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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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breaks out over east bay overnight. the challenge for fire crews. >> marine county has tried to anticipate what is coming next. >> the push to get kids vaccinated. the work one local county is doing as it waits for the fda vaccine authorization. >> mike is tracking cooler weather and a transfer rain -- chance for rain this weekend. >> 3, 2, 1. >> ignition. >> history in space. this all civilian crew in orbit this morning. the new images from their big morning. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live in wherever you stream. >> we heard rain, mike and we got excited. mike: it is not until sunday. you have a couple of days. i am glad you are excited about it. here is something you are
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excited about if you don't like heat. temptress continue their drown nerd -- downward trend today. 21 in fairfield for the winds. not a lot of fog out there this morning. a little bit of mist and drizzle hanging in the air over our higher elevations with temperatures in the mid to upper 50's through 7:00. 59 to 61, noon to 4:00 around the coast. 66 to 71 for the bay. 71 to 79. a few 80's inland after getting rid of the 90's yesterday. 50's and 60's to barely 70 at 7:00. we will look at future radar, coming up. >> crews have knocked down this house fire in lafayette that broke out at the bottom level of a two story home on the golden gate way. this was just after midnight. fire officials tell us that firefighters had to get through a lot of stuff in the home,
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similar to a hoarding situation everyone was able to get out and the causes under investigation. >> people are cleaning up in san francisco after a water main break sent water into the amazon neighborhood. as you can see, water was flowing down hills near bunge -- brunswick street. that water went down more than .25 miles. it did not just turn a street into a river. at least two homes were flooded. >> i've never seen a flood that severe. everyone was rushing outside. water damage is pricey. >> a water main that broke -- the water main that broke was 88 years old. officials say it is not clear what caused the break. water service was limited for sometime in the six block radius. bruce completed -- crews completed repair work last night. >> on august on august on au
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responded to a report of a shooting in southlake mobile home park, near automall parkway at fremont boulevard. the victim was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a short time later, police say officers found the suspect nearby with a gun. the suspect was shot and killed during the interaction. now to the pandemic. president biden, enlisting some of the country's top business leaders to get people vaccinated. he met with nearly a dozen people in the white house, including greg adams and the ceo of disney, bob chapek. a vexing requirement will bg re mandated for companies with more than 100 employees. -- vaccine requirement will be mandated for companies with more than 100 employees. the president hopes more completes will choose to require vaccinations before it becomes the rule. r nex's elheelroseaedorisam
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leadership academy, talking to third-graders about government and civics. he promised to set an example of kindness and unity. >> i have -- coming out of this recall, i will turn the page and express respect and a deep sense of response building, not just to those that voted no on this recall, but those who voted yes. they matter. i care. and i want them to know i will do my best to have their backs as well. >> in the schoolyard, the governor was showing kids he has some skills, casually spinning the ball like a globetrotter. >> security fencing is back up at the u.s. capitol. workers are reinstalling a temporary fence ahead of the saturday rally, called justice for jay six. it is one of several right wing events scheduled in support of the far-right mob that stormed
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the u.s. capitol anze were a sixth. -- on january 6. >> in the south bay, preparations for the next wave of refugees who escaped afghanistan in the final days of the u.s. withdraw. last night, a virtual town hall reach of lawmakers and local agencies featuring resettling efforts. bay area. they are now living in santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties. santa clara county supervisors voted to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in services for afghan refugees. >> we need to make sure the families are brought to eight mental health care system and identify any type of trauma or ptsd. if you remember how they were leaving the country, it was a nightmare. >> the associated press projects that california will take or than 5200 people, more than any other state. >> alameda new fire chief will
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begin his job next month. nick lubee will take over the top spot. he serves as an assistant chief in oakland and has worked for the department since 1989. he will replace edmund rodriguez. he starts on september 18. >> south lake tahoe is open for business. residents are starting to go back to the area. if you are planning for a trip, you asked to be patient because businesses are trying to restock everything and hire back staff. the city says the smoke has cleared and the beaches are reopened and officials hope people will return to the resort town very soon. in marin county, clinics are making vaccine plans for students ages five to 11. even though the vaccine has not been approved for that age group yet. we have more on why they are getting that early start. amy?
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amy: marin county is thinking ahead and planning. they have announced they are planning vexing clinics they will have one at -- vaccine clinics. they will have one at miller creek middle school. trying to guess when there will be vaccine approval for the five-year-olds to 11-year-olds has been tricky. we have heard summer and then possibly december. the latest information suggests that pfizer will be ready or might be ready for the five to 11-year-olds in october. with the delta variant causing this recent surge, marines deputy health official says she will take her kids as soon as the vaccine is available. >> as a parent, i see the risk and the harms of the vaccine as being extremely low. the benefits my children will gain by being vaccinated is that if they are exposed to a covid positive student, they will be able to stay in school. >> marin is turning its
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attention to its older students who are athletes, saying they will need to be vaccinated or submit to weekly covid testing. and, talk of requiring the vaccine for students, all students 12 and up, is heating up across the bay area. west contra costa county is set to vote on tuesday on whether to require all students 12 and up to get the vaccine. that would make them the first in the bay area to take that step. oakland plans to be right behind them. they plan to take up the issue next wednesday. back here in marin, this district hopes to have 75% of the five to 11-year-olds vaccinated by the winter break. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. mike: i want to give you a quick update on what is going on with nicolas. it is post-tropical, like any other low. it is still very slow moving, taking a right-hand turn at lafayette and heading toward the ghost -- golf. -- gulf.
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if you saw the braves game last night, they played in a constant rain because they had to. they have the rockies in town and one more game and they don't come back. they have to get those games in. let's look at the flooding. it will be from baton rouge to panama city. if you're heading that way or have family that way, they are in harm's way and you could be too. here is a look from sfo. it is quiet out there. clouds are above us. there is not any areas of fog so far. you could drive up into some of these clouds as you head to work or school or wherever you are commuting to this morning. 51 to 58 in redwood city. 60 in oakland. the rest of us are in the mid to upper 50's. here is a look at walnut creek. you can see the cloud cover as you head down on 680. heading through the san ramon valley, it is getting cloudier. we will have another air quality
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advisory today. not much smoke in the cloud cover this morning but there is still a little bit above us and a little bit to be pulled in from the coast and we could have pockets of poor air quality. we will be moderate, which is healthy for almost through saturday. your outdoor activity planner, if you've thought about exercising, maybe it will be a refreshing day whether you are in the pool or out of the pool. maybe do some yard work. it will be dry. humidity will be low. as you look at -- look out the home, open the windows. 63 in san francisco. napa, richmond, oakland, san mateo in the upper 60's. 70's just about everywhere else. we will try to make it to 80. 81 in antioch. 80 in fairfield. temperatures are going to temporarily halt their cooling trend tomorrow. a lot more cooling this weekend and we will look at future radar and time out how much rain and
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where it will fall in the accuweather 7 day forecast. kumasi: here is a heads up. if you use bay wheels bike share, it is about to get more expensive. the price per minute will rise from $.15 to $.20 per members and $.20 to $.30 for nonmembers. overage fees will switch from a per 15 minute fee to a per one minute fee. in exchange, bay wheels as agreed -- has agreed to install 35 additional stations by march of next year and do 2000 remember ships. >> plans for a new casino in the bay area. we will show you a picture of the $600 million project. kumasi: the search for a missing woman last seen in this road trip. >> a record number of humans in orbit right now. the toy the spacex crew used to know when they hit zero gravity. kumasi:
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and there you have it- woah.
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carolina lawyer whose wife and son were killed three months ago is expected to surrender to authorities today for trying to stage his own murder. alex was shot in the head on september 4 and survive. on monday, he admitted to investigators that he had conspired with the hitman to kill him so his surviving son could collect on a $10 million life insurance policy. the murders of his wife and other son remain unsolved. >> in today's gma first look, the boyfriend of a woman who disappeared on a cross-country road trip has been named a person of interest. here is andrew denver. --dymburt. >> where is gabby? >> we are coming for you. we know who you are and we are on our way. >> five days into the urgent search, authorities release new bobby camera -- body camera footage between her and her boyfriend, now turn person of
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interest, brian. >> some personal some >> leading up been on a cross-country road trip in this white van. >> i'm stretching and doing some morning yoga. >> documenting their travels on youtube and instagram. >> we are right outside the capital reef right now. >> coming up at 7:00, we will have an interview with the florida police chief investigating gabby's disappearance. with your gma first look, i am andrew dymburt. >> in the north bay, a new casino is planned for an unincorporated area between windsor and santa rosa. a public comment period is set to begin at the beginning of the year. an iconic san francisco bookstore chain is expanding with a new outpost at the airport. green apple books will open a
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in- rv m tmilharvey milk the store is expected to open to passengers by 2024. the bookstore chain has three locations in san francisco read green apple consolidated its richmond district location during the pandemic but has managed to stay open through shelter in place borders -- orders. >> a number of record -- a record number of humans are in orbit, 14 and all. three on a chinese space station and four on the inspiration four. the spacex rocket launched from florida with no professional astronauts. faith abubey has more. >> the first all civilian crew in space is settling into orbit after their historic blastoff. overnight, the crew reached nearly 300 64 miles above earth. slightly deeper into space than expected. farther than richard branson and
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jeff bezos traveled and even farther than the space station. the crew using the stuffed golden retriever to know when they hit zero gravity. 14 minutes after takeoff, the toy is seen floating in the capsule. >> there they are, our first all civilian crew. >> earlier, spacex made history, launching four private citizens into space from kennedy space center. the stunning image of the launch, taken in florida. geo bonita has was there -- benitez was there. >> we witnessed a spectacular show. they are moving 17,500 miles per hour as they orbit earth every 90 minutes. they will see 15 sunrises and 15 sunsets every single day for the next three days. >> the crew includes jared, who bought four seats and gave three of them away as a fundraiser for saint jude hospital. one of the seats is occupied by
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haley, a physician's assistant at st. jude's, a previous patient there. she is the youngest american ever to go into space. they will be navigating with no professional astronaut. a computer does all the flying. >> tha tha kumasi: the computer does all the flying? >> i would rather be on their, even if you don't -- on there, even if you don't need it, with an astronaut, just in case. kumasi: we don't even want self-driving car's with nobody in there. >> that really shapes it, doesn't it? the argument, self-driving rockets in space? you have a car crash on earth and you can survive it. up there? kumasi: great points, mike. >> they are fine. [laughter]
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i hope they enjoy the ride. that is special. i am still a little jealous. mike: clouds increasing across the self they -- south bay. we will get sunshine at about the same rate. it will break away in the clouds as it did yesterday. our cooler air masses, penetrating into our neighborhoods even more so today. cooler than average temperatures. our first fall chance of rain, that means a cold front coming in from the north. bringing light rain with it, unlike the thunderstorms we had last week. sunday night, monday night, that is when our friar risk -- fire risk will jump from low to moderate. here is our look at today's temperatures. look how refreshing it will be in the south bay. 75 in san jose. only 64 in santa cruz. we have some 60's on the peninsula. not only along the coast. san mateo, 65.
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67 in men while park. -- manwell park. 60 to 64 degrees there. north bay, 59 at bodega bay. 69 in napa. same thing in vallejo, 70. everywhere else around 71 to 76. for the east bay, 64 is the cool spot. fremont will enjoy the milder temperatures at 72. we rid ourselves of the 90's yesterday. a few 80's hanging on today. 81 in antioch. great sleeping weather tonight with cloud cover out there. a little fog along the coastal valleys. temperatures in the low to mid 50's. there is our system. it is looking pretty mature. we are getting the tail end of it, we are getting it as it is
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going to unwind. a lot of rain in the pacific northwest. here is the difference between the high-resolution model, which you can see, very impressive how small the grid is. and here is the big, medium range models. that is why it is hard to when we have to use those models. we know we will get up to a 10th of an inch in the north bay to a couple of hundredths in san francisco. more drizzle on sunday morning and that is why temperatures will be coolest then. look at the hot dry weather and the heightened fire danger on monday and tuesday. kumasi: no driver needed. walmart and ford are getting ready to start testing self-driving delivery vehicles. it will start with a test available to customers in parts of three cities. austin, miami and washington, d.c. that is expected to happen later this year. >> decking the halls could be expensive this year. supply chain disruptions are forcing some retailers to already high prices on
5:22 am
artificial trees. by 20% to 25%. one tree company in redwood city said that shipping prices to get trees to the u.s. will likely quadruple this year. kumasi: the seven things to know this morning, coming up. >> the real worry young people feel about climate change. the findings that could impact the size of future generations. kumasi: new emoji's are on the way.
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. the big fire that burned a home in lafayette overnight damage to the home and the business next door and everyone got out ok. o. the >> causes under investigation. >>marin county schools -- >> marin county schools are preparing to greenlight vaccines for children's ages five to 11. kumasi: an fda panel could vote on recommendations for a pfizer booster shot as soon as tomorrow. the company recommends a third shot for people 16 and older, six months after their second dose. >> the former minneapolis police officer who murdered george floyd is scheduled to be arraigned on new charges in an
5:25 am
unrelated case. eric chauvin is accused of violating a teenagers civil rights in 2017 by using restraints similar to the ones used on floyd. mike: you could say it is a touch of fall in our forecast as temperatures will be anywhere from six degrees to 10 degrees cooler than average with highs in the 60's and 70's. >> taking a live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza, you can see that it is moving just fine this morning. kumasi: number seven. a search for this stolen puppy. this two-month old husky named rambo was taken from a home in mountain view. the suspect was driving a gray nissan sedan. >> we are learning about the anxiety and hopelessness some young people are feeling about climate change. nearly six in 10 teenagers and people in their early 20's say they are extremely worried about climate change according to a new report that surveyed people across 10 countries. the young people said they felt betrayed by older generations and governments about the
5:26 am
inaction to mitigate the crisis. there is so much anxiety that nearly four in 10 who responded said they are not sure they will have children of their own. kumasi: new emoji's are on the way. the company behind the images has finalized dozens of new ones. they include the melting face emoji, biting lip emoji, multiple skintone variations of the handshake will be available. you can expect them on your devices before the end of the year and throughout 2022. >> coming, a tech company letting you log into your account without a password. kumasi: moving forward on the $100 billion downtown rail extension project. the details from the california high-speed rail authority. >> it was like serving innocent children up to a pedophile, on a silver platter. >> heart wrenching testimony ony capitol hill. olympic gymnasts fighting back tears as they talk about their former team doctor.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a battle over covid-19 booster shots. the countdown to a critical fda vote. >> i am unwilling to subject myself to it any longer. kumasi: a local city councilmember, announcing her resignation. >> dozens of people experiencing homelessness, now able to get off the streets. the special purpose for half of these tiny homes. good morning on this thursday, september 16. abc 7 is live on abc seven, hulu live in wherever you stream. kumasi: good morning, mike. mike: here's a look from our roof camera. it is cloudy. clouds are moving into all of our new --
5:30 am
go through the morning three. temperatures not moving much from where we are now, which is the mid-50's to near 60 degrees. cloud cover will roll back to the coast at about the same pace it did yesterday. 50's in san francisco. the rest of us are in the 60's. a few 70's around san jose, livermore, antioch and fairfield. for the warmth of the day, we are looking at near 60 along the coast in san francisco. low 70's around the bay. mainly 70's in lynn. 80's possible around antioch. a great evening for outdoor activities. maybe taking a walk. 50's and 60's for the most part by 7:00. an update on that chance of rain this weekend. here is kumasi. kumasi: the question over covid-19 vaccine boosters could be answered as soon as tomorrow. an fda panel is set to vote on recommendations for the pfizer shot as the delta variant keeps
5:31 am
its stranglehold on parts of the country. yesterday, we told you about new data that pfizer released, making the case for booster shots for people 16 and up. you would need to get the shot six months after your second dose. the company is suggesting the reduction of vaccine protection is not due to the delta variant but instead, a decrease in vaccine effectiveness. >> what we have seen is increases in cases and breakthrough cases as time goes on. that is not directly related to delta, but just because of a waning immunity. this is why the booster question is coming into play right now. kumasi: a review of moderna's booster shot will come in the coming weeks. people who received its vaccine will need a third dose after six months. unlike pfizer and modernity booster shot, moderna will be a half dose which provides more than enough protection. reggie: we could be weeks away from kids under 12 getting their
5:32 am
first round of covid vaccines. some local school districts are taking action to make it as easy as possible for new students to get protected. amy is live. amy? amy: marin is getting a jump on this, looking ahead, they are talking about having clinics for the five to 11-year-olds. they are planning when it middle creek middle school. they are talking about opening this up at the end of october. it should be one of three clinics they are planning. the vaccine is not approved for five to 11-year-olds. it is looking like that may happen in october. marin is getting a jump on things. they are getting ready and they are setting goals for the number of kids that they want to get vaccinated. >> our hope is that we will be able to have 75% of 11-year-olds, which is 21,000 in
5:33 am
marin county, fully vaccinated prior to the winter recess. >> they are turning their attention to student athletes in marin. those who are not vaccinated, they might want to reconsider. administrations want older student athletes who eligible to the -- eligible for the vaccine to get vaccinated or submit to weekly tests. other districts are looking to take it one step further. the west contra costa county school district are planning -- is planning to vote on requiring the vaccine for all students were eligible. they would be the first in the bay area to be requiring that for students. stay tuned for that vote. kumasi: nev nev nev nev nev nevv councilmember amy peel has submitted her resignation. >> the intense stress and demand of this position in the current climate have severely affected my mental and physical health.
5:34 am
equally difficult, has been dealing with the constant name-calling, vitriol, shaming and toxic comments and emails for members of our community. people need to continue to show up and speak up and participate in the decision-making process that impacts the future of our city. please, i employed you, we need to do so with more respect and civility. -- implore you, we need to do so with more respect and civility. kumasi: the council will discuss how to fill the now empty seat at its september 28 meeting. reggie: the inciden the money -- monday. abc 7 caught up with amy adams stepped off the train. the dog was on the train and the leash was connected to her
5:35 am
waist. the door closed and the train took off and dragged her onto the tracks. we asked the general manager what the policy is for dogs. he said service dogs are allowed. other dogs should be in a crate. >> right now we don't think it was a service dog. that will be part of the investigation. by all accounts right now, it was not a service dog. >> he emphasized he wanted to offer his condolences to adam's loved ones. he says they are looking to improve and will be willing to look at recommendations. kumasi: the california high-speed rail authority is moving forward on the $100 billion downtown rail extension project. >> here we are in the train box. i am standing in the middle of the white column, which will bring natural light from the rooftop to the lowest levels of the transit center. down here, here is where caltrain and high-speed railways
5:36 am
will come to the transit center. kumasi: the authority held this virtual town hall meeting yesterday. it would be the hub for the high-speed rail. the project is a collaboration between caltrans and the california high-speed rail authority. the plan is for the two transit operators to share six tracks in three platforms. one of the most anticipated features is the ability to travel from san francisco to l.a. in less than three hours. it will open in 10 years. reggie: san francisco is looking to open a safe parking location for un-house people living in their cars. it will provide 150 parking spots at candlestick point. the president says he will provide opportunities to transition people into permanent housing. >> we want to be able to meet people where they are. keep everyone safe and provide opportunities for paths forward.
5:37 am
>> the project would use money from the city budget and state funds. it has not yet been approved. kumasi: in the east bay, a new tiny home village at the fairmont navigation center is now open in san leandro. a ribbon-cutting ceremony was held yesterday. there are 34 units for people experiencing homelessness. 15 are prioritized for people who are too ill or frail to recover from illness or injury on the street but do not need to be hospitalized. all of the people in the tiny home village will have access to edible and behavioral health services. senator dianne feinstein, showing her support for u.s. gymnasts. her message after their emotional testimony. reggie: 100 days until christmas. we are breaking down when people plan to start shopping. mike: here is a look at what is going on inland. our east bay valleys are cool this morning, from 53 in lafayette to 57 in martinez and
5:38 am
pittsburgh. you can see the cloud cover has made its way into these areas as we look to the south from north main street toward 680 and the 24 junction. we have 61 in los gatos. 54 in pacifica. not too bad for this time of year. air quality is green and yellow, which is good to moderate, which is healthy for all of us. sensitive, that is orange. it could pop up in some isolated areas today. the air district, extending the air quality advisory. those that are could have an issue if the poor air quality develops. which is unlikely for most of us. here is a look at the forecast. unless you are in like a menacing -- in lake -- county --
5:39 am
even they start to increase cleaner air tomorrow. everybody moving through. lights are not on because they don't need them yet. here is a look at our roads. elevated mist in the east bay hills. for mass transit, it is cool. it will become double this afternoon. you have to go well inland, fairfield and antioch and livermore for 80's. mid-60's to a few 70's around the bay. low to mid 60's along the coast. pretty cool for today. we will talk about that rain and take a look at future radar, coming up. we will be back after this.
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>> happening today, the former minneapolis police officer who murdered george floyd will be arraigned on new charges in an unrelated case. derek chauvin is accused of violating a then 14-year-olds civil-rights. he deprived the teenager, who is black, of his rights when he held his knee on the boy's neck and upper back while the boy was handcuffed and not resisting. it is a similar restraint showed an -- chauvin used on george floyd. >> it was heartbreaking testimony from u.s. gymnasts. they are demanding charges be filed against the fbi for allowing dozens of girls to be victimized. alex has more. >> this morning, the world's top
5:43 am
gymnasts are accusing the fbi of turning a blind eye to the reports of sexual abuse. >> all we needed was one adult to do the right thing. >> we have been failed and we deserve answers. >> the testimony coming as senators investigate the handling of the larry nassar case. the team doctor in prison for abusing athletes. simone biles, describing the abuse she suffered. >> i don't wantst, olympicthlete or any individual to experience the horror that i and hundreds of others endured before, during and to this day, in the wake of the larry nassar abuse. >> mckayla maroney described telling agents about how nassar abused her. >> i talked about the day he gave me a sleeping pill to work on me later that night. that evening, i was naked, completely alone, with him on
5:44 am
top of me, molesting me for hours. i began crying over the memory on the phone. there was dead silence. i was shocked at the agent's silence and disregard for my trauma. >> it took 14 months for the fbi agent's to contact her after she reported the abuse. victims toolit likseing innocent children to a pedophile, on a silver platter. >> christopher wray, who was not in charge during the investigation, apologized to the women. >> i am especially sorry that there were people at the fbi who had their own chance to stop this monster in 2015 and failed. >> investigators revealed that agents doctored paperwork to hide their dereliction of duty. one agent has retired. the other was fired two weeks ago. kumasi: senat senat senat senatn
5:45 am
showed her support, embracing aly raisman and simone biles. she called the hearing heart wrenching, adding the abuse and systemic failures that happened to these young women must never happen again. reggie: the court will be back in session tomorrow for day four of the trial for elizabeth holmes. a former lab worker said she tried to warn managers about a high rate of failed results for the company's blood testing advice. erica chung raised her concerns to an officer who responded with irritation and anger. the defense questioned chung, pointing out she has a bachelor's degree but worked with a team led by phd's who had years of experience. if convicted, elizabeth holmes faces 20 years in prison. there is a podcast, hosted by rebecca jarvis, about the trial. episodes come out every tuesday. you can listen to the drop out wherever you stream your
5:46 am
podcasts. kumasi: mountain view police are looking for a puppy that was stolen from home. rambo is a two-year-old purebred husky. he was taken monday night in mountain view. witnesses told police that someone grabbed the puppy and drove away in a blue/gray nissan sedan. >> we are asking for the community's help to find this puppy and bring it home to their owners, one of whom is a little boy. we are certainly concerned that he is missing his companion right now. kumasi: if you see rambo, you are asked to call mountain view police on their non-emergency line. alex lee stopped by the humane society in silicon valley animal shelter. he praised faculty and staff while giving scratches on the head to furry friends. the shelter was named the country's first model shelter. it met all 543 standards to ensure high quality of life for animals. >> i a i a
5:47 am
district, we have a facility that meets -- goes above and beyond to meet so many requirements. i think it is a great standard. hopefully more shelters and more societies will follow the lead of it. kumasi: since 19 between nine, the shelter has placed more than 500,000 animals into loving homes. reggie: initial unemployment claims have increased from the post-covid low. 330 2000 unemployment claims were filed last week. that is up to -- 332,000 unemployment files were -- unemployment claims were filed last week. that is up 20,000. kumasi: there are just 100 days until christmas. only about one quarter of people have started on their shopping lists or plan to start soon. reggie: leave me alone. [laughter]
5:48 am
kumasi: you knew i was talking about you. in a study published by credit, more than half of people plan to start shopping before halloween. 35% said they will start in november. just over 10% will wait until december. the largest group of early shoppers is made up of people who have kids under 18. that makes sense. you don't want your kids to be disappointed because you waited until the last-minute. reggie: we are making it sound like it is weird that people are not shopping for christmas yet. it was just labor day. kumasi: it was just labor day and it is not halloween or thanksgiving. i'm not shopping until december. reggie: thank you. mike: my wife shops all year for christmas. she says that would make a great christmas gift. kumasi: that's how you do it. reggie: and she is organized. i would forget that i bought it. mike: that has happened. [laughter] oh by the way, i forgot to give you this. kumasi: the thing is you always
5:49 am
have gifts when you need them. that is what my mom does. she's like let me see what i have. >> my wife does that with cards. i know i have a birthday or anniversary card somewhere. mike: it is cloudy right now. let's move forward and talk about what is going on with our forecast. we will show you those highlights. the first thing is today is going to be a lot like yesterday. at least as far as our cloud cover goes. we are going to see some afternoon sunshine inland, sooner than the bay. eventually, the coast will see pockets of sunshine. cooler than average. cooler than yesterday. clouds will come back cooler. light rain is more likely on sunday. here is your numbers. 75 in san jose. the warm spot on the peninsula, big surprise. redwood city is at 74.
5:50 am
we will have 65 to 74 as the spread today. near 60 along the coast. not too breezy. at least not as much as it was earlier this week. 63. we should be at 70. this should be one of our hotter times in san francisco but it is not. we could not make it to 10 in a row. going for a new winning streak. up to 60. the braves come in town tomorrow. 70 to 76 degrees in the north bay. 69 in napa. east bay, 64 in richmond. 67 in oakland. check out the wealth of upper 70's to low 80's. 77 to 82 in our inland east bay neighborhoods. low to mid 50's once again. here is a look at tomorrow. we will halt the cooling. the coolest weather is coming in this weekend with highs in the 60's and 70's. a one on the storm impacts scale.
5:51 am
we will show you future radar when we come back in a couple of minutes. reggie: the new device that could solve one of america's just condiment frustrations. kumasi: now might be the perfect time to pick up a book at the library. the special event that is underway all month long. reggie: no kids love visiting kidifornia. but parents like it to, like a lot. they go bonkers. (wuaahh) totally boom it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. you got to let them explore
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5:53 am
reggie: santa clara is celebrating a housing project 16 years in the making. it marries silicon valley's present and past. city leaders came together for a ceremonial groundbreaking for the community called the agrohood. it is the first mixed use, mixed income -- centered around an urban farm. >> a place to gather, reflect
5:54 am
and a place to connect with the land. and making the public space the focus is what place making is all about. reggie: it is on north winchester boulevard, not far from the westfield valley fair shopping center. it will feature 361 units, including 181 dedicated market rate homes for seniors 55 years old and older. it will have two acres of urban farm and open space. kumasi: hispanic heritage month is underway. the san francisco public library is inviting you to learn more about the multifaceted culture by attending one of its events. the main library will host a series of workshops, cooking classes and talks by distinguished authors and cultural presentations. it is a great opportunity to check out a book for your kids at the children's center. >> this is a time for us to shine a spotlight on our collection, which does represent people from diverse communities. kumasi: more information can be
5:55 am
found in the san francisco public library's website. reggie: microsoft is letting you log into accounts without a password. instead, you can use the unfit decatur app -- authenticator that allows access with your fingerprint or face. this tech is more secure than passwords. mike: our next weather system is a mature system as you can see up here in the gulf of alaska. we are getting the tail end of the system. as you would ask this time of the year, it is early -- really early for a soaking rain. that is why you can see, as we head throughout the weekend, most of the heavy rain will be to our north. this is the high-resolution model. notice how much smaller the future radar returns. it is on a smaller grid. it is high-resolution. that will continue through 11:00. this is the median range. notice how much bigger it is. a lot of this rain will not make it down to the ground.
5:56 am
north of the san francisco and the golden gate, we have our best chance of wet weather on sunday morning. 37, we have a sig. alert. the purple you see on the eastbound is closed. the red uc tort napa and american canyon -- you see toward napa and american canyon. we are starting to see s s s s s slowly -- slowing between the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge. that is about as slow as it gets. kumasi: thank you. new at 6:00, the newcomer bay area company that a financial executive taft -- tapped. reggie: flames seen shooting out near this east bay autobody
5:57 am
shop overnight. the spark of the fire did not start there. kumasi: supporting small businesses while shutting down pe when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at
5:58 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
5:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi:
6:00 am
firefighters taming early-morning flames in the east bay. why this was so tricky to get under control. >> marine county think one step ahead. kumasi: and another day, another air-quality advisory. the wildfire smoke still sticking around above us. what that means for your morning ahead. julian: you're watching abc seven mornings, live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we will start with mike's forecast. mike: we are looking at the cloud deck taking over all of our neighborhoods. the sea breeze, 14 in concord to 29 at fairfield, and the exploratory and cameras pointed to the west across san francisco, showing the cloud deck that is out there. we have as an inch of drizzle across the east bay hills and there will be some


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