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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 18, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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that has developed quickly in grown extremely fast. >> a fire burning in el dorado county explodes in size. we are hearing from a woman who left her pets behind in the rush to get out. >> prompting pg&e to cut power to homes and businesses. in napa county, people are dealing with the dark. >> booster shotsamericans. the recommendation expected as soon as today and what has changed since last week. >> and this. you are watching abc morning's live. >> before we get to all of that
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let's check in with mike for the forecast. mike: we could teach them h theh fight fires. that would be helpful. now we have something positive for them to do. a red flag warning until 3:00 unless you are around solano county and mendocino county until 8:00. critical fire conditions with the gusting wind and extraordinarily dry air and visitation -- and vegetation. 12% knoxville creek. the driest of the areas arriving now along with the winds. they haven't quite reached critical speeds yet, but we are getting there, 25 at st. helena's. outside of the higher elevations we need to be vigilant. it will be a little breezy and evidently hazy. temperatures near 70 in san francisco. 80 around the bay.
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even some low 90's in the east bay. we will talk how long these critical fire conditions will last and the cool weekend, coming up. >> people are evacuating their homes in the sierra foothills. the cal door fire is in size. it is 40 miles south of lake tahoe and has grown to nearly 23,000 acres. evacuated. thousands of people left their homes and that will increase exponentially. the caldor fire tripled in size yesterday in a matter of hours. the wind whipped smoke and embers, they blew through grizzly flats. flames destroyed an elementary school, church, and post office. at least 50 homes have been lost. governor newsom declared a state
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of emergency for el dorado county to deploy state resources. people trying to escape the flames jammed highway 50 through placerville. >> people are panicking for sure. i panicked a little. i have my dad who cannot walk. >> i had to leave my cats, they would not get in the crate. that is not a good feeling at all. >> evacuation centers have opened in cameron park, placerville, and diamond two people were hurt in grizzly flats and airlifted to hospitals. the el dorado national forest was ordered to close. >> this is video from lake tahoe. you can see how thick the wildfire smoke is on the west side of the lake. >> thousands of pg&e customers are in the dark. pg&e at the fire because of the high fire danger. the bulk of the shutoffs are napa county where 6000 customers are without electricity and
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there are over 1000 customers without power now in sonoma and solano counties. these outages could last until tomorrow. ta with 00 ctors the home of generators -- the hum of generators is filling the air. they have bought or rented generators to keep their lights on and refrigerators running. the mayor of calistoga does not like the power outages and they understand why they need to happen. they say that pg&e has made improvements, but the mayor says he hopes the improvements continue. >> i understand why power getswe shut off. we see what happens when you don't shut it off, but it has to happen fewer times in smaller footprints and when it comes time to re-energize come it has
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to happen sooner. amy: the weather clears and the threat passes, but pg&e takes a while to get the power back on. the utility says the wind event before energizing the lines again. there is some acceptance for these power shutoffs and the wine country, but still some hope that the situation will improve each time that the process will get better. the power is not expected to be turned back on until sometime tomorrow. jobina: you can track the air quality and the wind any time with our real-time weather tracker. you can download the app by searching abc 7 bay area. reggie: the biden administration could advise millions of americans to get covid booster shots in that announcement could come as soon as today. federal officials are expected to recommend a third shot of the
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pfizer or moderna vaccine for everyone. it would be given eight months after they are fully vaccinated. last month the cdc recommended immunocompromised people get a third dose. the former acting cdc director on gma explains what changed. >> will hear fromdc in terms of what data they've seen that indicates that people who are fully vaccinated who don't have immune disorders, that their protection levels are falling. last week was a different story. that was saying that people who are immunocompromised, with two doses of the vaccine they don't get full protection. when booster shots may become widely available. you can watch the full interview on gma after abc 7 mornings. mass vaccination sites could return to the bay area. the booster shots will likely be
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made available in phases, kind of like the first vaccine vulnerable people would have priority first. the state health department told the chronicle it's too soon to tell how booster vaccination will be handled. jobina: some signs of hope that the bay area may be about to peak from the latest covid surge. the case rates are still increasing, the rate is slowing down. especially in the bay area. hospitalizations are also trending in the right direction. >> the surge went from 10 cases to do hundred 80, and we are back down to 220. ucf had one hospitalized , 45. >> in two weeks we'll be coming down in cases. hospitalizations will probably press the early or middle of september because they lag. >> doctors suggest the bay
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could be the major metropolitan area in the state to see a surge peak. you can ask questions you have about the coronavirus vaccine to the abc 7 vaccine team. reggie:reggie: developing news on the fall of afghanistan. the taliban's cofounder has returned to the country after spending more than 20 years in exile. republicans on the house armed services committee sent a letter to president biden requesting information about his plan for afghanistan. an official says last night 1100 american citizens, permanent residents, and their families have attack awaited. nearly 2000 afghan special immigrants have been relocated to the states. u.s. government officials are trying to speed up the visa process for afghans seeking asylum. many people in the bay area say that more needs to be done to help ahan refu getettled in america.
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he was born in afghanistan and became a translator for the army during the war. >> job opportunities, education, culture shock isl, especially for a woman in afghanistan coming to the u.s. they never drove a vehicle back home. reggie: manny's restaurant in san francisco was trying to do its part. the owner is asking everyone who comes in to make one actionable thing they can do in the next 24 hours to help afghans on the ground. tonight and abc news exclusive, president biden sits with george stephanopoulos for his first interview and still withdraw from f aniston. you can watch -- from afghanistan. you can watch that tonight. mike: a look at the air quality, you can see how it is significantly worse in the high country around chico, reading, those areas.
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so far we are doing ok. you can see that we are green and yellow. throughout the day the air air viautheynot su aair, but i e surprised if there are small spots within these regions we do have poor air quality as some of the smoke will work down to the ground. think about that. you can see it on our website and apps. we have a rotating through the seven day, the winds, currents, and air quality. we are in the red even the purple throughout the day into the overnight hours, except along the coast where there is a minor sea breeze that will develop. thursday were looking at the north bay and parts of the east bay that will have the heaviest smoke but you will notice an improvement around the bay and the coast. clouds on either side and the
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higher elevations. 52, 62 in alameda is the spread. we will see a lot of sunshine, smoke, and critical fire conditions in the hills and mountains where the breezes will be the fastest and the humidity will be the lowest. 79 at the coast bay and inland. we have improving weather, coming up. jobina: an overall look at the map is green across the board, which is good news. chp issued a wind advisory for the ultimate pass. a head out for super commuters out of tracy. 680, things are moving at the limit smoothly. southbound traffic is picking up . busy in emeryville for people headed westbound. overall, no major blocking issues which is good news for the early commute. reggie: thank you. the countdown to california's recall election, hearing from some of the democrats hoping to replace governors.
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kumasi: the scary incident that had the a's and their opponents wincing. reggie: robots completing a task that n
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reggie: california's recall election is less than four weeks away and we told you about many republicans running to place governor newsom but there are nine democrats in the race. the leading democratic option according to recent polling is 29-year-old kevin path wrath a real estate investor from venture that has made millions from his meet kevin youtube channel. >> it is time for better leadership, that is why we want to bring jfk-style leadership to california. i will work to push the legislature to the left because i am a berniecrat democrat. >> i saw no other politician in california dressing two things that i think are big problems. the college affordability crisis and a problem with free speech
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and a lack of respect for. reggie: there are six other democrats running, including a physician, a yoga instructor, and even a college student promoting his campaign on tiktok. a former congressman is dropping out of the recall election after he suffered a heart attack over the weekend. he expects a full recovery and needs to focus on rehab and healing. his name is still on the ballot for the election. kumasi: texas governor greg abbott is in isolation getting covid antibody treatment after testing positive for the virus. the governor posted this video on twitter. >> i tested myself every day, and this is the first day i tested positive. i have received the covid-19 vaccine, and that may be one reason why i'm not feeling any symptoms right now. kumasi: the republican governor often attended meetings without a mask and has rejected calls for more pandemic restrictions, including mask mandates in schools. many hospitals in texas reported
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a shortage of icu beds. data shows fewer than half of the people there are fully vaccinated. reggie: republican congresswoman liz cheney was in conversation with the -- she made national headlines when she voted to impeach president trump, blaming him for the january 6 capital she vowed to keep the former president out of office. she says she doesn't focus on the political and personal costs she's faced after being so outspoken about her own party. > that has been isolating i would suspect for you in congress? right? >> i don't spend a lot of time thinking about that. what matters is the future of the country, and what matters is the future of the party. also criticized the president over his handling of the ongoing
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withdraw in afghanistan, saying that he ignored the advice of his military leaders. kumasi: there's a new way to report misinformation on covid on twitter. there's a drop-down menu that will fly questionable information. twitter is testing this for a few months in the u.s., south korea, and australia. the company is working to figure out if the system is effective. reggie: the next step of the robot revolution/takeover is playing out in a massachusetts lab. two atlas robots finished their parkour obstacle course without a mistake. the video has some worried about robots taking over, however researchers insist that the news should inspire hope. hope for what? exactly. mike: hope that the terminator doesn't happen? that james cameron was wrong all of those years ago? [laughter] kumasi: they need to be more specific. what are they hoping for? let us know. mike: how are they going to help
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us? i saw a full backflip landing on two robot feet. mike: stuck the landing. simone biles even went " they stuck the landing." reggie: simone is impressed, and hopefully in fear. as we all should be. mike: you are seeing a lack of marine layer. the wildfire danger is high and that could leak into tomorrow. we will definitely have a smoky sky that will linger through tomorrow.cleanerto roles in friday and will be the cleanest this weekend as breezy, below average temperatures roll in on a stout sea it will be refreshing after today and tomorrow. the low has moved east of us so we are on the backside, the northerly wind side and that is why we will yank in the breezes
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today. the next few days over the ocean will bring the cooler weather and cleaner air. 77 in milpitas. 85 for the rest of the south bay. peninsula around the upper 70's. 66 to 68 along the coast. going to the game this afternoon, how about four consecutive wind for the red-hot giants? 65 under hazy sunshine. in the north bay, 82 in napa, 88 in novato. 78 at richmond, 78 at hayward and union city. inland, 90 to 93 degrees. tonight, looking at temperatures in the 50's. you can see the marine layer trying to reestablish, but it will mainly be along the coast. smoke will linger and temperatures will drop a couple
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of degrees. look at the temperatures well below average. 60's, 70's, 80's saturday and sunday before summer returns. kumasi: the a's expect an update on the condition of chris bassitt. a really scary line drive hit him in the face all the team was taking on the white sox in chicago. in the second inning the ball came off of the vat at 100 miles per hour. it was tough and there was a lot of blood. even this is just hard to watch. players are in shock. staff, too. medics took him off of the field in a cart. >> bass is conscious. he was the entire time. we don't think the eye is a problem at this point. it felt like it was below it. he has some cuts. they had to do some stitches. he is in a scan and we will know
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more about potential fractures or whatever tomorrow. kumasi: bassitt had been the a's best pitcher this season. they play the white sox again today and tomorrow. reggie: some happier sports news, serena williams teamed up with nike for a new shoe and clothing line. 10 people of color who make up the serena williams design group created the collection participating in the diversity and design apprenticeship program. it features a mix of athletic and street clothing. prices start at $20 for a pair of socks. kumasi: you did not have to add that, reggie. [laughter] i was here you come with details. reggie: it goes way up from there. kumasi: coming up the seven
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kumasi: 5:24, the seven things to know. no power in parts of the north bay because of pg&e public safety power shut off. the bulk of the shutoffs are in napa county, but others are impacted. the outages will last until tomorrow. mike: the wind is responsible for critical fire conditions through 3:00 for most of us. lake, mendocino, solano county through 8:00 this evening. be vigilant. when the wind will be the fastest in these areas. reggie: u.s. evacuations out of afghanistan continue after the taliban takeover. the taliban's cofounder returned to the country yesterday after 20 years in exile. kumasi: a covid announcement
5:25 am
expected from the biden administration. health officials will recommend a booster shot for everyone who has gotten the pfizer and moderna vaccines. reggie: it is the first day of school for kids in the south bay. the san j says teachers and students are required to wear masks vaccination status. . the ch -- jobina: the chp has not issued advisories, you should have a clear commute this morning. this live picture is the san mateo bridge. kumasi: duncan's fall menu arrives and it includes everything from pumpkin spice lattes to doughnuts and muffins. plus, they have apple and cranberry-flavored items, too. reggie: united airlines is reminding crewmembers not to use duct tape on unruly passengers, even as these incidents continue to rise. gio: and this morning's gma first look, a major airline
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making it clear, no duct tape discipline on its flights. with in-flight confrontations on the rise, united airlines is sending a memo to its crewmembers, reminding them don't use duct tape on passengers. you will remember the viral video two weeks ago of a passenger on a frontier airlines flight duct taped to his seat after allegedly groping to flight attendants and punching another. the flight attendants were placed on leave while they investigate. this as the tally of unruly passengers keeps growing. now more than 3800 cases since the start of the year. >> this is the biggest direct threat to flight attendants we've ever faced. gio: what options to flight attendants have to combat unruly passengers? it is coming up at 7:00 a.m. geo beneat -- gio ben new york. kumasi: the girl scouts are
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selling a caramel brownie-inspired cookie called adventurefuls. girl scout cookie season runs january through april. reggie: i mean -- i would try. kumasi: i like caramel. sea salt. reggie: building that used to be the cliff house restaurant, something new could be moving in. kumasi: the pope's message about vaccines. reggie: all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack is a patriot. fresh, sweet
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. thousands living in the sierra
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foothills. the fire that tripled in size in a matter of hours. >> we currently don't have electricity, but they just pulled in. kumasi: hig fireh danger prompting pg&e to cut power. reggie: the taliban tightening its grip on afghanistan, their news conference in the u.s. plan to get thousands out each day. kumasi: back to school for thousands of kids in the south bay. the future of learning as we see a surgeon covid cases. reggie: abc 7 mornings is live right now where ever you stream. mike: good morning. let's get into our big story, the red flag warning, the critical fire conditions through 3:00 unless you are in lake mendocino and solano counties, in which case you need to be vigilant longer until 8:00. you could have the northeasterly wind and dry humidity rolling over the nearly record dry vegetation. at 6:00 the wind is gathering
5:31 am
now in the north bay, and will increase and slide southeast throughout the entire day. 7:00, they back off a little except in the north bay. tomorrow morning into the early it at 3:00 and h san francisco, low 90's in the east bay.we will talk about the smoke and how will impact the forecast, coming up. kumasi: we want to get to the latest on the wildfires in northern california. evacuation warnings are in effect for thousands of people in the sierra foothills, including pollock pines. the caldor fire tripled in size in a number of hours yesterday growing to 23,000 acres. the flames have destroyed at least 50 homes in grizzly flats as well as an elementary school, church, and post office. late last night the el dorado national forest was order to
5:32 am
close. the fire started saturday 40 miles southwest of lake tahoe. east of the counter fire, the sky turned an apocalyptic orange with smoke drifting into gardnerville, nevada and it started raining ash and pine needles yesterday. reggie: the dixie fire is threatening more communities. 30 mile-per-hour winds fanned the flames towards the east and south yesterday. the fire has burned more than 626 thousand acres and is the largest wildfire in america right now and is only 31% thousands of pg&e customers are in the dark. the utility cut power because of high fire danger. you can see where the outages are on this map. it is the areas with the purple triangles. most of the outages are in napa county but sonoma is also impacted. amy: good morning.
5:33 am
about 1000 customers each in sonoma and solano do not have power, but in napa it's more. you don't necessarily see darkness all over the wine country. you hear the hum of generators. they are using those to power homes and businesses, trying to keep life going. in the wine country they are used to these power shutdowns now. you see generators all over the place. napa county has the most outages with 6200 customers with power turned off. the mayor of calistoga says they understand why these shutoffs are needed, but they don't like them and they hope to see pg improve the process, especially because of the impact on businesses. >> we currently don't have electricity, however they just pulled it so we got our last orders in before we had to stop ourselves. we have our generator shortly getting up and running, so fingers crossed.
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amy: pg&e says it must do power shutoffs during dry and windy conditions to prevent equipment from sparking fires. in calistoga, the city has a microgrid that powers parts of the city. the power outages is expected to last until sometime tomorrow. reggie: thank you, amy. you can track the air quality and wins any time with our real-time weather tracker. the tool is live now on our abc 7 bay area connected tv app. just search for abc 7 bay area wherever you stream. kumasi: the taliban's grip on afghanistan is tightening this morning. thousands are still trying to leave the country. >> the u.s. plans to launch one flight each hour which would get 9000 people out of the country each day. the state department says they will help afghan refugees in addition to american citizens.
5:35 am
federal officials will hold the taliban accountable after they promised to let airplane safely leave the airport. getting to the airport is a different story. an email sent to u.s. national said that the u.s. government cannot guarantee their safety and security. at a press conference abc news reporter ian asked the taliban about people who want to leave. >> what guarantee is will you give to the afghans who are hiding at home and want to leave the country who the americans will transport? >> we are assuring the transport of all of those who worked with the united states and allied forces. as for talents and skills, we don't want them to leave the country. we want them to serve the homeland. >> other countries are planning to welcome afghan refugees. the u.k. announced that it will take in 20,000 refugees over five years. women and children will have priority. reggie: the scenes from kabul
5:36 am
have a deeper meaning for veterans who served during the 20 year war inros one of than 20,000 american soldiers who returned wounded from operation enduring freedom. >> i think that it's wrong. i think it's terrible to see the things we are seeing and it's heartbreaking to see these people who trusted us to be there for them, to see them chasing down planes down the tarmac is heartbreaking for me. i have seen that evil up close. i'm seeing what it looks like. i'm angry, confused, frustrated, and i feel helpless all at the same time. everything i did at the military was practiced and rehearsed over and over. everything happening now does not look planned. it looks sloppy and hasty. reggie: in 2011 he was shot in the head by a bullet from a taliban ak-47. he awoke stateside two months
5:37 am
later, a miracle. still paralyzed on his right sideis leg amputated and replaced with a prosthetic so he could walk. in an abc exclusive george stephanopoulos will sit down with georg -- sit down with joe biden for his first interview since the withdrawal. kumasi: pope francis is urging everyone to get vaccinated against covid-19. the pope calls getting vaccinated an act of love and says that shots must be available to all. the message is part of the campaign organized by the ad council and the public health coalition covid collaborative. it features six cardinals from north, central, and south america urging vaccination. we will all need to wear masks on planes and in airports into next year. the federal mask mandate on transportation was extended recently to
5:38 am
the transportation security administration's role was essentially going to end next month. it applies to air travel, trains, and public transportation. reggie: this covid-19 testing site will be up and running this morning. the city's reopening it because of the surge in covid-19 cases, an average of 230 per day in the city. priority will be given to disaster service workers exposed to the virus and community members involved in potential outbreaks. >> when we see the uptick in cases in highly susceptible communities, like shelters and skilled nursing facilities, and with school opening on monday we wanted to make sure we had capacity to support. reggie: the city once the general public to go to their primary doctor first for a test, but this site is available by making an appointment. the site will be open seven days a week from 9:00 to 6:00 with a
5:39 am
capacity of 500 tests per day. if you want to get a test we have a link to verified covid sites on our website. kumasi: today it is back-to-school for some students in the south bay. san jose unified school district says 20 800 employees are ready to welcome students on campus for the first day of school. teachers and students are required to wear masks. other safety protocols include twice a week testing for anyone who is not fully vaccinated and working with students. we are focused on back-to-school because education is part of building a better bay area, even when it has been disrupted by the pandemic. with the spread of the delta variant there has been a surge in parents asking to keep their kids. an independent study program does not require interaction with other students, like the distance learning programs we have become accustomed to. many schools like san francisco
5:40 am
unified our only offering this to students considered to be medically fragile. students on independent study can lose their school assignment. >> we have students with compromised immune wea lot sdes who n now not getitet option. kumasi: a school board member has introduced a resolution that would guarantee school assignments once a student can safely return to in person learning. abc 7 is covering back-to-school . it culminates with a live town hall discussion friday at 4:00 p.m. here on abc 7. ride malfunction. new police body camera showing the scene after something flew off of a roller coaster and hit a woman who was waiting in line. reggie mandatory water restrictions could be coming to california. governor newsom's comment.
5:41 am
hitaz ofh loo to deal with yesterday. it is windy, and that will be the big issue through the higher elevations this morning and again during the afternoon evening commute. the smoke is back. the beautiful blue sky from yesterday will be gone today. seasonal temperatures. we will take a look at the mid to upper level smoke. it is read to purple -- red to purple, which is about as high as it gets. it could even get higher in the evening and overnight it dissipates but another push of smoke will come in tomorrow evening and hang around till friday. we are hoping over the weekend we will get some of the blueness back in the sky. 60 in concord. low to mid 60's pittsburgh, antioch, and brentwood.
5:42 am
60 in oakland and san jose. 56 in pacifica. you can see temperatures will be slow to rise due to the hazy sunshine, not the marine layer. 60's and mainly 70's at noon. we will have 60's around san francisco, 70's around the bay. those will fall back into the 80's and mainly 70's by 7:00. nothing extreme, just the high fire danger is the extreme. how much longer that will last and a cooling trend if you have outdoor activities. jobina: good morning. we will begin on oakland, 880 at the coliseum. headlights traveling south. everything's looking good. yesterday we had a lot of problems, not the case for the early commute. san jose -- 280 in san jose
5:43 am
looking clear. you can tell there are two. i have some drive times. antioch to concord, 15 minutes. all denny's pancakes are made to order
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with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack is a patriot. fresh, sweet and full of freedom. new red, white & blue pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at denny's.
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kumasi: some terrifying moments at cedar point amusement park in ohio. we are seeing body camera footage as paramedics rushed to treat a woman who was hit by a piece of metal that flew off of a ride. this happened on sunday. the woman was waiting in line for the top the real dragster. a cedar point spokesperson says that the middle became disengaged from the ride as it was ending its run. the witness saw the piece fly through the air before people started screaming and running to
5:46 am
get out of line. >> it honestly looked like a bigger version of a jenga block. it was scary is the easiest way to put it. kumasi: the woman had to be taken to the hospital by paramedics. there's no word on how she is doing. the ride is closed as officials investigate. a man wanted in connection with the murder in florida is in custody in san ramon. video showed a heavy police response between briar oaks and -- drive yesterday. a shelter-in-place had to be issued as officers were holding for 22-year-old sanchez. he was detained just before 8:00. reggie: mandatory water restrictions could be coming to california. abc 7 was in santa cruz county as governor newsom checked out the aftermath of the lightning complex fire. his focus was on wildfires but
5:47 am
the attention quickly shifted to the drought gripping much of our state. >> you ask about mandy terry at the moment we are doing voluntary you ask about mandatory. at the moment we are doing voluntary. october 1 we will likely have more to say by the end of september as we enter urnt.tially the third yr re a drought emergency has been declared in 50 of california's 58 counties. kumasi: if you need water in marin county a recycled water is open today. recycled water can be used for watering trees, gardens, lawns, or to wash outdoor furniture. you can't use it for drinking, cooking, bathing, or swimming pools. the station will be open mondays, wednesdays, fridays from 10:00 to 2:00 located in san rafael on armory drive. california senator touti touti i
5:48 am
senates infrastructure bill which includes 2.5 billion dollars in funding for electric school buses. he is a cosponsor of the clean commute for kids act to transition much of the nation school bus fleet to zero emission vehicles. the house is expected to take up the bill next month. it would help this tricks like oakland unified which plans to have an all electric bus fleet by 2025. reggie: dunkin' donuts released its menu starting today. they have pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin cream cold brew, and pumpkin muffins. they have apple things. they are offering a apple cranberry refresher and apple cranberry coconut refresher. tell me how that goes together. apple cranberry coconut? kumasi: i am more concerned about the refresher part. it is fall, i want to be cozy and warm. reggie: it is also august.
5:49 am
kumasi: it makes me feel good thinking about fall and blankets. reggie: i want to be on record saying that the pumpkin tastes artificial to me. mike: it usually is. reggie: i don't need it. i am also wearing an orange tie. the marketing is getting into my brain. i am also drinking a spiced apple tea. don't listen to anything that i say. [laughter] i have told you before that i'm very susceptible to marketing messages. even if my brain says one thing my body says something else. [laughter] mike: it sounds like a case study. i think of apples a lot in the fall. that is when i go pick them.whes when people think summer is over even though it is still summer. we have smoky sky and a high
5:50 am
fire danger. the clouds will try to develop at the coast. our coolest highs and a blue sky will return this week. you can see we are in a bowl of dry air coming down. you can see it from the north dragging some of the smoke. we are pretty close to average. 82 at san jose. 76 in palo alto. 68 at half moon bay. near 70 for downtown at south san francisco. mid to upper 60's along the north bay coast. moving into the valleys, 82 in napa. 90's cloverdale northward. 78 in hercules. oakland, 75. inland, 90 in san ramon and pleasanton. 91 in livermore.
5:51 am
more of the state is in the red flag warning and the high fire danger. you can see the red stretching into the northern part of the sacramento valley and close to be s smoky. they will get a break for a day or two before the smokiness returns this weekend. let's look at my accuweather 7 day forecast. the smoke lingers, and so does raises in the hills. cleaner, warmer, calmer on friday. below average saturday and sunday. kumasi: firefighters are putting in long hours as they try to get a handle on the dixie fire. in some instances they are working around the clock every now and then they have a little fun. a strike team from the bay area got to hang out with a st. bernard puppy. the dog's owner is an evacuated sheriff's deputy named oliver charles. he was happy to have the
5:52 am
company, as were the firefighters. reggie: mystery in the sand. families from all over are showing up to see what is washing up on a beach in oregon. kumasi: actor daniel craig has revealed what he is planning to do with his money before he dies. reggie: make this the summer you taught them what it means to serve. the summer of hauling happiness by the ton. and bringing home hardware by the handful. where traditions were passed down on the tailgate. and the only thing more powerful than the feeling was the truck that took you to it. make this the summer of ram.
5:53 am
right now, get 0% apr financing, or well-qualified returning lessees can lease the 2021 ram 1500 for $309 a month. ♪ ♪
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kumasi: in the east bay and oakland skyscraper that is an icon of the downtown skyline has a new owner. the east bay time is reporting cafornia she4-or ofower r estate ptn'thn street and 12th street. the price tag is more than $327 million. details involving san
5:55 am
francisco's cliff housebuilding. the national park service which owns the building hopes to accept proposals for potential tenants this fall. the cliff house closed last fall. the new restaurant is expected to open next year. the communications director for golden gate national recreation area says that despite the challenges wrought by the pandemic they are committed to inviting the public back to this unique and beloved space. reggie: daniel craig plans to give away all of his wealth before he dies because he finds inheritances distasteful. he is worth millions of dollars. that money will not go to his two daughters when he passes away. he told the u.k.'s magazine that his philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before you go. his last bond movie no time to die is set to be released in october. mike: let's look at what is going on. we will start with the red flag warning and give you an update.
5:56 am
high fire danger, critical fire danger because of northerly wind gusting up to 55 miles an hour, humidity levels down to 10%, and nearly record dry vegetation until 3:00. for lake mendocino and solano counties it is until 8:00. let's look at the winds. you can see they will increase throughout the morning into the early afternoon, then taper towards sunset. they will reload in the north bay where they will gust all night. you can see they will move through most of the bay area the early afternoon hours. the red flag warning may be extended. kumasi: say goodbye to smoking. one bay area county considering banning smoking and va ping of all kinds. reggie: a differt kind of smoke. the race to evacuate a road.
5:57 am
kumasi: two of the state's top doctors saying that there is a light at the end of the tunnel as far as covi
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. >> developed really quickly and has outpaced the models. >> people are panicking for sure. kumasi: top stories at 6:00 -- running from wildfire.
6:00 am
this limits blaze giving families in the foothills very little time to react this morning. firefighters already stretched thin. reggie: plus, feeling the impact of fire danger here. nearly 10,000 northbay customers left in the dark. we are live with areas this power shut off could touch elsewhere today. kumasi: and a big day on the vaccine front, booster shots for americans. the cdc has set its meeting on the issue. reggie: it is august 18. you are watching abc seven mornings on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with the forecast. nick: the big story, the fire danger in the east bay hills, the northbay mountains. that beast -- that is until at least 3:00. 8:00 in the critical fire conditions


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