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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 3, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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i recommend sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. good morning, america. vaccine mandates. deadlines looming. the workers who will find themselves fired or sidelined tomorrow if they don't roll up their sleeves, and the promise to make california's vaccine mandate in schools even tougher. deal delayed. house speaker nancy pelosi setting a new deadline for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. president biden ready to sell his spending plans. >> i believe when the american people are aware of what's in it, it will get done. >> tackling questions over the debt ceiling. breaking her silence. gabby petito's mother takes to social media. her message to brian laundrie and the new efforts from try t down. air scares. a spirit airlines plane catching
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fire on takeoff. smoke pouring from the engine. what's being blamed, and a crash caught on camera or on the highway as a single-engine plane tumbles to the ground. >> oh my god. tom brady's return. facing off against the patotn h career. >> touchdown. >> espn's adam schefter joins us live ahead of the big game, and the big name who reportedly won't be taking the field. and powerball dreams. the giant jackpot at $635 million. the winning numbers overnight. is someone waking up a multimillionaire? and good morning, america. so great to have you with us on a sunday, and we're excited to have juju chang. gio benitez back at the desk. you came back for day two. that's a good sign. >> you brought us back, and i haven't checked those lottery tickets just yet.
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>> that's right, a lot of people standing by to see what happens. could be a big winner out there. we do have a lot to cover ngitlatest on the paemic. states and cities across the country scrambling to replace workers as vaccine mandates take effect. >> and right now nearly 215 million americans received at least one dose. that's about 65% of the total population. more than 185 million, about 56% are fully vaccinated. >> and despite the threat of losing their jobs, some americans still say they won't get the vaccine. abc's zohreen shah is in los angeles with the fallout and the pushback to these mandates. zohreen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, gio. vaccine mandates could have big implications. we're talking about california and schools, and over in connecticut, their governor is preparing for major state employee shortages, even calling in the national guard. this morning, the nation face to face with more vaccine mandate deadlines. in connecticut, the governor putting the national guard on standby to help fill potential ca that deli
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looms. state employees have until omorrotohow proof of weekly testing. those who don't comply will be placed on unpaid leave. >> we feel that's extremely fair, and it's much fairer than what is going on in other states and other counties across the country. >> reporter: in new york city, unvaccinated school employees had until friday at 5:00 p.m. to get their first shot. staff members who didn't get the vaccine before the deadline will not be returning to school monday morning. asia levystone fired from her teaching job in the bron. >> i believe that if there is risk, there must be choice. it's very hurtful to see that, you know, i'm kind of being treated this way when i dedicated my life to my career and my students. we would like to know, how are these students really going to get their educational needs met if there is no plan? >> reporter: across the country, california cracking down. the first state to announce a covid-19 vaccine requirement f all students and teachers.
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right now, there's an exemption for medical reasons and personal beliefs. some state lawmakers hoping to remove the personal belief option. >> the only people who should be exempt are people who have legitimate medical reasons why they can't have the vaccine. so we'll work on that next year. >> reporter: parents with mixed reactions. >> i do like that it's after fda approval, but i also feel like it should be the family's choice. >> i'm grateful, yes. i would hate for one of my babies to come home with it. >> reporter: and after two months in the hospital, a tennessee man finally going home after beating covid. now saying he will get the vaccine as soon as he can, and encouraging others. >> i would hope for all the naysayers out there when it comes to the vaccine to at least go and have a conversation with your doctor. >> reporter: one thing that may have helped people like joe who you just heard, is a type of pill that merck just announced. it could help people from heading to the hospital or dying
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by up to 50%. it still needs fda approval and of course it's not a replacement for the vaccine. whit? >> they expect it to apply for authorization in the coming days. zohreen, thank you. we turn now to congress where democratic leaders are facing criticism over postponing a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill as progressives and moderates wrangle over a much broader spending package that includes funding for social services programs. abc's white house correspondent maryalice parks is on capitol hill with the very latest. maryalice, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. president biden yesterday defended speaker pelosi's decision to postpone any vote on that traditional infrastructure package for roads and bridges and airports until democrats could reach a deal on the rest of the president's budget. i asked president biden yesterday if he was confident he could still get all democrats on board with his budget proposal. he brushed off the idea of being confident, but said he was going to keep working at it. after a week of intense debate, but no deal, president biden telling reporters he's still cautiously optimistic.
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>> i believe when the american people are aware what's in it, they'll get it done. >> reporter: asked about the challenge of uniting his party, the president bristling. >> if we can bring the moderates and progressives together, very soon we have two more votes. >> reporter: which two? the democrats joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, lone holdouts on a partisan budget proposal for programs like paid medical leave, universal pre-k and community college. mostly paid for in the president's plan by raising taxes on corporations and the nation's highest earners. overnight, senator sinema blasting fellow democrats, specifically progressives in the house, for delaying a vote on a traditional infrastructure package until the budget bill is done. writing, the delay was inexcusable. i have never and would never agree to any bargain that would hold one piece of legislation hostage to another. the vice chair of the progressive caucus telling cnn the budget's latest
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$3.5 trillion price tag has already come down during talks, but policy debates remain. >> what do they think is not worth investing in that's contained in the president's proposal? we can have a negotiation, but we want to make sure as much of that agenda along with the bipartisan infrastructure bill passes. >> reporter: now speaker pelosi yesterday gave her caucus a new deadline for these negotiations. she said she wanted a deal -- a vote on that bipartisan infrastructure package by the end of the month. juju? >> maryalice, thank you for that update. and joining us now is former u.s. senator from the great state of north dakota, heidi heitkamp. hi, heidi, how are you? >> good morning, juju. >> you know, you've walked the halls of congress looking for these types of deals. how do you feel the negotiations are going so far? >> it's always darkest before it's totally dark, i think. it's always darkest before the dawn and, you know, these -- if you replayed all of the kind of frantic, oh, the sky is falling
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every time we reached this point, you would be, like, it would be deja vu all over. it would be groundhog's day, and so i think that there's going to be a deal. i think that the unfortunate thing is that the democrats, so on te progressive side haven't actually talked about the republicans not coming to the table, and not talking about these programs. so it is -- it's going to get done, and it's going to get done at less than $3.5 trillion, and it's going to get done in a way that will move this country forward. it just looks really messy right now, and that's -- that's not unusual. that's pretty much standard fare. >> sure, and so what do you see as the compromise? what's going to be enough to break the stalemate between progressives and moderates in the democratic party? >> i think the fact that everybody is talking about what's real in the bill in terms
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of programs and actually focusing on the increased spending. what can we agree on? that's where democrats come together. whether it's paid family leave, or looking at day care and making day care more affordable. all of these programs that are in this package are critical to the democratic agenda. >> we know the holdout, senator sinema, one of the two holdouts is slamming the house democratic leadership for delaying the vote on this bipartisan infrastructure deal. progressives in the house have criticized sinema and fellow senate moderate joe manchin. how harmful do you think all this infighting is for the democratic caucus? >> i don't think that that criticism on policy is harmful. i think the motivation is harmful, and i've seen way too much of that as it relates to both kyrsten sinema and joe manchin, and i think that needs to ratchet down, but i think overall, you know, the democratic party, you know, with being a moderate myself has to be broad enough to include a lot of different ideas, and if it only is about the progressive agenda, it will be the minority
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party, especially in the united states senate. the narrowest of majorities, and so i think it's really time for people to understand and appreciate what it's like to run as a democrat in states like mine and joe's and even in arizona and understand you aren't going to elect a liberal in those states and so you have to come together to compromise. >> for the sake of the voters. now another big issue is the debt ceiling. it's a little policy wonky, but vital for the economy on stability. do you agree with the secretary of the treasury janet yellen? she's a former fed chair herself, that it should e eliminated altogether? >> yep, i do. i think this is ridiculous. we go through this, and then all of a sudden, when it comes to the point where we have to raise the debt ceiling, parties who are equally responsible for this debt start pointing the fingers at each other saying, i'm not going to raise your debt. well, listen, it's not about that. it's about the full faith in credit of the united states of
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america. it's about not rattling the markets. it's about doing the business in this country. so it's an exercise that it's something that should have long gotten away with in congress, and i agree with janet yellen. i wish she could find a way to do it without a congressional vote or just do it herself and see what happens. it's just -- we're up against it on the 18th. you heard nancy -- the speaker saying, let's get something done by the end of the month. she's saying, i will not do the debt ceiling and reconciliation. so we're going to achieve yet another washington dysfunction story that's going to rattle the markets by the 18th of october. that has to end. >> heidi heitkamp, thanks as always for your blunt talk and perspective. gio? >> all right, juju. now to concerns this morning about the southern border after warnings that tens of thousands of more migrants are heading from central america to the u.s. abc's julia macfarlane is in our london bureau with that story.
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julia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, gio, that's right. migrant crossings reached a 21-year record back in july when authorities at the border said they made more than 210,000 stops or arrests. now fears that number could reach twice as high if covid restrictions were to be lifted this month. now that may no longer be the case. an appeals court has ruled that the biden administration can continue to expel migrant families under title 42. that's a trump-era covid policy and that's responsible for blocking migrants from coming into the united states for nearly two years on the basis of protecting the u.s. from covid. there's fears of another huge migrant surge spiking earlier this week from the panama foreign minister claiming in a meeting that as many as 60,000 mostly haitian migrants are making their way to the u.s. border. she has been calling on the u.s. to help enforce a plan. now, the biden administration
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has been taking heat in recent weeks for those shocking images of horseback officers chasing migrants along the river bank and carrying out deportation flights back to haiti, to the fury of activists and the aclu who have been filing more suits against those title 42 expulsions. whit? >> all right, julia, thank you. a lot the dig into here. let's bring in jonathan karl who will be hosting "this week" later on this morning. jon, it's great to see you in the studio. >> great to be here. >> plenty to discuss. let's start with the negotiations on capitol hill. we thought there was going to be a vote on thursday. then, we thought, oh, maybe it's on friday, and then president biden comes out and says, hey. if it's six weeks, we'll take that if needed. do we have any real sense at this point on when we could see a vote on both of these measures? >> the problem that biden has right now is not time. this deadline of thursday was really an artificial deadline in many ways. self-imposed. the problem is votes. he doesn't have the votes to pass this full agenda. you have the two democratic
7:14 am
holdouts in the senate, senator manchin and senator sinema, but even in the house, there's a group of moderates that says, let's pass this smaller, but still very large infrastructure bill, and then consider whether the bigger bill, the so-called social infrastructure bill is too big. biden's got a problem, and what's fascinating here, whit, is it's all democrats. it's democrats battling democrats. >> and you were talking about this because the white house and other democratic leaders have tried to downplay this infighting between the progressive and moderate democrats, but we know as you said, you know, that this has created a major rift within the party. does this have a real possibility of upending or derailing president biden's agenda here? >> oh, absolutely. both his policy agenda and his political outlook going forward, going into the midterms. remember, he's trying to do all this. an incredibly bold agenda that ranks up there with fdr and the new deal, lbj and the great society. he's trying to do it with the
7:15 am
narrowest majority that you can possibly have. 50/50 in the senate with a tiebreaking vote of the vice president. a three-state majority in the house. when obama passed obamacare, you know what? 34 democrats voted no. but he had a huge majority in the house and was able to pass it anyway. he had, you know, a big majority in the senate. that is not the case now. so yes, the biden agenda is very much in the balance. >> major challenges and we'll wait for news on that in this coming week. that's for sure. i want to go back to the concerns at the border, and as many as 60,000 haitian migrants are now moving through central america towards the u.s. we saw what happened in texas just a few weeks ago. the biden administration faced heavy criticism for that. do we get any sense that they have a plan for this next surge? >> it's unclear if they really do have a plan. there is a very interesting thing happening this week. secretary mayorkas, attorney general garland, and secretary blinken are all going to mexico. you can be sure this is going to be at the top of the agenda
7:16 am
there, but here's the other issue, and you heard it mentioned in the previous report, the title 42 which allows them to turn back the -- the united states to turn back migrants because of the covid situation, keep them from entering the united states and declaring asylum. that's being fought over in court, and what the administration is warning is that if that gets overturned, and that restriction goes away, you could see a surge much bigger. they're saying as much as 400,000 coming to the border. >> wow. >> and it's unclear what the plan is to deal with all of that? >> and many of these haitian migrants were leaving central america and south america because of the pandemic and the poverty and losing their jobs and everything. >> they're fleeing horrible conditions. >> absolutely. jon karl, thank you so much. big show this morning. "this week," a reminder, he will have a lot to go to here. one-on-one with bernie sanders and a key progressive at the center of that divide that's jeopardized the biden agenda. plus, anthony fauci discusses
7:17 am
that breakthrough anti-viral covid-19 pill and what it could mean in the fight against the pandemic. that's coming up on "this week" right here on abc. jon, thanks again. juju, over to you. >> looking forward to that, jon karl, and thanks, whit. we've seen lots of passion at marches from coast to coast this weekend in support of reproductive rights as several states work to tighten restrictions on abortion. abc's faith abubey is outside the supreme court this morning. good morning to you, faith. >> reporter: good morning to you, juju. they streamed into the freedom plaza by the thousands, demanding to be heard and seen, and they were angry holding signs, chanting my body, my choice, and they were calling out lawmakers and the supreme court to protect the rights of women to choose, and it wasn't just here in d.c. there were more than 650 sister marches across the country from new york to california, and this is what some of them told us. >> i can't believe that we're fighting this fight. abortion care is health care, and it should be accessible to everybody. >> i am a person who lived i
7:18 am
the pre-roe decision, and i can't believe i'm here still fighting issues that we fought so many years ago. >> i think that we are in a time where our bodies and our bodily autonomy is absolutely under attack and it really does take all of us. >> reporter: these marches come at a pivotal time for the abortion rights movement. several rally-goers told us they were motivated to come out after seeing texas enact its new controversial law which bans abortions around six weeks, and the justice department is suing to block it. there's a growing number of states now enacting similar laws. the supreme court is scheduled to hear arguments in the case from mississippi in december. that many fear that could essentially overturn that landmark roe v. wade decision protectichsenore in d.c., aeyef the u.s. supreme court. groups of counterprotesters also showed up to say they
7:19 am
support the rights of the unborn. even the anti-abortion group march for life tweeted the women's march doesn't speak for the millions of women out there who support and value human life. >> all right, faith abubey there in washington, thank you so much. time now for the weather. rob marciano is in westchester, new york, this morning. and apparently, rob, you want to stay very far away from us in the studio. is it something i said? >> no. did you see how close i was to those college kids yesterday? college kids. >> for our own safety. >> just take a breather and we'll be back at you next week. good to see you gio, juju and whit. we've got issues -- it's the first weekend of october. we're starting to see the atmosphere transition into fall, and we have a slow-moving front that's responding. we have heavy rain across parts of south texas, and this is brownsville. eight inches of rainfall, and we had four inches in corpus christi, and that created problems down there, lower southeast texas. that's where your front is, and
7:20 am
that's where all the rain is. chicago to cleveland, to detroit today, and maybe some flash flooding in the tennessee valley, and up through the great lakes as this thing is just really going to be slow, and the front will lay down. ahead of it, temperatures in the northeast will be well above average before the rain comes in tonight and tomorrow. looks to be a wet start to your workweek, anywhere from 2 to 6 inches of rainfall in spots and most of that will b in the southeas quickly, guys. i want you to meet my friend remix here. this is a dog that was pampered at one of the hard rock hotels.
7:21 am
they're now accepting pets. so maybe walter will show up. there's a frenchie. maybe copper could be spoiled while dad plays at the hard rock. that's new to the hotel scene. back over to you. >> copper would rip that place to shreds, but we appreciate the invite. rob, we'll talk to you soon. thank you so much. some other headlines we're following this morning. some scary moments on a spirit airlines flight taking off from atlantic city. this was caught on camera here. smoke n be seen coming out of the passenger plane headed to ft. lauderdale. the airline saying it believes that the plane hit a large bird while it was accelerating for takeoff causing the engine to catch fire. all passengers and crew were safely evacuated. south jersey transportation authorities say that there were two reported minor injuries. and whit, fortunately no one was seriously injured when a small plane came crashing down onto a highway in southeast texas. take a look this. the single-engine plane was headed back to the airport after participating in a festival when authorities say it clipped a light pole and came t s
7:22 am
he gabby petito's mother breaking her silence on social media. her message to brian laundrie. and tom brady to play against the patriots for the first time in his career, and a preview of the highly anticipated matchup and the key player who will be sitting out. we'll be right back. "good morning america" sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that's the thing about claims, you see. they don't happen on your schedule. i mean, take a chestnut, it doesn't just say “oh, beg pardon, sir, but is now a good time for a jolly bit of window cracking?” i mean, if they did, you wouldn't need a geico claims team that's available 24/7. but, near as i can tell, chestnuts don't talk. or maybe they're just really quiet. geico. your claims team is here for you, 24/7.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. developing news, at least one person is dead following a crash involving multiple vehicles on the freeway in hercules. this happened just before 1:30 this morning on interstate 80.
7:28 am
chp says multiple cars were involved, including two that overturned and blocked all lanes for 15 minutes. let's get a check of the forecast. >> good morning. hot and hazy once again today. temperatures will range from upper 60's at the beaches to mid 90's inland. we will be well above average san francisco. oakland 83. san jose 89. the cooling starts tomorrow. much cooler midweek with a chance of rain into next weekend. >> thank you for joining
7:29 am
(♪ ♪) (♪ ♪) (breaths) (electricity)
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[stomping stops] first number down tonight is 42. right after that, america, we have the number 38. let's congratulate billy from missouri who won $50,000 playing powerball. now your third number down tonight is 47. right after that, we have 52, and we'll round that out for you tonight with the number 28. and welcome back to "gma." the winning numbers in saturday's powerball jackpot, worth an estimated $635 million, have been drawn, but the no big winner. >> so, if you are billy from
7:31 am
missouri there, are you happy, or are you disappointed, you know? >> i think you're happy. >> i would take it. >> a little bit of both. we have a busy morning here, so we want to look at the other stories we're following right now, and authorities in florida believe they may have found the body of a missing college student there. 19-year-old miya marcano hasn't been see since september 24th. authorities say the prime suspect in her disappearance was found dead on monday from an apparent suicide. and also happening now, authorities in spain are still warning residents on the island of la palma to limit their time outdoors as the erupting volcano on the island keeps spewing lava and thick smoke. but there's new signs of hope as the emergency services lifted a stay-at-home order from those closest to the affected areas. and the albuquerque international balloon fiesta is back for its 49th year after the pandemic forced them to take a year off. organizers now say they have more than 540 balloons registered to take part in this year's event. the albuquerque international balloon fiesta touts itself as the most photographed event in the world, and you can just see why.
7:32 am
>> why not? so photogenic. we'll start this half hour with gabby petito's family taking to social media to honor their daughter's memory, and renew their calls for brian laundrie to turn himself in, and janai has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the emotional post from gabby petito's family sharing tributes and demanding answers as the search for brian laundrie nears the three-week mark. gabby's mother nicole schmidt tweeting for the first time, writing, mama bear is getting angry. turn yourself in. sharing photos on social media, all using the #justiceforgabby. meanwhile, the search for brian laundrie intensifying in florida. investigators launching a surveillance drone to help in the search. this after that new body camera footage released this week capturing officers in utah responding to eyewitness reports that laundrie hit petito. >> you got something on your cheek here, looks like -- did you get hit in the face? >> reporter: in this recording,
7:33 am
petito sitting in the vehicle while the officer questioned her. >> to be honest, i hit him first. >> did he hit you though? it's okay if you hit him, but we has ed an al vestigation into h handled that stop. gabby petito's family now waiting for answers. her father joseph petito writing this about his daughter's impact, she's already saving lives. so many stories being sent to us about relationships being left with proper planning for safety, and people are being found due to her influence. we have much more work to do, but it's a start. and as the search for brian laundrie continues, fbi agents were at the laundries' home thursday also searching a camper that brian and his family -- brian and his parents took on a trip days before he went missing. the family's attorney saying agents collected personal items to help the canines in their search. whit?
7:34 am
>> all right, janai, thank you so much. we do want to transition to the weather now. rob marciano out there in westchester county, and we know fall is, like, taking hold when you are wearing the vest in the morning on "gma," rob. >> it's a good look, rob. >> i was wondering how long it was -- thank you, juju. i was wondering how long it was going to take whit to poke on me about the vest. yeah, it's a great leaf-peeping attire. if you are going to do that, you can do it in utah, and i'll show you a couple of spots where we do have some fall foliage to highlight. great drone footage out of utah there, and wisconsin also seeing some color begin to pop for our friends across cheese country in the midwest, and in vermont, of course, a quintessential shot there with the red barn as the maples continue to pop. i tell you what. today's going to be temperatures about ten degrees above average across a good chunk of the mid-atlantic and the northeast before things begin to cool off and get back to more normal. hurricane sam is weakening. it's still a category 2 storm though, but it's churning up
7:35 am
some waves, it will continue to make its way to the north and east, but if you are headed to the beach as opposed to seeing leaves, rip currents will be a risk. football today, green bay, chicago, buffalo. those are the three spots that this weather forecast sponsored by weathertech. truth be told, this was a gift. my sister gave it to me. i'm wearing a pinkish hue today in honor of breast cancer awareness month because i care about women, whit. that's why the outfit is such today. >> that is noble of you for sure, but juju did point out that pad, right? >> it's for the kickback on the rifle shoot, right? >> it's a hunting vest.
7:36 am
>> yeah. i might head to the range later on today. or maybe just stop at your house, whit. >> i'm not sure which is more dangerous. thank you, rob. appreciate it. >> all right, rob. coming up this morning on "good morning america," concerns about texas voters being disenfranchised by an important deadline tomorrow. and a sneak peek at a new documentary about, yep, that guy, justin bieber, just ahead on "pop news."
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welcome back to "gma." tomorrow is the deadline if you want to register in the texas state election. but a voter i.d. requirement has some requesting if some would-be voters are being shut out. abc's alex presha has more. >> reporter: elmira hicks is in a battle to vote in the state of texas and it comes down to renewing her driver's license. >> my ability to get a license is completely impossible. >> reporter: texas like other states requires a birth certificate for a real i.d. miss hicks was born at a time when those records weren't always kept. >> i do feel like the laws right
7:41 am
now are targeting my mother and other african-americans in this country. >> reporter: she and her daughter battled in court. a judge ruling in their favor. still technicalities have kept her from getting a license and she likely won't have it by tomorrow, a critical deadline to register for the state's next election in november. >> it's very important. people have died just to vote. people have stood in line in the rain. women fought to vote, and now i can't vote? >> this is actually very common for individuals not to be able to get their birth certificates. >> reporter: and texas recently passed one of the most restrictive voting laws in the country. it bans drive-through voting, has new i.d. requirements for mail-in voting and has new regulations for early voting hours. it's something this law professor called racist during a subcommittee hearing because it is believed it disproportionately impacts black and brown voters. >> what voter i.d. laws are
7:42 am
racist? >> your policies in the state of texas, mr. cruz, perhaps. >> we've expanded the number of hours for people to vote. we expanded the number of days for people to vote. >> reporter: state representative steve toth supports the new law expanding voter i.d. requirements. >> the recourse if they can't get a driver's license to go to dps with a social security card or some other i.d. and get an i.d. so that you can vote. it's free. >> reporter: professor tolson argues these subtle changes in new rules are what happens over time for minority communities to jump through more hoops, and after our interview, representative toth agreed to help miss hicks get a driver's license. gio? >> thank you, alex. coming up next here on "good morning america," tom brady faces the patriots for the first time tonight as a buccaneer. espn's adam schefter joins us live to preview the big game. stick around. stick around. my nunormal? fewer asthma attacks with nucala.
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and back here now on "gma." with the excitement over a pro football game that some are likening to the super bowl. tampa bay's tom brady being greeted by fans as he arrived at his hotel overnight ready to face the patriots for the first time since joining the bucs. joining us now this morning is espn's adam schefter, and let's get into it. there is a lot of hype surrounding brady's return. average ticket prices i heard reportedly going for $1,100. how do you expect the pats fans there to react to the g.o.a.t.'s return to gillette stadium? >> well, gio, i think there's nothing else they can do than they greet him incredibly warmly. he's going to become in all probability the nfl's all-time
7:47 am
leading passer tonight, and when that happens, i would expect a standing ovation and a standing ovation to last for quite some time. this is a sunday night that a lot of people have looked forward to for a long period of time. it's probably going to be the highest rated regular season game in nfl history. you can make the argument that it's the most anticipated regular season game in nfl history, and tom brady obviously is excited to be back home, and the fans will be excited to see him. >> no doubt about it. let's talk about gronk for a moment there. you broke the news that rob gronkowski there, sitting out tonight's game because of a rib injury. so how do you think that will affect the game tonight? >> listen. tampa bay has so many weapons, gio, that it's really not going to impact them dramatically. the thing we're missing is gronk in new england. the patriot fans would love to have welcomed him just like they're doing for tom brady. they won't have that chance, but tampa bay is so loaded on offense. they have other tight ends like cameron breed and o.j. howard.
7:48 am
they're not as good as gronk. he's an all-time player. but they'll keep moving along despite the fact that rob gronkowski has multiple broken ribs that he played with last week, that now threaten to sideline him for multiple games. >> adam, let's go back to brady right now. nobody knows him better than patriots coach bill belichick and vice versa. let's listen right now to what each of them said about this. >> it's not about, you know, the fans or the home crowd or relationships. it's about two good football teams going at it. >> tom has knowledge of everything that we do here, more so than any other player in the league by far. i'm sure he'll use it to his advantage. i would expect him to. >> adam, i can just imagine that knowledge they each have. that's going to play a role in this gameday strategy, right? >> there's no doubt about it. tom brady knows exactly how bill belichick is going to try to defend him, and bill belichick knows the strengths that tom brady has ultimately, and i think if you gave both men truth serum, as much respect as they have for each other, they both want to come out on the
7:49 am
victorious end tonight. it's important game for new england, because the patriots could fall to 1-3, and so it's a tough spot for the patriots to be in, but tom brady is so competitive, so fiery, that i can assure you he wants this game very badly, gio. >> absolutely. truth serum, i like that. espn's adam schefter, thank you, adam, and espn's sunday "nfl countdown" will be live at gillette stadium this morning for tom brady's return to foxborough. plus, they'll have an exclusive one-on-one interview with the man himself tom brady. it all kicks off this morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on espn, and we will be right back here on "gma." ♪ oh, just one. jake from state farm, it's the least i can do. you really did me a solid with that “maya markdown” on my insurance. here's the deal maya, state farm offers everyone surprisingly great rates. right. no really. there's no markdowns, just great rates. pull around back in 20 minutes.
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- it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ guys, guess what time it is. that's right. it's time for "pop news," and janai is back. >> time for "pop news" on this sunday morning, and we start with a sneak peek for the new documentary about justin bieber. the superstar taking beliebers behind the scenes as he prepares
7:54 am
for his new year's eve 2020 show after a three-year break from performing in concert. >> show day. >> new year's eve, baby. >> happy new year. >> y'all ready? ♪ >> there you have it. i didn't know what to say to that. his documentary premieres later this week on amazon prime. >> is that like a vocal warmup? >> i could hit that note. >> gio was doing that before the show. >> you keep trying to make me sing. it's not going to happen. >> one of these days it's going to happen. >> the biebs is killing it, though. >> he is. he is. he's deflecting. now to jerry seinfeld getting the lego treatment, and netflix promoting the series. now on its streaming service by turning him into a toy and a rather cranky one. >> but i don't want to be a lego. ♪
7:55 am
i don't even know what i'm working for at this point. >> that clip also narrated by none other than bryan cranston. it feels like a jumble of things. the kitchen sink. "breaking bad," and legos. and finally, jennifer aniston fan girl in real life. the actress couldn't contain her excitement when the foo fighters joined the cast of "the morning show," aniston posting pictures on social media with the front man of the band, captioning it all, this superfan will never forget this day. mind officially blown. unclear as of now what the storyline mine might be with the band performing a number on set, but aniston sure doesn't have to fake her excitement. speaking of the morning show, that is "pop news" for this morning show. >> that's right. >> thank you as always, and good to have you here. thank you again, gio benitez,
7:56 am
juju chang. we had a great weekend, didn't we? >> it was so much fun. >> your second day. >> so much fun. familia. >> exactly. exactly. all right, folks, have a great rest of your weekend. "good morning america" always on, and stay tuned for "this week." jon karl has a big show. take care. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. the giants journey to hopefully clench their first division title since 2012 continues today. a sold-out crowd did their best to cheer on the giants against the padres yesterday.
7:57 am
after the giants lost 3-2 in 10 innings, the dodgers had a chance to stay alive in the standings. the giants are still in control of their destiny going into today's regular season finale. >> we would like to punch our ticket ourselves and do it ourselves. i think we play a helluva game all around. we will win tomorrow. >> a win today would set franchise record for wins in the regular season at 107 games. first pitch at oracle park is at 12:05. the weather should be very nice for it. >> it is going to be gorgeous and sunny for all the games today. los gatos 72. half moon bay 46. we have some fog at the beaches. upper 50's around the bay. this afternoon will be hot and hazy once again.
7:58 am
san francisco 79 for the giants game. oakland 83. similar to yesterday's numbers, well above average. check out the changes ahead. spare the air today. things start to cool down tomorrow. much cooler by midweek. check out next weekend. we might be 20 degrees below where we are today. we get a chance of showers possibly friday into saturday. it is only a 30% chance at this time. >>
7:59 am
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>> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. no deal. >> i'm telling you we're going to get this done. it doesn't matter when. it doesn't matter whether it's in six minutes, six days or six weeks. >> democrats deadlocked over president biden's agenda. >> you have a good piece of legislation. don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. >> you cannot tire. you cannot concede. this is the fun part. >> everybody's frustrated. it's part of being in government, is being frustrated. >> can democrats get on the same page? what happens next? will there be a vote? senator bernie sanders is our guest. covid game changer. >> this is the pill you can take


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