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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 18, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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we're back, now, with a coast guard we're back, now, with a coast guard rescue off northern california. crews say a woman in this sailboat accidentally swallowed antifreeze. the vessel was spotted about 400 mles offshore. she and her father were a few days into a trip to hawaii. united airlines reminded staffers they should not duct tape unruly passengers. the memo followed incidents on frontier and american where flight attendants taped unruly fliers. united is reminding staffers to use standard de-escalation methods. the fda says there's been 3,900 unruly passenger reports this year with 70% related to masks. now, to a frightening ordeal for a woman waiting in a line at
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an amusement park in sandusky, ohio. she was hit by a piece of metal that fell from a ride. abc's megan tevrizian has more. >> reporter: an investigation under way, after a terrifying scene at an amusement park in ohio. >> tell them to stop the ride. stop the ride. >> reporter: witnesses calling 911, after a woman waiting in line for a rollercoaster, was hit by an unidentified object. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> they need to send someone to cedar point. there's someone in bad shape. >> what happened? >> something flew off and they're bleeding. >> reporter: the ride was about to end sunday night when a small, metal object, detached from one of the cars and hit her. >> someone got hit in the head by a big object. that's all i know. >> someone got hit in the head by a big object? >> yeah. people are screaming and crying. >> reporter: the popular ride is 420 feet tall and goes from zero
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to 120 miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds. >> i need to go back to shore. >> reporter: police releasing body camera video showing the panic in the aftermath, while paramedics rushed the woman to the hospital. witnesses say the object was the size of a football. >> we saw it fly off. the top of one of those things and shot downwards. >> reporter: one parkgoer, a trauma nurse, was standing behind the woman when she was hit. >> we did the best we could with what we had. we didn't have supplies until e.m.s. arrived. we used other people's shirts to control everything we could. keep her safe. keep the scene safe. >> reporter: there's no word on the woman's condition. the ride is now closed while it's under investigation. it was last inspected by the department of agriculture in may. andrew? mona? >> megan, thank you. coming up, you feel that chill in the air? >> yeah. it's coming from my a.c. that's been on since may. but what about the aroma of
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♪ say do you remember ♪ say do you remember dancing in september ♪ we're two full weeks away from september. but this morning, we already have a reason for dancing. >> that's right. our favorite autumn seasonal flavor is making its big debut at one chain today. and our own will ganss can barely contain his excitement. hey, will. >> reporter: hey, mona. hey, andrew. do you smell it? it's in the air. picture the fall of 2003, you sip your first pumpkin spice latte and your whole world changes. if you're as basic as i am and love that fall flavor feeling, today is your lucky day. pumpkin is back. at long last, it's back. >> no-foam pumpkin spice latte, with no foam, at 210 degrees. >> reporter: pumpkin spice season is upon us, people. >> that is so fetch.
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>> i know, right? the perennial fall fave of teen girls and beyond, officially back today at dunkin'. >> pumpkin spice latte. >> reporter: it's the earliest that dunkin' has kicked off the pumpkin spice season. >> it's become a cultural phenomenon. it's not about a flavor. it's when you're posting about pumpkin spice this or that, you're participating in popular culture. >> reporter: #pumpkinspice used more than 500 million times on tiktok alone. with all that interest, more brands than ever jumping in on the fall flavor frenzy. pumpkin spice dog treats. pumpkin spice cookie dough from nestle tollhouse. and cup noodles coming to walmart this autumn. really. >> this is what happens when marketers run out of ideas.
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pumpkin spice is a particular trend. you have two big brands dunkin' and starbucks promoting it, so heavily. >> reporter: starbucks introduced the pumpkin spice latte in 2003, igniting the pumpkin pandemonium that's been a hallmark of the season since. >> the irresistible nutmeg no-foam pumpkin spice latte they have been thinking about all day. >> reporter: why do consumers continue to come back and continue to get excited about this thing that's been around for almost two decades? >> the fall season is known for all these warm, snuggly feelings. we have been through so much the last year and a half. people just want to feel good. >> reporter: dunkin's pumpkin spice products are out this morning. starbucks has yet to confirm when its psls will be back. there's a good chance it will be august 24th. they have released the psl on the third tuesday in august. the at-home brews are in stores. if you think this is premature, luna bars peppermint flavor is
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on shelves. >> it's still august. what's next? christmas trees going on sale tomorrow? >> no one is complaining. >> the third weekend of august.
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♪ can't get over fall and pumpkin. even though it's not fall. >> i just want it to be the pumpkin to your pumpkin spice. >> it is time, now, for fall. just kidding. it's time for "this happened." starting with one restaurant worker surprise order with extra horsepower. >> it happened in hillsborough county. the sheriff's office made this happen, after it learned a worker was in need of a vehicle to get to work. >> the woman was shocked at the outpouring of generosity. she was taking an uber to work each day and walking home after. >> a local towing service donated the vehicle. probably changed her whole life. next, to really keeping your cool under pressure.
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>> this happened off the coast of the maldives. this instagram video shows a diver remaining calm. hanging out. and even zen. remaining motionless in the water. but you see what's around him, right? sharks. okay. that's a school of sharks. >> they're like, don't move. don't move. this may look scary. but experts say nurse sharks are mostly harmless to humans. mostly. >> except for when they are not. it just takes one. you know. okay. next, to dancing. like everyone is watching. >> this happened on a hot tarmac in florida. a flier waiting for a jet caught this on camera. >> that's an aircraft marshal breaking out some moves. the passenger tweeted the video writing, in a world that you can be anything you want, be like this guy. >> and southwest responded to the tweet, thanking the passenger for sharing this video. he probably has headphones and is just vibing. why not?
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now, to 101 toilet paper rolls. >> david rush has broken more than 200 guinness records to promote s.t.e.m. education. an now, the idaho man has broken another record. you see it there. a world record, for balancing 101 toilet paper rolls on a single roll, on his forehead. >> not going to lie, during quarantine, this is something i would have tried. it took a few tries before he figured out the best shape for the stack. >> it is a world record. was there a previous record of 100 and he was, like, what? for s.t.e.m. research, i will do 101. >> i want to know more about this. he is not the one stacking this. whoever it is, can you imagine to have that job to place it on there? it is like jenga, but the stakes are much higher. >> for his next trick, his next world record, how do you top that? >> that's where all of the
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toilet paper went during quarantine. >> panic buying.
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with kelly and ryan. today, comedian chris rock, and from cruel summer, actress olivia holt. plus, an ab workout with trainer jillian michaels, all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. what did she say to you before? well, we have some breaking news. i want to know. i'm going to tell you. hi, deja, -good morning. -hi, deja. good morning! i'm going to tell you what he said. i can't-- i really can't dance because my dress is too tight. i can't do it today. the moves are tight as well. those are tight moves. i just need to know. it is tuesday, august 17, 2021. before we get into that-- i'll tell you. what does michael gelman-- i've been noticing this troubling trend where he whispers something to you, i'm


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