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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 23, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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breaking this morning on breaking this morning on "world news now," the desperate search to find two dozen people, following flooding in tennessee. >> the record rainfall and floodwaters, knocking out power and cell service, making searching for difficult. also this morning, henri's wrath. the storm slamming the northeast and continuing to produce heavy rainfall and flooding as it moves up the coast. thousands of residents in several states are without power. we have the accuweather forecast. plus, the investigation into an entire family found dead near yosemite national park. what authorities now think may have killed them. and later in "the mix," what is being called the world's
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first land superyacht. the r.v. that boasts ua appliances, a king-sized bed and even its own garage. wait until you hear the price tag. it's monday, august 23rd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." a land superyacht, or an r.v. or a bus. >> a mobile house. i'm going to go ahead and say, whatever the price tag, it's out of my budget. >> yeah. and the price tag the same as an apartment in new york city, you get more space. and on wheels. >> like a mansion in texas. do what you want with the information. >> i can't wait to get to the price tag and to see the pictures. >> let's write down what we think it will be. >> we should do that. this morning, we are following several major stories at this hour, including the latest on henri, soaking the northeast. >> it was the first tropical
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storm to hit new england in 15 years. it's now a tropical depression. it's dumping rain across the region. the rain was total records, gusty winds and downed trees and power lines, leaving thousands in the dark. we'll have more coming up shortly. we begin with the disastrous flooding that left 21 people dead. among those killed, 7-month-old twins, swept away from their father's arms. as flood waters rushed through their home. and an image of debris scattered for miles. >> the search for people missing, is centered in and around the town of waverly, 75 miles southwest of nashville. this morning, a desperate rescue operation is under way in tennessee, as receding floodwaters reveal devastation. >> houses knocked off foundations. still people missing. lots of cars are smashed up, gone. >> reporter: 17 inches of rain fell in humphries county in less than 24 hours, sending floodwaters racing through communities along the tennessee river.
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these new images showing a car buried in gravel, as a sheriff looks for the v.i.n. number in hopes of identifying a body found nearby. overnight at least 20 people remain missing in the area. rescuers expect the number of dead will climb. >> i would expect with the number of fatalities, we will see mostly recovery efforts at this point. >> reporter: witnesses say one creek rose five to six feet in just 60 seconds, forming a wall of water. >> you can see right into the house. all of this from water. so many flipped over vehicles. and this is basically every neighborhood looks about the same in waverly. insane. so many homes destroyed.
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>> reporter: the floodwaters acting as a massive bulldozer, destroying bridges and roads and pushing homes off of their foundations. casey hipshire says she was inside her house when it was swept away. >> it came so fast. i packed a bag. the next thing i know, the water is in my house and the house fell off the foundation. we had to break a window in the kitchen and crawl out of it and get up on the roof as fast as we could. >> reporter: and this man describing to abc's elwyn lopez how rescuers saved him, his wife and 2-year-old daughter. >> everybody was holding on to the rope, clinging to safety. >> yes. >> what was that like? >> it was terrifying. i was more concerned about my wife and daughter. they have to get out of here. i do not mind if i get swept under saving them. it's them that has to get saved president biden reached out to offer support, saying he will be
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asking for emergency federal assistance. henri is weaker but far from over. >> the storm is drenching the northeast. the storm caused severe flooding in hoboken, new jersey, and other areas. more is expected. here's abc's reena roy. >> reporter: for the first time in 15 years, a tropical storm making landfall in new england. >> if you venture out, you are not only putting your own life at risk, but you're endangering our first responders. >> reporter: henri touching down on the coast of rhode island. a wcbb camera capturing the wind knocking down this man. >> i took cover to take some photos. a gust must have taken me out. >> reporter: and much of the region saw similar conditions. in massachusetts, high winds and rough surf. in connecticut, 250 nursing home residents were evacuated across 4 facilities, with the state pummeled by heavy rain. >> the rains are with us and there's a real risk of flash flooding. the ground so saturated it can
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flood with another inch of rain. >> reporter: millions under flash flood watches. >> the flooding risk and the rivers, will be the topic here. >> reporter: these brothers and their dog rescued in jamesburg, new jersey. first responders using boats to bring as many as 150 people to safety. henri fueling a separate storm system saturday into sunday, causing record rainfall in new york city. streets flooded. the homecoming concert in central park cut short. thousands of fans forced to take shelter. the national grid has dispatched nearly 4,000 field personnel to hard-hit areas of massachusetts and rhode island, where thousands are still without power. the utility company says the majority will have their lights back on by midweek. mona? andrew? >> reena, thank you. henri is still a threat. >> let's go to accuweather's marvin gomez for the details. good morning, marvin. >> good morning. we are tracking an upper-level low that is bringing most of the moisture associated to henri south, to pennsylvania and new jersey. soaking rain continues for you,
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as we take you into our monday. looking at the track of the low-level pressure system moving across new england, bringing soaking rain across the region. some spots could accumulate between 8 and 12 inches as we head into our wednesday. those flash flood warnings will continue to pop up in the next couple days. andrew? mona? now, to the airport in kabul, where the pace of evacuations is accelerating. president biden promises not to leave any americans behind. and he says discussions are under way to possibly extend the mission beyond the end of the month. and the pentagon is enlisting the help of commercial airlines to ferry afghan evacuees once they've left the country. and there's growing concern over potential terror attacks. abc's ian pannell has the latest. >> reporter: the race to evacuate kabul growing more urgent by the day. roughly 7,800 people flown out in the last 24 hours, the highest number so far. the president's national
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security adviser warning that the threat from isis at the kabul airport is real, acute and persistent. >> we have a long way to go and a lot could still go wrong. >> president biden addressing the challenges at hand. >> we know that terrorists may seek to exploit the situation and target innocent afghans or american troops. they are maintaining constant vigilance to monitor and disrupt threats from any source. >> reporter: and under mounting pressure to extend the august 31st deadline. >> our hope is we will not have to extend. but there will be discussions of i suspect how far along we are in the process. >> reporter: the united states now activating the civil reserve air fleet. the third time in history. six commercial airlines will provide 18 aircraft to help move passengers arriving at bases outside of afghanistan. >> anyone arriving in the united states will have undergone a background check. >> reporter: it's been a week since the taliban took hold of the kabul.
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the capital of kabul. the situation deteriorating faster than anyone expected. a nato official has confirmed that 20 people have died in and around the airport since saturday. and among the afghan civilians killed, one of them was just 2 years old. reports she was trampled to death. her mother, a former interpreter for an american company telling "the new york times," i felt pure terror. i couldn't save her. i met with pakistan's ambassador to afghanistan. to discuss the state of affairs in kabul. >> if this process was done in a more orderly manner, we could have saved those precious lives. having said that, it's never too late. >> reporter: despite an increase in the number of afghans getting through to the airport and out of the country, there's still far more people waiting to be evacuated from afghanistan than
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have managed to flee. om a senr bit here in kabul, who believes in not all people eligible to get out will be allowed to do so. ian pannell, abc news, kabul. in addition to keeping the airport secure, the men and women of the military are also tending to the evacuating families. these are soldiers from the 82nd airborne, watching over some of the babies and teenagers waiting to be airlifted to safety. here at home, it's time to check in with the action in the little league world series. >> hawaii versus nebraska. delayed by rain for more than three hours. hawaii put the game away in the seventh inning, notching six runs. final score, 11-3. it was all california as pitchers on the team from torrance combined to throw a no-mitter beating ohio, 9-0. >> because of covid, i think it is the first time in three decks that there will be no international teams in the
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little league world series. >> you're right. i was watching a game. i don't remember who was playing. i was watching a game. the only thing i can feel was pure heartbreak. one of the teams was losing, if that was my kid, we're wrapping it up. i'm not putting him through this or her through this. >> it's a lot of emotion. it's a lot of fun. and this is how the game of baseball grows, through the little league world series. >> i'm team everybody gets a trophy. coming up, the detroit tigers, speaking of baseball, who just hit his 500th career home run. we're talking about the big leagues. plus, what's driving americans to skip the supermarket and head to the dollar store. first, the investigation into the mysterious death of an entire family hiking along yosemite national park. what authorities say could be what killed them. you're watching "world news now." do e a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our
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but, if you're looking for some extra cash, for whatever reason, your home's equity just might be the right solution. why don't you give aag a call i trust 'em you can too. trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now! we're back with a deepening mystery of the death of an entire family and their dog hiking in yosemite national forest. here's megan tevrizian. >> this morning, a family found dead near yosemite national park, calling them a loving
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family. calling their sudden deaths absolutely devastating. devastating. last week, family reported the family missing, after they failed to return from a hike, along a trail in the sierra national forest. >> healthy family, including their canine, deceased. we're looking for answers. >> reporter: their bodies found after a 12-hour search, with no visible signs of trauma or suicide note. >> i have never seen a situation like this, where there is zero explanation. >> reporter: authorities are searching for answers. investigators initially believing that the family died from carbon monoxide poisoning. from nearby mines. now, they're looking at algae blooms as the cause. >> if you drink some of the water, either by mistake or purposefully, you can take some of that water and the bacteria present and the toxins that they're producing into the body.
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>> reporter: autopsies of the bodies are providing few clues. authorities are waiting for the toxicology reports that could take several weeks. >> i've been here 20 years. i've seen a lot of things. i've never seen an incident like this, where there's zero explanation. >> reporter: the forest service has signs warning hikers of the toxic bacteria. the epa says warmer weather might make the algae more dangerous. andrew? mona? >> megan, thank you. turning back to baseball, tigers slugger miguel cabrera has joined an exclusive club, hitting his 500th home run in his storied career. cabrera is the 28th player in the history of major league baseball to reach this impressive milestone. it happened yesterday in toronto against the blue jays. when cabrera got to the detroit tigers, a lot of people considered that the worst trade in major league baseball history. he was on the marlins. the marlins haven't won a world series since trading him back in 2003.
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congratulations to the detroit tigers, and miguel cabrera. >> i was like, don't do it. >> the last player to hit 500 home runs, david ortiz. >> uh-huh. coming up, america's dollar stores are cashing in. why the no-frills markets are luring so many shoppers away from traditional grocery stores. and how is this for blowing the budget? the colossal ultra luxury motor home that costs more than mansions. you're watching "world news now." re than mansions. you're watching "world
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with the with the prices of just about everything going up, a growing number of americans are shopping around the dollar stores these days. >> they're not just looking for deals on bulk items like paper products. here's abc's deirdre bolton. >> reporter: shopping at the dollar store has become an everyday thing. >> i know the price will be
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fantastic. and i don't have to drive miles away. >> reporter: he's not alone. over the last year, inflation has increased 5.4%, forcing more shoppers to change where they spend and out of regular supermarkets. >> this pandemic has exacerbated wealth and income inequality. the poor have gotten poorer and the wealthier have gotten wealthier. >> dollar stores are targeting a lower income shopper, which unfortunately has grown over time. >> reporter: chains like dollar general and dollar tree are seeing a boom. >> dollar stores are growing like crazy. 1,600 dollar stores to open this year alone. >> reporter: that's about 45% of all new stores of any kind opening notice u.s. earn mouse holds on average spent more than $4,500 on groceries in 2019. that number is set to rise, as many lost jobs and cut back
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on dining out during the pandemic. >> filling a market need. >> reporter: dollar general and dollar tree are in underserved areas, that need is being answered by growth for these stores. the low-cost marketplace is finding a home on social media, with influencers sharing on how to shop on a budget. >> wow. that's a big size for a dollar. >> reporter: like this youtube channel, things tiktok made me buy from the dollar store. >> there's popular hash tags about dollar store finds. or redoing my house in the dollar store. we have these two things that really lead us to something like a dollar store, like affordable, not overspending. >> reporter: dollar stores are becoming such a part of the landscape, that some are including that they include a pharmacy or access to fresh produce, so they can truly serve their communities. >> thank you.
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just a couple of tips, don't fall for some of the traps at dollar stores, for example, cheap garbage bags.
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time, time, now, for "the mix," starting with an unforgettable wedding entrance by the flower bros. >> yep. jake and ryan were asked to be not the flower girls but the flower bros, at their friends' wedding. they were given free reign to do their own entrance and now they're going viral. >> they kept it classy and traditional. now, not only have they wracked up millions of views on tiktok, they are getting other requests to open other people's weddings. >> they are giving me blues brother vibes with the glasses. >> the aggressive toss there, is what does it for me. >> the aggressive toss. and going viral overseas, a motor cicada. >> and it twerks. this cicada on a tree, was
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caught on video, twerking its posterior, and emitting its mating call, that is a dead-ringer for a motorcycle. >> it's revving an engine in every species kind of way. cicadas and motorcycles can pump out more than 90 decibels. they can mimic everything from buzz saws to car alarms. and what is being called the first world land superyacht. >> this colossal motor home features hardwood floors, appliances and a king-sized bed and a a 5-inch tv. >> the dembell motor home rides on a three-axle mercedes chassis
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and comes with its own power plant, talking about a roof-mounted solar panel and onboard generator. that's luxury on wheels. >> plus, there's more. it's so big, it also has its own garage big enough to fit a ferrari. the company hasn't announced a price tag. but industry observers believe it will be in the $2 million range. >> start saving now. >> i'm going to wait until the newer models come out to save on the used one. >> oh, smart. finally, to swapping dogs for dumbbells. >> this dog dad from australia, switched up his workout by bench pressing his two dachshunds. >> think went on to bench press their 7-month-old son. workout from home. use anything -- >> are we calling this a pooch press? a puppy power lift. dog deadlift. those aren't deadlifts. >> dumbbarks. >> i feel like it's improv. >> and it keeps going, too.
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one, two, three, four. that's the news for this half
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right now on "america this morning," flood disaster. tennessee, 17 inches of rain falling in a matter of hours. witnesses say a local creek rose six feet in seconds. the destruction, the stories of survival and what we are learning about the search for the missing. in the northeast, flooding and power outages after tropical storm henri. >> breaking news from afghanistan. how much longer u.s. troops may be staying. the changes made and why the race to evacuate is taking on new urgency. >> pivotal day


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