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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 27, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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week and afghanistan. he is taking us through the scene this morning. >> tahoe's fire threat. evacuation warnings reaching into the south lake tahoe basin and a message for anyone wanting to go. we are tracking it this morning. you are watching abc seven warnings on hulu live and wherever you stream. hi, lisa. we are starting with clear sky and the fog is along the central coast. we won't see much in the next few days. we turned up the heat yesterday. it got warm in the 90's and the inland valleys starting two to seven degrees warmer this morning compared to yesterday. look at the 60's. 60 in hayward. cooler numbers in the north bay. 52 in santa rosa. not fog to obscure the view. 70 inland by 9:00.
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staying in the 60's at the coast, 100 with poor air quality from the smoke and mid 80's around the bay. >> thank you, lisette. now to the latest to the aftermath of the bombing outside the kabul airport. >> the deadliest attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan in a decade. 13 u.s. service members were killed, 18 were wounded. the death toll among afghan citizens is expected to rise. up to 90 afghans may have been killed. at home flags are being flown at half staff as the race to evacuate americans grows more frantic. >> we have live team coverage with the latest. amy hollyfield is in our newsroom hearing from a bay area refugee who lost his brother in the blast. we start with faith ab in washington. faith: as we learn more and mor about the deadly attacks in
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kabul, a new report says the u.s. military gave the taliban a list of americans who need to be evacuated. this morning the u.s. military is bracing for more potential attacks in afghanistan after thursday's deadly bombing outside the kabul airport. isis-k, a sworn enemy of the taliban, is claiming responsibility. >> isis-k is saying we are here and will fight the taliban for control of the country. faith: moments later a second bomber attacked a nearby hotel. the coordinated attack killing 13 u.s. troops and at least 95 afghans. pres. biden: we will not forget. we will hunt you down to make you pay. faith: for daisy -- for days u.s. officials warned of attack of to the deadline of
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august 31. and panel was at the gate 24 hours before the bombings. >> these are the final states to the gate to the marines trying to separate friend from foe. faith: the biden administration is facing an avalanche of criticism, firing back at republicans who are demanding that biden resigned. >> this is a day that service members lost their lives at the hands of terrorists, not a day for politics. faith: political games that the u.s. officials of the taliban a list of americans and afghan allies to grant them access to the kabul airport. pres. biden: i cannot tell you with certitude there has been a list of names. there may have been, but i know of no circumstances. faith: up to 1000 americans remain in afghanistan. 23 students from san diego were stuck in afghanistan, but most of them are on their way home or will be home soon. there are still some stuck in
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afghanistan. reggie: thank you. the former u.s. secretary of defense and moderate native leon panetta is calling the deaths of 13 service members president biden's worst nightmare. he told cnn that the bottom line is that the military's work in afghanistan is far from over. >> we are going to have to go back in to get isis. we are probably going to have to go in when al qaeda resurrects itself, as it will with this taliban. they gave safe haven to al qaeda before and will probably do it again. reggie: he insists that the taliban is a terrorist group, despite claims of peace and a new era of leadership. kumasi: at home, and afghan refugee who escaped to the east bay is mourning the loss of a family member killed in the kabul suicide attacks. we introduced you to this refugee earlier this week.
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amy hollyfield is continuing our team coverage in our newsroom with his story. amy: we had just talked to him on tuesday, and he had made it out of afghanistan to san leandro. yesterday some family members were trying to do the same.they were at the kabul airport when the bomb went off. he just facetimed with them as they were headed to the airport. he told them to find marines and show them your documents. the next call was after the explosion. his cousin was killed, his brother is in the icu the head injury and three cousins are in the hospital. he says other family members are confused about what they should do now. >> i need help with my family. i don't want to lose anyone. the number six of my family on losing. amy: his family worked with the u.s. government helping with security, logistics, construction, and interpreting.
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he believes that makes them taliban targets and is very worried. he wants to get them out of the country, but he's not even sure how to possibly, safely do that. kumasi: a gold star mother is sharing the grief of people who lost their loved ones in yesterday's attacks. the images from the kabul airport hit diane hard. 17 years ago her son was killed along with 10 u.s. service members in an ambush attack in iraq. travis was from fremont and attended washington high school before becoming a marine. he was 19 years old. travis' mother is fearing the thought that more american families are getting the news that she got into thousand four -- in 2004. >> i know the pain they will go through, i know they are in pain and anticipation. i wrapped my arms and love around them and pray that they make it through.
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kumasi: diane says that if she could give these families her phone number, she would. she wants each person to know that the community is there for them as they deal with this loss. reggie: many have asked how they can help people who have escaped afghanistan. airbnb is expanding the offer to provide housing for refugees. anyone can now sign up to provide housing. the san francisco-based company is committed to provide free or discounted stays to 20,000 refugees through their a b& website for emergency housing. we have other ideas on how you can help. go to abc 7 and you will find supportive resources for veterans. kumasi: your california recall roundup kicking into crunch time. serious claims against larry elder. reggie: is this the modern-day fake id? fake id cards sold at alarming
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lisa: happy friday, the air quality is going down with hazy or conditions. -- hazier conditions. if you look out the window at the sunrise you can tell. the blue skies are not with us. it is a little hazier each day. saturday, same conditions with moderate air quality. mount tam, that is horizon thate on the horizon. milder to start. you can see that particulate
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matter closer to the surface. look at northerly winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere bringing in some of the smoke from the fires in the north. 60's by the delta and cupertino. temperatures will be warmer for everyone. 100 in concord and 72 downtown. jobina: happy friday and we are beginning with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights are on and this has been the story as far as the clear commute around the bay area.the same thing for the richman sam patel bridge which we usually see pickup in terms of traffic after 6:30. the drive times, green is good and we love to see it. everything is on time. an overall look at the bay area, you
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california's wildfire emergency. the caldor fire is inching closer to lake tahoe. if you plan to go there it's recommended you cancel thosejobd federal agencies will host a virtual briefing to teach people how to protect themselves from wildfire smoke. 10 large wild fires are burning in california, the busy -- the biggest is the dixie fire. it scorched nearly 750,000 acres now reaching 45% containment. crews are starting to make progress on the flames and some evacuation areas have turned into reduced warning zones. the other major fire is the caldor fire. this is near highway 50, where calfire says that gusty wind and extremely dry conditions are causing the fire to spread northeast. christmas valley is now under an evacuation warning as 18,000 structures remain threatened. >> i never thought that i would
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see a fire like this appear ever again. -- up here ever again. everything is so dry. if it goes, it's going to go. jobina: the fire has consumed nearly 140,000 acres and is 12% contained. reggie: you can check the status of all of the major wildfires with this wildfire tracker on our website. kumasi: two and a half more weeks until the california recall election and vice president harris' rally has been canceled. the california senator and current vp was supposed to rally in dale city. the plans changed after the bombing in afghanistan and she has flown back to d.c. new numbers on the recall election show more than 2 million california voters have turned in their recal ballot -- recall ballot.
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-- she has confirmed to abc news she has filed a police report over an incident from six years she claims that a conservative talk show host brandished a loaded gun at her during an argument about the breakup and told lapd about claims that elder pushed her innate when he 14 argument during what she calls a fit of drug-induced anger. the lapd is investigating. >> domestic violence is a crime, and that applies to larry elder as much as it applies to everybody else. kumasi: earlier this month elder denied his ex fiance's allegations, tweeting i've never brandished a gun at anyone. it's not me and anyone who knows me knows it's not me. everyone is getting a mail-in ballot because of the pandemic and you only have until monday to register to vote. after that you can do a conditional voter registration
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until election day, tuesday, september 14. reggie: a new warning about a dramatic rise in reports that fake vaccine cards may flooding the market. is being done across social media and e-commerce. they are concerned they are popping up at colleges, like the university of north carolina. > when i speak with students about the voluntary vaccination program, they personally know exactly how to get these vaccine cards, and they know personally students who have submitted these to the university. reggie: terrible. unc tells abc news that students who provide false information may face disciplinary action up to suspension. computer experts warn of the dangers of websites not only offering a fake vaccine card, but services to alter government and hospital databases. kumasi: a rock quarry that contributed to the construction of several east bay freeways has
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been transformed into a campground. the dumbarton quarry campground opens and has 63 campsites, showers, and a playground. it took 12 years to refill it. reggie: i am ready, lisa, nice warm-ish weekend in the city. is that what i'm going to get? lisa: that is what you will get but we are looking at hazy conditions and in napa the strongest winds will be tomorrow morning at 25 miles an hour. we don't have advisories but we have warm air in the upper elevations and high-pressure that has nosed into the bay here is the poor air quality from mount tam. 56 in mountain view. really, yesterday was the last day. even yesterday we saw the haze. santa rosa with 55 in napa.
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here's the deal. gusty wind in the northern over the bay area.will fan out they are not particularly strong, but are dry and breezy. 25 to 35 miles an hour and a red flag warning from chico to clearlake. as we get the strong wind they are pushing into the north bay, east bay, and bay area through the weekend. air quality is good locally, but you see how hazardous it is in the sierra nevada. looking at the shot outside, it's going to be a warmer start. as we look at the hazier conditions, declining quality through the weekend. the beaches, 69 and half moon bay. 70 and bodega bay. umrs climbing along the bayshore in oakland. 100 in livermore with 93 in santa rosa. accuweather forecast with triple digit heat today
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it will be a bit of a heat risk in the inland valleys. they continues into sunday though the breeze picks up and allows the bayside communities to cool off. early next week into september, thank goodness, we have cooler temperatures. kumasi: what do you have planned that you have requested this forecast from our friend lisa? reggie: nothing at all. [laughter] kumasi: you just want to be outside? reggie: yesterday it was really nice to feel sun. i felt cheerful, it felt summery. that is something we don't get a lot during the actual summer. i know that lisa has important things to talk about when it comes to fire weather, but i just jumped to my part. kumasi:
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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kumasi: get ready for a
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late-august's care. candyman is out a remake of the cult classic. >> i moved in around the corner. >> the old candy factory? kumasi: from watchmen, aquaman. he is starring in this film and he says that it should further conversations that the country as having around race and privilege. >> the history of becoming unwanted martyrs and celebrated for reasons that we don't want to be celebrated for. this movie is what happens when we take our stories back and the power of taking their stories and their names back. kumasi: the new rendition is driven by jordan peel, the producer, co-screenwriter. candyman is only playing in theaters. i don't like scary movies but i may have to go see yahya. reggie: i don't need a scary movie right now.
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aren't we living in one? kumasi: but is yahya in it? reggie: he could be. you never know. the fda has blocked the sale of flavored cigarette products from j.d. nova llc and vapor salon pose a threat to the public health of young people. the fda says the products come with flavors like apple crumble, dr. cola, and cinnamon toast it is the first ban on e-cigarette products since requiring makers to apply for premarket review. kumasi: is it a sandwich or a taco? taco bell just announced it is adding a crispy chicken sandwich taco. it will be on the menu starting next month. the fast food giant says it is not quite a sandwich, not quite a taco, but it's is fluffy, folded, chicken marinated in jalapeno buttermilk
6:25 am
and mexican spices. the taco sandwich will be available september 2. reggie: i like it when taco bell stays in its lane. you know what i'm saying? give me the crispy shell. smash some whatever that meat is in it. put some iceberg lettuce in there. cheese. kumasi: they can't innovate? reggie: it is the taste of my childhood. i want it. no, don't change. give me the packets. all of it brings back a flood of memories. [laughter] next, back to the events in afghanistan and a bay area nonprofit's urgent plea to evacuate its workers. it has reached nancy pelosi. the action that she has taken to try to help. kumasi: it is only taken 13
6:26 am
years but 200 new affordable homes coming to soma in san francisco. reggie: the mystery this former san francisco family found dead on a mariposa county trail. chemicals and weapons rolled out giving detectives a better clue of what happens. kumasi: 6:26, happy friday. we will be right back.
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plus, ask how to get a prepaid card up to $500. call or go online today to learn more. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: a batch of california lawmakers considering a bill for a statewide vaccine mandate.
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kumasi: chaos in kabul, looming terrorist threats remaining this morning, giving a nonprofit little time to get its afghan employees out. the race to evacuate. reggie: here is a live look above the kabul airport. as you can see, airplanes are moving. people are getting out. the situation is incredibly tense this morning. we are following it all. it is friday, august 27 and you are watching abc 7 mornings. we will start with lisa argen. lisa: hi, everyone. hazy skies. the sun was up a few minutes ago, and check it out. certainly the smoke is with us. 58 in san francisco and oakland. 57 pacifica. the golden gate bridge, the numbers are on the mild side.
6:30 am
low 60's with low 50's in santa rosa. the northerly winds transporting the upper level smoke to the surface today. tomorrow, as the temperatures rise the air quality declines. looking at the 2:00 to 3:00 numbers, 100 degrees in inland valleys. 100 in cloverdale. 70 in san francisco with patchy fog. when we cool off in the next few minutes. reggie: i will take it. now into the chaos following the terror attacks outside of the kabul airport, now the deadliest attack on u.s. forces in afghanistan in more than a decade. a live picture from the airport in kabul where you can see military airplanes continue to taxi. the u.s. military is bracing for more potential attacks. jobina has the latest on the frantic attempt to evacuate. jobina: u.s. and allied forces on high alert for another
6:31 am
possible terrorist attack. president biden is still promising to complete the mission of evacuating americans and afghan allies by the august 31 deadline, now four days away. the president vowed to hunt down the terrorists who killed 13 u.s. for vista numbers and wounded 18 others. the associated press reported as many as 95 afghans may be dead and 100 wounded. isis-k claims responsibility for the attack that included two suicide bombings and gunfire that left behind extreme devastation at the airport. this morning cecilia vega speaks to a former army ranger who got out just before the attacks. he says he thinks that they were very vulnerable to an attack. >> normally doing operations in a combat zone you need standoff from potential threats. right? in order for us to close the gap and distance in order to communicate with these people
6:32 am
and find out who and who should not be coming through the gate you had to close the distance and assume a ton of risk. >> you can see the interview at 7:00 on gma. we continue with amy hollyfield in the newsroom with an update from a man who escaped from afghanistan it is in the east bay. -- and is in the east bay. line at abbey gate when a bomb went off. he had just talked to them, telling them to find marines and show them their documents. his cousin, an interpreter, was killed in the blast. his brother is in the icu with a head injury. two other cousins are in the hospital. >> i heard the news that something happened and i was so scared for my brother. just be careful. if you see americans give them the document and they can let you go inside. amy: he says that he doesn't know what the family should do
6:33 am
now, how they can try to get out of afghanistan safely. he says that they feel confused after the attacks. he had just made it here a week ago to san he is safe but he is worried that his family is in danger because they worked for the united states government. he believes that makes them possible targets of the taliban. kumasi: thank you. the situation for a bay area nonprofit organization is growing more tense by the day. roots of peace helps afghan farmers and is trying to evacuate dozens of at risk employees. the group's founders are in turkey and sent this message to workers. >> we are here with you in solidarity in istanbul to support you and we extend to your families our heartfelt concern during this catastrophic period. kumasi: nancy pelosi says that
6:34 am
she has talked with the secretaries of state and defense and chairman of the joint chiefs about the need to evacuate roots of peace workers. reggie: the archbishop is leading a prayer service for those trapped in afghanistan, asking them to pray for roots of peace and anyone in the country. he is calling on political leaders to protect them. the prayer service is happening virtually at 3:00. go to to attend. you can find a collection about the stories in afghanistan on our streaming out. scroll to the stories and keep up-to-date with what's happening at home and abroad. download the app wherever you stream. kumasi: developing news in california's fight against 7 news is confirming state lawmakers are drafting a proposal for a statewide vaccine mandate like the one in san francisco. jobina is tracking this major
6:35 am
potential development at the live desk. at least one of its authors as a bay area assembly member. jobina: bucky wicks says that she and her credit colleagues are drafting the legislation at the state capital and the mandate would require proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses, restaurants, bars, and movie theaters will start the proposal could force employers to require all workers to be vaccinated or submit to regular covid testing. the state is requiring teachers and health care workers to be vaccinated. the negotiations are ongoing and details will be released in coming days. it will face a long road to be approved. if it is approved, there is no doubt that it would be among the most sweeping vaccine requirements in the country. reggie: developing news, the supreme court ruled that evictions can resume across the u.s. blocking the biden ministrations from enforcing the temporary ban put in place to
6:36 am
help renters during the pandemic. 3.5 million people face eviction in the next two months. the high court says that the cdc lacked the authority to impose the moratorium. california has its own moratorium that ends on september 30. kumasi: in san francisco, work has begun on the largest affordable housing project in the city in a decade. there's a groundbreaking of an 18-story building. the first residents are expected to move in next spring. reggie: in oakland, a new sign that the federal oversight of the oakland police department may be coming to an end. kumasi: let's look at the new york stock exchange. we are starting up by 90 points. another update coming next. reggie: a sneak peek at kristen stewart playing princess diana. the new trailer. people are giving their reviews online weeks ahead of the release.
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lisa: good morning, checking out the haze outside your window. yesterday it started to form and it got hot. there is a look at what could be a beautiful lake tahoe, with all of the smoke and hazardous conditions, another day where the air is unhealthy. 56 in mountain view. 57 in palo alto. 56 in santa u have to go to salinas to experience the fog because it will be evaporating quickly. 60 by the delta as well as livermore. the air quality now is better. we have cooler temperatures that got a little hazy yesterday. to the east bay it is moderate and that is where it will go today. saturday, the worst air quality is in the tahoe basin. we have a heat advisory through
6:38 am
10:00 where we have temperatures 100-106 for lakeport, clearlake, and cloverdale and northerly wind up to 35 miles an hour with relative humidity 15% from reading and chico. as these descendant the down sloping wind will fan out bringing more smoke and warmer temperatures. it is hazier the next few days with declining air quality and moderate to high heat risk. nice at the coast, but it will be hazy. 76 in monterey and 80 in richmond. 101 in fairfield. 100 in ukiah. jobina: good morning. we are going to start in the south bay with a live picture. san jose showing 101 and a nice sunrise. this will be the clearest area around the bay as far as our major freeways are concerned. 101 it is nice. emeryville is a different story traveling westbound. i want to let you know that if you're making your way toward the bay bridge toll plaza it's
6:39 am
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kumasi: new details on the mysterious death of a former bay area family near yosemite. investigators rolled out exposure to chemicals from a mine along the trail as a cause of death and they said that no gun or weapon was used. investigators believe that jonathan, his wife ellen, their one-year-old daughter, and the family dog hiked most of an 8.5 mile trail in more than 100 degree heat. they are waiting for toxicology reports and cell phone data. reggie: the federal oversight of
6:42 am
the oakland police department may be coming to an end. they were put under control in 2003 after a series of abuses and civil rights violations. now, those who fired the lawsuit that prompted the federal investigation say that the department is ready to go on its own. some disagree because opd has not completed five of the 52 mandated reforms. a court hearing is next week. kumasi: health officials from every bay area counties support in person learning this fall. 13 county health directors acknowledged that the surge in cases is making people uneasy about going back to school but that santa clara county health directors says that bay area schools have protocols for preventing infections and stopping the spread. >> we are going to see cases among students, staff, and
6:43 am
teachers. for the most part these cases will reflect what is happening in the school community around. kumasi: even if a child is not old enough to get vaccinated, she says, it will help if the child's family is vaccinated. reggie: calling on oakland: unified school district to immediately begin weekly student testing. union teachers and staff want outdoor mealtimes and improve ventilation in larger common areas. there has been more than 100 reported covid cases on school campuses. the district says currently there are covid at home tests for all families to take home if needed and the district has done more testing than any district in the state outside of los angeles. kumasi: now for your money report and stimulus checks two weeks earlier than expected. two thirds of californians while the five for the $600 payment. some families with children are eligible for an extra $500. to see if you are eligible or how much you will get go to
6:44 am gap is going high-tech to serve its customers better online. the san francisco-based company just required a startup that allows people to create accurate 3d avatars of themselves. this would let people virtually try on clothing, and in theory, prevent a lot of returns. speaking of, a major camera tech upgrade for snapchat. some experts say that it could be a game changer for shopping. the scan feature can identify real-world objects like clothing and dog breeds. this brings it closer to the abilities of a google pixel scanning your own wardrobe will pull up similar objects to browse. let's pull up the new york stock exchange.
6:45 am
i don't think that's it. this is the new york stock exchange and we are up by 70 points. reggie: new orleans has ups and downs come too. mostly ups. i love that place. people are evacuating in san jose because of a gas leak are back home. san jose fire asked families who live on park between meridian and lincoln to report to the pg&e support van for guidance. all other residents were allowed to return.more than 100 people were out of their homes and ready for this to be over. >> some people don't have anywhere to go. at least i have my family, but i want to go back home. reggie: pg&e has been working to repair an eight-inch gas line ruptured by contractor. a coyote pup is back in the wild released near telegraph hill after she was rescued from san francisco bay. we were sent a video of the crew
6:46 am
using a net to get the coyote out of the water. the animal was spotted on the peer and jumped in the water to escape animal control officers. where is it? oh. they got it. ok. blue and gold fleet offered the use of a small boat to reach the coyote. >> it was using the plastic boom to hold its little head up. i think we made it just enough -- made it just in time to scoop it out. kumasi: you want a coyote. reggie: i really kind of want a coyote. that's not good. the coyote was treated for hypothermia before released. kumasi: it is friday and that means our guide to giving you a better weekend in the bay area. reggie: things are always changing with the pandemic, but for certain there is still fun to be had. what should we do? kumasi: here are some ideas. jobina: get your weekend started
6:47 am
with the oakland a's after they take on the new york yankees on friday night dance will be invited to sit on the outfield grass to enjoy a star wars-themed drone lake show. tickets start at -- drone light show. if baseball is not your thing head over to dolores park for sundown cinema. at 6:00 the park will show a free screening of sister act and feature one of the city's favorite sisters. sister roma will be there with the divine choir of grace cathedral to perform a song from the movie. we watched august be declared transgender history month in san francisco. this sunday the transgender district is hosting a riot lock party in the tenderloin on taylor street. the party, requiring proof of vaccination, is in observance of one of the nation first documented uprisings of transgender and gender nonconforming people against
6:48 am
transphobia violence, which was the compton's cafeteria riot in 1966. this weekend and on the front page of our website we have a list of covid-friendly events happening all over the bay area. happening all over the bay area. it is right now on . since i heard the ---------- kumasi: i was like sister act? sister roma? it is too much. i love that movie. can we sing along? jobina: somebody is excited. kumasi: what do you have going on this weekend? reggie: i'm glad you brought up the transgender district and compton's cafeteria because we will be doing an interview with the president of the transgender district at 11:00 a.m. on midday live. i might check out that block party.
6:49 am
i'm excited that there is recognition for that this year. kumasi: me too. i learned so much about that in my short research. you are new to this segment but we ask everyone what they do over the weekend. lisa: is that fair? what do you think i'm doing over the weekend? the weekend, working girl, exactly. working and watching all of this air-quality decline unfortunately. temperatures climb over the next few days. no fog, there is haze the air-quality advisory through the weekend. you look at mount tam and there it is. the smoke from the wildfire is settling in. 58 in oakland and 56 in mountain view. 57 in pacifica. east bay hills, the camera is very hazy. upper 70's to near 80 on top of mount diablo and mountam. tys2%
6:50 am
we don't have strong wind locally, but to the north of us we do. 55 in nevada and 60 in fairfield. the changing wind is allowing the wind to bring the smoke into the bay area over the weekend. it is not until monday when we clear out the atmosphere. there is a look at the fog, what little there is of it, from watsonville to salinas and santa cruz. it gets swept away and stays away until sunday when the wind picks up late saturday. we will be looking at hazier and warmer conditions the next few days with declining air quality, moderate to high heat risk, as temperatures climb to 100 inland. 84 in sunnyvale and hazy on the peninsula. 88 in redwood city. 72 downtown. 99 in cloverdale. 87, castro valley. livermore at 100.
6:51 am
looking at the accuweather 7 day forecast, a few degrees hotter tomorrow. sunday, we will see improving air quality. then the cooling continues into next week. reggie: california senator alex padilla is addressing fire prevention in santa rosa hosting a roundtable discussion with local leaders about preparedness and recovery measures. he is expected to announce efforts to better support local communities threatened by wildfires. kumasi: san francisco's young people are striking for 24 hours to protest environmental racism and climate destruction. middle and high school students will gather at the federal building at 10:00 this morning to demand that the city cleanup hunters point shipyard where they say that nearby residents raise disproportionate climate and pollution impacts. the students will march to city hall, where they will hold a vigil in till 10:00 tomorrow morning. reggie: our commitment to
6:52 am
building a better bay area cannot be done without facing the urgent issue of climate change and the effect that it is having on our breathtaking landscapes. our partners at climate central reach all the way back decades to understand the meteorology behind so-called fire whether. >> we see a major change in the conditions. what we see today is unlike anything we've seen before. reggie: a fire whether dei has three elements together, hot temperatures, dry air, and fast a newly released report from climate central documented the increase of fire whether days driven by climate change and found to northern california hotspots are experiencing large percentage increases in the number of these fire days. the percentage change can add up to two weeks of extra fire days per year. >> it means that the weather conditions are coming together more frequently, putting us in more danger than we would be if the weather was different.
6:53 am
reggie: the study found that long-term warning is drying out the soil in parts of california. that has led to plants and forests releasing less moisture into the atmosphere and that is contributing to fire whether. very interesting. abc 7 is dedicated to covering climate change and the solutions to build a better bay area. you can see more of the climate watch coverage on our abc 7 bay area connected tv at that you can download wherever you stream. we are getting our very first look at the woman who will transform into princess diana on the big screen this fall. kristen stewart is part of the brand-new trailer that dropped. you only hear two words from her at the end. >> i know everything. >> i don't. reggie: that's it. you do see a lot of her playing the beloved late british royal in the upcoming film called "spencer." the betrayal already has some
6:54 am
buzzing online saying that stewart has entered the oscars season chat. spencer hits theaters november 5. kumasi: dancing with the stars reveals two celebrities who will be competing for the mirror ball trophy. a gold-medal olympic gymnast and jojo siwa. lee started college at auburn university so she will be juggling class with this rigorous dance schedule. siwa came out as pansexual earlier this year and will be dancing with a same-sex pro for the first time in the show's history. >> i am so happy that this is happening and that i get to dance with another girl. i think that this is going to make it normal for other people around the world. kumasi:kumasi: dancing with the stars will reveal the rest of the cast of the upcoming season live on gma september 8. reggie: i'm already thinking that jojo is going to win.
6:55 am
kumasi: already? she can dance? reggie: i'm revealing too much, but i used to be pretty hard-core into the show dance moms. that is where jojo was discovered. she was on dance moms for years. she can pick up choreography really fast, and to me that is one of the keys to being on the show. plus, she has been under tremendous pressure on reality tv as a little kid. this is going to be nothing for her. kumasi: you don't know who else they are going to reveal on the eighth, though. reggie: all right, then let's see what happens. a few months from now when they crowned the winner and it is jojo -- kumasi: you're going to be like, told you. [laughter] the seven things you need to know today. reggie: we will be right back.
6:56 am
6:57 am
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. the u.s. military is bracing for more potential attacks in afghanistan after yesterday's daily bombings outside the kabul airport. at least 13 u.s. service members and up to 90 afghans were killed. reggie: california lawmakers are drafting legislation for statewide vaccine mandate that would require proof of vaccination to enter indoor businesses and require workers get vaccinated or take regular covid tests. kumasi: california will start issuing its second round of
6:59 am
stimulus checks today. another two thirds of residents qualified to receive the $600 payment. some families with children are available for another $500. reggie: the caldor fire has grown as an inches closer to south lake tahoe. the lake tahoe visitors authority is recommending that people postpone travel to the area. lisa: changing wind bringing the smoke from the fires into the bay area for hazy and hot conditions near 100 inland will . jobina: the bay bridge, the western span is under the limit and we don't have metering lights on at the toll plaza. number seven, taco bell adding a crispy chicken sandwich taco to the menu starting thursday. the fast food chain says that it's not quite a sandwich, not quite a taco, but they say it's good. i don't know. i'm not feeling it. [laughter] reggie: stay in your lane, taco bell.
7:00 am
jobina: it's the bread. kumasi: what is that bread? jobina: i good morning, america. chaos in kabul after that horrific attack and now fears of another strike and the president vowing to retaliate. on edg. the u.s. bracing for another possible act of terror in afghanistan after the deadliest attack on u.s. forces there in more than a decade. chaos unfolding after two suicide bombings and gunfire. at least 13 u.s. service members and dozens of afghans killed. isis in afghanistan taking responsibility and president biden putting them on notice. >> we will not forget. we will hunt you down and make you pay. >> and promising to get americans and afghan allies out with just four days left until the deadline. hurricane watch.


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