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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 27, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," deadly amtrak derailment. a train packed with passengers careening off the tracks. >> oh my god. it's on its side. >> our team on the remote scene this morning as the investigators look into what happened. plus, what we're learning about the first victim to be identified. vaccine mandate deadline. thousands of health care workers facing a choice today, get the shot or lose your job. new york state already bracing for shortages, and the major news pt anded within days when it comes to kids and the vaccine. tracking sam. a category 4 hurricane swirling in the atlantic. hurricane hunters flying through the eyewall overnight as forecasters called the storm small, but dangerous. where it's heading now. controlling britney spears.
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the shocking new claims in a documentary including allegations the pop star's bedroom was bugged. who is matt amodio? can he beat ken jennings record? and the record-setting kick in the nfl to fastest dog in the world. all your trending stories to get your monday started. good monday morning, everyone. i'm mona cosa abedi. >> i'm linda rory. we begin with that deadly amtrak train derailment in montana >> zach snyder was one of the people killed in the crash. he was traveling with his wife on vacation. she survived. she calls him an incredible husband, friend and software developer. >> the other two victims have not been identified. the train was carrying 146 passengers on saturday when nearly all of its cars derailed.
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>> reporter: overnight, the first of three victims identified in that deadly amtrak train derailment in montana. zach snyder's wife becca confirming to abc news that her husband was killed when the passenger train went off the rails on saturday. >> oh my god. it's on its side. >> the trainailingnd i thought that was crazy. there's no way we could possible by will derailing. that's insane. >> reporter: the train heading from chicago to seattle with more than 150 people on board when it took a deadly turn near the town of joplin. eight of the train's ten cars derailing. several toppling to their sides in this remote area. >> the train's destroyed down there. >> reporter: first responders quickly arriving on the scene while passengers jumped into action to help rescue people trapped in the wreckage. >> about 120, 130 yards behind us was where the rest of the train was. >> reporter: daniel hutchinson
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and his son helping free multiple people after rocks blocked the escape route. >> one man was able to crawl out from under out of the gravel. we helped him up the ladder out of the car and down the ladder onto the ground to awaiting assistance down there. >> reporter: and now we're learning more about the upkeep of the track where the train crashed. officials revealing sunday that section of the track was inspected less than a week ago. >> the scale of the response here has been massive. the incident site itself is many hundreds of yards long. you can see how many vehicles are on the other side. now that train is exactly as it was when it derailed because just minutes ago, officials from the ntsb arrived to begin their initial investigation. >> reporter: this morning, the ntsb is on scene ready to examine potential causes for the crash. amtrak releasing a statement in the wake of the accident saying they are cooperating with investigators adding, we share the sense of urgency to understand why the accident happened.
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however, until the investigation is complete, we will not comment further on the accident itself. and all but five of the injured passengers have been release from the possible. vaccine mandates coming to a head here in new york. today's the last day for health care workers to get the first shot or they could find themselves out of a job. now the governors forced to offset any shortages and pfizer is days away from asking the fda to consider its covid vaccine for kids as young as 5. action's alex presha joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, moe dma. we got a pair of vaccine showdowns brewing in new york. one with state health care workers and another with new today, two major deadlines in new york's fight against covid. first, the deadline for all new york state health care workers to get at least one shot or risk losing their jobs. the state's largest employer of health care workers says almost 91% of them are vaccinated. still, many remain defiant.
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>> we're not monsters. we're not selfless. we're trying to do what's at the best interest of our families. >> reporter: others rushing to to get their first shot. >> it's really good. people are saying, i came from another county because i need to get my shot for work. >> reporter: still possible mass firings. kathy hochul preparing for a state of emergency to bring in quality health care workers from out of state. recent graduates, even the national guard to help. monday was also the deadline for new york city public schoolteachers and staff to get vaccinated. matt baker, a high school math teacher in brooklyn had covid and lost a fellow teacher to it. he supports the mandate. >> my concern is that students have already started to build relationships that they haven't had in the last 18 months, and then those relationships are going to come tearing apart. >> reporter: this woman says she's not getting the shot. >> i'm going to be terminated. it's going to be my last day.
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>> reporter: but that's still yet to be determined. a federal judge temporarily blocking the new york city public school mandate until further review. all of this happening as americans are rolling up their sleeves for a third pfizer shot after the cdc gave the green light for pfizer recipients 18 and older who have underlying conditions, anyone 65 and older, as well as frontline workers. pfizer's ceo says they plan to - submit data to the fda in a matter of days showing the vaccine is safe and effective. >> thank you. the party of jaut going chancellor angela merkel have been defeated in the race to lead the country's next government. merkel's party lost to the social democrats, but the victory is short of achieving a government alone so they have to team up with other parties to form a government. merkel chose not to run after 16 years in office.
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overnight olaf scholz, the leader of the winning party says they, quote, wanted change. house speaker nancy pelosi says a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill initially planned for today will be held on thursday. progressives have threatened to oppose the bill if it doesn't advance with a $3.5 trillion spending package. pelosi noted the bill will likely be trimmed down. liz cheney says she was wrong to oppose same-sex marriage. she publicly opposed same-sex marriages in 2013 that broke from her father dick cheney and her sister mary who is gain. in an interview with "60 minutes" she addressed the family rift her position caused. >> i love my sister very much. i love her family very much, and i was wrong. it's a very personal issue, and very personal for my family. i believe that my dad was right,
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and my sister and i have had that conversation. >> cheney says she and her sister have since reconciled. the wyoming republican is now ck breoimpeach him.allenger police are investigating the suspicious deaths of a mother and her son at a major league baseball game in san diego. police say the 40-year-old and her 2-year-old son plunged from a concession area on the third level of petco park. investigators are trying to determine if the fall was an accident or intentional. authorities say the child's father witnessed the incident. the scene on la palma in the canary islands intensifies. 7,000 people have been evacuated as hundreds of buildings have been damaged and this incredible image from one town showing a church collapsing after the molten rock reached the parish. time now more a look at your monday morning weather.
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a category 4 hurricane is churning in theth45ile-peur win. sam continues to gain strength, and is now threatening the leeward islands. this captures a plane flying through hurricane sam. the eye yn wall visible out of the windows. the hurricane is expected to turn sometime today moving away from the caribbean islands. looking at today's high temperatures, 80s across the south. 90 in kansas city. 73 in southern california. coming up, a propane tank explodes at a texas racetrack. the video just in. and northwestern university suspends all fraternities. overnight, students protesting on the campus. what they're demanding. and the message from gabby petito's father at her funeral as the search intensifies for her boyfriend brian i've always focused on my career.
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back, now, with a terrifying explosion rocking the texas motor speedway in ft. worth. a food vendor's tank the flames were doused. no word on what caused the blast. northwestern university has suspended all fraternity activities. protesters gathered after two fraternities. the students launched an investigation, after students said they were drugged at the frat houses. >> it's terrible there's such a horrible thing for people to come. i'm grateful there's going to be so many out here to support those affected. >> one of the fraternities faced
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similar allegations in 2017. returned to the campus after a one-year suspension. now, to the final farewell for gabby petio. family and friends gathered in new york. her father gave a message on toxic relationships. it comes as authorities continue to search for gabby's boyfriend, brian laundrie. hundreds of mourners gathered to remember gabby petito. her father hopes that others will be inspired by her story. >> if there's a trip that you want to take, take it now. if there's a relationship that you're in that might not be the best thing for you, leave it. now. >> reporter: her stepfather says, gabby caug boby taught hi make money but you can't make up for lost time. >> she is an example to enjoy every moment in this beautiful world as she did.
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love and give love. >> it's heartbreaking happened to her. we love her. we know that she's at peace right now. >> reporter: strangers coming out to pay respects. >> i'm a mother. i could never imagine something like that happening to my boys. she's from my hometown. aything to support them. >> reporter: joseph petito has startedy petito foundation, saying it will provide money for other families whose children are missing. in florida, searching goes on for brian laundrie. phe is considered a person of interest in gabby's disappearance. authorities are combing through this reserve. an attorney for laundrie's parents confirming fbi agents was at their home on sunday. the reward for information that leads to his capture, now stands at $30,000.
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too close to grizzly bears in a national park. video from the 2018 incident shows one man taking pictures of the salmon fishing bears. prosecutors say a man left a special viewing platform. a drug bust in california seized a massive amount of synthetic opioids. more than 50 million people.ll - investigators say two suspects were caught with 46 pounds of an opioid that's 100 times more powerful than fentanyl. the pair is being held without bail. now to the latest explosive allegations about britney spears and her controversial 13-year conservatorship. a documentary claims she was under extreme surveillance. megan tevrizian has more. >> reporter: this morning, a bombshell new allegation about britney spears. insiders say there was an intense surveillance system set up during her conservatorship. released by "the new york
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times," jamie bugged her room and tracked her text messages and calls. >> her own phone and own private conversations were used so often to control her. >> reporter: a former employee who worked at black box security for nine years says the company mirrored her phone to keep track of her conversations. "the new york times" reporting that mirroring text messages without the consent of both parties could be a violation of the law, and that it is unclear if the court knew about or had approved any text message monitoring. ♪ >> reporter: the 39-year-old pop star is worth an estimated $60 million. after a string of public struggles, her father was appointed conservator in 2008, and this past summer she testified for the first time in court about what she called her abusive conservatorship. the judge allowing her to hire a new attorney. ♪ stronger than yesterday ♪
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>> reporter: that lawyer telling abc news overnight placing a listening device in britney's bedroom would be particularly horrifying and corroborates so much of her poignant testimony. in response, a lawyer for black box telling abc news that the company and its president have always conducted themselves within professional, ethical and legal bounds, and they are particularly proud of their work in keeping miss spears safe for many years. an attorney for jamie spears is also responding to these allegations telling abc news jamie has worked tirelessly to protect britney, and helped rebuild her finances adding, he will never stop loving or supporting his daughter. >> thank you. now to the nfl highlights from sunday. the packers handed the 49ers their first defeat of the season after kicker mason crosby kicked a 51-yard field goal as time
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lopez the first latino to win the award. >> and the long awaited reunion for idina menzel and kristin chenoweth, who reprised their roles from "wicked." a historic run on "jeopardy!" >> matt amodio's streak has won him over $1 million. he joins ken hol holtzauer, to an exclusive club. the fastest to run the bases. balloons were put on the races to make sure macho touched the bags. and finally, not your coverage play date. some furry friends hit the play ground. >> a bear and her cub were seen playing on the slides in n. tch
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"america strong" on abc news sponsored by abbott. life to the fullest. checking the top stories, ntsb investigators are on the scene in montana following saturday's deadly amtrak derailment. three people were killed them. among them, a 28-year-old husband from missouri. health care workers in new york state must get their first covid shot by tonight or they could use their jobs. the governor is preparing to bring in workers from out of state and calling the national guard to offset staff shortages. nearly one-third of british petroleum stations are running out of fuel as the country faces an increase in demand. bp blames a shortage of qualified drivers. today much-needed rain in the northwest, and seasonally warm in the midwest.
4:28 am
afternoon showers in the northeast. and finally, a very special group of new york city grandmas who are "america strong." >> will ganss has that story. >> reporter: just across the river from wall street right past lady liberty, enoteca maria serving up your grandma's greatest digits. or nona as they're called here. serving up their specialties. >> these ladies love to come out of the kitchen and they love to ask you how they like their food. it's really just celebrating cultural diversity. >> reporter: but just a year ago the restaurant like many in new york city had to close its doors. >> our cooks are grandmothers. so we had to really just shut down. >> reporter: so he began making soup every saturday for his community. >> we would fwgive out soup to first responders and, you know, essential employees or whoever happened to come through that door. >> reporter: just last month,
4:29 am
the restaurant finally reopening. to be back in the kitchen, to welcome customers back -- >> yes. >> how does it feel? >> beautiful. very good. i don't want to stay home. i want to come into work. >> i missed this restaurant. i missed the people, the customers. >> reporter: eachona on staff preparing their specialty dish whenever they're in the kitchen. nona maria's specialty, zucchini parmesan which she agreed to show us first hand. the kitchen staff as diverse as they are delightful, and the small staten island restaurant bringing them all together, "america strong." because the nonas work different shifts, the menu changes nightly. you better believe you're getting that zucchini parmesan, andst the open every weekend in staten island. mona, reena? srandma have the kalture, it
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right now on "america this morning," deadly amtrak derailment. a train packed with passengers careening off the tracks. >> oh my god. it's on its side. >> our team on the remote scene this morning as the investigators look into what happened. plus, what we're learning about the first victim to be identified. vaccine mandate deadline. thousands of health care workers facing a choice today, get the shot or lose your job. new york state already bracing for shortages, and the major news pt anded within days when it comes to kids and the vaccine. tracking sam. a category 4 hurricane swirling in the atlantic. hurricane hunters flying through the eyewall overnight as forecasters called the storm small, but dangerous. where it's heading


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