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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 3, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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5:00. we will see you back in 30 minutes. breaking tonight as we come on the air, a major oil spill off the southern california coast, devastating the iconic coastline and suffocating wildlife. local officials tonight calling the spill a potential ecological disaster. dramatic images showing miles of polluted ocean. popular beaches like huntington beach covered in black streaks. dead birds and fish washing ashore. at least 126,000 gallons leaking so far from a broken pipeline. crews today scrambling to contain the oil. people urged to stay off the beaches there due to the potential health hazard and to facilitate cleanup operations. the latest from the scene. also developing tonight, the vaccine mandate going into effect tomorrow morning in new york city, the nation's largest school district. what the city plans to do to
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fill staffing shortages as america marks a grim milestone. more than 700,000 dead from the virus. and tonight, what dr. fauci is saying about gathering with family and friends for the holidays. president biden's agenda stalled in congress. two major pieces of legislation, from infrastructure to social policies, hang in the balance. moderate and progressive democrats pointing fingers. and speaker nancy pelosi, after delaying a vote on thursday, announcing a new deadline. warnings of another possible migrant surge. panama's foreign minister claiming that about 60,000 mostly haitian migrants are making their way through central america towards the u.s. southern border. a devastating discovery in the case of 19-year-old miya marcano, the florida college student who disappeared a week ago. authorities locating remains. what they're saying tonight. the dramatic rescue of a 97-year-old new hampshire woman as her house becomes engulfed in flames. and that massive powerball prize.
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no winner announced. the jackpot still growing. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a busy sunday night. i'm whit johnson. we begin with the breaking news. urgent efforts off of southern california. crews working to contain one of the largest oil spills in recent history. at least 126 thousand gallons of oil leaking into the pacific. the source believed to be a pipeline 4 1/2 miles off the shore. the area impacted, a 13-square-mile stretch between huntington and newport beach. the impact already being felt on tourism. the last day of the pacific air show canceled. people urged to stay away from the beaches. images coming in of oil washing ashore. reports of dead birds, fish, and other wildlife. officials say they've stopped the flow. but warnings of a potential ecological disaster.
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and major questions remain about what caused the leak. zohreen shah leads us off from huntington beach. >> reporter: tonight, this massive oil spill now reaching the shores of one of southern california's most popular beaches. >> we are in the midst of a potential ecological disaster. the oil spill has significantly impacted our community. >> reporter: at least 126,000 gallons of post-production crude pouring into the pacific ocean, causing one of the worst spills in the state's history. now lining nearly six miles of orange county with thick black tar. the leak stemming from a broken pipeline roughly 4 1/2 miles from the coastline. today, the company pledging full cooperation. >> we will do everything in our power to ensure that this is recovered as quickly as possible and we won't be done until this is concluded. >> reporter: crews are trying to create a sand barrier to keep
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more oil from getting into those wetlands. tonight, that oil slick stretching over nearly 13 square miles, from huntington beach's pier to newport beach. that oil already creeping into talbert marsh and threatening other wetlands. what are you seeing out there right now? >> we've had reports of birds that are covered in oil, and fish that have washed up onto the shore at the huntington beach state beach. >> reporter: huntington beach now closed off as the coast guard scrambles to contain the crude. >> it's created a very large sheen. that sheen is approaching our pristine california beaches. >> reporter: the massive cleanup forcing the city to even cancel the final day of the annual pacific air show, which just drew 1.5 million people to the city a day before. >> we're just starting to see the ripple effects here. zohreen joining us from the scene. so much at stake. miles of coastline at risk. so what is the status of the pipeline tonight? >> reporter: whit, the company
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says they have divers inside the water, trying to figure out where the source of the leak was. you can see the oil stretching across the sand right now. the company says they've capped off both ends of the pipe, and there's nothing left inside. whit? >> zohreen, thank you. we move on to our other major headline. the pandemic, and the sweeping new mandates set to take effect. many businesses, local governments, and schools requiring vaccines. including the nation's largest public school system in new york city, where if teachers can't show proof of at least one shot by tomorrow, they can't show up to work. this, as the u.s. passes yet another painful milestone. more than 700,000 lives lost to covid-19. but there is some encouraging news, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths appear to be slowing. phil lipof has the story. >> reporter: tonight, new vaccine mandates across the country set to go into effect.o
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largest school district, any teacher who does not have at least one shot by tomorrow will be out of a job. >> i felt shocked, surprised, heartbroken. my students messaged me friday. i am not allowed to talk to them, even though i gave them a heads-up that this is it. >> reporter: and while there remains opposition, the overwhelming majority, at least 93% of teachers, have had at least one shot. well above the national average. >> i cannot imagine giving up my 24-year career because i didn't get a vaccine. because we do not have enough space for the schools to fully social distance. this would be safer for all of us. >> reporter: the city saying it has an army of vaccinated substitutes ready to step in. and it's not just new york. connecticut's mandate for state employees set to take effect monday night. the national guard on standby to fill in any critical shortages. and in california, the governor becoming the first in the nation
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to mandate the shot for all public school students once the fda approves the vaccine for each age group. >> i do like that it's after fda approval. but i also feel like it should be the family's choice. >> i'm grateful. yes. because i would hate for one of my babies to come home with it. >> reporter: an fda advisory panel expected to discuss authorization for pfizer's vaccine for kids age 5 to 11, possibly later this month. and drugmaker merck planning to ask for authorization of its antiviral pill that it says could cut the risk of covid related hospitalizations and deaths in half. while dr. anthony fauci called the pill extremely important, he stresses no pill is a substitute for the vaccine. >> the easiest way to stay out of the hospital and not die is don't get infected. >> phil, the cdc is out with some holiday guidance for the fall season? and today dr. fauci weighing in on whether it would be safe for families to gather.
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>> reporter: he did. specifically, dr. fauci said it's too soon to tell if families will be able to gather safely this holiday season. and the cdc out with its holiday guidance, recommending you be fully vaccinated in order to travel. urging those who are not vaccinated to wear a mask indoors. whit? >> phil, thank you. we move on to washington and the future of president biden's agenda. two massive pieces of legislation at a standstill. moderate and progressive democrats divided on how to move forward. president biden trying to push democrats to common ground. he's heading to michigan tuesday to try to sell his plans. here's maryalice parks. >> reporter: tonight, democrats' divisions on full display. >> there's no number on the table yet. >> reporter: negotiations over a partisan budget bill with new social programs at an impasse. >> give and take, but not $2 trillion. that's not enough? >> no. no.
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>> reporter: senator bernie sanders scoffing at that top line number for the budget that sources tell us president biden floated as a possible compromise. progressives say they are waiting for a counteroffer from senate holdouts joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. and behind the price tag, tough policy debates remain. >> what is non-negotiable? >> i think some of -- some of the climate provisions. >> you're going to run right into senator joe manchin on those issues, though. you know that. >> yes, and i think -- i think senator manchin is going to run into the science as well. >> reporter: beyond investments in renewable energy, the bill currently calls for two years of free community college, paid family leave, and universal pre-k. democrats debating how long these programs should be funded and who should qualify. overnight, senator sinema blasting fellow democrats for postponing a vote on an earlier infrastructure bill that's already cleared the senate while this budget debate carries on. in a statement she called the move "inexcusable," adding, "good-faith negotiations require trust. canceling the infrastructure
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vote further erodes that trust." >> maryalice, nancy pelosi pushing back that infrastructure vote to the end of the month. but congress is facing another major deadline. >> reporter: that's right. treasury secretary janet yellen says the country could default on its past debt if congress does not raise the debt limit by october 18th. so far, republicans have refused to work with democrats on this. yellen and other democrats have said congress should change the law so these sorts of debt ceiling votes are not needed. whit? >> maryalice, thank you. now to fears of a looming crisis at the u.s./mexico border. panama's foreign minister saying up to 60,000 mostly haitian migrants are making their way to the united states through central america. the biden administration facing criticism on its handling of the recent border surge. and new legal challenges to a policy which allows for the
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quick expulsion of migrants due to covid concerns. here's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tonight, warnings about another possible surge in migrant crossings. the panama foreign minister claiming that as many as 60,000 mostly haitian migrants are making their way north to the u.s./mexico border. she has been calling on the u.s. to help enforce a plan. yesterday officials in cuba and the bahamas intercepting hundreds of haitian migrants at sea trying to reach the u.s. and del rio, texas, still recovering from the last swell of migrants which overwhelmed border patrol. we saw the desperate conditions firsthand. this was the main point of entry for those migrants. border patrol officials say there were thousands of them. many with children taking the narrow and treacherous path across the rio grande. of the more than 30,000 migrants who traveled to the border, some 13,000 were released in the u.s. pending asylum. 8,000 returned to mexico. and nearly 7,000 were removed, many under title 42. last week, the d.c. circuit court of appeals ruling that the biden administration could continue to expel migrant families under the trump-era policy. it allows for the quick
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expulsion of migrants over covid the aclu has filed suit against some of the deportations. >> this is not a situation where families are failing their asylum hearings. this is a situation where families are not getting a hearing at all. >> reporter: the homeland security secretary says title 42 is necessary. he, with the attorney general and secretary of state, will travel to mexico city this week to discuss security issues. whit? >> kenneth, thank you. now to the violence in afghanistan and the deadliest attack since u.s. forces left. a roadside bomb exploding outside of a kabul mosque during a memorial service for the mother of the top taliban spokesman. killing at least five people. taliban fighters standing guard outside after the attack. no one has claimed responsibility. thousands protesting across the u.s. this weekend
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for the first women's march of the biden administration. organizers citing the new law in texas that bans abortion after roughly six weeks of pregnancy as their motivation. in washington, d.c., protesters marched to the steps of the supreme court, which rejected a request to block that law amid ongoing legal challenges. the court's new term starts tomorrow. we turn now to the devastating discovery in the search for missing 19-year-old college student miya marcano. authorities in central florida finding what they believe are her remains. she was last seen september 24th. her family saying they're heartbroken. here's elwyn lopez. >> reporter: tonight, a tragic end to the desperate search for florida college student miya marcano. >> i feel defeated. i don't know how we're going to get through this. >> reporter: over the weekend, dozens of family members and friends remembering the 19-year-old's life during a vigil. >> miya was my everything. >> reporter: officials saying they believe they've found marcano's body in a wooded area,
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about 17 miles from her apartment complex, where she was last seen on september 24th. more than a week after her disappearance, the sheriff telling reporters cell phone records from the prime suspect, maintenance worker armando caballero, led them to that grim discovery. >> obviously, this is not the update that i wanted to give to everyone. our hearts are broken. >> reporter: a purse with marcano's i.d. was also found near the remains. investigators allege caballero used a master key to enter the student's apartment the same day she vanished. three days later, caballero was found dead from an apparent suicide. the two worked at the apartment complex where she lived. and authorities say he expressed romantic interest in her but she rebuffed him. and whit, while authorities say they believe the body found is that of marcano, the medical examiner is still working to confirm that. a cause of death has yet to be determined. whit? >> elwyn, thank you. now to worsening supply shortages. they're threatening to put a
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damper on holiday shopping, and the lives of consumers worldwide. the impact being felt by both big box retailers and small businesses. here's deirdre bolton. >> reporter: tonight, record shipping backlogs sparking shortages of cars, clothing, and electronics, with the holiday shopping season right around the corner. >> the level of uncertainty is really unprecedented. >> reporter: billions of dollars of goods floating in limbo. dozens of cargo ships now stuck off the ports in los angeles and new york with wait times to dock stretching up to three weeks. struggling to keep up with surging demand, the global supply chain rocked by covid-19 disruptions, causing a lack of workers. >> there are shortages across a number of industries, perhaps nowhere more acutely so than in front line workers such as port workers and truck drivers. >> reporter: much like the start of the pandemic, costco once again limiting purchases of toilet paper and paper towels. making matters worse, covid outbreaks shutting down factories in southeast asia
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cutting production. half of nike's clothing factories in vietnam forced to close. under armour and apple also feeling the pinch. and it's not just big corporations. >> if you see something you like, go ahead and buy it. >> reporter: george jones owns a toy store in alabama, urging people to start shopping soon. >> yes, you can see it online, but if you give them your money and your credit card, when are yu going to receive that merchandise? it may be too late. >> reporter: experts say americans may feel the pain of these supply chain problems through the new year and beyond. whit? >> we will plan ahead. deirdre, thank you. still ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday, dramatic footage of a plane's emergency evacuation after a bird flew into the engine. catching fire. and a possible strike of hollywood craft workers that could potentially halt tv and film productions across the country. stay with us. if you're an adult newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that's spread and tests positive for pd-l1 without an abnormal egfr or alk gene,
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tonight, passengers forced to perform an emergency evacuation after an airplane engine burst into flames, struck by a bird. video shows passengers sliding down the emergency exit chute at atlantic city international airport. officials say two people suffered minor injuries. and 60,000 hollywood workers are gearing up for a walkout. members of the international association of theatrical stage employees are voting on what would be the union's first nationwide strike. stars like ted danson posting their support on social media. a strike would halt nearly all tv and film productions across the country. when we come back, harrowing footage of neighbors rescuing a 97-year-old woman whose house burst into flames. and just how big has that powerball prize grown? we'll tell you, coming up. ♪ ♪ remember when no dream was too big?
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people rescuing a 97-year-old woman as flames consumed her home in new hampshire on friday. one of her rescuers then going into cardiac arrest following that dramatic scene. the person who recorded the event performed cpr before an ambulance took him away. he is now recovering, and the woman and her dog both are safe. and one of the largest lottery prizes in history grew even larger last night after no ticket matched all five numbers drawn. the powerball jackpot, now worth about $670 million, has slowly grown after 40 consecutive drawings yielded no winners. the next drawing is monday. when we come back, how football fans came together to rescue another person. and tonight, their emotional reunion. this is the planning effect. if you ask suzie about the future, she'll say she's got goals. and since she's got goals, she might need help reaching them,
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finally tonight, football fans coming to the rescue outside of a packers game. and the special reunion. terrifying moments outside lambeau field when green bay packer fan randy sabel suddenly collapsed as he was lining up to go into a recent home game. >> he's unconscious. i seen the eyes roll back in his head. >> reporter: then multiple fellow packer fans and first responders jumping into action. >> they're giving him cpr, yelling to stay with us, randy, stay with us. >> reporter: randy hospitalized with a dangerous allergic reaction to shellfish. immediately given epipen injections. he would later recover, but the magnitude of that moment started to kick in. >> the hardest part was hearing that when they got to me, i didn't have a pulse. so they basically saved my life. >> reporter: randy wanted to say thank you so he and some friends took to facebook looking for those good samaritans.
5:58 pm
>> i thought about him a lot and i thought, who is this guy, and where's he from? >> reporter: nurses sarah spychalla and gail burtymowicz both seeing that post. and last week reuniting with randy with the help of our affiliate wbay. >> it's good to see you. >> thanks for being there. >> thank you. >> oh, my gosh, really good to see you. >> reporter: another first responder, chad nelson, checking in on facetime. >> this is the guy who did the chest compressions. >> oh, hello! >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> hoping everything turned out okay, and you're going to be all right. that was our main concern. >> reporter: randy now forever grateful. >> they are god's angels. they need the proper things that they deserve. without them, would i be here talking to you? >> "america strong." thanks so much for watching. i'm whit johnson in new york. have a great night.
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dion: we like that sound. fans simply thrilled as the giants clinch the nl west this afternoon. highlights and the joys of victory experience in the stands. >> he was yelling. he was saying shark. he was saying help. dion: a man in the water near bodega bay shares his experience witnessing a shark attack. quick action by witnesses to save the victim's life. marathon. a car on the course. witnesses described the scene. >> building a better bay area. this i
6:00 pm
>> got him. dion: got him is right. a winning moment built on 107 games. the city celebrates as the giants become nl west champions. good evening and thank you for joining us. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you happen to stream. right away, let's get to team coverage of the giants' nl west championship win. we start with chris alvarez, live for us at oracle with a look at the moments that led up to the giants' 11-4 victory. reporter: welcome to oracle park. all is quiet now, but this place has been rocking all weekend long. the giants are the nl west champions after a win over san diego today. when number07 --


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