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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> i didn't have any warning. i just loaded up my dogs and my family and got out of there. kumasi: the newest blaze in clear lake. what neighbors tell us about leaving for the very last time. reggie: and we are tracking the wildfire smoke blanketing the bay area. mike is on top of it in your forecast ahead. thanks for being here on thursday. you're watching abc 7 on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike: the wildfire example is how you have to be prepared for a red flag warning, instead of corrupting in the countryside and moving towards the city. it will be a long process getting their lives back together. some critical fire conditions in lake county until seven :00 this evening from 11:00 this morning,
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and the breezes are coming on short, so we are trying to undercut the smoke -- look at the flags there. they are pointing to the east, but there will be plenty of smoke in middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. seasonal temperatures near 70 in san francisco to near 90 inland. reggie: those major wildfires across northern california threatening mountain towns and countless families this morning. kumasi: let's catch you up with the latest on what we know right now. the dixie fire is the first recorded fire in state history to ever burn clear across the sierra nevada. the calfire in el dorado county is swelling to more than 60,000 acres, still 0% contained, in closer to us, -- and closer to us, the new cash fire burning dozens of homes in the late county area. reggie: it broke out yesterday in lake county, dozens of homes destroyed in two mobile home parks and this only took a
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matter of hours. one woman was hurt, evacuated from the area by helicopter. 1600 people have been forced from their homes in clear lake and lower lake. sky seven arrived to find flames shooting into the air with entire structures on fire. witnesses told us they first noticed a red and black rv on fire nearby. >> it was on fire for a while because it was blazing from the inside, and the outside, they just abandoned it. reggie: officials say they were short cruise because some of their resources have been directed to the calgary fire -- caldor fire. the lake county sheriffs has the cash fire may have spread into the burn scar from the clayton fire, which burned in the same area five years ago this week, destroying nearly 200 homes. a clear lake man was arrested for starting that fire.
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he is serving a 15 year sentence in state prison. kumasi: the dixie fire is moving east towards sirs and bill -- susanville, burning more than 62,000 acres. as many as 18,000 people were told, be ready to evacuate. the fire is only 35% contained, which is a slight improvement from yesterday. a pg&e worker has been ordered to appear in federal court next month as far as the investigation into the dixie fire. damage equipment was found close to where near the fire started. utility said it would response to the order by the end of the month. the hearing is set for september 13. reggie: and southern california congressman adam schiff is concerned about the smoky skies we are seeing because of the wildfires. joby not talked to him in san francisco. what did he had to say? jobina: he knew exactly what i was getting at. he went to high school in danville and grew up in alamo.
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he says in his lifetime, the change we have seen with wildfires in california is dramatic. he says it is not something that will go away unless something is done. >> i am deeply concerned with the can -- fires consuming our state and our country, and the effects of climate change all over the world. this is an urgent crisis and we have to meet it with the whole range of efforts at conservation, and moving to renewable sources of energy and the use of fossil fuels and fossil fuels in missions -- and ending the use of fossil fuels and fossil fuel emissions. some of this has changed your revocable he, but there is a lot we can do to mitigate and have to, or we will see a lot more of where of this came from. kumasi: they are calling on the department of defense to extend the
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to expire next month. kumasi: districts want to keep smoke away from students while also keeping their spaces ventilated because of covid-19. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield joining us with how leaders are tackling this. amy? amy: many schools have moved lunch outside because of covid, so they don't want everyone crowded inside their lunch room together. but now they've got smoke out here to deal with. so many issues for the administrators right now. opening windows was also part of the covid plan at many schools, but the smoky air is now something that you want to keep out of the classrooms. you want to keep those windows closed. one covid protocol will help with the smoke, and that's the air purifiers that can be found in many classrooms. these will be key during wildfire season. >> pollution, smoke, plus
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respiratory viruses is a bad combination. it is worrisome, so that's why ventilation systems are important. amy: the smoke has been much more noticeable over the last couple of days, blanketing the bay area. the bay area air quality district has put out an advisory for the rest of this week. it is not spare the air levels, but something to monitor. i was checking the air quality your, it says we are at moderate right now. live, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: electricity is slowly being restored to pg&e customers. at last check, outages and lower lake county and parts of clear lake are impacting 1200 customers. of course, that's because of the fire in the area. nearly 200 customers to the south of the fire zone were already in the dark because of the planned public safety safety power shut off.
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you can track the wind any time with our real-time weather tracker. just search for abc 7 bay area. kumasi: getting ghost guns off of our streets. a key to shutting down crime in the bay area. a san francisco leader fighting to make them truly disappear. reggie: and a well-known actor using artificial intelligence technology, but bringing up concerns for potential misuse. mike: and here's a look at the air quality to the north. we still have northerly winds and the air quality is still on healthy there. some of that smoke will make it down to our neighborhoods right now. we dear ms, from day one you've tried to define me. but i never invited you in. it's my life and this is my journey.
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reggie: 6:10 on this thursday, and here is the near surface smoke. it is cooler with the onshore breeze developing, but we are looking at some possibly unhealthy air, just like yesterday afternoon in the east bay and the south bay. closer to the coast, tomorrow, some smoke gets entrained into that in the morning, but look at the push as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. it pushes even deeper, the beginning of the cleaner air as we head into the weekend. we have to wait into the weekend till we can call the all clear on the smoke. on the south bay, you can see the smoke on the cloud cover. temperatures running 55 to around 61 degrees. 51 in nevada, 60 in redwood city and newark, 63 in rent would. we will stay in the upper 50's 50's to low 60's through 7:00, 64 at the coast, 69 around the bay, 70 inland with hazy sunshine, so as the clouds stay stubborn there, the rest of us
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will see the grayish brown sky developed. mid-60's, 70's, and 80's inland from 4:00 and back in the 60's and 70's by 7:00. we will take a look at the refreshing weekend forecast, coming up. here's jobina with the commute. jobina: we will be in the area near the caldor fire here, here, there is still one-way controlled traffic between eco summit and echo lake, the, the, circled in red. if you know anyone coming out of the south lake tahoe area, or closer to yourself. we have a crash on 282 before clayton road. beat have dropped and it looks like it will be a while until they get that all cleared up. the bay bridge toll plaza filled and very quickly, metering lights came on at 5:50 five and traffic is already backed up, so a heads up if you are making your way into san francisco. things are moving at the san mateo bridge, but busier for people trestle -- people
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traveling westbound. kumasi: helping val kilmer find his voice again. he is known for his work in real genius, top gun, and batman forever, after other things. he lost his voice after a tracheotomy when he was diagnosed with throat cancer. a british start abused ai to re-create kilmer's voice. >> people around me struggled to understand me when i was talking. but i feel the exact same person. >> the onboard the actor and the actor records the lines, but in this case we did not have that. val's team gave us historical recordings. we could not get as much as we usually do. kumasi: kilmer can use this technology to speak. coming up on gma, the ethical debate that comes with ai and creating your voice. gma starts right after abc 7 mornings. one of the hit -- best
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hit makers around teaming up for small school summer drams. -- from old school summer jams. reggie: and these animals that found love at first sight. kumasi:
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kumasi: a widow aware a -- widower of a dublin school board member who was killed is filing a negligence report, after his wife was crushed between two cars while attending a food giveaway. the family told the chronicle that the school district organized the event and did not plan for volunteer safety. the school district superintendent told the newspaper that they have received the claim and have no comment at this time. reggie: san francisco's daa
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suing ghost gun makers and sellers in civil court. the suit is aimed at stopping firearms at getting in the hands of minerals. the das office is nearly half of the guns recovered last year and -- in connection with homicides in san francisco were ghost guns. these are not traceable. the suit targets three corporations that manufacture and distribute ghost guns. >> it's not enough after someone has been shot or killed by a firearm. we must get to the root of the problem, and this lawsuit is the first step. reggie: we have commented all -- contacted all three defendants for comment. we have not heard back. kumasi: and staff shortages from the pandemic have caused a lot of problems for reopening many library branches. a high -- hiring freeze left there are 81 vacancies in the branches alone with more than
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140 current job openings. that's about 15% of the workforce. libraries shut down in person services in march of 2020 and only began reopening in recent months. reggie: attention, disneyland fans, there has been a death in the family. rip fast pass and max pass, they are gone. disney announced a new program to get you through the lines faster. this is called disney jeannie plus -- disney genie plus. this allows families to access the new fast lane, now called the lightning lane. it is $15 for children, $20 for adults per person per day. disney is also including photo pass for adults. there is no longer a free fast pass option and two, certain extremely popular rides will be an extra charge above and beyond the genie plus price. by the way, the genie is
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supposed to help guests create their own itineraries and recommendations for attractions, entertainment, and dining. it all rolls out this fall. at 6:00, prickly on the outside, but it turns out porcupines need friends too. up video was posted of a zookeeper taking up working fine on a trip to a seal habitat. it got introduced to the sea creatures, who were curious about the little guy. this may be because it's sharp wills resemble a sea urchin. no word yet on how the parker pine felt -- the porcupine felt about its fellow zoo dwellers, but it looks like they were interested. mike: if it's a seer that's food. so that could be interesting. reggie: earlier we were saying they found love. that's not what this is. kumasi: it didn't look like it. reggie: i do love a good meal.
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mike: the porcupine was like, you have so few of those, and they are right there on your face? where are the rest of them. reggie: and please don't eat me. mike: maybe you should have started with that one. probably a good idea. 6:19, thanks for joining us on this thursday. this is the east bay, and you can see all the ash that was falling through the sky and onto the ground and onto this car -- that sounds familiar. i wonder who that is. let's take a look at what's going on as far as right now. speaking of animal sea life, the sea lions. some of them are up and about, some of them hit the snooze. so we have to talk quietly so we don't wake them up. the fire danger lingers across milano and encino counties, and the winds are still strong enough to bring us hazy to smoky
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conditions through tomorrow and cleaner and cooler air will arrive this weekend. low-pressure moving to the east, high-pressure to the west. their distance is growing, meaning the pressure gradient is decreasing, why it will not be as windy today, but still with that northerly flow, why we will see smoky conditions. mid to upper 70's, lower 80's for the rest of the south bay. 65 to 66 along the coast, near 70 for downtown, south san francisco, and notice more cloud cover along the coast, whether it's the peninsula or the north bay today. 80 to 86 degrees in the north bay valles, 72 in richmond and berkeley, 79 in hercules and fremont. inland, 89 in pleasanton and livermore, and pittsburgh, 90 to 92 elsewhere. low to low to low to low to loww
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morning. my accuweather seven-day forecast, tomorrow will be a lot like today, and then those clean breezes roll in and bring us cooler than average weather saturday, sunday, and monday. summer is back with above average weather by wednesday. reggie? reggie: good morning up america coming up on abc 7. kumasi: ginger z has a look at what's ahead. ginger: coming up on thursday on gma, it's a big one. we have that exclusive sit down with the president of the united states, in his first interview since the fall of afghanistan to the taliban. chaos and fear now ruling the streets of kabul. was the plan and intelligence failure from the start? george will press the president on how we will get american and afghan allies out of there safely. we are also on the ground in kabul. the streets are tense, tens of thousands are desperate to leave. in the fight against the pandemic, we know covid cases are rising across the country, although years have plateaued a
6:22 am
bit. details on when americans will be eligible to get their third vaccine shot. plus, we had so much fun with danielle brooks and kenny leon, the stars of the emmy nominated movie produced by rock and roberts.
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mike: and it's thursday, which means an update from the drought monitor. it's exceptional. it moved from 47% to 49%, and is this area north of reading, all the way up to the oregon border that is in the highest drought category. back here in the bay, everything is pretty much the same as it was last week. that's take a look at our reservoirs. as far as the percentage of average today, only at 36 to 74% at the amount of water we should have. the reason they look so much lower than that, because this is the percentage of capacity.
6:25 am
we are only 16% to 55%. reggie? reggie: samsung is now people store vaccine data on their phones. once you are authenticated, you can add your vaccine data too samsung pay. kumasi: scarlett johansson is now the mother of two. this was announced on a brief message on instagram the other day, saying his name is and we love him very much. you hanson has a six-year-old daughter from her previous marriage. the star and joe's have been married for several years. reggie: and you will have to wait a little longer for this album, the release date has been pushed back to 2022.
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♪ reggie: silks released the song "skate." they said they wanted more time to touch up their songs, and admitted that they would not have teamed up with it weren't for the pandemic. mars said they planned on releasing more songs before the full album drops. kumasi: don't say that. reggie: whoa. i have to fully admit, i don't know these songs. kumasi: leave the door open, and skate? reggie: leave the door open -- it's a cafeteria i'm in. you can come in any time. kumasi: more stories your way at 6:30. california's concert vaccine check. when you will need proof if you want to go see certain types of large events. reggie: and hotel check-in change. the new types of things they are
6:27 am
trying to charge you for. what you need to know before you book. kumasi: and amazon taking a bold step to bring your favorite items even closer to you. reggie: a live look outside at 6:26. there is santa cruz, and sometimes we see this man who is hunting for treasure -- kumasi: who is he? reggie: i don't see him today. i miss him. look at those birds.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: now now now now now noww california's wildfire emergency. hundreds of thousands of square miles swallowed by flames. >> we spent
6:30 am
20 years. there was no good time. reggie: and in a beast -- kumasi: and an abc news exclusive, president biden, strongly defending his withdrawal from afghanistan. his response to whether this all could have been handled better. reggie: and booster shots in san francisco. the new guide to how the city plans to roll them out next month. kumasi: happy thursday, it's august 19. you are watching us on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we want to start with mike and the wildfires this morning. mike: it's still out there. you can see the blanket of thick smoke in the middle and upper part of the atmosphere, once again making it great to brown outside. we do have lighter northerly winds, but they are just fast enough in lake and mendocino counties to keep them in a a flag level. for solano, valley bill northward -- vacaville
6:31 am
northward, please be vigilant. the cash buyer taught us anything, it means if we have red flag warning's, you need to be ready to evacuate at a moments notice. mid to upper 60's across the coast of san francisco, 80's and the north band south bay, low to mid 80's and 90's inland. pretty close to average. reggie: this morning, we are tracking the fight to contain another wildfire, this one close to lake county. dozens of homes and two mobile home parks have burned, and the fire is only 20% contained. jobina, 1200 people had to flee as the fire spread. jobina: it spread so fast, residents barely had time to escape with close on their backs. we were over clear lake shortly after the fire started just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. 80 acres burned and gusty winds intensified the fight.
6:32 am
those who tell us who lived at the mobile home park did not know they were leaving their homes for the last time. >> have got no reason to go up there. it's gone. i just moved in up there from being homeless. a year ago. >> that one park is where all the seniors lived, and they had so little to start with, to lose it all -- it just breaks your heart. you know, i just hope they all made it out. jobina: firefighters say they were short crews do to some of their resources being sent to the caldor fire. schools in the area were evacuated. none were damaged, but the district has canceled all classes for today. they hope students will be able to return to the classroom tomorrow. kumasi: now to the caldor burning to the west of south lake tahoe. this is burning along the highway 50 corridor to tahoe. reggie: it's burned more than
6:33 am
62,000 acres and a 0% contained. cana wentworth is on the ground in el dorado county with a look at this fire and other fires burning in the state. cana: this cal dor fire making a huge run, burning up this dry vegetation, just like this. fire officials are saying this fire behavior is more dangerous than what they have seen in the past, this as fires are popping up across the state of california, testing are already exhausted crews. >> overnight, the french fire ballooning to 32,000 acres, flames bursting through the windows of this house as thick, black smoke burns into the sky. the fire 0% contained. and the monstrous dixie fire scorching acres. a more than 50% increase in burns from this time last year.
6:34 am
>> every acre in california can and will burn someday. just make sure you are ready when it does. -- thousands evacuate and east of sacramento. this town leveled by flames. we are clearly already seeing very critical fire weather early in the season. it has been an extremely challenging summer, and here they have extended the red flag warning's throughout the day today. in el dorado county, cana wentworth, abc 7 news. reggie: no matter where you are this morning, expect all the fires to bring on another gray, hazy day. it is causing those orange sunrises, a blood orange moon -- i saw that last night from my house, and an air quality advisory that goes into tomorrow.
6:35 am
check out the haze from three of our cameras yesterday. this was around midday. the air quality has impacted all around the bay area. that's where we find amy hollyfield, checking out the smoky view towards mount diablo. amy: check out the haze over mount diablo this morning, just a smoky condition blanketing the bay area right now. we don't even see the sunrise. we were looking to see if we would see that orange glow, but we don't even see it this morning. just smoke. got some glimpses from yesterday as well, the haze covering the bay area. we are not getting spared the air days. the smoke has not gotten so bad that it is creating a red or purple alert situation, but an advisory has been put out for the rest of this week. >> the smoke will be blowing over the bay area from these fires. at times it will settle down to ground level, but we are not
6:36 am
expecting air quality to be worse than moderate or high moderate at times. we are not expecting federal air quality standards exceeded. amy: fire officials are worried about what we are seeing, because they point out that the worst of fire season is still ahead of us. we are approaching the part of the season when weather conditions drive fire behavior. they say this is the time for you to plan for those poor air quality days, days that are even worse than this. almost all of last year's spare the air days because of fire. they were all after mid august. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: a good reminder, amy, thank you. the best way you can stay up to date with these conditions is with the free abc 7 news app. you can download it in your phone's app store and enable push notifications. be sure to enter our website, you will find the latest
6:37 am
containment numbers and conditions of the wildfires, and a quick guide to make sure you are prepared for this fire season. we have all the steps you need at abc 7 -- ab kumasi: pfizer and the dharna booster shots will be available to everyone ages 18 and up. that will start september 20, pending fda approval. >> we are planning for americans to receive booster shots starting next month to maximize vaccine protection. kumasi: health officials say booster shots can better protect people against the delta variant. people are advised to get the third dose about eight months after they get their second shot. there is no guidance yet for people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine. and developments en masse mandate bands in other states. the school district in paris, texas has found a loophole in governor reg abbott's band.
6:38 am
it added masks to school desk -- school dress codes, which has still complied with the law. reggie: starting in a month, you will need to show proof of your vaccination or a negative covid-19 test to attend large indoor events in california. state health officials say this applies to events with at least 1000 people. new policy takes effect september 20. san jose city council will vote next week on a similar but stricter policy, which would require all staff and attendees at events with 50 people are more at city facilities show proof of vaccination. kumasi: the crisis and afghanistan putting pressure on president biden and the white house response. he is explaining his plan this morning in the new exclusive one-on-one interview with george stephanopoulos. reggie: and you are looking live at the big board of the new york stock exchange, where we are down about 173 points.
6:39 am
we will check in in a few minutes. kumasi: and facebook is planning your future at work. the feature that some have called silicon valley's next space race. mike: and here's a look at what's going on outside. hard to see the sunrise because of the smoke. we are seeing the same case in san jose, but some of this is low cloudiness also, as the marine layer tries to take over. it will try to undercut. it will definitely do that around the bay and the coast, but maybe not so much undercutting the smoke inland. yesterday, we had concorde and san jose both reach unhealthy levels and livermore reached unhealthy levels for all people. you could really taste it and smell it in the east bay yesterday. the winds are not quite as strong out of the north, so hopefully that doesn't happen again, but there is a small chance that we could briefly peg right above this moderate forecast from the air quality district. look at saturday and sunday, it will be nice to be outside.
6:40 am
let's take a look at the canopy over top of us, and you can see how the ebb and flow gets thinner today and figure tonight through tomorrow morning. watch this -- right there. see the clearing that takes place tomorrow evening along the sonoma county coast? that will come in for the weekend and clean most of us out. cloudy with temperatures around 57 to 60 in san francisco, 51 in healdsburg to 61 in pittsburgh. union city, 63 in tracy. the low clouds, where we have them, reveal a lot of haze out there. clouds will be more stubborn along the coast. 60's in san francisco, the coast, 70's around the bay, 80's to near 90 inland. most average, but cooler than average this weekend with clear conditions. how about that commute -- what's up? jobina: we will start with the look in concord. the crash free will following earlier -- crash free were following earlier has cleared on
6:41 am
clayton road. speeds still down to 27 miles per hour because of some lanes claude on the road -- lanes closed on the road. concord slowing down, about 26 minutes for you. here's the bay bridge toll plaza, our busiest bridge right now. metering lights came on at 5:50 five. if you are headed there from the east, or from emeryville, here's a live look showing i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment
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do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ kumasi: developing news from kabul, the military airlift is happening, but slower than expected. president biden and -- says u.s. troops might remain in the country past the withdrawal deadline of august 30 first, because of these evacuations. up to 9000 people can be gotten
6:44 am
out of kabul tail -- daily, but only 2000 people have been flown out in the past few hours. access is an issue, with the taliban knauf -- taliban now firmly in control of the country. reggie: the president is committed to getting everyone out of the country. jobina: this is the president's first interview since the taliban gained control of the capital of kabul. he said there was no way his team could anticipate how quickly afghan nationals would fall to the taliban. george stephanopoulos asked him what he would've done differently. >> you think this couldn't have been handled better, no mistakes? >> no. i don't think it could have been handled better. we will go back in hindsight and look, but the idea that there was a way to go out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how
6:45 am
that happens. i don't know how that happened. jobina: president biden says while up to 15,000 americans still need to be evacuated, there are also about 60,000 afghans who also want to leave. he says the u.s. is committed to getting everyone out of afghanistan. troops will stay past the august 31 deadline if that's what it takes. you can watch more of that exclusive interview with the president, coming up on gma, starting at 7:00. reggie: in the east bay, hung -- hundreds met to stand in solidarity with the men, women and children in afghanistan. >> there will be no warlord flag. there will be no taliban flag. this is the only flag we will recognize. reggie: the bay areas afghan community and beyond held a demonstration outside hayward city hall, calling for a peaceful, free and just afghanistan. many are concerned about their families back home.
6:46 am
>> they want to get out. all they are saying is it's a leaving of two gods' hands. >> their phones aren't working. there are thousands of people who cannot get a hold of their family. it's a horrible time this week. reggie: this show of solidarity coming one day before afghan independence day. you can find the latest stories on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. scroll down to our collection to keep up-to-date on what's happening at home and abroad. kumasi: back-to-school week on abc 7, and we are following some coverage of things parents are concerned about. one thing that is the safety of younger students who cannot get vaccinated against covid-19. among the unanswered question, is the availability of a covid vaccine for children under 12. pfizer has announced it will present safety data from clinical trials next month, with moderna saying it plans to submit data this fall.
6:47 am
that has some health experts expecting a vaccine for five to 11 years old at the end of the year, with under fives coming later. that's if everything goes smoothly. the fda says it wants to far -- follow a larger pool of participants to watch for any extended side effects. >> we have lots of people who want to participate in the trial, so i don't think that will be an issue. it's just a matter of timing. kumasi: governor newsom recently announced additional steps to require school teachers and employees to either be vaccinated or undergo frequent testing. johnson & johnson's pediatric trials could start in the fall. we've been looking at the return to the classroom all this week. you can follow all our content on our streaming app, just search abc 7 bay area. we will be holding an education town hall tomorrow about what's
6:48 am
expected with covid still here. reggie: new details involving a t-mobile data breach which happened last week. 7.8 million customers and 4 million former or prospective customers were impacted. records were stolen containing names, birthdates, social security numbers, and drivers and id numbers. no financial information passwords were compromised. and facebook is taking on the disinformation dozen. this comes after the white house singled out 12 users, arguing they were responsible for the majority of coronavirus misinformation. facebook's president of content policy says that any amount of covid-19 misinformation that violates their policy is too much by their standards. she says the social media company removed more than three dozen pages, groups, and facebook or instagram pages
6:49 am
linked to these 12 people. kumasi: for your major money -- morning money report, a major hotel chain is experimenting with a model that has guests paying extra for amenities. it's lowering the cost of its hotel rooms, but charging the customers separately for pool and gym passes. a day pass if you want to check in early, that's $20, and for breakfastora i don't know, but you will pay. >> it charges a lower rate for those who just want to sleeping room. you can buy the products that you want. kumasi: right now, it's only available at the highline hotel in manhattan and the hotel in jfk airport. hotels and airlines that have suffered during the pandemic are experimenting with new options
6:50 am
to win back business. new at 6:00, back to the future. amazon is planning to open several large physical retail locations. kind of like department stores. the first locations are expected to be in california and ohio, but we don't have exact cities. the move would mark amazon's latest experiment with physical stores. the company has already opened book stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores in recent years. and old navy is getting rid of its plus size clothing section. starting tomorrow, all women's sizes from zero to 30 will be sold together in one section. prices will be the same across all sizes too. shoppers will also see new mannequins wearing plus size clothing. the move comes as they gain success by targeting younger shoppers who are looking for a more inclusive range of clothing sizes. that's take live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. we are down right now by about 90 points. reggie: a big win-win for
6:51 am
artists in west africa, cleaning up trash across the beach and making a lot of money. this artist collects flip-flops, cuts them up, then uses the scraps to make art that is valued at nearly $1000 each. he says reusing the sandals is easing the burden on nature. the art is now hanging in galleries throughout the world. kumasi: can we talk about this? that's wonderful. do you like the allah heart hotel idea? reggie: no, i -- all a cart -- al a carte hotelcarte hotelcarto no, i hated. kumasi: i like it because i will get to pay for what i want. reggie: i don't like being nickel and dime don vacation. you are paying a pretty high price, you can't throw in the treadmill? mike: did theyy
6:52 am
the prices, or did they keep them the same and then add the option? reggie: yeah, watch that real close. kumasi: you don't know what you are going to do on vacation. i don't want to pay for everything i am not going to do. reggie: it's very spirit airlines. it's the same model. mike: let's hope without the same results. [laughter] reggie: let's hit this pool. mike: after i do the gym and eat my continental breakfast. kumasi: i am not eating that breakfast. mike: no, you skip breakfast. kumasi: i'll go somewhere else. charging me. reggie: fair enough, fair enough. mike: we will have to get back to this on hot topics, i guess. 6:6:6:6:6:6: that's gross. let's take a look at the golden gate, because this shows some promise. a west wind at 14 and the marine
6:53 am
layer is getting tall are, but it will not touch all of our neighborhoods. the coast and the bay will have cleaner air than the north bay or inland, where we had unhealthy air yesterday. i think you will be ok. just those areas, and that's also where the fire danger is the greatest, up in the north bay. not so much in the east bay anymore. no more fire danger tonight as the green layer spreads more of that nice, clean air into the neighborhoods, and we will clean out not only the lower levels, but the upper levels as we have through cooler than average weekend. high pressures to the west taking over, lows moving to the east and the farther they get away from each other, the pressure gradient relaxes. so do the breezes. that's why it's not going to be quite as windy elsewhere and we have a few select areas of fire concerns. 76 to 80 through most of south bay, right about 80 in between san jose, and mid to upper 70's for most of the peninsula. exceed 4, 65, 66 along the
6:54 am
coast. 68 to 70, 71 for sausalito. downtown san francisco, more clouds along the north bay coast with temperatures in the mid 60's there. 80 to 86 in the north bay valleys. 72 enrichment, hercules, 79. 72 in berkeley, but in fremont, 73. we will be around 90 to 92 degrees inland. around the state, high fire danger in the sacramento valley, more in the san joaquin valley. you can't escape dangerous conditions. tonight, low to upper 50's with more cloud cover. rudy good sleeping weather. tomorrow will be like today, but late in the day, the sky will become bluer to the west, and that continues through the weekend with temperatures in the 60's, 70's and 80's. summer is not over, it comes back tuesday and wednesday. kumasi: don't think you can get out of going to the conference room if you now work remotely. facebook has launched its
6:55 am
virtual meeting room called horizon workrooms, using virtual reality to make meetings feel more like life. your avatars can sit around a table and talk to each other, and they even have a virtual whiteboard. horizon workrooms is free. reggie: that's another thing we have to talk about more later today. have you ever been so relaxed that someone was concerned you are not ok? this happens to a man in oklahoma. take a look at what the tulsa fire department thought was going to be a rescue. the emergency workers paddle out after receiving reports of a body in the river, but look. as they got out there, the man was like, what? i'm fine. i'm just laying here. [laughter] reggie: the fire department posted this on facebook, suggesting people find alternate ways to stay cool. he doesn't look like he is in a
6:56 am
bathing suit, you know what i mean? he doesn't appear to be dressed for the occasion. kumasi: i can't hear you, say it again? reggie: it doesn't appear he is dressed for the occasion. if i saw that, i would also probably call that into 911. kumasi: that's nice, but can he also just relax in peace? he suited up in nature, can't he just relaxed? reggie: he's in the middle of a river, wearing sensible dockers and a white oxford shirts. that's not a red flag, like something is going wrong? you know what? something was going wrong, it just wasn't what they thought. kumasi: and don't you get mad when you are sleeping real good and someone comes and bothers you? that man was good and comfortable. reggie: what if he needed help? i still contend tha
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
kumasi: 6:58. here are the seven things to know this morning. the cash fire already destroyed by dozens of homes near clear lake. it is 20% contained. reggie: decal is currently 0% contained. kumasi: an air visor he -- advisory in the north bay. jobina: and we have a stall in the westbound direction on 92. kumasi: and the bluegrass festival going virtual again this year because of covid. organizers say they made that decision on the website this morning. number seven, silk sonic, the debut album were not dropped -- will not drop until next year. they pushed back the release date because they want to do
7:00 am
good on it. reggie: i feel so unhip today. kumasi: good morning, america. on this thursday, my interview with president biden as he grapples with the chaotic exit from afghanistan. abc news exclusive. the president's first interview since the fall of afghanistan to the taliban. with chaos and fear in the streets of kabul. back in july you said a taliban takeover was highly unlikely. was the intelligence wrong or did you downplay it? as civilians scramble to flee the country, biden defends the united states' withdrawal. when you look at what's happened over the last week was it a failure of intelligence, planning, execution or judgment? and answers the question if american forces will stay past the august 31st deadline with tens of th


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