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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 24, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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make in order as soon as this music wraps up. kumasi: for now. mike: good morning, america. good morning, america. the major breakthrough in the fight against covid-19. a vaccine fully approved. pfizer comes in first. the fastest in fda history to get full approval for the vaccine. >> those that have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. >> the green light paves the way for vaccine mandates in corporations and schools across the country. now questions about the booster and when kids can finally get their shot. this as florida faces their biggest crush of covid patients ever and hawaii reverses course on travel urging tourists to stay away. the director of the nih joins us live.
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evacuations ramping up. with one week until the deadline for u.s. forces to withdraw from afghanistan, the taliban drawing a red line. the u.s. sending helicopters and troops into kabul to airlift americans and allies to the airport. afghan families leaving everything behind. the first refugees now arriving in the u.s. urgent search for the missing. that flooding catastrophe in tennessee destroying homes, leaving at least 21 dead. we're live on the scene with the latest. wildfires raging. more than 90 massive uncontained blazes in the west. the main threat for california firefighters, the caldor fire, burning 114,000 acres alone. mandatory evacuations under way right now. under fire. abc news exclusive. the new lawsuit alleging a popular handgun used by police around the country can sometimes fire without warning and without anyone even pulling the trigger. an officer shot now speaking out. "jeopardy!" drama. mayim bialik takes the helm. "the big bang theory" star set to host episodes of the game show following the departure of mike richards as host but
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remaining the executive producer, and now more guest hosts on the way. who else will take center stage? ♪ good for you, you look happy and healthy ♪ and what is the song of the summer? our exclusive reveal of spotify's top tunes in 2021 and the unstoppable artists taking over the airwaves. plus, it's a good morning from wyoming. get ready to "rise & shine" and saddle up for a majestic morning in the cowboy state. good morning, america. we hope you are doing well this morning. we want to get right to that major news in the fight against the coronavirus. pfizer's covid vaccine has now become the first to get full approval from the fda for all americans 16 and older. >> this morning, dr. francis collins, director of the national institutes of health,
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standing by to answer the big questions for us. always good to hear from him and we will chat with him in a few moments. 95,000 americans are hospitalized with covid-19. nearly 205 million doses of pfizer's vaccine have gone to americans so far and the hope this morning, that this full fda approval could convince even more to get that shot. eva pilgrim joins us from right outside pfizer's headquarters here in new york with the very latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. this is one of the most studied vaccines in history. on top of the more than 40,000 volunteers in the clinical trials, we now have eight months worth of real world data from the more than 1.2 billion doses that were given out around the world and health officials are hoping that will reassure those who are waiting to get that first shot. this morning, major new developments in the fight against covid-19. the fda granting full approval for pfizer's vaccine, the fastest vaccine approval in fda history. >> those that have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. >> reporter: pfizer becoming the first vaccine to move past emergency use authorization.
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their shot made with mrna does not contain any part of the coronavirus and does not alter people's dna. in order to get full fda approval pfizer had to undergo a more stringent review, submitting results from its ongoing clinical trials and proving substantial evidence of effectiveness. >> the fda not just took their time and did the due diligence that needed to be done but did it quickly and efficiently. >> reporter: the move paves the way for more corporations, government and schools to issue vaccine mandates. the pentagon now preparing to require the shot for its 1.3 million active duty troops. new york city announcing shots will now be required for all school employees with weekly testing no longer an option. and workers at united airlines have five weeks to show the now-required proof of vaccination. while the fda's full approval of the pfizer vaccine applies to those 16 and older, the agency making it clear that does not
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mean it should be given off-label to younger children. >> they are not just small so we really would have to have the data and the appropriate dose before recommending that children be vaccinated. >> reporter: but this first full approval could be a game changer for those who have been hesitant to get a shot. a recent poll finding that three in ten of those unvaccinated would be more likely to get it now, and with every state in the country experiencing high community transmission except vermont and maine, more americans are dying of covid. now an average of 738 every day. florida just saw its deadliest week. healthcare workers hoping people will get the vaccine as they face a crush of covid patients. >> one of my biggest frustrations is that we're maybe not vaccinating our kids at a rate that is beneficial to evyone.
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>> reporter: so what about the other vaccines? full approval for moderna and johnson & johnson is expected in the coming months. george? >> eva, thank you. let's bring in dr. francis collins. trek or the of the national institutes of health. dr. collins, thanks for joining us again. we all saw that poll showing 30% of the unvaccinated are likely to get vaccinated because of this full approval but other experts have said the impact is likely to be vanishingly small on those still holding out. what's your view? >> we'll test that question and let's celebrate a moment, a little bright sunshine here coming through the covid clouds. i think this is a big deal getting full approval and i hope of those three out of ten that have said this was a significant factor in their holding off they will see today as an opportunity to change that view, hit the reset button on all the other reasons that they heard why this is not a good idea and decide to roll up their sleeves because delta is out there looking for you. if you're unvaccinated, you're at serious risk of this very
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contagious variant. >> the more significant impact could be because this clears the way for more vaccines mandates. where should vaccines be mandated and where shouldn't they be mandated? >> well, that's going to be very much up to businesses and universities and, of course, the military is now coming out to say active duty troops will need to be vaccinated. i think that's a great idea. we know this vaccine is safe and effective. we want to keep people safe and not let them get sick. you've seen already just in the last 24 hours since this approval by fda, universities in minnesota and louisiana coming out saying, okay, that does it. we were waiting for that. now we're going to mandate it for our students. there's going to be encouragements and something a little more significant here in terms of requirements but it's the right time. come on, america. we still have 85 million people who haven't gotten that first jab and they are at risk and they're putting the whole country at risk. it's time to turn that corner. >> how about vaccinations for kids? what do these trials tell us about that?
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>> well, basically the approval now is for kids 16 and on into adulthood, and 12 to 15-year-olds still can get vaccinated and should be with emergency use. in terms of ki u pfizer has not yet submitted their data to the fda on 5 to 11-year-olds. that's expected maybe by late september. keep in mind, kids are not just scaled down adults. they have different immune systems and metabolism and you really have to do the careful trials to make sure you got the dose right and there aren't any surprises. realistically, george, i don't think we're going to see approval for kids under 12 until late in 2021. >> that could be some time. where do you think we are overall on the surge right now? there have been some suggestions that we could be reaching the peak of the delta variant surge. >> well, i would love to think that's true, but when i look at the data it's still going up awfully steeply. more than 150,000 cases a day and that number keeps growing. hospitalizations, 95,000.
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deaths now averaging a thousand a day. yeah, maybe you could kind of peak at that curve and say maybe it's trying to find its way from this steepest slope into b, e confident of that. i do see in some states like california seems to be having a better time than they were a couple of weeks ago. but, gosh, florida, louisiana, mississippi, alabama, there is just a world of hurt going on there with so many unvaccinated people and hospitals really struggling to try to manage all the really sick people who are coming to their emergency rooms. >> what's your best recommendations on boosters right now? >> well, let's see what fda and cdc make of the data on that. you heard last week and i was part of the group of doctors that looked hard at this data that we do think boosters are going to be beneficial starting
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about the week of september 20th, but i don't want to jump ahead of what fda and cdc may say over the course of the next month, but i think we can probably expect that to be the case in order to keep this protection especially in the face of delta just at the >> dr. collins, thanks for your all ri anista major developments there. the taliban drawing what it's calling a "red line," saying it will not accept extending the deadline for the u.s. to get out of the country. that deadline exactly a week away, amid the mad scramble to get americans and american allies out. our ian pannell is at the airport in kabul for us with the very latest. ian, hello. >> reporter: yeah, t.j., good morning, from hamid karzai international airport. this is now the epicenter of what the president calls the most difficult and largest air lifts in human history. and being here you can see why. all around us are refugees desperate to get out and all the time we're seeing these large military transport aircraft landing and taking off from america, from germany, from
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other european and nato countries. although thousands of people are now being rescued and moved safely out of the country, there's still tens of thousands just hundreds of yards from me still desperate to get through and get out. this morning, amid mayhem around kabul's airport, evacuations are ramping up. with the august 31st deadline to withdraw all military forces now just one week away u.s. officials reporting that helicopters and troops were sent in to kabul to extract americans and airlift them to the airport but many americans and thousands of afghan allies remain. president biden indicating the pullout could be pushed back, but the taliban saying failure to meet the deadline will cause mistrust claiming it's their red line. >> if they are intent on continuing the occupation, it will provoke a reaction. >> reporter: adding to the chaos the possibility of an airport attack from isis-k, the branch of isis terrorists here in afghanistan who could exploit
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the volatile situation. u.s. and coalition forces now moving quickly. planes flying almost 11,000 people out over a 12-hour period monday. more than twice the nuf people evacuated in the same period sunday. hundreds now arriving in virginia and dispersing to ft. mccoy, ft. lee, ft. bliss and other places. they're forced to leave everything they know behind,iesa cotry. like this man who just arrived in seattle with his wife and six children. he owned a clothing business in kabul and was a translator. >> it was hard, just left everything for my family, my business, my house. >> reporter: at dulles airport outside washington, d.c., this afghan and his family speaking with abc's gio benitez. he worked for the american government for more than two years, this is his first time in the united states.
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>> a lot of relief. >> now i -- i think we are safe here, yeah. >> reporter: so, of course, the key question this morning, given that we're now just seven days away from that august 31st deadline is whether or not they'll have enough time to get all of the people out. we're now hearing in reporting from "the washington post" that senior u.s. officials are saying that the director of the cia wiliam burns had a secret meeting with the de facto leader of the taliban here in kabul on monday. the cia are not confirming any details of that but, of course, it would seem inevitable they would discuss a potential extension. it seems to be at the moment even at this increased pace getting everyone out in the next seven days is going to be an almost impossible task. cecilia? >> a huge task, indeed. ian, thank you so much. as you just mentioned, that august 31st deadline just days away so let's bring in martha raddatz there in washington.
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martha, we are down to the wire, ian was just saying, getting all these americans and allies out not to mention the thousands of u.s. troops. we're talking about a major logistical challenge. what are you hearing from your sources on this? >> reporter: that's exactly right, cecelia. this is complicated by the fact that getting u.s. forces out of there after the evacuations will take several days in itself. they now hope they can get as many as 80,000 people out before the military has to move out. but the fear is, if the deadline is extended there is a possibility that u.s. forces are attacked by the taliban. and the last thing the white house wants right now is a scenario where u.s. forces are in a firefight that is one of the reasons there have been very few rescue missions into the city but the threat from isis is also acute around the airport in particular. i'm told by u.s. officials because of those dual threats, it is unlikely that president biden would stay if the taliban refuses to extend the deadline. they would then hope for a deal
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where the taliban agrees to let those americans or afghan allies who remain in afghanistan leave by some other means, but that would obviously be a very dangerous undertaking. >> certainly. as you said, such a logistical challenge. the president is set to meet virtually later this morning with top allies. afghanistan obviously at the top of the agenda. he is under a lot of pressure on this one. >> reporter: and you'll see a strong push by france and britain in particular to extend the deadline. president biden will lay out the concerns for pushing the deadline but the g7 nations are unhappy with the way the withdrawal has been executed and want to make certain that those who need to get out get out. cecilia? >> martha raddatz in washington, thank you. george? we're going to turn now to those wildfires out west. the caldor fire at 114,000 acres is the main threat for california firefighters right now. ginger tracking the latest. good morning, ginger. >> the caldor fire did this to reno, nevada, the worst air quality they have ever reported and then that caldor fire taking
7:16 am
at least 447 homes, destroying them. they are still doing the survey. more than 28,000 people, you guys, this morning, are waking up not in their bed because they're evacuated from their home. they've got it 9% contained. a little glimmer of hope. they've had the first nocturnal air drops ever in northern california history. that will help fight the fire but there's also the french fire, 15,000 plus acres burned taking over the camera, eventually burning the camera. they have that one 15% contained. we will see more air quality issues and red flag warnings, t.j., on the map. excessive heat watch in arizona and far southern california. >> all right, ginger, we're going to check in with you later. we want to turn to something you have been talking about, that flooding disaster in tennessee. there's an urgent search still going on now for the missing there. our elwyn lopez is in waverly, tennessee, about 70 miles west of nashville. she's there for us with the latest. hello, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, t.j., good morning. this is what the catastrophic flooding did just days ago. take a look at this. that shed behind me swept off its foundation, toppled onto the
7:17 am
creek, and if you follow me over here you can see the height of the rushing waters would have been above my head on saturday. now, take a look from above. you can see the massive devastation. it goes on for up to ten miles. this is what is left behind. cars and debris tossed around by the currents. some of it still lining the creek this morning. that historic rainfall shattering records with more than 17 inches pummeling the area in less than 24 hours killing at least 21 people. approximately a dozen others still missing. search and rescue efforts will continue this morning with officials going through piles of debris with dogs trying to find those still unaccounted for. t.j.? >> all right, elwyn, thank you so much. just an absolute disaster. cecilia? >> certainly is. we're going to turn to this morning's news here in new york. new york state has a new governor. at midnight, a private ceremony for kathy hochul. officially sworn in becoming the empire state's first female
7:18 am
governor. hochul replacing andrew cuomo after he resigned following a report accusing him of sexually harassing several women. the new governor tweeting, honored to be officially sworn in as the 57th gr d looking rward to the fulny wit family later this morning and addressing the people of new york later today. >> a lot of history right there. a lot more coming up, including mayim bialik set to host "jeopardy!" for a few weeks. more guest hosts are on the way. abc news exclusive. the new lawsuit alleging a handgun can sometimes fire even without anyone actually pulling the trigger. but first, let's go back to ginger. >> the next big developing story, that big heat dome. so very hot conditions. heat advisories in place in the warning. you could see excessive heat and indices upwards of 115 that moves eventually to the northeast. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the tuesday trivia sponsored by verizon. by verizon.
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stay with stay with us on this tuesday morning on "good morning america." we'll be right back. we're here!
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come in for superfoods,
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leave feeling mighty. what we value most, shouldn't cost more. >> moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. happening today, the san jose city council will consider a vaccine mandate that you need to have to enter many city-owned facilities. the sap center is one of many facilities. the mayor is proposing attendees and staff at events with 50 or more people show proof of vaccination to enter. a negative covid-19 test would not serve as a substitute for vaccination. i look at the rows this morning. jobina: starting in emeryville, following a motorcycle crash involving injuries into the maison westbound 80. eight chb has a tow truck and it
7:24 am
is allowing traffic to pick up through berkeley and albany and emeryville. speeds are under the limit. also slow on the richmond san rafael bridge for westbound commuters. that picks up at the center of the bridge. an overall look at drive times. an overall look at drive times. reggie: this is an epic bbq barbeque burger. cannonball! ♪ ♪ what? nothing, you're good. face is good. face is good. your face is there. try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. ♪ ♪ ♪ try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. ♪ ♪ ♪ monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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my barbeque bacon double cheeseburger. two 100% beef patties, hickory smoked bacon and award-winning barbeque sauce. ♪ mmm...award winning. ♪ try my bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box. mike: we are covered by a cloud blanket once again. drizzle in the higher elevations and near the coast. pretty quiet for your commute other than the fast breezes through the carquinez strait and the altamont pass. i look at the smoke. it is terrible up in tahoe, some of the worst air quality in the world right now. it improves today and continues to improve tomorrow. let's look at the temperatures. coolest today and tomorrow. back above average on thursday. some warmth at the coast on saturday. reggie: up ahead on gma, the
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drama at jeopardy. miam
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- had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ good 4 u ♪ welcome back to "gma."yokn u don't know the name, olivia rodrigo, that's the name you are going to be hearing a lot. one of the most popular artists of the year, she has hit after hit after hit after hit, but then scored the top spot on spotify's songs of the summer. we do have a fun exclusive reveal of those top songs just ahead here on "gma." >> that is coming up. we're following a lot of other headlines as well this morning, including that major covid breakthrough and pfizer's vaccine has gotten full fda approval. the nation still struggling and florida facing their biggest crush of patients and hawaii
7:31 am
has reversed course on travel urging tourists to stay away. also, evacuations ramping up in afghanistan. the taliban drew a red line saying afghan families are leaving everything behind right now as well and the first refugees are arriving in the u.s. the main threat for california firefighters, the caldor fire, 114,000 acres and this is coming as a major heat wave sweeps across the country, 16 states from kansas to new jersey under heat advisories and warnings. i've got a headline for you and i feel like i have to apologize in advance. it looks like summer might be coming to a close according to starbucks. here we go, the pumpkin spice latte is back. i'm just the messenger, people. it is the earliest the popular drink has ever been available but, wait, there's more. t.j., this is for you. they have also added the apple crisp macchiato to the lineup. >> thank goodness. >> i see janai norman in the background. she's ready for it over there. just the messenger, friends. we got a lot more coming up. get ready to "rise & shine" from wyoming. becky worley is showing us
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siliency of this cowboy state a coming up. t.j.? let's turn now to that big "jeopardy!" news or as some like to call it a big "jeopardy!" mess. the news, though, mayim bialik is set to take the helm hosting the iconic game show. this, of course, following the departure of mike richards as host but he is still the executive producer. you keeping up here? janai norman with the latest for us and it comes with a caveat. i say mayim bialik is taking over, but for a few weeks. >> exactly, t.j. it is a lot. it's been a tough couple weeks for the show. ahead of the new season premiering, richards remaining the executive producer of not just "jeopardy!" but also "wheel of fortune." as you said, mayim bialik stepping in as the show again looks to find a permanent host to take over. >> this is "jeopardy!" >> reporter: this morning, mayim bialik is in as temporary host of "jeopardy!" as the show resumes production this week. sony pictures television, the company that produces
7:33 am
bcew tape three weeks of episodes, 15 episodes adding that as we move forward with production on this season of "jeopardy!" additional guest hosts will be announced. >> i think it was probably the easiest choice to begin with because they already have her now in the stable as the host of the primetime and special editions of "jeopardy!." so this is a fill gap measure. she's not going to be permanent host. >> reporter: the announcement coming just days after mike richards stepped down from the permanent hosting role. >> a fun final "jeopardy!" category to wrap up the week. >> reporter: following inappropriate comments toward women he made on a podcast that were unearthed. richards seen here over the weekend keeping a low profile with his wife is still serving as executive producer of both "jeopardy!" and "wheel of fortune." >> it's going to be really, really awkward on that set for the time being and, if anything, you know, it brings into question long-term what the plan is going to be and how that show is going to be run. >> reporter: bialik, "the big batar --
7:34 am
>> know, can you believe it? >> reporter: -- and neuroscientist not without controversy herself having faced scrutiny over past comments viewed by some as anti-vaccine. in 2017 apologizing after being accused of victim blaming in a me too inspired "the new york times" op-ed. bialik tweeting, i'm truly sorry for causing so much pain. now the "jeopardy!" team looking towards the future and once again finding a permanent host. >> they're going to be very careful this time. they want a host who has no controversy whatsoever, that is a solid choice, that will provoke no sort of outrage. they want to bring in someone who is going to go the distance and be the host of "jeopardy!" for the next 30 years. >> reporter: and sony confirming richards apologized to "jeopardy!" staff in a virtual meeting. "deadline" reporting multiple staffers who attended the meeting expected richards to step down as ep as the show searches for a permanent host. that did not happen. george?
7:35 am
>> okay, janai, thanks very much. we're going to turn now to an abc news exclusive. a new lawsuit about the unintended firing of a handgun widely used by police, and david scott, new member of our team, welcome to "gma." thank you for bringing us this story. >> thank you so much. good morning to you all. no one needs a gun that goes off by itself but that's exactly what's being alleged in a new lawsuit that dozens of such incidents have occurred across the country involving a popular handgun and experienced police officers. brittany hilton is a mother of three daughters and a detective at the bridge city police department in texas. she never imagined what she says happened last winter inside her station house. take me back. >> sure. >> to december 1st. >> it was a normal day. i grabbed my purse and put the two straps on my forearm. my purse kind of swings out and i hear a loud pop. my first thought was my gun has gone off.
7:36 am
then i took one step and i felt this pain. it felt like a hot rod of metal had just been placed not only in my private, but through my leg. >> reporter: the gun was hilton's police service weapon which she says was holstered in her purse. a semi-automatic pistol called the sig sauer p320. she insists it went off on its own. hilton has now filed a $15 million federal lawsuit alleging that the sig sauer p320 has serious design and manufacturing flaws. >> it has a clear capacity to fire without the trigger being pulled under certain conditions. >> reporter: according to hilton's lawsuit, quote, there have been at least 54 reported uncommanded discharges of the p320 in 22 states and washington d.c.
7:37 am
sig sauer has not yet filed a response in court to hilton's suit. >> never would i believed it would have just shot me. >> reporter: at least nine other lawsuits are pending against them claiming it went off by itself. sig sauer has denied our request for comment, but publicly stated the p320 meets and exceeds all u.s. standards for safety. in the past the company has blamed plaintiffs for mishandling the gun and said in a report to hilton's police department at the time, quote, a foreign object entered the trigger guard causing the pistol to discharge. >> there's no way that could have gotten into the trigger guard and pulled that trigger. >> reporter: joshua harrison is a firearms expert and consultant for abc news and we asked him to review material from hilton's legal team. he says the company offered an upgrade in 2017 that he believes should have cured the misfire issue. >> i have not seen enough to convince me that the upgraded version is dangerous. >> several of the pending
7:38 am
lawsuits involve the upgraded version of the gun. is it a mystery to you what's going wrong with the updated version? >> i do not have an explanation for why the updated version should have these complaints from trained individuals. if it's not legal momentum, then it would have to be some other mechanism of failure. >> reporter: detective hilton says she now lives in pain and worries the same thing will happen to another officer. you think about that? >> every day. >> recently hilton's department has concluded that the incident was an uncommanded discharge and the department is taking the p320 out of service. there's still about 500,000 of the p320s in the u.s. used by civilians and cops. >> a real surprising story. thanks for bringing it. >> thank you. >> you can see david's full report tonight on "nightline."
7:39 am
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7:43 am
one that might be. >> you are correct, that is olivia rodrigo, and as you well know, cecilia, 2021 has been the year of olivia rodrigo. it makes sense. it's been an emotional time. she's right there to meet the moment. you want a defiant breakup or heartbreak ballad, olivia rodrigo has you and the song of the summer. ♪ good 4 u ♪ ♪ you look happy and healthy ♪ >> reporter: this morning, it's good to be olivia rodrigo. ♪ good 4 you ♪ >> reporter: the pop star's "good 4 u" sitting at the top of spotify's most streamed songs of the summer list along with seven of her other songs like the popular "deja vu." ♪ and her breakout single "driver's license." ♪ i still see your face ♪ >> reporter: the breakup ballad even getting the star treatment
7:44 am
on "saturday night live." ♪ you wrote that song about me ♪ >> reporter: rodrigo's latest music video "brutal" released monday and already has 4 million views. some say her unique sound is part of the appeal. >> so i actually think the most powerful thing olivia does, is reveal exactly how she's feeling in the tone of her voice in a way that makes us imagine how we would sound if we poured our hearts out. >> reporter: the 18-year-old's rise to fame began on the disney channel show "bizaardvark" and "high school musical: the musical: the series." ♪ now happily ever after ♪ ♪ it don't come so easily ♪ >> reporter: the star so big this year the president even invited her to the white house to encourage young people to get vaccinated. now she's burning up the charts, her pop punk hits making up nearly half of spotify's summer streaming list. critics pointing to the story telling in her songs as part of
7:45 am
her appeal. >> she's an excellent song writer and does a beautiful job taking these private personal moments and putting them into lyrics that feel very universal. >> rodrigo has three of the top five songs on the list and you in theke, bad bunny, doja cat to name a few. all your favorites, i'm sure. olivia rodrigo has a voice and something to say. >> what were you saying, you could sing all top ten songs? >> i could have if we had time, done a medley of all of olivia rodrigo's songs and i will whenever you want. >> that's our "play of the day." >> there you go. >> i'll stick around. [ laughter ] >> yeah. sounds good. >> thank you but our actual "play of the day" will be on live tv. a dad steals his son's big moment. that is our actual "play of the day" coming up.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
going to college. his family is all around and the local reporter from station kusi asks his dad a quick question before the son makes the reveal. watch what happens. >> i'm happyi'm happy for him. he's a good d. lazy but he's a good kid.ll. >> oopsie. look at the kid. what did my dad just say? yes, he gave it away. the suspense is gone. the dad -- we do live tv for a living. everybody knows that the dad revealed, all's well that ends well, they had a good laugh the kid goes on to reveal but a big-time d-back from california going to play at oregon, i think his dad said. >> well, congratulations. all right, coming up, becky worley is going fishing as we "rise & shine" in wyoming, she's taking us out on a tour of that beautiful state. stay with us.
7:51 am
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now, get new lower auto rates with allstate. because better protection costs a whole lot less. you're in good hands with allstate. click or call for a lower auto rate today. now that henri is out in the ocean, i figure it would b now that henri is out in the ocean, i figure it would be interesting to look at the track. that circle line headed through rhode island when it made landfall back into new york and eventually off through massachusetts. i thought you'd want to see that. uhe on "gma," get ready. we're "rising & shining" in the great state of wyoming. your local news and
7:55 am
"good morning amer "good morning america" is sponsored by allstate. here better protection costs a whole lot less. a whole lot less.
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: let's take a look at traffic with jobina. jobina: good morning. beginning with the bay bridge toll plaza. now that the backup and emeryville has cleared from that motorcycle crash, things have filled in at the toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:53. check out the southbound traffic on 680. definitely slowing. we will see that continue until 9:00 a.m. drive times here. antioch to concord really slow right now. 57 minutes. mike: that is rough. this is beautiful. you can see how quickly the clouds are expanding in size. it will be a great day for outdoor activities. today is the coolest daily in
7:57 am
the forecast with 64 in san francisco. 82, antioch. a little warmer tomorrow but above average on thursday inland. that will spread to the bay on friday it and saturday. reggie: spotify's top streaming songs of the summer. 20 hits you have been listening to all summer. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the major breakthrough in the fight against covid-19. the pfizer vaccine gets full fda approval. >> those who have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. >> the green light paves the way for vaccine mandates in corporations and schools across the country. now the question is about the booster and when kids can finally get their shot. evacuations ramping up with one week until the deadline for u.s. forces to withdraw from afghanistan. the taliban drawing a red line. the u.s. sending helicopters and troops into kabul to airlift americans and allies to the airport. afghan families leaving everything behind. the first refugees now arriving in the u.s. two major health headlines. the new study linking high
8:01 am
cholesterol to the spread of breast cancer. plus, what the fda approval of the pfizer vaccine means for booster shots and when young kids can get vaccinated. dr. jen is here to break it all down. ♪ you spin me right round ♪ breaking the web overnight, spider-man is back and so is dr. strange? tom holland and benedict cumberbatch are spinning into the mind-blowing multi-verse. >> i think we're beyond you calling me sir. >> okay, steven. >> that feels weird but i'll allow it. >> trending everywhere this morning, don't miss the marvelous reveal that has fans going crazy. ♪ i feel alive ♪ plus, "rise & shine." good morning from wyoming. from the majestic mountains and raging rivers we're soaring 10,000 feet in the air. >> wow. >> headed into jackson hole. the cowboy state is ready to >> good morning, america!
8:02 am
♪ i feel alive ♪ becky is a natural out there. good morning, america. hope you're doing well this tuesday morning. >> yes, we are going to "rise & shine" in the great state of wyoming with our becky worley. there she is in that getup. always good to see her. now, the views here are absolutely epic. it's been a little while for our crew out there. our producers out in the field. take a look. one of our producers, jen, had to pack this. this is for safety. what you have to do sometimes. this is bear spray. so we'll get more into what they have been up to in wyomingngp >> jen went straight from the white house setting it up last
8:03 am
week to packing bear spray in wyoming. we have a lot of news to get to, starting with that major news in the fight against the coronavirus. pfizer's covid vaccine becoming the first to get full approval from the fda for americans 16 and up. >> nearly 205 million doses have gone to americans so far. now with the approval to convince more americans to get the shot is one of the big questions. we go back to eva pilgrim in new york. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, again, george. this is one of the most studied vaccines in history and health officials are hoping this helps reassure those people who are waiting to get that first shot. this morning, major new developments in the fight against covid-19. the fda granting full approval for pfizer's vaccine. the fastest vaccine approval in fda history. >> those that have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. >> reporter: pfizer becoming the first vaccine to move past emergency use authorization. george spoke to dr. francis collins earlier this morning. >> where should vaccines be mandated? >> you've seen already just in the last 24 hours since this approval by fda, universities in minnesota and louisiana coming out and saying, okay, that does it. we were waiting for that. now we're going to mandate that
8:04 am
for our students. so, yeah, there's going to be encouragements and then there's going to be something a little more significant here in terms of requirements but it's the right time. come on, america. >> reporter: in order to get full fda approval pfizer had to undergo a more stringent result and proving substantial evidence of effectiveness. >> the fda not just took their time and did the due diligence that needed to be done but did it quickly and efficiently. >> reporter: the move paves the way for more corporations, government and schools to issue vaccine mandates and with every state in the country now experiencing high community transmission except vermont and maine, more americans are dying of covid. now an average of 738 every day. florida just saw its deadliest week. health care workers hoping people will get the vaccine as they face a crush of covid patients. so what about the other vaccines? full approval for moderna and johnson & johnson is expected in
8:05 am
the coming months. cecelia? >> okay, eva, thank you very much. we turn to the latest on afghanistan and the race to evacuate those americans and allies as the deadline for u.s. troops to leave the country is now just days away. let's go back to ian pannell at the airport in kabul with the latest. good morning again, ian. >> reporter: yes, cecilia, good morning. from kabul airport where we're witnessing what the president described as one of the most difficult largest airlifts in human history. we're seeing thousands of refugees being processed and moved out of the country but for everyone who gets out, there are, of course, many trapped behind the gates unable to get through. this morning, amid mayhem around kabul's airport, evacuations are ramping up. with the august 31st deadline to withdraw all military forces just one week away, u.s. officials reporting helicopters and troops were sent in to kabul to extract americans and airlift them to the airport but many americans and thousands of afghan allies remain. president biden indicating the
8:06 am
pullout could be pushed back but the taliban saying, failure to meet the deadline will cause mistrust, claiming it's their red line. >> if they are intent on continuing the occupation, so it will provoke a reaction. >> reporter: planes flying almost 11,000 people out over a 12-hour period monday, more than twice the number of people evacuated in the same period sunday. hundreds now arriving in virginia and dispersing to ft. mccoy, ft. lee, ft. bliss and joint base mcguire-dix-lakehurst and afghan refugees forced to leave everything they know behind. so, of course, the clock is now ticking and only seven days until the 31st to withdrawal all troops. we're hearing by "the washington post" that the director of the cia william burns had a secret
8:07 am
meeting with a de facto head of the taliban to discuss events here on the ground, it seems likely that august 31st deadline could have been part of it. the cia for now not confirming it took place and as i say the clock is ticking and the effort, the desperation here is just incredible. cecilia? >> ian pannell at the airport once again for us, thank you. coming up, the new study linking high cholesterol with breast cancer and dr. ashton is here to tell us what we need to know. you know her and love her from the cartoon "archer" and "whose line is it anyway?" aisha tyler joins us live. we're getting ready to "rise & shine" in wyoming. there's becky worley right there. she's saddled up. how the cowboy state is bouncing back all coming up on "gma." s. and take. it. on... with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some, rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue.
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8:12 am
♪ got you, moonlight ♪ in times square on this tuesday morning, hope you're doing well. and tomorrow on "gma," billie eilish is going to be here. >> that is exciting. we are also excited because it's time for the one and only lara with "pop news." hey, lara. >> hi. hey, good morning to you all and we're going to begin with the other morning show, the make believe one with jennifer aniston, reese witherspoon and steve carell behind the desk. apple tv plus dropping the first full length trailer. so excited for the show's highly anticipated second season. here is your first look. >> i'm not going to get edged out. >> i feel like i'm bringing in my big sister to clean up my mess. >> you couldn't have planned it any better, stepping away when you did. >> i was broken, doug. >> yeah. >> ratings have been down. this network has to clean up its
8:13 am
act. >> trying to get ahead of this coronavirus thing. >> four. >> someone should cover it. >> bradley can do it. >> three. >> don't forget this is your show. >> and we're back. >> i know i come with a history that not all of you love. >> one. >> that trailer confirming the show will tackle the pandemic and as you saw there are a few new faces joining the cast including will arnett who plays alex's agent and julianna margulies who plays a news ch. aniston taking to instagram to share the trailer, writing so proud of the team and counting down the days until you can see the new season for yourself and reese chimed in with a comment that simply said let's go. let's go, indeed. as apple tv says, come for the news and stay for the drama. i love that tag line. "the morning show" season two premiering september 17th on apple tv plus. who is in, guys? viewing party. let's make it happen, america. so excited. also this morning, taylor swift has another rerecorded album coming out soon. this time it's "red" which,
8:14 am
george, i know you remember, she promoted for the first time around on "gma." we were all there. this time taylor is connecting with her fans on social media and taking to a new platform. the singer now officially on tiktok posting her very first lip-syncing to a rap that name drops her all while showing different looks from her latest album, "folklore," "ever more," "fearlversion" and the upcoming "red, taylor's versi version." taylor writing my version is up for presale on my site and, oh, i'm on tiktok now. let the games begin and added a cat emoji and the hashtag swift talk. that video already has over 8 million views and counting. taylor has already close to 2 million followers at this hour, "red, taylor's version" dropping november 19th. all available for preorder right now. taylor come back. see us on "gma." finally our friend dwayne
8:15 am
"the rock" johnson rocking a tour bus full of fans. take a look at this. >> all right this, is kind of the is a toubus reha always tou thr [ cheers ] >> oh, my god. >> how are you guys doing? i'll wait. don't worry. how you guys doing? everybody good? all right. hey, you're very welcome. all right, brother. oh, cool. you guys have a good trip. >> we love you. >> all right, thank you. love you too. >> finally. johnson taking to instagram to share the video and writing, love pulling up in my pickup truck beside all these tour buses that tour my neighborhood and surprising the heck out of people. one of the cool parts of my fame and my job making a few folks happy. hey, rock, thanks for making us happy on this tuesday morning.
8:16 am
with that, i send it back to the studio and would point out riva's behavior, stellar. a plus. back to you. >> we love to see it. thank you, lara. >> thanks, lara. guys, we turn to our "gma" cover story. those two health headlines this morning. a new study linking high cholesterol to the spread of breast cancer and what the fda approval of that pfizer d kids under 12. our chief medical correspondent jen ashton is here. good morning to you, my friend. >> good morning. >> a big headline day in the world of health. let's start with the new study that finds a potential link between high cholesterol and a certain type of breast cancer. >> in general, yes, big biochemistry breakthrough. researchers at duke looked at cells coming from breast tumor, breast cancer cells and really for the first time they put together the cause and effect of how high cholesterol can affect tumor spread. we call that metastasis and they found that the expression of one particular protein, if they block it, it's seen in the
8:17 am
setting of high cholesterol, these tumors cannot grow. they cannot spread. so potentially this is really exciting, not only f prevention, but as a target for treatment. >> could be a big breakthrough there. beyond breast cancer we've talked about this so much and know high cholesterol is linked to so many very serious health problems. what are your best tips in terms of how to manage that? >> people need to understand cholesterol is not only about what we eat. there is a big genetic component to it. also, as we age, the way our cholesterol is metabolized can be affected. it's really a pretty complex picture but in general we know that high ldl, the lousy cholesterol associated with a slew of things we would all like to avoid ranging from heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cognitive decline like alzheimer's. the key ideally is prevention. we recommend doing that with what i call food and fitness. so you want to pay close attention, yes to your diet.
8:18 am
eating a diet that's largely plant-based, limiting consumption of saturated fat, fitness, the more movement, the more exercise the better and i want to be crystal clear, cecilia. if you cannot get your number below 100 for that ldh, prescription medications can be life saving and the data supports that. >> talk to your doctor about that. quickly on the two big covid headlines. full approval for the pfizer vaccine and definitely people want to know the time line for younger kids and boosters, should you get in line early if you're not yet eligible? >> i think we do expect the booster recommendation, again, in mid to late september and again in terms of this fda approval, for the vaccine, again, it shows us that they're following the data and that's why they're saying 16 and up and not 12 and up. >> always great to have you hear. >> you bet. ginger, we head over to you. >> one last look at something henri left behind, bolton, massachusetts, a tornado, the video there as it spins across the land. thankfully no injuries and the heat. we told you about the advisories in the center of the country but there is another high pressure
8:19 am
system that sits over bermuda often. going to pump up it is time for our "rise & shine" series. today's stop the magnificent state of wyoming and becky worley is there. good morning, becky. >> reporter: george, good morning. i am all in on the cowboy state. wyoming so interesting, the least populated state and during covid it fared better economically than many other states in part because their
8:20 am
tourism motto last summer was wyoming is wide open. and from the views we've seen this week, boy, is it. ♪ life is a highway ♪ >> reporter: wyoming is the great american west. soaring mountains, raging rivers, geological wonders. but if you want the 10,000-foot view of wyoming come to the jackson hole mountain resort. to the top. we're going up 2,700 feet in 12 minutes and when we get to the top it will be over 9,000 feet high. that's way up there. wow. and as i take in the view i realize i'm hungry. so a local fave, waffles. >> covid definitely took a bite out of our waffle sales. with limited capacity on our lifts due to covid we saw our sales probably reduced by half. >> reporter: so i'm all in. my waffle choice, peanut butter and bacon. mm-mm. you got to be kidding me. warm, savory, a little sweet,
8:21 am
oh, man. think how the warm treat would taste in the winter, and this is skiing heaven. this is extreme skier kai jones who calls jackson his skiing home. at 15 he is a phenom. >> how old were you when you actually started skiing? >> i started when i was like 1 years old. >> how do you start at 1 years old? >> when i started walking my parents threw me on a little pair of skis. >> reporter: his stunts inspire me but my extreme is a little different. whoa. that's an extreme wedgie. oh, i think i might lose my waffle. oh, my god. no trip to jackson would be complete without a stop at wyoming's landmark watering hole. the million dollar cowboy bar, famous for its genuine saddles for bar seats as it is for western dancing. >> there's something about the western attitude that creates a level playing field w
8:22 am
everybody feels out here they can play a little character if they want to, dress up a little bit. doesn't matter who you are, you're welcome. music in the silver dollar bar - inside the historic wort hotel that managed to stay open for all of covid. >> the wort hotel is authentic jackson hole built in 1941 and you still feel like you're in o sit. roam north and find these woolly buggers. karen founded mountain meadow wool mill dedicated to supporting local ranchers through fair prices and eco-friendly operations and produce up to 40,000 pounds of wool a year but when covid hit the business outlook frayed a little. >> at that point we started marketing more to our online customers with kits where they could knit and they got everything delivered to their door, everything they needed to create a project and that really took off. people were knitting a lot in their houses and so that kept us going really well. ♪ born to be wild ♪
8:23 am
>> reporter: as we gallop to the wind river indian reservation it's clear the effects of covid have been more nuanced. the oldham family runs this horse sanctuary and cultivate wild horses and run educational tours to explain the complicated issues surrounding these beautiful animals. i saddle up with jess to see them. that is one of the most extraordinary sights i think i've ever seen in my life. to hear that sound and feel the ground vibrating, that's amazing. horse power. >> yeah, you can feel the vibrations. >> reporter: there are over 90,000 wild horses roaming and left unchecked they would change. >> covid hit us hard. when it hit we weren't allowed to do tours and honestly couldn't because nobody was traveling.
8:24 am
> reporter: one upside of covid? >> everybody was home. didn't have anything to do so we had more people adopting horses. kind of interesting. >> reporter: horses in every form are at the heart of the cowboy state. here at the moose head dude ranch guests ride, fish and just soak in these incredible views to get a sense of the real west. >> the state that's wide open, it's beautiful. the tetons and jackson hole have their own beauty but the state itself is a great place to come and get that cowboy feel back. >> reporter: something you can't help but feel as you experience all the majesty that is wyoming. now, you'll notice we didn't even mention the national parks because they have been inundated with visitors. the motto this summer, wyoming responsibly, make sure you have rock solid reservations and pack your patience, guys but yee-haw! >> you're pulling that look off, becky.
8:25 am
we have been saying you look great this morning. >> thank you, becky. guys, we turn to the super movie trailer breaking the web. our will reeve has the story of "spider-man." what the excitement is all about. >> reporter: after first leaking on tiktok over the weekend -- >> now everybody knows. >> reporter: the first official teaser trailer for "spider-man: far from home: is out and spoiler alert, fans are freaking out. >> does any part feel relieved? >> reporter: from the fallout of his secret identity being revealed -- >> now that everybody knows you don't have to hide or lie. >> for the record i never wanted to lie to you. >> reporter: to peter parker sharing some superpowered screen time with dr. strange. >> peter, to what do i owe the pleasure? >> i'm sorry to bother you, sir. >> please, we saved the universe together. i think we're beyond you calling me sir. >> okay, steven. >> that feels weird, but i'll allow it. >> reporter: diving deep into unchartered cinematic multiverse
8:26 am
territory. >> what just happened? >> reporter: from a sandman storm to a green goblin bomb last seen in the original "spider-man" trilogy. >> multiverse is a concept we know frighteningly little about. >> reporter: the trailer surprising us all in its final gripping moment. >> be careful what you wish for, parker. >> reporter: an appearance by alfred molina's dr. ock. >> hello, peter. >> we saw him in the original trilogy starring toby maguire. he's rumored to appear in this film. also a flash of lightning might mean that jamie foxx's electro is coming lots to look forward to. with great trailty.uger h us on "gma." wyomg we rise and shine.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. kusi gdorningeveryone. here's a look at the traffic. jobina: hello and good morning. we are going to start in the north bay and bring your attention to the maps because we have a couple of stalls being reported on southbound 101 at 37. everything from novato down san rafael will be stop and go. the bay bridge toll plaza is packed. we expect that backup to linger because of an earlier crash that has cleared. 680 and walnut creek traffic slow as well but with improvements on antioch to concord. speeds are down so it will be around 33 minutes.
8:28 am
kumasi: mike california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?”
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8:30 am
everywhere else friday and saturday. kumasi: we will have another update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest honor app and at ♪ ♪ wide open spaces ♪ and the great state of wyoming. look at that right now, magnificent sight. we are rising and shining and becky worley is there out flyfishing. hey, becky. >> reporter: good morning. this right here i have to say is my happy place with a rod in my hand and the prospect of catching a fish and why home something a fisherman's paradise but the good news, it's not just limited to fishermen. ♪ the many rivers of wyoming are a utopia for flyfishing. ♪ wide open spaces ♪
8:31 am
it's a perfect socially distanced activity and saw a big uptick in participants during covid. it wasn't just sportsmen coming out to fish. i head to high country outfitters in jackson hole to meet up with a group of women anglers. first flyfisher 101. the fly in fly-fishing refers to insects, artificial flies replicate the bugs fish normally eat and cast them on the water and if a fish is fooled you got one on the hook. this looks like a grasshopper. this one like a beetle. our crew is learning to create these flies. and they point me to a anglers raise money for breast cancer. susan mcdowell founded the group and said more women should try it. >> always anticipation of something, you don't know what it is. it's always an adventure. >> reporter: shay watkins is a third generation angler whose grandmother passed on her love of fishing.
8:32 am
would you choose a spa day over fishing or -- >> can i have both. >> reporter: they have a big day on the river. one guide agrees to take me out a few days later. sloan andrews-bergien. my producer and i jump into her boat and float onstate's preemmeant blue ribbon trout fishery, the snake river, over a thousand miles long traversing four states and this stretch is arguably the most scenic fly-fishing spot in america. it has a thriving trout ecosystem. >> this is a pretty special river. the energy and the movement and the moods of the snake coming through the valley, the different water levels, the different times of year. it's a powerful river. >> reporter: she says a thriving fishing women's community. >> it has definitely improved for the women. i do think we have many, many more female anglers now and women anglers. >> reporter: the numbers bear
8:33 am
out, 2020 survey show 30% of fly-fishing particpants were women and represent one of the fastest growing demographics in the sport. this is about the most peaceful thing i do. i forget everything when i'm out here. it's like meditation. plus, there's always the hope of catching something. >> wow! what a beauty. now, i should mention that all of the fish that we caught yesterday were released and many fly fishermen ascribe to that catch and release philosophy in part because we want to make sure that there are fish left for our sons and our daughters, guys. >> that is a great point. becky, i hate to be the one to break it to you but you will have to come home after this assignment at some point. >> no, i'm >> coming up the star of "archer," aisha tyler is joining us live.
8:34 am
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welcome back to "gma." we are back now with the one and only aisha tyler. you know herb, you love her, she's been on "friends" and lana kane on "archer." how are you doing this morning? >> i'm so good. how are you? >> i'm great. it is good to see you. i don't know why we do this to people oftentimes on our show
8:37 am
but we're about to do it to you now and we're going to have you walk us through this picture we're about to put up for everybody to see. what's going on right there. >> oh, god. why do you do this to people? why are you doing this to me? that is my class picture from the eighth grade, i believe. yeah, no, no, maybe not. maybe sophomore in high school there and i thought i was very cool. i wrote a lot of really terribly poetry about boys and, you know, kind of lurped around with my hair trying to seem sultry. that's what's going on there. >> where did that kid think she was heading in life versus where the kid now sits, aisha tyler, today. >> wow, oh, my god. well, she thought she was going to be a lawyer and i was planning on going to law school and i was already into the arts and my school had a performing arts program i had had.
8:38 am
margaret cho and sam rockwell attended it too. i was going to go to dartmouth and i was going to go to law school and then i'm so happy that i lost the law school bug. essentially when it was time to go to law school i was like, oh. let me give comedy a try. >> well, it all worked out. 1th season, can you believe it, 12th season of "archer" aslan that. one of the best parts of the job you get to do it in sweathasn'tsweat pants. have you gotten away from sweat pants? are you back into full outfits? >> i wish that i was. i don't know in i ever will be again. i like fully living the hashtag sweat pants life and have on athletic shorts for this. i do have on pants, everybody. but, no, i'm a casual girl at
8:39 am
heart. >> okay, we'll take a quick look at lana. not necessarily a casual girl. a quick look and ask about it on the other side. >> god, sometimes i think my entire life is just sneaking around. do you ever wonder if you -- i don't know -- made the wrong choice. >> like how i should have brought ray with me than you. constantly. >> i mean in a relationship. >> i wouldn't call this a relationship. >> not with you. with robert. >> oh, yeah. well, that seems terrible. >> but is it? i do love him but other times i'm just like, oh. >> what is it, aisha, about this show? the fan base is just crazy about it. i count myself among the "archer" fans. what is it that is the appeal that keeps it going? >> you know, i think the show is obviously very bawdy, very edgy, but at its core these people are -- they really love each other. they're trying to do their best under extreme circumstances because they're also supersize
8:40 am
and archer is the edgeiest of office comedies with a family formed in this office space and are constantly fighting with each other or taking care of each other. the show so well written all the performers are extraordinary at their job and also this kind of show that you can watch over and over and you're always going to get something else. there's so many jokes, i missed that joke the last time. it's really late and also the most beautiful animated show on tv. >> it's a show i do. i put on and sometimes i leave it looping and looping and think about the outstanding cast but jessica walter we lost. you called her she voices mallory archer. you call her the center of the little archer universe. what did she mean to the show? >> she was just -- she was our queen. she was our grand dame, she was everybody's mom, everybody's best friend. she was, you know, she was a hollywood great. you are know, everything from "play misty for me" to "arrested
8:41 am
development" but just would walk into a room and light it up and always made you feel seen. always quick with a compliment and right after that a really bawdy joke. she was like the best combination of mom, best friend and woman that any of us could have ever asked for and a consummate professional to the very end. just an angel. we all loved her so much. >> the last time i talked to you you talked about how busy you were during the pandemic. so many things going, you're a comedienne, host, actress, all these things and you even started doing some little drink sessions where you were having live drinks that was raising money for charity. what left do you have to do that you want to do that you haven't done yet? >> well, i've also been directing quite a bit and that's starting to take over a bigger part of my work flow life. i've been directing nonstop all year. i'm about to direct a movie then come back and do some television and that's great because in addition to all the rewarding things about it creatively atlantic, i get to go to work in sweat pants. >>ongr onayoo to talk to
8:42 am
you. congrats again. see you down the road. want folks to know the new season of "archer" premieres on fx and hulu. >> how about i take you to miami. a sunset in miami and you say, wait a minute. looks a little hazy. that's dust from the have haren desert. if you know anything about hurricane season, dust helps to keep activity down, so that's a good image if you're not wanting hurricanes. unfortunately we do have areas of very many and even if that helps tamp them down it will eventually go away itself so we'll be watching all those areas now to day two of our series, the pandemic parent trap
8:43 am
how friendship can have you take care of yourself during stressful times. janai norman is back from dunkin' donuts with that. >> youdoounuere is. obably he a dad text group, right? i imagine you do. you don't have to tell us. as the saying goes i get by with a little help from my friends. it's that group chat that you text when you're excited or stressed or overwhelmed to help you get by. >> what is the trick to making all this work? i'm trying to stay positive. it just -- having it all seems a little impossible. >> like in the series "working moms" there's power in leaning on other moms for support and for natalie, a writer and mom of two, when the pandemic hit last march, she couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. >> i all of a sudden like so many parents became a hybrid learning
8:44 am
whlhouse. ntally.eally strugglingotly it was a huge shift in our way of life. >> reporter: like many moms natalie had a hard time recognizing the moms of her daughters' classmates could be more than just faces on zoom but potential friends too. >> i met these women when our daughters entered kindergarten. we were friendly but because of life, everyone working, has other children we didn't reach that next level of friendship. >> i'm going too. >> reporter: one of those class moms could also relate to the need for friends. >> my family is abroad and all of my husband's family live as broad and haven't seen them for almost two years now so my friends are my family. >> reporter: making mom friends is a barrier many mothers face but natalie and danay taking the leap of faith to break the ice helping to navigate their new normal. >> it started with innocent benign cordial conversation over
8:45 am
techs and within days if not hours we quickly moved into the next part of our friendship. >> i don't think we could have done it without each other. >> reporter: maybe it's not a dad thing and just for moms. it takes a village for a reason. having friends who are parents who can relate can be crucial in helping keep you sane and clutch in helping get you through. george. >> important advice, let's check in with ericka souter's book "how to have a kid and a life" is out this morning. congratulations on the book coming out. >> thank you. >> parents of young children often find their old friends kind of drop away so how do you establish this social network at a time you need it. >> a lot of moms talk about feeling lonely right now and it's their body's way of telling them they need connection so what does that look like especially during a pandemic? well, that means taking time to reach out to other moms, to neighbors, to friends and spend even just ten minutes a day
8:46 am
having a coffee, having a conversation. taking a walk. so that you feel connected. you need to feel connected to someone who doesn't live in your house, i need to be very clear. >> tell us about this friendship compatibility test. >> oh, yeah, grown-up rules for friendship are different, george. all your friends don't have to be bffs, don't have to do big group hangs but certain things you need. is this friend a good listener? do we look forward to spending time together? do we have shared values? that's something that has become more important to people as they have children and do i feel supported? you should be able to share your highs and lows with your friends and come away feeling like you have a partner and someone that will help you through this. >> what about signs a friendship may not be working. >> just as much as we need to know how to cultivate good friendships we need to know how to let go of bad ones. a lot think it's the same thing as the high school mean girl who sets the stanford for cool and
8:47 am
ices you out. it could be a lot more subtle when you are an adul saying little hurtful things? is that person being overly critical and does it come from a nasty place? are they sharing things that i told them in confidence and are they talking behind the backs of our other friends? if you answers yes you're probably leaving interactions with that person feeling depressed, defeated and insure and no one needs to feel like that right now. we need friendships to lift us up and help us feel supported especially liriano during the pandemic. >> so many of us created social pods. how about social pods for parent. >> yes, i talk to lot of parents who partnered with neighbors and other parents that help each other with meal, baby-sitting, advice, menu ideas, it's just a really great person or group of people to turn to to know you're not alone in this. >> you need to have the same ideas about how to approach the pandemic. >> a lot of feelings are
8:48 am
worrying about how to approach safety concerns. so what you need to do is make decisions for your family. if you want your child to wear a mask they should wear a mask to school every day regardless of what everyone else says. if you have a rule you don't want unvaccinated people in your home let it be known. if these things make you feel comfortable and safe they should be nonnegotiable. >> ericka souter, thanks very much. "how to have a kid and life: a survival guide" is out now. coming up disney world's princess week celebrating the hero wins that
8:49 am
8:50 am
back here on "gma" we are celebrating disney's first ever world princess week and kenneth moton joins us with the new surpriseness store for all fans. hey there, friend. >> hey, this was so much fun. no matter who you are, no matter your age, you can likely name a disney princess. this global event by our parent company not only showcases these
8:51 am
princess hero, it highlights their impact as the characters promote courage and kindness. ♪ tale as old as time ♪ >> reporter: generation after generation. ♪ a whole new world ♪ ♪ a dazzling place i never knew ♪ >> reporter: families cherishing the magic of disney films. ♪ let it go, let it go ♪ ♪ can't hold it back anymore ♪ >> reporter: and the many brave princesses who star in them. >> i'll be searching for my own hand. >> reporter: now for the first time ever debuting this world princess week. >> it's so fun. >> reporter: celebrating their hallmark courage and kindness kicking it off with a brand-new sneak peek of the attraction inspired by "the princess and the frog." >> oh! no. >> reporter: and a panel i
8:52 am
moderated at the iconic dooky chase's restaurant in new orleans hearing from those behind the film and the creation of disney's first black princess tiana. i have to ask why new orleans for princess tiana and her story? >> well, you know, walt spent a lot of time here in new orleans. >> that's walt disney. >> walt disney. [ laughter [ laughter [ laughter ] >> i know i called him walt. >> first name basis. ♪ i'm a home grown girl ♪ >> reporter: from the bayou to your own living room -- >> hey, there, it's me tiana here in new orleans. >> reporter: where courtesy of the princess hotline you and your little ones can get your daily dose of inspiration from the royals. >> bonjour, dear friend. this is belle. >> reporter: belle, ariel and more. >> it's me, ariel. >> reporter: if your princesses at home are in the real estate market how about a new castle?
8:53 am
see the listing on zillow for the ultimateri castle and furniture included. back to our panel in new orleans, it was an honor to sit there in that historic restaurant which was so important during the civil rights movement and learn how the late owner lea chase was one of the inspirations for princess tiana. you can find our discussion on all of disney's social platforms, by the way, cecilia, they fed me so you know i was happy. >> i know you were happy with that, my friend. thank you for bringing us that story. we'll be right back, everybody. ♪
8:54 am
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>> announcer: tomorrow morning you're going to be on "gma," billie. >> ooh. >> announcer: yes, it's billie eilish. >> i mean all i can say is it's going to be crazy. >> announcer: tomorrow only on -- >> "good morning america." what a great morning we all had in wyoming. a big thanks to our "rise & shine" crew out there.
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area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. i am, the. checking in in jobina for a look at traffic. jobina: the san rafael. is our problem spot. we have a crash at the midspan. these will be -- speeds will be around six miles an hour. the traffic is essentially stopped here. a car crashed into a stalled car. there is only one lane open right now. mike: let's talk about the marine layer. it is thicker this morning. that is going to lead to a great day for outdoor activities. it is our cold day in the ther y a njlassesoy tfnd82 in antioch.
9:00 am
my 7-day forecast, pretty hot on saturday and sunday. kumasi: now it is time for "live with kelly and ryan." with kelly and ryan." have a good morning. deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today actor omari hardwick, plus patricia heaton tells us about her second act. and we cook up a delicious shrimp dish with top chef's kwame onwuachi. all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheering] let's go, ripa. let's go. hi, deja vu. hello, kelly ripa. let's hear it, guys, it's tuesday. come on. tuesday, august 24th. bring it on. [clapping] go kelly. go kelly. go kelly. go kelly. do you smell that? you smell that, can you smell that while you dance? no, i can't.


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