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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 23, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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fear for family still stuck in afghanistan. afghanistan. >> the this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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>> he survived a car bombing in only days ago escaped afghanistan. a bay area man is on a mission to save the rest of his family. >> the recent rise in covid cases has had an impact on some san francisco restaurants. i will tell you where. >> covid-19 testing at home versus at a testing site. why it is up to you to report results. >> hazy skies and cooler than average for august. your forecast is coming up. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area, this is abc 7 news. >> i lost a lot of family. i don't want to lose anyone. >> tonight, and east bay man is counting his blessings after a harrowing escape from afghanistan. thank you for joining us. >> despite the chaos outside the
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kabul airport, evacuations are picking up speed. amanda shares the story of one man who fears for the family he left behind. >> in video taken in early august, the echoing sounds of unrest in afghanistan. only moments before, he says a car bomb shattered the windows of his family's business located in the former diplomatic corridor known as the green zone. >> i i i i i i i would not believe what has happened to them. >> he landed in afghanistan in early july to assist as his father recovered from my surgery, briefly taking over the business. >> my family and i wor u.s. military on the grounds.
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>> with his return flight scheduled for the 18th, he was there for the taliban takeover. in complete shock after witnessing the widespread fear firsthand. >> women are running, men are running, old men, the child screaming in the street. everybody said, they are coming. i asked a lady, i said, what is happening? the taliban is coming. >> having survived 2008 and coming to america seeking political alliance -- asylum, he is looking for a way out. he got out, sitting shoulder to shoulder with what he estimates were 600 others. upon his return home to the bay area, he has got no sleep. >> i need help to get out my entire family. as a u.s. citizen, i want to try to get my father out. if anything has happened.
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>> because his family did contract work for the u.s. government, he fears they are now taliban targets. >> i lost a lot of family. i don't want to lose anyone anymore. >> abc 7 news. ama: the taliban is threatening consequences if the u.s. extends the august 31 deadline to withdraw troops from afghanistan. president biden is exploring pushing back the date of evacuation of americans and afghan allies. the u.s. military has airlifted dickstein thousand people out of kabul in the last 24 hours, a new record. >> these to bay afghan community is mobilizing in effort to help refugees escaping the chaos in kabul. the center in concord says it has been getting calls from friends and family still trapped in afghanistan. the center wants to help those who can make it out and resettled in the bay area, with everything from food and clothing to legal assistance. >> they are calling and asking us if there is anyway way we can
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help them out. they are afraid, they cannot go outside right now. >> it is unknown how many families might actually make it to the bay area. the city of concord is pledging its support by contacting landlords to see if they can help with shelter. the founders of marin county nonprofit roots of peace are racing to rescue their employees in afghanistan. they have traveled to turkey to be closer to the situation. they told an italian media outlet that the taliban has taken control of their headquarters in kabul. they have secured special immigration visas for 34 of their 360 employees. heidi is pleading with president biden to open new channels of communication in an effort to get everyone out safely. ama: the san francisco district attorney is reacting to the news that his father, who has spent four decades in prison, when now be eligible for parole. he is one of six people granted clemency by andrew cuomo in his final few hours as governor of new york.
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david gilbert is serving a sentence of 75 years to life, convicted in 1983 in a botched robbery of a brinks armored truck that left a guard and two police officers dead. gilbert was the unarmed getaway driver. his mother also played a role and was imprisoned for two decades before she was released. the crime happened when he was 14 months old. he tweeted this photo with his father, saying it was one of their last moments of freedom together. the clemency news comes one day before the expected birth of his first child. he writes, my heart is bursting, but rakes for the families that can never get their loved ones back. >> turning to the pandemic, now that pfizer's covid vaccine has full fda approval, abc news says the white house hopes that is enough to convince at least some of the 82 million still unvaccinated to get their shots. >> in that highly anticipated decision, the fda giving full approval to the pfizer vaccine for americans 16 and older, the
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first to move past emergency youth authorization -- use authorization. >> if you are one of millions of americans who said they would knock at the shop until it has the full and final approval of the fda, it has now happened. the moment you have been waiting for is here. >> the fda review process hailed by the cdc as the gold standard. the pfizer vaccine proven to be 91% effective in preventing covid-19. the pfizer ceo revealing the company is now targeting the delta variant. >> we are developing a delta specific vaccine. i'm almost certain we will not need it. i could not take the chance. >> the approval paving the way for more mandates from schools, businesses, and governments. the pentagon preparing to require the vaccine for active-duty troops. new york.
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with thousands of students under 12 not eligible for vaccines had to back to the classroom, abc's lindsay davis asking -- >> should we expect to see vaccines authorized for children ages five to 12 around november? >> that seems like a reasonable timeline to me. i don't want to get ahead of the fda. the best way to keep our children safe is to vaccinate all the people around them and to have them wear masks when they attend schools. >> abc news, los angeles. ama: even more places are now requiring proof of vaccination. the city of richmond will require all city employees to be vaccinated. san jose employees will be asked to do the same. they must omit to weekly testing if they cannot provide proof of vaccination. chevron is requiring thousands of its employees to receive vaccinations. in san francisco, the academy of sciences will require visitors to have proof of vaccination or a negative covid test starting friday.
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larry: many san francisco restaurants and bars have reopened, but asrisen, fallen, o has business. j.r. stone spoke to one restaurant owner who just lost out on thousands of dollars in one night. >> we understand that emergencies happen, but it is just difficult when so many emergencies are happening. [laughter] folks are canceling. j.r.: the chef and owner of night bird restaurant is certainly making the best out of what has been a very difficult couple of weeks. the hardest moment coming when a company bought out her boutique restaurant for the night and then called it off. >> they canceled due to new restrictions that they were going to put in in their company and because -- we learned a lesson, we did not have strong protocols because we have never had somebody cancel a banquet, we lost about $8,000 to $10,000. j.r.: the golden gate restaurant association. one restaurant dealt with
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challenges last friday. >> we saw 1.5 times the normal no-shows, but then we saw the walk-ins make up for that. j.r.: thomas says businesses seemed to bounce back at many spots over the weekend, including fisherman's wharf. something she says is likely due to the fires near lake tahoe, which kept people in town and brought in others. she is hopeful for a turnaround at her restaurant that had four cancellations tuesday alone due to positive covid cases. >> we are nine tables. 14 cancel, it is a pretty big chunk of what we do every night. >> we will start to see things settle out into a new normal. j.r.: j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: progress in the battle against the wild fire burning near south lake tahoe. it is now 9% contained. that is up from 5%. the fire has grown to 178 square miles.
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it forced the closure of highway 50 between pollock pines and myers. there is no estimated date for reopening. it is now the top priority for firefighting resources across the country. larry: take a look at the fire impact on air quality in lake tahoe tonight. according to the air-quality website, it is a ring of purple around the lake, that signifies hazardous levels. air-quality officials say the region has some of the most toxic air in all of north america right now. smoke from those fires in northern california creating hazy, smoky skies in the bay area. ama: patel. sandhya: let's take a look first at a time lapse from the tahoe area where the skies were just absolutely smoky today. you take a look at the air-quality around the entire country and most of the country is actually good to moderate. nothing case out west. new the major wildfires, tahoe is taking the title of one of the worst air-quality's and the entire country right now.
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looking at hazardous. some areas around the sierra nevada in the unhealthy to very unhealthy zone. fortunately for us because of enough of a sea breeze, we have good to moderate air-quality. in the upper parts of the atmosphere, that smoke is still going to impact us, so the air-quality advisory has been extended through tomorrow by the air district. good to moderate air-quality the next three days. i will be back with the hour-by-hour smoke forecast coming up. ama: thank you. check the air-quality any time with our real-time weather tracker. it is live now on our gap -- app. larry: new details in the death of a berkeley runner. what is smart watches revealing about his final moments. ama: at home covid tests are flying off store shelves, but health officials say it is essential users do one thing. larry: this might spell trouble for san jose's joey chestnut. how much one single hot dog could reduce your lifespan. ama: first a look at jimmy
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kimmel live with guest host stephen a smith. >> do with that what you well! >> this nba championship ring. [applause] fit for a king. hello!
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larry: gps data revealing new details and the death of a berkeley runner found earlier this month. investigators used is smartwatch to retrace his final hours. the data shows his pace slowed and became erratic after hitting the five mile mark during his run at pleasanton ridge regional park. it suggests he likely died before the search even began,
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some sort of medical emergency. the alameda county sheriff's office confirmed this news. ama: doctors are urging people who complete at home covid tests to report those results to a doctor or health department. ryan curry shows how skipping that step could affect the data related to the virus. >> to make testing for covid-19 easier, medical supply company app it has been selling at home tests since march. doctors at ucsf say those tests can make it hard to track the overall data related to covid-19. >> it can affect statistics. we are seeing a downtrend in cases in the bay area right now. is it a real downtrend more are more people just going to walgreens or cvs and doing those tests at home? >> one doctor says the tests are pretty accurate, however since they are done at home, he says there is no way to tell if people are actually using it correctly. >> it is not observed.
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you can do a test on your pet dog or your cat. nobody knows except you. it is not reported, necessarily, to public health. they don't figure into the numbers that are reported to the state. >> as i was setting up my cleaning supplies, i realized i could not smell anything. >> edward used an at-home test when he started showing symptoms moving into his dorm. once he found he was positive, he let his school no. >> i contacted usc student health and they set me up with a hotel room. >> the doctor hopes others follow the same process. the first thing to do would be calling a doctor. after that, letting officials know could help them keep track of data. >> i think it is going to help people. just on a numbers level globally. then secondly the most important reason to let somebody know is that somebody can help you with contact tracing. >> abc 7 news. ama: if you want to get tested for covid-19, we have a link to
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verified covid sites on our website. larry: it pushes on to expand the use of recycled water in the south bay. city leaders agreed to team up with the santa clara valley water district to explore ways to create and sell recycled water. >> we've got to be serious about this. in the last drought, israel exports water. they live in a desert and they export water. how did they do that? they use every drop of recycled water they can and they have desalination. larry: a partnership between the water district and the city of san jose led to the creation of one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in california andnfwe long way awam rainy season. ama: we certainly are. let's get to the latest on the weather. sandhya: all we can really muster is a little drizzle. we are already seeing it tonight in napa. let me show you a satellite view of smoke first.
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we will talk about the air-quality and then get to the drizzle. you will notice that there are numerous large fires obviously right over tahoe. just heavy smoke in that region, which is why there air-quality continues to suffer. a nice sea breeze today keeping that smoke out of our area. the wind is going to continue to gust and keep the smoke blowing in that direction toward tahoe. when you look at the smoke forecast, the heaviest concentration is right there, even tomorrow morning. fortunately here, we are looking at hazy conditions, but not terrible. right around the north bay and parts of the south bay, we may see a little bit more smoke in the upper parts of the atmosphere, which is why it is still a concern for those of you who are sensitive to smoke. in the upper layer's of the atmosphere, heaviest smoke over tahoe. you will notice some haze in the moderate range, which is why the air district extended that advisory through tomorrow. i want to show you a time-lapse. you can see some of the haze in the upper layer's.
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the fog down below. while you may not be smelling smoke, it is still there and it is still impacting our air quality. you are seeing some fog tonight. morning low clouds and patchy drizzle. cooler than average conditions tomorrow. the heat returns inland by week's end. enjoy this while it lasts. five degrees below where you should be in san francisco. down 10 degrees compared to what you average, which is 87 in gilroy, tomorrow only 77 degrees. part of the reason is we have a healthy marine layer over 2000 feet deep. we are going to notice that tomorrow morning some spots will be a little bit on the damp side. 50's and 60's on your temperatures. it will be great sleeping tonight. pulling away from the coast tomorrow afternoon, i thing most areas will see the sun, but those temperatures still held down. numbers in the 40's and 50's out the door. you might want to grab a light jacket or a sweater if your kids are going off to school.
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they will definitely need one. a breezy afternoon near the coast. you are looking at low 60's to low 80's for your tuesday. as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, those temperatures still below average for your wednesday, but much warmer weather, they return to summer. that heat is back with triple digits friday and saturday. 60's, 70's, coast side. we will have microclimates leading you into the second half of your weekend and monday, a nice wide range of temperatures to please everyone. at least we have cooler than average conditions. larry: enjoy it for ♪ ♪
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ama: hotdogs dogs are an american classic, but did you know they can shorten your lifespan? a new study by researchers at the university of michigan finds eating just one single hot dog could take a whole 36 minutes off your life. larry: lie. ama: that is like this newscast. [laughter] ama: the study looked at the carbon footprint and nutritional value of 6000 food.
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on the bright side, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich could boost your life side -- your life by 33 minutes. do the math, work in the right number to offset your hotdogs. larry: i believe our newscast can enhance longevity, as well. it has not been proven yet. [laughter] larry: h h h h h going to start for the 49ers? >> coming up in sports, jimmy or trey? when will coach shanahan name a starting quarterback?
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>> heartbreaking losses to the giants, the a's look to get back on track. tossing the hat around and the at his quick reaction. don't drop that led. the game tied at 2-2. matt olson. 393 feet to right-center. the a's take the lead. all good? that is until the ninth. ty france it's a game-tying solo blast to right-center. we are all tied at 3-3. later in the inning, jake bowers, base hit to left. trevino blows his second save in three games. mariners when 5-3. oakland is 3.5 back in the west and again back in the second wildcard position. giants made history yesterday in oakland, becoming the first team to connect on pinch-hit homers and consecutive games in the eighthg orater to take the lead.
11:30 pm
a stretch of 16 games in a row with no days off. >> it is just one game. it is the first game of the series, it is the first game of the road trip we will be focused on. i think we will be able to reset with the off day and use that as a catalyst to recover. >> we did a great job in the late innings and both of these last two games. it shows the type of team we have. >> unless there is an injury or something dramatic happens, the 49ers quarterback situation remains the same, jimmy is the starter, trey is number two. jimmy garoppolo played one series in the second preseason game. coach shanahan, would you like to name a starting quarterback yet? >> no, we have not made that announcement. whenever i feel like it. there are so many other things to worry about. i will let the chips fall as they may. i'm just focused on getting better, learning is much as i can. we have such a great quarterback room in such a great locker room, guys that i can learn from on and off the field. >> monday night football, number
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one overall pick trevor lawrence taking another saints.lawrence threw for 113 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptions. jim is winston deep, look at the one-handed touchdown grab. they connected on two touchdowns. cj beth third threw for two scores. abc boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data
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[music] 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all around it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music.
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through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant...all covered with blossoms. ama: thank you so much for watching. larry: you know what people are counting right now? ama: how many minutes they lost? larry: how many hot dogs they've eaten their life.
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ama: and how many minutes they've lost. larry: peanut butter and jelly. live forever! >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host stephen a. smith! tonight, snoop dogg, seven-time olympic gold medalist allyson felix, and music from nelly featuring breland and blanco brown. and now, stephen a. smith! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> stephen: what's going on? what's up? [ cheers and applause ] what's up? oh, yeah! i'm here! i'm here! i'm here! i don't mind. i


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