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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 21, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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continue to burn this morning across the stage. flames have forced the closure of the main highway between the bay area and south lake tahoe. good morning, everybody, it's saturday, august 24. let's start with a look at the whether and how the smoke is affecting us here in the bay area with frances. frances: we day around the bay area. it will look murky out there. temperatures near 60 degrees for many locations. oakland, 63, san jose, 60 degrees. here are the air-quality current conditions. around parts of the east bay, it is unhealthy for sensitive groups in the orange area there.
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check out the conditions in the sierra because some of the wildfire smoke. there is an air-quality advisory for today, and the sea breeze will start to pick up this afternoon and this evening. the onshore flow is pushing some of the smoke east by tonight and will improve by tomorrow as well. that's improving air quality for all of us. we are looking forward to that end i will let you know your complete accuweather seven-day forecast, coming up. liz? liz: thank you. the main highway between the bay area and south lake tahoe is closed because of the destructive caldor fi burning right now. there is no containment as of yet. caltrans is worried about debris blowing on the highway 50 and making that drive dangerous. it is closed in both directions
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between pollock pines and myers. >> if you are trying to get to tahoe on highway 50 this weekend, you are not going to get to it. liz: the closure is likely to last through the weekend, reopening only once it is safe. the dixie fire has burned 700-5000 acres. favorable weather conditions helped firefighters make good progress on suppression efforts. they say containment lines held strong yesterday, but windy weather is expected to return to northern california today and calfire expects conditions to pose a new challenge for fire crews. containment is at 35 percent. and an evacuation order remains in place of people living near the devastating cash fire in lake county. this fire broke out three days ago, burning 56 homes and 158 vehicles. 88 outbuildings were also lost. firefighters say it is 45% contained after burning 83 acres. the city of clear lake has
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determined a local state of emergency. you can track the air-quality any time with our real-time weather tracker, this tool is live on our connected tv app. download the app wherever you stream, just search abc 7 bay area. major new developments regarding covid now. the fda is report into giving full approval to the pfizer vaccine as soon as monday. this could lead to more mandates and encourage some of those who have been hesitant to get vaccinated. and san francisco is the first major u.s. city to require proof of full vaccination for people dining out in restaurants, working out in attending theaters. we spoke with some tourists who are pushing back against these new rules. >> and people have an issue with it, but i'm ok with it.
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it's going to keep us safe. >> at the hotel san francisco, proof of vaccination is now required. >> i think it will be better for everyone and at that point, no one will be asking for the vaccination cards once the cases start coming down. >> proof of vaccination is not required to check in, but you will need to show proof in hotels -- hotel bars and restaurants. >> if somebody is not vaccinated that checks in, they can order room service, but so far it's been great. we've had little to no pushback. >> it absolutely will keep visitors away. >> carol brown from oakland is checking in and she calls it unfair. >> i'm not vaccinated. i am not an anti-vaxxer, but i want to wait for 2.0. if i have to go somewhere else, then i will. >> the first con
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returns in seven months. a sims travel association president joe dallas on row -- the travel association president joe -- liz:a step forward oto n vaccine verification for its first responders september 15. the chase center announces its requirements for warriors games and other events with more than 1000 people. anyone 12 years old or older will need proof of vaccination. happening today, it is your chance to get and receive the vaccine in marin county. they are targeting residents who have been immune compromised. for those who have received
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chemotherapy, and organ transplants, or --, a third booster will be available. and kaiser permanente's hosting a free vaccine and back-to-school event in hayward. this is happening today at glad tidings international church from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. free haircuts, backpacks and school supplies will be given away. appointments are not necessary. another event happening today to get some of san francisco's most vulnerable residents vaccinated. the department is hosting a free vaccine clinic aimed for latino families that vote occur park in the tender line -- at boat occur park in the tenderloin. the project will be moved to other neighborhoods if it is successful. and if you need to know how to get digital proof of vaccination on your phone, go to abc 7 you will find an easy step-by-step guide on what you need to do. a major setback for lyft and
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uber as a judge struck down proposition 22, which allowed uber, lyft, and other businesses to classify workers as independent contractors. the judge says the entire ballot measure is made unenforceable. uber says it will appeal the ruling. frances, a little cloudy outside. frances: cloudy and very gray. from emeryville, another smoky and hazy day, but air-quality will start to improve tonight and into tomorrow. i will have your complete seven-day forecast, coming up. liz: also ahead, addressing the san francisco school board recall. two members are speaking publicly about the recall against them. plus, tightening the tap in the south bay. the strict new penalties
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customers could face amid the severe drought
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liz: president biden is assuring americans that everyone who needs to about -- evacuate from afghanistan will be able to get out, but abc news reporter justin dorsey spoke with a woman about how dire the situation is for people there, and her hopes going forward. justin: as the taliban continue the takeover of afghanistan, the speed of these evacuations is seen as a literal life or death situation. >> it is dangerous for the people. they are going to home to home to find someone who is working with the u.s. or any other country, and then they are killing them. justin: we spoke with this woman at the afghan coalition office
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in fremont. she did not want to be identified as she fears more repercussion for her family members she is trying to get out of kabul. >> they found an identity card and shot them. >> right now, it is tugging at our heart. justin: a townhall meeting was hosted with the afghan coalition to learn more how they can assist with evacuations. he said evacuating first and verifying refugees second is the best way to get people out safely. >> let's get them out of harm's way, to qatar, to some of the other countries that have been kind enough to host these refugees. verify their status, but don't leave people on the ground because they could not check every box. dustin: facing backlash on the handling of the situation in afghanistan, president joe biden assured everyone associated with the u.s. will be evacuated, even if that keeps u.s. troops
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there longer than expected. >> let me be clear. any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. justin: as for this bay area woman's thoughts? do you think they are doing enough? >> i hope so. if not, they will destroy everything. liz: you can donate to a refugee fund established by the city of fremont manages by the cities -- city's human services department. you can go to our website, abc, to learn how to donate. and longtime music director michael morgan has passed away. dan ashley interviewed morgan earlier this year. the symphony says morgan was admitted to the hospital last week for an infection. he underwent kidney transplant surgery in may. michael morgan was 63 years old.
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and vice-president kamala harris is heading back to california. she will be in the bay area next friday to campaign with governor newsom. she is the most high-profile democrats so far to campaign for newsom. we asked what democrats are hoping to accomplish with this visit. >> the idea is to have the attention be on kamala harris, because she is the vice president, one of the most prominent peoples and celebrities in the country. the real goal is to get the vote out for gavin newsom, because he needs help with younger voters, progressive voters, and women voters in the suburbs. that's where kamala harris pulls well and that's where he is seeing a lack of enthusiasm. liz: we have everything you need to know about voting in the recall election on our website. just go to now, two san francisco recall members
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efforts to unseat them from office. gabriella lopez and alan collins each spoke out, saying they were being attacked for driving social change. lopez said the recall efforts were sexist, ageist, and racist. the recall organizers say their goal is to get politics out of education. the board's vice president is also facing a recall. back-to-school week on abc 7. yesterday on our news at 4:00, we spent much of the news talking to experts and viewers about having students back in class. >> why i do the work i do is to be around young children. they are so happy to be in school, and we are having a lot of fun. we have already had three cases of students testing positive that my site -- at my site, so that's stressful for the teachers, the parents, the students to be in that situation. i would like to see more
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testing. so before there is any spread within our classrooms and our schools can stay open. liz: also on the panel was special correspondent and pediatrician dr. patel. he had some important advice for parents. >> for parents sending their kids back-to-school, especially under the age of 12 or not able to get vaccinated, it's important that everyone around you is vaccinated, but you are also doing what you can to keep your child protected right now. the delta variant is way more contagious and it's never too early to teach kids important things, like safely and appropriately wearing a mask, but also basic hand hygiene. liz: you can watch the entire conversation and access advice online. just look for abc news on roku,
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apple tv, or android tv, or check it out on facebook. new calls to cutback water use, or face penalties for exceeding them. we learn what this means for customers. >> water budgets and financial penalties. this could be the future for san jose water company customers who don't meet the moment in an extreme, widespread drought. >> they have done a lot of cutbacks before, but we are asking for a little bit more so we can get through this crisis. >> the company is asking customers to cutback and conserve 15% from their 2019 water use level and pay $7.13 in surcharges for every amount of water used beyond that amount. >> this does not mean they have a higher bill. if they stay within the allocation, they do not get a surcharge and the bill will not be going up because of what they use. >> the updated water contingency plan was filed earlier this month, and after august 31, the
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company will decide weather to put the new plan in place. >> this is something we take very seriously. >> for oakland, similar measures took effect on july 13. tim custer says he took immediate action after the santa clara valley water district declared a water shortage emergency. >> an emergency is just that. there was no need to wait for somebody to tell me what to do. i already knew what to do. this is not the first time we've been through this. >> not the first time, and according to environmental studies experts, usually not as often. >> our most recent drought was 2011 to 2017, and then there is usually a longer time between droughts. but here we are, less than five years later. >> and action, as failing to conserve can cost us all in more ways
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than one. >> we have not systemically changed the way we provide water to everyone and how we use it, and use it in our sectoral purposes. that has remained basically the same for, you know, decades, and it needs to change. >> abc 7 news. liz: the drought is such a concern and frances, these fires are out of control. frances: the fires are out of control, the state in exceptional, extreme drought, and we are also dealing with the haze and smoky conditions in the bay area. those conditions will continue for another day, but the sea breeze will pick up, bringing some welcome change. there's a look at live doppler 7 and the satellite radar image. the low clouds from the coast have spilled into the bay once again as we take a look outside and show you the winds right now. they have been fairly calm, but in san francisco, they are picking up to 12 miles per hour. i want the wind to pick up, because that will help push some of the smoke farther east and
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clear the air. there is a live shot at 880 in oakland. we will have the game later on this afternoon at the coliseum, but it will still be hazy. san francisco, 50 nine degrees, oakland, 63, low 60's for mountain view, san jose, and palo alto. and more murky conditions over the north bay with a camera in san rafael, where it is 57 degrees. low 60's through novato, napa, fairfield, concord, and livermore. check out the live shot in san jose. we saw a bit of that orange in the sky because of the sunrise. the smoke lingers today. you're the forecast features you need to know about, but better air quality tonight and tomorrow. as that sea breeze picks up, temperatures will be below average through the weekend. the wind will start to pick up this afternoon and this evening, maybe 10 to 20 miles per hour by 5:00 today. that will help push things out
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and the smoke out to the east, but we still have some smoke over the ocean. that's why the hazy conditions will stick around. highs below average in san francisco, 63, oakland, 67, san jose, 75, and our warmest spots will be in the 80's. overnight lows with the cloud cover pushing and once again, it will be mostly in the upper 50's around the bay, 57 in oakland and san mateo, city of san francisco as well and some cooler spots in the north bay, coverdell and santa rosa at 51 degrees. here's a look at the week ahead. air quality will improve tonight into tomorrow, but get ready for a big warm up. in livermore, your average is 88 and look at thursday and friday. at the end of this week, temperatures will heat up as high pressure builds inland. here's that seven-day forecast. a hazy start today,
6:21 am
tomorrow, cleaner air. a great day to head outside. the good air quality will continue into monday, then check out the midweek and end of week summer sizzle at inland areas in the triple digits around the bay, mid-80's and at the beaches, low 70's. today, we still have to deal with an itchy throat, itchy eyes -- i have been struggling with the smoky and hazy conditions -- and tomorrow, maybe we will get to see the blue and some sunshine. looking forward to that, liz. liz: definitely. it will get hot later this week. just ahead, 100 $80,000 in taxpayer-funded travel. questions about spending by the state on the pg&e bailout.
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liz: with johnson joins us now from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. >> coming up on gma, thousands
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attempting to flee kabul. president biden vowing to get americans home. what he is saying about the desperate evacuations in afghanistan and the pushback he is facing over his handling of the crisis overseas. and tropical storm henri gaining strength overnight, taking aim at the northeast. the coast bracing for impact. finally, the u.s. deep sleep and covid hospitalizations since last winter, as some cities continue mask mandates this morning, and the battle over covid-19 safety protocols in schools intensifies, with parents taking to the streets in protest. it's all ahead, here on gma. liz: invest of bankers charge california taxpayers $130 travel during the pg&e bailout. they have no receipts to backup
6:25 am
the expenses. >> the spending started four months after pg&e committed the crime that sparked the campfire, destroying the town of paradise and killing 84 people. pg&e filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection because it said it couldn't pay the cost of the damage. in february 2019, a team of investment bankers boarded flights at taxpayer expense to help the governor's office find a way to help pg&e turn its finances around. payment records show a single investment banker at financial firm guggenheim buildm buildm taxpayers $9,000 of air travel in the first 10 days of the firm's cont's cont governor newsom's office. we want to know if he flew first class, but our questions were not answered about that. the financial office has no receipts of flight records to backup the charges for any of
6:26 am
guggenheim's travel expenses, which totaled close to $190,000 over seven months. almost 80,000 of that was air travel, a full $50,000 of expenses were not itemized at all. more than 21 grand on hotels and thousands of dollars on meals and other expenses. receipts don't exist for any of it. guggenheim's investment bankers participate in the crafting of a new state law that gave pg&e unofficial state safety certificate and an access to a 21 billion dollar insurance funds to protect the company from the cost of future wildfires it causes. the plan offends some of the people whose loved ones died in the felonies pg&e committed. >> i don't know why this is allowed. that they get this safety certificate and they get to set up the rules. they don't benefit anybody but themselves. >> the governor's press office portrays newsom's response
6:27 am
as "tough" on pg&e. they read in a statement, "the governor was absolutely correct in ensuring california had the best possible representation to take on pg&e's legal team and financial team." if you go to firepower, this is our latest investigation into pg&e's wildfires, in the third year running. you'll also find the spending records we just reported so you can see the facts for yourself. liz: new more chevy bolts are being recalled because of a battery problem that could cause a fire. this adds on to a previous recall of 69,000 older bolts. general motors they owners should limit charging to 98% of
6:28 am
battery capacity and park the vehicle outside until the battery module is replaced. still to come, taking on climate change. a top official with the biden administration gets in up most look at the effort, and what she says needs to improve. and the question is, who will host jeopardy?
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you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. thanks for joining us on abc 7 news. we are live onl will live, and wherever you stream. frances: we are still dealing with hazy and smoky conditions, and many parts of the bay area are in the moderate category. parts of the east bay in the unhealthy for sensitive groups category, the orange there.
6:31 am
that will stick around throughout the day. this is a live camera shot, looking at those hazy conditions over the bay bridge right now. winds are light, but that will pick up this afternoon. sunrise at 6:30, temperatures in the near 60's to low 60's for the next couple of hours and an air quality advisory today. the onshore flow starts to pick up this afternoon and this evening. temperatures in the inland areas this afternoon will be in the mid 70's to low 80's around the bay, low to low 70's and at the beaches, sunset is at seven: 54. improving air quality this evening until tomorrow and get ready for a big warm up with the accu ever seven dave -- accuweather seven-day forecast, coming up. liz: a new twist in the year-long effort to replace alex trebek. mike richards has stepped down after the offensive remarks he made in the past resurfaced.
6:32 am
abc news reporter kaylee harton has more. >> after being named as one of the two new host of jeopardy, mike richards quitting the job after reports of past sexist and offensive comments surfaced. jeopardy filming its 38 season, shutting down production and beginning the search again for a new host. he's also the show's executive producer and filled in as a guest host earlier this year after alex trebek's death last november. he is now apologizing for jokes he made about women, homeless people, and jewish people on his podcast. he says in a statement, looking back now, there is no excuse for the comments i made on this podcast, and i am deeply sorry. he continued, moving forward as host would be too distracting for fans and not the right move for a show. while producing the price is right, he was named in
6:33 am
harassment allegations against models on the show. abc tells -- we are told a -- richards had started filming his first episodes this week. now jeopardy says they will bring a new guest hosts for this season starting next month. miyam bialik, the neuroscientist and actress who starred in "the big bang theory," is still expected to star in weekends and specials, and the spinoff. liz: one of the issues we are focused on his climate change and the environment. the u.s. secretary of energy toward a berkeley energy lab and a solar powered home as part of her push to use more renewable energy. it's a homecoming for the
6:34 am
secretary, a former berkeley professor as well as a cal alum. >> got it? all right. >> secretary jennifer granholm walked around the lawrence berkeley national laboratory, a site that has not been renovated in over 20 years. she says it's time for that to change. >> we have these amazing facilities at these labs, but the buildings and equipment is decades-old. in order for us to win the future, we have to continue to invest in these facilities. >> a renovation to the accelerator lab could cost up to $600 million. her visit was to learn how much money needs to be allocated from the federal government to support renovations. >> we have to put more money into the physical infrastructure of these labs. >> she is also working on renewable energy in communities and neighborhoods, including an app to use the permit process to
6:35 am
help homeowners invest in solar panels. >> if we don't make climate change job one, it doesn't matter what else we do. >> especially now, as wildfires devastate northern california. the secretary says the united states needs to do its part to fight climate change, which includes investment in northern california. >> if we will be leading the world on finding these solutions, we have to invest in the facilities to get there. >> it's clear that we would not have these fires in california or greece or siberia if it was not for climate change. it's vital. if we don't start protecting nature, it doesn't matter what we do with these other things. >> meeting with scientists and seeing facilities was only part of the plan. the secretary now needs to go back to washington and get that money approved to help with renewable energy. liz: make sure you have your
6:36 am
vaccination card or a picture in your phone if you are heading out today. san francisco's new vaccine mandate is now in effect, meaning you will need to show proof of vaccination at indoor bars, restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues. grocery stores are exempt from the mandate. the mayor who suggested the city could do this for a large outdoor events as well. if you want to learn how to get digital proof on your phone, go to, where you will find a step-by-step guide on what you need to do. 150 8000 new covid cases were reported in 24 hours in america. hospitals in several states pushed to the brink, almost all covid patients that were unvaccinated. >> as the number of coronavirus cases rises, the new york times says the fda is trying to fully
6:37 am
approve the pfizer vaccine by monday at the earliest. a date that could reportedly slide. health officials hope the decision will encourage americans who are has an intent -- who are hesitant to get vaccinated. >> we have a certain population that does not believe in the vaccine and have feared the vaccine. >> this woman from fort worth , texas planned on getting the vaccine after she had given birth. she ended up contracting covid and passing away from complications. she was 32 years old. the cdc says vaccinations are safe and effective for pregnant women. the state is begging for federal resources in oregon. >> we submitted a request to the federal emergency management agency for more hospitals. san francisco is forcing its proof of full vaccination program for all activities.
6:38 am
this goes beyond new york city's, which requires at least one shot before entering bars, restaurants, or indoor events. in the big apple, some of the biggest music acts take the stage in central park tonight for a massive concert, meant to celebrate a rebirth of the city. ticketholders must provide proof of vaccination. liz: and we are just learning that the choral director of san francisco is stepping down over the city's vaccine mandate. he has expressed opposition to vaccines over the course of the pandemic. he says he has secured a job in sweden and hopes to return to san francisco in the future. and you are invited to bam fest in oakland, celebrating black art, politics, poetry, and music.
6:39 am
today, there will be a special tribute to bay area hip-hop artist shock gee, who died in april. >> it is digital underground today in the city of oakland, so we are participating in a highly collaborative tribute to shock gee. you are in for some free entertainment from members of digital underground and some local treasures as well. all of it is absolutely free to the community. i would be remiss if i did not give a shout out to the sponsors of this festival in part. liz: bam fest runs through the end of the month. the tribute to shock gee starts this afternoon. later, look at the hollywood premiere of shang-chi and how the cast feels about being in the new film.
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liz: happening today, the renaming of the san jose street to honor president barack obama. the san jose city council voted unanimously to the street after former president barack obama. officials are expected to attend and speak at the ceremony, which starts at 11:00 this morning. and southbay first responders will take part in a daylong soccer tournament hosted by a new urban soccer venue in san jose. owners are hosting the first-ever first responders cup. they have invited police officers, sheriffs deputies, firefighters, emts and paramedics for a day of friendly
6:43 am
competition and fun. spectators are invited as well if you want to watch. it's five dollars to get in and the tournament starts at 9:00 this morning. hopefully the clouds clear out. frances: they will as the sea breeze picks up this afternoon and this evening, but we deal with another smoky and hazy day, as we show you what it looks like towards the bay bridge. gray skies, tomorrow will be a better day to head outdoors with improving air quality. i will have your complete accuweather seven-day forecast, coming up. liz: and starling marte starl the a's over the giants. we have the highlights and postgame reaction, coming up in sports.
6:44 am
6:45 am
liz: welcome back. here's a live look. you can see how foggy it is with the lighthouse at santa cruz. wow, hopefully it clears out
6:46 am
like francis is saying it will, but right now, it's hard to even see it. this afternoon, the a's and giants will play game two of the series. first pitch is afternoon. last night, the a's beat the giants, shrinking the orange and black sleeves to just a game and a half. here's chris alvarez with the highlights in this morning sports. chris: the giants and days opening a key three-game series in oakland this weekend. san francisco is 11-0 11-0 11-00 losing alex wood, but fans packing the house, a lot of good food, and josh harrison, base hit to centre. jed lowrie, john gomez's score 2-0 oakland.
6:47 am
top five, mike yastrzemski, there goes his first homer since august 2. the giants fans are juiced. a 2-1 game. martelly the a's extend the lead to 3-1. ride the wave, and it continues. the next batter, martelly, takes on hosea alvarez. the throw was wild, gets away. the a is win 4-1. here are the skippers after round one. >> i can't remember the last time we played in august. they are in a better position than they are right now. when you get 40,000 here, our place is pretty loud when it is a full house. a really fun game. i thi thi thi thi thi thi thi t
6:48 am
more balls in there, it wasn't enough. chris: a9 match unbeaten streak, taking on l.a. galaxy. the cross, and germany scores his first goal with the quakes. 1-0, under brilliant header san jose response. look at javier lopez, who scores. the quakes win 2-1, a to match unbeaten streak. the warriors play six times on abc 7, highlighted by kevin durant and the nets, visiting chase center on saturday golden state also plays philly, milwaukee, and the lakers twice on abc 7. that's your look at sports. more bay bridge action later today. let's send it back to you. liz: and let's get a check of the forecast with frances.
6:49 am
frances: smoky, hazy, and gray. not a great start to this saturday morning. we also have clouds that have spilled into parts of the east bay and northbay. i will show you a bunch of live camera shots. some hazy conditions in the southbay and san jose, that orangey type sky. we are too familiar with this because of the smoke. san francisco, 50 nine degrees, san jose, 60, and palo alto, 61 degrees. this time, we are looking from san rafael, more great conditions -- gray out there. napa, fairfield, conco and livermore all gray smoke lingers today, there is an air quality advisory in effect and then we see better air
6:50 am
quality tonight into tomorrow, and that's because of a sea breeze, which will also be below average this weekend. i want to show you the wind forecast, because that will start to pick up. once we get the onshore flow this evening, that will help push the smoke farther east. unfortunately, we have more smoke and haze over the ocean, so we will still deal with these hazy conditions for another day. you can see it with our shot sht walnut creek. moderate air quality around the bay area improving sunday into monday, better air quality for all of us. highs on the cool side as well with cloudy conditions at the beaches. san francisco, 63, half moon bay, 63, and low 70's through parts of the bay area, around the bay. 74 in fremont and some of our aroma spots will hit the low 80's. tonight, the cooler, cleaner air means temperatures will be cooler for lowe's. upper 50's around the bay, a
6:51 am
great time to open those windows. low 50's and parts of the northbay, 51. tomorrow will be a better day to head outdoors with improving air quality, but get ready for a huge warm-up with high-pressure building. our average high is 82, but thursday and friday, the end of the week, we will be 10 degrees above average for some of the inland areas as well. here's your accuweather seven-day forecast. better air quality this evening and cleaner air tomorrow. good air quality on monday and noticed midweek, things start to warm up. the heat is on and returns for inland communities, near triple digits by thursday and friday. around the bay, in the low to mid 80's by the end of the week and at the beaches, hitting your 70 by friday with plenty of sunshine. still hazy today, but looking forward to better air quality tomorrow, liz. liz: we feel it in our throats
6:52 am
and our eyes and we hope it clears out. thank you. shang 10 rings is the next marble movie to take over the world. we go live to the premier. the 10 rings puts seem hulu -- simu liu front-end center, first asian-american marble star. >> there is a chant starting right now. by the way, of all different places and faces that are here celebrating this moment. >> there are a lot of firsts on this movie, first for the cast members, i have never been on
6:53 am
this size before. -- been on a carpet this size before. it's a big carpet. >> a new experience for several of the film's stars. >> it's my first time in the u.s.. it's my u.s. debut in a way, too, so it's very meaningful to me. >> this is also my first time standing on a red carpet. for me, it's surreal. i am really hyped and energized. >> they flew me to do a screen test with simu. that's when i realized i was doing an audition for a marble film. -- a marvel film. i still have to pinch myself. >> all the leads, the big stars have a new face and i love it. >> the movie will be in theaters nationwide september 3. in hollywood, george pinocchio for abc 7 news.
6:54 am
liz: next, celebrating the peanuts gang. how you can take part in the 19th anniversary of the schultz museum today. ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy. expand your options...and your perspective. ♪ find new summer adventures. find new roads. enjoy the open road and make no monthly payments for 90 days on select popular chevy suvs. plus, get interest free financing for 72 months when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. dear ms, from day one you've tried to define me. but i never invited you in.
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6:56 am
liz: happening today, the peanuts gang is celebrating the 19th anniversary of the schultz museum in santa rosa. you can meet snoopy and charlie brown and take a spin at the prize wheel. there'll will also be free ice cream cake, courtesy of cold stone creamery. members who sign up for a museum membership will get a one-of-a-kind peanuts gift bag. tickets are $10 for adults and five dollars for kids ages four to 18. who doesn't love peanuts, francis? a good way to get out of the smoke. frances: a great day to get out there. today's high in santa rosa will be 73. there is an air quality advisory throughout the area, so we will see hazy conditions once again. temperatures below average, 63
6:57 am
in san francisco, oakland, 67, san jose, 75. tomorrow, air quality will improve as the sea breeze picks up this afternoon and evening. temperatures stay on the cool side, so tomorrow will be a better day to head outdoors, and then temperatures will heat up as the summer sizzle returns to inland neighborhoods by the end of the week. near triple digits inland, around the bay, low to mid 80's, and the beaches will hit near 70 degrees by friday. today's cooler, tomorrow, better air quality. liz: thank you, and thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz. good morning america is next, followed by soccer action. at noon, little league world series action, connecticut faces new jersey, and abc 7 news at 5:00 p.m. is next. we will see you tomorrow. have a great saturday.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. stuck in kabul. the americans unable to make it to the airport. others worried for their loved ones. >> every moment they could be getting slaughtered and my sisters could be hostages. >> the president's promises to help and the tough criticism over his handling of the crisis. team coverage from kabul to washington. plus, the latest on this baby plucked to safety. hurricane warning as henri churns its way toward the northeast bringing heavy rains, high winds and dangerous storm surge. the preparations under way for a direct hit. the first in new england in decades. fema administrator deanne criswell joins us live. soaring hospitalizations.


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