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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 16, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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breaking news on "america this morning." taliban take over. chaos in afghanistan as extremists take the country. the scramble to evacuate americans still on the ground. thousands of u.s. troops redeploy redeployed. the new questions this morning about what comes next. >> facing backlash. the fall out this morning for president biden as critics slam his handling of afghanistan. republicans comparing the situation in kabul saigon. the massive earthquake in haiti. more than 1,300 dead.
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the new fears thiears this morn. plus, covid crack down. the new warning about fake vaccine cards. the staff shortage affecting schools across the country. and turkey trouble? why there could be slim pickings this thanksgiving. good morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> i'm kaylee hartung. we begin with the unfolding crisis in afghanistan. >> overnight thousands of people rush the tarmac at the airport in kabul. the state department says it will eva thousands of americans who have been living in afghanistan. >> there are no more americans at the u.s. embassy. the u.s. military used chinook helicopters to evacuate. >> president biden is facing
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backlash for withdrawing troops. the presiden t likelihood of the taliban over running the country was, quote, unlikely. alministration's response to the backlash. we begin with julia macfarlane in london. >> reporter: a catastrophic situation. so many terrified afghans on the tarmac in kabul. the u.s. military had to resort to shooting into the air. afghans and americans trapped in afghanistan watching as the taliban seizes criminontrol. ine country wh tib took over the palace in kabul.
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the taliban broadcasting as the ousted president fled the country. the u.s. embassy now shuttered and the american flag taken down. troops rushing americans and diplomats to the airport in kabul where thousands are trying to escape the country. >> pandemonium at the airport. individuals not at the airport who were told to shelter in place, unsure how they will get to the kabul. >> reporter: many american allies still remain. now as many as 6,000 u.s. troops deployed to help evacuate those left behind including embassy personnel, afghanistan interpreters and their families. >> the stage for today was set ten years ago. since bin laden's death we've seen too little progress by the
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afghan government and a stalemate on the at at the present time to explore diplomatic solutions. >> reporter: despite training and trillions of u.s. dollars it took little more than a week for the taliban to seize control of almost the entire country. >> we're talking about the taliban taking over afghanistan. al qaeda now runs the country as well. that's very 1999. that's the problem. >> reporter: now dozens of nations are calling for civility in the aftermath of the take over. 65 countries released a joint statement asking for the safe and orderly departure of nationals who wish to leave the country. >> i don't think it necessarily reverts back to 20 years ago, ght may.on know what theri to i
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>> reporter: abc news has learned that the u.s. has temporarily halted evacuation flights for afghan interpreters and their families according to two sources familiar with the situation. currently tens of thousands of afghans have applied for u.s. visas. it's understood the biden administration has been focusing on evacuating american personnel first. >> the security situation in afghanistan deteriorated much more quickly than anticipated. >> it's a new day in afghanistan. taliban fighters sealing the collapse of the nation. you must be in touch with people there. what are you hearing? >> it went from basically a serious concern about the withdraw of u.s. forces to they were fighting as i expected them
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to do all the way up to a few days ago when they were telling me as they were retreating to to kabul. >> president biden said the taliban overrunning the country was highly unlikely and the u.s. spent $84 billion training afghan troops yet here we are. what went wrong? >> i think the intelligence community was very clear this was not only possible, but probable. i think we saw this coming. it's a valid point to ask what have we done the last 20 years, spent billions of dollars and lost thousands of lives. the decision to pull them out lost all of that. >> what's your biggest fear about the future of afghanistan and the afghan people? >> my biggest fear is we now are going to have a safe haven for
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terrorist groups in afghanistan by an emboldened taliban that has billions of the u.s. dollars and equipment. we're seeing them moving in there right now. now to washington where president biden is facing growing backlash after announcing the troop withdrawal. the scene outside the white house sunday showing hundreds of protesters denouncing the taliban's take over. law makers are using the words failure, haphazard and chaotic. alex presha joins us with more. >> reporter: president biden is facing growing backlash, one congressman saying he has blood on his hands. growing pressure on the biden administration as afghanistan falls into the hands of the taliban. >> it's an unmitigated disaster. >> reporter: michael mchall
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delivering this fierce criticism. >> i think he'll have blood on his hands. >> reporter: it's not just republicans criticizing the biden administration. this congressman writing on twitter there's no way to hide it. this is a shame on this administration. withdrawal was never going to be easy, but it didn't need to come to this. >> this is what happens when american withdraws from the world. >> reporter: congresswoman liz cheney saying this didn't have to happen. she puts blame on the trump and biden administration. >> rand paul, donald trump, mike pompeo, joe biden view of the world is irresponsible. >> some members are outraged. kevin mccarthy calling this an
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embarrass to our nation. president biden has remained firm. he said he inherited the situation. he said he made the choice not to pass it on to a fifth administration. >> reporter: the biden administration continuing to defend its decision. >> we went to afghanistan 20 years ago to deal with the people who attacked us on 9/11. that has been successful. >> reporter: president biden is scheduled to be at camp david until wednesday. right now there are no plans for him to return to washington early. andrew? kaylee? >> alex, thank you. to this morning's other headline, the earthquake in haiti. the death toll has risen to 1,300. hospitals are overwhelmed struggling to help the thousands injured. it's the latest disaster for the tiny caribbean nation. now a possible tropical storm is bearing down on haiti.
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grace is expected to land later today. tropical storm fred is targeting florida. it's scheduled to reach the gulf as early as this afternoon. >> let's take a closer look at your morning weather. heavy rain pummelled austin, texas. the downpours led to flooding inside the state capitol. on the radar you can see fred swirling off florida's west coast. there's rain in parts of arizona. a flash flood watch in phoenix. it's dry in the northeast. 80 in new york. 89 from dallas to miami. triple digits in phoenix. also, coming up, the vaccine mandate going into effect today in one city.
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executive order because of a surge in covid cases. chuck schumer is calling for law enforcement to crack down on fake vaccine cards. he wants the justice department to prioritize cases involving the cards. >> the feds have to step up their efforts to stop this problemme problem. the department of justice must make sure fraud cases are prosecuted. >> new york becomes the first city in the nation to require proof of vaccination for indoor activiti activiti ativities. school districts are reporting an unprecedented school bus driver shortage. in georgia 5,000 kids were unable to take a bus to school. pittsburgh is delaying the start of school by two weeks because they don't have enough drivers. in lee county, florida 20 drivers quit because of maskless
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students. >> they might be a little afraid to go to work because of the children unvaccinated. we had 18 months of a break that a lot of these districts who ended up not keeping their bus drivers on the payroll, they found other jobs. >> some school districts are now calling back former employees. coming up, the latest on the unfolding crisis in afghanistan. the uncertain future for women in afghanistan under taliban rule.
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a breakthrough eczema treatment. back now with scenes of desperation from the airport in kabul, afghan residents race in the facility as gunshots rain overhead. thousands tried to take commercial flights out of the country. the u.s. embassy is advising citizens to shelter in place. >> fears for women and girls have increased, one out spoken woman nearly killed by the group as a child again is sounding the alarm about the return of the regime. >> we call upon our sisters around the world to be brave, to embrace the strength within themselves. >> she is education activist and beacon of hope for young women voicing concern this morning about the toaliban taking contrl tweeting i'm deep ly worried
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about women, global, regional and local powers must call for an immediate ceasefire and provide humanitarian aid and protect refuges and civilians. the 24-year-old human rights activist was on a school bus when she was shot in the face b nobel a paeace prize winner leading the voices. >> there's a lot of women who fought for their future with great courage and they will now be faced with the challenge of do you speak up against men with ak-47s of a different world view? >> the taliban ruled afghanistan for five years until the 2001 u.s. led invasion. in that time, the fundamentalist group banned education for girls and women, the right to work. and refused even to let them travel outside their homes without a male relative to accompany them. this morning, women and girls
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remaining brave. echoing her call coure. >> thehat the bullet would silence us, but they failed. >> i am not afraid of them. we are not the people who will you know, go back account to the dark era. i am a girl and i don't care about anyone. what should i be scared of? this is my homeland. my land. >> a spokes person said that women and young girls will be safe, we are already hearing reports of women being told to stay home and not go to work. >> and coming up the possible turkey shortage coming season. >> and how a teenager made $20,000
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♪ ♪ time to check the pulse and we begin with the looming threat to our thanksgiving dinner plate? >> americans may have to go without one ski staple ingredient this year. turkey. >> yeah, even though we are months away from thanksgiving. food retailers are expecting massive shortages of fresh standard weight birds this holiday season with some stores expecting a 50% cut in supply over last year. >> this is scary. >> a labor shortage in meat production as well as higher production costs are at least partly to blame for the drastic cut back. >> but if you want to go for the bigger turkey, like a 20 pound turkey. it's going to need six days to defrost. so good luck there and something new at the drive-in. detail. >> the first day-time drive-in movie theater. the theater can screen big films in the bright sun light. thanks to new technology and others are sure to follow. so, drive in theaters became popular again in the pandemic as a safe alternative to
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traditional movie theaters. >> i mean, a movie, any time. >> as long as there's no glare. i think we are n. >> and rodger federer's skills on the tennis court, they are well known. >> yeah, they are. he showed us again his talents are epic no matter the size of the playing surface. check out his hand-eye coordination on a ping tongpong table. he said back at it playing table tennises with his friends. we hope can he get more of federer back on the court soon. >> on the real court. >> and a 13-year-old in australia learning sometimes it pays to eat junk food. >> riley stewart found a rare puffed up chip in her bag of doritos and put it up for auction on ebay. >> the chip never sold by the listing was enough to get the attention of doritos that gifted her $20,000 for her boldness. >> okay. >> i don't know what to do except applaud that. >> now, so d onoritos has the cp
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♪ checking the top stories the u.s. military is now in charge of afghanistan's air space. as out tries to evacuate thousands from the country.afan and running out of options as the civican side of kabul's airport is closed. the afghanistan president fled the country amid the u.s. troop withdrawal. >> and gun violence took the life of a 7-year-old girl, she and her sister were shot while sitting in a parked car. the police don't believe the girls were the intended targets and no arrests have been made. a possible tropical storm is threatening haiti. grace is expected to dump heavy rain on the region and fred could reach the florida panhandle this afternoon. >> weather today, mostly sunny and scorching temperatureses s
4:28 am
the west. >> two louisiana brothers who turned their bus stop routine in to a hilarious tradition. >> almost every school day for the past two years max tingle has gotten off the bus to scenes like this one. his older brother, noah waiting to greet him as a clown. a hula dancer and gumby. >> it was in front of the bus, so, i was embarrassed at first and everyone started to like it. >> rain or shine, noah suiting up to make his brother smile. the siblings are a blessing to be able to spread our bond and just let people know how special that bond is between a brother and a brother, or brother a and a sister or sister and -- like, how special that is and how important it is to take advantage of it. >> that brotherly bond inspiring so. even channing tatum sharing the boys video on sunday saying this
4:29 am
is incredible. so my type of guy. the feedback at home just as positive. >> and both of my parents, say the same thing. this is just noah and max. so, they are all for it. >> a bond between brothers. even when one is a sister. >> are you able to prank him back at all? >> um, i have not really thought of that, but i probably will now that you said it. >> that's not on me though. that's not on me. max just starting high school this week. so noah had to adjust his usual pranking technique. waking max up in costume of course. >> up and adam. >> started off as a goofy thing but to put smiles on people's faces is the gist, i guess. >> so many on social media saying where does he get the costumes. he said since they have gone viral, almost most of them have been given as donations, it motivated him big time and makes it so much easier. >> i volunteer to go to my
4:30 am
hometown and deliver costumes for us. >> that' breaking news on "america this morning." taliban take over. chaos in afghanistan as extremists take the country. the scramble to evacuate americans still on the ground. thousands of u.s. troops redeploy redeployed. the new questions this morning about what comes next. >> facing backlash. the fall out this morning for president biden as critics slam his handling of afghanistan. republicans comparing the situation in kabul to the saigon. the massive earth


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