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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 14, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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both sides, things to watch out for and how you can watch results unfold with expert analysis. we are live as polls open at in our. -- in an hour. kumasi: apple's 2020 one product reveals are just an hour away. the emergency security alert for current apple products. reggie: welcome to tuesday, september 14th, you are watching abc7 mornings. i am very debt -- -- jealous of your shirt. it is our birthday boy, mike. kumasi: ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ ♪ [laughter] you can add a wrap line -- rap line. mike: i love it and i am very blessed to work with such great people, we appreciate you all. let us talk about what will
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happen on my day. it is not election day, it is my day. bina: mi gavin, go away. i am just kidding. here's a look from the tower and/or inland neighborhoods are starting out clear with a little bit of cloud cover along the coast -- below 1000 feet that will creep in. it will return back to the coast and after starting in the 50's, 60's and 70's around the bay with 80's in the east bay turning into 90's while 80's take over the north and south bay with 70's and 60's at the coast. we fall back into the 50's, 60's, and 70's. we will talk more about the chance of rain coming up. kumasi: today is the day the polls open in less than two hours -- less than an hour at this point. governor newsom and his opponents are making the final push to get voters to turn out. the governor even getting his -- support from as high up as the
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president. amy hollyfield is live with more on this. amy:. it is the day -- hello. it is the day like -- that places like this charge turned into polling places. this even caught the attention of the president of the united states. president joe biden made an appearance campaigning along right -- along governor gavin newsom trying to convince everyone and supporters to vote against the recall. the president told supporters that this could have dire consequences if they do not get out and vote. pres. biden: you either keep gavin newsom as your governor or -- [applause] or you will get donald trump. it is not a group -- joke. >> trumpism has no place here
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and it will be defeated across the united states of america, because we are better than that. amy: 46 challengers are looking to replace newsom as governor, and will be on the ballot. his advisers say they are confident that he will be to the recall and remain as california's governor. you do need to go to your polling place to vote today or you can still vote by mail, make sure that if you drop it off at a po box that the pickup time has not come and gone. if it is postmarked with tomorrow's date it will not be counted. polls like this one are opening in an hour. live at walnut creek, amy hollyfield. reggie: because of the national implications of this race, governor newsom is god -- is getting a lot of big-name democratic support. >> for those of you walking by and thought i wanted to see what
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is going on, you know what, what is going on, a party is going on. we want you to vote no on this recall, so join the party. reggie: the san francisco mayor paid a visit to rally volunteers against the recall effort. she is one of many top democrats stumping for governor newsom. house speaker nancy pelosi was asked what she would say to those critics that some of governor newsom's procedures lead to empty storefronts. >> a pandemic is not friendly to living things, businesses, or the rest. we had to stop the spread and crush the virus. reggie: the mayor agrees saying that she had to may some of those hard decisions. -- make some of those hard consent bashar decisions too. kumasi: larry elder is in southern california telling supporters that he wants to hear about their claims of election fraud or what he called shenanigans.
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the president of the nonvoting -- we asked the president of the nonpartisan voter concern board if she had any concerns. >> my only concern is these false claims of election fraud. there is no evidence to back these up and it is just undermining confidence in the election, and we want people to vote. if people see problems we want them to be reported to election officials and the secretary of state has a hotline. kumasi: she added that if you plan to mail in your ballot it has to be postmarked by today. reggie: one day after a recall supporter got assaulted, supporters of the effort to oust governor newsom held two rallies. this was the one lastus to urge voters in overwhelmingly democratic counties to support the recall effort. dozens of people showed up signs invent -- and banners urging a yes vote. delaunay morgan was one of the
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organizers. >> it has become a state that is almost uninhabitable. we have seen it ourselves. reggie: as for the assault, a knife-wielding man cut down recall banners on a pedestrian over crossing. another man is accused of attacking a supporter who called -- told him to stop. police have not announced an arrest. you can count on abc 7 for election results. we will be streaming live coverage at 8:00 tonight on, or download the app on your streaming device. kumasi: the trial of elizabeth holmes is expected to resume. the proceedings were canceled on friday after a juror was possibly exposed to covid. she is accused of defrauding patients, pharmaceutical companies and investors over there failed led testing system. we are expected to hear from a senior project member -- manager
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and one of the whistleblowers. the trial is set to resume at 9:00 a.m.. reggie: now to tropical storm nicholas which has downgraded but is bringing significant flooding risk. let us take this live look. i believe this is in galveston. the storm has knocked out electricity for hundreds of thousands of people on the gulf coast on the heels of the disastrous hurricane ida. mark is more is on the ground -- markus moore is on the ground in houston. >> we have been asked peering on and off -- experiencing on-and-off periods of rain and wind. you can see the wind blowing and the rain falling as well and in the distance the trees are waving in the strong wind as it comes through. hurricane nicholas arriving as a category 1. the real concern that officials had was the threat of dangerous flash flooding and that has not changed. as we are seeing, the wind is continuing to blow and there are
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real concerns about what that could mean on the roadways. houston's mayor urged people to get off of the streets by sundown and stay there over the night and overnight as we watch to see what hurricane nicholas does to the texas gulf coast. reggie: that was marcus reporting. giant stucco is engraved -- sequoias in grave danger. california wildfires threatening one of the famed national parks. kumasi: apple's debut. big drops and flashing -- flashy gadgets muddied by a security warning. reggie: onto the playoffs, but the unlikeliest of division champions have one champions have one regula is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit reggie: wildfires are
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threatening the giant forest at sequoia national park home to the world's largest and oldest trees. two fires are burning and they are being called the knp complex. officials are warning that the fires could explode inside soon. experts have made the k k k k kk complex their highest priority. hotshot fire fighting teams have been flown out. the park was closed this weekend and the superintendent said set airplanes -- had said that airplanes are painting the mountains red with retardant. >> we have two fires threatening groves that we have not been able to treat. the risk is still there. reggie: the giant forest is home to 2000 large sequoias,udingheeg thing on earth.
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what a treasure. mike: the good news on the others is that the sequoias are the most fire retardant of any tree so they have the best chance of surviving because of their bark and higher canopies. at least we will try to end on some good news, hopefully that bears out. the air condition around three rivers and long pine is bad because of the fires and in the northern sacramento valley. we still have that air quality because of those fires. we are good to moderate and as we had throughout today, tomorrow and wednesday plenty of haze in the sky. moderate hair -- moderate air quality which is healthy. a west wind at 11 at the golden gate keeping the coast from overheating. inland, watch out for hot pavement if you are walking the dog. you definitely need sunglasses away from the coast and air conditioning will be needed.
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46, mill valley and santa rosval most of us in the 50's and on our way to 69. 84, san jose and 93 in concord. jobina: thank you. we will start with a live look at the toll plaza because meter lights are on. there is also a crash between the caltrans vehicle and one other car that has not moved on the shoulder pass the metering lights. just a heads up. checking in on our bridges. the golden gate bridge looking great and moving at the limit. i have some drive times for you. southbound traffic for the golden gate bridge will take you six minutes to get across the westbound travel lane. 11 minutes. westbound on the san mateo bridge, 13 minutes. kumasi: thank you. dress to impress at the met gala. reggie: from the flashy and bizarre to the smooth and elegant. we have all of the looks to remember. kumasi: let us take a live look
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outside at 6:13.
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kumasi: a family in new york is pleading for help in finding their daughter. gabby was reported missing on a cross-country trip visiting national parks with her fiance. her family is looking for any clues to what happened to their daughter. she was traveling the country in a van. >> we do not know where she is. >> a few days is one thing when you are out camping, but when it starts to become 7, 8, 9, 10 days, that is a problem. kumasi: her fiance returned to the home in florida with their van but gabby was not with him.
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he has hired a lawyer and will not speak to investigators. reggie: in the east bay six people were shot in oakland in three separate incidents is. the first involved in fbi ij -- fbi agent. he was serving an arrest warrant. the fbi has not said if the person shot was the person they were looking for. sky seven was on the scene at blossom street. none of the federal agents were injured. minutes later there was a second unrelated shooting near 60 8th avenue and macarthur boulevard. two people died there. at about 5:30, three more people were shot, one critically hurt on east 12th street outside of the fruitvale station. one person was found in the garage. kumasi: apple is getting ready to unveil more products. it is holding an event at 10:00 this morning as apple is releasing a critical security update to fix a software issue.
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he could allow hackers to access your phone and other devices called a zero click exploit since you do not even need to clink on a link or any file to trigger this. the fault was exploited to spyware on a saudi arabian activist's solar -- phone. experts tell abc 7 news that you should not be worried because they might not be targeting you specifically but you should still update your devices. >> you are not being targeted, i am not being targeted because in this case, we are not the targets of the saudi arabian government, but it is still a good idea. kumasi: apple is expected to unveil new iphones, a watch and more later this morning. mike: we are feet -- seeing as we step outside is a whole lot, there is smoke in the distance and over one shoulder there is increasing clouds.
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let us open the weather window and goal -- and go full screen looking down on the increasing clouds that are rolling in from the coast this morning. it is going to be our hottest afternoon this week, today with sunshine around the bay and inland neighborhoods. or clouds as the marine layer takes over with drizzle near the coast for the morning commute. the weekend we have the rain. if you do not get the rain, it will be the coolest of our seven days. let us look at this last hot day with 90's around morgan hill, gilroy, 84 at san jose. we have 80 in palo alto, 77 san mateo. at the coast 66 to 67 degrees. breezy through the golden gate and the temperature in downtown san francisco is 69 degrees. it will drop the temperatures in vallejo and napa into the mid's. okhat, nast bay, keeps leandr'.
6:20 am
80 to 84 elsewhere. 91 in san ramon. fairfield, 98 degrees. around the state, 64 in eureka. 43 degrees summer spread with near 100 near the valley. temperature is back in the 50's tonight. the cloud cover becomes more dominant and even a little drizzle. here is my seven day forecast. four to 10 degrees cooler. cooler more so on thursday. we will put that on hold on friday. our best chance of rain will be in the north bay. our coolest day in the 60's and 70's and our first offshore wind event will increase the rain sunday and monday. reggie: good morning america coming up at 7:00. kumasi: jen jersey is watching hurricane douglas with a look at
6:21 am
what is ahead. ginger: great to be with you. coming up, and angry gulf of mexico behind me and galveston is without power. nicholas made landfall just south of us. as it moves north it will slow down and meander, which is where the nine inches of rain will keep moving into louisiana, the parishes were hard-hit by ida and declared double states of emergency. this will absolutely be an insult to injury when the rain moves through much of southern louisiana. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been
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mike: 6:23, an ebb the rainfall forecast, one of the first times we have a cold front coming in from the north with moisture. it does not make it as far south as the models portend it will be.
6:24 am
saturday morning into the north bay and falls apart and focuses on the sierra, which is great. that will help temper some of the fires and then it falls apart sunday. you see how clear it gets with the offshore breeze. rainfall amounts if we are lucky, a couple of hundredths of an inch, but more than likely it will be dry. ukiah northward is where we will get much-needed rain. kumasi: if you missed the season premiere of "jeopardy," then you missed this moment. the stages now renamed as the alex trebek stage. you are seeing all of his family with the love game show host who made tv magic for jet -- for decades. you can watch the brand-new season every night at 7:00 p.m. reggie: the san jose mayor celebrated the 100th anniversary of the city college. it is the oldest community college in the bay area. part of the ceremony included gifts to the descendants of the
6:25 am
local drive. the college sits on their land. js -- sjcc students every year. congratulations to the san francisco giants, aaron teed a trip to the pro season. they beat the padres 9-1 securing an appearance in the wild card game at the very least. this is the earliest they have clinched a postseason birth in -- berth in postseason history. it will be their first postseason appearance in four years. the team is eyeing a bigger prize by holding off the dodgers and taking the national league west with 18 games to go, the dodgers are behind the giants by 2.5 games. kumasi: now we have to talk about the mets gala. reggie: the guest list was smaller this year to keep up with covid safety protocols, still, a lot of your favorite influencers came dressed to impress. kumasi: yes.
6:26 am
reggie: were going start with j. lo. i like this. she is in breast -- embracing this theme on cowboy keturah. lil nas x arrived in a three-piece outfit. he needed the aid of three team of people showing off three looks and that to me was very c-3po. here is billie eilish, her take on marilyn monroe the incredible dress was complete with a large train. this is different from anything that she has done before. and then, it took a while, people kept asking if she would come and she certainly did. rihanna made her epic return read -- to the red carpet wearing an all-black outfit and she was joined by her boyfriend who turned heads in this colorful quilted look marking the couple's red carpet debut. do not ask me to explain it, i
6:27 am
cannot. this is kim kardashian, the reality star has consistently gone the extra mile with her choices. this time she showed up dressed in black from head to toe. there is a matching mask and train. and then, there is frank ocean. so, he showed up with a fake green animatronics baby -- animatronic baby. look at that. i missed this last night. did you see this last night? i somehow missed it, but they both look great. this is really nice. aisha curry turning heads bringing a diamond embellished dress and you can see steph curry matching her. that is stunning. the hair is stunning. kumasi: eveg.
6:28 am
ggie: that was incredible. kumasi: everything. reggie: frank ocean, i cannot explain what that was. but i used to have this toy in the 80's that was a glowworm and it reminded me of that. i felt very much taken back to my childhood. kumasi: next, one bay area county considering the idea of completely free covid test kits for students. the project that could be expanding further. reggie: broadway is back in action, a sneak peak performance of "
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vision loss or even blindness. that's right, diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness for adults in the u.s. but even though you can't see it, there is something you can do about it. remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is an incredibly important part of your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. just say to yourself, “now eye see.” then—go see an eye care specialist. visit to get the facts about diabetes, your eyes, and what you can do next—to take control of your sight. brought to you by regeneron. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. reggie: election day decision facing california voters. the biggest democratic names to
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make sure that governor newsom is still in office by the end of tonight. >> i will be repealing those because i believe we have something called freedom. kumasi: the top republican challenger making his final voice heard. supporters sharing their reasons for a change at the top. your complete guide to watch the results come in. reggie: tracking tropical storm nicholas, a gas station on the verge of collapse, vicious rain coming to an already soaked gulf coast. the damage that we are seeing. good morning, you are watching abc 7 mornings live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. we want to check on our forecast. mike: i am trying to get the latest on nicholas loaded onto the machine. we will start with what is going on at home. you can see that my clouds are making a late entrance, high pressure holding on, so welcome to our hottest day of the seven
6:32 am
day forecast. some clouds looking off towards the east, but look at the wind, less than 10 miles an hour, civil not make much progress before it retreats back to the coast and leaves us with 70's and 80's away from the coast at noon with sunshine and clouds lingering with the mid 60's. 80 to 93, a large sum spread and back into the 60's, 70's, and 80's. as far as the latest on our tropical storm, 60 mile-per-hour wind, and flooding rain. kumasi: developing news, the hurricane that made landfall overnight has been downgraded to a tropical storm. nicholas knocked out electricity to hundreds of thousands of people. jobina is joining us with the developments. jobina: emergency officials have been warning residents to prepare for gusty wind and a life-threatening storm surge. this is a live look in galveston.
6:33 am
the storm made landfall along the texas coast. nicholas is bringing the threat of 20 interest -- 20 inches of rain and it has 60 mile-per-hour wind. check out this video, sideways wind we went to coastal communities and there are reports of flooding and people have been urged to stay off the roadways. it is too dangerous and trees are beginning to topple. a state of emergency is in effect for area sitting in the path of the storm. the port of houston has closed and so have schools, medical facilities and testing sites. nicholas could challenge recovery efforts from hurricane ida. >> i know that praising for another storm -- racing for another storm well we are trying to recover is not the position we wanted to be in. it is a situation that we are prepared for. jobina: new orleans has been placed under a flash flood warning and we are already hearing reports of power
6:34 am
outages, 400,000 customers are without electricity right now. reggie: thank you. shall gavin newsom be recalled? that is the question that voters will answer today. the polls are open across the state about 30 minutes. if you have not turned in your ballot yet you have to do it today. president biden says the outcome could have a big impact on the entire country. amy hollyfield is live in walnut creek for us. amy: good morning. election officials say this was a challenge getting the election prepared for. they did not have a lot of time, about 60 days from the day that the election was called to election day. in september, polling places like this one, this church will turn into a polling place and opening 30 minutes. this recall election has captured a lot of attention even from the president of the united states. president joe biden made an
6:35 am
appearance yesterday in california campaigning alongside governor gavin newsom. as. warned supporters that they would regret it if they do not get out and vote against the recall. pres. biden: california the eyes of the nation are on you. i am not joking about that. you have got to vote no on the recall. keep gavin as governor. the rest of america is counting on you, and syllabi. -- so am i. amy: governor gavin newsom's advisors say that they are confident that the recall will fail. there are 46 challengers who hope to replace him. if you mail in your ballot, just make sure that you get today's postmark on it. if it is postmarked with tomorrow's date, it will not be
6:36 am
counted. or you can go to your local polling place. kumasi: recall recall rec the last 24 hours reminding people while they are work -- why they are working to unseat governor newsom despite numbers showing the governor's lead growing. recall that this will go in big numbers. >> the big thing for the lack community is school choice. zoom was a huge problem for so many kids. gavin newsom was sending his kids to private school while schools were closed. kumasi: larry elder spent his day in southern california trying to convince voters to vote for him. >> what they are afraid of is that larry elder from the hud who attended a public school -- from the hood who attended a public school will break the stranglehold over school choice. kumasi: other improved --
6:37 am
opponents are also planning to be in southern california for election day. reggie: phil says regardless of the outcome the recall will show how californians feel about top issues. phil: the question is not whether this is close or not. gavin newsom stands a good chance of staying in office, but by what margin, how do people feel. how do they feel about the homeless, crime, a number of issues, covid. we will find out about that. reggie: our news data team need the map showing the percent of ballots returned in each county and state. marine county, 50% of voters have returned their ballots, the third highest percentage. solano county has the lowest at just over 33%. overall about 36% of californians sent in their ballots as of sunday. you can check out how york county is doing by going to liz and phil joinreporters for l
6:38 am
roundtable. the group talked about everything from the candidates to how the race is being run to polls and what we can expect. surely whether, the secretary -- shirley webber says this election will cost as much as $300 million. you can watch a recall of -- a replay of the roundtable on the app and that is where we will find our live coverage tonight. reggie: the top story you are clicking on right now, bay area families devastated when a local cemetery clears flowers and mementos. the cemetery says it has a very good explanation. kumasi: you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange up by 100 points. reggie: plus inside facebook's vip society, an exclusive club
6:39 am
for celebrities and politicians apparently able to avoid the rules. jobina: good morning, we have a major mass transit alert from bart because of a power outages. it will not be stopping at the pleasant hill station due to the outage. you need to take contra costa county connections either 15 or 14 between walnut creek and concord. have not given us the next -- an estimated time to when the power will restore, all we know is that pg&e is working at it. bringing you a live look now from the bay bridge toll plaza, a backup is officially here. lights came on at 6:02, and you are just under the limit westbound into san francisco. i live look at the golden gate bridge. we had fog that moved into the area so on that note i will check in with mike. mike: good morning, great
6:40 am
observation, the marine layer compressed to 1000 feet hugging a lot of neighborhoods like over my shoulder moving through the dings as it heads through downtown san francisco. the other shoulder shows pretty clear over the bay. i want to circle back to show you what is going on from houston to mobile, alabama. floods lasting three to four days and has up to 10 to 12 inches of rain possible in louisiana and mississippi. that is what we are dealing with moving forward with nicholas. it will not be the wind, but the flooding that will be the biggest issue. temperatures in the lower to upper 50's. 49 in novato. 60, fairfield. texting one, brentwood. let us look what happens for the claimant asked for the kids, they are with temperatures not changing much. 60's and 70's 11:00. heading home, no jacket
6:41 am
required. 80 around the bay and upper 60's around the coast. for your commute it is about the breeze from the golden gate bridge through the delta into the afternoon and evening, otherwise, pretty hot after being so cool this morning. temperatures this afternoon from 69 in san francisco. 84, san jose and napa to our route 95 -- two about 95 and liberal -- livermore. hot temperatures around the bay. they are sponsored by visit california. >> this guy is busy working on our state's recovery. he lives in california and by verification think in california -- vacationing in california he is supporting businesses and communities meaning that every fruit
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
reggie: now the pandemic where new numbers show covid rates are worsening across most of the country. we have why doctors say they will get worse for one age group in particular. jobina: millions of students are back in person for in person learning and with children under 12 still not able to get a vaccine there is a lot of anxiety for parents, teachers, and doctors. the numbers show an increase in childhood covid cases, 243,000 children tested positive last week, the second-highest weekly case count ever with approval for a vaccine for kids not expected until late last -- late next month. doctors are warning we should expect more cases in the coming weeks. >> we are going to see an uptake because -- uptake because this is more sticky than the alpha variant of last year. kumasi: the you -- jobina: the u.s. is averaging
6:45 am
1200 covid deaths a day. that is six times the death toll from 15 -- from two months ago. vaccination rates are still increasing with more americans seeking out shots. ron desantis is threatening to fine cities who approve them. he says he wants to protect florida jobs with this move. kumasi: san francisco will hold vaccination clinics at four public schools. the clinics launched at malcolm x academy, balboa high and sunset elementary. some will be opened evenings and weekends. the school district is teaming up with the department of public health to host these clinics aimed at expanding vaccine access to low income communities. reggie: some marin county families will receive free test kits. the idea is to have students take rapid tests at home if they are feeling symptoms. results are available in 15 minutes. according to our media partner
6:46 am
this is part of a pride -- a pilot project. if that works out all marin school families could get access to these tests by late october or early november. kumasi: families whose loved ones are buried at chapel of the child cemetery are outraged because the cemetery cleared flowers and other belongings from hundreds of gravesites without sufficient notice. the family sent us these videos after they learned the cemetery had done a cleanup. piles of flowers and other mementos thrown in the dirt. victoria davis' sister passed away in septa -- in december and the cemetery never notified them. >> it is 2021, there is more than enough ways to notify people of important changes like that. kumasi: the cemetery's general manager said that chapel of the chimes strive to maintain a statics and dignity of the park for the benefits of families and guests. in an email statement writing "
6:47 am
are cleanup filed many communications throughout the summer. we did learn that the cemetery posted flyers notifying visitors of the plan cleanup. reggie: the biden administration is expanding the central american minors program allowing parents from el salvador, guatemala or honduras to bring at risk children to the u.s.. tens of thousands could be eligible including parents or guardians who are in the u.s. already legally, and those who has size on -- whose asylum applications are pending. the program originated with the obama administration and was shut down by the trump administration. after -- kumasi: after a run for the ages the san jose zoo has a new idea expanding off -- automatic life translations by the end of the year. the company is starting with 12 languages and then plans are to eventually translate as many as
6:48 am
30 languages. so far, no word on which ones specifically that it would only be for paid users. zoom acquired a german translation company in june and is using its machine learning technology for the new feature. a new report making major waves in the tech world and a new exclusive network of ei beef -- vip facebook profiles. it keeps a list of elite profiles including some 5 million politicians, celebrities and journalists that are immune to the social network's content rules. facebook insists that it had previously disclosed this program as a way to give these accounts extra quality control. critics say it is a way for facebook to avoid high-profile pre--- pr fires. what is look at the stock exchange as trading gets underway. we are starting up by 100 points. >> left off.
6:49 am
reggie: spacex's oldest falcon nine rockets blasting off overnight in santa barbara county. it is carrying starlink satellites into orbit. it is the first west coast launch. it successfully stuck its landing. it is the company's 90th successful landing today. kumasi: elon musk is about to get richard branson and jeff bezos a run to -- a run for their money. his company is ready to spend -- to send four civilians into space. jobina tells us that it comes with major risks. jobina: its plan is pretty jaw-dropping. they will send four civilians on a three-day mission around the earth multiple times. there will be no astronauts on board making this spaceflight
6:50 am
one with incredible risks and rewards. we do know who will be on this maiden voyage. jared isaac men is a 38-year-old billionaire who bought four seats. he got them for an undisclosed amount. he is giving receipts away to fund raise for saint jude children's hospital. getting a seat is engineer and air force veteran and geoscience professor and former st. jude's patient, and spacex has never assented ship so far into space. 360 miles above the earth's surface. that is further than branson and bezos. >> this will go up to 360 miles and will go around the earth for three days. this is a difference between the tilt a whirl at the county fair and space mountain at disneyland , there is no comparison. jobina: this is incredible. it is scheduled to launch
6:51 am
tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. at the kennedy space center and another incredible aspect of this flight, it is completely autonomous so there will be no one on board needing to drive the capsule. we will see tomorrow. reggie: i hope it goes well. simone biles is headed to the bay area as part of the olympic gold medalist gold over america tour. that stands for g.o.a.t. she is talking about what fans can expect. >> we have some of the top-tier gymnasts in the world as well as dancers and it is more like a pop concert and gymnastics show with a lot of led lights and a lot of music. it be a lot of fun. reggie: the gold over america tour make two stops in the bay area at sap center in the 26th and then the chase center on the 28th. coming up at 7:00, simone biles has a surprise for one of her
6:52 am
youngest fans. find out what it is. kumasi: the subtle girl is so cute. reggie: that little girl should be had -- should be on the red carpet. kumasi: she is on theme. reggie: she probably will be next year. mike: the truth is that simone will bring that 98 pound dress. it might go with the lasers and other stuff. kumasi: how will she flip with that on? reggie: it could be a reveal. mike: she just walks out with it, sheds it and does what she does. kumasi: you are right. mike: call me. here's a look at what is going on. 6:52 on recall election day. look at that fog trying to sneak across the gap and over the airport right now. over at san rafael, a beautiful sunrise. the brightest and warmest this
6:53 am
afternoon and it all goes downhill. a couple of these waves of cooler weather brings us a slight chance of rain saturday and possibly our first offshore wind event so heightened fire risk sunday and monday. let us look at today's temperatures as it is the last hot day. 91, morgan hill's. sunnyvale, 80. 77, san mateo. mid 70's to 80. 66 to 67 along the coast and not quite as breezy as it was yesterday with cloud cover hanging around. 70 for downtown and it will be breezier in south san francisco. we just have to keep winning so we could get the division and get home field advantage. 60 and down to 46, and a degree cooler. breezes kicking into the delta. 83 to 84 today. and in places like vallejo and
6:54 am
napa. 90 at santa rosa. for the east bay the breeze around 74. not so much around fremont and also in castro valley. let us head over, 91, san ramon and 96. no relief here, not today. tonight, 50's and more cloud cover and more drizzle along the coast. the seven day forecast, four to 10 degrees cooler. another two to four degrees thursday. our coolest today is 60's and 70's with the chance of rain across the north bay and warmer with hot and dry wind. reggie: broadway is back, big musicals like hamilton, wicked, and chicago and also the lion king will raise the curtain in new york. >> ♪ it is the circle of life. and, it rules us all
6:55 am
reggie: this is the cast on gmaa this morning, many more musicals are set to resume over the next few weeks. anyone in the audience will need to be fully vaccinated and wearing masks and you can watch the full-line king performance coming up at 7:00 after abc 7 mornings. but there is nothing like being in an actual audience and seeing an elephant or a rhinoceros walk by. kumasi: you know i am looking for flights. if they -- if you want to make the trip they are -- they have some good flight deals. reggie: it is almost criminally treat -- g. kumasi: i found round-trip for $153 on the weekend. go. live your new york life. up next, the seven things you need to know. reggie: you can watch all of our new casts at the connected tv app available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire and roku. download now and you can start streaming.
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kumasi: let us take a live look outside this is when we see really beautiful shots. today is no exception. 6:55. man, look at that internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride.
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kumasi: 6:58 and if you are just joining us here are seven things you need to know. it is election day and governor gasson -- gavin newsom is facing a historic recall. if you are mailing in your ballot make sure that it gets postmarked by today for it to count. reggie: the trial of elizabeth holmes is expected to resume today. the proceedings were canceled friday after a juror was possibly exposed to covid. this week we are expected to hear from a senior project manager and one of the whistleblowers. kumasi: people across parts of texas are waking up to damage and flooding caused by nicholas which made landfall as a category one hurricane. it has been downgraded to a tropical storm. mike: welcome to the hottest day of the seven day forecast,
6:59 am
temperatures from 69 in san francisco to 95 in livermore. 10 degrees warmer than average. jobina: we are looking live at the bay bridge toll prods -- toll plaza and the backup is not as bad as normal which is good news. reggie: proctor and gamble announce it is tackling climate change. the company says it will go to net zero greenhouse gas emissions across all operations and supply chains by 2040. kumasi: this grand entrance by lil nas x arriving in a three-part outfit. he go -- he had to go from one outfit to the next to the next, but that is why you have a good team with you to make sure all you have to focus on is the looks and poses. i love it. reggie: that was something. kumasi: it was the poses for me. you have to pull it out -- pull it off. mike: you have to have the attitude and confidence. jobina: did you see the band
7:00 am
that opened that? kumasi: i saw you posted that. good morning, america. as we take you through this tuesday, the gulf coast battered by hurricane nicholas. breaking overnight. hurricane nicholas making landfall in texas. torrential rain and intense storm surge flooding the streets. powerful winds reaching over 90 miles per hour. the storm on the move this morning. new orleans on flash flood watch again. and louisiana on edge, a double state of emergency for parts of the hard-hit south. ginger is live in the storm zone tracking it all. back-to-school surge. nearly 500,000 children testing positive for covid in the last two weeks while a north carolina school district eliminates quarantines for clos


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