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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 18, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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running from wildfire. this limits blaze giving families in the foothills very little time to react this morning. firefighters already stretched thin. reggie: plus, feeling the impact of fire danger here. nearly 10,000 northbay customers left in the dark. we are live with areas this power shut off could touch elsewhere today. kumasi: and a big day on the vaccine front, booster shots for americans. the cdc has set its meeting on the issue. reggie: it is august 18. you are watching abc seven mornings on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with the forecast. nick: the big story, the fire danger in the east bay hills, the northbay mountains. that beast -- that is until at least 3:00. 8:00 in the critical fire conditions. dry air and an already parched ground.
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re an ire danger in this area. as l right now, we see them dropping 28% in el diablo, 28 percent in knoxville creek. as we head into the next few hours, we are already starting to see an increase. st. helena, 28 mph, knoxville at 23. as far as temperature, 70 around san francisco. near mid to upper 70's around the bay. reggie: happening now, people are evacuating their homes in the sierra foothills. the fire is exploding in size in el dorado county. it broke out saturday about 40 miles southwest of lake tahoe. it covers nearly 23,000 acres. >> the town of pollock pi along highway 50 has been evacuated. thousands of people left their home. that number is expected to increase exponentially as sheriff's deputies evacuate
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whole neighborhoods. urs.tell door fire tripled of wind whipped smoke and embers destroyed an elementary school, church, and post office. at least 50 homes have now been lost. governor newsom has declared a state of emergency for el dorado county. people trying to escape the flames jammed up highway 50 through placerville. >> people are panicking for sure. i panicked a little bit, you know? i had my dad, my grandbaby, my cats. they were in a crate. that is not a good thing. that is not a good feeling at all. jobina: evacuation centers have been opened in cameron park, placerville, and diamond springs. two people were seriously hurt in grizzly flats and air listed -- airlifted to hospitals late last night. reggie: this is video from lake
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tahoe and you can see just how thick that wildfire smoke is on the west side of the lake. kumasi: thousands of pg&e customers are in the dark, the utility cutting the power because of high fire danger. at last check,,,, happening in the bay area area and napa county. there are just over a thousand customers without power in sonoma and solano counties. amy hollyfield is live in napa county, where the outages could last into tomorrow. amy: do you hear that behind me? you can see it. i'm guessing you can probably hear it. that is what a power outages sounds like up here in the wine country. that is the generator the calistoga inn and brewery has put in place so they can keep their business going. ma buseslitak now for
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the poweoutages. napaounty doesav most outages in the bay area. the hum of generators now fills the air. keep their lights on and refrigerators running. mayor of calistoga says they don't like these power outages, but pg&e has made improvements and he hopes that continues. >> we have seen what happens when you don't shut it off, but it has to happen fewer times come in smaller footprints. when it comes time to re-energize, it has to happen sooner. >> that has been a frustration in the past. the weather clears and the threat passes. pg&e still takes a while to get the power turned back on. the utility says it has to check and make sure no equipment was damaged during the dry and wind t,efore c en
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there is acceptance appear now for these power outages, but still some hope for improving the process. the power is not expected to be turned back on until sometime tomorrow. live in calistoga, amy hollyfield, abc 7. kumasi: you can track the air quality and the winds any time with eric real-time weather tracker. that is live now on our connected tv app. connect wherever you stream. reggie: the biden administration could advise millions of americans to get covid booster shots, and that announcement could come as soon as today. the cdc is expected to discuss booster shots during a meeting set for tuesday. federal officials are expected to recommend a third shot for those who have already received the pfizer or moderna vaccines. it would be given eight months after people are fully vaccinated. last week, the cdc only recommended immunocompromised people get the third dose.
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a former acting cdc director explains what changed. >> we are going to hear from cdc in terms of what data they have seen that indicates that people who are fully vaccinated who do not have immune disorders -- that their protection levels for severe disease and hospitalization are falling. what that was saying was that people who were immunocompromised, with two doses of the vaccine, they don't get full protection. reggie: he goes on to talk about when booster shots may become widely available. you can watch full interview on gma. mass vaccination sites could return to the bay area when people are getting these booster shots. the booster shots will likely be made available in phases, kind of like how we saw the original rollout. full normal people would get the priority. the state health department tells "the chronicle" it is too early to tell how vaccine distribution is going to be. kumasi: some signs of hope the
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bay area may be able to peak soon from the latest delta surge. the rate of increase is slowing down, especially in the bay area. nizations are also trending in the right direction. -- hospitalizations are also trending in the right direction. >> we were up to 280. we are back to 220. ucf had one hospitalized covered patient, went up to 45. we are back down to about 35. >> we see it coming down in cases. hospitalizations will probably crest in the early or middle of september, because they lag. kumasi: the ucss doctors suggest the bay area could be the first major metropolitan area in the state to see a surge peak. reggie: developing news in the fall of afghanistan. the co-founder hasurd -
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returned to the country after 20 years in exile. evers of the house armed services committee has sent a letter to president biden requesting his plan for afghanistan. the white house tells abc news that as of last night about 1100 u.s. citizens, permanent residents, and their families have evacuated. special immigrants have been relocated to the united states. u.s. officials are trying to speed up the visa process for afghan seeking asylum. many in the bay area say more needs to be done to help afghan refugees get settled in america. one became a translator for the u.s. army during the war. >> education -- culture shock is real, especially for a woman in afghanistan that is coming to the u.s. they never drove a vehicle. reggie: manny's restaurant in
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san francisco' is mission district is asking everyone who comes into make one commitment they can do within the next 24 hours to help afghans on the ground. tonight, president biden will set down with george stephanopoulos for his first interview since the withdrawal from afghanistan. you can watch that on "world news tonight" at 5:30 right here. kumasi: the vapor one county voting on a full down on all types of smoking. reggie: and the robots are back. there is a new trick they have learned. the designers are doing their best to tell you why you should not be worried. they hear us loud and clear, don't they? nick: concerned you should be of smoke bothered you. we are green and yellow, which is healthy, but you look the north, where are coming from, and you can see it is unhealthy
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nick: a couple of items missing from our east bay hills camera -- the marine layer clouds, and the smoke is back. there is an air quality advisory because of the smoke. but the air quality strict does not believe enough of the smoke will be around us to become hazardous. i think there will definitely be some spots out there that will be hazardous from time to time, and this is why. this is the mid and upper level smoke forecast. it pegs out in purple today, and again tomorrow. some of that will work its way down to the ground. you can get on our app or some
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of our streaming services and we have that looping. we have the winds, the temperatures, and the seven day forecast. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's to 7:00. 60's and 70's through noon. joe vena? -- jobina? jobina: a brush fire at a homeless encampment along northbound 880 in oakland. it is not causing a slowdown, but there is a potential the offramp could be closed while they work on this. i do have some drive times, because we have seen things slow down especially in concord. 37 minutes tracy to dublin. a live picture showing you the bay bridge toll plaza. it cn amevie. ry masi:new at 6:00, just one moree
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is needed before a ban on smoking and vaping in apartment and condo buildings becomes official in grand county. supervisors approved an ordinance yesterday that would prohibit tobacco and cannabis related smoking as well as vaping and multiunit residences. supporters say that while you have the right to smoke, the habit should not impact her neighbors' health. supervisors are expected to take a final vote on the ordinance next month. twitter now giving you the power to fight fake news on your timeline. reggie: and the robots are back. now, they can do parkour. kumasi: plus, you might have noticed dozens of names on the back of your recall ballot. we are introducing you to the democrats in the race, including a college student on tiktok. as
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reggie: election is less than four weeks away. we told you about the republicans running against governor newsom, but there are also nine democrats. leading democratic option according to some pulling is a 29-year-old real estate investor from ventura, who has made millions on his "meet kevin" youtube channel. >> i will work to push the legislature to the left, because i support fundamental change. i am a berniecrat democrat. i saw no other candidate or prominent politician in california addressing two things i think are really big problems -- the college affordability crisis and the problem with free speech and the lack of respect for it. reggie: there are six other democrats running including a physician, a yoga instructor, and a college student.
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kumasi: there is a new way to report misinformation about covid on twitter. there is a drop-down menu on the top right of any tweet. twitter says it is testing this for a few months in the west, south korea, and australia. the company is working to figure out if it is effective. reggie: the robot revolution is playing out in a massachusetts lab. look at these outlets robots finishing their -- atlas robots finishing the obstacle course without a mistake. there are some worried about robots taking over. researchers insist the news should inspire hope. nick: hope for what? reggie: i don't know. i'm really just trying to imagine what good could come of this. kumasi: what if you have fallen and you cannot get up, and you need somebody to run and pick you up, and take you over some fallen trees? reggie: ok, and a balance beam?
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kumasi: and a river. then you would be like, robot, come get me. would you not? reggie: you just gave me hope. nick: the one exception. kumasi: i try. where they would take you, i don't know. [laughter] but you got picked up. reggie: mckayla maroney can do all of that stuff. i would rather have her. nick: let's take a look outside. the weather whiplash in action, remember the beautiful blue sky yesterday? wildfire danger, smoky sky today, cleaner air friday. it opens the door to breezy and below average temperatures as we head through the weekend. e between the high and the low as it is creating fast winds in the mountains, and critical fire conditions as they bring drier air in.
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with the high built in tomorrow, it will calm down and put a lid on the atmosphere. heightened fire conditions today. down in the valleys morgan hill, 80 in santa clara. the peninsula, how about 77 in san mateo. near 68 along the coast. near 70 in downtown. going for the sweep. bring the brooms. temperatures are not going to change much during the day today. we have 82 in napa. 84 in petaluma. 90's northward. 74 in berkeley. as we head inland, we will have 90 around san ramon. some clouds will try to develop as the marine layer tries to come back. it is mainly along the coast tonight. we still have gusty conditions.
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temperatures in the mid 50's to low 60's. the seven day forecast, a little bit cooler tomorrow as the winds taper a bit. the cleanest air and the coolest air looks to be saturday and sunday. son returns monday and tuesday. kumasi: ginger is live with what is coming up on gma. ginger: good morning, everybody. coming up on gma, we will be talking about the calder fire raging near you, exploding to three times its size in just a few hours yesterday. still 0% contained. as firefighters battle that, we ates mandatory evacua sllite house eo announce a new plan for all americans to get booster shots. with hospitalization soaring across the country. and we are on the ground in afghanistan. tens of thousands desperately trying to escape. there are new fears about the
6:22 am
taliban and our panel asks them questions. nicole kidman and adrian brody telling us about their new shows. that and so much more, coming up. kumasi: fountain of youth, it is like she hasn't bottled. she has been drinking it for 30 years. good for her. reggie: every new project she is in is more amazing. kumasi: and it is great. i know. from "moulin rouge" on, i am a fan. it is never going to end. reggie: love
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kids love visiting kidifornia. but parents like it to,
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like a lot. they go bonkers. (wuaahh) totally boom it's an adventure. (sound of playing) you know ,you have to keep an eye on them. you got to let them explore and figure things out for themselves. so hurry up (screams) they're not gonna stay this way forever. kick off your kidifornia vacation at nick: when we time out these wind gusts, it gives you an idea of when you are going to be dealing with the fastest winds. the computer is still loading. i apologize for that. they are gathering up in the north bay right now.
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you can see all that red and orange. look as it spreads throughout the day. i 6:00, the first burst is over. most of the evening hours, you morning.orro but st kumasi: the newest twist on the star wars universe is getting a lot of buzz online and it is even a top google search. >> with power and responsibility now lie with you. kumasi: the official trailer was released for star wars visions, a collaboration between lucasfilm and seven japanese anime studios. lucasfilm released several trailers, including one dubbed in english, for the anthology series. disney is a parent company of lucasfilm and abc 7. reggie: grammy-winning singer and songwriter lizzo is known
6:26 am
for her upbeat attitude but she is not immune to hurt. in an exclusive interview, lizza talks about a video she recently posted on instagram. she cried after reading some hateful comments about her following the release of her new song with cardi fatphobic. fatph it's racist and hurtful. >> at some point, you have to draw the line and say shaming someone's body is not ok. racism is not ok. lizzo: people are like, don't let people see you with your head down, sis. i had is always up, even when i am upset and crying. i know it is my job as an artist to reflect the times. and this should not fly. reggie: you can watch more of this exclusive interview coming up on gma at 7:00. and i love that new song. have you seen that? kumasi: i haven't seen it yet.
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you are supposed to come down here and play the ts for me. [l i have two songs to play for you now, the weeknd's new song and lizzo's. duct tape discipline. flight attendants from one major airline forced to find other options to fight unruly passengers. kumasi: and a san francisco beachside landmark making a comeback. it is not going to be the same as it was before. reggie: and check your kitchen for bad buns. a hamburger and hot dog recall. kumasi: let's take a live look outside and see what we see at 6:27.
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> this is abc 7 news. reggie: the cal door fire exploding in a matter of hours. -- the a matter of hours. >> we currently don't have electricity. kumasi: a high fire danger prompting pg&e to cut the fire. the -- to cut power to areas near the fire. reggie: kids in the south bay are gearing up for the first d in school since the pandemic again. kumasi: you are watching live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. nick: let's start with the unfortunate news, the critical fire conditions outside. you can see over my shoulder the grey-brown, murky tent we are going to have to our sky. the blueness that brought
6:31 am
happiness to a lot of folks is going to be gone for a couple of days. northeasterly winds up to 55 mph , record dry vegetation, and dry air. any fires that starts will spread rapidly. our highest threat continues to be in napa county. unfortunately, atlas peak is not reporting right now. mount diablo has a 45 mph gust right now. st. helena is in the mid-20's. it will get faster as they had through the day. about 92 in antioch. kumasi: we want to get to the latest in the wild fires burning in northern california. evacuation warnings are in effect for thousands of people living in the sierra foothills, particularly pollock pines. the caldor fire has tripled in size in a matter of hours yesterday, growing to nearly 23,000 acres.
6:32 am
flames destroyed homes in grizzly flats as well as in elementary school, a church, and a post office. late last night, the eldorado national forest was ordered to close. the fire started on saturday about 40 miles southwest of lake tahoe. east of the caldor fire, the sky turned on apocalyptic orange. smoke drifted and it started raining ash and pine needles yesterday. reggie: that is a scary sight. and woman from fremont admitted to starting a fire in el dorado county. south lake tahoe, they 43-year-old viola nearby covered in scratches and said. she admitted to starting the fire. she has been arrested for arson, among other charges. the dixie fire is threatening this morning. 30 mph winds fanned the flames to the east and south yesterday. the fire has burned more than 600 when he 6000 acres.
6:33 am
it is the largest -- more than n 625,000 acres. pg&e cut power because of high fire danger. you can see the outages in purple. most of the outages are in napa county. also some places in sonoma and solano are impacted. amy hollyfield is live in napa county. i say in the dark, but not if you have a generator. amy: you see and hear these all over. you can hear them and they are very loud. generators powering homes and a lot of businesses, like the calistoga inn and brewery, so they can keep the lights on and refrigerators running. they are getting used to power shutoffs in one country, and they are not prepared for them. napa county has the most outages. right now, about 6200 customers have their power turned off. the mayor of calistoga says they
6:34 am
understand why these shutoffs are needed. they need to improve the process, especially because of . >> we got our last few orders in before we were able to stop ourselves. we got the generator up and running, so fingers crossed. amy: p jandy say jandy say jandy power shutoffs during dry and windy conditions to prevent its equipment from sparking a fire. in calistoga, the city has a microgrid that helps power parts of the city. the power outages is expected to last until sometime tomorrow. amy hollyfield, abc 7. reggie: you can track the weather and the winds any with our real-time weather traffic.
6:35 am
you can download the app wherever you stream. kumasi: the taliban taliban afghanistan is tightening. 11,000 americans and tens of thousands of afghans are still trying to leave the country. julia? julia: the u.s. plans to launchh 9000 people out of the country each day. the state department says it would help afghan refugees in additional -- in addition to american citizens. they promise to out of the airport. getting to the airport is a completely different story. and email to u.s. national says the u.s. government cannot guarantee their security. at a press conference yesterday, an abc news reporter asked the taliban about people who want to leave. reporter: what guarantees will you give to the afghans who are hiding at home who want to leave the country, who the americans
6:36 am
will transport? >> we are assuring the safety of all those who have worked with the united states and allied forces. as for their talents and their skills, we do not want them to leave the country. we want them to serve the public. julia: other countries are also planning to welcome afghan refugees. the u.k. will take and 28,000 refugees over five years. women and children will have priority. reggie: president biden will sit down with george stephanopoulos for his first interview since the withdrawal from afghanistan. you can watch that interview on world news tonight at 5:30, right here. kumasi: happening today, it is back-to-school for some students in the south bay. sam unified school districts is 2800 please are ready to welcome students back on campus for the first days of school. students and teachers are required to wear masks. other safety protocols include twice a week testing for anyone who is not fully vaccinated.
6:37 am
abc 7 is covering back-to-school all week long, and it culminates with a live town hall discussion that will be held this friday, right here. reggie: r. kelly returns to court. opening arguments have just gotten underway in brooklyn. a full report from the courtroom. kumasi: the b the b york stock exchange down today by 100 points. reggie: too soon for pumpkin spice? somehow, it is already the season, with one major coffee spot starting its menu today. please go to abc 7's vote and see if you are ready or not. nick: i found some at the grocery store, pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls. they were ok. here is a look. green to yellow is our air
6:38 am
quality, but look at where our winds are coming from. for an unhealthy for all of us. that is leading me to look at this surface smoke forecast. you can see we are getting up to read and even orange from time to time as we head through today, until about midnight. right near the coast and the bayshore, a little bit of a breeze can keep you cleaner, but if you are in the north bay or the east bay, there are going to be pockets of unhealthy air, even though there is not a spare the air alert. you can see it late mendocino counties, a good bet they will have some really acrid air. let's talk about the you can see how hazy it is. that is what happens when you get rid of the blanket of marine layer clouds. we tend to cool down quite a bit. menlo park and exit 52 -- everybody else in the mid-50's. san jose at 60.
6:39 am
antioch at 72 degrees. as we head through the day, 60's and 70's around san francisco and the bay. near 80 inland by noon. we will have 80's in the north bay. near that in the south bay. near 90 inland at 4:00. if you are heading out at 7:00, the air might still be unhealthy. we will take a look at when we healthier air is coming back into the forecast. the weekend is in view. jobina: cannot wait. cannot wait for that. thank you. we are going to start here with the bay bridge toll plaza. it is our busiest spot. traffic is backed up to the maze. so we are here. look at the carpool lanes. if you have friends, people in your pod, see if you can ride to work together. you will get there much faster. san jose one is very clear for northbound traffic. on the map, you can see a couple of red patches.
6:40 am
a pretty clear commute all morning. the antioch to concorde commute does keep slowing down. we are looking at about a 28 minute ride as you travel west
6:41 am
6:42 am
reggie: the criminal trial against r&b singer r kelly has begun in new york city. he is accused of sex trafficking. here is reporter kansas mcgowen. -- candace mcgowen. candace: r kelly is facing racketeering charges, accused of running a criminal enterprise where he and his associates recruited victims who were later sexually abused. we are expecting to hear from associates who have never spoken publicly. in 2000 eight, r. kelly faced
6:43 am
child pornography charges and was found innocent, but so much has changed since then, including the #metoo movement and the documentary that led in part to today's charges. r. kelly fired back at those accusers, saying many were willing participants and groupies. if he is found guilty of these federal charges, he could face anywhere from 10 years to life behind bars. back to you. reggie: this covid site in gretna will be back up and running this morning. the city is reopening it because of the surge in covid-19 cases, an average of 230 a day in the city. priority will be given to disaster service workers who have been exposed to the virus, and committee members involved in potential outbreaks. >> you see cases in susceptiblee community's like shelters and skilled nursing communities. with school opening monday, we wanted to make sure we had capacity to support.
6:44 am
reggie: the general public is encouraged to go to their doctor for a test, but this site is available by making an appointment at sf with a capacitye ofd 500 tests a day. , we do have a link to verified covid sights on our website. you can find it on our website. kumasi: texas governor greg abbott is in isolation and getting antibody treatment after he tested positive for the virus. governor abbott: i test myself every day and this is the first day i have tested positive. i have received the covid-19 vaccine. that may be one reason why i am really not feeling any symptoms right now. kumasi: the republican governor often attended meetings without a mask and has rejected calls for pandemic restrictions, including mask mandates in schools. many hospitals in texas are reporting a shortage of icu
6:45 am
beds. fewer than half of people there are fully vaccinated. reggie: we are all going to need to continue wearing masks on planes and in airports into next year. it is official. transportation was extended to january 18 of 2022. the tsa's rule was initially set trains, and all public transportation. kumasi: in-flight confrontations are on the rise, with more than 3800 cases since the start of this year. flight attendants have to deal with unruly passengers, but united workers cannot use duct tape. the airline sent a memo on friday after this incident which happened on a frontier airlines flight. a flight attendant duct taped a passenger to his seat. a union represent southwest flight attendants says that airline employees have hit a breaking point. >> flight attendants are weary, exhausted, and they can take no more.
6:46 am
we are asking that additional flights not be added to the schedule until the company can handle the flight schedules that we currently have. kumasi: flight attendants are now taking self-defense classes so they can handle violent passengers. in a four hour course, air marshals were teaching flight attendants de-escalation strategies and self-defense techniques. reggie: your morning money report -- another sign of shifting markets, and more bad news if you are looking for a new car. i'm sure you have already noticed how expensive those price tags are. they are at a record high. according to kelly lou book, the average price for a new car hit a record high of nearly $43,000 in july, up 8% from last july. a limited supply of new vehicles and a trend toward higher end suv's and pickup trucks are some of the reasons for that price jump. heads up if you are planning a barbecue.
6:47 am
hostess is recalling soft white hamburger buns and soft white hotdog buns. products might be contaminated with listeria and salmonella. hostess has not received reports of anyone getting sick. however, if you have these buns at home, throw them out, or return them for a full refund. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange, we are down about 70 points after another day of tumbling thanks to the delta variant and the crisis in afghanistan. starting the morning off slightly down. kumasi: new details involving san francisco vs cliff house building. it is getting a new restaurant. the national park service folks to accept proposals from restaurant tenants this fall. the clippers closed last year. this new restaurant is expected open sometime next year. the communications director for golden gate national asian area says despite challenges brought by the pandemic, they are committed to inviting the public back to this unique space.
6:48 am
reggie: the search in covid cases is prompting the cancellation of a popular local event. the lafayette park one festival has been called off for next month. this would have been the 25th anniversary. logistical issues made it impossible to implement effective guidelines or rules. kumasi: mandatory water water restrictions could be coming to california in a matter of weeks. governor newsom checked out the aftermath of last year's the czu lightning complex fire yesterday. his focus was on wildfires, but attention quickly shifted. governor newsom: you ask about mandatory. at the moment, we are doing voluntary. but if we enter another year of route -- you know our water season starts october 1. we will have likely more to say by the end of september as we enter potentially the third year of this drought. kumasi: a drought emergency has been declared in the of
6:49 am
california's 58 counties. reggie: the jackpot along the oregon coast. thousands of sand dollars washed ashore at seaside beach. it is a common occurrence for locals to find sand dollars on the beach. but not this many. experts say they do not know what is causing the sand dollars to wash ashore. it appears to be limited just to seaside beach. kumasi: and there are more sand dollars. nick: that's a lot of clams. that's why i did not go there. hi, everybody. i sure liked yesterday. the beautiful blue sky came out, and now it is gone. let's look at some of our tweets from yesterday. murky sunshine. kind of a grey-brown start on mount tam.
6:50 am
smoky sky and high fire danger. clouds will be at the coast as the marine layer tries to come back. for the rest of us, it will be another breezy night, especially in our hills and mountains. our bluest sky iss wlf lo pressure on top of us. that is drawing the winds out of the north. yesterday, they came out of the southwest. just that easy of a wind shift. 82 at san jose. we have got 77 in san mateo. near 70 in san francisco. northward.o mid to upper 60's along the coast into sausalito. 74, berkeley. city, 78.
6:51 am
90 to 93 in our inland east bay neighborhoods. the fire danger extends well north and east of us today. that means areas that are already on fire have even more critical fire conditions today. it would not be surprising if some of the fires -- the dixie fire, the new fire starts spreading south today into new vegetation that has not been burned. about 61 in antioch. still smoky tomorrow. a couple of degrees cooler. we are back to seasonal levels friday, with cleaner conditions. the sun returns monday and tuesday. kumasi: tonight, join us for a new event, remembering the life of a laker star. >> i have a hard time still believing that my friend and his
6:52 am
daughter, that they are gone. i will call his phone. i can't get away from it. kumasi: "superstar" premieres tonight at 10:00, and streaming on hulu. it is followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. you can always check out to learn more about the story. reggie: actor daniel craig claims people weigh all of his wealth before he dies because he finds inheritances distasteful. the james bond star is worth millions of dollars, and that money will not go to his daughters when he passes away. the philosophy is get rid of it or give it away before you go. his last bond movie, more time to die, is set to be released in october. kumasi: the girl scouts selling a caramel brownie cookie with a hint of cecil. girl scout cookie season runs
6:53 am
january through april. reggie: we are still in the middle of august, but duncan -- dunkin has already declared it fall. is it too early for the barrage of punk spiced everything? the coffee chain dunkinreleasind menus today. they have the traditional pumpkin spice latte. they also have pumpkin cream called group. pumpkin donuts -- we expected that. muffins, munchkins. they are also covering their bases with apple cranberry refreshers and an apple cranberry coconut refresher. the more i talk about this, the more it is appealing to me. although that is ugly. the pumpkin cake donut. kumasi: team glazed over here. nick: they try to put a nice
6:54 am
glaze on it. kumasi: they never look like a picture. we know that. reggie: and if that was the glamour picture, what does it look like in real life? kumasi: we are talking about the overall thing. nick: i do like the addition of the apple. i agree i like that. when i think of fall, i think of the hayride, picking apples, apple cider, christmas in the air which we obviously don't have here in the fall. kumasi: i agree with you, mike. i think there is a lot going on. and i thought if that could bring me some comfort, if that can bring people some comfort, i am fine with that. that is how i feel. reggie: i'm still waiting for san francisco's summer to start, ok? nick: you know that is next month. kumasi: spice latte. reggie: give me that. the rest of the country is like, summer is almost over. and i'm like, some just started. kumasi: truly.
6:55 am
reggie: 65% of our voting audience said that it is not the time for pumpkin spice craves. jobina: summer. let's go. kumasi: thank you all for weighing in. we know where you stand. next, seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch all our newscasts live and on-demand through our tv app available for apple, android, and was on fire, roku, income can spice latte tv -- and pumpkin spice latte tv. kumasi: don't you want something warm and cozy when you look at that? amy: that looks freezing. kumasi: thank you. it may b
6:56 am
6:57 am
california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. kumasi: if you are just joining
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us, here are the seven things to know. there is no power in parts of the north bay because of apg&e power shut off. the bulk of the shut offs are in napa county, but sonoma and solano are impacted. outages are expected to last until sometime tomorrow. nick: napa county is supposed to have the highest threat for critical fire conditions. the diablo range under a red flag warning until 3:00. lake mendocino and solano counties, 8:00 this evening. reggie: evacuation warnings are in effect for thousands of people living in the cyber foothills, including pollock pines. the it has zero containment. kumasi: u.s. evacuations out of afghanistan are continuing today after the taliban takeover. the taliban's cofounder returned to the country yesterday after 20 years of exile. a covid announcement expected today from the biden administration.
6:59 am
it w moderna vaccines. jobina: a fire in richmond, a brush fire near bayview avenue. this will impact anyone making their way toward the richmond san rafael bridge. kumasi: this is a video that has a lot of people talking. boston dynamics releasing the video showing the robots competing in an obstacle course. nick: maroney did it off the roof in that commercial. this is disturbing. kumasi: i think we should try to zoom these people and figure out what hope. they said this is going to give us hope. reggie: that is a great idea. kumasi: i have so many questions. reggie: you will have to mute me because it will just be screaming. nick: reggie's own horror movie unfolding in front of us. kumasi: mute.
7:00 am
reggie: it looks like this. [laughter] jobina: you guys, i wanted to say something really quick good morning, america. as we join you this wednesday morning, wildfires exploding out west. raging inferno. out-of-control california wildfire tripling in size scorching nearly 23,000 acres in 24 hours with zero containment. firefighters battling whipping winds and heavy smoke. mandatory evacuations now under way. we are live on the ground in the danger zone with the very latest. tropical triple threat. fred slamming the south with flash floods and at least 17 reported tornadoes in three states. plus, the hurricane warnings as grace and henri ramp up. ginger tracking it all. time for a boost? the white house is expected to take a major step recommending a
7:01 am
booster shot for all


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