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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 15, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> so, we have lost a battle but we are absolutely going to win the war. jobina: making news at 6:00, recall rejected. convincing vote from californians giving newsom a fresh wind. >> lessons to be learned in the election exit polls. i have the data behind the voter behavior in your county and the telling implications ahead. julian: welcome to the wednesday cooldown. not just that, mike has the haze and smoke you might be dealing with today. good morning to you, you are watching abc 7 --you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with mike's forecast. mike: there is going to be smoke above us and some of it might filter down to the ground with pockets of poor air quality. it is not a spare the air, day, no health concerns except from small areas.
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unpacking what you are seeing here, no fog at the golden gate the marine layer growing vertically, taking it off the ground, covering neighborhoods this morning thanks to that gust in fairfield. here's a look at san jose. you can see the cloud cover out there. temperatures, smaller range this morning. mid-60's through 7:00, 60's and 70's at noon. 70's and 80's in land and at 4:00 we are going to take it into the 90's for most of the forecast. it gets cooler in the chance for rain has shifted >>. details, coming up. >>-- shifted. details, coming up. >> thank you. 65% of californians, rejecting the recall, newsom keeps his job . >> the bay area delivered big time for governor newsom. the yellow is the no on the recall, the green is yes. we are going to zoom in to the bay area.
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the three counties we are going to look at, san francisco, ran, alameda --, alameda. san francisco county here, 87% no. alameda, third, 85% no. it's a different story in a northern rural california and the central valley. it's about split, actually. different story here from madero co., 59% yes and the biggest difference, here, mariposa county, 60% yes. zooming out, you can see the rest of the state. the big note here, what are the plans next for larry elder. he talked a lot about that in his speech last night and i will have more on that in the next hour. come ossie -- our. >> governor newsom tweeted last night, writing let's get back to work. amy hollyfield is live in san
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francisco with the victory speech. amy? amy: as jobina was just pointing out, he owes a lot of gratitude to san francisco. 87% of voters here voted against the recall, the highest percentage in the state of all the counties. some political strategists say even though governor newsom kept his job, the recall shows that he's possibly vulnerable in some democrats may see this as an opening to run against him for governor in 2022. he was very appreciative last night. he did not have a victory party, but he gave a speech and he spoke about the victory and how grateful he is. >> i am humble, grateful, but resolved in the spirit of my little hero, robert kennedy, to make more gentle the life of this world. thank you all very much and
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thank you to 40 million americans, 40 million californians, thank you for rejecting this recall. the recall strongly but they took the advice and ignore the second russian. they left it blank. nearly half of voters didn't even answer the question of who should replace him. newsom is the second governor in california history to face a recall election and the only one to survive it. he had 65% of the vote saying no to the recall. live from san francisco, amy holyfield. reggie: thank you. the party continued at larry elder's headquarters. there was zero reaction in the room when all the major networks called the race. he spoke to his supporters just before 10:00 last night and his speech was less a concession and
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more a campaign speech. >> we have lost a battle but we are absolutely going to win a war. absolutely. reggie: it's clear that he sees a new political future for himself. former radio host and finished his speech by telling his reporters to stay tuned. kumasi: this morning we have an idea of what voters were thinking when they cast their ballots. >> g>> g>> g>> g>> g>> g>> g>> g advantages in the turnout as the pandemic was described as the top issue and 80% of voters supported keeping him in office. just three in 10 said that his pandemic control measures are too strict. countering the key argument in the recall drive against him. 70% support the student mask mandate, 63% cited with the
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governor in seeing vaccinations as more of a public health responsibility then a personal choice. some results were less incumbent friendly. six and 10 voters called the costs of living in the area unmanageable and those polled were divided evenly in grading the economy positively or negatively. overall, 55% approved of the way that he is handling his job. reggie? reggie: join abc 7 news at 11:00 to get more context on the numbers you just heard. the biggest factor, he said, was the handling of the pandemic, including mask and vaccine mandates, helped to save him in the end. >> the pandemic and his shutdown of the state that started the recall. his going to the french laundry at the height of the pandemic without a mask that ignited the recall. and in the last weeks it was the pandemic and his handling of it
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and his call for vaccines and mask mandates that turned the race around and put them on that. kumasi: we'll have complete recall coverage on our website. you can see election results broken down by county, expert analysis, and more, by going to reggie: the deadly tragedy on the bark tracks. the agency exciting how a particular kind of dog leash played a part. kumasi: recovery in san francisco taking a big step today. more traffic, we have you covered everything you need to know. mike: i apologize, the walnut creek camera just dropped out. for the most part, our air quality is going to be healthy today, tomorrow, and friday. cooler weather on the way, a look at tropical storm
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reggie: developing out of the car -- the gulf coast, louisiana dealing with tropical depression nicholas two weeks after hurricane ida slammed into the state. they said they have picked up only 5% of the debris left over from ida and now they are worried that the debris is going to clog storm drains, making today's flooding even worse. ginger z shows us what it looks like just outside the city. >> looked behind me, piles of debris 16 days after ida, far as the eye can see, street after street and now a flash flood warning. reggie: at the texas coast after it made landfall yesterday, the video showed strong winds, up to 95 miles per hour, toppling trees, tearing homes apart. we are checking in with mike nicco to see what it's doing. mike: taking a look at live
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doppler 7, you can see the rainfall estimates from doppler radar. that's one thing that doppler radar can do, estimate how much is falling. up to 10 inches and nearly nine around alexandria and to the south of new orleans, which is why we are having such an issue with flooding. it's not really the wind that is the big issue until it comes over the saturated ground. right now it is just to the east of beaumont, port arthur, interstate 10, slowly mark -- slowly migrating that way they shield of rain stretching 500 miles ahead of the system. we have got flooding potential from beaumont, port arthur, and more significantly alexandria towards panama city with dangerous rip currents because of the slow movement. this morning the marine layer is taller, meaning there isn't as much fog, but it will be touching more neighborhoods. not as hot if you are
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exercising, ac less likely if you are inside except possibly for the mid two in land neighbors in the southbay. 70's around richmond, oakland, san francisco, until you hit the mid to upper 60's. how's the commute? jobina: we have a crash at the bay ridge toll plaza and you can see the first responders on the scene just a couple of minutes ago. according to chp, injuries are involved. median lights are also on and there's a whole jammed up situation there. bringing you alive picture from the san mateo bridge, a very different story at the limit in both directions with slowdowns coming out, especially towards concord, the newest development there, 27 minutes that drive. tracy to dublin, 22 minutes. want you to know that you should expect traffic in san francisco tonight. oracle park and the chase center are taking on events.
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the chase center is having its first big event since pandemic. the concert kicks off at 7:30. under the city's mandate, everyone in the arena must be vaccinated and it is the first time the chase center will be putting that to the test are you heading to either event? you are strongly encouraged to take public transit and for the fans headed there, your tickets are also free. kumasi: the netflix show took the nation by storm. reggie: and a taste of thethe holidays, the winter look for some favorite chocolates. kumasi:
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> we are learning more about a
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deadly accident at the powell street bart station. the victim had a dog tethered to her waist. she got off the train right as the doors were closing and the dog was still inside, so as the train started to move, the woman was dragged and onto the track. the examiner's office identify the woman as 45-year-old amy adams of san francisco. the national transportation safety board is now investigating. >> they will be gathering any sources of recorded data. this could be video surveillance , there could be recorded data at the train control center. >> the ntsb preliminary report could take 30 days to complete and a final report could take up to two years. after hosting the first convention in san francisco last week, this goni center is getting ready for a new event, with howard street closed
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between third and fourth and closures will last until september 26. vaccines are required. the event will also be streaming online. before pandemic the conference attracted 170,000 people. reggie: amazon planning to hire more transportation and delivery workers. on average the new hires will make around $18 per hour and in some locations where the labor market is especially tight, they could also get a $3000 signing bonus. kumasi: new at 6:00, the cast of "queer eye," featured in a new lego set. check it out. the set is a cute model of the loft from the show, coming with nearly 1000 pieces, including a couch, wall art, a dog, and of course, many figure versions of the cast. it's $99 it's $99 it's $99 it''
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loft starting on october 1. reggie: it's still technically summer but hershey is rolling out a winter look, their new holiday chocolates just rolled out. the reese's recipe got a twist, it's a peanut brittle flavored cup and kick cats will be gingerbread cookie flavored. hershey's says that this is their largest holiday lineup ever. i was looking this up and i don't know if i just missed this announcement, but before we get to christmas, there is also new halloween candies from her she's and one of them is vampire kisses and when you bite into it, it's a red cream that comes out of it. mike: i like that. kumasi: that's cool. reggie: that's kind of fun. mike: liquid red velvet? kumasi: you said red velvet, now i'm on board. reggie: i don't know if it's red velvet. [laughter] mike: i was thinking about that
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red velvet armadillo cake. anyone get that reference? i will explain later. here's a look at san rafael. nope. that's san jose. you can see some of the smoke in the distance with low clouds trying to creep in as the marine layer tries to grab hold with slower sunshine and the easing of the heat that begins today and lasts through monday. tonight, even more cloud cover with the possibility of drizzle lightly on the coast and into the hills. the weekend, the best chance for rain is shifting to sunday with drizzle's saturday morning and again sunday morning and then a slight chance for some rain. first, talking temperatures. morgan hill is going, everyone else is in the mid to upper 70's. 75 in palo alto. very comfortable with the afternoon sunshine on the peninsula. at the coast line, cloud cover below average with a peak of
6:20 am
sunshine downtown in san francisco. northbay valley, 75 to 80 degrees. at the coast, it's going to be pretty cloudy. you can see the 60's extending into richland, berkeley, oakland, upper 70's for the rest of the east bay. into the valley, looked at this, 90's for the next several days. as far as tonight, extensive cloud cover with green and on the coast. saturday we are looking at pretty clear conditions after the drizzle in the morning. this is 11:00 at night and into sunday morning the best chance is going to be in the northbay and then it just kinda fades out as the cold front f.a.r. -- falls apart, sliding southward for the rest of the day. for sure, sunday will be the coolest day now, getting on the backside that's an offshore breeze with hotter temperatures, drier air and a low to moderate fire danger into wednesday. reggie: i caught your reference.
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that was steel magnolias. "good morning america" is coming up. kumasi: ginger z is following the latest. >> i am starting the morning in louisiana, we drove from galveston behind the men in front of nicholas, but these places say that we have a double state of emergency. the debris that you see here is from the flood damage from ida. piled as high as the home it came out of and it's not the only house. so many more streets and other parishes here in louisiana and now a flash flood watch up to half of a foot of rain in some places. you can't imagine what that would look like if you started to flood the streets with all the debris again. we will
6:22 am
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mike: all right, trying to get
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loaded. the winners of nine in a row going for 10 tonight in oracle, so it's going to be a bit cooler. dropping down to 55 degrees. can you believe the year they are having? most of baseball can't, let's keep surprising them. here's a look at friday's temperatures, a temporary halt on the cooling, hanging out in the 60's, 70's, 80's and land. saturday and sunday, temperatures are mainly in the 60's and 70's. some of our coolest weather this weekend. kumasi: thank you. the mills college board of trustees have included a deal with boston university subject to regulatory and other approvals and it is expected to be effective of july 1 of next year. the once all women's college will be known as mills college at northeastern and become gender inclusive. they have been facing troubles brought on by declining student enrollment.
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reggie: wild animals around thee world caught on camera showing off soccer skills. the kids were kicking the ball around when the ball landed right next to bears. the mama black bear saw the ball, started dribbling while her cub watched. the mother bear showed off her skills before picking up the ball with her teeth and running into the forest. playtime was probably over for the kids. kumasi: we assume. to the east bay, they are getting quite a present for their 100th birthday, one week from today. betty read susskind will have a middle school named in her honor next wednesday. she still works as a tour guide at the rosie the riveter homefront national historical park in richmond, commemorating the incredible contribution of women laborers during world war ii. reggie: california, called out by the cdc, but in a good way. kumasi: and the abc political to correct or joins us live to talk
6:26 am
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get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months with a 1 year agreement. plus, save up to $400 a year on wireless over at&t when you add xfinity mobile. switch today. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories at 6:30, recall rejected. decisive win on the back of strong democratic turnout. life team coverage making sense of every vote. we are here live with the implications for the golden state. kumasi: a shot of hope for parents with young kids, a new timeline from pfizer on getting the vaccine to children. reggie: a historic trip to space
6:29 am
and civilian crew in a few hours, one woman making history in more than one way. good morning to you on this wednesday, september 15. kumasi: a start with a look at the forecast, mike. mike: everybody, let's start by showing you the southbay, where the clouds have not quite made it yet. you can see the smoke in the distance, get ready for a colorful sunrise. the cloud deck has increased in coverage and climbed a little bit higher, so not as much fog this morning. that's good news. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50's through 7:00 with slower sunshine, still temperatures in the 60's at noon in parts of the northbay, 70's and in the in land east bay neighborhoods, by 4:00 the only 90's are around clearlake and ukiah. 70's around the bay, 60's at the
6:30 am
coast. cooling trend begins. reggie: -- kumasi: final votes still being tallied. reggie: but 65% of voters voted no on the recall. life team coverage this morning continues with rick klein. rick, good morning to you. my first question is about larry elder. so, last night it didn't sound much like a concession speech and more like it to be continued speech. he didn't necessarily say he was running for governor next year, but it sounded like it. would you want this guy on the top of your bill? >> he consolidated the vote in a 36 person field, the consensus
6:31 am
choice for people that wanted to recall this. that call -- that said, the recall was a resounding failure. absolute blowout. way beyond the polling margins. people showed up and turned out and they rejected newsom as much as they rejected the recall -- sorry, they rejected elder as much as the recall. it was framed that way. if you want to replay that next year, you can imagine the same kind of playbook will be out there. i think california republicans will be of two minds. they will be licking their wounds after this defeat because they took a shot at the governor and they missed in that's a major failure and that falls on all republicans for pushing this. kumasi: why do you think it was so decisive? rick: there are two main things that newsom tried to make it about. one, covid, their 70% approval for the mask mandate in schools and a broad consensus that getting back -- vaccinated is a
6:32 am
man -- matter of public health. the other thing he made it about is about donald trump. we know his popularity is not good and popular -- in california. he made elder a stand-in for tron -- trump. by framing it that way, making this a choice between himself and an alternative rather than a straight up or down on his leadership, he got a lot of people excited and out there even though it's a random election in the middle of september. reggie: let me ask you about the randomness regarding the implications. do you see any, when it comes to the midterm elections? rick: i mean it's easy to over read a one-off election like this. california is different than the rest of the country. you can't make direct comparisons. but if you are a democrat trying to run on voting restrictions and firm leader -- covid restrictions and firm leadership in this time, you've got
6:33 am
evidence and more races might be more specific bellwethers but democrats who are worried about political prospects and the time of biden feel good about this. it shows that you can bring your voters out and get people excited even if it's just to defeat the status quo. kumasi: what do you think this means for governor newsom and his future? rick: it's a huge boon to anything he wants to do. up for reelection, his chances are boosted. he's often talked about being a member of national office. kamala harris, around the same age. i think he's got much more of a future than he did a few days ago. look, over the summer it looked like it might be close in the fact that it wasn't and that newsom blew away the effort is a major statement that could make a bit of -- make him a bigger political star. reggie: rick, appreciate you talking to us yesterday and today. rick: my pleasure as always.
6:34 am
reggie: headlines across the state, starting with "the chronicle," starts with recall fails resoundingly. this cover, newsom prevails, californians overwhelmingly reject republican lead recall effort in the side column, seen as battle against far-right. the union tribune reads that newsom survives recall attempt, voters strongly support keeping him in office. so, the governor now looks ahead. amy hollyfield his life for us at city hall. hello, amy. amy: a huge vote of confidence from san francisco. 87% of the voters voted against the recall. that's the highest percentage of any county in the state. the governor didn't have a traditional victory party like you would normally see in an election. but he did give a speech at the democratic headquarters in sacramento and he said that by
6:35 am
voting no on the recall, californians voted yes on issues like vaccines, science, women's rights, and diversity. he also sounded very thankful to have kept his job. mike: i'm humbled -- >> i'm humbled and grateful to the millions of californians who exercised their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly by rejecting the division, by rejecting the cynicism. by rejecting so much of the negativity that has defined our politics. mike:mike:mike:mike:mike:mike:m: here's the tweet the governor put out after his victory, he's been on the campaign trail trying to fight the recall but some political strategist think that this recall could have a lasting impact and make newsom appear vulnerable to some. the thinking is that some democrats may see this as an
6:36 am
opening and will possibly run against him in 2022. no top candidates in the party challenged him in the recall and nearly half the voters did not choose a possible replacement for him, leaving question number two on the ballot blank, as newsom had advised them to do. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield. kumasi: now we want to check in with jobina, who is breaking down the data and talking about what's next for california republicans. kumasi: in the past few months -- jobina: in the past few months, larry elder became the leading republican to take on governor newsom. he received about 46% of the vote in the second part of the recall election. that's an important note. the next republican, sliding appear to kevin faulkner and john comms. but coming back to larry elder for a moment, zooming in on the bay area, we can get a breakdown of what the percentages look like here.
6:37 am
san mateo county, 29%. alameda, 20 5%. marin county, 20 7%. san francisco, look at this, dropping down to 22. larry elder with 20%. solano county, larry elder with 45% and if we come back out to the state totals, that's very close to that 46%. last night he hinted that he may challenge governor newsom in the next year's election and at the end of his speech he called himself a former radio host and ended his speech by telling supporters to stay tuned. kumasi: thank you. the director of the san francisco election department is happy about the voter turnout. there are 515,000 registered voters in the city and this morning voter turnout is that more than 53% and the number is expected to increase over the coming days.
6:38 am
>> slightly shy shy shy shy election, which was the biggest in the city's history. so the context for this election is this is actually a very strong turnout. kumasi: officials are especially encouraged as voters are not accustomed to september elections or recall ballots. so far nearly 87% of the voters in san francisco said no to a recall. we have complete recall coverage on the website where you can see election results and more by going to reggie: convicted for her role in a sex cult, this morning actress allison mack just started serving her sentence here in the bay area. kumasi: board, down, but we have an update, next. reggie: and the impact that amanda gorman has made since the nomination and her eye on the future. jobina: checking in on the traffic and the crash i'm
6:39 am
following in san jose right now, you can already see the backup will be northbound around curtain or avenue, eight miles per hour, it's not clear if injuries are involved. the crash at the bay bridge toll plaza cleared. we showed you that this morning. the lights came on at 5:48 we are seeing a packed situation right now traveling southbound on 680, walnut creek. we just heard from sit -- chp that there is a crash moved to the shoulder around main street. heads up to you. all lanes are open, but clearly people are slowing down out there, mike. mike: it's true, the anxiety i was feeling for those folks. high, let's take a look at what's going on coming up on 6:40 on this wednesday. beautiful shots there above the marine layer, which has grown in size, meaning it's not quite hugging the ground as much as it was. definitely slipping through the gap moving west from the airport
6:40 am
through there. temperature, 52 in pacifica. 53 at half moon bay. 55 to 60 on the peninsula. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's almost everywhere. antioch, 61. air quality, green and yellow. good, moderate, healthy. there is a slight chance any isolated areas with the future smoke forecast in the north bay, we could see the alert there, a spare the air alert, under an advisory because of the smoke. tonight the smoke wilson read across most neighborhoods. tomorrow it looks cleaner but the north bay could have issues north of cloverdale. commute planners today, less fog out there unless you are driving into higher elevations in the hills. elevated highways like 13 or 580
6:41 am
or 24 or 280. then you are driving into the cloud cover, so that will be an issue. calmer on the water, dry all-day for mass transit. tomorrow, drizzle in the forecast, that's why i put it in there. san francisco, richmond, pretty much 70's elsewhere, comfortable with lower sunshine and 80's in the southbay. in land east bay, only 90's around lakeport and ukiah. the chance for rain shifting in the weekend forecast and i will have that coming up with a look at other high temperatures around the bay sponsored by visit california.
6:42 am
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kumasi: former actress, allison mack, imprison, beginning her three week sentence -- three year sentence for her role into bringing women into nexium as sex slaves. the group's founder is serving a 120 year prison sentence. she's at the same prison where lori loughlin and felicity huffman recently served time. the fda release date of this morning that makes the case for booster shots for vaccinated americans as pfizer says that they are close to having data on their trial for kids ages five to 11. we have more from the live desks. jobina: the new fda data
6:45 am
suggests a booster shot should be given approximately six months after the second dose are people 16 years of age and older. the data will be debated on friday by an independent panel. yesterday the pfizer cfo spoke at the morgan stanley annual global healthcare conference. saying that the first dose uses one third of the current dose and it could be available soon and he expects to have phase 3 data for children by the end of this month. >> we expect to have safety for children between the ages of five and 11, we expect to have that data by the end of september. and we would expect to file that with the fda in early october. jobina: saying that if they stick to their normal timeline on emergency use authorization's, it could take an additional four weeks to six weeks before the vaccine is approved for kids five to 11,
6:46 am
meaning that group that circuiting the first dose of vaccine around halloween or mid november and the pfizer cfo says that he expects to have similar data filed with the fda for children between six months old in five years old about a month after the data for the five to 11-year-olds. reggie: new evidence that overdoing is working -- that what we are doing is working. california is now the only state in the substantial tear of the risk chart that is the second-highest risk category. all the other states and the worst category when it comes to transmission. they credit california's widespread adaptation of health orders and vaccination rates. 68% of california residents are now fully vaccinated. kumasi: another b another b anob requiring vaccinations for indoor settings, contra costa getting pushback requiring anyone 12 and older to show proof of vaccination right
6:47 am
negative covid test within 72 hours before entering indoor bars, restaurants and gyms. the county says they are focusing on education for now but will consider fines for businesses that don't comply. the order takes effect september 22. for your morning money report, a battle gaining momentum over some thing called the right to repair. the push for consumers to be able to repair their own products, iphones to tesla's and john deere tractors, rather than having to rely on the manufacturer as more products get embedded with computer chips and software, getting a repair isn't as easy as taking it to the local corner shop. in a may report to congress, the federal trade commission warned manufacturers are making repairs harder by using adhesives that make parts difficult to replace, limiting the availability of spare parts or making software unavailable. >> anything with a chip in it right now is probably impossible to repair without using the
6:48 am
manufacturer. >> the hope sometimes i think is that they won't exit at all and that they we will buy a new device. kumasi: apple says they are expanding options for repair around the world, pointing to their independent repair provider program. they also said that customers should have convenient access to safe and reliable repair services. new numbers from the census bureau are giving us an idea of the lasting impact of this pandemic or american families. median household income fell 3% of the year before. those under the traditional poverty line jumped nearly 11 5% . the first increase in five years . however, numbers also show that the government's stimulus payments kept even more americans from falling below. taking a live look at the stock exchange as trading gets underway, we are up now by about
6:49 am
100 points. reggie: research shows that the increase in virtual learning can cause issues for your kids. >> this past year and a half now has been pretty rough on the eyes of kids. not just kids, adults, too, but particularly the kids have been coming in with a lot of problems. reggie: this pediatric eye doctor from the cleveland clinic said the issue is called digital eyestrain and symptoms can include dry eyes, headaches, or blurry vision. if you feel those, you can try using the 202020 rule. for every 20 minutes of screen time, give your eyes a 22nd long break by looking 20 feet away. kumasi: spacex, set the blastoff from the kennedy space center tonight, the first space tourism flight without an astronaut guiding the passengers. historic won't -- it's a historic nation putting one
6:50 am
woman in the spotlight. >> today haley makes history as the youngest american, the first with a prosthesis and first pediatric cancer survivor inns space -- in space. >> i think in a way having cancer prepared merry -- prepared me for going to space. >> the inspiration four, the first all civilian crew mission to space. >> until now astronauts have had to be physically perfect, so i'm so excited that this mission is opening space travel up to everyone. >> the role is to -- the goal is to raise awareness and funds for st. jude's. 19 years ago she was a patient there and now she works there is a physician's assistant. >> i work with the bravest kids in the world and they inspire me, daily. >> here she can return the favor. >> they all want to be astronauts and i tell them they can be. >> proving to the patients she works with that not even the sky
6:51 am
is the limit. most excited about, she's going to video call her patients at st. jude's while she's up there. will ganz, abc news, new york. reggie: a lot of inspiring stories this morning, love those. mike: taking a live look outside, pictures are over our shoulders here in montana, you can see the blanket loud's covering more neighborhoods this morning and that's the trend moving forward as our cooling trend begins. you can see the smoke in the distance from the east bay hills and the low clouds showing the marine layer push is going to make it all neighborhoods today. the chance of rain shifting to sunday this weekend in the low to moderate fire risk coming on monday and tuesday. temperatures, 75 in sunnyvale and cupertino. most of us are in the mid to upper 70's on the peninsula. 61 to 63 along a very cloudy coast and some of that will
6:52 am
spill over towards downtown san francisco with slower sunshine, 65 today, average high of 70 with a northbay valley clearings warm as you will get. you can see the slower sunshine keeping you in the 60's this afternoon while we have mainly mid 70's for the rest of the east bay. heading in land and into the 90's for several days, 83 tenure 90 in brentwood. tonight, look at the cloud cover in brentwood. better chances for drizzle on the coast in the elevated areas like the east bay hills. saturday, significant rain in the pacific northwest moving into the northern part of the state as we head into the evening hours with drizzle saturday morning and then sunday morning, you can see the light rain moving into the north day and falling apart. most of us will receive a couple of hundredths of an inch. sunday, coolest day after tomorrow. then it gets warmer and hotter
6:53 am
with offshore wind fire threats monday and tuesday. kumasi: new at 6:00, broadway back on the extreme. we -- big screen. we have our first look for the trailer of steven spielberg's "west side story." >> ♪ tonight tonight tonight tot the world is full of light ♪ this is my first time in new york city. i want to be happy here. i want to make a life, a home. mike: the movie comes out december 10, but you don't have to wait until then if you want to see more of it, gma has the full trailer coming up at 7:00 right after abc 7 mornings. reggie: speaking a broadway, the roaring return of broadway came with a preperformance show with
6:54 am
hamilton cast performing a frank sinatra classic. >> ♪ want to be a part of it, new york new york ♪ reggie: that's for the cool. put together by lin-manuel miranda, with a performance outside the richard rogers theater called ham for ham, they have been doing this for a while now, but they haven't after a while, selling front row tickets. i saw videos online from we kid and other performances opening yesterday where the audience was just going wild at the end. so glad to see it. kumasi: love that. alright, this morning we are hearing from amanda gorman about her sudden rise to fame. she is speaking with robin roberts and of course, you have to remember, her moving pelham during the biden inauguration. her conversation with robin is part of a primetime special about her impact and her future
6:55 am
plans. >> 2036 is the year i plan to run for president. when i use poetry it's not to get you to believe in me or vote for me in the future. it's about getting you to believe in yourself as a member of this country we call home and if i can do that, that's the most extraordinary form of governing that there is. kumasi: yes, amanda. she is going to be sharing more of her story during the special edition of "2020," called amanda gorman, brave enough. it's at 10 p.m. airing tonight here on abc 7 and of course, abc 7 news 11:00 comes on after that. how remarkable. reggie: i know, and most of us hadn't even heard of her until this year and look at all that she has done so far. kumasi: did you see her at the met gala
6:56 am
looking adorable? now she is like a spokesperson for estee lowder, magazine covers, about to be president. reggie: the thing i like it she is booked. we need more of that. [laughter] mike: i love it. kumasi: up next, the seven things we need to know. reggie: and a my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, seven things to know this morning. governor gavin newsom keeping his job after california voters rejected a recall effort to get him out of office. he thanked supporters last night, saying he's humbled and grateful. reggie: larry elder, top republican in the election told supporters that they lost the battle but will win the war, hinting at a possible run for governor next year. kumasi: new data from the fda makes the case for the pfizer covid booster shot saying that it should be given about six months after the second dose for ages 16 and up. the data will be debated on friday by an independent fda panel. reggie: nicholas, lingering over
6:59 am
louisiana two weeks after hurricane ida slammed into the state. officials are worried the debris there will clog storm drains, making the flooding worse. mike: number five, beautiful shot from east bay hills showing the marine layer stretching to just about all neighborhoods. in land neighborhoods are going to see the biggest drop in temperatures today. the 90's will be gone for a while. jobina: a new crash in walnut creek southbound 680 before maine, you can see there the southbound traffic is slowing to a stop, unfortunately. use alternate routes if you haven't left the house yet. mike: meghan markle -- kumasi: meghan markle and prince harry gracing the cover of the newest issue of "time," with other people on the list being vice president, -- president biden, the vice president, tim cook, just to name a few. reggie: a lot of those names are
7:00 am
just the ones you expect, but i was glad to see little nonsex on there. jobina: yes, i love that. he is the mo good morning, america. as we start our wednesday with you, nicholas not going anywhere hammering the gulf coast. nicholas now taking aim at parts of louisiana devastated by hurricane ida. the hard-hit state preparing for more dangerous flooding as they struggle to recover. this morning, the four states under flash flood watches, ginger is in the storm zone tracking the latest. breaking overnight. recall rejected. california governor gavin newsom survives the republican-backed attempt to kick him out of office. new shot of hope for kids. when we can expect the pfizer vaccine to be ready for children as young as 6 months. this as cases climb and all of ohio's children hospitals
7:01 am
slammed with young covid


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