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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 27, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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mile-an-hour winds. back to you, phil and mona. >> thanks to kevin. phil, i don't think you're ready because on friday, we do the polka. >> we do? >> woe do the polka. and that's going to come up and i can't wait to show you the friday polka. >> i've seen it but i'm not ready for it. first what has been found by the agency investigating the surfside condo collapse in florida. plus the amazing scientific discovery, a four-legged whale. you're watching "world news now." look,
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updating our top story, the deadline to end the u.s. presence in afghanistan is still set for tuesday after suicide bombers claimed the lives of at least 13 u.s. troops and more than 60 afghans outside the airport in kabul. president biden says the evacuation mission will go on and he's vowing to take revenge on the isis-linked group who he claims did the attack. video evidence shows more evidence of what investigators are calling astronomical erosion at the surfside florida condo collapse. it collapsed in june. federal investigators say new images show damage that could have been detected during the
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section that was under way when the building came down. they also said heavy areas of steel reinforcement indicate possible structural weakness. there's concern about another building, work to repair san francisco's sinking millennium tower is on hold. because it's sinking again. since the 58-story highrise opened 12 years ago, it has gone down 17 inches, watching multiple lawsuits, hundreds of millions of dollars later, engineers say the tower is down another inch and they simply don't know why. this is pretty heavy news. the fast food chicken sandwich war is now at at a full time contender. >> obligation to report this stuff. taco bell spent the last few months testing the chis pi chicken sandwich taco in just a few cities but next week it will be available nationwide. >> is that the chalupa bun? >> the big question is, it a sandwich or is it a taco?
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the university of georgia and clemson debate teams will try to decide in ads airing during the georgia/clemson game wii which you can watch right hear on abc next saturday night. okay, so you know the bun that you can get at certain restaurants, i'm obsessed, i just discovered those, like probably a month ago, and i eat the shrimp ability chicken, i'm obsessed, and that looks like it. whatever it is, you know what, greg, i'm talking to our executive producer, greg, we need to do a taste test. i think we can debate it ourselves. >> well, andrew will be back and you can do the taste test with him. >> coming up the strange discovery overseas. the ancient four-legged whale and where scientists say it lives. first, the frightening creatures that are not long dead. what we are learning about that murder hornet nest in washington. that's next.
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[birds chirping, drum stomps] [male narrator] they are the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen. but what does it take to strengthen our service members? what does it take to let them know that we stand behind them,
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wherever they are? what does it take to bridge the distance and keep them connected to family, home and country? and what does it take to prepare them for their future, when their service to the nation is complete? what does it take to strengthen our service members so they can be the greatest force for good in the world? it takes a force . be a force behind the forces. share a message today at force dot uso dot org. welcome back, we are learning more this morning about
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welcome back, we are learning more this morning about the murder hornet nest found north of seattle. >> here's abc's andrea fujii. >> renewed concern about the threat of asian giant hornets called murder hornets after this large nest was found in washington state, inside, a giant queen and nearly 1500 hornets in all stages of life. >> a few of us who were working very tight in the area were approached by the hornets and they did actually attempt to sting ut this time. >> state officials vacuumed the hornets out from inside a dead tree and found nearly 70 of them outside the tree. it's the first nest found in the u.s. this season. and was nearly three times the size of the last nest found in 2020. a homeowner nearby, alerted authorities after the hornets were seen attacking paper wasps and other insects. >> she reported that she observed them actually attacking and turning off single honey bees that were on her sun flowers.
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>> they are called murder hornets because they can attack honey bees. that are crucial for crops and destroy hives in hours. they are not known to be aggressive to humans but the stings can kill. in japan, the hornets have been known to kill up to 50 people a year. washington state officials say they have received two reports of what may have been stings. >> intense pain, overwhelming swelling, and in one instance, the report last year, the person was kind of out of commission for a few days after the sting. >> officials believe more nests are out there. and are urging residents to notify them of any new sightings on right away. >> andrea fujii, abc news. our thanks. and scientists in egypt have announced a discovery of a peculiar species. >> what is believed to be the partial skeleton of a four-legged ancestor to modern whales is unearthed in cairo. it's believed to have lived 43
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million years ago when that area of the desert was covered by sea. what a time to be alive right now. right? he paid his respects to his
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time now for "the friday mix" and we start with a touching backstory. >> ben was not able to go to his aunt's funeral because of covid so ben jackson did the next best thing. he paid respects to his aunt deb by having dozens of sheep arrange themselves in the shape of a heart. >> that is so cute, the drone video shows the flock falling in step around carefully positioned grain fed, it took a few tries but they were able to get it right. and next, to a budding basketball star, in the beech state. -- peach state. >> he showed off his impressive
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trick shot in a video that was posted by his homicide. posted by his mom. >> he was able to land two baskets while balancing on top of a basket. >> his mom said her son's goal is to shoot just as well with his left as he does with his right. >> i could hear, mom, look at this, mom, look at this, did you get it? >> did you get it? come on. >> that is impressive, not going to lie. look at him. >> practice makes perfect. >> what is it? harlem globetrotters, that's who needs to contacts him. >> they will see it and do it. >> we have to love kids. guess what else we love on fridays? >> you are supposed to say what? >> the friday polka. ♪ ♪ now.
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with kelly and ryan. today, big screen star salma hayek. and from the late late show, james corden. plus, tips on how to spruce up your stuff with a little spray paint. all next on live. now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheering] ♪ hi, deja vu. hello. [clapping] good morning, everybody. hello, kelly. how are you? i don't know what just happened, but maybe they-- did you get stuck? i got stuck. i couldn't get in. i couldn't get in, deja, i could not get in. thursday, august 26. good morning, everybody. nice to see y'all. thanks for watching this morning. you know, are you one of those people that's planning dinner at lunch? no, i'm one of those people that as soon as the summer solstice happens, i'm like, "it's over." -you turn. yeah. -it's over.


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