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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 13, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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otal game changer. learn more about the condition at tonight, breaking news as we on come on the air. the cdc director signing off on the booster shot. a third shot for some americans. the booster for immunocompromised people. what the cdc director, dr. rochelle walensky, said late today and what she added about boosters and everything else. the u.s. now reporting an average of 114,000 new covid cases a day. tonight, the hospitals at a breaking point. dallas for one with no icu beds now for children. the other major headline tonight, the first of 3,000 u.s. troops being sent back into afghanistan are now in kabul tonight. the taliban gaining ground. american troops expected to help remove personnel from the u.s. embassy there. and tonight we have learned americans at the embassy have been told to destroy sensitive
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material on site. ian pannell tracking late developments. and then stephanie ramos on the meeting with the president. back here at home tonight, the deadly school shooting on just the third day of school. the horrific images coming in now from a middle school in albuquerque and what authorities have just revealed. tonight, the track has now shifted. the tropical storm warnings up at this hour. where this system will hit the u.s. and when. and in the east at this hour, the severe storms from virginia, washington, d.c., up through new york. rob marciano timing it all out. the major headline involving new york governor andrew cuomo. the building collpase at a supermarket. reports of people injured. and the news on the legendary singer tony bennett. at the age of 95 what his family has revealed. good evening. it's great to have you with us
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here as we near the end of another week together. we have several developing stories. u.s. troops arriving in kabul. and the deadly school shooting here at home that authorities have just revealed. but we will begin tonight with the coronavirus and the key decision that will affect millions of americans. the cdc director signing off on a third dose of the pfizer and moderna vaccine to protect millions of immunocompromised americans. dr. walensky calling it an important step. she did address the question many have, will we soon see this for the general population? and tonight the worsening situation in several states. more than 80,000 patients hospitalized in the u.s. now. louisiana reporting its highest number of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic. and tonight, the alarming new headline out of dallas. they have now run out of icu beds for children. and with the school year just starting in many parts of the country, already more than
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10,000 students and teachers are quarantined for exposure to the virus. chicago tonight now among the major cities requiring all public schoolteachers and staff to be fully vaccinated. going door to door providing vaccinations and with the delta variant sweeping through so many states, the u.s. vaccination rate is increasing. more than 69% of 12 and older receiving their first shot. but we start with the approval for a third shot for millions of americans. mrcus moore leading us off from texas. >> reporter: tonight, the cdc recommending booster shots for those with weakened immune systems. the goal, to help boost immunity for people who may not have gotten enough protection from their first two moderna and pfizer shots. cancer survivor gerry mclaughlin
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got both pfizer shots, but doctors at the university of pittsburgh still couldn't detect she had antibodies. so she got a third shot today. >> i'm just so relieved, not only for myself, but for the thousands of other patients that will now have the opportunity to get the booster shot. >> reporter: the immunocompromised, like cancer and transplant patients, face greater risks. one study shows the chance of a vaccinated transplant patient getting a breakthrough infection is 82 times higher. and the risk of hospitalization, or death, is 485 times higher. dr. anthony fauci telling david they're now studying realtime data on everyone else. tracking how much immunity tapers over time before determining if and when the general population will get boosters. >> dr. fauci, obviously people at home are going to wonder, is everyone else next? >> what we're talking about is making a decision based on real data. and as soon as we find out that we will need to have to booster people, we're going to be ready to do it right away. that's really what the plan is. >> reporter: the cdc director saying late today the cdc does not recommend additional doses or booster shots for any other
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population at this time. with 80,000 covid patients, american hospitals across the south are sounding the alarm. in the last four days, mississippi has seen younger unvaccinated patients die. >> we've lost four healthy people in their 20s. two of them were pregnant, zero vaccinated. >> reporter: san antonio, texas, briefly running out of ambulances. dallas running out of pediatric icu beds. >> in dallas, we have zero icu beds left for children. that means if your child's in a car wreck, or more likely if they have covid and need an icu bed, we don't have one. your child will wait for another child to die. your child will just not get on the ventilator. >> reporter: a texas family is mourning the loss of 12-year-old ryland diac. they say he was healthy but when he got covid he declined quickly. passing away within days. in corpus christi, ems crews are >>ou feel ?orr:e rehe a
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ent do >> i feel like you should still wear your mask, even if you have both of your shots. >> reporter: today, chicago and los angeles mandating vaccines for teachers. with schools reopening, more than 10,000 students and teachers across 14 states are now quarantined for exposure to the virus. [ crowd chanting "my child, my choice" ] >> reporter: but some parents across the country are pushing back against mask rules. >> parents should have the right to govern their own children. >> reporter: in broward county, florida, schools are requiring masks and defying the governor's order. just days before the new school year, officials report three members of the teaching staff died of covid in just 36 hours. and marcus moore with us live tonight from dallas. marcus, the cdc director is explaining when the immunocompromised should get this third shot. >> reporter: yeah, david, the cdc director recommends
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it be given four weeks after the second. and that it's preferably the same vaccine. this recommendation coming just 24 hours after dr. fauci told us they're studying 46 looking at realtime data to see how immunity wanes over time and looking at whether everyone else will need one. >> marcus, thank you. the other major headline on this friday night, we've learned from the pentagon that the first of 3,000 u.s. troops to help get american personnel out of the u.s. embassy are arriving there. the taliban gaining more ground. the biden administration deploying thousands of troops to help with the evacuations of many personnel at the embassy. video tonight released by the taliban claiming to show them entering kandahar. 17 provincial capitals in the last week. we have also learned tonight that americans at the u.s. embassy have been told to destroy sensitive materials on site. and the pentagon was pressed
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today on why they're not calling this a combat mission. you'll hear how they answer. here's our foreign correspondent ian pannell tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with the taliban swiftly closing in on kabul, the first of 3,000 american troops are now there. >> troop movements that we mentioned yesterday are happening as we speak. by the end of the weekend, the bulk of the 3,000 that we talked about yesterday will be in place. >> reporter: the taliban taking four more provincial capitals now just 50 miles from kabul. explosions overnight in kandahar as the militants gained ground in the second largest city. this video released by the taliban purporting to show their triumphant entry. the taliban now controlling more than two-thirds of the country. the pentagon today asked about the militants' rapid takeover. as u.s. troops arrive to evacuate most embassy staff and visa applicants. >> we are certainly concerned by
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the speed with which the taliban has been moving. clearly from their actions, it appears as if they are trying to get kabul isolated. >> reporter: but the pentagon was pressed on why they're not calling this a combat mission. >> these soldiers and marines, they're fully kitted out. putting on night vision goggles, landing in kabul, taking positions at the airport. they're going to a combat zone, are they not? >> they're certainly going into harm's way, lucas, and they will have -- >> is this a combat zone? >> lucas, they will have the right of self-defense. they will be armed. and as i said yesterday, and i don't think i could have made it any more clear, that if there is an attack upon our forces, our commanders have now and always have had the right and responsibility to defend themselves. >> reporter: and tonight officials still insisting afghan forces can fight back. what proof can you offer as the taliban have taken over now vast
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majorities of the country and they've now surrounded kabul? >> that -- that the taliban have moved with the speed with which they have, and that the resistance that they have faced has been insufficient to stop those. to check those advances does not mean, lucas, that the advantages aren't still there. you have to use it. you have to be willing to apply it. >> reporter: afghans from provinces taken over by the taliban now fleeing to neighboring pakistan. others fleeing north, setting up encampments in kabul. speaking of the terrors they've already witnessed. [ speaking foreign language ] this woman saying the taliban forced her out of her home in zar begum. they killed her sons and married off her daughters-in-law. >> just horrific stories emerging. let's get back to ianpannell with us tonight. ian, all of this fast moving. we have two questions. what do you know about u.s. personnel being told to destroy sensitive items? i know you also sent in word
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that you're hearing tonight that the taliban is sending a peace envoy to kabul? what does this mean? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david. an internal notice obtained by abc news showing the embassy has instructed all u.s. personnel to destroy items like documents and electronic devices to reduce the amount of sensitive material on the property, including any items with u.s. logos or american magazines but separately perhaps a glimmer of hope. we're hearing that a notorious warlord is being dispatched as their enjoy to kabul tonight to try to broker a deal. perhaps a glimmer of hope. david. >> yeah, thaps that could be a key development and you'll follow it for us, ian, thank you. we've also learned of a meeting with president biden being briefed on this situation before heading to camp david. it was our own stephanie ramos this week pressing the president on the taliban gaining ground and so quickly
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asking if his current plans for afghanistan had changed. the president answered no, and added he does not regret his decision to pull out u.s. troops. so let's get right back to stephanie. she is live at the white house tonight. what more are we learning about the president and where he is on this? >> reporter: david, we're told that the president was briefed by his national security team on efforts to draw down the civilian footprint in afghanistan. a source tells me the plan to draw out by august 31st still stands. i'm told if the taliban disrupts operations the u.s. will forcefully and decisively defend itself. but the white house is taking measures to prevent, detect, and respond to any potential terrorism threat, specifically in kabul. now, i'm told the taliban taking over afghanistan was a possibility discussed. the source also says it seems the president had two choices, indefinite war, or to draw down our troops after 20
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years and continue the u.s.' counter terrorism effort. david? >> and he chose the latter. stephanie, thank you. to the other news this friday evening. authorities on the horrific scene in albuquerque, a deadly school shooting at a middle school on just the third day. here's what authorities have revealed. here's zohreen shah tonight. >> reporter: tonight, tragedy as gunshots ring out at an albuquerque middle school killing one student. >> there's an active shooter, washington middle school. >> reporter: just before 12:30 albuquerque police responding to shots fired as students were on their lunch break outside the school building. that's when the suspect pulled out a gun and began firing several shots. >> we have one juvenile, two gunshot wounds. >> the student who has been shot has unfortunately passed away at this time. >> reporter: this was just the third day of school for students at washington middle school. as shots rang out, students running for their lives, sheltering in place for hours.
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police quickly arriving on the scene and arresting the suspect. >> an a.p.s. officer who was on scene and outside when the shooting occurred was able to rush over and de-escalate the situation and take the offender into custody with no further violence. >> reporter: terrified parents lining up outside the school, reunited with their children. officials say both the victim and the suspect were both 13-year-old boys. tonight, they're investigating what led up to this horrific shooting. >> zohreen, thank you. we're watching severe storms possible in the east tonight. and in florida the track has now shifted with that tropical system headed right for the u.s. this weekend. tropical storm warnings now up in florida. and take a look. the system heading up the gulf coast of florida and the keys. but there are other areas that could get hit with this. rob marciano is live in miami tonight. rob, this track has shifted a bit. >> reporter: yes, to the west. and that will give it more time over the gulf of mexico to strengthen.
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let's take a look at it now. it's a mess over cuba. very disorganized, but it gets back into the water tomorrow and will help it strengthen and will go over the keys as you mentioned and stays over the gulf of mexico, gets closer to hurricane strength, making landfall somewhere during the day on monday. and some tornadoes possibly as well. storms across the northeast, the last day of the heat wave fueling these storms and watches up for virginia, d.c. and baltimore that will usher in some cooler air but a rough next couple of hours. portland, excessive heat across there and the northwest. and another storm behind fred will be here in midweek. >> rob, thank you. we're going to move on to the major headline involving new york governor andrew cuomo tonight after revealing this week that he will resign in the coming days. we've learned the new york state assembly will suspend its impeachment investigation. so what does this mean? let's go right to erielle reshef who has been covering this right from the start. erielle.
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>> reporter: the assembly speaker says that the state constitution does not allow lawmakers to impeach him after leaving the office. but they did find credible evidence that would have likely led to articles of impeachment. that will now be turned over to other authorities. but it's unlikely the public will gain any other immediate answers. but this leaves the door open for governor cuomo to potentially run for office in the future. however, unlikely that seems at this time. erielle reshef following this for us, thank you. next tonight, the cdc's revised eviction moratorium has survived a new legal challenge tonight. a federal judge rejecting a request by landlords and allowing the moratorium to stand now. it protects millions of renters from being evicted in counties with high rates of covid. landlords claim the cdc doesn't have the authority to issue the moratorium. they are expected to appeal this ruling. when we come back, news of a supermarket collapse. reports of injuries tonight.
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as as we follow the extreme weather in the u.s., we're also tracking extreme weather in europe. fires in greece and turkey we reported there and now flash floods there. the urgent search in northern turkey. hundreds unaccounted for. flash floods caused by torrential rain. mudslides and buildings on the side of a river collapsing. dozens have died already. hundreds more forced to evacuate. and back here at home, a terrifying scene early this morning in las vegas. part of a supermarket building collapsing. authorities say the store was not crowded at the time. four people rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. they say had it happened later in the day it could have been much worse. when we come back here, news on the so-called murder hornets. they are back in the u.s. and what tony bennett's family has now revealed about his future. douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people
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hornets are back. they're called that because they destroy other hives and crops and their stings can be deadly for humans. washington state officials confirming the first sighting this year, this photo released by washington state. residents being urged to keep an eye out and report any sightings. it's not far from where they destroyed a nest last year. and tonight, legendary crooner tony bennett announcing the end to his concert career. ♪ obviously do not adore me ♪ >> tony bennett is now 95. he's cancelling his remaining tour dates. he and lady gaga performed here just last week. releasing a new music video "i get a kick out of you." his son telling his dad can still sing and will be doing other things. he's battling aldz.
5:54 pm
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finally tonight here, "america strong." the field of dreams coming to life. in dyersville, iowa, it was a game made for the movies. in fact, it started with one. the 1989 movie "field of dreams" coming to life. >> if you build it, he will come. >> reporter: and the fans did come. >> the fans walking through the cornfields. >> reporter: the fans playing catch before the game. the scoreboard done by hand. the yankees/chicago white sox throwback uniforms, eating corn, taking the field through the
5:58 pm
cornfield. just like in the movie. >> hey, is this heaven? >> no, it's iowa. >> reporter: kevin costner greeting the players. >> there's probably just one question to answer. is this heaven? >> reporter: yankee star aaron judge celebrating two home runs. but it was the white sox in the bottom of the ninth and their home run in the middle of that cornfield. a field of dreams coming true. it was spectacular. linsey is here this weekend. and i'll see you back here on monday. good night. >> announcer: thank you for making "world news tonight with david muir" america's most watched newscast.
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>> fire, power, monday and the french laundry connection. who the governor share a table with in that infamous dinner? >> i'm not surprised it hasn't gone smoothly. >> problems with vaccine verification. we look into it tonight. >> building a better babe area. moving forward. finding solution. -- bay area. moving forward. finding solution. this is abc 7 news. >> in quality golden ticket. your vaccine card. in a week it will be your passport for dinner and drinks in san francisco. getting a digital version might be harder than you think. thank you for joining us. >> your washing abc 7 news at 6:00. pleasure wish us -- glad you're with us.
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with cities like san francisco making verification necessary for indoor activities, more more people are attending to register their vaccine record digitally with the state. the california department of health says millions of digital records have been delivered to date. but abc 7 news i team reporter melanie woodrow found out the process is not been smooth for everyone. >> californians have options when it comes to proving they are vaccinated. you can carry your vaccination card with you. take a picture on your phone or register your vaccine record digitally with the state. lafayette resident rick shelton figured out that last option was the safest. >> i wanted to be in the system as opposed to having the card that might not even be valid in the future. >> sheldon and his wife both received a pfizer vaccine. >> her went swimmingly. we got a few our code -- we got a qr code right away. but when i entered my information there was an error


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