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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 25, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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for whatever reason. your home's equity just might be the right talk to aag for the best reverse mortgage america's leader in reverse mortgages is ready to help you reach your retirement why don't you give aag a call? i trust 'em. you can too. wild weather in the windy city. time lapse video shows heavy rain and even more wind moving through chicago. the severe storm caused flash flooding all around the city. thousands of customers lost power. restoration efforts continue overnight. now, to a horrifying or deal for a 19-year-old hiker in utah,
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nearly dying after exploring dangerous terrain at night with friends. megan tevrizian has details on his dramatic rescue and fight to survive. >> safety is on. >> reporter: this morning, dramatic video showing the moment an idaho teenager was pulled to safety, after he plunged more than 30 feet from a water fall. 19-year-old tanner perrin plummeting after sunset while hiking bridleveil falls in utah. >> it was almost like show motion. my mind was going oh, shoot you're about to fall, and one m trying to grab on to something as he tumbled down the rocky and wet terrain. >> usually when i fall, like i panic and hyperventilate but like this time, it was really weird because like i didn't do any of that. i knew what happened. and i knew like the next step, like i knew i needed to get off this mountain, like i tried to stand up and i did, and then like i put weight on my foot and it was just mushy.
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>> reporter: he knew he had broken his foot and needed help. his friend mariah and two other people he was hiking with called 911. >> we were yelling to him. shine your flashlight if you're okay. and finally he did. >> reporter: rescuers able to hoist him out to safety. >> it was at night, so that makes it a lot more difficult than normal. also we had a lot of down-canyon winds that night. >> i was closing my eyes and i hate heights and hoping not to die. >> i had stitches and scrapes everywhere. and i could be dead. it could be worse. and i'm just grateful to be alive. and it's a learning lesson. >> reporter: officials say the group was i'll equipped without proper climbing equipment. one of them was even wearing sandals. andrew, mona? >> megan, thank you. now we're hearing from a thas aditutf a ti to some well-timed help.
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>> vincent zang was in a pool on new york's long island earlier this month playing with friends and at one point his older brother went into the deep end and vincent followed and that's when he tried to get into deep trouble. >> i tried to hold my breath and i couldn't hold my breath and i sunk and sunk and sunk and i tried to get up and i keep sunking. >> two lifeguards revivd vincent by performing cpr, both are local first responders, were honored for their actions. coming up, the mansion now on the market and it has one distinctive feature. >> but first, yes, way, crochet. that's next on "world news now." .
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♪ i've never felt like i was an old cardigan under someone's bag ♪ ♪ you put me on and said i was your favorite ♪ and whether we're talking cardigans, crochet tops or scarves, knitwear is officially back in style. >> that's right. tiktokers and fashion icons alike agree. our own will ganss is here with the scoop. >> i'm glad we had taylor swift but now that i'm thinking about it, we could have done "cardigan" or "style" another great taylor swift song. they both apply here. because tiktokers, fashion icons and grandmothers everywhere agree, yes way, crochet. good news, grandmas, the kids on the internet are making crochet cool again. >> it sounds old lady like, you know? so, i want to rebrand it something cooler. >> reporter: when it comes to kylie jenner and harry styles, seeming to say yes way, crochet,
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and tiktokers too. this video modeling different crochet tops, racking up more than 2 million views. in fact, #crochet has been used 3.8 billion times on tiktok alone. but it's not just tiktokers. the "wall street journal" declaring crochet clothings are not just for grannies anymore. adding that tom daly is only partly responsible for the trend. the olympic diver photographed crocheting a cardigan pool side in tokyo. it boast more followers than the the entire u.s. diving team and couture crochet proving lucrative. the woman behind strings to stitches, has made knitwear her side hustle. tops f
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upwards of $50 a piece. and another one based in philly, with one employee selling crochet creations. they're currently completely sold out of their tops. but you can scoop a crochet bucket hat for $85. if you're looking to make your grandma green with envy, these crochet cardigans are selling for thor man $500 at corridor nyc. or you could always join the throngs online and pick up crocheting on your own. >> i don't know why this is not turning into -- >> pro tip. patience is key. >> if you're making a hat for a baby, it is done. >> reporter: well, crochet may have started as a way to pass the time in quarantine. for some the fashion element is real, tax the handmade pieces often take a long time to create and they represent an alternative to cheaper, fast fashion items. >> i don't have the patience to do that on my own. it looks hard. >> take my money. i think the style is nice though. >> i will be looking for a crochet top this weekend.
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by our licensed hearing professionals. and if you're an active or retired federal employee you can now get eargo at no cost to you. time now for this happened, starting with an update on the latest viral challenge. of course, it's on tiktok, mona. >> yesterday we showed you the so-called milk crate challenge, you've probably seen it on your feed, along with the requisite warnings from health experts about how dangerous this is. >> that hasn't stopped a new york city cop from getting in on the fun. he was seen making it to the top of a rickety pile of crates stacked in a pyramid. >> then he made it most of the way before taking a spill. the trend has racked up more than 50 million collective views. this is what i would expect of us during the height of the
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pandemic. >> and i've seen stores are now selling milk crates because of this but concussions are sold separately. >> those are free, actually. next to the mansion taylor made for the millennial tastes. >> but not so much for the millennial budget. this $7 million mansion has just hit the market in wilmington, north carolina, and it's inspired by the cav avocado. >> the nearly 11,000 square-foot, five-bedroom home has a avocado-shaped driveway which winds around a pit-like garden. >> and inside is reminiscent of an avocado pit. to top it all off, the indoor pool with a tiled dolphin mural and a waterfall grotto. >> i mean, the home is beautiful. i think the avocado driveway is -- it's a unique touch. >> to each his own. in.
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next a surprise porch pirate on four paws a black bear stealing a package from outside a connecticut home. but what was outside is what may have attracted the bear in the first place. >> he says it was a delivery of scented toilet paper. no word yet if it was charmin. it could be that, but the bear wanted to get in on the go. >> anytime there's a storm or pandemic. >> this has to be a charmin ad, come on. finally the dangers of doing yoga on the beach. >> this woman was recording her routine on a beach in the bams. and it was all pretty much going routine, until an ig ghana got in on the act. >> there it is. >> she was stretching out her hand when this happened. she was yo stretching out her hand and the ig ghana bit her
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finger. >> charley, you bit me. she got it checked by a doctor,
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