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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 14, 2021 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. triple threat. tropical depression fred taking aim at florida. the governor declaring a state of emergency. dangerous weather strikes the southwest. monsoon storms causing major flooding and heat and fire danger in the west. rob is on the ground tracking it all. third dose. the cdc giving the green light for some people to get an additional shot of the covid-19 vaccine, as intensive care units across the south fill up. north texas hospitals out of pediatric icu beds, plus, the positive cases among vaccinated carnival cruise ship. closing in. the ta
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the first u.s. troops arriving in the urgent rush to evacuate americans. what a four-star general is sayig about the situation this morning. deadly school shooting. the terrifying moments when a student opened fire at a new mexico middle school. one student dying in the gunfire. governor cuomo explains, speaking out for the first time since announcing he is resigning. why he says he decided to step down and what he thinks about impeachment. and laliga's big premiere. the spanish soccer league making its debut on abc and espn. star player gerard pique joins us live. what he says about the big match-up with former teammate lionel messi, plus, his life with shakira as he turned her into his number one soccer fan. >> barcelona! hey, good morning, everybody.
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happy saturday. whit has the morning off, but we're very happy to have trevor ault on the desk with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning, dan. it feels like a fever dream hearing you say that. >> we put trevor on that side of the desk and i will not be standing next to him because he's about seven feet tall. >> he is a lot taller than you. >> trevor, great to have you. >> thank you. we got a lot of news this morning. we're going to start with tropical depression fred bearing down on the florida keys. >> the storm threatening the state with heay rain and strong winds that marches up the gulf after battering cuba. >> florida's governor issuing a state of emergency for 23 counties with the state facing tropical storm warnings. rob marciano is in miami beach where they're starting to feel the effects. good morning, rob. >> hey, good morning. the pulses of rain have been coming through and winds picking up but the storm about 200 miles from where we are, about 77 miles from key west and the greater impacts today will be across the florida keys as this track has shifted to the west, that's not necessarily a good
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thing, because it will have more time over the gulf of mexico. very disorganized right now. just emerging off the coast of cuba and expect it to intensify as it makes its way into the eastern gulf of mexico later on today and tomorrow. now not making landfall somewhere along the northeastern gulf of mexico until monday or tuesday. hopefully below hurricane strength. we'll see as it has all that time over the water. we do have rainfall for the entire state of florida, 6 to 10 inches in spots that will cause some flooding. and right on the heels of this storm, as we get into the active time of hurricane season we have another tropical storm. this is tropical storm grace, over a thousand miles away but it's going to take a similar track to fred and be on the doorstep of south florida by the middle of the week and will be tracking that. >> rob, thank you. it's that busy time of the year. now we turn to the latest on the pandemic as the highly contagious delta variant spreads across the country, new covid-19 cases rose 18% this week. hospital admissions jumped 30% and reported deaths are up 21%
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since last week. the cdc has now given the green light for some people to get an additional vaccine dose and abc's elwyn lopez is in atlanta with the very latest. elwyn, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning. the cdc says that specific group of immunocompromised people make up less than 3% of the country's population but about 40% of those hospitalized with breakthrough cases. that third shot, a sign of hope for millions. this morning, a new round of covid-19 shots in the u.s. a cdc advisory panel recommending a third dose of pfizer, moderna for some people with compromised immune systems. >> the acip is continuing to discuss and deliberate the emerging issues with regard to duration of immunity as different variants emerge and right now we're focused on the delta variant. >> reporter: with some schools back in full swing, classrooms at the center of it all. chicago public schools man vaccines for all employees and
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in arizona, a phoenix high school defying the state's ban on mask students to mask up. one teacher filing a lawsuit to prevent the school from requiring masks as districts grapple with face covering rules, some parents say they feel forced to choose between education or the health of their kids. like former teacher and mom of two, jacqueline d'estries, her children testing positive. >> it's like i sent my kids to go get sick. that's what i did. there's no law protecting our kids. >> reporter: this as icus are filling up. in texas the lone star state's hospitals almost at capacity. one patient waiting more than two days for a hospital bed. >> wake up, get a clue, it is not like the flu. it is devastating our health care system. >> reporter: north texas hospitals crippled by the spike in cases, now out of pediatric icu beds.
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>> we still encourage parents to continue to bring their children to the hospital when they're sick. we will find care for every kid who comes to the hospital. >> reporter: the virus landing jessica gonzalez's 9-year-old son in the hospital. >> i was really scared for what was going on because he got really, really sick. >> reporter: hospitalizations in the neighboring state of louisiana hitting its highest point since the beginning of the pandemic. >> we are in a bad place and that's why we have to slow transmission and increase vaccinations. >> reporter: walgreens and cvs say they are ready to give out that third arm to needle. both companies saying you should be ready to prove eligibility. eva. >> elwyn lopez for us, thank you. for more we're joined by dr. camille nelson kotton, a member of that cdc advisory committee and clinical director of transplant and immunocompromised host infectious diseases at massachusetts general hospital. tanks for being with us this morning. i guess if you could start,
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how did you, the advisory committee, come to that decision? >> yes, so we have been looking at the literature, there's been some really interesting information that came to us from france and from canada regarding additional doses of vaccine for organ transplant patients, and we have known that they are more vulnerable to infection and at higher risk for severe and even life-threatening and even deadly disease, so we were happy to see the information that additional doses of vaccine provided them with a better level of protection and based on the science as always with the cdc, we pushed ahead and have recommended additional doses for immunocompromised patients including organ transplant patients but other people who have similar levels of suppressed immune systems. >> so i'm curious, what challenges remain even after tis approval?
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>> so we don't know that they will have full protection and we anticipate that some immunocompromised patients even though they have this additional dose of vaccine will still be vulnerable to severe infection. so we're hoping it improves the situation, but definitely won't be, you know, the be all, end all, and we are still recommending that people be as careful as possible, still wearing masks and social distancing, hand hygiene, the usual, but that we really hope that they have an additional level of protection and that this will keep them safer and healthier. >> this third shot is for immunocompromised patients, but do you feel this paves the way for boosters for everyone else sometime down the road? >> yes, so the distinction is that the third dose is really part of what we call the primary vaccine series for people that may not have had an adequate response, and that's various groups of people, bone marrow
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transplant, people on biologic therapies that suppress the immune system, people with active cancer on treatment, people with severe hiv or other similar situations, booster doses will be for those of us that had our primary series and over time our immunity wanes, and so we need an extra dose. we did finish the advisory committee on immunization practice call with a discussion about boosters, and i think that will be something we see in the near future, and i know that we will be having active discussions, and we're looking at the available data and deciding when we should all get additional doses. >> we will all be watching to see as that decision is made. dr. camille nelson kotton, thanks so much for being with us this morning. trevor. >> thank you both. now to afghanistan and the first u.s. marines arriving in kabul to evacuate the embassy as the taliban closes in on the capital. abc's julia macfarlane is in london with the latest.
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good morning, julia. >> reporter: hey, good morning, trevor. speaking on live tv, the afghan president this morning vowed not to give up, saying he was consulting with the international community. but with the taliban just miles outside of kabul, it looks like the afghan government is now on borrowed time. this morning, terror among families in kabul. the taliban now just seven miles outside the city where desperate families have fled for refuge. they wait in fear as western forces arrive to escort foreign citizens to safety. >> the deteriorating conditions are a factor, a big factor in why the president has approved this mission, to help support our -- the reduction of personnel there in kabul. >> reporter: a memo obtained by abc news orders all embassy staff to destroy all documents and devices left behind including items with logos and
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the u.s. flag, it warns, that could be used for propaganda purposes. just one week ago, the taliban had only one provincial capital. now they have more than a dozen as the west carries out contingency plans for a fall of kabu bthat thousands of afghans have fled for safety. 30ple fleeing ch week, nearly 250,000 have left e may, 80% of whom are women and children. gruesome reports that the taliban have carried out executions and mutilations and forced marriages for girls and women left behind. the u.s. has said it's committed to helping the families of some 5,000 afghans who worked for u.s. troops during the war, but the government is still scrambling to secure a location to temporarily house those refugees, and with the taliban closing in, time is running out. >> in making sure that women are the first people who are like, you know, attacked and who are like, you know, used
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as pawns in their own war, you build a life, and then it's just tarnished and torn into pieces in a few hours. >> reporter: the world in sbelih unonol. >> reporter: and u.s. army four-star general robert abrams who commanded troops in afghanistan tweeting, we pledged to make "it" better. the sacrifices, the loss of life, the gold star families, the number of lives changed forever with horrific injuries, visible and invisible. progress made but in the end, not sustained. heartbreaking. and even as the taliban continue their advance, the militants are sending a peace envoy from the city of herat. meanwhile, the hasty departure is drawing growing criticism overseas even from u.s. partners. one former british diplomat with decades served in afghanistan called it a betrayal. eva. >> julia macfarlane for us there, thank you. and the president and his administration are feeling the
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pressure from congress. abc's alex presha is at the white house with reaction to the taliban's gains. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, eva. president biden was briefed on what's being called a drawdown of the civilian footprint in afghanistan before leaving the white house on friday. his administration is insisting that this is not abandonment, that this is not an evacuation but you juxtapose that with these 3,000 troops, the bulk which the pentagon says will be in place by the end of the weekend, and then here at home the department of homeland security issued a new bulletin warning, the 20th anniversary of 9/11 could inspire terrorists and the bulletin also warns that domestic violent extremists have targeted religious holidays. responses to biden's actions on capitol hill split along party lines. mitch mcconnell is urging the administration to reconsider its strategy and use air strikes to keep kabul from falling. democrats like senator chris murphy have called biden's actions a necessary decision. what concerns for
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efrts. 15 senators urging the secretary of state to expand the special immigrant visa program to include certain government contractors, judges, journalists, scholars and human rights advocates, because right now it's only for afghan interpreters, guides and their families. and also we're hearing from house speaker nancy pelosi, she's asking for an all-members briefing on afghanistan when her chamber returns from recess the week of august 23rd. dan. >> alex presha at the white house, thank you. let's stay in washington and bring in abc news contributor tom bossert, a former white house homeland security officer. tom, good morning. do you think president biden made a misstep by giving a target date by saying exactly when we would be withdrawing from afghanistan? >> dan, good morning. he's made a series of missteps here, unfortunately, having to do with the timing of our withdrawal, but also i think more importantly with the objectives of our presence, and so he's now this month continued
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to say we weren't there to nation state build and not acknowledge some of the other more obvious kind of terrorism objectives of our presence there and the timing of this has led to a very predictable taliban resurgence. they now have over a dozen provincial capitals of the 34. >> yeah, it's a disturbing situation. to be clear, your former boss, president trump, he also wanted to get us out of afghanistan. and so i guess so that people can understand here, were there only two choices? was it either continue the long war or fully withdraw, or should there be something in the middle would have been wiser? >> yeah, i disagreed with president trump as well and i tried to give him my best advice and i think what i would do is offer that now to president biden. there's a lot of emotion here. you know, 2,500 american troops lost their lives, over 20,000 were injured, 170,000 killed civilians mostly in afghanistan in 20 years. this is something that's not
7:16 am
easy to resolve, but president biden is showing what i consider this continuation bias now, this desire to stick with the original plan despite all of the changing obvious conditions. he's kind of doubling down. what he needs to do is consider that we've not only withdrawn our support for the afghan military, who was our bulwark against the reconstitution of this global, you know, home base essentially for the violent islamic movement, and it will be the new rallying call for all of the global islamists that mean us harm and it's going to happen pretty quickly, so the strategy here was flawed. we can't provide the air support that we need to provide any longer, and president biden's going to have to reconsider that. >> a chilling vision going forward that afghanistan could once again become a haven for terrorists. tom bossert, thanks for coming on on a saturday morning. really appreciate it. trevor, over to you. >> thank you, dan. >> here at home, a student was killed in a shooting at an
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albuquerque middle school on ju the third day of school. abc's zohreen shah has the details. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, trevor. these kids hadn't been to school in months because of summer break and the pandemic and then a shooting sent them running for their lives. this morning, students and parents from this albuquerque middle school reeling after officials say a teenage boy shot another teen dead. at lunchtime friday albuquerque police responded to gunshots outside washington middle school's building. >> we have one juvenile, two gunshot wounds. >> reporter: they say two boys were arguing, then one allegedly pulled a gun and started firing. >> the student who fired the weapon is in police custody right now pending our investigation. the student who was shot has unfortunately passed away at this time. they were both approximately i believe 13 years old. >> reporter: students suddenly live running for that lives then sheltering in place for hours.
7:18 am
police arrested the suspect. the school releasing a statement saying, this was an isolated incident that occurred outside the school building during lunch. no other students or staff were physically harmed, but many of us are hurting. >> just a terrible day for this community, for aps, but i want to send out my thoughts, my prayers to all of our students, all of our families that are impacted by this horrible event. >> reporter: according to every town just this year there were 43 incidents of gunfire on school grounds resulting in 12 deaths and 19 injuries and, mind you, this is a year when most kids weren't even physically in the classroom, eva. >> disturbing details there, zohreen shah for us, thank you. let's switch gears now and get a check of our weather with rob who's in miami beach. a busy week in the weather department for sure. >> it certainly has been, eva. of course, we're tracking the tropical storms that are brewing
7:19 am
in the gulf of mexico and the atlantic but also the heavy rain that's been falling now in the resurgence of the monsoon flow, and this is what happened in el paso, texas, really on the eastern edge of that flow, 3 inches of rain falling in just an hour causing this flash flood. look at that. i mean that car being swept away, down that road, which was engulfed in what turned out to be a torrent of water. this is a storm drain, i mean that looks like old faithful. my goodness, how violent is that just from 3 inches of rain in an hour. couldn't obviously be handled by the drainage system there. more tropical moisture coming in with that flow and we got flash flood watches that are posted for southern arizona, southern new mexico and extreme west texas for the same sort of action we just showed you there and the heat continues in parts of the northwest. but 2 to 3 inches of rainfall expected in areas like phoenix. that's a check of what's happening.
7:20 am
>> all right, i know it's been hot in the northeast. you guys are finally getting a bit of a break so enjoy the slight cooling today. back to you. >> we appreciate the personalized forecast as always, rob. usually you resist that which is a source of resentment, but anyway, i do want you to stick around for one second because on a serious note, speaking of weather, everybody, if you thought last month was warmer than usual you were not wrong, the national weather service is saying that july 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded on the planet. the record for the hottest july
7:21 am
had been tied in 2019 in 2020, but that was broken this year. scientists say, quote, this new record adds to the disturbing the ieists are screaming climate from the rooftops, the planet is telling us everything we need to know, rob, climate change is here and getting worse. >> it is, and you know what, in the u.s., we actually were cooler than average in the south central u.s. and rained so much in the northeast that it felt like it was cooler but globally well up over the average, 1.67 degrees, so it is a strong signal, unfortunately, that climate change continues to accelerate, guys. >> we've got to take this seriously. thanks, rob. we'll come back to you in the next hour. >> we have how many historic wildfires going on right now all over the planet. we do have a lot of to get to. still dozens of breakthrough cases on a carnival cruise ship. what the cruise line is saying about its onboard protocols. plus, the second round of child tax credits are in the mail. who will be getting these checks
7:22 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. luz: good morning, everybody. the coyote fire is no 45% contained, down to 60%.
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this threatening homes near highway 29 in hidden valley lake. the sheriff has urged residents in the area to evacuate. calfire said it started yesterday as a car fire and then spread intve h burned 100 acres. now let's get a clouds building. some sunshine but you will notice the warmth today and behaves out there. 57 in upper elevations, near 100 and an homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed.
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what is cartagena? that is correct. from carthage, and what was your wager, matt? $30,000. whoa. >> welcome back to "gma" and who is matt amodio coming up in "pop." more on the newest "jeopardy!" superchamp and the breaking game show news on who will take over hosting duties come september in our second hour. he's been killing it. >> eva was complaining in the commercial break that he's doing so well. >> jealous, jealous. he's that smart. >> i don't need to watch "jeopardy!" to feel dumb already. >> the world is sending us signals all the time. we don't need to watch "jeopardy!" let's take a look at some of the other big stories
7:31 am
we're following right now. happening right now as the highly contagious delta variant spreads across the country, new covid-19 cases rose 18% this week. hospital admissions jumped 30% ea c rht now, ifyir scenin las vegas. part of a supermarket building collapsing. fortunately the store wasn't crowded at the time. four people were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries and authorities saying if it had happened later in the day, it could have been much worse. and parents, check your mailbox, check your bank accounts, the u.s. department of treasury started to disburse the second monthly child tax credit payments. more than $15 billion will be paid out to the families of about 61 million children. under the plan, eligible families receive as much as $300 a month for each child under 6 and as much as $250 a month for children 6 to 17.
7:32 am
>> a huge boost for many families in this country. we're going to begin this half hour, though, with the outgoing governor of new york andrew cuomo giving his first interview since announcing he's resigning. abc's phil lipof is outside the governor's new york city office with the details. phil, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it was a call to a "new york" magazine reporter. it lasted 80 minutes. inside that call the governor talked about everything from his future to his legacy, even said he felt philosophical just three days out of resigning his office, though he never spoke directly to any of the 11 women who are accusing him of sexual harassment. this morning, new york governor andrew cuomo is speaking out for the first time since announcing his resignation. in an interview with "new york" magazine cuomo says, i feel like i did the right thing. i did the right thing for the state. it is a stunning fall from grace after a state attorney general's report found sexual harassment allegations against him credible.
7:33 am
but with just days to go before leaving office, cuomo remains defiant telling the magazine he would win any impeachment case saying he would have made the state legislature look like a ship of fools, but he didn't want to put the state through that ordeal adding, i feel good. i'm not a martyr, it's just i saw the options, option a, option b. >> i take full responsibility for my actions. >> reporter: during his resignation announcement, cuomo maintained he never crossed the line. >> i have been too familiar with people. my sense of humor can be insensitive and offputting. i do hug and kiss people casually, women and men. i have done it all my life. >> reporter: the man who for years has highlighted his heritage is now being blasted for reframing the scandal as a cultural misunderstanding. >> there are generational and
7:34 am
cultural shifts that i just didn't fully appreciate. there is an intelligent discussion to be had on gender-based actions, on generational and cultural behavioral differences. >> reporter: now, as his political career seemingly comes to an end, new york state lawmakers announce they will suspend any impeachment investigation saying the state constitution does not authorize the legislature to impeach and remove an elected official who is no longer in office. still, the state assembly speaker revealing the investigation did uncover credible evidence in relation to the allegations. saying in a statement, this evidence we believe could likely have resulted in articles of impeachment had he not resigned. so what happens next for governor cuomo who in a matter of days will no longer be governor, well, you heard the state legislature is not pursuing impeachment which means technically he could run for public office in the future. in the immediate future he has to get out of the governor's
7:35 am
mansion, which, by the way, has had a cuomo in it for 21 of the last 38 years. trevor. >> this is going to be a radical shift, phil lipof, thank you. and it's time now for another check of the weather. our rob marciano in miami beach. rob, what do you got for us? >> we've got a little cooldown finally for the northeast. still be a pretty decent beach day, i think, for a lot of folks. let's take you to the jersey shore where the surf is up. quite nicely. but still clouds hanging around. thank you, surfline at seaside heights, new jersey, get out and enjoy. here's the cooldown. the cool front coming through pretty much right now, we have had intense storms that came through last night and then temperatures will really cool down tomorrow and monday getting to more seasonable levels, but still above average it looks like during the day today. and, of course, we're tracking -- what's going to be tropical storm fred again and got banged around in
7:36 am
cuba and re-emerging under a warning and getting into the gulf of mexico for a couple of days here to strengthen. at this point we think it will stay below hurricane strength. let's hope that continues to be the case but northeastern gulf of mexico coastline will be under the gun come monday and tuesday. that's a check of what's happening nationally weatherwise. this weather report sponsored by geico. got a couple of those lizards blowing around down here in south florida. you bet, all shapes and sizes. the raindrops from tropical storm fred. back up to you. >> not edible, rob, just for the record. >> i am hungry. that's a good point. i'll stay away. >> yeah.
7:37 am
thank you, rob. we'll come back to you later in the show after whatever -- anyway on "gma," dozens of breakthrough covid cases on board a carnival cruise ship. how they were handled on board. and the premiere of laliga on espn, star player and shakira's partner, gerard pique, live on "gma" to give you a sneak peek. we finally found the perfect house. yeah, we couldn't believe the deal we got. just lucky i guess. (sfx: airplane flying overhead) we're a little closer to the airport than we thought... (sfx: airplane grounded outside the house) at least geico makes bundling our home and car insurance easy. saving us so much money. -hi. -how was your flight? -good. -good. morning, ted. for bundling made easy, go to the tops of mountains. a li wl lived should continue at home.
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welcome back to "gma" and welcome back to "gma," and the breakthrough covid cases on board a carnival cruise ship. all those affected reportedly had been vaccinated and abc's transportation correspondent gio benitez has more from the new york city cruise terminal on how it may affect the fight in florida over vaccine passports. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, eva, good morning. all of those positive cases are now in isolation, but this is the largest number of cases we've seen since the cruise industry restarted operations right here in america. this morning, more than two dozen positive breakthrough cases aboard the carnival "vista" as it sailed through the caribbean and gulf. the belize government telling abc news 26 crew members and 1 passenger tested positive with
7:42 am
mild to no symptoms, all had been vaccinated. the ship left galveston, texas, for belize last saturday, those positive results coming in before the "vista" reached belize. carnival said contact tracing started immediately including notifying passengers on the previous sailing too. so far no other positive cases. >> a cruise is a place where you're going to be in close proximity with others for extended periods of time and so you have to think about the actual layout, what the policy is on this cruise line. >> reporter: on this ship, 99% of the crew members were vaccinated and 96% of the passengers. all unvaccinated passengers, mostly children, will be tested again before returning to the u.s. the cruise line telling abc news, the cdc's conditional sail order and our own protocols anticipate the potential for covid on board. and our procedures are designed to manage and mitigate any situation. this month, with the delta variant raging, carnival, princess and holland america announced they would now require
7:43 am
vaccination.s regardless of - >> vaccinated or not, you have to think about your risk. you have to think about where you are, who you're around and mask accordingly. >> reporter: the outbreak is sure to get more attention as florida's governor ron desantis argues against vaccine mandates on cruise ships. the governor facing off against norwegian in court. a federal judge ruling for now norwegian can require vaccinations from passengers in florida. and the ship is now arriving back in the u.s. this morning. but carnival says the next time any of their ships go out, all guests will have to show proof of a negative covid test before boarding, even, trevor, if they are vaccinated. >> the delta variant forcing these policies to just tighten and tighten and tighten. gio benitez, gio, thank you. and coming up on "good morning america," we have soccer star gerard pique joining us live with a preview of this season's laliga and the new ways that you can watch the games. that you can watch the games.
7:44 am
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♪ ♪ we're back now with a very special guest to mark a very special occasion. laliga, the top division in spanish soccer is coming to espn and select matches will also be airing right here on abc. so joining us is fc barcelona superstar player gerard pique. gerard, welcome. we know that tomorrow abc will air fc barcelona, your team, versus real sociedad. this is the first time a laliga match airs on broadcast tv here in the u.s. so what does it mean to you to get this moment to see the popularity growing here in the united states? >> it means a lot for us.
7:48 am
we understand it's america, u.s., it's a very important market. soccer is growing a lot and to be able to be on a lot of television wat first game off laliga, i think it's very impta again real sociedad. 46 obviously as a club, as a team we will try to win, not just the game but the whole competition. but the fact that, as you said, we will be on there in america, it's very important for us. >> of course, one of the big sory lines here is that your team just lost lionel messi regarded by a lot of people as maybe the best player to ever step on the pitch. i know you've said that about him. after a recent match against juventus, you said that your team felt inadequate without him. how are you guys working to move forward? >> it's tough, pretty tough. at the end of the day, lionel
7:49 am
messi for me and most of the people is the best player, not just right now but in whole history of the game, so to lose him, obviously, we are losing a lot of talent, but we will have to adapt ourselves to play without him, as i say, sentimentally it will be very difficult, i've been sharing dressing room with him for more than 13, 14 years, and it will be very tough, but we are professionals, we understand that this sometimes happen. i hope that he will be very happy in paris but as for barcelona, we have to start playing tomorrow, start winning and try to play the best level we can with the players we have right now. >> we know that the sport has seen its american fan base grow substantially in recent years. there are still some americans who have not yet come around but you have a little experience
7:50 am
with that in that your long-term partner shakira said she was not a big soccer fan before she met you. have you been able to change that, and do you have any strategies we can use to help out with americans? >> no, i mean, it's been great, all the journey with her since the first day, it's been fantastic. i mean i love her so much, and she has teach me a lot. i remember our first days when we met before we fell in love in the world cup of 2010 in south africa, and, of course, she's a superstar. she's well known all over the world, and for me i was very young, i started my career at that time, and, yeah, we we started the relationship. it worked very well. it's working amazing. we have two incredible kids.
7:51 am
she's still making amazing songs and i'm still playing football so, yeah, our relationship is very strong and a very beautiful one and i hope it can continue until the end. >> about as powerful as a power couple can get, gerard pique, we appreciate your time and we can't wait to watch you play hree in the u.s. and you can catch barcelona taking on real sociedad tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. right here on abc. we will be right back with our "play of the day." trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ it's a new dawn... ♪ if you've been taking copd sitting down, it's time to make a stand. start a new day with trelegy. no once-daily copd medicine has the power to treat copd in as many ways as trelegy. with three medicines in one inhaler, trelegy helps people breathe easier
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♪ "good morning america" is ♪ "good morning america" is sponsored by ancestry. there's strength in every family story. learn more about yours. all right, we are back with our "play of the day." this is my kind of sports story. olympic swimmer caeleb dressel has five gold medals to his name from tokyo, but the real star in the family may be his dog. caeleb showing off the swimming
7:56 am
skills of his labrador retriever pup jane even starting on the block like a true olympian and doing a quick 25-meter run barking the whole way and caeleb posted it to his instagram writing, quote, someone check the time to 25. she's built to float. not for speed. >> as if the guy couldn't be more all-american. he has to roll out the adorable dog. >> he's very likable. "gma's" two hours now on saturday. coming up fred taking aim at florida with strong winds answer and heavy rain. rob will have the latest. saturday. coming up fred taking aim at florida with strong winds answer heavy rain, rob will have the >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everybody. i am liz kreutz. service plan changes go into effect today. a 16 bus routes have been restored from 5:00 p.m. until midnight, and those including the metrorail, 31 balboa, 52
7:57 am
excelsior, and 66 plan tara. resources previously tied up by covid-19 restrictions, like removal of the cleaning regiment, were able to be redistributed, so that service could be expanded. next month, cable car service is expected to return. back at the fairgrounds, after nearly a two year absence, being there is a victory for merchants who. struggled the last year and a. half >> just feeling like we are back to living and being able to build our business again, and consumers being able to support their local businesses has been just a really inspiring impact for us. liz: the festival continues today, 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., and 10:00 until 4:00 tomorrow. general admission is nine dollars. let's get a check of the weekend forecast with meteorologist lee sergeant. lisa: closer to the bay- lisa
7:58 am
argen. lisa: closer tolisa: the bay, we have the fog. the atmosphere is a little hazy. clouds inland is where air quality good around the bay area now, but as you look at the typical spots, northern california to the sierra nevada, we certainly have the wildfire smoke. liz? liz: all right, lisa, thank you. liz: all right, lisa, thank you. the news contin (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood so my doctor gave me farxiga. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure. do not take if allergic to farxiga. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. stop taking and seek medical help right away.
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good morning, america. w is mic on thtropics. pumm fre ph florida waking up under a state of emergency while flash flood warnings are issued in the southwest and that west coast heat fuels more wildfires. there's a lot going on and rob is right here tracking it all. another round. the cdc officially backs a third vaccination shot for immunocompromised americans. this as the delta variant continues to sweep through states, hospitals sounding the alarm. icus on the brink. while school standoffs over masks and vaccine mandates press on.


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