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and that's "nightline" for tonight. you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you same time next week. thanks for staying up with us. have a great weekend. good night, america.
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-- building a better bay area. >> we are preparing to get people to booster if they need it. ask an endorsement of covid booster shots. the cdc has signed off on a third dose for some people with compromised immune systems. >> bay area walgreens stores say they are ready to administer the shot. >> we are going to be ready to do it right away. >> dr. fauci says teams are studying real-time data on everyone else. determining how much immunity tapers off before deciding whether the population will get them. the cdc does not recommend them for any other population at this time. cancer survivor jerry got both pfizer shots, but doctors could
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not determine if she had antibodies. she got her third shot today. >> i am so relieved. not only for myself but for the thousands of other patients who will have the opportunity to get the booster shot. >> the chance of a transplant patient getting the breakthrough infection is 82 times higher. as of hospitalized. >> more likely, likely, likely,l one. >> in the easteasteasteasteastet county announced emergency personnel will have to provide proof of vaccination. >> any staff responding to field
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calls at high-risk facilities, going to hospitals, nursing homes. going to jails, homeless shelters. >> if they do not provide proof, they will have to go to testing. professional on appointments are still available. >> as covid cases rise in the bay area, at home testing kits are becoming a hot commodity. our reporter tested out several and spoke with experts about how accurate they are. >> as the delta variant surges across the country, at home tests haveec a $24 and take just minutes to use. we found plenty in stock. >> after using tens of thousands, we have a lot of confidence in the results. >> he is a biochemistry professor and copresident.
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they ran a study of the -- atatt the bart station comparing tests. >> we found the sensi 99%. >> the test is so effective, it is all they use at the testing site. each of them have tw have tw hav inside. we will in box them and see how they work -- unbox them. this is the test card. there is a solution it comes with. you take it and you put six drops in the top hole. insert it into the card. close the card and wait 15 minutes. my colleague used a test with similar components any different set up. >> they do genetic material, they detect
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the actual proteins that make up the virus. antibodies react in a paper strip and turn color. wax after a few minutes, we got our results, both negative. >> there is still some concern, you want to be thoughtful about how to use it. >> the stanford emergency room doctor says they are a powerful tool. you can quarantine right away rather than waiting 48 hours or so. >> it is giving people the ability to get information at home, closer to real-time. decreasing the burden on the health care system. >> the fda authorized both tests for emergency use. >> one week from today, san francisco will require proof of vaccination for indoor activities. the easiest way is a digital vaccine record from the state. melanie woodrow said the process
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had not been the -- found the process is not been easy for everyone. wax californians have options. we can carry your vaccination card with you. take a picture of it in your phone, or register it digitally with the state. he figured the last was probably the safest. >> the state and potentially the country is headed that way. i wanted to be in the system as opposed to having this card. >> they both received the pfizer vaccine. >> for registration went very swimmingly. when i entered my information, there was an error. it was not linked properly. >> this person had a a experience. >> everything came out correct. i was done within five minutes. there were no problems. my parents were not so lucky. >> when his mom tried to register, only one dose came up.
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>> the second dose is completely missing. with my dad, the two dates are flipped. >> the department of public health declined an interview, but said more than 2.5 digital -- 2.5 million digital records to date have been delivered. when there is a delay in someone retrieving their record, it is due to missing or incorrect contact information. and therefore is not in the state system. when a vaccinated person enters into the portal, it may not match the information someone else entered. they recommend using the virtual assistant tool. that is what worked for sheldon after he uploaded his id. >> i got the code. >> his parents but they are still waiting. >> the sense of urgency,
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especially in a pandemic, they will try to fix these problems more faster than other state programs. >> chevron, return to the office. employees were supposed to be back next month, but the rise in cases is postponing plans. if you have questions about the covid-19 team. >> developing news, a new wildfire threatening homes in lake county. the lake county sheriff has urged residents to evacuate. it has burned 100 acr acr acr ar 60% contained. >> calfire crusade they are
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working to aggressively protect homes in the path of the dixie fire. it is 31% contained tonight. at last count, 585 homes have been destroyed. the firefight has been challenging, with erratic winds and strong gusts fueling the flames. smoke continues to drift over the area. air-quality advisory has been extended through the weekend. >> let's get to our meteorologist. >> the reason why that was extended is because the air-quality is going to be impacted. take a look at the smoke and haze. we not only saw the grayish brown is sky but the sunset was redder. the current air-quality, most of you are good. the worst of it near the oregon california border. because of those wildfires.
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the air-quality advisory through sunday, moderate for saturday through monday. perhaps a sign of good air-quality tuesday. napa and fairfield, still watching those drops for you. dan: smoke mdan: smoke mdan: smm to thousands of extra covid cases and debts in california, organ, -- and debts in california, and washington -- deaths. we talked with one of the co-authors of the study. >> this new consequence, new very grim consequence of climate change. we have climate change leading to fires, leading to smoke from fires. leading to increased inciden
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ts. >> sonoma county someone of the biggest impacts and an increase in cases. room, one in the kitchen and one in the master bedroom. >> sellers may be spying on house hunters, is it legal? dan: isn't that nice? the smooth sounds of jazz in the south bay. >> another burden to bear cub has been rescued. why this one is extra special. dan: all that is coming up. here's a look at what is ahead with jimmy kimmel live. >> please watch the show or they will not calm my lunch. >> i learned a few things in italian like, can i please have an iced latte to go?
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i would be like {
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>> when you are looking at a home for sale, someone looking at you. the hot real estate market has brought wld with quick internet access and tiny cameras,t is a good idea to conduct business as if you are
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always being watched every >> there were three of them. one in the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. >> he is talking to me from his newly purchased home. he spotted cameras. >> did they tell you they were there? >> no, i spotted them on my own. >> with a obvious? >> -- where they obvious? >> not the one in the master. i am looking around to where i had seen them. one was by the fireplace over here. not to be honest with you, it was not as obvious as you would think. >> he was pretty understanding, saying he gets it. sellers are vulnerable to theft. >> we commissioned a survey where we asked sellers if they had ever used a hidden camera to spy on potential homebuyers.
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three and 10 are willing to admit, yes, i have used it to spy on someone. usually when they do do it, they say they want to get the down low on what is happening. >> for many, spotting atting ata a side benefit. cameras are sometimes deployed to get the upper hand in negotiation. >> i have seen some things that look like cameras. just looking around. i am very mindful. >> mindful what she says, good or bad, about a property. she has been looking for a house, too. has she thought about them? >> no, but now that you mentioned it, i will be a little more vigilant. >> is this legal? >it is generally believeou can shoot video without any problems, but a lot of times you need permission to record audio. sellers need to be careful, too.
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dan: good advice. fairyland in oakland is warning customers they were victims of a ransomware attack read data was locked and they were forced to pay a $5,000 ransom. customer names were accessed but not exposed. >> governor governor governorg off his campaign against the effort to recall him. abc 7 news was at the event and the mission where several prominent credits joined him. during the speech, he zeroed in on larry older. >> elder. >> he is to the right of donald trump. to the right of donald trump. that is what is at stake. don't think for second you cannot do damage. >> he is working with vice
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president kamala harris to make a campaign appearance on his behalf. dan: in the south bay, jazz is back. san jose summerfest kicked off. ♪ >> jazz fans gathered to celebrate the return of live music to downtown san jose. >> it started 31 years ago as a free event about building community and using music to do that. it has become a beloved tradition and san jose. >> the 31st san jose jazz summerfest features more than 35 artists,ot outornds. thin s as -- headline is judith hill. >> i am excited to get back into this and be in communion with audience. it is a long time since i have
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looked into audience members. >> ticket sales would -- ha been stronger with the comments folks are making, appreciating to be able to reconnect with friends. plan a weekend with some music. dan: isn't that fun? music starts at 2:00 p.m.. tickets are still available. it is a fun time outdoors. the question is what will the weather look like? ama: and the air-quality? >> it will be warm. the air-quality, it will be acted. let me show you what the temperatures will look like in a minute. first, let's talk about climate change. july, 2020 one, going down and the record books as the hottest month in record.
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on the subject of heat, we have an advisory. 1:00 p.m. until 8:00 sunday. up to 180 degrees. make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. i want to show you a beautiful view from our camera. i will backtrack so you can see it. fog, haze and smoke color. let me show you where the tropical moisture was coming from. remnants of a tropical storm streaming into our area. sprinkles in napa and fairfield. here is what i expect. a couple more sprinkles going into early tomorrow morning. other than that, mid and high-level clouds. it is mild to warm outside w 60's and 70's for most of you. as you look at a life picture, we do have some fog in the city.
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hazy skies heating up. a live look from the east bay hills, a little bit of fog but it has compressed. air-quality, everyone over 50, you want it to be over 50. north and east bay will have the highest concentration. it gets better in the evening. sunday afternoon, smoke settling across the region. in the upper parts, heavier smoke. high clouds for your weekend plans. temperatures in the morning in the 50's to 70's. for the afternoon, here is what it is going to look like. morgan hill, 88. 81 in palo alto. downtown san degrees in the north bay. low to mid 90's from san rafael
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to santa rosa. 79 in oakland. 100 in antioch. hazy skies, hot inland. still hot sunday. and then temperatures begin to back off by tuesday, wednesday we will be back to average. overall, nice looking
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ama: eight badly burned bear clinging to a tree was rescued. the 12-year-old male was found monday. he was taken to a rescue center. the rescue came in the same day they were celebrating smokey bear's birthday.
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glad he is in good care. dan:
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>> sports is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> ryan crawford having a career year. a two-year, $32 million extension. former 49ers smith will work for espn. giants jump on the rockies. the free run blast out to remember connor joe? open the season to start 2019. suddenly this is a one-run game. the skipper, a little nervous. fear the beard. that is your ballgame. giants hang on to win 5-4.
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the streaking 80's in arlington against the rangers. tied 3-3 in the sixth. for our bia of the month.the mo. they make three errors in this game. every rangers cord. 31 blast. matt only his 29th. d.j.d.j.d.j.d.j.d.j. pete-six, rangers. thethethethe against the chiefs.
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the game. >> i think he will make the team. he knows a lot of eyes will be on hand. just like practice except they can hit you. >> seven-game ueae vancouver crd on it. warriorswarriorswarriorswarriora the one plate you have to see. jonathan coalinga, crossover with authority. the summer warriors beat okc.
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ama: that is it for tonight. we thank you for watching. dan: we appreciate your time.
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right now, jimmy kimmel live the guest ♪ >> hey, bay area. it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, it's time to indulge. ayesha curry's sweet pleasures.
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>> we're run by women, but we're for the people, so there's something in here for everyone. >> unique cakes that give back. it's not just a blip. this is people's lives on the line, and big change needs to be made. >> sourdough bread with a twist. >> starting this became a way for me to express myself. i've never seen a black baker in my entire life. >> traditional filipino treats. >> all our products are 100% handmade, handcrafted. >> but first, sweet treats. ♪ >> it's a ball of freshly fallen snow in gorgeous colors and bright flavors. in my little corner of the world, in the northern edge of boston, it's called slush. it's not shaved ice. we don't start with a big block of ice and then shave it down. it starts as a liquid, and we freeze it up until it's exactly
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the consistency that we want -- soft, but it's firm. it is "lickable" like ice cream. >> amy's wicked slush is like nothing you've tried before. you're immediately hooked. it's just so good. and the kids can't get enough of it. >> oh, my gosh, it's not me that loves it -- it's my grandkids. i take them here all the time -- big smiles. and then i always bring my own spoon, too. >> brings me right back to my childhood. >> it's that good that we come even when it's cold. >> the wicked slush is my favorite. and it's really sweet. >> it's the best stuff in the world. ♪ >> this is absolutely about my childhood in boston, for sure. on sundays, my dad would take me to get a slush. i was lucky enough to grow up around the corner from the best slush place ever -- richie's slush in everett, massachusetts. my mother was turning 70 and wanted to have a big family reunion back east as her birthday present. two days into it, we stopped by richie's. and by the time i got home, two
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days later, i made up my mind, "i'm gonna sell my accounting practice and open a slush shack." and there are a couple of companies that have most of the ingredients and supplies, and they're happy to share information, but you can only get that in, you know, six or seven flavors, the ones you would expect when you go back east -- lemon and cherry. and i was thinking, "but what if i want to make pear or fig or tangerine or guava?" nobody makes guava slush, and so i kind of became a little bit of a food scientist along the way, too, and now i can make almost anything. the other thing that comes from boston that you really can't get out here is soft-serve in multiple flavors. and so i started looking into that and developing that as well. and so we've tried a lot of things and kept the ones that worked and got rid of the ones that didn't.
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>> vanilla with blue raspberry. >> we found a new way to do something old and make it really cool, and then we opened our doors, and i looked up after two hours, and the deck was just filled. everybody knows we have slush and the soft-serve and the splits -- what you do that we have the best clam chowder you're gonna find. it is gluten-free because you should never thicken your chowder up with flour. and we have a meatball sub right out of the north end of boston. and we have the best hot dog you will ever have, and it's got nothing to do with the hot dog -- it's all about the bun. it's a boston style split-top buttered and toasted lobster roll -- absolutely to die for. i was trying to think of cute things to put on cups and napkins and t-shirts and that kind of thing, but that one, "life is hard, have a slush," really spoke to me, because while life is wonderful and i really -- i can't complain.


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