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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dion: 17 months after schools in san francisco were closed because of coronavirus, students will be back in classrooms on monday. dan: thank you for joining us. education is a key par key par y building a better bay area, especially during the ongoing pandemic. this emphasis go department of health had to sign off on each school to make sure the proper safety measures were in place. our education reporter is in the newsroom with a look at what the first day of school may look like. leanne: i envision happy children, what a coincidence. tampa and cisco unified announced on march 13, 2020 -- san francisco unified announced
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on march 13, 2020 that they were closing schools and today, they are highlighting the reopening of schools on monday. we took a tour to reassure parents their children will be safe. >> we are ready to resume in person learning full-time for all schools, for each and every student five days a week. leanne: this is what ready looks like in times of covid. plenty of windows open, ventilators, hand sanitizer, reminders to follow the safety plan, and of course, masks for teachers and students. the san francisco health department says it should be enough to keep people safe. >> the last academic year, out of the 40,000 students in schools, private, public and charter, there were only seven documented cases of in school transmission. leanne: this doctor says vaccinations remain a key part
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of their safety plan. all teachers must be vaccinated or some at to a weekly covid test. new information surfaced today, 84% of children between 12-17 have been vaccinated in san francisco. the health department says evidence still shows those under 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccine are at low risk and less likely to spread the virus. >> from the beginning of the pandemic, they only represent about 7% of cases. leanne: lately, we are seeing a rise in cases because of the delta variance. >> i think the reality of the delta variant is on a lot of educator's minds, and students and families as well, but we feel secure with protocols in place. leanne: lauren was setting up her kindergarten class, and her mother flew in from north carolina to help. she had this advice. >> take it day by day, see how the kids are doing, take care of
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yourself, be there for the children. leanne: on another issue, there are about 57,000 students at sfu sd, and only about 700 have applied for the independent study program that keeps them at home. there are two groups, those deemed medically fragile, and a few that for some reason or another, they do not feel safe returning to in person learning. the district announced it will open up the portal again today for those families who want to apply. but here comes a warning -- they don't have enough staff for that kind of distance learning. and school starts on monday. hang in there. ama: you. today, the cdc director signed off o vaccine dose for certain immuno compromised people. that is just 2.7% of americans,
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including those with organ transplants and in cancer treatment. it only applies to those who received the pfizer or moderna vaccine speed dr. -- vaccine. dr. patel explained the extra dose. dr. patel: there is no doctor's note or health records needed. it is based on the honor system. you will be on the honor code to say you have a weakened immune system. ama: the cdc says some people have already gotten a third dose. dan: with cities like san francisco making vaccination mandatory for indoor activities, more people are attempting to register their vaccine digitally with the state. millions of digital records have been delivered to date. but our reporter found out the process has not been easy for everyone. melanie: californians have options when it comes to proving
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they are vaccinated. you could care your card with you, take a picture on your phone or register your vaccine record digitally with the state. this lafayette resident figured the last option was the safest. >> the state and the country are headed that way and i wanted to be in the system as opposed to having this card i might not use in the future. melanie: he and his wife both received the pfizer vaccine. >> her registration went swimmingly, got the qr code right away. but when i entered my information, there was an error in my information was not linked properly. melanie: someone else with a similar experience. >> when i did mind, everything was correct and i was done in five minutes with no problems. my parents were not so lucky. melanie: when his mom tried to register, only one dose came up. >> it was the second date and the second dose is completely missing. with my dad, the dates are flipped. melanie: the california
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department of public health declined an interview but told us that 1.9 million digital records have been delivered to date and 89% of those who request a record have it delivered. they say when there is a delay in retrieving a record, it is due to dissing or incorrect contact information not sent to the state and not in the state system. in other words, when a vaccinated person enters into the -- what a vaccinated person enters into the portal might not match what was sent to the state. they recommend using the virtual assistant tool on the website and that is ultimately what worked for sheldon after uploading his id and vaccination card. >> after two weeks it was resolved. melanie: and this this thi are still waiting. >> not surprised it hasn't gone smoothly, but the sense of urgency, especially in a pandemic, i think they will try to fix these problems much quicker than other state programs. melanie: for the eye team,
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melanie woodrow. ama: if you have questions about the covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc 7 vaccine team. we also have information on how to book an appointment. dan: three people, including two teenagers, under arrest for the fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy in san jose. police charged an adult and two teenagers with homicide. the two teenagers are relatives of the adults. police say that. the shooting happened on littlewood lane. two groups exchanged gunfire and the victim died at a local hospital. new details tonight about a shooting that sent a 14-month-old to the hospital. police say a bullet grazed the child's abdomen. it happened yesterday on the 3000 block of shane drive in richmond. that's where the shotspotter
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system detected nine gunshots had gone off. there were no victims at the scene. a short time later, police got a call from kaiser hospital about a toddler. the child is reportedly in stable condition. ama: let's look outside in walnut creek. the air quality advisor extended through the weekend. >> you nee you nee you nee your outdoor time this weekend because the smoke and haze is sticking around. you can see how great and roundish it is. that is smoke in the upper levels of the atmosphere. down near the surface, good to moderate air quality right now. santa rosa is moderate. the worst is nearly oregon border near the wildfires. you will see some tropical moisture from our east bay hills camera. an advisory extended through sunday for wildfire smoke. keeping an eye on live doppler
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seven on the moisture, because that is remnants of kevin. we also have monsoon moisture of the sierra nevada -- over the sierra nevada. if everything comes together, there could be sprinkles or an isolated shower into tomorrow morning. i will be back with the forecast, coming up. ama: thank you. we may never know what caused one of california's worst all fires of 2020. they announced -- the state announced that they don't have enough evidence to determine what sparked the glass fire. it started in napa county and burned more than 67,000 acres in napa county and sonoma county, destroying 1600 structures. dan: governor newsom on the defensive tonight with the recall election a month away. today, he held the first of several anti-recall campaign events for the next several days. we have more on his message. liz: with one month to go before
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the recall election, the newsom campaign shifting in the high gear. the governor kicked off a statewide campaign swing today at a phone bank. >> nice to see you. by his sid'f san francisco democrats, including mayor london breed. >> hello, volunteers. liz: and the district attorney. their message, democrats of all spectrums oppose the recall. >> we are united in our support for the governor. liz: the governor spent much of his remarks laying out what would be at stake if the recall past, specifically taking aim at leading republican candidate, larry elder. >> he is to the right of donald trump. to the right of donald trump. that is what is at stake in the selection, and don't think for a second you cannot do damage in that role. liz: elder campaign and san jose on thursday at a church known for defying a lockdown order last year. at a press conference today, he
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drew contrast with newsom, saying as governor he would repeal all statewide covid mandates. >> at the state level i will not require any public worker to wear a mask or any public or to have a vaccine. i think that is an assault on freedom. liz: with ballots in the mail, newsom's team is asking democrats to vote no on the first part of the recall ballot and leave blank the second part. one of the few democrats running as a replacement opposes that strategy. >> they are gambling with californians for one year by saying vote nothing on the second question. it is stupid. liz: we asked newsom about it. do you plan to leave the second question blank, and wouldn't you rather have another democrat succeed you then larry elder? >> i will not be voting on the second question. i am not on that ballot, i am on the first question and i will be voting know and i could not be more clear. liz: it could help larry elde r. >> a vote no helps no one.
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the second question is moot and does not matter. liz: today was the official start of governor newsom's big push to bridge the enthusiasm gap and get democrats out to vote. we don't have the specific details yet, but governor newsom did say we should expect both president biden and vice president harris to make campaign appearances in california with newsom sometime in the next few weeks. dan: on our you need to know about the upcoming recall election, including this imbalance explainer. you can vote by mail or head to the polls on september 14. ama: coming up, companies are still ironing out plans to open offices, although the timeline may now be in question. one bay area company lets us inside to see how workers are getting a say in the process. tomorrow, fans will pack levi's stadium for a 49ers preseason
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ama: apple says it is committing millions of dollars to move a group of homeless people from a lot it is planning to build on. sky seven was over the site today. apple says construction is scheduled to start in the near future. it is hired housing provider home first, which the company says will put resources directly in place to ensure individuals on the site will have access to a range of housing options, caseworkers and other services during the process. dan: the workplace changing in response to the pandemic, but there is no magic formula as to whether hybrid, remote or in office work is the solution. one bay area company is enlisting employees to reinvent the future of work. we have an inside look. david: as some companies keep pushing back back to the office
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target dates, others are tapping into the collective wisdom of employees to chart the future of work. software company sap has 4000 employees in the bay area in three locations. >> some of the feedback employees are giving, employees feel more empowered, they feel more part of the company. they feel, i have the power. david: sap says 90% of employees want to return to the office. 300 of them in the palo alto facility are involved in a seven-week pilot program that empowers them to make suggestions and hybrid schedules, and even point out problems that impede productivity. >> we had a rooftop patio outside and the wi-fi was not that good, so we raised that to the team, they contacted i.t. and they are working on it. david: employees are able to provide comments via an app. >> we've had audacious ideas, could we transport people here and there, maybe everyone can
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fly in and out. certainly things that might require new technologies. david: the pledge to flex focus is designed to create a 100% flexible, trust-based workplace in which everyone is empowered, even deciding when they work while meeting regulations. although it has a global footprint, sap is trying to figure out what is best in each office. >> local working styles and cultures are different across the world. which is why it is great we can do this hyper local approach. david: with that approach, as ideas come in, employees say they are acted upon quickly. david lui, abc 7 news. dan: abc 7 news at 5:00 continues after this. >> in pleasanton, the harvest festival is back after a year with many
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fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] ama: the crowds might not be as large as previous years, but a key marketplace for artists and
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vendors in the east bay is back. the pleasanton harvest festival kicked off today and laura anthony has our story. laura: back in business after a nearly two year absence. the pleasanton harvest festival might be a bit smaller today -- this year, but the excitement is looming large. >> it feels really good and the support today, i was surprised at the turnout, and it has been a fantastic first day. laura: for these merchants, just being here is a victory, given the struggles and uncertainty of the past year and a half. >> we have lost some vendors who could not keep their doors open, so to speak. whether it was a shortage of materials coming in, they could not make products, or they may have had to take asomething els. laura: for many here, festivals like these represent pretty much their entire retail sales.
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alyssa owns a personal product line that relies heavily on face-to-face contact with clients. >> the way our business works is we are heavily counting on shows so that customers can experience our products, because it is very unique. laura: how any shows did you miss? >> oh wow. i would say we missed at least 25. laura: for these artists and vendors, the hope is this event marks a turning point in a year they would rather forget. >> just feeling like we are back to living and being able to build our business again, and consumers being able to support their local businesses has been an inspiring impact for us. laura: the pleasanton harvest festival runs at the alameda fairgrounds through the weekend. dan: tomorrow night, the 49ers will host their first home game with fans january 2020. the last time the faithful were
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in the stands of levi's stadium for a-game, -- for a 49ers trounced the other ma all ttthe amas this advice if you le precautions someone takes in a grocery store, it is no different. put your mask on, follow the rules, have a great time, the mindful and respectful and patient. dan: the 49ers will face the chiefs with kickoff set for 5:30 p.m. people are encouraged to allow extra time to get imputed the keyword -- to get in. the keyword, patient. ama: let's get to sandia for the latest. sandhya: it will be warm there, but by 5:30, the temperature will begin to drop. i want to show you live doppler
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seven. we may actually see some raindrops. this is the moisture we are keeping an eye on. it is heading toward the north bay. it is left over moisture from a tropical storm named kevin. we also have monsoon moisture bringing thunderstorms to the sierra nevada right now. as you take a look at the forecast, you will notice most of the moisture does remain off the coast line locally, but there may be a few drops showing up later tonight. don't be surprised if you see some raindrops. fortunately, any lightning that occurs will remain over the pacific ocean and not over land in the bay area. a different story for the mountains and near the wildfires. i want to show you a live picture. you can see how hazy it is, along with the fog below. 63 in the city, 68 in oakland. the combination of a fog and smoke is holding temperatures down. 77 in san jose, 60 in pacifica.
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we have quite a bit of cloud cover. low 80's from napa to santa rosa. 84 in concord. getting away this weekend? here is the travel forecast. northwest wind at 10-20, 10-20,, everyone looking at pretty much sunshine from honolulu to new york city. anywhere from 86 and honolulu to about 77 in new york city. locally, we have some mid and high-level clouds along with the haze over the golden gate bridge. sprinkles an isolated shower chance into the morning, we heat up this weekend in lens. we have a heat advisory at 1:00 p.m. tomorrow to 8:00 p.m. sunday, up to 108 degrees in lake county and mendocino county. near the surface, north bay and east bay tomorrow afternoon sees the heaviest smoke. sunday evening, saturday night into sunday morning, you will see some fresh air coming in and it comes back to hazy skies.
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upper layer's will still be dealing with all that smoke through the weekend, which is why the air-quality advisory was extended. temperatures in the morning, 50's, 60's in the bay area. afternoon highs in the south bay , 96 in gilroy, 68 in half moon bay. 71 in the city, a nice day but hazy in the north bay. 84 in oakland. 98 in livermore. the seven-day forecast, hazy with heat spiking inland, temperatures in the triple digits inland on sunday but then cooling begins next week. tuesday, it will be nice to see some 80's and hotspots. ama: thank you.
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dan: some people paid a pretty penny today to buy some vehicles owned by tom hanks. ama: including this airstream trailer, they sold for a total of over $500,000. tom hanks used the airstream
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it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at tonight, breaking news as we on come on the air. the cdc director signing off on the booster shot. a third shot for some americans. the booster for immunocompromised people. what the cdc director, dr. rochelle walensky, said late today and what she added about boosters and everything else. the u.s. now reporting an average of 114,000 new covid cases a day. tonight, the hospitals at a breaking point. dallas for one with no icu beds now for children. the other major headline tonight, the first of 3,000 u.s. troops being sent back into afghanistan are now in kabul tonight. the taliban gaining ground. american troops expected to help remove personnel from the u.s. embassy there. and tonight we have learned americans at the embassy hav


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