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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 24, 2021 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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grievances outside of city hall. we willive reportn abc 7 news at 5:00. ages five 11 could be eligible for the covid vaccine this year. that is what the national institution -- to tune of health director told us. >> unvaccinated are five times more likely to become infected with covid compared to people who are fully vaccinated. there 29 more times -- times more likely to be hospitalized. >> the cdc forecast the daily case average will climb relates of timber. >> thousands of pfizer vaccines on the verge of expiring got a three month extension from the fda. >> part of our vaccine team spoke to medical experts who say vaccine doses are still being thrown out every day across the state. >> very, normally vaccines have a shelf life of about six months
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if they are in special freezers, but once miles are opened they can only last a couple of hours. we are faced with two things. some vaccines are sitting in freezers and expiring, others going to waste because the entirety of the vials are not being. once considered liquid gold, thousands of vaccines are going to waste. pharmacists are reporting doses being thrown out or even some expiring. >> certainly some of the earlier shipments, they have an expiration date and they are expiring. ask the pfizer vaccines were said to expire august 31. the fda extended that shelflife by three months. the county's public health officer says their time was running out. >> there are batches, thousands of vaccines and that would have expired a month or two from now. >> data obtained through a
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public records request points to 126,000 covid-19 vaccine doses going to waste in california. >> it is inevitable there will be some scenes distributed down into health care settings and counties. >> dr. willis attributes this to two factors, a decrease in demand and, ne >> they open and then it gets discarded. >> they struggle with throwing away vaccines every day but have no choice. >> it is a moral dilemma you have some buddy resenting themselves to get a vaccination, you know if you open the file you may not be able to use it all. >> once a vial is open, vaccines lose efficacy after a couplef hours. at stanford health care, they noticed an uptick in vaccine
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waste in the last month. on d -- from a single bottle. >> dr. willis says county stopped requesting vaccines from the federal government. counties across the state are sharing doses. >> doses we don't order, if they stay at the federal level they have to be distributed across the nation and even if the nation recognizes they have inadequate supply, at the federal level, they can be redistributed internationally. >> a painful reality given that in many parts of the world, people don't have access to the vaccines. let's -- what is giving health care experts hope is that boosters will be needed in coming months so some scenes could go into people's arms soon. abc 7 news. >> and gear. in san francisco, the delta search is having a major impact on tourism and the convention business, leaving it in the bow. >> -- limbo.
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whe the delta variant. >> stephanie sierra is here to break down the economic impact. >> the first major convention booked at the center is coming up in a couple of weeks but some attendees are canceling plans to concerns over the alta variant. brfor>> san francisco's mask goi center feels eerie, doors -- san francisco's center feels eerie, doors locked. that was supposed to change. >> we have events coming, we are still anxious to host them but we don't know attendance at this point. >> joe is the ceo of travel. his team was optimistic about the convention calendar in june but delta hit. >> has caused cancellation from
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individual attendees, some nervous about traveling. the borders are not open right now so a lot of international gas nnot come to the statut 40 conventions. this year there are only eight scheduled. whether they will be in person is in question. he says of the eight conventions scheduled for the remainder of the year, several may go over but are waiting until registry -- registration number sarin. the ceo -- rn. -- numbers are in. she says numbers have resulted in a higher centage of conventions with people. >> it was zoom fatigue, and people are getting creative about how to take care of their teams. they're looking for interesting
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solutions to keep people engaged. >> he is seeing the impacts. >> i've had phone calls were people have called and canceled because they were concerned about coming in to the restaurant with the variant ask business has already starteg conventions would make uporit swing, we will see a plateau and that is something we not -- not something we want to see in the business industry. >> there will be a big impact both restaurants and hotels if conventions go virtual. we will know that in a couple of weeks, but to put in perspective, hotel occupancy levels in san francisco are around 30% when in a typical year it is around 80 to 85%. live in the newsroom, n sierra, abc 7 news. >> joining me is infectious disease specialist, dr., thank you for your time. there is a report that vaccine
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efficacy dropped from 91% in april to 66% in august. is that a result of delta? >> it is all delta, larry. i want to make the distinction between dropping in efficacy to infection and not dropping toward hospitalizations -- thatt is still above 90%. larry: we mentioned earlier that the cdc forecast there could be as many as 27,000 hospitalizations a day by late september. today we are at 11,000 so to jump to 27,000 is a concern. you think this is possible? >> it is possible but i don't think it is going to happen in highly vaccinated states. i think the hotspots are health care workforce, but capacity, that spirals into further deaths. that is where we are. we are not really sure where
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this is going nationally. larry: are you seeing a lot of hospital fatigue among colleagues? that seems like the case in other parts of the country. >> yes, we have seen a lot. it is like a chronic toothache. it is ok to feel like a -- you with a tooth that is hurting once in a while, but it has hurt for more than 17 months it gets old. we were disheartened at the beginning of reopening when many health care professionals got infected because they were part of the community, after we tightened masking and etc. that has dropped significantly but nevertheless, that was a lot of people taken off quarantine, isolation, now we are recovering. larry: i need your voice -- advice, the state of oregon is telling residents to wear your mask outdoors. in the bay area you up to wear your mask indoors but not necessarily in a big crowd outside.
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what is your advice to people attending larger than centaurs? -- large events outdoors? >> i don't think it's binary. if you go in to a giants game and you have to be vaccinated, or there's a vaccinated section or you have to be tested, that increases safety and so maybe you don't have to wear a mask. but if you are going to a restaurant or concessions and there are lots ofanmouths, tha'a vaccinated. you don't need to wear a mask even if it is outdoors. larry: be cautious, you see a bunch of people, put on the mask to be safe. dr. fauci is urging them to use more antibody treatments. we heard about one, the most part people, politicians get it,
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emergency use. do you see more of that happening in the bay area? >> it's going to be very difficult. i think the federal government, political and public health leaders wanted us to use more antibody treatments. the way emergency use authorization is written is restrictive. you can't get one if you are admitted to the hospital with covid, but you can get it as an outpatient. the problem is, it takes up two or three hours. you need a dedicated facility, there are not many rooms available taken up by patients. larry: we appreciated dr., i'm sure we'll talk soon. sandhya: the family of a san quentin prison guard who died of covid-19 filed a lawsuit today against the department of corrections. the officer died this month following an outbreak last year that killed 28 inmates and affected more than 2000 others.
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the suit claims officials made decisions that increased the risk of harm to employees and inmates. >> the officials created a covid cesspool and required inmates and employees to marinate in it. sandhya: the outbreak followed the transfer of 122 inmates from a state prison due to an otis not commenting. larry: san francisco's outside lands festival is requiring proof of vaccination or negative covid test, anyone not fully vaccinated most test negative hours vait is going to take pla. >> behind the autonomous car company ready to take on passengers, how you can get a ride. breaking barriers, how one
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get xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. plus, add xfinity mobile to save even more with a 5g phone on us... ...and, for a limited time, $300 back! don't wait! switch today. larry: developments on the fall of afghanistan. the president said the u.s. is on track to meet its current
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deadline for withdrawing troops. as we are on pace -- pres. biden: the sooner we get out the bed the -- better, but the completion by august 31 depends upon the taliban to cooperate. larry: president biden says the taliban is cooperating but they earlier said they will no longer allow afghans to evacuate. the president warned that the threat of terrorist group k increases the longer they stay. this followed a virtual meeting with g7 counterparts. crews from an air force base supporting those in afghanistan, providing air support by helping people fly out of the country and refueling aircraft. travis air force base is not providing housing to anybody fleeing at this time.
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a san francisco company supporting refugees fleeing the taliban. airbnb will provide free housing globally to 20,000 afghan refugees. the proam wl begindiatelairbnb a sandhya: starting today, some passengers will be able to ride in autonomous vehicles in san francisco. a company has been testing the technology on streets for years and is ready to test with passengers. david louis tells us how you can sign up and what they expect back from the free ride. >> waymo and trusting packing dust passengers. -- passengers. they are allowing people to hail rides for free in electric jaguar fubu -- suv's in extensor feedback. >> we want diverse opinions, feedback from people with various mobility needs, we want
4:17 pm
to braided -- build a product that satisfies the needs of the community. >> it uses laser technology to guide it. a driver will remain at the wheel to intervene if needed. waymo has operated a similar test outside phoenix for two years but san francisco's streets will be more challenging. the volume of pedestrians and bible -- bicycles will also add complexity. it will be limited to certain neighborhoods, sunset, castro. a big step towardin autonomous vehicle ridesharing viable. they are confident in its safety. >> tell us how you see on the screen and have that makes you feel, tell us about the drive, an interesting thing that happened along the way and your reaction. >> waymo is not saying how long free rides will last. waymo vehicles have been logging
4:18 pm
about 100,000 miles afransca rss vehiclen june but was not injured. tomoe the time. in time, the driver may not be needed and the trip truly navigated autonomously. david louis, abc 7 news. sandhya: air quality in lake tahoe is the worst in north right now. a side-by-side of two cameras shows you the conditions. you can see great haze hanging in the air. smoke from the caldor fire instructing down to tahoe. hazardous and it is at 600. to see it is awful. larry: is this likely to continue? >> it is because two of the main factors are the proximity of lake tahoe to the bigbr pushingr
4:19 pm
from here, smokelo the pattern e set up now, this study onshore breeze which is good for us, cleansing our air quality, a refreshing breeze improving air quality through tomorrow, but nds and --rnhae ur weakens. looking at green dots and yellow dots throughout the bay area, good tomorrow air quality, the darker color around lake tahoe indicating unhelpful -- unhelpful to hazardous air quality. 21n san francisco, 36 these numbers indicate good, 50 to 100 is moderate. san jose is moderate. lake tahoe, earlier when i put this together, the index was
4:20 pm
309. now it is five to 600 depending on where you are in lake tahoe, but is very hazardous to your health. the surface smoke forecast looks like this for the next 24 hours or so. you can expect a continued push eastward with that onshore brze gets cobra -- compressed, the sea breeze weakens and that will push that back into the bay area and diminish our air quality. 69 degrees in san francisco, mid 70's and here, 70 and -- 70's in palo alto, 70 pacifica. 75 santa rosa, -- 75 santa rosa. the view from the mountain looking onto our current marine layer, our forecast features will see warning will clouds and patchy drizzle tomorrow.
4:21 pm
warming begins rose and heat will spike inland friday and saturday. overnight low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50's, highs will range from mid 60's at the coast to low 70's around the bay shore and 80's inland. the seven day forecast, the heat begins to rise sharply thursday, mid 90's inland, upper 90's friday, low 80's on the shoreline. the heat persists monday and sunday, a two degrees drop and that is it, we won't tickets his sin -- designate get dropped week. larry: a hot weekend. some of the biggest names in music paying tribute to the man consider the backbone of the rolling stones. drummer charlie watts died after we pd drums for the grote
4:22 pm
-- group since the 70's. >> he was stable, steady, outside of any thing crazy going on in the stones world. larry: mick jagger posted a photo of him on his twitter page. mccartney remember him as a beautiful man and ringo starr tweeted god bless charlie watts, we are going to miss you. he played for the band for 60 years, he was 80 years old. wi always mae... our dedication to safely serving guests the food they love. and hey... if you love to feed people too, we want you to join our family. apply at today.
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sandhya: we turn to michael finney. larry: here with the consumer headlines, money coming your way. >> another round of state stimulus checks expected at the end of the month. payments will start hitting bank accounts at the end of august and will be sent in batches every two weeks. two thirds of californians qualify for the $600 in stimulus with some families with chil el f a additional $500. to qualify, residents much -- must file their taxes and earn less than $75,000 a year. telemarketers have to pay to access the national do not call registry list. those fees are going up next year. companies can download five area codes for free and starting in
4:26 pm
2022, additional area codes will be $69 up to a maximum of over r $19,000. it is still summer but the pumpkin spice lords are heating up. famous pum lattetoday.ingts is e d e tyou're keeping track. pinero is debuting a new drink called -- an era -- panera's debuting a drink that is not pumpkin but aims to provide competition for starbucks. dairy queen will debut its pumpkin pie flavor blizzard in the coming weeks and all sounds wonderful for your diet. larry: we should do a taste test. can you orchestrate that? make hers decaffeinated.
4:27 pm
>> on the floor with you guys. a section of san francisco's japan town is going to undergo a renovation. the mall is going to get its first significant upgrade in 50 years thanks to $5 million from the state. the renovation will help get the fountains running for the first time in a decade and repair the cobblestone walkway. larry: spencer was just saying wildfires are continuing to burn across the west. the battle to get the flames under control. plus, >> i thought i would never see that again. >> governor
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moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. ama: look at this view from a national guard headquarters -- helicopter dropping water on a wildfire. it is the largest in the country, and the threat it poses to the lake tahoe basin. smoke from the fire is making the air quality at the lake the worst in the nation. containment is at 9% and fire continues to spread, morning -- burning more than 117,000 acres. lower humidity tonight allowed that to continue on the edges of the dixie fire which has burned over 30,000 acres. containment is at 41%. it is in its 41st day it is the second largest in state history and has destroyed
4:31 pm
nearly 1300 structures. with it seeming like the state of california is on fire the summer, what is the state of fire protection in oakland? a brand-new chief at the helm. we got an opportunity to sit down with the chief about the dire need for more firefighters. >> 205 calls for service every day in oakland. >> i have approached our administrator and our mayor in regards to asking for additional personnel. >> the new fire chief stepped in ysgo is budged f i've hundred one firefighter emt's but they are short staffed by a stunning 117 people. >> we have 380 six people actually in operations today due to -- 386 people in operation today. the hours we have to work because of mandatory overtime is
4:32 pm
certainly challenging and causing hardships for our members, not only professionally but personally. >> one firefighter working 12 consecutive days? >> at a minimum. the battalion chief has to work 14 consecutive days. >> they can only afford to send four firefighters to the dixie fire line. the chief has appealed to the administrators and the mayor to recruit new staff this fall, asking to train 70 enearly02 the chief moved across the country with his family three months ago, working as a chief in hartford connecticut and for the u.s. government in iraq. he will back for more resources in east oakland for high school firefighter training classes and renovating old statements. there is still a high risk for covid.
4:33 pm
in your department, how many people are vaccinated? >> in our department, 82% of our members are vaccinated. >> is the talk about mandatory vaccines? >> there has been discussion. we have not received formal word from city hall. >> the first priority is training academies and he hopes to have an answer next week. abc 7 news. larry: governor newsom talking about wildfires and climate change today. an insider joining withith conversation today, including the recall election. >> that's right, and it seems like when governor newsom sat down with an interview with abc news and they were in grizzly flats, a community near lake tahoe devastated by the claldor fire. >> seven days ago, we went from a 7000 acre fire 47,000 in one
4:34 pm
night and there wasn't even significant wind. that is remarkable abo the vegetation, the dryness, the low humidity. that is what we are struggling with across the west. >> governor newsom understands people may not believe in climate change, but they need to believe their own eyes. the destruction california sees year after year. the state is pre-position and assets to use the latest technology to combat wildfires and newsom has asked for federal help with force management, something his state has been criticized for in the past. today he believes wildfire suppression could be the defining moment of his administration. he used the discussion on wildfires to address the recall election, blasting opponent larry elder, a conservative talk show host who does not blame climate change for the recent devastating fires. >> he lives in a completely different world devoid of the
4:35 pm
reality here at grizzly flats, with all due respect. he does not know what the hell he is talking about when it comes to climate and climate change. >> governor newsom said between wildfires, drought crisis and the covid pandemic, he does not think this is the right time for californians to focus on a recall election but they are. he hopes voters are not too apathetic and they turn out to make their voice heard with the stakes being so high. >> democrats pushed for an early recall september 14. now you got fires, a covid surge, do you think that date is helping or hurting the cause? >> we also have wrote, ongoing problems with the department of unemployment, the implement department. not to mention the possible power outages we are experiencing around the state. the bet by now covid would be wrapped up, schools reopened, people feeling good. and gavin's phone numbers would
4:36 pm
be high. that is not necessarily the case. the pandemic has dragged out, schools are opening but are they going to stay open? how are parents reacting? andy firefights show no -- and the firefights show no signs of letting up. it is turning out to be volatile time. larry: difficult situation, phil, thank you. ama: did the jetsons predict the future? the
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larry: time for the four at 4:00, hawaii's governor asking tourists to stay away as coven 18 cases surge in the islands. the governor stopped short of imposing strict sense to shut those who can to postpone non-essential travel. he says tourists will have better time if they wait until the fall. there are hotel operators not thrilled with that message and also the thing that is we are here is it has been shown that most of the cases in hawaii, which is surging, or with locals. it is not tourists coming in and being infected. so, who wants to go to hawaii? if i give you tickets right now? defy the governor's request? >> i've been looking sporadically, seeing what the rates are for flights and
4:40 pm
hotels, hotels are so expensive right now. it is unreal, more than thousand dollars a night for just basic king bed. i can't even think about paying that much, several thousands of dollars to go to hawaii which is jampacked with people right now. what is your overall experience going to be? are you fighting for a chair by the pool? paying $1000 a night? maybe i will wait a couple of months until it all settles down. larry: they are experiencing difficult times in hospitals, running out of beds. >> i love hawaii but i will hold off. right now it's challenging. ama: on the flipside, one italian town is wanting you to come there so badly it is offering homes just one dollar. italian communities facing dwindling populations are selling their crumbling old villas for just one dollar. the town of my anze has become -- a town has become the first near rome to make the offer.
4:41 pm
it's in the foothills south of india and -- italy and you restore it within three years. i feel like that's a good amount of time and maybe you won't have a ton of neighbors. you like to go to italy yearly if possible. what do you think? >> i might be in. i had friends in italy who asked me about this. you buy one of these homes and move here? if i could afford to move over there, i might. but i would think about it. larry: can you get three or three dollars? >> we all chip in a quarter? larry: it's like the abc 7 timeshare. all right, who is doing the renovating? ama: i'll do the pinterest-ing. >> all work on ideas and you two -- ama: you can do logistics.
4:42 pm
larry: logistics larry, i go by that name. watch me swing a hammer and you will want me to handle logistics. how about getting along faster, that is what billionaire richard branson is hoping. his plan for virgin hyperloop will send people between cities in tubes at 600 miles per hour. it's like a bullet train in a tube concept originally conceived by elon musk. it uses magneticodtolieven reada guy do not want to do this. virgin hopes to again commercial operations in 2027. alma -- ama is not going in that. ama: actually, if it's keeping me on the ground or below i'm more for that than getting in an airplane, but that speed pretty -- larry: you ready? >> at least in an airplane you get decent views.
4:43 pm
>> what kind of view do you get in a tube? >> i'm kind of claustrophobic, i don't know what -- don't know if i want to go in that. larry: so everybody is out on this? right. ama: i'm also out on this one. legendary skateboarder tony hawk pulling out a of boards with his dna in each and every one. the skateboards contained some of his own blood. he is collaborating with the water brand liquid death which i've never heard of, which released this video showing how this could boards are made. so vials of his blood for rick's -- mixed with -- work mixed with red paint, they cost $500 apiece and only 100 are available. some collector or superfamily that. larry: i admire your talent but i don't want your blood. it'>> it's actually brilliant
4:44 pm
because people will buy that. >> sounds kind of cheap, i thought it would be more expensive. ama: ama what does a regular skateboard cost? > >> in the 90's it was like 50 bucks. larry: your skateboard probablyy has your blood on it. >> i landed a kick flip and my entire skateboarding career was done, i retired, i'm not going to get better and went out on top. i'm not going to get any better than letting a kick flip so i was done. larry: awesome. that is
4:45 pm
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ama: a team including researchers from california trying to understand the threat from a climate event thousands of miles away. larry: spencer is back to show the problem, a massive one. >> we are talking about the massive icemelt from glaciers in greenland. measurements taken from the gracias could be -- placers could have applications -- glaciers oculd have implications for the bay. >> researchers believe a climate threat there could become a problem here. >> greenland has loss 3 trillion tons of ice in the last 50 years, enough to raise local sea
4:48 pm
levels. the entire planet, by a centimeter, about half an inch. >> a team from a lab in pasadena are trying to answer and unnerving question. how much ice will melt and how quickly? the answers could have an effect on how we plan for title rise in san francisco bay. > the mission canceled in this footage is called omg for oceans melting greenland. he and his colleagues have been dropping sensors around the coastline. they are measuring the amount of water flushed out of the glaciers as they come in contact with warming oceans. >> we think of the ice sheet as an ice cube melting under a hairdryer, but it is more like a -- this ice is getting flushed off in rivers.
4:49 pm
>> the area is experiencing a year of extreme icemelt. a fellow researcher says the shifting weight is so immense it can cause several changes in the earth's crust. >> it can make oceans rise before way, we are affected by what is happening in greenland and antarctica even though it is very far. >> how much the melt will affect sea rise and how quickly are unknown. it could drive things from what areas could be viable in the future. >> we don't know how much sealevel rise to prepare for from greenland. just know it's going to be a lot. is it going to be a whole lot or a little lock? >> a threat could ultimately reach our shores. larry>>ast
4:50 pm
there for the first time on record. that is an indication of rising temperatures in the point of the piece is that the rising temperatures there in the melting ice can affect us as well. the university of california's energy institute is researching how to price energy. is this supposed tbe my read too? i'm on a roll. but the bottom line talking about climate change as a result of global warming and that has global indications. so what is happening -- implications. it will have applications here. ama: the university of california's energy institute is researching how to price energy as the state works to fight climate change. experts talked about the importance of getting the price right so consumers know what they're getting. >> if we get all of the prices to reflect marginal costs when they are choosing between energy
4:51 pm
sources, between natural gas and electricity for hitting their house, they will make a decision based on the energy costs that reflect the full cost of each. ama: research found the current prices for electricity are distorted when compared to natural gas or gasoline. they are pushing for economists to get involved, saying pricing is key as the state tries to move away from fossil fuels. eight new wine experience in the east bay, a new lounge breaking barriers. larry:
4:52 pm
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larry: prime time on abc 7 at 8:00 and his bachelor in paradise followed by the ultimate surfer and to not miss abc 7 news 11:00. ama: northern california is home to wine country, now a new experiences taking hold in the east bay, a wine safari in the first black woman owned in the county. larry: they are on mission to change the industry one winemaker at a time. >> you expect to see cute restaurants and shops on park street in alameda but a safari not so much. inside this one lounge. >> what we are doing is a mini safari, and it is called a wine safari because each of the
4:55 pm
varietals have one of the big five of the canyon safari on the bottle. >> first up the rhino, a cabernet. >> i crafted it to prepare pair with my mother's lamb stew. >> to make sure she had the perfect winds to go with her canyon american mother's favorite dishes. >> my mom makes a amazing with that. >>your mom is in alameda too so i'm coming over. >> but this is the only kenyan- and she is the first black owned in the county. >> the word means -- everyone should feel welcome. >> she wanted a place not only
4:56 pm
for women and people of color to enjoy it wine but for those in the industry to craft and sell it. you can drink, dance and have a good time here, and check out winds by other folks of color ay underrepresented. we are .1% of the industry in this country. so creating a space that allows us to show our talents and feel welcome and included is core to who i am. >> also core to who she is, science. she works full-time in clinical outcomes at stanford health care. intrigued by the science of winemaking, she said pursuing that passion was not easy. >> we don't have a expose to us as a community and a culture because it is an industry that has been closed to us. it was the alliest pp , thd me learn how to craft the winds, but helped me learn the business of the wine. >> she is working to pay it
4:57 pm
forward to her companies wine incubator program that allows her to mentor and bring people into the industry. she says representation matters. >> for me to be in this position today that allows another young lady or young man to see themselves reflected in me as a black immigrant woman, it allows them to believe they can. >> using wine to craft community and a new vision of the industry. ama: community, inspiration, all good stuff. you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. just search abc 7 bay area and download now. larry: those wine events look like fun. that's going to do it for this that's going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00.
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ama: , protesting a proposed recommended. dozens of people interrupt a meeting. dan: hazard from smoke person >> they are hero, rvivorshoe who are dealing with the kind of grief most people will never know. ama: it's been nearly three months since the daily mass at the vta light rail yard. tonight, when real service is expected to resume. announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. ama: good evening, thank you for joining us. i am at my larry: and i am larry beil. u're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 live in on hulu live and wherever you stream. along the line of people waiting to comment at the city c


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