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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 22, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, this is abc 7 eyewitness news. >> tropical storm henri has b downgraded from a hurricane but is now in the new york city area. you are taking a live look outside their. if it makes landfall in new york, it will be the first time the state sustained a direct superstorm sandy. it is bringing winds of 60 miles an hour and is expected to make landfall on rhode island this afternoon bringing flooding and heavy rain. good morning. it is sunday, august 22. let's get the latest on henri oi good morning. >> good morning. we are tracking tropical storm henri as it is about to make landfall. the winds are 60 miles an hour.
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gusts up to 60. it is tracking northwest at 12 miles an hour. as it moves through northeastern states tonight, we will still see tropical storm conditions. it weakens to allow tomorrow dropping winds to 35 miles an hour. we are expecting major rainfall in some spots. with this comes a dangerous storm surge of up to four feet, the latest update from the national hurricane center. flash flooding is possible. we will be keeping an eye on this throughout the day and have your local forecast coming up. liz: thank you. three teenagers are safe after being rescued from a cliff. they climbed nearly 400 feet to the top of the cliff and had to be rescued by a coast guard helicopter. one of the teens says the group of six was on the beach when three of them decided to climb up the cliff. that is when they got stuck.
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crews recalled and get them off safely. thankfully, no one was hurt. news on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in afghanistan as the united states tries to evacuate americans and thousands of afghans. abc news is on the ground in afghanistan. reporter: this morning, the u.s. evacuating nearly 4000 people from a chemist and over the last 24 hours. -- from afghanistan over the last 24 hours. >> six u.s. military c-17's 32 charters departed. reporter: now the u.s. administration insisting evacuation measures are ramping up, telling abc news the the the up to 15,000 u.s. citizens still in afghanistan with 2.5 thousand
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among the 17,000 evacuated from kabul, as the chaos and confusion outside the airport enters its seventh day. this is how bad things have got. the u.k. ministry of defense confirming seven afghan civilians died in the crash saturday -- crush saturday outside the airport gate. trying to keep people hydrated in the blistering heat. despite the turmoil, thousands remain. many scrambling to get out of the country. u.s. advising citizens still here to avoid the airport altogether and seek shelter unless they have "individual instructions from a u.s. government representative." the debacle unfolding over a week after the taliban took hold of the capital of kabul. president biden
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to evacuate those who aided the u.s. president biden: we will do reason we can to provide safe evacuations for our afghan allies. any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. reporter: u.s. transportation command issuing a warning order to u.s. airlines friday night to prepare to evacuate afghan refugees from afghanistan. on a u.s. military plane, this afghan woman going into labor midflight while fleeing the country. the baby delivered after landing. both now and a medical facility in good condition. while some people on flights leaving the chaos behind, for those left behind in kabul the fear of the taliban driving them to try to get out. now, military vets stepping in to help. he is part of a group of veterans using their connections on the ground to try to help get allies to safety. >> i am sitting here now because
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of actions some afghan friends of mine took years ago on my behalf. now, it is our turn. reporter: we spoke to one afghan woman residing in the u.s. for college. out of concerns for her safety, she has asked to remain anonyms.her father and family sl stuck in kabul. >> i'm trying to have faith and hope they will get out of the country. that is the only way i can survive this. liz: in afghanistan, many evacuees are still struggling to get onto planes. as tim johns tells us, that includes relatives of bay area families. reporter: nearly a week after afghanistan fell to taliban forces, the situation is as desperate as ever. >> he is terrified of what will happen to his family. reporter: this immigration attorney is working with the man who lives in castro valley whose wife and children are still
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stuck in kabul. the family has tried to get to the airport on four occasions this week only to be unsuccessful or turned around every single time. >> they cannot leave. they cannot get here. it is too dangerous to even go to the airport. i have never had that situation occur in 35 years of immigration law. reporter: the east bay immigration attorney is working with around 50 afghan families. she says her clients have faced sam peds, tear gas, gunfire, and taliban checkpoints -- stampede's, tear gas, gunfire, and taliban checkpoints. all have been given visa paperwork. and yet, things are still going wrong. >> everybody could get the visa paper whether you are a citizen, pending case, or wanted to get out of afghanistan. the soldiers started saying it does not have your name or case
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number on it. they still cannot get in. reporter: despite the terror and confusion, the attorneys say one thing remains clear. >> we need to get these people out that trusted the u.s. government to do right by them. there has to be a way to do that. liz: the congressman's provided this statement. they said we are aware of reports of people getting to and through the airport gates have been in touch with the state department about the issue. earlier this morning, i spoke with the resettlement cord coordinator. she talked about how the community can help these refugees. >> my request from the community, the landlord, the property owners, please support us in the situation and help us
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to resettle these refugees comfortably and they have a say home -- safe home in the united states. liz: she said housing is the big issue right now. she is asking for help. she says they have already resettled 42 people the past few weeks. many coming before the taliban pimco over. they are expecting 40 more this month. to find out how you can help afghan refugees through housing, donations, or volunteering, go to the website. we are focusing on back to school as education is a key part of building a better bay area. for many students, education happens in and out of the classroom. the pandemic led to a delay in high school sports with teams and unable to come together until spring of this year. now, football is returning for the fall season. dustin dorsey has the story from san jose. reporter: just four months after
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teams played in the spring season, they returned to the gridiron for fall football in san jose. it may be just a scrimmage, but you could not tell from the excitement on the field. >> a lot was taken away from us the last 18 months. it is allowing our guys to be thankful and reflect on what they may have lost and be grateful for what they have coming back and not taking it for granted again. >> football is something i have been playing since i was a kid. i will do whatever it takes to keep playing. it feels better to be back. reporter: california was one of the only states to not play football on time last season. parents say it created struggles for the students off the field. football began to solve the problem. >> i know a couple kids that dropped out because they did not have no sports. being back is awesome. >> there is only so much you can do in your own backyard. being able to read back in this environment is exciting.
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delta variant still looms. the question was asked on friday, is it safe for these athletes to play high school sports again? >> it is incumbent on pare nts, athletes, and coaches to make sure they are practicing safe hygiene techniques and doing everything they can. >> we still are trying to let the kids know that we are not out of it. >> the reason we are playing this team is because of certain cancellations, you know. i definitely want the kids to have fun. >> we are doing everything we can to ensure we have a season. the last thing we want is for it to get canceled or anyone sick or hurt. reporter: while there was no official winner, the true victory was getting football back again. liz: let's get a check of's
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forecast. good to see football back. frances: it is great to have the kids back to school in person. we have improving air quality to day. we are still dealing with low clouds and patchy drizzle at the coast. i will tell you about changes for the air quality forecast and have an update on tropical storm henri coming up. liz: thank you. much of the east coast braces for henri as the tropical storm moves on shore. moves on shore. we wil age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond.
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back to being the beautiful state that it was. liz: recall supporters held a rally yesterday paid those who support governor newsom held a counter rally across the street. >> this recall effort is a republican led effort by extreme right-wing folks. it would be a disaster in our continued efforts to win the war against the pandemic. liz: recall supporters have another rally scheduled for today in santa clara. vice-president kamala harris is returning to california this week. she will be in the bay area on friday to campaign with governor newsom. this morning, tropical storm henri is heading for the east coast to areas that have not seen a direct hit in 30 years or more. you can see a live picture from east hampton, new york. trevor ault is tracking the
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storm from long island. reporter: this morning, henri closing in on the northeast. 55 million people in its path. multiple states declaring a state of emergency, bracing for winds up to 80 miles an hour and storm surge up to five feet. in new jersey, the heavy rain already flooding streets. preparing for the worst, store shelves emptied by people stocking up on bread and water. long gas station lines around the block. severe weather and flash flooding ahead of henri's main hit halting the n.y.c. homecoming concert saturday. tens of thousands told to seek shelter. >> all persons should move quickly and calmly to the nearest exit. >> we drove down from boston to come, so it was a short-lived
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time for us to make this. reporter: on new york's fire island, fear is filling up after the voluntary evacuation order. several ferries and train stations shut down. new york national guard troops deploying, fema prepping emergency equipment. >> we are gearing up for this in case we need the generator. reporter: in rhode island, boots pulled from the water. in massachusetts, boarding up homes and businesses. connecticut's governor morning thousands could lose power. late saturday, we saw businesses shuttering their doors early and their employees trying to figure out how to move in outdoor equipment because they have never had to do that before. that is how rare this caliber of storm is in this area.
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everyone in montauk has been told to find shelter and stay safe. on top of the heavy wind and storm surge, there is also the threat of isolated tornadoes. liz: we can see him drenched. obviously, we are not dealing with that. we are dealing with fires. the good news is the air quality is getting a little better. frances: air quality is improving. i wanted to give you an update on tropical storm henri as it is just about to make landfall. it is moving about 12 miles an hour in a north-northwest direction with guests up to 70 miles per hour. it is headed towards rhode island. tropical storm conditions continue through tonight before it turns into a low tomorrow morning. we are expecting up to seven inches in heavier spots. very dangerous for connecticut, rhode island, and southern massachusetts.
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heavy rainfall, flash flooding is occurring. the national hurricane center has senaid they can inspect a storm surge about to four feet. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. improving air quality yesterday evening into today because of the onshore flow. we had lots of green dots around the bay area. san jose has turned yellow. moderate air quality through parts of the south bay. what is really terrible is the tahoe area. hazardous air quality conditions today. it is not going to get better with the cal door fire jumping highway 50. we see some low clouds and haze. that is where the air quality has dropped. we had to update the air quality index because we were expecting bear air quality -- better our quality tomorrow but that has changed. tomorrow, moderate air quality
9:20 am
for some areas. with the forecast animation, still see hazy conditions. light blue here. the sea breeze was helping to push things east. there was smoke and haze over the ocean. that will wrap around tomorrow. tomorrow evening, it does improve a little bit. we still see some red and thick smoky conditions through the sierra and tahoe. highs today similar to yesterday. as the sea breeze persists or, less cloud cover at the beaches. san francisco, a high of 63. oakland, 69. sanon average, we are five to 10 degrees cooler. you can expect that to be cooler for the east bay because things are changing. overnight lows tonight in the low 50's through parts of the
9:21 am
north bay and we will see lots of mid-50's around the bay as the marine layer spreads overnight with possible patchy drizzle tomorrow morning. you need to get ready for this. in livermore, the average is 88. we are below average and stay that way. check out the end of the week. you triple digits friday and saturday. we will see a slight offshore flow. we have cleaner air today. tomorrow will be good to moderate we start to warm up midweek. by the end of the week, hot and hazy conditions inland where we get the slight offshore flow again so air quality may not be as good. overnight lows in the 60's for inland areas. that is not great. we have heat risk concerns. if you can go to the beaches friday and saturday, it will be
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liz: it is back-to-school week on abc 7. we are following concerns to parents. one of the most pressing is the safety of students who are not vaccinated against covid. our senior reporter looks at risks and when vaccination may be available for younger students. reporter: earlier this year, they were among the first children under five to get a covid vaccination as part of the clinical trial at stanford.
9:25 am
since that time, she says friends with school-age kids want to know more. for many families with vaccinated or unvaccinated kids, returning to school is filled with unanswered questions about safety, risk, and what is ahead with the delta variant. the disease expert believes exp current precautions are key. >> wearing masks and distancing up to three feet inside is going to be varying safe -- very safe. reporter: still among the unanswered questions is the availability of a covid vaccine for children under 12. pfizer will present safety data from clinical trials next month. during the says it also to submit data this fall -- moderna -- moderna says it also
9:26 am
plans to submit data this fall. under five's is coming later if all goes smoothly. the fda has indicated it wants to follow a larger pool for a longer time to spot side effects. >> we still have lots of people who want to participate in the trial. i don't think that will be an issue. it is just a matter of timing. reporter: pressure for a pediatric vaccine approval is increasing, not just with the delta variant, but the rising toll it is taking on younger patients and the concern that is creating for many parents. the american is pointing to some of the largest increases in pediatric covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. governor newsom announced additional steps requiring teachers and school employees to be vaccinated or undergo regular covid testing.
9:27 am
while the numbers are clearly concerning, dr. maldonado leaves the risk to students is still manageable. >> the reality is the children will get infected primarily at home or in social events outside of school. reporter: for her family, that has meant supporting friends still waiting for the same opportunity they have had to receive a pediatric vaccine. >> we are still ■tryingto follow all cdc guidelines and support our friends as much as we can. liz: fascinating. still to come, covid hospitalizations climbing again as health care workers reach their breaking point. their breaking point. and new guidance for travelers does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty.
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liz: we are taking a live look at north london, connecticut, where tropical storm henri is bringing 60 mile-per-hour winds paid the center is passing between new york and rhode island. it is forecasted to keep moving northwest before making landfall near the rhode island-connecticut border this afternoon. multiple states have declared a state of emergency. good morning. you are watching abc 7 news. let's get right to the latest on henri with frances dinglasan. it was downgraded but still a scary situation. frances: lots of rainfall and flash flooding expected. this is a look at tropical storm henri. gusts up to 70 miles an hour. it is tracking northwest at 12 miles an hour. it is just 15 miles north-northeast of montauk in new york and 40 miles
9:31 am
south-southwest from providence, rhode island. tropical storm conditions continue through this evening. it gets downgraded tomorrow night as the winds drop to 35 miles per hour. we are expecting up to seven inches of rain. it will be dangerous with storm surge up to four feet in some locations in parts of massachusetts. this could lead to flash flooding with the rainfall. i will have your local forecast coming up in a bit. liz: thank you. this morning, many hospitals in the country are on the brink with staff shortages and burnout. reporter: this morning, covid hospitalizations climbing at alarming rate. over 95,000 people infected receiving care in hospitals around the country.
9:32 am
overnight, baby see news learning civil rights icon reverend debussy jackson -- abc 7 news learning civil rights icon reverend jesse jackson and his wife hospitalized. he received his first dosest doe the pfizer shot in january, now experiencing a breakthrough infection. this hospital in oregon setting up additional icu's for overflows. over 93% of covid patients on ventilators they are gotten a vaccine. >> it just keeps happening. reporter: the relentless surge is driving health care workers to their breaking points. >> we are exhausted, frustrated, this could have been prevented if people had gotten vaccinated. reporter: in texas, a sobering warning the impact is affecting
9:33 am
emergency response times. children's hospitals are treating a record number of kids with covid. >> it is a traumatic experience to see your kid on a breathing machine. reporter: a grim reality for this nurse whose three-year-old daughter is battling the virus in a tulsa hospital. as cases continue to skyrocket, the cdc issuing updated guidance for travelers seeing people with increased risk for severe almost also avoid travel on cruise ships regardless of vaccination status. >> people who have increased risk likely are not going to be wanting to travel anyway, so keeping everybody healthy is top priority for the cruise lines. reporter: the delta variant is driving the fourth wave of covid. more than 70% of people 12 and older have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the fight to stop the spread.
9:34 am
liz: one of the first booster shot clinics in the bay area happened in the north bay this weekend. the third dose was for marin county residents considered immunocompromised. with the delta variant on the rise, it is something many with health concerns have been waiting for. reporter: the line was long outside for the one day free covid-19 booster clinic, one of the first in the bay area. she got here early. >> i wanted to get the third one to be free to start moving. i appreciate what marion county is doing. >> these are people particularly vulnerable to covid-19. reporter: pfizer or moderna booster shots were available to county residents who are immunocompromised. >> we want to make this third dose easily accessible to those that really need it.
9:35 am
reporter: julie made an appointment the moment she heard about the clinic. >> because of going through cancer treatment, it was important to me to have the booster shot. reporter: her daughter calls the third shot a godsend. >> she has fought so long and hard this last year for us. this is one more thing that will help keep her safe. reporter: about 1300 folks are getting booster shots. with the delta variant on the rise, many say they have been afraid to go out. >> you don't know how safe you are. i feel i need to do more to protect myself. reporter: for now, the cdc recommends only people with compromised immune systems get a booster shot but the county could provide them to the rest of the county next month. for many, the booster's extra confidence in a world where the pandemic is far from over >> i
9:36 am
feel a little bit safer. liz: this morning, more than a dozen wildfires continued to burn across california. close to 13,000 firefighters are on the front lines as thousands have been forced from their homes. a fire near lake tahoe has jumped highway 50. it is pushed by winds. this is the caldor fire. caltrans closed highway 50 from pollock pines to myers, a vital tourist route. the fire started a week ago and has burned more than 230 structures. the sheriff's office is searching for one person evacuated but has not been heard from since wednesday. some people leaving their homes say it is not worth the risk. >> think my house is pretty safe. i think it is time for me to head out. liz: alternative plans are in the works to help evacuees vote in the upcoming recall election.
9:37 am
a dropbox is set up outside the evacuation center. the elder bounty -- the el dorado county official says they will drive ballots to evacuees. the dixie fire has burned 721,000 acres. strong southwest winds are helping to feed the flames. three first responders have been injured. it has destroyed 670 homes since july 14. containment is currently at 37%. still ahead, she is known as the bay area's only stuttering comedian. but she is also an author and activist. she joins us to talk about the upcoming celebration of the americans with disabilities act. as we go to break, a live look outside. it is 9:37 on this sunday.
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liz: welcome back. talented performers are coming together to fight stereotypes about people living with disabilities. this is part of the celebration of the americans with disabilities act. the bay area's only stuttering comedian and activist will be performing. she joins us to tell us about this week's event and how people can watch. how are you? >> actually, the only female stuttering comic. there are some dudes, and they are great. liz: what is 8831 and how did you get involved -- ada how did you get involved? >> this is to reduce the stigma
9:41 am
of disabilities and celebrate the arts, accomplishments, and activism of a community that not everybody sees. this year, they are focused on non-apparent disabilities. i participated in the one last year. this year with a focus on non-apparent disabilities, i get to host it. i am excited to do that with my good friend. liz: we are showing some great photos of you over the years. you did mention this year is spotlighting non-apparent disabilities. what does that mean and why is it so important? >> it could include people who have autism or adhd, even people recovering from drugs and alcohol which is myhich is myhih
9:42 am
experience, or someone like me who stutters. a lot of us are included inf that. but a lot of us do not know that we have civil rights that we can engage in under the a.d.a. it is important people know that there is a community that extends to people who have a disability that you cannot see. liz: why do you think it is so important for people with disabilities to live represented -- be represented in the arts? >> that is how you reduce the stigma. the more you see people different disabilities, the more you see that we are like everybody else. we can be jerks, good people. it is not a stereotypical image that we have traditionally seen.
9:43 am
and we can be a whole person and not just a disability. it is also important that we have a voice, that our voice in the arts is not filtered through an able-bodied lens. that is why it is so important artists, whether they are on comics, or visual artists, that those representations are there. liz: how have you been able to overcome your own struggles to be a successful comedian and author? how does it feel to be an inspiration to others? >> obviously, i have not overcome my stuttering and never will. i say i overcome attitudes and the environment. for me, with dyslexia, it is a challenge sometimes to access information.
9:44 am
but through using accommodations, that is an important piece to be able to be included in the things i want to do. as for the st lot about attitudes. making sure the stigmas in the environment are not internalized. liz: final question. how can people watch a.d.a. >> they can go online and get the information. it is going to be on facebook, youtube, wednesday at 5:00 san francisco time, so people can check it out. liz: we look forward to doing that. nina g., thank you for joining us. a.d.a.d.a.d.a.d.a.d.a.d.a.d.a.d.
9:45 am
facebook live august 31 at 5:00. that is cool. i love representation in the arts. frances: i love comedy, too. i think what people will love is the improving air quality. looking at low clouds and fog this morning. the sea breeze will help clear the air this afternoon. we get more sunshine. i will have your complete seven-day forecast coming up as well as an update on tropical storm henri. liz: next, he powers the giants to a dramatic win over the a's. highlights and postgame reaction highlights and postgame reaction coming up in [swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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>> we expect both teams different reactions to the homerun. >> i probably showed more emotion after hitting that homer than i have all year.
9:50 am
after a rough couple of games, it was nice to see us come through after we needed it. that was a huge inning for us. >> not all losses are equal. we needed to win that game. it was very -- it sucks. chris: the 49ers are gearing up for today's preseason game. he will participate next week as he recovers from the torn a.c.l. >> it starts back every season.. i am coming out here every day working on something different. it is good to compete and work on the details. that is what will help me become a better player. >> always making plays, attacking the ball and getting
9:51 am
the ball out. that is the style we want to play. fred exemplifies that to the max. chris: three weeks from today, they kick off the regular season against the lions in detroit. liz: let's get another check of the forecast with frances dinglasan. better air quality today. i know you are tracking the hurricane east. frances: tropical storm henri made landfall near the border of connecticut in rhode island. tropical storm conditions continue through this evening and tomorrow morning will drop to a low with winds down to 35 miles per hour. we are expecting quite a bit of rainfall, five to seven inches in heavier spots. there is a storm surge warning for parts of long island, connecticut, rhode island, and massachusetts. heavy rainfall will also cause flash flooding. we will be keeping on top of this for you and keeping track of it. in the bay area, temperatures are mainly in the upper 50's to
9:52 am
low 60's. we will see a similar day to yesterday but air quality will continue to improve. right now in san francisco, 59. san jose, 61 degrees. air was good for everyone but has dropped to moderate. it will continue will continue e hazardous in the tahoe area. very dangerous conditions with the caldor fire. here is a live look out to the bay. the winds are light. the sea breeze will help clear some of the haze. there is an update to the air quality forecast. we are expecting good air quality today in the bay area. tomorrow, we thought it would be good for everyone. however, i will show you why we are expecting moderate air quality in some parts and gooddd
9:53 am
air quality for the south central bay. hazy conditions around parts of the bay area. very light blue. you see the purple and red through tahoe. some of the haze will wrap around the ocean and sweet through the bay area tomorrow. tomorrow still good to moderate but not as good as we hoped. today is a great day to head outdoors. breezy at the beaches. san francisco, 63. comfortable in the north bay. napa, 72. upper 60's in oakland. 70's in fremont. inland areas, low 80's, m comfortable but hazy conditions through the inland and today. overnight lows, a great time to open the windows and let the clean cool air impaired temperatures in the north bay in the low 50's.
9:54 am
lots of mid-50's around the bay. we could see patchy drizzle at the beaches overnight. i want to show you the end of the week because things are going to heat up. thursday, high pressure will build inland. we will see mid-90's in some interior locations. even at the beaches, it starts to warm up. check out friday. it will get really hot. close to triple-digit heat for some inland areas, even at the beaches, 70's and 90's for the north bay. get ready for the heat. enjoy the comfortable weather while you can. cleaner air today. tomorrow, good to moderate. temperature still below normal. closer to average midweek. things heat up for the end of the week. hot and hazy with offshore building. hazy conditions as well. air quality could be an issue as
9:55 am
well as heat risk. we will keep track of that. overnight lows will not be comfortable for inland areas as well. liz: good to have the heads up. thank you. another event for you and your family is returning to san francisco. francisco. with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent.
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liz: sundown cinema is returning this year. it is back for five dates starting friday. youyouyouyouyouyouyouyou and other locations on the website where you can also enter to win reserved seating. all of the movies are free. let's get a final check on the forecast. frances: we are tracking the storm. breezy conditions this afternoon bringing good air quality at the
9:58 am
beaches and around the bay. 60's at the beaches. upper 60's and low 70's around the bay. liz: thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. the little action is ahead at 11:00 a.m. on abc 7. abc 7 news continues at 5:00. have a great day.
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