bake. bubba wallace became the first black race car driver to win a nascar cup series since wendell scott in 1963. the 27-year-old star -- driver's win came during the rain-delayed yellow wood 500 at talladega speedway, beating out ryan priest and chris busher. >> feels like there was bad weather across like all sports. >> yeah. >> the entire country. baseball to packers game. the chargers game. all right.
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bubba's win is the latest good news for the athlete who just announced another win. he is engaged to amanda carter. >> congratulations. next to what is arguably the biggest rivalry in all of not just bas it's renewed tonight in boston. >> the red sox host the yankees at the a.l. wildcard game. the loser goes home for the winter. the last win or take all game between the two teams was game seven of 2004 league championship series. >> yeah. and believe the red sox went on to win the world series. that's when boston finished in historic comeback from a 3-0 series deficit. hopefully, the yankees can take this one. and finally, to another potential high profile i guess you could call it boxing match in the making. >> okay, so mike tyson. you know mike tyson, he's a real boxer. he is aiming to secure his next match against floyd mayweather? no. youtuber logan paul. the professional boxer has revealed his interest in in fighting paul in particular is due to the enormous profits that
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♪ with kelly and ryan! today, academy award-winning actor, rami malek. and a performance from recording artist andy grammer. plus, with the leaves about to hit the ground, it's the perfect time for a diy fall décor lesson. all next on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and mark consuelos. hey! hey! hi, deja. deja vu: hey! [crew cheering] we missed it. we missed it. good morning, everyone. it is on monday, october 4th, 2021. filling in for ryan today is mark. hey. once again, welcome back.


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