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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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shutting down classes at san francisco state. gg and pfizer running tests on shots for younger children. where the timeline stands now. kumasi: -- reggie: it is tuesday, september 28, and you are watching abc seven mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we will start with meteorologist mike nicco. mike: good morning, reggie, good morning, jobina. kumasi is not here -- she is on vacation. we are seeing a beautiful view from the golden, quite breezy and dry, temperatures in the 50's in many areas.
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in the 60's at noon, 60's on the coast, 70's for the rest of us at 4:00 and notice the red flag warning in solano county for critical fire conditions there. and we have the beaches, heading into the day, so we will talk about that and the big warming trend two. jobina? jobina: san francisco university is delaying the start of university classes until 10:00 a.m., because of something the school is calling a nonspecific thread. campus police are investigating and students should stay in their dorms until that is completed. remote learning is continued as scheduled, and we will keep you posted as we learn more information. reggie: pfizer is one step closer into getting shots into the arms of children ages five to 11. the company says the two dose vaccine is safe for children, who responded with "robust
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antibodies." the doses were smaller than those given to kids 12 and up. a formal request to use emergency use authorization is expected to come out in the next week. the vaccine is expected to go out to young children by the end of october. jobina: there is a new covid-19 variant, and dozens of cases have been reported in california. amy hollyfield is live with what we know about the r1 variant. amy: here at the lab, they are working to sequence the new variant of the covid virus. health officials know there are about 53 cases of the r1 variant in california, but none in the bay area. scientists say the vaccines do still seem to be effective against it, although some vaccinated people have caught
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the r1 variant. it also appears to spread slower than the delta variant does. >> the delta variant has mutations in the spike protein that allows it to spread faster. amy: now, the delta variant is still considered the main variant of concern in the country. scientists say they still need to keep watching and studying the r1 variant. it proves that mutations will continue to happen, and they say they are waiting on more data so they can learn how powerful this variant is. scientists say the best way to prevent these mutations is for people to get vaccinated. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, back to you. jobina: some counties will
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require you to prove you got your second shot with your vaccination card, and san mateo county is expecting to reopen its site next thursday, october 7. >> we are expecting to run about for capacity, to be able to do 3000 vaccines per day. this is a pfizer booster only. jobina: marin county is planning to open a vaccination clinic tomorrow at a mall, and some boosters are being provided at smaller venues. reggie: but california is moving in the right direction when it comes to controlling the spread of the virus. according to new numbers from the cdc, our state continues to have the lowest transmission rate in the country. we are the only state in the u.s. in the moderate virus transition category. all states either have higher substantial transmission. california's positivity rate dropped to 2.6% over the last eight weeks. data from the state shows the
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bay area is doing better than california as a whole. marin county has the lowest seven day average in the state, with 8.5 cases per 100,000 people. jobina: new this morning, the racial gap in vaccination rates are closing. according to the kaiser family foundation, black and hispanic vaccination rates are close to or higher than those of white adults. 73 percent of hispanic people, 71% of white people, and 70% of black people have received at least one does. while the racial disparity rates are improving, black people continue to be the lowest vaccinated community in the state. for many, mistrust is at the root of the problem. black women for political action launched a statewide campaign to boost vaccinations here in the bay area. the alameda public health director is saying her team is going door to door, working to dispel myths and connect patients with health care providers.
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>> we don't always vaccinate a lot of people, but we vaccinate 100% of the people who are looking for it. >> these disparities have existed for decades, and we need to reverse the root causes of those disparities. jobina: doctors believe vaccine mandates and deadlines are critical to going forward. reggie: if you have questions, you can ask our vaccine team. just go to click on the big blue box. jobina: governor newsom is expected to sign legislation today to advance equitable housing policies. this is part of the state's strategy to trac -- tackle the housing crisis. you can watch that news conference this morning at reggie: city council members
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will vote on a resolution, asking for forgiveness during a city council meeting. the city has been accused of systemic and institutional racism targeting chinese over the last two centuries. including the construction of several chinatown neighborhoods back in the 1800s. as the bay area meets the issues of race and social justice, abc 7 is helping you take action. check out our list of resources on how to find your ally. go to jobina: the biggest city in california voting to ban all tobacco products, but it's not without a fight. reggie: and check out this daredevil drive through traffic -- whoa -- she missed everything. mike: a little bit cooler this morning. 51 in castro valley, and in the east a, partly cloudy skies and
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jobina: heads up on the coast this morning, beach hazard statement in effect from sonoma down to monterey counties. this includes ocean beach, waves from 13 to 17 feet high are expected, as well as the increased risk of recurrence. i will send it to mike. more on that. good morning. mike: that breeze goes until 11:00 this evening, so don't turn your back. there could be a few sneak a ways also. a rip current pulls you away from the ocean, but it is very narrow, so swim parallel to the ocean until you can ride a wave
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back in, or stay out of the water -- it is only 58 degrees. 60 in antioch, 51 in santa rosa and fairfield, the pacific at 56. novato, oakland, 57. mountain view, 56. dew points are in the 40's -- that is dry for us after being muggy yesterday, so the dry air will feel good today, but the breezes create critical fire conditions. we have to be most concerned with that today from 11:00 to 9:00 in solano counties. the wind will gust up to 40 miles per hour and the relative humidity drops down to 10%. you will watch from the wind -- watch the wind spread from the coast into higher elevations, and then they fall off as we head into the evening hours, moving back up into the higher elevations. what they do do -- look at that. green and yellow thursday. it will get hot.
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we will talk about the temperatures and if the air will get any worse, coming up here soon. jobina: typical slowdowns for your tuesday morning commute. 580 is sluggish over the altamont pass with a high wind advisory. highway four is a grind from antioch into concord. just under 40 minutes, but marin into san francisco is looking great. here we go, to the san mateo bridge. we have a stall on the high-rise westbound. you will see some brake lights as you approach that high-rise action. a tow truck has been called to get the stall out of there. 880 past the oakland coliseum is moving at the limit. you will find some brake lights into downtown oakland and macarthur maze, where metering lights are on at the bay bridge. we have a stall off to the right hand shoulder here on westbound watch road near chicago. a 40 minute drive time from antioch into concord. we will be right with more
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traffic, but first, here's reggie. reggie: here's how not to drive. look at this person in australia -- whoa. took a left turn a little too fast. luckily, ended up missing everything in its path -- that is, until it made it across all the lanes of traffic and crashed into a business on the others of the street. both she and a younger child suffered non-life-threatening injuries. they were wearing seatbelts at the time. >> 3, 2, 1, 0 release. . engines at full thrust. jobina: it doesn't look as as dramatic as other launches may be, but that's nasa's rocket launch from bannon bird in santa barbara county. the satellite is being
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carried into orbit to help monitor climate change, which we all need. reggie: and simone biles is taking her talents to san francisco tonight. jobina: and andrew wiggins of the warriors still not vaccinated. he is speaking out about that.
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jobina: new this morning, the united states is condemning north korea for launching a short range ballistic missile overnight. officials a the missile landed in the waters off the korean peninsula. the american effort to convince north korea to abandon new your weapon in return for lifting economic sanctions -- nuclear weapons in return for
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lifting economic sanctions has stalled. reggie: authorities say circumstances surrounding this man's disappearance is unusual. they point to his car, which was found in a parking lot near a forest. his bodyound a little over a week le illinois rather. his mother's -- in the illinois river. his mother's urging anyone who knows what happened to her son to come forward. >> i am very upset. i cannot even look at my son's body. his body has deteriorated to the point where i cannot even say a proper goodbye to him. reggie: coming up on gma, what police have learned after retracing the student pose the last few days. jobina: and it could be harder for your kids to get a hold of flavored tobacco products in san jose. the city council will vote on pulling them from store shelves. they are looking to ban flavored e-juices and mentholntl
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cigarettes. one smoke shop owner fears being forced to cut 95% of his tobacco inventory will make it impossible to stay open. >> one month, two months, three months, i am losing money. eventually i will have to close my store and i will leave. >> we are advocating here for the kids. make no mistake. jobina: if passed, tobacco retailers will have six months to get rid of any tobacco products. reggie: and this toddler's first words need to be mush. they created this little chariot, pulled by two docs -- das
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mike: they don't seem bothered at all. they seem happy. reggie: maybe there is a treat at the end of that string. like a real carrots, right? mike: gotta be, right? jobina: i think it is cute. reggie: for they are bringing joy to their son. i don't want to say master, but they are sibling? -- their sibling? mike: take a look at the camera. coming up on 6:20 on this tuesday. today, waking up to some high clouds, as you can see, from san jose, our 280 camera, but mostly sunny this morning with increasing sunshine with clouds pushed off by gusty breezes. those will move up to the hills tonight, but no red flag warning outside of solano county, until
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8:00. it will be cooler and calm her in our valley -- calmer innn valley's tonight. you can see the storm track over the top of us, and that's why we are seeing these high clouds, and we are seeing the dryer cooler, breezy air settle in. behind me, that's the warming trend that arrives tomorrow. if you'd like a touch of fall, here it is. gilroy and los gatos, 75. breezy on the peninsula, 70 to 73 elsewhere. we could see some blowing sand along the coast with dangerous waves, 60 to 65 there. fix these downtown fran francisco -- 60's in downtown san francisco, and a little warmer in the north bay than yesterday. 60 enrichment, 79 to 73 in the east bay, and the blue
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signifies 40 in the east bay, most of us in the low 50's around the bay. the real robust warming kicks in thursday and continues to spread all the way through saturday and sunday starts cooling on the coast. monday, all of us start cooling. reggie? reggie: "good morning america" is coming up after abc 7 mornings. jobina: michael strahan has a look at what's ahead. michael: rate to be with you both this morning. coming up, the vaccine mandate showdowns. a federal appeals court clearing the way to require all new york city public school employees to get vaccinated, while some united airlines workers are suing the company. we also have the latest on the conviction of singer r kelly. how long could he be behind bars? we will talk to one of his accusers and the woman behind
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the documentary "surviving r. kelly," which shown a spotlight on the case. and we have an interview with former president obama, on everything from what's happening in washington right now to the border. this comes as he plans to break ground on his presidential center on the southside of chicago. and we will hear from the first couple booted from the ballroom on "dancing with the stars," and on "dancing with the stars," and deals and steals isd talking] at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected, so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. who doesn't like more? a leader in the prevention, and i mean, like, a lot more. well, with xfinity you get more for your money. because with xfinity internet you get a free flex 4k streaming box and peacock premium included, with access to tons of free movies and shows. more bang for your buck. can your internet do that? like your outfit, girl.
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mike: 6:24 in this tuesday. here's the cooler transition that begins on wednesday as the wind begins to relax. 60's along the coast in san francisco, 70's around the bay and the south bay. look at this. we start to see some 90's as early as thursday in our east bay neighborhoods, and in cloverdale, mid to upper 80's and in the north band south bay, 70's to 80's spreading around
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the bay. it gets warmer as we head into friday, saturday and sunday. it will be quite a run, jobina. jobina: the warriors kickoff 2020 one training camp today. their first game is set for monday. there was a lot of questions for forward andrew clay gens. last week, the nba denied his religious exemption. he will not be able to play due to a vaccine requirement at one of the stadiums. wiggins says the issue is a private matter. >> should i get a vaccination, should i not get a vaccination? who knows. who -- -- -- i will keep fighting for what i believe is right. jobina: the warriors first preseason opening game is october 6. reggie: and kareem abdul-jabbar thinks the nba should discipline
6:26 am
players who refuse to get vaccinated. >> i don't think they are behaving like good teammates are good citizens. this is a war we are involved in, and masks and vaccines, they are the weapons we use to fight this war. you are working against the effort to make everybody safe. we can't have that. it doesn't work. reggie: the hall of famer is an expose -- is an outspoken vaccine advocate. he even received his shot on camera. and the gold over america tour features simone biles and an all-star team of women gymnasts. performers spread messages of women empowerment and togetherness. tickets are still available for purchase online and will also be in san jose on sunday. yes. jobina: i love it. reggie: don't forget, the gold
6:27 am
over america tour -- goat. i see what she did there. more top stories at six: 30. tiktok proving once again how dominant it is. jobina: in the future of outdoor dining being discussed in california, and that's not all -- a major day for any foodie fans. reggie: and you might have seen more about the electric mustang suv's popping up on the street. but a new global r your morning money report. jobina: taking a i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. regg:
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the r1 covid variant, which now has a few dozen cases in the state. jobina: and what sparked the bonfire that burned dozens of homes north of reading. the palo alto woman accused of arson explains what she was doing in the woods and what authorities reportedly found with her. >> long ago, a great warrior came to this village. and entrusted our ancestors with this. reggie: a galaxy away goes anime. a look inside this brand-new twist to star wars like you've never seen before, now streaming on disney plus. jobina: it's tuesday, september 20 eighth. you're watching abc 7 mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. mike is hour star wars
6:31 am
expert, what do you think? mike: i will defer to t director, lee, who knows even more than i know. he got me started watching "the clone wars," from most a decade ago. he says it is really good so far, this new series. let's talk about whether. i have some not so positive news, it's at the coast until 11:00 this evening -- dangerous rip currents out there, as north west swells will be coming in at eight to 10 feet and breaking at 13 to 17 feet. we are dealing with high fire danger, but it is limited to solano county and starts at 7:00 this morning to 8:00 this evening. high clouds and 50's this morning, but look how quickly those race off to the east, chased out of here by those dry, breezy conditions that will be developing. 60's and 70's at lunch, with mid
6:32 am
70's inland and by 7:00, you can see we are starting to drop with the sun setting around 6:00. in the 60's this evening, so grab a jacket. reggie: a new covid variant called r1 only accounts for a few cases in california, but what is small can become overwhelming quickly if it is not kept in check. here in the bay area, scientists are studying r1 to see what it's made of. amy hollyfield's live in our mission bay neighborhood. amy? amy: no cases have been detected in the bay area, but it is inside the slab at biohub, where scientists are studying it. they are trying to sequence the new variant to find out how powerful it is. at this point, they say it does not spread as quickly as the delta variant does, but it proves that mutations of this virus will continue to happen. star one variant has -- the r1
6:33 am
has affected people who are vaccinated, so it can evade the antibodies produced by the vaccine. >> it will transmit better in the human population. amy: scientists say the vaccine is still effective against the r 1 strain, and vaccines are the best way to prevent future mutations. while they are watching and studying r1 very carefully, they still consider the delta variant the most dominant variant in the u.s.. there have been about 53 cases detected in california, and none of them in the bay area. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. jobina: all health kill workers -- health care workers will be required to be fully vaccinated by next week. the focus now is on outreach to that group. >> we are doing all we can to
6:34 am
work with individuals who have yet to be vaccinated, but the deadline is a deadline, and we will continue to watch it closely and be serious about it. jobina: the mandate boils down to safety in a health care setting. workers who are exempted from the vaccine must be regularly tested and wear on the job. the exemption for city employees is a twofold process. employees must demonstrate a met dical or religious basis for exemption, and the city's website must demonstrate -- says that must demonstrate their belief is sincere and religious rather than secular and scientific. the deadline is october 1, friday. san francisco is requiring city employees to be vaccinated by
6:35 am
november 1. oakland is still trying to finalize its requirement for city employees. reggie: united airlines facing two separate lawsuits over its vaccine mandate for employees. one claims their religious exemption was not accommodated. employees are asking the court to block the mandate before it goes into effect in a few days. united says it will the -- vigorously defend its policies. jobina: all visitors entering california prisons will need to show proof of covid-19 vaccination. prison staff have two weeks to explain how they will comply with the order. religious and medical exemptions will be allowed. a covid outbreak last year killed 20 inmates and a correctional officer at the state prison. reggie: and governor newsom is being called on to extend covid
6:36 am
sickleave. federal funding for the the thee expires thursday. after this month, the workers will only have the state-mandated three paid sick days, which is not enough time to recover or quarantine if they are infected with covid. jobina: an expanding outdoor dining? state senator scott weiner is leading the cause. state legislatures have passed two bills supporting both expansion and relief, now they are waiting on governor newsom to pass it into law. reggie: and foodie fans will find the best of the best in the culinary world. the michelin guide will release its new stars at 9:00 this morning. these will be the first handed out since 2019. remember, we told you last week how michelin names 20 bay area restaurants, including in sacramento, lower-priced,
6:37 am
affordable mitchell and rated restaurants -- michelin rated restaurants. jobina: i can't wait for that. san francisco father being warned after vandalize property and a flag in front of his home. and the obamas returning to their roots as the former president goes one-on-one with robert roberts. mike: starting off cooler this morning. you can see over my shoulders, drier as we look from the tower off to the east. back to the north across the golden gate bridge, it is five degrees, six degrees cooler. san francisco puts our temperatures around 53 in sunnyside, 58 in excelsior.
6:38 am
let's take a look at some other neighborhoods under a partly cloudy sky. mid 50's in the north bay valley, the rest of us in the mid to upper 50's. tracy is the warm spot at 60 degrees. for the kids, a little bit of cloud cover this morning, a little cooler, and we stay in the mid to upper 50's through 7:00. it will be sunny as they head out for recess, low to upper 60's, and clean air and sunshine everywhere with 60's on the coast and 70's as you head through the bay into our inland neighborhoods. everybody is green right now. the air cannot get much cleaner. if you like to go for that morning walk or jog, now is the great time to do it. it will stay that way all day. if you are at work, you can do it in the afternoon and the air will be just as clean. you can see all the way through today. pretty much nothing.
6:39 am
tomorrow, we wake up, pretty much nothing. and then there will be a flareup of upper-level smoke as we head into the afternoon hours tomorrow off to our east, but that's about it. when you step outside, enjoy the first taste of fall, because cooler weather is on the way, but it will get hot this weekend. we will have an update on that an hour fire danger today, coming up. sue: look at thishishishishishis view from the bay bridge toll plaza. not so impressive if you are stuck in the backup. there are the metering lights, and you see the funnel onto the bay bridge -- it is still sluggish and slow and go. things pick up once you get to the tunnel and the western span of the bay bridge. relatively green this morning, a few trouble spots. we take you to highway four, an
6:40 am
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jobina: a san jose father is warning neighbors about a man who harassed him and vandalized his cars over his son's dinosaur flag. the man was driving by his home, then stopped to ask questions, which quickly got aggressive. >> what flag is that? >> what your favorite charity? >> pedophile creep. pedophile creep. jobina: right? the man eventually left, but not before threatening to
6:43 am
return and knock on the front door. this appears to have followed up on that threat. >> europe pedophile. >> he smashed both of my cars with weights. i hope he gets caught so the incident does not happen to anyone else. jobina: he points out that he believes he was harassed because the man believed he w filipino, but he is not filipino, he is vietnamese. reggie: 22-year-old robert aaron long was expected to enter a second plea today in july. he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four life sentences for each of the killings. the da is seeking the death penalty as well as an enhancement of the new hate crimes law. we will learn more on the 23rd.
6:44 am
jobina: two weeks ago, at this show, on vacaville road and west avenue, two teenage girls were stabbed. this problem isn't going away. something needs to be done. >> whether it be city property, private property, this needs to be dealt with. jobina: santa rosa police say they would not be in favor of sanction sideshows because of the danger and liability involved. reggie: covid has hit the dancing with the stars ballroom, but the show will go on. peloton instructor cody rigsby will be paired up with a different pro next week after his partner tested positive for covid. ♪
6:45 am
reggie: they made made made made the next round. the judges scored them on their rehearsal rather than a live performance last night that was taped before burke tested positive. she is under a 10 day quarantine. >> it's crazy for me, because i thought, being fully vaccinated, it was not a possibility. it definitely is. reggie: actor martin cove was the first star eliminated season. next week, it is a britney spears theme. dancing with the stars airs monday at 8:00 on abc 7. jobina: and the tiktok trend does not seem to be slowing down. the hugely popular social media app has topped one billion monthly users -- monthly users? did everybody get that? i had to run it back in my brain. tiktok boomed last year as the
6:46 am
pandemic was starting, giving a creative outlet for many of us. in august, tiktok's monthly users were up 25% from a year ago. more alarming news from the global supply chain freezes. local officials have forced factories in china to cut back on hours or shut down in an effort to pull back on power use. the wall street journal says factories are cutting production after a spike in coal prices. ford is recalling nearly 18,000 mustang mach-e-e-e the windshields might not have been installed properly and there is a chance they could separate during a crash. a similar problem has also been recalled, for a glass sunroof. you can go to your local dealership to get it fixed. moing,e are down.
6:47 am
reggie: the eu find google for violating antitrust rules related to android technology. during an argument in court, google's lawyers says regulators are picking on google while turning a blind eye to apple, which he argues is doing the same thing. an attorney representing the eu says when it comes to comparing google and apple, apple has a much smaller market share. and on "ted this -- he randomly says "yes sir, steve kerr." we asked him about it. >> that was from my son. it was fun to get a whole bunch of texts that day and for a lot of people to watch it.
6:48 am
but we are very proud of our son. reggie: "ted lasso" is currently streaming on apple tv plus. did you see that episode, mike? mike: season two, episode five, i believe. he has quips like that all the time, i believe. that's one of his endearing qualities, along with his paternal optimism. but there is quite some depth to the storylines. it is not soccer, but even though it evolves around a soccer team, it's about the relationships and that, and the actors are so good and the writing will blow you away. justin 135, 45 minute episode, -- just in one 35, 40 five minute episode, it will blow you away and make you cry.
6:49 am
ask kumasi too, she is with me. and sue. we have a few high clouds rolling through, so look up right now. san jose, 280 and 17, look at this gorgeous juxtaposition of the baby blue and the baby pink from our exploratory and camera this morning. mostly sunny, breezy, and that lower humidity -- that's why we have fire danger in solano county today. a heightened fire danger will move into our mountains tonight, but no red flag warning. that's something you need to be aware of before you head to bed tonight. summer he will return this weekend and linked to the coast two. 69 in somerville and cupertino, 69 to 75 for the rest of the south bay. we start in the upper 60's in menlo park and palo alto, and it will be breezy everywhere today.
6:50 am
it will be a dry breeze. 60 to 65 along the coast. we've got to keep the division lead, so the diamondbacks are in the town to take on the giants. exceed two, down to 57. easy sunshine and stars after that. along the east bay, 69 in richmond as you are heading in, 60 in castro valley. we are going to feel upper 70's to low 80's and our inland east bay neighborhoods, 77 to 81 degrees. our hills will be breezy, a little warmer in the 50's, and as you look at our valleys, look how blue it is in the north bay valleys, east bay valleys, and south bay valleys. 40's coming our way, so do not leave the window open tonight. red flag warning, breezy, dry conditions today, and robust warming puts us above average on thursday and peaks saturday.
6:51 am
sunday, the coast starts cooling and the rest of us start cooling monday. jobina: new details about the palo alto woman accused of starting the bonfire north of reading. according to law enforcement, she was thirsty, so started a fire to boil water from a puddle. she said she thought it would rid it of bear urine. the officer noted she was carrying a lighter, several carbon dioxide cartridges, and an incendiary device containing a green, leafy substance. the bonfire has burned more than 60 acres and is 100% contained. reggie: and a federal judge in houston ruled in july that daca was illegal because the obama administration bypass procedural requirements when it took effect
6:52 am
in 20 12. today, the biden administration will unveil its plan to protect the program and save daca. this allows children who were brought to the u.s. as children illegally the ability to live and work in the u.s. jobina: this morning on gma and abc news exclusive. robin roberts goes one-on-one with the former president and talks about president biden's agenda. >> i think the build back america program is something that america desperately needs. and it's paid for by asking the wealthiest of americans, asking them to pay a few percentage points more in taxes in order to make sure that we have an economy that is fair for everybody. jobina: coming up on gma, you can see more of that exclusive interview, plus, an incredible
6:53 am
surprise moments, right after abc 7 mornings. reggie: california, you will get a mail-in ballot for every election in the future. the governor just signed a bill making the protocol permanent. they will start sending out ballots to every voter -- they started sending out ballots every voter during the pandemic, and voter turnout was higher than ever. jobina: and a hearing today on toxic conservatorships amid the britney spears case. conservatorships often restrict basic human rights. they say spears is one of hundreds of thousands of americans in a conservatorship right now. in june, a letter was sent to the pop star, inviting her to testify before congress. reggie: new at 6:00, a new series of animated short films is streaming on disney plus. it shows a different perspective
6:54 am
of the star wars world. >> long ago, a great warrior came to this village and entrusted our ancestors with this. reggie: star wars: visions shows the galaxy far, far away through anime. the nine visions films offer creative expression to seven anime studios. >> so many filmmakers, and animators and artists in japan. hopefully it will be exported again and have this great creative circle of life. reggie: allison bree, neil patrick harris, and jordan fisher are some of the actors lending their voices to this series. disney is the parent company of abc 7. they were never on screen together, but this morning, all six actors who played
6:55 am
james bond are lined up at madame tussauds. use our roger moore, timothy dalton, and pierced broad sin -- all six agents were created using measurements from the leading men themselves. they are also sporting custom tech see -- custom tuck see does -- custom tuxedos. jobina: they have really stepped it up, whoever did angela bassett --- reggie: the angela bassett one. i was having a hard time determining, because she was standing next to her waxed figure -- jobina: which one is which. reggie: and let's not talk about the beyoncé one. jobina: whoever did angela -- reggie: that was a rough patch. this background is so beautiful. jobina: thank you. reggie: coming up, the seven
6:56 am
things you need to know today. jobina: and we are taking a live
6:57 am
6:58 am
one, a6 inveiga re tsa state university this morning. all in-person classes and work are delayed until 10:00 a.m. reggie: pfizer has submitted data to the cdc on its vaccine trial for ages five to 11. jobina: scientists in california are tracking a new covid variant called r1. health officials say they are concerned the virus will continue to evolve. reggie: the san jose city council is set to vote on banning the sale of flavored tobacco products. supporters say the plan will protect kids. opponents say it will hurt their businesses. mike: breezes bring us dry air, the humidity plummets and the wind will be fast enough to reach those critical fire conditions from 1 8:00 this
6:59 am
morning to 11:00 this evening in solano county. jobina: and look at this beautiful shot from s seven. metering lights went on at 5:41, and a little sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco. and simone biles and an all-star team of women gymnasts are in san francisco for the gold over america tour -- also, goat. tickets for tonight's show at chase center are available for purchase online, and shout out to our producer for telling me to go look at simone biles' instagram story. she was all in our neighborhood yesterday. she was going to look at the skyline, getting drinks, louis vuitton store -- she was definitely at the human
7:00 am
-- urban outfitters. reggie: good morning, simone. come on over. knock three times. jobina: as we start this tuesday morning, two new headlines in the fight against covid. vaccine mandate showdown. overnight, employees in the nation's largest school district facing a deadline to get at least one dose as new protests break out over the new york city ruling. this as new york braces for possible staff shortages at hospitals, potentially bringing in the national guard. a north carolina health facility fires 200 workers and now united airlines facing lawsuits, all of this over vaccine mandates as more than 50 cases of the new highly mutated covid variant pop up in california. r. kelly convicted. >> today's guilty verdict forever brands r. kelly as a
7:01 am
predator. >> guilty ofex


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