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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 4, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this right now on "america this morning," oil spill disaster. the massive oil spill blackening the southern california coast. the race to stop the spread as thousands of gallons of crude oil threaten wildlife and close beaches. what we know about the spill right now. betrayal of democracy. new bombshell claims from a facebook whistle-blower ahead of tomorrow's testimony on capitol hill. why the former manager says facebook contributed to the january 6th attack on the capitol, and what she's saying about mark zuckerberg. baby roe speaks out. the abc news exclusive as the supreme court's new term begins today, activists on both sides of the abortion issue take to the streets with the future of roe v. wade at stake.
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what the woman at the center of the landmark case is saying. the potential strike that could bring tinseltown to a standstill today. and from cheers to boos, tom brady's homecoming turns into a thriller. the biggest moments and what happened after the game. good monday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> and i'm faith abubey. mona is off. we begin with the disaster off the coast of california. >> a leak from an underwater oil pipeline has spilled more than 120,000 gallons of crude oil into the pacific possibly up to 144,000 gallons. the oil is washing ashore with dead birds and fish, and the good news is officials say the pipeline has been capped. >> now the race is on to stop
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the oil from spreading into the nature preserves nearby which are home to wildlife. >> reporter: this morning, crews scrambling to clean up a devastating oil spill in southern california. >> this oil spill constitutes one of the most devastating situations that our community has dealt with in decades. there's oil deposits all along the shore, and you can see the oil slicks out in the ocean. >> reporter: at least 126,000 gallons of oil pouring into the pacific, forming an oil slick 13 square miles in size. the spill, one of the worst in california's history. crude oil smearing the coastline from huntington to newport beach, encroaching on critical habitats and wetlands. >> we are starting to see oil-covered fish and birds washing up along our coastline. >> reporter: the goo forcing popular beaches to close due to potential health hazards. while officials cancel the final day of the pacific air show. >> the oil spill affects humans' health directly as well as
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indirectly. some of the direct contact is touching the oil products or tars. the other thing is inhaling the vapors. >> my throat hurt, and you can feel the vapor in the air. >> reporter: officials say the leak was caused by a broken pipeline about 4 1/2 miles offshore. the entire amount of oil in that line released into the ocean. the company that owns the pipeline, beta offshore is pledging full cooperation in the wake of the disaster. meanwhile, crews have deployed skimming equipment and booms to prevent the oil from flowing into a nearby ecoological reserve. still, the damage may be irreversible. >> it's actually a toxic chemical soup. there's a lot of different chemicals that are in the oil. some of them will actually dissolve in water which is bad news for the fish. >> while this spill is much smaller than the 2010 gulf oil disaster, but experts say because this spill is closer to
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the shore, the ocean's natural cleaning ability won't be as effective. now to the other big story this morning. a former manager at facebook coming forward with explosive allegations against the social media giant from its impact on teens to its role in january's attack on the u.s. capitol. >> reporter: this morning, a former employee at facebook is revealing herself as the whistle-blower who leaked tens of thousands of company documents. >> i realized, okay. i'm going to have to do this in a systemic way, and i have to gather enough that no one can question if this is real. >> reporter: those documents from a former product manager at facebook, led to a series of articles in "the wall street journal" detailing how the social media's own research contributed to emotional problems among teenagers, especially girls. >> there were conflicts of interest between what was good for the public, and what was good for facebook, and facebook over and over again chose to optimize for its own interests like making more money.
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>> reporter: according to her, facebook had measures in place to stop the spread of misinformation before the 2020 election, but she says the company turned off those safeguards after the election. a move she claims contributed to the january 6th riot at the capitol. >> and that really feels like a betrayal of democracy to me. >> reporter: a congressional panel is scheduled to hear testimony from her tomorrow after she filed eight complaints with the securities and exchange commission. senator richard blumenthal tweeted, facebook's actions make clear that we canot trust it to police itself. we must consider stronger oversight. responding to her interview, a facebook spokesperson said, every day our teams have to balance protecting the ability of billions of people to express themselves openly with the need to keep our platform a safe and positive place. to suggest we encourage bad content and do nothing is just not true. she also says she has empathy for ceo mark zuckerberg. >> mark has never set out to make a hateful platform, but he
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has allowed choices to be made where the side effects of those choices are that hateful, polarizing content gets more distribution, more reach. >> after "the wall street journal's" reporting, facebook suspended its plan to develop an instagram for kids. a new term today. the justices are to decide some of the most divisive cases in decades on guns, religious freedom and abortion. the high court with six conservative justices will hear arguments on mississippi's attempt to ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. with roe v. wade hanging in the balance, marches were held all across the country this weekend. abc's linsey davis spoke exclusively to jane roe's daughter and the child at the center of the landmark case. >> i understand that it has nothing to do with me. it doesn't revolve around me. i wasn't the one who, like, created this law. i'm not the one who created this
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movement. >> and later on "good morning reaction when she learned she r- was the anonymous baby roe. president biden's economic agenda remains in limbo with democrats divided over his $3.5 trilli $3.5 trillion spending package. progressives acknowledge they have to trim the price tag, but they're clashing with moderates after being forced to delay a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. democrats say they hope to pass both bills by halloween. and turning to the pandemic, the nation's largest school district begins enforcing the vaccine mandate today. an overwhelming majority of teachers have received at least one shot. meanwhile, dr. anthony fauci is making headlines for what he said about the upcoming holiday season. abc's dan lieberman has the story. >> reporter: with the u.s. death toll from covid now more than 700,000, vaccine mandates going into effect today that will cost some people their jobs if they don't have at least one shot. >> i felt shocked, surprised,
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heartbroken. my students mentioned me fridss. i am not allowed to talk to them even though i gave hem a heads-up that this is it. >> reporter: the largest school district, 93% of teachers have had at least one shot, well above the national average. >> i cannot imagine giving up my 24-year career because i didn't get a vaccine. the more people get vaccinated, hopefully the more lives we could save, and so i was all for the vaccine mandate. >> reporter: in connecticut, the national guard is standing by to fill any critical shortages as a mandate for state employees takes effect tonight. >> there will be some people who say, hell no, and i'm sorry, but that means you're not safe. you're not safe to the people around you. >> reporter: and in california, the governor taking a first in the nation step mandating the shot for all public school students. dr. anthony fauci reminding
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people vaccine mandates are nothing new. >> we have made it a requirement for children to get into schools to get different types of vaccines. so when people treat this as something novel and terrible, it isn't. >> reporter: while covid-related hospitalizations are down, dr. fauci also warning people not to let their guard down, even when it comes to making those holiday plans with family. >> it's just too soon to tell. we've just got to concentrate on continuing to get those numbers down, and not try to jump ahead by weeks or months and say, what we're going to do -- >> reporter: dan lieberman, abc news, new york. >> dan, thank you. a severely injured surfer is in stable condition after being bitten by a shark. it happened along california's sonoma coast. the shark bit the man's upper leg. swimming in the beach area is banned until wednesday. time now for a look at your monday weather.
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most of the rain today will be east of the mississippi. showers and thunderstorms are expected from the gulf coast to the carolinas. rain possibly heavy at times is also expected across the northeast. there's also a chance of rain and possibly some storms from southern california into parts of nevada and arizona, and we want to check today's high temperatures. 83 in los angeles, 63 in seattle above normal readings in the plains and across the midwest today, and mild along the east coast as well. and coming up, the new product in short supply at grocery stores and drugstores. and also ahead, we hear from the man who claims he saw brian laundrie in north carolina. as the search continues for gabby petito's fiance. and the strike that could brin
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in new hampshire, two men carried this out of her burning home. one of the good samaritans later suffered a heart attack, but is now just incredible. a strike in hollywood could bring tv and film production to a halt as early as today. 60,000 members of the stage employees union are threatening to walk off the job. hourly pay, residuals from streaming services and work conditions are some of the main sticking points. and a diaper shortage is adding to some parents' pandemic woes. the pandemic is affecting global supply chain, including diapers leading to short supplies and higher prices up more than 10% this year. bad weather in texas also shut plants down a make the material used in diapers. we turn now to the search for brian laundrie, the fiance
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of murdered 22-year-old gabby petito. several sightings have been reported, but abc's andrea fujii >> repte this d shtg isra ion. poteghting o undrie,he person oe brian laundrie? >> reporter: police investigating dozens of tips about brian's whereabouts. one of them coming from dennis davis. he claims he pulled up next to a pickup truck and talked to a man who fit laundrie's description near the tennessee/north carolina border on the appalachian trail overnight saturday. davis says the man asked him to directions for california. >> he said, me and my girlfriend just had a fight and she called me on the phone and she told me she loves me and i've got to get k california to see her. >> reporter: davis says the man was acting strange. >> he had this tight, dark, thick, black beard.
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very short beard and mustache. he had a bandanna, a dark-colored bandanna around his head so i couldn't see his hair or anything. >> reporter: back in florida, drone video shows the search continuing for laundrie where he a over the weekend tweeting, mama bear is getting angry. turn yourself in. other family members also sharing pictures with the hashtag, justice for gabby. her body was found in wyoming last month. her cause of death has not yet been determined. as for davis, the man who told police he saw laundrie, he says laundrie was driving a newer model light or white-colored ford f-150. local sheriffs say they sent deputies to that area, the appalachian trail, but found no sign of laundrie. andrew, faith? >> andrea, thank you. coming up, video of two major scares in the air, and what we are learning about two frightening incidents involving planes. and tom brady's return to
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for immune support. boost® high protein. does your plug-in fade too fast? try febreze fade defy plug. boost® high protein also has key nutrients it has built-in technology to digitally control how much scent is released to smell first day fresh for 50 days. la la la la la. back now with smoke and fire pouring out of a spirit airlines plane that had just hit a large bird moments before taking off from atlantic city, new jersey this weekend. all passengers and crew escaped on the plane's emergency slides. meanwhile in texas, the pilot of a small plane survived this crash at a road east of houston. the plane had been used in a parade and was being flown to
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the airport when it clipped a pole. and new developments in the sexual misconduct scandal shaking up women's soccer. u.s. soccer has retained former deputy attorney general sally yates to lead an independent investigation into abuse claims. north carolina coach raul riley was fired after two former players accused him of harassment and coercion. and now to the instant classic. tom brady's return to new england surely was a nail-biter. he came within inches of losing to his old team. >> reporter: this morning, tom brady is calling his much anticipated homecoming surreal. >> it was great. it was great. a great night of football. >> reporter: the legendary quarterback back in new england facing the patriots for the first time since leaving the team. a one-minute video played in gillette stadium before the game, a tribute to brady's long tenure with the franchise. >> touchdown, tom >> reporter: brady was met with cheers while warming up, but then the game started.
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brady took the field. patriots fans erupted in a chorus of boos. brady who won six super bowls in 20 seasons with the patriots before joining the bucs made history in the first quarter become the nfl's all-team leading passer, but in the end, it all came down to a missed 56-yard field goal in the rain. allowing brady and the bucs to slip away with a 19-17 road win. moments later, a line of patriots players hugging brady, including this brief embrace with his former coach, bill belichick. belichick reportedly walked into the bucs' locker room after that moment and spoke to brady for 20 minutes. brady saying even though he lives in florida, he'll be part of the new england community for years to come. >> it's been my home for 20 years. i had the best memories. my kids were born here, you know, it's just a great town. it's a great city. it's a great area. i love it up here. >> with that win, brady is now only the fourth quarterback in
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it's time to check "the pulse." we begin with a heartwarming moment. >> it happened at an unlikely moment. this is montana firefighter, ryan benton, at the scene of a car crash. he is using a flashlight to read to a little girl involved in the accident. >> among many people that commented was benton's wife. makes me so proud when i see pictures like this. next, a question about dogs and cats and which pet is smarter. >> and the answer from scientists, we don't know.
4:54 am
animal experts say comparing the intelligence between the two is comparing apples and oranges. they say each species has cognitive ability and intelligence and they have it to live their best life. >> but mabel the great dane scored one for the dogs. turning this peanut butter jar into a pacifier. beauty and brains. >> my dog is really smart. next, "saturday night live" kicking off its season with a new cast member playing president biden. >> he tried to unite democrats, including senator kyrsten sinema. >> what do i want from this bill? i will never tell. i didn't come to congress to make friends. and so far, mission accomplished. >> is it just me but does she look like all of the characters from account scooby-doo at the time? and the powerful jackpot is the largest prize since january.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7. news
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>> the emergency situation unfolding off the coast of southern california this morning. >> he was saying shark. he was saying help. >> a shark attack in the waters off of sonoma county coast. the swimming spot that is now closed this morning. >> giants fans are pumped up. the orange and black our division champs. looking forward to game one of the next series. you are watching abc 7 mornings. >> we want to start with a check of the forecast with mike. mike: it is our last warm in this seven day forecast cycle. high-pressure still holding on. wind less than six miles per hour. marine layer, pretty much nonexist


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