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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 19, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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a a utah storm chaser captured this dramatic light show in the skies above springville tuesday night. thunderstorms across much of the state triggered widespread flooding this week. overnight several weather advisories and flood warnings in the area are still in effect. exhausted crews in northern
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california are now battling a new wildfire that's leveled dozens of homes. the cache fire is exploding in and around the city of clear lake where some residents got five minutes' notice to evacuate. the entire el dorado national forrest is shut down. it's tearing across the sierra foothills with zero containment. here is that same fire from space, flames and smoke covering an area about 24 miles wide. it was an emotional day in court for a former resource officer. scott peterson is accused of hiding during the parkland school massacre that left 17 people dead. in 2018. he is facing multiple negligence charges for failing to confront the shooter. he wants the charges dropped saying he would never abandon his duties. >> i'll never forget that day. not only kids died. i had friends that died. and never for a second, would i sit there and allow anyone to die, knowing that i never went
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up in that building. never. >> the judge has not ruled on the dismissal request. a debate featuring republicans that hope to replace governor gavin newsom was interrupted by a private detective serving a subpoena. it was from john cox that says he owes $100,000 from a previous campaign. the election to recall governor newsom takes place on september 17th. research shows that voters are virtually split on whether newsom should stay or should go. new controversy surrounding the new permanent host of "jeopardy!" wait, what? would you pay $1 million for a used tissue from lionel messi? you're watching "world news now." ♪
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well, it's barely been a week since "jeopardy!" named its executive producer as its new permanent host to fill the void left by alex trebek. >> already, mike richards is being forced to apologize for comments he made years ago on a podcast. will ganss has more with that. >> reporter: hey, will. hey, mona. we have reported on a past lawsuit filed on "jeopardy!" executive producer and incoming host, mike richards. apologizing again for derogatory comments he made about women a decade ago. this morning, new "jeopardy!" host mike richards facing backlash again. this time for sexist remarks resurfacing from a 2014 podcast he hosted. >> he has a job being a booth ho. >> what is a booth babe? >> a booth slut is someone dressing up in provocative clothing. >> reporter: the ringer, unearthing several clips from
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the randumb show. commenting how women look in one-piece bathing suits versus bikinis. >> they look fat and not good in the picture. >> oh, my god. >> you look great. you look like a "sports illustrated" mod. and you have one-piece malones on either side of you, which is horrible. >> reporter: richards under fire for a 2010 lawsuit, when he was the executive producer of "the price is right." claiming she faced discrimination from richards and other producers after she became pregnant. richards denying the claim, the suit settled later out of court. richards addressing that controversy in a memo obtained by deadline, saying, i want all of you to know the way my comments and actions have been characterized in the complaints do not reflect the reality of who i am. >> morale at "jeopardy!" is very low right now. i think the reception of richards as e.p. and a host, has
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not necessarily been a positive one. >> reporter: overnight, richards apologizing for the randumb show podcast episodes. telling abc news, it is humbling to confront a terribly embarrassing moment of misjudgment, thoughtlessness and insensitivity from nearly a decade ago. there's no excuse, of course, for the comments i made on this podcast. and i'm deeply sorry. all episodes of the randumb show have been taken offline following "the ringers" publication. richards saying, even with the passage of time, it's more than clear my attempts of being funny and provocative were not acceptable. i have removed the episodes. >> making it more complicated, not that he's the next host, but the current executive producer with the show. >> reporter: and planned to go forward with both of those titles into the incoming season. i will say, the article in "the ringer" and the journalist who you saw in that piece, it is seriously in depth reporting. and there's a lot of
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♪ ♪ time, now, for "wait, what?" we're looking at someone who is hoping to cry tears of joy. a used tissue is going on auction and the starting bid is $1 million. >> "wait what?" >> yeah. the tissue was used by lionel messi, after he bid farewell to barcelona after 21 years. >> oh, and he was all up in there, too. the item is listed on an auction site. the buyer can use the genetic material to clone another soccer player. >> can you, though? that claim has no basis in actual science. at last check, the auction is live. good news, mona.
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no bidders yet. you can place your bid. >> no thank you. i'm okay. but i will say that it has restored my faith in humanity. i might need a tissue because i'm going to try to cover my eyes and tell you about this next story at the same time. we're going to talk about a cockroach that can do tricks. >> "wait, what?" this is your read. >> that's right. a cockroach from down under. was caught on video doing a backflip off a piece of an apple. >> where is the backflip? there it is. the video was shared by an insect enthusiast. from queensland, australia. her own son would rather die than hold one of these. yeah, us, too. but she says, quote, i don't mind them. >> stop. you guys. >> anybody can come across a roach, because i'm from florida, i assume they fly. >> oh, my god. what is that? >> this is proof of that. >> okay, now. >> look how far this back flip goes. let's get out of this.
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>> h.r. getting to outer space -- an outer space experience, without leaving the ground. >> wait what? >> the galaxy pod in iceland is offering this out-of-this-world experience, with this spaceship themed accommodations. >> the facilities include communal kitchen, dining area, shower, toilet, and a bar in the lobby area. >> houston, we don't have a problem. prices start at $45 for a stay in a 24-person room. affordable. and finally, to a porcupine visiting the seals. >> "wait, what?" >> it happened in a zoo in oregon. in portland. the porcupine paid a visit to the seal exhibit. >> the video released by the zoo wrote, sea pups meet land urchin. no word on if he dropped by the cafe. but later this year, you know, the portland zoo does zoo lights.
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t's live with kelly and ryan. today, one of our favourite leading men, morris chestnut, and from the real housewives of beverly hills, lisa rinna. plus, foods to eat for a better night's sleep. all next on live! ♪ i said ooh ♪ and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. my favourite dress. hi, deja, good morning. deja vu: morning! "blinded by the lights," the weeknd. hello, happy wednesday, august 18th. good morning, kelly. right, love that song. thanks, deja! [ryan and kelly laughing] you know, sometimes we go to the clubs in our heads. yeah, and then we wake up. we don't need to go to a real club, the club is in your brain, everyone. you understand what i'm saying? some of you know and some of you don't know. do you know?


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