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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 12, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> the countdown rakell election. the governor and top republican contenders making their final push to voters. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m. let's start with a quick look at the weather with lisa arjun. toasty tuesday up ahead. lisa: we are going to build on the heat starting with today. my knees will be returning today in our inland valleys. a little bit of fog on the coast. current numbers are in the upper 50's for most from san leandro to hayward. 52 in castro valley with 40's and parts of the north bay valleys. the sun not coming up until 6:49. fog at the coast, but a quicker
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warm up. in the 60's along the shoreline. 70 to upper 70's around the bayshore. back into the mid-90's for the san ramon valley and concord with a good deal of sunshine, good air quality. tonight, of the libido fog, but high-pressure is -- a little bit of fog, but high-pressure is building. northerly winds in the forecast. amanda: it is the final push before people had to the polls tuesday to vote in the recall election. governor gavin newsom spent yesterday campaigning against the recall. abc 7 was at the saint mary's center in oakland for an event hosted by the service employees international union. newsom has been focusing on the bay area in recent days including an appearance last week with vice president kamala harris. yesterday, he had some support from congresswoman barbara lee. >> i know and you know what it means to take unpopular
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positions if it means doing the right thing. you know i know that. you also know that gover newsom has taken unpopular positions through this deadly pandemic. but you know what? he has saved lives and livelihoods. amanda: newsom has more events planned. president biden will campaign for him tomorrow. supporters of the recall held a rally of their own yesterday. a large group posted signs and waved flags on the berlin boulevard overpass to get the attention of drivers on highway 101. people have been gathering regularly on this overpass to encourage voters to mark "yes" on their ballots. larry elder was campaigning in southern california. he greeted diners in lake forest, also in orange county. he hit on familiar talking points as he pitched himself to voters. >> i want to remind people he is not running because of the rise in crime or rise in
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homelessness, rising cost of living. amanda: john coxe was in san diego yesterday. he did not hold a rally, but attended an event commemorating 9/11. polls show coxe a distant second against elder. later this morning, abc 7 will tell us what he thinks about the recall election two days before polls open. phil will join me at 9:00. this weekend, the nation paid tribute to the nearly 3000 people who died on the anniversary of 9/11. yesterday, memorials were held in new york city, shanksville, pennsylvania and at the pentagon. the bay area also paused to remember the events of 9/11, remembering first responders and heroes who made a stand. >> streets of downtown san jose.
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the fire departments patriot day ceremony honoring lives lost on 11. memories of that september day forever etched in our mind. >> most recounted in detail where they were, what they were doing. >> we stand here today to acknowledge all who suffered and sacrificed on that day 20 years ago. ♪ >> gatos, hometown to two heroes of 9/11. passengers on board united airlines flight 93 who fought back against hijackers, preventing the plane to be used as a weapon. >> they broke wine bottles to use them as charred class. they got the fire extinction on board, the beverage court, to do what they can to create -- careen through that cockpit door. >> bells t bells t
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as the fire department and city honored the brave. >> the sacrifices that were made by the first responders as everyone ran away from the danger, they ran towards the danger. >> betty yong from san francisco yet another hero. she was a flight attendant on board american airlines flight. she was able to give vital information to officials before the plane struck the world trade center. >> for 45 minutes, she was on the phone despite the terror within the plane. >> heroes playing a role in history. their courage and memories never to be forgotten. amanda: along with the events in los gatos yesterday, the san francisco team
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teammate. bigham created the sf fogogogogg team, the first all gay rugby team on the west coast. in 2002, the bigham created in order to celebrate has, -- contributions to the lgbtq community. his former teammate explained the silver lining to his death and what he meant to the sport and the gay community. >> i've no doubt that his death and the publicity that came from it, he was a gay man, a rugby player, one of the players that tried to retake control of flight 93, led to a lot of people opening their minds. all i can say is good on you mark. i'm proud to know you. amanda: the next bigham cup rugby tournament will take place in 2022 and is expected to be one of the largest rugby tournaments in the world. vice president kamala harris was
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one of those who visited the flight 93 memorial yesterday. connections including lauren, who lived with her husband in san rafael at the time. one of the last names the vice president stopped at was todd. other bay area heroes are among those who responded to new york after the attacks. one local first responder who worked at ground zero says he is still suffering from health impacts. now in san jose, he shared his story with tim. >> for harold, it has been 20 years, but the memories are still vivid. >> the smells, the composition, burning flesh, smoke, destroyed buildings. >> back in september 2000 one, he was a part of a california search and rescue team sent to new york city after the 9/11 attacks.
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an experience he says is almost indescribable. >> the gates of hell is probably a good way to describe it, or war of the worlds. >> something he has never been able to forget. >> it was surreal, it was like the end of the world have come, and i'm in the middle of all of this devastation. >> but beyond the mental toll, there was also a physical price to pay. of the 68 people on his team, 47 of them, are about 70% had suffered health issues in the years after 9/11. those health issues, he believes, were caused by the so-called plume that engulfed the rubble of the world trade center for weeks after the attack. >> we realized then that we have gotten ourselves into something worse than anybody had anticipated. >> while the health problems have gotten better over time for some of his teammates, for
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others, including himself, he says they still persist to this day. >> we have people who have the cough, skin sores. we had a number of other issues that came up right away or over time that we went, something is wrong. >> despite the toll it took both mentally and physically, he says he would not hesitate to do it again. not just for those he helped in the weeks after the disaster, but also for everyone else. >> freedom is not free. this could happen again. it may not look the same, but there is always that risk in a free society. amanda: a federal health program and compensation fund for people impacted by the attacks has been authorized until 2090. more than 80,001st responders have enrolled. new cdc data shows cancer diagnoses and medical complications have soared in the last few years for first
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responders who inhaled toxic debris. in palo alto last night, one of the messages of an interfaith mario. -- memorial. hundreds gathered in a show of unity. >> on the day the world stood still, 20 years later in the bay area, hundreds held a moment of silence to honor the lives lost on 911. >> for the victims, first responders and families who are striving to bring peace globally. >> a moment to reflect and heal as a nation. >> to heal those that are survivors and also to heal our own traumas from that memory as well as the continued trauma that continues to ensue and ensnare us for more. >> -- from war. >> the former fbi agent spoke about the trauma this day resurfaces. >> 9/11 is triple difficult for
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me because not only did i lose thousands of americans on the day of, but i also lost thousands of soldiers and military personnel during the 20 year war that followed. >> every september 11, this event hopes to unite the community bringing religious leaders together in one place. >> islam once love and caring. that is what christianity wants. that is what jewish people want, hindu people want. >> and of the best way to come together as by building relationships with people, especially people that might not look like us. >> in the crowd, strangers became friends, sharing a meal on bonding over the need for unity regardless of background. >> when september 11 happened, there was intense backlash, especially against the muslim community. it was so important for us to come together as a group, as a community here. >> christians, jews, muslims,
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hindus, everybody of all colors, likes, face, whatever, can come together. >> in palo alto. ♪ amanda: for a check weather, we turn to meteorologist lisa argen. lisa: looking outside, it looks pretty. clear sky, but on top, 70 degrees with 20% relative humidity. another warm day from san rafael up to santa rosa in the mid-80's. we will talk about how long the 80's and 90's stick around, next. amanda: also ahead, a shortage affecting many bay area pet owners. why local veterinarians are cutting hours and not taking on new patients. the giant race returns to oracle park this morning with a 5k course. how you can still take part if you want to do a longer course
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. amanda: san francisco police are investigating an explosion in the oceanview neighborhood. police responded to a call near the oceanview playground. firefighters tell us it was possibly fireworks related. residents were told to shelter-in-place while. the investigation is underway two people were injured. they have not provided additional details regarding any arrests or what exactly the explosion was. a national shortage of veterinarians and veterinarian nurses is being felt here in the bay area with some pet hospitals having to reduce emergency services.
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melanie has our story. money: when jack jack's mom moved across the country, so did the. >> about two months ago, i could not find a single event in the city taking on new animals. melanie: she is experiencing the effects of a nationwide veterinarian shortage firsthand. >> i am really worried. felony: -- melanie: shortage is not specific here. she attributes the shortage to the number matriculating in annually parses the number retiring and says attrition is also one of the main factors for the nurse >> >> shortage. the average career lifespan for a veterinary nurses only five years. melanie: the employees working cannot work at maximum capacity. >> it is a huge problem for us to try to resolve. melanie: signs outside are now
6:17 am
outdated. dr. scarlett says the location is suspending overnight emergency care after 8:00 p.m. during the week and on the weekends. the mission campus will still be open seven days a week. >> i just have to scale back to what our staff can handle. melanie: she things telemedicine for veterinarians could be the next step. while those working on the front lines try to come up with solutions, pet owners are struggling. >> to not know what you would do if there is an emergency is scary. melanie: a shortage impacting pets and the people who love them in the bay area and beyond. amanda: happening today, environmentalists will rally at point reyes ahead of the federal government's expected decision this week to allow ranching to continue at the national seashore. reyes harms the environment, r i hastens climate change and destroys the habitat.
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the park service is asked -- expected to extend leases to about a dozen commercial beef and dairy operators until 2042. this morning's protests starts at 11:00 a.m. a popular footrace that finishes at the home of the san francisco giants returns to the city streets this morning. runners will take part in the 2021 san francisco giant race 5k with action starting at 7:30. the pandemic canceled the race last year. organizers brought it back this year, but with a cap on the number of runners. those who want to take part in a 10k half marathon can do so through a virtual race at a time and place of their choosing. this morning's course will take runners up and down the embarcadero from the ballpark with a finish line right on the oracle parkfield. let's check in with meteorologist lisa argen tracking our forecast. good day for a foot race? lisa: i would say so. warmer in the upper elevations than it usually is, but that
6:19 am
warmer air nixing down to the surface and by tonight, northerly winds are going to take over. that is going to take us through the next 24 hours this evening into monday night. unfortunately, that is going to bring drier conditions up where we don't need them, where the atmosphere is parched and the soil is certainly tender. relative humidity in the upper elevations. . low clouds and fog outside the day. it is extending all the way down into about santa barbara, the central coast. we have high pressure building back. what a site here. you can check out the fog. it is about 1000 feet deep. sun coming up at 6:49. it sets at 7:21 and i has allowed for numbers in the north bay to be much cooler the past couple of mornings. it is 56 in the city, 58 in oakland. 54 for you. 53 in morgan hill and pacific 54
6:20 am
degrees. we did see some 90's here yesterday in the livermore valley. once again today, building on some of that warmth through tuesday. a little bit of a north wind on top of mount diablo tonight. 50 in santa rosa, 52 in nevada. livermore at 57. sitting at 71 degrees right now at about 3000 feet. it is not that warm, but it is certainly dry out there. from our roof camera looking at the fog at the coast, it is clear elsewhere, warming up today, but the beaches remain breezy in the 60's. summer heat for tuesday. that will be the warmest day of the week. we are going to keep those 90's with us today and tomorrow, but then get into a more breezy system by midweek. we have not talked about much air quality, it has been good. as we get into the later part of the day, some haze from our east bay valleys into the south bay.
6:21 am
that is due to the ridge of high pressure building and is going to stay with us. as we get into tuesday, notice we see a little bit more moderate air quality throughout the afternoon. as we look at temperatures climbing through the day on monday, it 90's by the delta. it will be pleasant in richmond and oakland around the mid-seventies. upper 70's on the peninsula. by tuesday, here comes more heat. wednesday, we call off and back to today, 66 out-of-town. 82 in san jose. 86 in santa rosa with 93 in antioch. we will keep the warming inland by the bayshore as we get towards tuesday near 80. beaches even warm up a bit. that onshore flow slackens off and that allows for the warmth and that high disappears as an area of low pressure arrives to the west of us. midweek, that will bring in better air quality and cooler temperatures as we get towards the end of this week.
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amanda: in san chinatown parents who live in camino housing say their fears have not gone the way. leeann spotlights their concerns. >> while san francisco public schools haven't lamented numerous safety measures to protect against the delta variant, not every community feels safe. this was a rally held by members of the chinese community just
6:25 am
days before the beginning of the school year asking that the district allow some of their children to return to online learning. nearly four weeks into the school year, the health department reports that schools are low risk settings when the proper safety protocols are followed. still, for many, those fears have not gone away. >> what are you afraid of? >> afraid the kids catch the delta. >> i think i want the kids to stay home to do the internet school. >> so you want them to stay at home on the internet? >> yeah. >> the community surveyed nearly 33 chinatown families living in communal housing and found that 70% of them did not want their kids to return to in person learning. >> they share a communal floor which means they share the entire bathroom on every single floor and the entire kitchen on every single floor. you can see how a parent would be concerned.
6:26 am
>> that documentary on the challenges of living in an sro was produced by the chinatown cdc. because they are in close proximity, the concern they say is that every time they interact with other students at school, they are risking the well-being of their own children and others who live in that communal adding today, the school district met with eight chinatown official to hear their concerns. continue to work with the school district to make sure that the needs of these families are being addressed. amanda: target is offering a pretty good deal for parents with growing youngsters. the retailers car seat trade-in event returns. parents can trade in car seats their kids have outgrown. target will give them a 20% coupon good for another larger car seat. you can also use the coupon on
6:27 am
rockers and highchairs. this promotion runs through september 25 with coupons redeemable through october 2. we would not show this video if it did not have a good outcome. account somehow -- a cat somehow wand up dangling from this stadium. the cat struggles to hang on for several seconds. some trying to reach down and grab it. the cat then appears to fall but is caught by fans below who are holding an american flag. the crowd erupts in cheers as a fan holds up the cat. my husband earlier said the canes saved the cat. hundreds of people in the bay pay tribute to 9/11 victims by giving back. the effort to help local families with a day of service. >> last night, we had to close down the icu to where we could not take anymore admissions. amanda: hospitals overwhelmed
6:28 am
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amanda: good morning. you are watching abc 7 news. we are starting this half-hour with a look at our weather. it is going to heat up toward election day, i hear. lisa: it is. inland, the temperature spread like we usually do this time of year. right now, a beautiful shot at a low cloud deck. bits of the city poking out. it will be pleasant today here with temperatures near 70 degrees in spots. the fog will clear and we will get the afternoon sea breeze. 56 right now in downtown. our east bay hills camera, another look at the low cloud deck.
6:31 am
the inland east bay, upper 50's. warm in the effort elevations. by 9:00, widespread 60's inland. by noon, low to mid 80's around san ramon, the delta. oakland is even in the upper 60's, upper 70's in the north way. by 2:00, a few 80's in san jose. upper 70's on the peninsula. we will talk about more inland heat and some northerly winds in just a few minutes. amanda: as night fell over new york city, lights beamed into the sky signifying the twin towers last night. the annual art installation brought a close to a day of tributes nationwide marking 20 years and since nearly 3000 people were killed in an of terror. three former president took parts in tributes while former president trump visited firefighters in new york.
6:32 am
manhattan this september 11, 20 years after the deadliest attack on american soil. mourners gathering at the 9/11 memorial along with president and first lady bided as well as former president barack obama and bill clinton. bells tolling six times for the six pivotal moments of the attack, starting at 8:46 a.m., marking the time american white -- flight crashed into the world trade center. the young people's chorus of new york singing the national anthem. the sound of bagpipes as the names of all 2977 victims in the attacks were read out loud by family members. >> today, of all days, we gather their memory close. ike: at the pentagon, defense secretary lloyd austin reminded americans that we must be tireless guardians of our ideals as well as our security. >> we still uphold our values here.
6:33 am
with clear heads hearts. ike: in shanksville, pennsylvania, where the passengers and crew of united flight 43 crash -- overcame hijackers and crash the plane into a field, vice president kamala harris spoke with the humanity and courage of those. >> we must look toward the future because in the end, i do believe that is what the 40 were fighting for. their future, and hours. ike: former president george w. bush also delivering remarks, comparing the september 11 terror attack to the growing domestic terrorism threat. >> they are children of the same foul spirit. it is our continuing duty to confront them. ike: president biden in the first lady also attended a wreath-laying ceremony in shanksville. those there were family members of those killed on flight 93.
6:34 am
also visiting the pentagon to pay their respects. amanda: as part of a 9/11 tribute in san francisco yesterday, a group of volunteers pack more than 2000 meals for people in need. yesterday morning, in honor of national day of service and remembrance, more than 1000 people met at the palace of fine arts help pack nonperishable meals to address the ongoing food crisis in the bay area. >> it is incredibly inspiring and reminds us that we are one community. when we help each other, nothing makes us feel better about what we can do to make a difference. amanda: all meals will be donated to and distribute it by the san francisco food bank to individuals and families in need. hospitals across the country are on the brink this morning overwhelmed with covid-19 patients. seven states are close to running out of hospital beds. karina mitchell tells us the
6:35 am
national guard is now stepping in to help in some of those hard-hit communities. >> the country surpassing a grim new statistic, one in every 500 americans has died from covid-19. south carolina and kentucky now with of the highest daily case rates. >> we have more kentuckians fighting for their lives on ventilators than ever before. >> kentucky has called in 300 additional members of the national guard to help and overwhelmed hospitals. just a few months ago, there were five covid patients at alphonsus regional medical center in boise, idaho. as of this week, there were more than 45. >> currently, we have patients ranging in age from 23 years old in the icu with covid to 69 years old. >> nearly all of the patients unvaccinated. in indiana, a nurse practitioner describes how dire the situation is. >> last night, we had to close down the icu to where we could not take anymore admissions.
6:36 am
>> new studies show vaccines remain highly effective in preventing severe symptoms, even against the delta variant. >> those who are and -- were unvaccinated were about 4.5 times more likely to get covid-19, over 10 times more likely to get hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die. >> meanwhile, the debate over masques texas , the attorney general has filed lawsuits against three three school districts that have defined the governor's ban on mask mandates. amanda: coming up, the u.s. surgeon general will going george tiktok about where the nation stands on vaccinations. we will also hear from senators bernie sanders and joe manchin on the effort to pass the democrats $3.5 trillion economic package. you can watch the full interview at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7.
6:37 am
the bluegrass festival is teaming up with san francisco public health department to organize a pop-up vaccination clinic. you can come down to the bayview opera house from noon until 4:00 today for free music, covid-19 testing and vaccinations. they will be performances by nick clark and skip the needle. everything is clear including festival merchandise for anyone who comes by and get the vaccination. still ahead, a huge military ship arrives to help san francisco bay. the preparations are under -- already underway for fleet week. here a live look from the pier 39 can. those docs empty now, but soon, we will hopefully see some sunlight -- sea lions coming out to sunbathe. ♪ come on, get your motor running ♪ you just head out on the highway ♪ looking for some tchotchkes ♪ and whatever comes our way ♪ yeah darlin, go make it happen
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way under the bay bridge yesterday after coming up from san diego. a fleet week spokesperson said the trip -- ship is here for a port visit. fleet week is next month from october 3 the 11th. for now, you can visit pier 30 to get a view of the ship. for now, we check in with meteorologist lisa argen. a good day to go out and check on the embarcadero. lisa: it is going to be nice. we are going to see plenty of sound and. a lot of activity in santa cruz i'm told it is an ironman contest. son is on the way with mid 70's down at the beaches. 60's here in half moon bay and around pacifica. we will talk particulars, our warm up for the week ahead, next. amanda: also next, fear the tree. stanford pulls off an upset of the 14th ranked trojans in l.a. is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes knocking you out of your zone? lowering your a1c with once-weekly ozempic®
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amanda: the 49ers opened their 2021 campaign on the road. on the diamond, the giants will try to close out their road trip by sweeping the cubs at wrigley field. first pitches at 11:20 a.m. and the a's will try to win their series against the rangers. first pitch at the oakland coliseum is at 1:07 this afternoon. college football next saturday, stanford travels to nashville to take on vanderbilt. last night, the can't -- cardinal battled usc in l.a. >> good morning. it was pac-12 after dark once again saturday night. stanford and usc, a late kickoff. cardinal trying to rebound from a 17 point loss to kansas state last week. entered this game as 17 point underdogs. usc kicker parker lewis kicked out of the game on the opening kickoff for targeting.
6:44 am
don't see that ever or very often. stanford striking first. nathaniel takes off left tackle, 87 yards. there he goes to the house. 7-0, stanford on top in the first quarter. second quarter, a 7-7 ballgame. a usc player lines up in the neutral zone, so david and stanford decide to go for it on fourth down. tanner to elijah for the touchdown. stanford led 21-10 at the break. third quarter. 31 pick six. stanford's first pick six since 2017. stanford wins and will play a vanderbilt next saturday. the golden bears looking for their first win of the season. daniel scott, the short pick six, but the bears missed a point early and two-point conversion. horned frogs take the lead at
6:45 am
the half. 45 yards to the house. pitch to damien moore and he scores easily. now, they need to two-point conversion to keep this game going anti-it. cal going to give it to moore, stretching the ball across the goal line, but you see his elbow hits just before so it is no good. tcu wins. cal begins the year 0-2. bring your glove to the ballpark and you get a baseball. my check for the fan in the stands. brandon belt at the plate. three run shot to center. most hummers from a giant sinceg hunter pence in 27 -- 2013. hunter was great on the mound for san francisco. six innings, three earned runs, nine strikeouts and zero walks. a career-high 201 strikeouts this season. first time he has a clips to hundred plus mark.
6:46 am
giants win 14-4. they maintain a 2.5 game lead over the dodgers in the nl west. flags at half staff in the oakland coliseum in honor of 9/11. matt olson hit a solo shot to right. 3-0, oakland, but the bullpen gave it up. a's up 6-4. texas within a run. bob has seen enough and then andrew on the mound in relief of romo gives up a 2-run go-ahead homer. oakland is two games back of the second. that is relook at sports. 49ers and lions later today. amanda: now let's get a check of our weather with lisa argen. talking about the a's at the oakland coliseum. good day for baseball? lisa: definitely. live doppler 7 just a little bit of fog out there.
6:47 am
check this out. not only is the air-quality good here in san francisco, but as we take you to the sierra nevada, greens. looking better with a high of 80 degrees. they are getting more of a handle on the fires. as a result, conditions are improving. although, we do have north winds in the forecast tonight and tomorrow but will be dragging some of the smoke from the dixie fire here. you can see the blanket of low clouds, 56 in the city, 58 in oakland. 58 in san jose with low 50's in morgan hill. the view from mount tam, you can see the blanket of low clouds. a little haze in the atmosphere, but overall, not bad. afternoons have been nice, pleasant with the sea breeze. upper 50's for concord. santa rosa at 50. this looks pretty for days, we could not see even the lake or across the lake. some improvements there.
6:48 am
you can see the smog at the surface. fog at the coast, clear inland, looking at a warming trend as we get through the day today into tuesday. it will remain breezy at the coast and asked the summer heat arrives, we will get the north wind in the upper elevations. a trough will move in by the middle of the week. here is a look at the rest of the day today. the blue indicates the haze. as we get toward your tuesday, here comes some of that smoke from the fires to the north. that will keep us in the moderate range for air quality. as was was was was was was once again, the long-range models this this this happen in september. hopefully that will increase -- influence our weather was cooler days. 82 in san jose. numbers near average today on the peninsula.
6:49 am
80 in redwood city. 77 in san mateo. downtown, a bit below average. as you go up to the north bay, mid and upper 80's. a warm day for petaluma and nevada. 90's up through cloverdale and near east bay, mid 70's from hayward to san leandro. 82 today in castro valley. you had inland and we will have more low to mid 90's from concord to brentwood and livermore. low clouds returning tonight. hottest day of the week will be tuesday. watch out for some of the gusty northerly winds overnight tonight into tomorrow -- monday. as we get into the middle of the week, it is cooler. the onshore flow strengthens and we see temperatures trailing off to below-average readings the middle of the week. amanda: known as the sonoma serengeti, safari west in santa rosa is the closest you can come to africa without actually going there. you can get up close with giraffes, lemurs, zebras, rhinos and more. ♪
6:50 am
santa rosa, california. we are about to go out on safari and see what kind of animals we can find. incredible place to visit and to really unwind. it takes you away. you are in, for all intents and purposes, africa. there were tents brought in. we have african animals. it is quitean oasis, an experience like no other. >> this is mara. long, dark tongue she is showing off right now.
6:51 am
the draft has a tongue almost an inch long. that can be 10 to 18 inches long. >> safari west is a place you can go to learn about african wildlife and want to conserve and live your life differently, to embrace the earth and everything on it. it is just a wonderful time to bring your family and explore everything wild. >> looks like we are going to follow a couple of kudu and b ongo right here. vertical white stripes usually tells you. you're looking at a woodland dwelling antelope it is called disruptive coloration. it is supposed to break the body. up amongst trees >> coming to. safari west, you will seea purely african mammal collection and you will see them in herds rather than pairs. it is very similar to a morning
6:52 am
or afternoon game drive in east africa or south africa. ♪ favorite habitats. these are the southern white when officer is. we have to live them. we have one who has been with us for many years. a new would >> this is david. he is a type of cat found in northern africa. he is aobubout three months old. he has been hand-raised since he was only af ew hours old.
6:53 am
>> we have striped hyena. these guys live solitarily or in pairs. creating that natural habitat ht promotes natural behavior. >> we are looking at zebra. they are unique like human fingerprints. you can describe a herd as a dazzle of zebra. ♪ >> people come from all over the bay area and beyond and have the opportunity for an n n n n exercusion. when youexperience tents, you
6:54 am
have your own private getaway that allows your family a safe environment. amanda: next, a weird san francisco tradition returns after a one-year hiatus. how you can be - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me.
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6:56 am
let's fix this great state! amanda: san francisco's how weird eclectic street fair is back. you will find it all, costumes, characters and surprising rights. tickets are available online and at the entry gate. organizers say you must be fully vaccinated and wear masks to attend. the fun starts at noon. is our weather going to be a good day for some weird on? lisa: always. it looks pretty nice out there.
6:57 am
look at the colors reflected from the sunrise on the low cloud deck. the sun coming up officially about five minutes ago. we have the fog at the coast clearing. we will look for a warm up today. or monday and tuesday and build and with more heat. 90 in the delta, 86 in santa rosa. mid 60's in san francisco. low 70's in oakland. we are going to stay pretty seasonal although it is getting pretty hot right through tuesday and as we get cooler, the breeze kicks at in the air quality returns to pretty good. amanda: thank you so much and thank you for joining us on abc mornings. abc 7 news continues at 9:00. have a great day, we will see you then.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. 9/11 20 years later. from new york to shanksville to the pentagon. gatherings across the country. ♪ and around the world. a day devoted to remembering. >> he will live on in our hearts forever. >> the emotional tributes to the fallen and the survivors. on the defense, president biden defending the afghanistan withdrawal. >> the american people think it was time to get out of afghanistan. >> former president donald trump now criticizing biden on the action. the fallout this morning. new warning.


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