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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 4, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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gallons of oil spilling at huntington beach. >> he was yelling. he was sayingort sayin sayin say "shark." >> a serious bite. >> looking outside. mike says we will feel more like fall sooner than you think. he is tracking rain. >> you good use it. i enjoyed my true summer weekend. >> your yellow short fish shirt --. youryellow shirt . >> yes. good morning. we start with the forecas mike: jackets will become more
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of a commodity during the eninga hodago looking at doppler seven, the marine layer looking out the coast, the beginning of the change, wind five miles an hour less. high-pressure holding on, and look at how clear it is from these bayhill. -- from the east bay hills. upper 60's to new 70 at the coast today. a localized sea breeze late this afternoon. 74 to 82 around the back. about 84 to 91 inland. increasing high clouds part of the cooling trend. more about that coming up. >> in the east bay bay bay health-care workers are preparing to walk off the job, they are overstaffed -- understaffed i'm overworked and
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-- understaffed, overworked. >> good morning. what a start. they are out in full force. they have energy. they say this strike will last for about a week. they expect 350 people to strike. these are er and x-ray techs, respiratory therapists, dietitians, clinical -- clerical workers. they walked out at sutter delta medical center in antioch this morning. they gave 10 days notice as required. the hospital did bring in replacement workers. they said they walked off the job because the hospital is understaffed and conditions are die. >> we have been understaffed and with everything going on it has been bad throughout.
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we are trying to put our foot down and say enough is enough and try to maybe get some help. >> statement saying we are disappointed union leaders have chosen to distract from patient care by taking this action, especially at a time when should we would when we should -- at a time when we should be caring for them. they have refused to make a good-faith effort to reach a deal. it is clear interested in flexing their political power than reaching agreement. however, some here are pleased with the turnout. they said they think it shows people want to fight for their rights. they would be back on the job 5:00 a.m. saturday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> engineers at 24 locations are still not back at
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work after walking off the job two weeks ago, demanding more wages. kaiser says there engineers are some of the highest paid in the profession, but those we talked to fire back, saying the bay area is one of the most expensive places to live. reggie: the race is on to stop and oil spill from spreading in the pacific. an water water pipeline spilled -- an underwater pipeline spilled oil huntington beach. jobina and live desk with this. jobina: 120 6000 gallons of oil poured into the ocean. this bill is one of the worst in state history. several orange county beaches remain closed.the oil smeared the coast from huntington beach to newport, threatening habitats and wetlands. the mayor says they have seen fish and birds covered in oil washed up along those --
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along the coastline. >> this constitutes one of the most devastating situations our community has dealt with in decades. there is oil on shore and you can see the oil slick on the ocean. >> an oil pipeline about 4.5 miles offshore caused it. the entire amount of oil in that was released into the ocean. crews have deployed swimming equipment and and to prevent flooding of the oil. >> thank you. today and tomorrow, bodega beach bay -- excuse me, bodega bay beach will be closed for swimming after a server had to be rushed to the hospital after a short bit him in the leg saturday morning. a chp helicopter flew that
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server to santa rosa memorial hospital. he is expected to be ok. crews say he had a severe bite on his thigh. he was with a group of surfers when this happened. >> i saw the tail fin of the shirt. they were kind of going down into the water. it definitely was not a quick attack. it was nice and slow, kind of just like a dolphin peeking up. >> jerry davis said the victim was able to swim and crawl onto the beach. davis another surfers used their surf leashes as a turning hit on him. -- as a turning -- tournequit. >> friday. >> got him. the giants, for the first time since 2012, are champions the national league west. let the celebration begin and
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let it go on for a while. >> san francisco beat t t t t tt 11-4 and set a record for most wins in a season. >> a big match of her raiders fans tonight on espn. they are taking on a bitter division rival, the chargers, in los angeles. with a win, they moved to 4-0 in first place in conference. a new excerpt is out for tom brady's original docuseries call the man in the arena. you can watch the trailer on espn. disney as of the peer company of espn. a historic catastrophe at east bay 7-eleven. 10 people heard. >> amazon out with its black friday deals earlier than ever today with new ways to find time
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gifts and a new feature catching a bit of it is schism. >> air quality. green and yellow, which is good. moderate, which is healthy. the look at what is lurking in fresno. unhealthy air. we will see working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. epercether
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>> cladding is starting to develop there. -- otherwise clear bayside with mid to upper 50's. san rafael 63. 60 team say.
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slick -- slight breeze. >> following a crash that i want to point out. a vehicle is overturned. also involving other cars on southbound 680. speed picking up. up to around 50 miles per hour, almost the limit. the bay bridge told lassa. lights came on. showing you our coliseum you or at 880. things moving at the limit. >> amazon is making it easier for prime members to send a soup rise give -- to send a surprise
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gift. you don't need to dig into your contact list for an address. you need the recipient's email address or phone number. they will get a text message or email sang a gift is waiting for them. they then have the option to accept that. if they do, amazon will charge your credit card. the downside. some critics fear it is another way for scammers to harass people. amazon announced it is releasing its black friday list of deals earlier than ever with civic categories -- with specific categories. >> a lot of information in one story. >> i feel -- this is my feeling about it. if you don't know there are risks, and you don't know -- if you don't know their address, and you don't have their number handy, it's not -- >> i still think this works.
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>> but you're going to get notified. do you see what i'm saying? you know you will get a gift for me. you just don't know what it is. >> surprise!. >> i will do this to you then. >> i am here for it. >> ok. cool. >> all right. you're walked through the park could be permanently changed. the new proposal giving us a better idea for the car free route. >> tonight's, i had of i had o with the stars. >> a six-year-old stumbling
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> opening arguments begin today
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in the trial of a dam bowl police officer -- of a danville police officer. it is claimed he used unnecessary force when he fired nine shots at someone. his attorney says the shooting was self-defense. danville contracts their police services through the contra costa county sheriff's office. an investigation after the shooting cleared up of any wrongdoing. the charges were announced after he was involved in the second shooting this year. >> oakland police investigating the city's 106 homicide of the year. officers responded to a call of a shooting your 10th avenue. moments after that, a hospital alerted them about a man from oakland and a woman from fresno who showed up at the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. the woman died.
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>> 10 people are recovering from injuries after a customer drove their car into a 7-eleven. the car slammed into the store yesterday. a customer accidentally drove into the store after shopping there, witnesses say. >> i guess they hit the gas instead of the brake. the car busted into the store and we saw. >> the car when almost all the way into the store. medics took six to the hospital. no one seriously hurt. >> plans to make corporate routes in golden gate park permanent. officials have announced plans to ban cars in areas of the park. it includes adding more car free streets in the park. since the pandemic began, walkers and bikers have been able to enjoy it without having to worry about cars. official say park have increased
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since the vehicle began and collisions are down. >> world animal day, a day where we can do our part to make the world a better place for animals. it is celebrated in different ways. in the philippines, pets received a special blessing at a drive-through ceremony in manila. it is the second year they have done it this way because of the pandemic. look at this dog. the event also celebrates the feast of st. francis of a sissy -- of asisi, patron saint of animals. >> a boy made a discovery. he was on a walk and dinosaur hill nature preserve and he thought he found a rock but said it looked more like a tooth so he and his parents brought it to the university of michigan's office of. college -- michigan's office of paleontology, where they confirmed it belonged to an ancient mastodon. >> 12,000 years.
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they got the gunk off of it. anyway, i got that off. >> ok. "laug -- julian is likely the first person to ever touch this tooth. he is donating it to the museum and, as a reward, you will get a behind-the-scenes tour. -- reward, he will get a behind-the-scenes tour. >> night at the museum. >> that is what i am saying. julian, you need to hold onto that tooth. >> backstage, but what else? >> if this is a mastodon tooth and i'm the first to touch it, and it is how many thousands of years old? i am the chosen one because it is in front of me. it could not have just been laying there forever. all right. congratulations.
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we are coming up on 620. -- 6:20. clear conditions in san jose. clouds on the increase today as they gather along the coast. as hot as it gets. some of the heat spilling into today but then it is gone. hi clouds remain -- high high hh clouds remain tonight. tracking a chance of showers. i would like to give you a definitive of, hey come it is going to rain. i cannot. sorry. clouds will increase our clowns as we had throughout the day. look for clouds in the south moving north. morgan hill 92, 91 gilroy, 83 for the rest of the south beta 88, mid 70's along the coast, w this afternoon.
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>> a look at what is ahead. >> good morning. we will have the latest on the oil spill disaster offshore coast. gallons pouring into the ocean. the cause under investigation but we are live on the scene. that coast-to-coast vaccine mandate debate. california becoming the first
6:22 am
state to require students and teachers to get vaccinated. meanwhile, new york city e, new employees facing the deadline e n theview with shot. former trump insider and secretary stephanie grisham, speaking out about her book on her time in the white house and why she is breaking with former president trump now. and an interview with actress chana doherty. how she is battling with cancer and michelle geller with how to help your he
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>> how about this for an early morning moment of? the balloon festival returned to albuquerque after a year off. it opened above new mexico this weekend. pretty. forget that.
6:25 am
-- look at that. guests will be able to see balloons this week, including ones with special shapes and ones that have been transported from across the world. >> spectacular. haze moving in. our sky will not look as clean as that. look at what the wind shift brings tomorrow. no more 90's. mainly 60's, 70's. barely a few 70's, most 50's and 60's, so from summer he taught them chill -- heat to autumn chill in three days. >> we have learned that andrew wiggins will be able to play. he was facing the possibility of not being allowed into chaste center because proof of
6:26 am
vaccination is required for employees. wiggins requested an exemption that was denied. they will have five preseason games before the regular season kicks off october 19. >> tonight is britney dancing with the stars and we will see something never seen before -- one group will danced separately and not actually in the ballroom. one, rigsby tested positive for covid, then the other. the judges announced rehearsal, prerecorded. find out which britney spears song the couples are dancing to. it airs at 8:00 tonight here. >> we will see. don't you want to see how it will go? >> i do. i am sorry this is happening but i'm glad they weren't let go. that is what i thought would
6:27 am
happen. >> yeah. >> they are getting creative. >> mhm. >> i would vote. next, taking care of triplets got easier. the special help. >> checking in on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. both sides digging in their heels. the key pieces that need to be finished ahead of the new deadline. >> 627 time. a live look at the c
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so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask w u can add comcast business securityedge. so you can stay ahead. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. >> this is abc7 news. reggie: right now, striking at sutter health. health-care workers at one east
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bay medical center say they have had enough, walking off the job this morning and promising not to come back until demands are met. >> my mom will come, cousins. >> i want -- kumasi: it is never 2 are early to start steaming for halloween candy -- it is never too early to start scheming for halloween candy. reggie: festivities kicking off today. monday, october 4. you are watching abc7 live. let's start with mike's forecast. mike: do we know when they are practicing, the blue angels? i have not looked. i am sorry. i ask because today is our brought -- our brightest day probably. the sun will come out saturday into sunday.
6:31 am
that is the nutshell of our sky conditions. temperatures. between now and 7:00, most of us are in the 40's. 50's elsewhere. noon, 60's and 70's around the bay, 70's and 80's inland, 70's and 80's around the bay at 4:00, 80's and 90's inland at 4:00, everyone in the 60's and 70's by 7:00. cooler the next couple days. i will show you coming up. reggie: hundreds of health-care workers say they are overworked and will not put up with it anymore. they just walked off the job in antioch. amy hollyfield is at sutter medical center with more. amy? [no audio] kumasi: it looks like we are
6:32 am
having some issues with amy's audio, but we will check in with her in a moment. democratic leaders are facing heavy criticism after they postponed a vote on a bipartisan infrastructure deal. we are joined at the live desk by jobina fortson with how this is impacting other legislation. jobina: they have postponed the vote until democrats and republicans can reach a deal on the rest of the president's budget. he is expected to talk today about the need to raise the debt ceiling. he argues, if this doesn't happen, the u.s. could default on its debt for the first time ever and trigger a recession, impacting everything from payments to funding for education. the republican party voted twice last week to keep the debt ceiling. >> we are at a point where the president is weak and, really,
6:33 am
bernie sanders, the far left democrats are driving the bus. >> $3.5 trillion should be the minimum but i except there should be give and take. >> democrats want to increase corporate taxes on corporations and the highest earners to fund programs like universal pre-k and free community college. this will be worked out before the deadline to vote on the infrastructure deal, which speaker pelosi has set for the end of the month. >> back to amy now. we have her audio fixed. she isn't antioch -- she is in antioch at the sutter health center. >> we have hundreds of workers out here this morning. they walked off the job at 5:00 this morning. the union says about 350 workers we havvi them walking out of the hospital this morning at 5:00. it is sutter delta medical
6:34 am
center in antioch where this is happening. workers say they are tired of being understaffed and want to make a statement that conditions are dire for caregivers and patients. these are clerical workers, your technicians -- workers, technicians, nurses. they say patients are still getting care. >> the registered nurses are there. the patients are still getting care. they will have people helping out throughout the process. >> sutter released a statement saying they value their caregivers and commitment to giving patient care in th e midst of a health crisis, which is why they say there pays better than other health centers in the area. they brought in replacement workers. these workers brought them onto
6:35 am
the hospital property here. these workers say they will be out here all week. they will be protesting and picketing until 7:00 at night each day. back on the job saturday at 5:00 p.m. -- 5:00 a.m. reggie: the supreme court starts a new term today, the first time in a year they meet in person. justice brett kavanaugh tested positive for covid so he will not be on the bench. they will tackle issues like abortion, gun rights, the death penalty, and religious freedom. they will broadcast live to the public through at least the end of the year. >> the woman who has been known for decades as -- at 51. she is sitting down for her first broadcast interview. her biological mother was jane row, whose desire to terminate
6:36 am
her pregnancy caused her to fire lawsuit -- to file a lawsuit against the state of texas. that baby was shelley. >> my thinking was that everybody is going to hate me because everyone will blame me for abortion being legal. >> you can watch more of that interview was shelley tonight on abc news. reggie: vaccine mandates set to go into effect today. the mandates will cost some people their jobs if they don't have at least one shot. in new york city, the school district there, 90% of teachers have at least one dose, but that means hundreds of substitute teachers are needed to fill in for unvaccinated teachers. >> i felt shocked, surprised, heartbroken. my students messaged me friday. i am not allowed to talk to them
6:37 am
even though i gave them a heads up that this is it. reggie: in connecticut, the national guard is standing by to fill critical shortages as a state mandate -- as a vaccine mandate for state employees goes into effect today. kumasi: your help is a key part of building a better bay area. the cdc recommends outdoor gatherings. unvaccinated people should mask up indoors. it is also recommended that there be vaccination and tests before gathering. >> it may be an issue with the cold, but not covid. thousands of times less risky than the traditional nose and mouth respiratory droplets. kumasi: parents told abc7 news that they are still on the fence about trick-or-treating for halloween this year. kids are excited to celebrate and wear costumes at school. reggie: 2021 is underway.
6:38 am
the blue angels scheduled to arrive in oakland. the event is back after the pandemic forced its cancellation last year. there will be adjustments made but the blue angels are coming and the parade of ships is also. a bunch of neighborhood celebrations throughout the week, starting at salesforce park today at noon. the airshow will start friday and run through the weekend. a facebook whistleblower steps forward. the former employee who secretly copied tens of thousands of pages of internal documents with new claims about what is happening inside. kumasi: you are looking now live at the big board of the mis-c -- of the new york stock exchange, about 30 points up on the down. reggie: a guest closing in on most consecutive wins on jeopardy, this morning sharing what it is like. mike: yeah. that would be awesome to be on
6:39 am
that. 6:39. we were on a roll this weekend with the temperatures. it has been rather nice at night no matter how hot it has gotten during the day. 62 santa bay, 40 pleasanton, 47 pacifica. 50 in napa, san jose 60 along with antioch. jacket weather this morning. not so much this afternoon. 69 at the coast at 3:00. 82 around the bay to 92. inland, our last warm day. get out and enjoy it. there will be hot pavement. if you're exercising, the car will be warm. at home, try to keep the air conditioner going. notice, as the temperature cools considerably, our air gets cleaner. tomorrow is the transition day.
6:40 am
wednesday, everybody is good. today, moderate because of this. this is the middle and upper part of the atmosphere. you can see smoke coming up from those high clouds from the south. it is one and done. tomorrow, it is out here. that is when we start to see and feel cleaner air. i will show you how quickly it gets 10 to 25 degrees cooler in the forecast. monday morning commutes. fingers crossed. let's see what you been a has to say. jobina: good morning. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. just the bay bridge. the toll plaza is busy. lights came on 5:37. it will take you 16 minutes to get across once you get through the lights and into same cisco -- into san francisco. the picture showing san rafael at the 101 moving slowly -- moving smoothly.
6:41 am
tracy to dublin will take you one hour and 12 minutes. a new craft reported in livermore on westbound 580. that will jane you up. antioch to concord, 29 minutes. before we head to break, i want to take you outside. we have a picture of albuquerque, new mexico. we told you about the balloon fiesta a few minutes ago. we got this picture and wanted to share with you so you can see those balloons going up. this is cool. i did not think it would look like this. gorgeous shot to start your day. we will be right back. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ reggie: north and south korea are speaking to heather again. the countries had cut ties last year. this changed when the north
6:44 am
korean leader vowed to restore a hotline with the south. south korean officials say the north responded to their call earlier today. communication between the country's militaries has alsobe. kumasi: facebook whistleblower set to testify before congress tomorrow, a former product engineer who, before leaving, took images of documents that show, she claims, that facebook failed to protect users. >> she anonymously leaked those documents to the wall street journal. she says they prove they lied to the public about their progress in fighting hate, violence and misinformation, and also showed how instagram is harmful to teen girls. studies show the app makes 13% of girls feelings about suicide worse, and another percentage say it makes eating disorders
6:45 am
worse. >> facebook's own research says that, as these young women begin to consume this eating disorder content, they get more depressed, and actually makes them use the app more, so they end up in this cycle where they hate their bodies more and more. kumasi: facebook responded in a written statement to 60 minutes, saying in part "to suggest we recommend that content and do nothing is not true. the challenges facing the company are complex and if there were solution, they would have been found." reggie? kumasi: blue origin has confirmed william shatner will be on board the next spaceflight with arbery powers, who -- with arbery powers, who was from santa clara university. a doctor will also be part of
6:46 am
the crew taking off october 12. he is a former nasa employee whose current company is headquartered in san francisco. donald trump has asked a judge to force twitter to restart -- to restore his account. the company suspended his account in january after the deadly capitol riot. attorneys claim twitter is censoring him. they have not commented on the case. >> get ready for a whole new edition of microsoft office. it releases tomorrow, the same day as windows 11. it is designed for new users who do not want to -- move their data to the cloud. microsoft's archrival, apple, is poised reportedly unveil
6:47 am
redesigned macbook pro in about a month purported to include 14 and 16 inch models. bloomberg says it is expected to drop the touch bar. potential homebuyers having problems affording mortgage payments. savings from favorably low interest rates are being raised by the speed of fast rising home prices. the federal reserve bank of atlanta now says the median american household would need to spend more than 32% of its income to cover mortgage payments on a typical home, the most it has been since november of 2008. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. still up by about 20 points. >> more people -- more a mor requiring vaccinations. american, jet blue and alaska
6:48 am
airlines says workers have to get vaccinated by september. united has banned more than passengers since covid began. the number of unruly passengers has risen, with many issues surrounding mask violations. a union representative for flight attendants says they are calling on airlines to crackdown. >> a jeopardy champion coming back again. will the winning streak continue? >> you are jeopardy champion, with a 30 day running total of over $1 million and now you have the most -- the second most consecutive wins in jeopardy history. congratulations. >> he has surpassed james told hauer for second most consecutive wins. he is only trailing behind ken jennings, who was on the show for 74 consecutive wins.
6:49 am
he talked about his winning strategy on good morning america. >> your response is, even if it is a person, you don't say who is, you say what is. why? >> this is the first time i performed in front of an audience of more than three people in my life. i would have crippling stage fright, forget my name, everything. i did not want to think about things if i did i have to. i knew that according to the rules it would be allowed, so i went with it. i am the son of a lawyer. >> you can watch the full live interview coming up on good morning america at 7:00 a.m. if you want to see if he can keep it up, sunday, he will perhaps pass jennings. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 here. >> happy for him. >>e has been busy. ken jenningsw >>asth other show fole
6:50 am
that othhoi cannot remember now, even though i did an interview for mi from will be on it. >> the chase. >> ken needs to come back and he needs to host until this guy moves on. i want to see that tension. >> yeah. try it. dude. >> 6:50. hi. i am not always this evil. the central tower showing how clear it is. high clouds increasing and a little haze. our modest afternoon this cycle. cooler later this week. the reason? limited sunshine. showers, not promising, but we will keep the chance into the weekend. a look at how cooler it will be. south bay, mid to upper 80's. tomorrow, we won't make 79.
6:51 am
wednesday through friday, we might not make it out of the 70's. a very fun roller coaster to take. a look at what will happen. low pressure to the south. radar. a few pop-up showers late in the afternoon and evening. with counterclockwise rotation, some high clouds coming. look for increasing clouds from south to north. the farther south you go, morgan hill, 90's. santa clara around 85. nearly low to mid 80's for everybody on the peninsula with mid-60's to your 70 on the coast -- tenure 70 on the coastc -- to near 70 on the coast. we have about mid 80's to low 90's to the north, 80 to 86 for the east bay, and in the valleys, 90 to 94. the last time we will see
6:52 am
that for eight or nine days. high clouds lingering, 40's in the deepest northbay valleys, the rest in the 50's. tomorrow, with high clouds hanging around and sea breeze, two to 10 to 12 degrees cooler from the coast to inland. fuller air arrives on even cooler conditions wednesday. thursday and friday, 50's and 60's mainly for highs, warmer and increasing sunshine. >> thank you. the 20 pandemic lockdown put the dreams of thousands of california student athletes on hold. for some, playing sports was their only ticket to a college edge nation -- college education. many face the choice of following their dream or giving up. abc7 followed student athletes for a year to see how they are navigating the crisis. their stories are featured in this series the lost season. here is a preview. >> i left everything on the
6:53 am
field. >> having the momentum, that excitement. >> i don't know what i would be doing, playing music. >> the future of high school sports. >> we will see that they had something in high school that they can no longer do. >> covid concerns. >> a little bi a little bi a li of the coronavirus crisis. >> you can watch the last season right now on abc7's bay area streaming tv app available on roku, amazon fire tv, and others. the powerball jackpot tonight has swelled to $670 million. if you win, that would be a $470 million payout. there has been no winner for the past 40 drawings, so the jackpot is the biggest since january. we are hearing this morning from
6:54 am
a new jersey resident who won the mega millions in 2016. >> i got an attorney and an accountant. the best thing is i can do anything i want. i take my family on a vacation every year. we go out all-expenses-paid. >> tonight's drawing is happening at 8:00. >> humans are not the only ones who cannot get enough of newborn babies. a dog in connecticut things these triplets are the sweetest. mom lauren barnes chaired this video showing her dog balancing on an ottoman to get a look and sniff of the babies. she has been chronicling the lives of the babies on tiktok. apparently her dog adores them. >> this is the cutest thing. >> that is cute. >> look at them.
6:55 am
please don't wake me up, that one in the back is knocked out. >cute. >> would you be nervous? >> a little. >> me too. >> you have to see. check it out. if i am a dog, i am thinking, this is competition. >> no. there is enough love to go around. no, you are right. >> lucky if they remember a treat. do you know what i mean? so -- >> gosh. up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> you can watch us live on the abc7 bay area app. download that. start streaming. >> as we head to break, let's see what we see this morning as we head to break.
6:56 am
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when you have a rock you can depend on for life you'll be unstoppable. like the millions of people who rely on prudential for financial planning and investing. who's your rock? >> 6:57.
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the seven things you need to know. hospital workers at sutter delta medical center in antioch are on strike. they walked off the job this morning, saying they are tired of being understaffed. sutter issued a statement saying the hospital is disappointed union leaders have chosen to distract from patient care. >> crews are working to stop and oil spill from spreading more in southern california. a look at the area. in underwater pipelines build at least 126,000 gallons of oil into the water off huntington beach. >> class expected to resume at several schools that had to be close last week so they could be deep cleaned after a flea infestation. >> dr. david julius has just won the nobel prize for medicine. he and another scientist were reported the prize for -- were awarded the prize for their research. >> warm to hot.
6:59 am
72 to 82. highs today, 76 to 91. >> live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. about 16 minutes to get across the bridge and into san francisco. no major blocking issues for your commute. >> seven, make sure you look up this afternoon because the blue angels returned to san francisco for plea week. the event kicks off today with a neighborhood concert series and then the airshow starts friday. >> i did not realize how lucky we were to habit because apparently we are the only city doing it this year. there are lots of air that usually happen and they are all canceled except ours. >> yes because we are on it. >> we are on it. fleet week is happening. i am excited. >> i am concerned about the clouds. but by the time we get to saturday, we should be fine. >> ok. >> perfect. >> we will hear the rumble.
7:00 am
the whole building. shaking. >> yes. >> gma is next. good morning, america. as we start this monday morning together, an oil spill disaster. catastrophe in california. more than 140,000 gallons of oil pouring into the pacific ocean, shutting down beaches, and the investigation. what caused the devastating offshore leak? pandora's box. the biggest leak of offshore banking data in history. stunning new report dubbed the pandora papers names hundreds of billionaires, world leaders, politicians and celebrities around the globe allegedly hiding their fortunes. coast to coast vaccine mandate debate. california becoming the first state to require students and teachers to get vaccinated and nearly 150,000 new york city school employees down to the wire on the deadline to get the shot.


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