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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 17, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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take your hand take your hands offer me. >> anger on display over a mask mandate at schools in baton rouge, louisiana. some folks were removed from a meeting at the state capitol after refusing to wear masks. according to the cdc louisiana now has the country's highest number of new covid cases per
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capita. breaking overnight the white house is expected to announce as soon as this week that americans should get covid booster shots eight months after they were fully vaccinated. i spoke with dr. rib ra about the vaccination. >> let's get right to brking news overnight. u.s. experts are expected to recommend covid booster shots for all vaccinated americans eight months after their second shot. what do you think about that timeline? >> i will say eight months sounds reasonable based on the data we saw coming out of pfizer and coming out of israel about how the efficacy of the vaccine wanes over time. i will say further that i don't think this news is particularly surprising. i think in recent weeks we have seen a few other countries announce widespread booster programs and israel has been doing to for some time. i think it's appropriate for the fda to take their time and review the data. based on the data that i have seen a move like this probably makes sense. >> looking towards the future does this mean getting regular booster shots will essentially be a thing and does that answer
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our question of whether or not covid is here to stay? >> i think covid is definitely here to stay and many of us in the public health community have been saying probably we will end in a situation where we will need to have nearly covid booster shots just like with the flu, that doesn't mean that dangerous variants and lockdowns and surges need to be here to stay. i think whether or not that becomes the case will depend a lot on our vaccination rates going forward. >> and every state is seeing surging cases, more kids are being hospitalized, states across the south are running out of icu beds. what are you seeing and what concerns you the most about this pandemic? what concerns me most is that we are this far along and only have 51% of americans fully vaccinated. that vaccination number is going to determine what the next few years are like for us in the united states. >> thank you. >> thanks so much for having me. nearly a dozen crashes connected to tesla's autopilot systems have sparked a federal
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investigation. the focus is on 11 accidents starting in 2018 which left one person dead and 17 others injured. an expert says cars with autopilot are not meant to drive themselves. coming up, the alligator attack. a how a quick thinking bystander leapt to the rescue of a handler who was pulled into the enclosure. but first how firefighters helped save this electrical worker. you're watching "world news now."
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find ways to help children feel safe at that's some terrifying moments in oxford, alabama. an electric worker was stuck 25 feet up at the top of his cherry picker after it made contact with those power lines you see there and sparked a fire. >> thankfully firefighters flung a safety net so he could jump to safety. the man was treated at the >> incredible. leg injury and there was another terrifying ordeal at a petting zoo in salt
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lake city. it happened during a presentation in front of a crowd including children. >> reporter: this morning dramatic video showing a child's birthday party at a zoo turning into a nightmare. >> during a presentation at a reptile center near salt lake city an alligator grabbed his handler by her arm and grabbed her into a water enclosure. the gator latching his jaw on her hand. immediately donny wiseman knew he had to help. >> when i seen her face coming up i just knew we had to do something. >> first trying to lift the woman out of the water. and then jumping into the enclosure. for nearly a minute the gator flashes them around then suddenly she's able to remove her arm from its jaw. a bystander pulling the handler
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out of the en closure while donny remains alone with te gator. >> i was just thinking to myself once she was freed i need to be out safely. i'm aware of what this thing can do. i just seen it firsthand. >> the center's owner says the handler was feeding the animal like usual, but that day the gator, quote, got a little spunky. the repertoire center releasing a statement on facebook reading, working with some of these animals has inherent risks that we as the staff accept. yesterday the sort of event we hope never happens happened. it goes on to thank donny and the other bystanders who sprang into action. their help combined with the training of our staff member probably saved her life and her limbs. the zoo says the handler underwent surgery, is taking antibiotics and is doing well and recovering. andrew, kaylee? >> megan, thank you. the owner says that the alligator is usually mellow, but it's a wild. h wgo.
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find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. you're going to say in front of coach david where he can hear you living it up on bourbon street is the best part about new orleans? >> yeah. yeah. sorry. >> so kaylee hartung in her former life as an amazing sports reporter that's a clip from -- do you remember that clip? >> i do, it was before alabama was playing the national championship and that kid got insomuch trouble for saying that to me. >> this morning we are letting her show off her sports chops and will ganss is here with more. >> kaylee, it's nice having a fellow sports fanatic in the house, you can tell i'm the real deal because i'm wearing this jersey, right? >> basically. >> you know. kaylee, literal sports reporter, sideline reporter did it all. andrew has bowled a 297, you
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guys, he's basically pro bowler. no one knows more about sports than me which is why i'm blintzing you guys, sports pun there, with a pop quiz right now. here we go. question one, the most expensive sports card ever sold pulled in 6.6 million bucks at auction over the weekend this weekend. who was on the card? was it tom brady? >> no. no way. i'm going for -- i think it's got to be a classic. >> older. >> is it like a mickey mantle? >> good get. classic was the right thought. the answer we were looking for, hone news wagner. >> that was my next gus. >> obviously. >> there's only 60 of these cards in existence, they have a white border, all it's very, you know -- but here is your bonus honus question while we are on the subject, what was honus wagner's nickname? >> the flying dutchman. lee pulng aheadn ga we go. ohio state's mascot is named
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what? >> brutus. >> brutus. >> covered some ohio state games. >> wow. this is really good, you guys. question three, in olympic indoor volleyball, one player is wearing a different colored jersey. why? >> you've got to get low. the labarrow, the one that gets low and you have to dig and you are in the back. >> i did not know that the shortest girl on the team which would be me, so, you know, my middle school volleyball days. >> middle school hole bailey coming in handy. question four, mark twain is commonly to have explain what sport as a good walk spoiled. >> golf. >> i just got a new set of clubs, let me put that out to the universe so that i actually use them. >> last question, who is the most followed american sports star on instagram? >> lebron james. >> good job. is that a tie? you guys are both -- >> i don't think so. i think i got crushed. >> you are both the mvp. >> all the glory. we will share t that's what good
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teammates do. >> you are the referee horks won and what do
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