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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 23, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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there was a replacement gerbil in the new gerbil was not as good morning, america. two big weather emergencies. henri on the move and a flooding disaster devastates tennessee. state of emergency. severe danger in tennessee. at least 21 dead, 20 missing. catastrophic flash floods have devastated homes. floodwaters swept away cars and houses. the urgent search for the missing this morning. henri wreaks havoc. the first tropical storm to pummel new england in 15 years. intense winds reaching up to 70 miles per hour, slamming the northeast with record-breaking downpours and major flooding. flash flood watches for at least eight states this morning. race to escape from afghanistan. as thousands pack the airport in kabul, president biden warns of possible attacks from isis.
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>> we know that terrorists may seek to exploit the situation and target innocent afghan or american troops. >> at least 20 people have died. now the president says u.s. troops could stay past the august 31st deadline to ensure all americans get out. breaking news for our viewers in the west. the fda approving the pfizer vaccine. will it prompt more americans to get the shot? plus, the new setback at sea. the cdc issuing new guidance for cruises. should high-risk passengers skip the trip? yosemite mystery. the urgent search for clues after a young couple with their baby and dog were found dead on a popular hiking trail. law enforcement says there's zero explanation. in "jeopardy!" the newly named host of the iconic game show steps down. mike richards now out amid backlash over sexist and offensive comments. but already taped episodes, will they air?
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fans now asking, who will replace alex trebek? runaway race horse. bucking her jockey and bolting off a kentucky track at her first race ever. crossing state lines and galloping down an indiana highway. how she was finally rescued. ♪ wake up little susie ♪ ♪ wake up ♪ and celebrating rock 'n' roll pioneer don everly. one-half of the harmonious ev everly brothers. how they influenced the beatles. this morning everly legacy. good morning, america. we all hope you had a great weekend. we are tracking the latest on two big weather stories this morning. >> very busy morning here. henri is on the move in rhode island. it is now stalling over southern new york this morning. >> the northeast is getting slammed. flooding, powerful winds, and take a look at this. this is a live picture you're
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seeing in lisbon, connecticut. a giant tree crashed down in front of a home. we'll have much more on henri in just a few minutes. but first, the search for the 20 people still missing from flash floods. they killed at least 21 people in tennessee. elwyn lopez is in waverly tennessee. ood morning, elwyn. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. take a look at this. the rushing waters slamming them together, pinning them against this bridge. showing you just how powerful these waters were. this morning, new drone video capturing what is left after massive flooding devastated middle tennessee. creeks lined with cars swept away by rushing water. >> houses are washed away, knocked off foundation. >> reporter: the floodwaters picking up anything in its path. that red shed scraping past an suv, slamming into a bridge. the record rainfall pummelling the area. more than 17 inches in less than 24 hours. >> that trailer from the logging company came across the street
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and pushed up against the tree. it saved our lives. we didn't have to worry about going down the creek. >> reporter: this home smoldering after waters raged through it. >> as soon as i seen it come up over this bridge, it was like a mini tsunami. i ran inside. we started grabbing kids. >> reporter: logan and his wife kelsey were shocked at just how fast it moved in. >> i was trying to turn my truck on. went back inside to get my kids dre dressed. by the tame we came outside, there was no saving anything. >> reporter: we spoke to michael who was rescued as rising waters trapped him in. >> it was terrifying. i'm looking at everything i just lost. >> you're alive and your family is alive, and your young child is alive. >> that's the most thankful part that i have in my whole life. >> reporter: many roads washed away. this home knocked right off its foundation. >> this is from a creek that they tell me hardly rose. >> reporter: this car burning in a massive heap of rubble. officials searching through cars and homes, looking for the missing. and guys, officials told me that
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as a cell service has trickled back online, it's helped to locate some of those who had been missing. the tough search for survivors picking back up this morning. cecilia. >> much devastation, elwyn. thank you. we'll turn to ginger for more on the record-breaking downpours in tennessee. hey, ginger. >> how do you get a wall five to six feet high of water in 60 seconds? you drop 17.26 inches of rain which will end being a state record for tennessee in less than 24 hours. how does that happen? a stationary front. sounds just like it is. stationary, doesn't move. the training thunderstorms just like a train. the cars going over the same track over and over, ended up dropping over the afternoon almost a foot and a half. so really incredible numbers there. unfortunately we've got our own storm to deal with here. >> we do, all eyes on henri. you're watching for possible flood threats today. >> we've already seen it here. rhode island having their first
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storm named bob i30 years. it is still -- look how it moves backward there. just hangs out over the hudson valllace. we as this point, new york city, has had so much rain this year. we're almost 20 some inches above average. we'll end up with another 2 to 3 inches in some of these spots. from albany all the way through central massachusetts. we're saturated. we don't need anymore. by tomorrow we can say good-bye to henri. t.j.? >> ginger, thank you. our whole team on this of course. rob marciano is out for us. he's keeping an eye on henri wreaking havoc in the northeast. he's in rhode island for us. good morning, rob. >> reporter: hey, good morning, t.j. you can see the waves here in westerly are still up, even after the surge had receded. we had flooding rains, damaging winds. the cooler ocean waters here able to knock down henri to a tropical storm before it hit this beach during the day yesterday.
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this just a month after tropical storm elsa hit this very same spot. this morning, henri slamming the northeast, making landfall in rhode island. the second tropical storm to hit new england this year. >> the wind was blowing like crazy. all of a sudden, i heard this crash, sounded like a train really. >> reporter: at the peak of the storm 140,000 households without power from new jersey to maine. >> look at the tree. they snapped the poles. services ripped off the houses. >> reporter: this transformer on fire. wcvb catching this man hit by the intense winds. >> i tried to take cover to get some photos. a gust must have just taken me out. >> reporter: in massachusetts, winds gusting to 59 miles per hour. this tree splitting, falling on top of the roof of this house. in connecticut, nearly 250 residents cleared out of their nursing homes as the state was drenched by heavy rain. coastal connecticut is feeling it right now. look at this river.
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the surge looks like the ocean. these siblings and dog rescued in new jersey. first responders there making hundreds of rescues. >> my backyard actually turned into a lake. it was a normal backyard. but as you can see, you could probably put your kayak in here and kayak through it. >> reporter: as quickly as this storm came in, it's now stalled over the hudson valley. we're still seeing rain in new jersey and new york. so the flooding issues continue today before it finally winds down. on our way here we saw dozens of utility crews fanning out to help restore power. all in all, at least for new england, george, this storm, the impacts of it could have been a lot worse. >> rob, thanks very much. we're going to go overseas now to the crisis in afghanistan. president biden addressed the nation on sunday, u.s. troops could stay past the august 31st deadline. making sure all americans are evacuated. the chaotic situation at kabul's airport grew more volatile. ian pannell is on the scene.
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good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. that's right. just a week since the taliban took control of the city. it feels a lot longer than that. the situation remains tense and dangerous. a sign of that, the german military tweeted that they got involved in a fire fight at the u.s. military base overnight. the details of that still unclear. meanwhile, an uptick in the number of people getting out. more people are still waiting to get out of the country. this morning, the race to evacuate americans and allies from afghanistan growing more urgent as new threats emerge. >> we have a long way to go and a lot could still go wrong. >> reporter: president biden addressing the nation warning of possible attacks from isis terrorists as tens of thousands continue to pack the airports. >> we know that terrorists may seek to exploit the situation, and target innocent afghans or american troops. >> reporter: in a defensive move some aircraft releasing flares to distract potential heat-seeking missiles that might
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target planes. the president also admitting there are discussions under way about extending the august 31st deadline for troops to leave as thousands of u.s. citizens and afghan siv applicants still wait to evacuate the country. biden saying they're extending access around the airport to help people get there safely. >> we have made a number of changes including extending access around the airport. and safe zone. >> reporter: but, the situation remains dangerous. >> there are insurgents outside the airport and they're trying to push people and trying to scare people. i'm seeing people dying in front of me. >> reporter: the u.s. embassy still warning people not to travel to the airport unless they receive specific instructions to do so. a nato official confirming that at least 20 people have died in and around the airport since august 13th, and among the seven afghan civilians killed over the weekend, one of them was just 2 years old. reports she was trampled to death.
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her mother, a former interpreter for an american company, telling "the new york times," i felt pure terror. i couldn't save her. with temperatures in the 90s every day, heat, exhaustion an added threat. one family telling abc news they spent three days sleeping on the ground outside the airport without food or water, finally giving up and going home. american troops here on the ground giving water to those in need and using it to help keep children cool. the journey out just as dramatic as the scene on the ground. an afghan woman going into labor on a u.s. military flight. the baby delivered in a cargo bay after landing in germany. both now at a medical facility and in good condition. president biden, the administration discussing extending that august 31st deadline just over a week from now. the taliban of course get a vote. they're saying there is no agreement in place and they're warning of possible outcomes.
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they said that before. they said that with the may 1st deadline. it's likely they will allow it. thousands are getting out of the country. cecilia, millions are going to remain behind. >> and they're on our minds. ian, thank you so much. we're going to turn now to that extraordinary step by the pentagon ordering six commercial airlines to help evacuate people there. our transportation correspondent gio benitez is in dulles airport in virginia, where some planes are arriving this morning. good morning, gio. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. it's called the civil reserve air fleet. it's the first time it's been activated in nearly 20 years. here's the breakdown right now. commercial airlines are providing 18 planes, three each from american airlines, delta, atlas air, and omni, two from hawaiian and four from united. in addition, southwest saying overnight that it will operate four charter flights. that's today, tuesday and wednesday. the planes are not going to afghanistan. they're picking up evacuees in other countries.
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one atlas air flight landed here overnight. a united flight and delta flight both coming from germany will land here this afternoon. vacuees will include u.s. citizens and residents along with afghans at risk, including those who helped america over those 20 years, and we don't know exactly how many passengers are on board, but most of the planes can fit about 300 passengers or more. this is only the third time the department of defense has activated this policy, cecilia. >> an exceptionally rare move there. once these refugees touch down, gio, they're going to undergo even more security screenings? >> reporter: that's right. some of these afghans have been fully screened, because they have these special immigrant visas, but many do not. those evacuees will go to special facilities like military bases for more screenings. the afghans who already have those visas, will be resettled across the country, cecilia. >> thanks, gio. we want to turn to the coronavirus crisis. get this, there were more new
7:14 am
covid cases in the first 12 days of august than in the entire month of july. more than 1.3 million cases. this morning, there's a new push to fully approve the pfizer vaccine. steve osunsami is outside the cdc in atlanta with more. steve. >> reporter: t.j. this morning, the fda is now granting full approval of the pfizer vaccine. affirms efficacy and safety of our vaccine. this is a breakthrough in the push for vaccines, a number of americans have not been reassured by the emergency use authorization that was given to the pfizer, moderna and j&j vaccine. now there's a vaccine that has full fda approval. over 200 million have gotten at
7:15 am
least one dose of the vaccine as of this morning. more than 80 million eligible americans remain unvaccinated. recent polling shows that over 30% of americans who haven't gotten the shot say that they would if the vaccine were fully approved by the fda. this full approval indicates that pfizer has shown enough effectiveness and safety data to meet the requirements that the fda sets including six months of safety data from a majority of volunteers. t.j. >> the full fda approval could be advantageous to push people over the edge if they're unvaccinated, but it could also be a big deal for private industry. why? >> reporter: well, because a lot of companies that are hoping to, of course, protect their employees, protect their customers. they're going to have an easier time mandating the vaccine for their employees once it's fda approved. this could also affect travel. cruise lines, for example, have a lot easier time demanding you get the vaccine once this approval happens. t.j.?
7:16 am
>> all right, steve osunsami in atlanta for us, thank you. george? we're going to celebrate don everly. he passed away at age 84. one of the legendary everly brothers known for his hits like "bye-bye love," and will reeve has more on his life and legacy. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, george. music relies and iterates on its past to inform its present and future. don everly's music was foundational, without which the story of rock 'n roll could not be written. ♪ wake up little susie ♪ >> reporter: don everly, one half of the pioneering rock 'n' roll duo, the everly brothers, died saturday at the age of 84. along with his younger brother, phil, the everly sound influenced generations of musicians including the beatles and simon & garfunkel. in the 1950s, the brothers were the most successful act to come out of nashville rivaling elvis
7:17 am
presley for air play. with hits like "bye-bye love" and "all i have to do is dream." ♪ dream, dream, dream ♪ >> reporter: the everly brothers were renowned for their harmonizing. ♪ >> reporter: but the two brothers had a troubled relationship, resulting in the band's breakup in 1973. their influence leaving a lasting impact. they were among the first to be inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 1986, and the country music hall of fame in 2001. even decades later, their sound still demonstrating its hold on popular music. green day and billie joe armstrong releasing their new album. in tribute to the everly brothers. ♪ you are the dearest land outside of heaven ♪ >> reporter: in a statement, an everly family spokesperson
7:18 am
telling abc news, don lived by what he felt in his heart. he expressed his appreciation for the ability to live his dreams. living in love with his soul mate and wife adela, and sharing the music that made him an everly brother. don always expressed how grateful he was for his fans. musicians praised don everly. the one and only keith richards calling him one of the best rhythm guitar players i ever heard. high praise, guys. >> what a duo they were. we have a lot more coming up on "gma," including who's going to replace alex trebek on "jeopardy!." mike richards has stepped down as the new host amid allegations of sexism and insensitive comments. and the mysterious deaths near yosemite national park. the urgent investigation right now. first,back over to ginger. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the select cities sponsored by facebook.
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just getting started on "gma" on this monday. we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ 1 >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. -- >> venetia could require masks and indoor public settings. city officials are considering a mandate at the delta variant drives up the number of covid cases. solano county is the only area in the bay county that has not implement it a mask mandate -- implemented a mask mandate. how is traffic this morning? >> traffic is getting busy here and starting with a live picture here for our westbound commuters. speeds are going to be under the limit into the north bay. showing off the left-hand side there, those cars are moving
7:24 am
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>> temperatures are running in the mid 50's to near 60 degrees with increasing clouds the next hour or so. a little drizzle possible near the coast. air quality is when to be good to moderate through thursday. your commute this morning, other than that drizzle, we are doing pretty well. we have healthy air out there. temperatures below average today, back to average wednesday. look at that warmth, especially inland. maybe some 70's at the coast. reggie: ahead on gma, is it final jeopardy for mike richards? the newly minted host of the
7:27 am
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♪ ♪ so crazy right now ♪ welcome back to "gma." beyonce and jay-z waking us up with "crazy in love." well, this morning, the power couple who needs no introductions, they're trending because of some sparkling new photos. lara has the story in "pop news." can't wait for that. following a lot of headlines right now, including the flooding disaster devastating tennessee. at least 21 dead. 20 missing. and henri is on the move this morning in the northeast. there are flash flood watches for at least eight states right now. and the crisis in afghanistan. at least 20 people have died trying to flee the country. president biden is warning of
7:31 am
possible attacks from isis. he's also saying u.s. troops could stay past the august 31st deadline to ensure all americans get out. also right now, andrew cuomo's last day as governor of new york. he announced his resignation two weeks ago. the new governor will be kathy hochul. it's a racehorse. it's supposed to run, just not on the highway. this is in indiana. it got loose before its first race ever. i don't think it wants a career in racing. the county sheriff and a few others happened to wrangle the horse. she was checked out at a vet. doing just fine. the horse's name bold and bossy. makes perfect sense. we have a whole lot more ahead here, including the new possible cdc announcement that could impact cruises. that's coming up. we turn to the latest on "jeopardy!" the beloved game show is
7:32 am
now searching for another host after mike richards stepped down days after being named alex trebek's successor. eva pilgrim is here with the latest on all of this. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. the future of "jeopardy!" now in jeopardy. one of the newly announced hosts out. now the show scrambling to fill the role. >> thank you very much. welcome to "jeopardy!" >> reporter: what is a "jeopardy!" mess? this morning, more fallout for the beloved quiz show. newly minted host mike richards stepped down just nine days into the coveted role amid backlash over sexist and offensive comments he made about women years ago. this, as we learn that new episodes with the embattled former host will still air. in a note sent to "jeopardy!" staff friday morning, richards writing, over the last several days, it has become clear that moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show. public outcry swift after the
7:33 am
website "the ringer" posted clips from "the randumb show," a podcast richards hosted from 2013 to 2014. he can be heard pressing his female co-host about whether or not she's taken nude pictures. >> let me ask you a question, have you ever taken a nude picture? >> i'm not answering that question. >> answer it to your fans. have you? >> no, i haven't. >> yes, you have. >> reporter: richards was tapped to be executive producer both of "jeopardy!" and "wheel of fortune" in may 2020, positions he'll still keep despite stepping down as host. sony writing, it is our hope that as ep he will continue to do so with professionalism and respect. >> this is not the type of thing with which this show has ever been associated, and i would just love to see the process get back on track and go into the future with a better sense of how we can maintain the track of the production and alex trebek and everybody involved who had it for so long.
7:34 am
>> reporter: clair mcnair is the journalist who first reported on the clips that started the investigation. he also wrote a book on the show's history. >> everybody knows what "jeopardy!" is. everybody has a "jeopardy!" memory. to have this controversy i think has kind of shaken people and created the possibility that "jeopardy!" is going to possibly lose this universal seal of approval. >> and richards isn't the only "jeopardy!" host facing backlash. mayim bialik is facing scrutiny over anti-vaccine comments she made in her 2012, where she said her family made the informed decision not to vaccinated their children. now nearly a decade and a pandemic later in the year 2020, she said she and her family would be getting the covid-19 vaccine. guys? >> okay, eva, thanks very much. let's bring in larry hackett in. thanks for joining us. how big a hit is this for "jeopardy!"?
7:35 am
>> i think it's a big hit. it's getting a lot of publicity. i think the show can survive. i think they need to make a change and make it fast. whether it's levar burton or ken jennings there are people who the audience loves. it's who the audience would have liked to have seen or rather have seen has host. i think sony needs to make the decision quickly. it looks like sony is kind of out of control here. this guy richards appears to be running the show. the fact he seems to be keeping his ep job seems short lived. he's going to have to go entirely it seems to me. >> a question a lot of folks have this morning, how is it possible that a big company like sony couldn't do a full vet for a job this high profile? >> it remains mystifying. it's going to be the subject of business school studies years in the future. i have the announcement here, when they announced that rich richards would take over, where they said a tremendous amount of work and deliberation has gone into it. perhaps more than ever. really? i mean, richards was talking
7:36 am
about this podcast in interviews with the media after he was selected. this was no secret to anyone. so whether or not they really left the entire process up to richards or the hr department just dropped the ball is unknown right now, but sony needs to fix this fast because like i said, it looks as if they are out of control, and they have no idea of what's happening at "jeopardy!" >> richards is supposed to continue on as ep. you think that will be short lived. they named two hosts. mayim bialik supposed to do the primetime specials. she could naturally just go into the main spot as well, but she's facing criticism over -- they call it anti-vaccine statements. it was a personal statement. can she survive that? >> i think she can. she talked back in 2012 or '13 about the idea of her family not getting vaccinated. she was unclear about what it was. she didn't do what other people do which is ranting and raving. she did say that the family has been vaccinated for covid-19. i think in any kind of vaccine
7:37 am
crimes, this is a misdemeanor so i think she can weather this. >> so you think it's levar burton or ken jennings? >> i would think so. i think those are the people who the public wants. levar burton has made it obvious that he wants the job. it seems to me this is a way out for sony to fix it and it would be done by wednesday, and we could be talking about levar burton. whatever scars and the dings the show has taken will be gone. >> larry hackett, thanks. t.j.? want to turn now to the mysterious death in yosemite park. an investigation, and the cause is still known. kaylee hartung has the latest for us. >> reporter: this morning, the urgent search for a family. >> i've been here for 20 years and seen a lot of things. i've never seen an incident like this where there's zero explanation. >> reporter: tuesday, authorities discovering the
7:38 am
bodies of john, his wife ellen and their 1-year-old daughter and their family dog on a popular hiking trail in the sierra national forest. a friend of the couple saying they were avid hikers. john, a san francisco-based software designer moved to the area with ellen a few years ago. the mariposa county sheriff's office ruled out poisonous gases for their deaths. the california state water resources board now testing waterways for toxic algae blooms. without any visible body trauma, investigators are searching for other potential causes. >> there was nothing around them besides the ground. there are other possibilities of just the natural elements of heat and the hydration and the aggressiveness of this hike. right now we don't have answers. >> reporter: while officials try to put the puzzle pieces of this together, they're telling the public there's no need to be afraid. >> we're ensuring the environment is safe. the main focus is the family. and that we are going to be with
7:39 am
them every step of the way and the residents of this community and that they're not going to be left in the dark. we're going to leave no stone unturned until we figure out what occurred. >> reporter: toxicology reports are expected back in two to three weeks. those could contain answers and explain the cause of death here, but officials, they are going to continue to methodically comb this scene, and they warn it will be probably be a long and tedious investigation. guys? >> kaylee, thanks. coming up, what the cdc announced about cruises that could impact millions of americans.
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we are back with a new warning about covid and cruise ships. the cdc is issuing now guidance about who should avoid cruises. as we see outbreaks on ships and new rules. kenneth moton has the latest. >> reporter: that delta variant impacting those who are desperate to get back on to these waters. cruise lines and travel experts say that updated cdc guidance is not a surprise, it did catch passengers off guard. this morning, a new setback at sea. the cdc out with updated covid-19 guidance for cruises. now warning travelers who are at increased risk for severe illness should avoid travel on cruise ships regardless of vaccinated status. included in that group, older adults and those who are
7:44 am
immunocompromised, overweight, pregnant or recently pregnant. >> the cruise lines have been slowly returning to seas. they've been working with the cdc. they have their own scientists and doctors in place. so this is nothing really new for them. >> reporter: but some passengers annoyed. keith moreland and his wife who uses a machine at night for breathing problems are still moving forward with their carnival cruise. >> we have our vaccines. we will wear a mask. we're going to go live life. we're not going to let something like this stop us from being able to enjoy what we wanted to be able to do in the first place. >> reporter: but others are heeding the warning and postponing their trips. >> the ocean will still be there, you know, in six months, and i'll wait, and at some point, it will be fun again, and that's when i'll go. >> reporter: carnival calling the cdc guidance a commonsense reminder saying since it set sail in july, it doesn't allow guests requiring oxygen or
7:45 am
dialysis to sail at this time given the risks involved. the cdc says the chance of getting covid on a cruise high. last week 26 crew members and one passenger on the mostly vaccinated carnival "vista" tested positive. >> while you might see little changes from ship to ship on each cruise line, but they've all been very consistent with the protocols being in place. that's something that we're going to continue to see evolve as we still kind of get through this pandemic. >> reporter: the cdc is also urging travelers to get tested one to three days before their cruise and three to five days after their trip regardless of vaccination status. you heard the travel expert there, it's an evolving situation, so potential travelers will just have to stay on top of those changing rules. guys? >> no question about that. kenneth, thanks. coming up, we'll show you something that hasn't happened since 2015, and a 12-year-old pulled it off. it's our "play of the day." stay with us. -year-old
7:46 am
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♪ go big or go home ♪ welcome back to "gma." we're back now with our "play of the day." remember this name eli jones. in ten years you'll be hearing about him in the big leagues. he has just tossed a no hitter in the little league world series. he's from washington state. he threw a no-hitter for the first time since 2015 that a solo no-hitter has been pulled
7:50 am
off in the little league world series. but get this, guys, he also drove in the only run for his team. he's 12, a big star, but still a kid. listen to this reaction after the game with his parents on the phone. when he hears about a big league superstar talking about him. >> mike trout was talking about you on tv. >> dang. coach, mike trout was talking about me. >> remember the name eli jones. congrats to him. coming up, john cena joins us live right here in times square. stay here. "gma's" summer concert series is sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. series is response sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play.
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the caldor fire, the one that took homes, completely destroyed, 345 of them, new more than 104,000 acres burned. this is just in a week. only 5% contained. it's threatening another 17,000 plus structures, including homes. yes, there are still evacuations, and unfortunately, we've got kind of a stuck pattern that's going to be sticking around, and that's going to make for terrible air quality for a lot of folks, not just from the central parts of -- down into southern california, but look at that. right through nevada, right into the cascades, and the northern rockies. coming up, how the white house is teaming up with social house is teaming up with social media influencers to get the is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
7:55 am
a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good mornin we are going to take a look at traffic. >> good morning. i am following a crash now in san jose that we want to get to on the maps. it is causing a slowdown in the area. no injuries are involved. this is on northbound 284, the offramp there. speeds are down to around six miles per hour. into bay point, we're looking at slow speeds around nine and 13 miles per hour. we are seeing that back up at the bay bridge toll plaza. mike: how about that cleaner and cooler air over the weekend? here is our forecast through the day and tickets cleaner tonight into tomorrow. it is pushing that smoke into the sierra. if you're heading that way, very unhealthy most of the week. temperatures from 64 in san francisco.
7:57 am
we are warming backed average wednesday and warmer than average friday and saturday. reggie: ahead on gma, john sina is live in times square, talking about his new comedy, vacation friends, and hi
7:58 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. tennessee disaster. catastrophic flash floods devastate homes. the flood swept away cars and houses in its path. the urgent search for the missing this morning. henri slams the northeast. intense winds reach up to 70 miles an hour. record-breaking downpours. major flooding. where the storm is heading right now. crisis in afghanistan. as thousands pack the airport, president biden warning of possible attacks from isis and now saying u.s. troops could stay past the august 31st deadline to ensure all americans get out. social media and the covid vaccine. facebook reveals one of the most popular posts this year was casting doubt on the shot. all this as the white house teams up with top influencers to encourage
8:01 am
your teens to get vaccinated. breakfast at tiffany's with a beyonce twist. we're crazy in love with the brand-new photos of beyonce, jay-z and the boss cat. the singer only the fourth woman in history to wear the jaw-dropping tiffany gem. and it's the summer of cena. john cena is back in times square and he is on a roll. from action-packed movies from "f-9" to "the suicide squad," now john cena is giving us a big laugh with "vacation friends." he's saying -- >> good morning, america. >> you never know what john cena is going to be wearing. >> right. good morning, america. hope your monday is off to a good start. >> we love having him here. we're going to talk about something really important. breaking free from parenting burnout. so many parents trying to balance working from home to keeping their kids on track.
8:02 am
that's an important one coming up. >> how do you know if you're burnt out? we have a test for you to determine how much help you might need. plus, the strategies to get you through it all. >> get your pencils out. first, we start with the urgent search for the missing after the flooding in tennessee. back to elwyn lopez. >> reporter: good morning, george. just behind this pile of debris is a creek that runs through the heart of waverly. where that record rainfall hit. new drone video capturing what's left after massive flooding devastated middle tennessee. >> it's like a mini tsunami. >> reporter: logan and his wife kelsey were shocked at just how fast it moved in. >> came outside and turned my truck on. went back to get my kids dressed. by the time we came outside there was no saving anything. >> reporter: creeks lined with cars swept away by rushing water. >> houses were washed away.
8:03 am
foundations just totally gone. >> that trailer come across the street and just pushed up against the trees and saved our lives to where we didn't have to worry about going down the creek. >> reporter: the record rainfall pummelling the area. 17 inches in less than 24 hours. that red shed scraping past an suv. we spoke to michael who was rescued as rising water trapped him in. >> it was terrifying. i'm looking at everything i lost. >> you're alive and your family is alive is your young child is alive. >> that's the most thankful part i have in my life. >> reporter: officials checking cars like this one as they look for the missing. the search picking back up again this morning. cecilia? >> elwyn, thank you so much. we'll turn to the latest on henri. janai norman joins us from lisbon, connecticut with more on the situation there. good morning, janai. >> reporter: yeah, cecilia. good morning. this is one of the areas hit hard by henri. those damaging winds uprooting trees like this massive trunk.
8:04 am
that came down on a power line over here, but incredibly didn't knock out power to this family's home, but did do quite a bit of damage. power crews have just shown back up to continue working. at the height of the some 140,000 customers were without power from jersey to maine. flash flooding was a major concern. some people saved by boat. here in connecticut some parts of the state got up to four inches of rain. more could be coming as flash flood warnings remain in effect. t.j.? >> janai, thank you so much. we want to turn now to the latest on the crisis in afghanistan. president biden saying the u.s. could extend the august 31st evacuation deadline as the chaotic situation at kabul airport intensifies. want to head back to ian pannell on the ground for us in kabul. hello again, ian. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. a little bit of good news. the white house -- officials at the hite house saying there were over 16,000 people evacuated from afghanistan in the last 24 hours. that is by far a record number and perhaps is a good indication
8:05 am
that things are slowly starting to improve. however, more people are still waiting to leave than i think have got out of the country, and the situation down there outside the airport remains chaotic and dangerous. this morning, the race to evacuate americans and allies from afghanistan growing more urgent. as new threats emerge. >> we have a long way to go and the lot could still go wrong. >> reporter: president biden addressing the nation warning of possible attacks from isis terrorists as tens of thousands continue to pack the airport. >> we know that terrorists may seek to exploit the situation and target innocent afghans or american troops. >> reporter: the president also admitting there are discussions under way about extending the august 31st deadline for troops to leave as thousands of u.s. citizens and afghans wait to evacuate the country. >> there are insurgents outside the airport and they're trying to scare people. >> reporter: with temperatures
8:06 am
in the 90s every day, heat exhaustion an added threat. one family telling abc news they spent three days sleeping on the ground outside the airport without food or water, finally giving up and going home. american troops on the ground trying to help. one giving water to those in need and using it to help keep children cool. the journey out just as dramatic as the scene on the ground for some. an afghan woman going into labor on a u.s. military flight. the baby delivered in a cargo bay after landing in germany. both now in a medical facility and in good condition. so the president planning to extend that deadline. at least it's being discussed. many people here including the british feel it might be necessary given the numbers of people still waiting. cecilia, the taliban is saying this morning there is no such agreement and there could be possible consequences. we'll have to wait and see whether that's possible. the crisis this morning
8:07 am
contues. cecelia? >> ian, thank you so much. coming up, social media and covid. how the white house is turning to top influencers to get the word out to gen-z about getting the vaccine. also this morning, three big names, beyonce, jay-z and tiffany. they're all trending and we'll tell you the sparkling reason why coming up in "pop news." then, john cena is going to be here live in times square. we'll be right back. ♪ [music plays.] ♪
8:08 am
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it's a shared instinct for a lynx and your cat. and so is their desire for meat. that's why there's blue wilderness, created... to satisfy a cat's craving for meat. feed your cat's wild spirit with blue wilderness. ♪ take my breath ♪ a little wet here in times square. welcome back to "gma." tomorrow "rise & shine" back on the road. wyoming is the destination.
8:12 am
a lot of fly fishing there. >> excited about that. also excited for "pop news" right now with lara. hey, lara. >> hey there, cecilia. yeah. rainy day, but lots of big news. we're going to begin with beyonce and jay-z, the power couple. the new casfaces of tiffany & c. they're breaking the internet. the new images dropping hours ago showing beyonce in a black dress reminiscent of audrey hepburn in "breakfast at tiffany's." that iconic diamond. now only four people have worn that since it was conceived in 1878. it was worn to the tiffany ball in 1957. then audrey. lady gaga wore it to the oscars and now queen bee. while there's no upstaging the carters or that necklace, there's another star in the photos.
8:13 am
that never before seen painting titled "equals p.i." the diamond had been in the possession of a private collector. this is the first time the carters have done something like this. soon they'll be everywhere, in digital prints and in times square. and in a music video featuring beyonce singing her own arrangement of "moon river." you're hearing it here, but we'll hear beyonce's version from of course, "breakfast at tiffany's," and that will be on their website on september 15th. looking forward to that. they look incredible. this morning some sweet emotions to go along with this next story. iconic band aerosmith announcing overnight that their entire music catalog has been bought by universal music group making it the first the band's entire catalog is in one place. aerosmith's co-founder stating,
8:14 am
quote, this will allow us to bring music to fans like we've never been able to do before. it's something we dreamed about happening. needless to say, we are very excited. i imagine very rich. to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary they'll open the aerosmith vault. with never before heard material. no word yet on a release day for this new music or old music. we'll be living on the edge until it drops. finally on this rainy morning as we wind down summer lots of kids across the country heading off to college for the first time including brooke shields' daughter rowan. brooke posted my baby girl spreading her wings. i love you. she posted a video of the car ride home calling it the saddest drive away from anywhere she's ever experienced, but she does
8:15 am
have friends who are there for her. friend christie brinkley writing, what an emotional moment. deb roberts writing, it's difficult and fulfilling. you noirish -- nourished and taught her. she will soar. and george's other half ali wentworth commented she's there for brook. she shared this post saying my eldest daughter leaves for college soon. this is what i'm eating. ali, i fully relate. george, it's tough times. >> i have to admit i started tearing up thinking because it's next week. we're all going through it. it's impossible to avoid. it's the only topic of conversation in our home. >> lots of brownies. >> i'm with you 100%. it is -- just get ready. it's really hard and really amazing all at once. >> next week? >> next week. big day. ali is warning me.
8:16 am
and i'm warning her. >> lots of brownies. >> thanks, lara. we'll move on to our "gma" cover story. facebook revealed one of its most popular posts was one that spread misinformation about the covid vaccine. the white house is teaming up with social media influencers. this is in a new push to get people vaccinated. ashan singh has more. good morning ashan. >> reporter: we're seeing more and more hospitalizations from state to state. the white house is tapping influencers on apps like tiktok to combat disinformation and get gen-z fully vaccinated. >> get vaccinated. >> reporter: this is what your tiktok feeds are looking like. >> please go do your own research and join the millions of us getting vaccinated. >> reporter: encouraging young people to get vaccinated. it's the latest effort headed by the biden administration to get shots in young people's arms. with only 46% of 18 to
8:17 am
24-year-olds fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, the white house is tapping the likes of gen-z icons, olivia rodrigo and benn an and benny drama just to name a few. >> i'm with president biden talking about the importance of getting vaccinated. >> we feed to get shots in the arms of every american. >> reporter: partnering with gen-z for change to get the word out. >> so this is a coalition of over 500 tiktok creators with a combined following of about 432 million people. our cumulative reach with all creators is about 1.5 billion views. that's more than cnn, msnbc and fox news combined per month. >> reporter: the study by usc san francisco researchers said one in four say they probably will not got the covid-19 vaccination despite the
8:18 am
fact they're more likely to transmit coronavirus. what is it about young people that might make teenagers so resistant? >> they're stuck in their bubble. >> reporter: much of the hesitancy due to the growing tide of disinformation on social media. >> you have people also influencers, they're solely anti-vaccine. dr. joseph morcolla built a $100 billion massive business essentially promoting disinformation about vaccines online. just recreently facebook bannedn entire network that's paying people to post disinformation and spread lies about the vaccine. the white house has a real uphill battle. >> reporter: navigating disinformation, a task many influencers are forced to deal with. >> when it comes to people saying the vaccine is going to microchip you, you want to immediately knock down and debunk things that are
8:19 am
misinformation. we want to stop the fear mongering and address the real concerns. >> reporter: guys, every influencer we talked to realize it's an uphill battle, but if they can convince one person to get vaccinated they feel like they'll make a difference. we have this and more on "nightline." stay up for us. >> you just did your own promo. thanks very much. ginger? i want to bring you to tennessee because i think this is so important to see when you have 22 people dead, the impacts widespread in that one town in waverly. unfortunately, people that survived it said it was a 5 to 6-foot wall of to water that came out of the creek in 60 seconds. how does that happen? well, you get more than 17 inches of rain. you get 17.26 inches, that will be a state record in a 24-hour period. what happened was this, you had this stationary front that settled right over central tennessee. early saturday morning the rain started and it did not stop, and did what we call training. the storms were popping and
8:20 am
dropping and feeding back more moisture. so that's how it all went down, and unfortunately, we don't have a lot of rain in the near foreca forecast, but it's going to be extremely hot heat advisories from memphis, now to our new series the pandemic parent trap helping you take care of your family and yourself during stressful times. at one point in the pandemic,pa,
8:21 am
66% of moms said they had to balance child care and working from home. janai norman is back with some moms feeling that pressure. good morning, janai. >> reporter: t.j., moms feeling the pressure, i don't know why they put me on this story. when it comes to dealing with the daily demands along with child care and work that's the way of life for parents without a pandemic. you add that and you've upped your parental stress levels exponentially. >> got to get everything together for school. it's about to start. here's all the school supplies. >> reporter: it's all in a day's work for tamika anderson. >> as the kids like to say, mommy does the most. in addition to being a mom, i run a facebook community. i have a full-time job. i have three businesses. i'm exhausted. >> reporter: the single mom taking on more work to afford child care which comes at a cost. >> as a single parent, you know, you're the one who's got this. if you're the one who's got this, you have to continually think about how to do this without falling apart.
8:22 am
>> reporter: mercy -- mercedes also feeling the pressure. >> parenting during a pandemic is 100 times more stressful. we are so exhausted physically, emotionally. >> reporter: 17 months into the pandemic mercedes says it's a daily juggle to balance working from home with child care. >> you're stuck having to figure it out on your own 24/7. you're still expected to meet the same expectations. >> reporter: the pandemic taking a toll on moms all across the country and as more uncertainty lies ahead for tamika and mercedes, it's all about taking it one day at a time. >> i've learned to give myself grace and breaks. learning to work through all that burnout. >> reporter: give yourself grace. parents have got to find a way to prioritize themselves along with everything else. i always tell myself you can't pour from an empty cup. guys, i'm ready for the parental stress test.
8:23 am
a test i know i'll ace. >> stay tuned. we have our friend and parenting expert ericka souter about to release a book. congrats on that. "how to have a kid and a life" that sounds scary. tell us first of all -- look. parents feel burnt out all the time. we have a test that can help you understand whether or not you need help. >> even before the pandemic parenting was hard. now it's overwhelming. you have to figure out what it is you need to feel better. i have this mommy burnout litmus test, but dads can take it too. >> all right. >> first, you want to ask yourself, am i nurturing my marriage or partnership? is my career going into the right direction? do i have supportive friends to turn to? people who will listen to me. who care about me. number three, am i nurturing my passions or interests i had before kids? do i have an outlet that's just for me, not for anyone else in
8:24 am
my family? if you answered no to a lot of those questions, it's time to re-prioritize. that's counterintuitive to what's going on. there's no grand prize for being a mommy martyr. who does nothing for herself, feeling nurtured or supported, you're probably not being the parent and partner that you want to be. 4 >> janai, you aced the test. you have burnout. what's the first step? especially with the school year about to start. >> yeah. in these uncertain times right now, it's really important for parents to be upfront and honest with themselves and their children. going into the school year it may not look like anyone expects it to look. there could be mask mandates, social distancing mandates. you want to talk to your kids about that. you want to know the school's covid plan. if a kid tests positive, what does that mean? is everyone home, and for how long? you also want to have a backup plan, right?
8:25 am
if schools are closed and everyone is at home again, what does that look like? do you have sitters or family members or neighbors that you can lean on? have you talked to your employer about being home or taking -- having adjusted hours? you need to prepare. >> being a better parent we hit on. you have to be good to yourself. what are ways parents can be better for themselves? >> you have to make time for yourself. i don't talk about a lot of time. it could be 15 minutes of yoga. 15 minutes of running or talking to your best friend every night. it's about consistency. it's about looking forward to something that is just for you to take that edge off, and, you know, forget about those anxiety and fears that cloak so much of our day. >> how do you teach your kids this important lesson? we have to learn it, but we have to teach our kids to take care of themselves and ourselves as well. >> they have to know how to take care of themselves, but they also need to know how to take care of their families.
8:26 am
we're families. we're in this together. kids can contribute. clean up messes. help with laundry. help set the table. kids and families need to know we're in this together. >> ericka, so good to have you in studio. the book, "how to have a kid and a life," it's out tomorrow. for more help you can head over to our website. >> very excited about that. congratulations again. coming up, everybody, john cena in the studio.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this abc 7 news. >> checking in for a look at traffic. >> we have a few issues out there for our commuters. the southbay, san jose, 280 four byrd avenue, speeds are down to six miles per hour. look at the slow stretch of traffic on 680 through walnut creek. speeds will be between 20 and 30 mile per hour traveling south from highway 4 through walnut creek. a look at the san mateo bridge, much better conditions. >>
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>> plenty of cloud for the morning commute team and drizzle in the higher elevations like these bay hills. 880 this morning, only the real issue. breezy through the delta. pretty healthy air and it will be getting healthier over the next few days. right now, no spare the air. we have a couple more days of blue skies once the clouds rolled back. then it gets warm to hot. >> thank you, mike.
8:30 am
another update in about 30 minutes. you can always get the latest on our app ♪ i got you ♪ ♪ moonlight ♪ thanks for starting your week with us. look who we have in times square. john cena, welcome back to "gma." >> thanks for having me back. >> that is quite a suit. >> it's not the peace maker outfit. >> he said we never know what this guy is going to wear. >> i wanted to wear something bright to talk about "vacation friends." >> we will talk about that. first summer slam. did not get the championship? >> i finished second place.
8:31 am
i'll take second place. >> are you ever allowed to retire? you've been a part of this for 20 years. are you to come back and go for the championship? >> i made this comment before. i think i will try to do the best i can until i'm offending the consumer. a lot of times you want to hold on to that lightning bolt. there's nothing like the energy of being in that ring with the audience. nothing like it. i've had the opportunity to do a lot of stuff. that energy is indescribable. that place is my home. i wouldn't be who i am without it. i love the environment. i also want to be kind to them. i don't want to do it selfishly just to do it. i still feel good even though i finished second. time will tell. >> speaking of lightning bolts, "vacation friends," so much fun. you guys were in puerto rico filming part of it. was it like an actual vacation?
8:32 am
>> it was great. we got this resort all to ourselves. our days we were paid 12 hours to party every day. there's a segment of the movie that's out this friday on hulu that was just a party fest. it was awesome. we filmed until the world shut down. we're having these crazy party. tons of fun. then the pandemic hits. we had this bond for two weeks and then we were down for eight months. we filmed eight months later in atlanta. we were the first humans we all saw. it was like everybody wanted to know about everybody's life. it's an experience i will never forget. the time bonding in puerto rico, the time apart and then finishing the movie. it's a fun movie. i hope everyone enjoys it. >> let's take a look. >> what are you two doing here? >> you guys we were so confused
8:33 am
why you didn't go to mexico. we're literally sitting by the phone being like what. >> it was my bad. the card i gave you, old card. no way to call. >> we found out you were registered in williams and sonoma in atlanta. >> hit every wedding in atlanta in downtown. classic sweep maneuver. >> this time you weren't too late, sweetie. >> with a title like "vacation friends" and a scene like that, everyone can relate. >> you had some vacation hair there? >> i did. extra hair gel. little extra pizazz. i thank the hair and make-up department. they wanted me to look kind of like a space shot, like a really crazy person who is -- you'll see. the character is extremely interesting and fun. i got a different hairstyle
8:34 am
while i still have it. >> you're an action guy. "f-9" and "suicide squad." this is a comedy. you're an action guy. wat do you prefer? do you like the comedies? >> i wouldn't put myself as an action guy. especially the older i get. i like to entertain. i really do. when i read a story, i'm moved by it. you read a story, see a movie, hear your favorite song, you start to move and feel. that's what i enjoy. that's why i don't enjoy "suicide quad" and being funny or being dramatic or doing "vacation friends," i'm just moved by the story. i don't want to classify myself and stay in this lane. >> you love to work. are we going to see an "f-10"? >> we're going to see an "f-10."
8:35 am
i don't know if you'll see me in it. it's a movie that crushes worldwide. today we passed $700 million worldwide in this environment which is an unbelievable achievement. it shows the gravity. i hope i'm invited back for "fast 10." >> movies are going streaming. where do you think we'll end up? >> i don't think anyone knows the answer. it's a great time to be involved in entertainment. you have this gold rush for content. a lot of stuff is getting made. a lot of people are getting opportunities. there's a lot for consumers. i don't think anyone knows the answer. we all want answers. no one really knows. we'll find our way. i think people like stories and entertainment. >> we certainly love watching you. thank you for all.
8:36 am
>> thank you. i want to say what an unbelievable segment by erica before. watch that. she had an awesome message about doing enough for yourself to stay grounded and centered. i thought that was awesome. >> very true. "vacation friends" premiers friday on hulu. coming up the star this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
welcome back to "gma." we're back with one of hollywood's hottest stars. he won an emmy and is is is is i aquaman, now yahya abdul-mateen ii is starring in "candy man." welcome to you. you're working. you're busy. you're hot. you're everybody's favorite architect. >> oh, man. >> you are -- you have a degree in architecture and you end up in the roles you're in. do you still pinch yourself given the decision you made to take this route in acting? >> yeah, i do, man. i wake up and it's like this was not the plan. in the back of my mind i was always headed in this direction. had i done architecture i probably would have found a way
8:40 am
to do something special. fortunately god had other plans. i got laid off and had the opportunity to pursue this passion. >> you have it and it's working. you have the matrix 4 coming pout. aquaman 2 is coming. now the lead role in "candy man." were you a horror movie guy? >> my relationship with horror is tricky. i feel like horror movies are like riding a roller coaster. i'm afraid of roller coasters, but if i go to an amusement park you have to get on all the rides. i don't know why we sign up for horror movies. in the end it's something that you got to say yes to. i'm the same way. >> you end up in a jekyll and hyde situation. let's show a clip. >> if you say his name five
8:41 am
times while looking in the mirror he appears in the refleck s reflection and kills you. i thought we could -- >> what did you think? >> summon him. >> to this day, my man, i won't say candy man in the mirror five times. did you ever do it? did you do it onset at any point? >> i did it as a kid. i did it just enough to feel like i'm brave. i was smart enough to not say it five times. we would say it four times and then find the best reason to get out of the bathroom quickly. it was the same onset surprisingly. we're making this movie. we're saying candy man all the time. nobody would will try to mess with candy man. >> still you all ever did it? >> no. i don't have a good reason to do
8:42 am
it. i have a hot streak going on. i'm trying to keep it going. i want no parts. i want no parts. >> this is such a cult classic movie. what can you tell the fans of othe original t expect? you never expect to live up to the expectations. what do you think going into it? there's a lot of pressure because there's so many fans of the original. >> yeah, but i think -- you know, we relieve ourselves of that pressure by having a good reason to do this movie. we're going to give them the fright elements that they're still going to have a lot of those elements from the original that people love. at the same time, you know, going back to studying this story gives us the opportunity to set down the original story in a contemporary context. that gives us a lot of room to talk about society and some of
8:43 am
the more important social issues while at the same time still being satisfying in terms of the entertainment value and fright value people are looking for. i'm excited to get people a part of conversation. >> we have to ask about aquaman 2. you physically prepared for that? >> as best i can. jace is a big boy. he got bigger. you know what i'm saying? he got bigger. i got to do the same thing. we're having a good time at the studio pushing each other. i can't wait to share that. >> my man, congrats on everything you've got coming your way. you lost a job and you took that opportunity to do something else. now here you are with the career you've had. yahya abdul-mateen ii, hope to see you in studio down the road. >> yes, sir. i hope so. thank you very much for having. >> candy man hits theaters
8:44 am
friday. ginger. >> i don't even see beatle juice more than twice. long beach, new york, surf is still kicking from the winds wrapping around henri. yes, we still have rain when some places have had more than 10 inches of rain. central long island will get into it next and then connecticut and massachusetts. the numbers will add up through the day. do we have more on the horizon? we do. 30% shot at these two areas becoming tropical. there's a
8:45 am
coming up on "gma," basstille joins us live. stay with us.
8:46 am
8:47 am
welcome back to "gma." we're back with the grammy nominated band bastille. we have a special performance in just a moment. first let's chat. band members dan smith, kyle simmons, gentlemen, welcome. >> hello.o. >> how you doing? >> we're great. i hear you guys just did a big show in front of a huge in england with rick astley... how was this? look at the crowd. >> it was incredible. we met rick a while back at a
8:48 am
festival. we ended up giving him and his wife a lift back on our tour we kept in touch and then we thought wouldn't it be fun if we asked him to do this ridiculous thing. >> the show we did was with an orchestra and gospel choir. on stage there was like 30, 40 people. off stage there were thousands. in hampton court palace the two nights. the whole thing was a big celebration of returning to live music. it was a nice opportunity to play some of our new songs. rick lives around the corner from the palace. we were like can you come down and surprise everyone and he did it. he came out and took over and i became a back-up singer. >> what a surprise indeed. let's talk about the new song "distorted lightning." it's topping the top 15. tell us about it.
8:49 am
>> it's the first track off our new album. it's something a bit different. the album is about escapism and dreaming. it's like the limitless possibilities of dreaming. it's a bit different for us. it was fun to make the album. it was an anchor for us in a strange difficult time. it was a collaborative album. this is a video we shot in serbia which was our only trip away in the last two years. we're super excited to have tracks out. then the next track "thelma + louise," it's been awesome. let's give a list >> let's give a listen. here's bastille with "distorted
8:50 am
lightning." ♪ it isn't enough to distort the lightning until i like me ♪ ♪ if this is real life i'll stick to dreaming ♪ ♪ see what i see ♪ ♪ feel alive ♪ ♪ if this is life i'm choosing fiction ♪ ♪ call it fate ♪ ♪ the fantasy's the same ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can do anything ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can go anywhere ♪ ♪ don't wake me ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can be anyone ♪ ♪ don't wake me up. ♪ ♪ delete my history ♪ ♪ choose how you see me ♪
8:51 am
♪ level it up ♪ ♪ in here i'm winning ♪ ♪ defeat the big boys ♪ ♪ game over ♪ ♪ if this is life, i'm choosing fiction ♪ ♪ call it faith ♪ ♪ call it faith ♪ ♪ fantasy's the same ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can do anything ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can go anywhere ♪ ♪ don't wake me ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can be anyone ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming tonight i can go anywhere ♪ ♪ don't wake me ♪ ♪ don't wake me up ♪ ♪ hope i never wake up ♪ ♪ no, no, no, no ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can do anything ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can go anywhere ♪
8:52 am
♪ when when i'm dreaming tonight i can be anyone ♪ ♪ don't wake me ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can do anything ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can go anywhere ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can be anyone ♪ ♪ don't wake me up. ♪ don't wake me ♪ ♪ when i'm dreaming i can do anything ♪ "gma's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play. it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business.
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our thanks to bastille for that great performance. what a fun show. >> have a great monday, everyone. ♪ don't wake me up ♪
8:56 am
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. let's get a look at traffic. >> good morning, everyone. positive updates. the crash in san jose has cleared on 280 before byrd avenue. walnut creek moving much better on 680, especially southbound traffic. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza has pretty much left the area. >> we will keep those blue skies we had developed over the weekend through today and even more so tomorrow. temperatures well below average by five to seven degrees in san francisco. we will do it again tomorrow temperature wise. back to average and then warmer on sunday. >>


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