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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 12, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> we're taking our steps around vaccinations just a little bit further. >> just over a week from now, if you want to eat inside a restaurant, drink in a war -- bar or work out in a gym in san francisco you'll need to show prove that you are fully vaccinated. with that we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. >> and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc7 live at 5:00, hulu live and wherever you stream. now, this starts next friday, august 20, at indoor bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters, entertainment venues, gyms and indoor events with 1,000 people or more. there are skimses for people picking -- exemptions for people picking up to go orders and kids under 12 not yet eligible to be
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vaccinated. employees at these businesses will be required to show proof of vaccination by october 13. >> we all have to do our part. we need to get vaccinated. we need to make sure that we are respectful to the businesses that ask us to put on our mask or to produce your vaccination card. we need to continue to have grace as we deal with one of the most challenging times of our lives. >> 78% of san franciscans, 12 and older, are fully vaccinated. >> tracking these new mandates and how they relate to your health is a key part of building a better bay area. the chase center says they'll comply with the new rules for the venues -- veb yue -- venue's next event a concert on september 15. restaurant and gym owners telling us the mandate is welcome news. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has that part of the story. reporter: the announcement that san francisco will mandate proof of vaccination for indoor activities like restaurants and
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gyms couldn't come soon enough for m.x.3 fitness owner dave carreker. >> we are already a health-driven industry and this gives our clients that one more piece of assurance that they are going to be safe when they go into a gym to work out. reporter: his number one priority is the safety of his employees and members. >> we need to take every precaution possible to stop the delta variant in its tracks. reporter: despite the mandate city officials say anyone vaccinate left side still need to wear their mask indoors. restaurant owner and executive matt shuster says his business, canelo buy astro and wine bar started requiring proof of vaccination for customers indoors two weeks ago. >> we saw the writing on the wall. and we wanted to be part of the solution. reporter: customers will have the option of showing their actual vaccination card or a photo of it. you can also register your vaccination with the state. the mandate doesn't apply to kids under 12 who can't get vaccinated. both carriker and shuster say they will do their best when it comes to verifying that what
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they're looking at is legit. >> as of now we are asking for pictures and for photo i.d.'s but hopefully that process will get a little bit easier as it becomes more prevalent. >> i think we really need to trust each other on this. reporter: a new requirement that business owners hopefully will keep them from having to reduce capacity or shut down due to the delta variant n san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> facebook employees now working remotely won't be headed back to the office nim soon. today a company spokesperson told abc7 news that u.s.-based workers won't be required to go back to the office until january 2022. now, they originally aim for the fall. according to the spokesperson. not dates will be -- drive the company's approach. information, not just a random date for returning to the office. in june, c.e.o. mark zuckerberg announced that all full-time employees would be allowed to work from home if their jobs can be done remotely. >> in nevada nevada some sharp
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reaction to fliers that showed up on a busy shopping street overnight. people against vaccines state that they supported local businesses during the pandemic and suggested those same businesses should return the favor now. as abc7 news reporter wayne friedman found out the campaign has mixed reviews. reporter: when mark bailey checked the front of his store this morning he found more than he expected or wanted to. this yellow flier opposing vaccine passports and might be his role in enforcing them. >> they should come in and ask if -- if they can put the sign up or not. >> let's move them out. reporter: that's not how it went down last night when some two dozen locals went door-to-door on grant avenue passing out yellow sheets that infer a possible boycott. >> this is freedom at its most basic intrinsic level and it's government overreach that has got to stop. unfortunately it's a way of discriminating against people who are making a medical choice for themselves. reporter: on the surface this
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might be appear to be a local story but it is much deeper. grant avenue might as well be main street u.s.a. where the issue of vaccines has divided a nation. >> i would really love to have a town hall. reporter: in june, anti-vaxers disrupt adderally by congressman jared huffman and there have been other incidents. at a time when science says we have a cure for this pandemic instead, we have controversy. about freedom. using covid as a catalyst. >> it's a slippery slope if you start mandating things to happen for people. eventually where does it end? reporter: that's mary ann turner not vaccinated having lunch with her husband, damon, who is. after 31 years together they have agreed to disagree. >> what usually happens is extreme measures are needed to have a moderate reaction. reporter: this in a county that's vaccinated almost 90% of its population. the other 10% not popular right now. >> she can boycott me all they want. please, i don't want them in here if they're not doing the
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right thing. reporter: freesmed of speech and freesmed of choice along an otherwise calm and placid main street u.s.a. on grant avenue in novato. wayne friedman, abc7. news. >> and the white house is warning that using fake vaccination cards can lead to a fine, even a prison sentence. as more places require proof of vaccines, more fake cards are turning up. the white house, covid-19 response coordinator says it's a crime to forge the government's seal on the card. he says that can land a person in prison for up to five years. >> while the practice is not widespread, you know, i will remind everyone that-the-a crimn the office of the inspector general, the department of health and human services, is investigating these schemes. >> abc7 news spoke with a cyber expert just yesterday who said the fake cards look really just like the real thing. they're often for sale online in exchange for bit coin which is difficult to trace. now, if you have questions about the covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team.
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submit your questions and there is also information on how to book a vaccine appointment. >> moving on as we take a live look outside, air quality advisories have beenro c7 ns meteorologist sandhya patel joining us on where exactly you may be seeing that haze. >> yeah, it's pretty hazy across the entire bay area right now. i want to show you a live picture from our san jose camera. and you will notice just how hard it is to see. because of the smoke and the haze from those wildfires up to our north. now, we do have pockets of moderate to poor air quality indicated by the yellow. and then the orange up near ukiah good for other parts of the bay area. it is awful still right near the wildfires as you would expect, northern california, oregon border and also poor for sensitive groups in the sierra. walnut creek camera giving you a very smoky view. the air quality advisory was extended by the air district through tomorrow.
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because of the wildfire smoke. so definitely keep an eye on that. also keeping an eye on the monsoon moisture as we saw a couple of drops early this morning. let you know if there will be more in our future coming up. >>s ry thel election is just about one month away now. mail ballots have already started going out in some counties. maybe you've seen yours. a candidate looking to replace governor gavin newsom are making a final push in these last few weeks to rally voters. larry elder was in the south bay today where a rally just wrapped up not very long ago and abc7 news reporter dustin dorsey is live with that story. dustin. reporter: yeah, that's right, dan. that event wrapped up about an hour ago here. supporting larry elder. all his supporters cam out here as he continued to try to build up more support. ahead of this recall election. and just under -- just about a month's time. and many consider him the frontrunner of the republican party. now, that church chapel was
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packed today here at calvary church. elder says costs of living, crime and homelessness, force management, all issues that he would fix if elected. the calvary church where the event was held made headlines last year when it defied state and local covid guidelines. and there are very few masks today and if it's up to elder he would love to keep it that way should he win. >> when i get elected, assuming that there still are facemask mandates and vaccine mandates, they will be repealed right away. [applause] and then -- and then i'm going to break for breakfast. reporter: governor gavin newsom's campaign sent out an email in response to that elder's views on covid-19. the email said elder would be a disaster for california and its no wonder donald trump and larry elder get along so well. and now we just confirmed
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governor gavin newsom will be in san francisco tomorrow as part of a statewide tour to vote no on the recall. and here at calvary church, we will be -- the forefront next weekend as they are going to be holding a republican debate featuring four of the top prospects and candidates here in this election including john cox and doug osi. it's unclear at this time whether or not larry elder will attend. but for now, live in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> we shall see. dustin, thank you. more than 22 million californians could cast a vote in the recall election. the california secretary of state says that's 88.9% of all californians who are eligible to vote. and three million more people who have registered since the 2018 gubernatorial election. so we'll see what the turnout is in fact. the deadline to ridge city for the recall election -- to register for the recall election is august 30. on our website,, we have everything you need to know about the upcoming election including this ballot explainer.
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remember, you can vote by mail or head to the polls september 14. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00, governor newsom says more law enforcement is coming to oakland. crime victims, though, say the help can't come fast enough. one woman saying crime has touched her generations of her family. and college students are moving back into the dorms at cal state east bay. but for many students, this year will still be far from normal. stay with us. abc7 news at 5:00
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here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. >> we are responding to the commands from our residents for more law enforcement safety. >> she can count on that request. dion: governor newsom this week announcing plans to help the city of oakland deal with the escalating violence in the city. but will it be too little, too late? i spoke with a pair of oakland sisters who have been victims of violent crimes. most recent case, just yesterday
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afternoon. >> i saw a couple of times someone being -- on the street. they didn't call police. and also asian. dion: there is a reason why sophia and her sister, fanny, who requested we only use their first names, reached tout me about what happened to them wednesday afternoon outside their oakland home. >> pushed me down. and then tried to grab my purse. dion: must have been so scared. >> yes. dion: the sisters are simply fed up with the crime. not only what they see in my reporting such as this violent purse snatching and shooting in oakland's chinatown saturday. and this armed robbery at a restaurant close to their home on international boulevard. >> it's too much in oakland. dion: but after fanny was attacked, every single member of their immediate family has now been a victim of crime in oakland. >> you, your sister, and your mother have been robbed recently. >> yeah. yeah. dion: that trauma and frustration boiled over this
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week when oakland chinatown chamber president carl chan made a plea to the governor. >> we want you to bring in california highway patrol. and not only asking you to patrol chinatown. i'm asking, the police, the c.h.p., to the city of oakland. and all areas we need to help. dion: newsom responded saying more law enforcement support is coming. and an additional $400 million to address street and hate crime statewide. until then, the sisters say speaking out sends a message to the perpetrators. >> and my story and let them know we are not afraid. dion: and other asian americans who may be afraid of something else. >> i trust police. if the bad thing happen, we need to call 911 immediately. and then report to the police. dion: dion lim, abc7 news. those sisters are so brave. now, oakland councilman nicky
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fortunato responded to recent crime in a statement to mow saying the solution lies not only in getting illegal guns off the streets but also addressing the root causes of poverty and violence. that lead to crime. providing access to good jobs, affordable housing, health care and education. dan: san jose police are investigating the death of a 13-year-old boy killed during a shootout yesterday afternoon. sky seven spotted investigators still on the scene in the alam rock neighborhood this afternoon. according to police the young very many was inside a car involved in a shootout that took place on little wood lane just before 4:00. >> a group of people, more than one person, arrived at the residence on little wood lane in a vehicle. this 13-year-old was with that group of people that arrived. the exchange of gunfire happened between the people who arrived at the residence and the people who lived at that residence on little wood lane. dan: police say the teenager was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after arrival.
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no one else was injured in the shooting. so far, no arrests have been made. dion: much more to come on abc7 news at 5:00. >> i'm laura anthony in heyward where-the-moving day at cal state east bay. we'll take a look at what life we'll take a look at what life will be like on this you doing okay with those new those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections —some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at
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40% in person. across the 23 campus c.s.u. system that number is 60%. a bit short of what the hope was earlier this the year. >> going back to december, we had announced the aspiration to have the majority of courses and activities take place in person. so we are still working with that. i think we spread -- the spread of the delta variant is forcing us to kind of re-evaluate all of our plans. reporter: san francisco state plans to offer just 40% in person or hybrid. 60% at san jose state, and 65% at cal state chico. a walnut creek family the michigan tires are sending two -- michigan tiers are sending two sons to separate c.s.u. campuses. >> and i'm over the moon happy that they are going off to college. ecstatic. they're excited. they're a little nervous, naturally. but they're excited, too. and it's -- i have hope for the
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future. reporter: by september 30, pretty much everyone attending a c.s.u. will be fully vaccinated. yet that won't necessarily trigger a change in the masking policies. depending on the campus. that is a decision that will be made in the weeks and months to come. in heyward, laura anthony, abc7 news. dan: all right. let's move in and talk a little bit about the weather forecast as we inch a little closer to the weekend. dion: just a little bit. sandhya patel monitoring that doppler for us. sandhya: that's right. it's getting interesting by the hour here. dion and dan, i want to show you live doppler seven. because we've had the monsoon moisture moving in from the south. we are seeing thunderstorms in the sierra nevada which obviously we don't need right now with so many wildfires burning. but off the coastline, also multiple radar returns showing up. now, this morning, we had a couple of isolated showers in the north bay. some sprinkles. and that's certainly still a possible -- still possible as we look at live doppler seven. most of this is not hitting the ground. but offshore, there are a few
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drops showing up. let me show you the hour-by-hour forecast later on tonight, we'll continue to see some of those mid and high level clouds moving in. look at what happens tomorrow morning. a little bit of green showing up which means there is potential for a couple of drops tomorrow morning. still going to see some more mid and high level clouds. as remnants of tropical storm kevin continue to move through the bay area. here's a live view right now. i'm going to step aside so you can really get a good view. not only are we dealing with the haze and the smoke, but we have the monsoon moisture which is creating just a gray sky right now. here's a look at those temperatures. 62 in san francisco. 69 in oakland. san jose, 79 degrees. the combination of the clouds and the smoke actually preventing us from warming. it was cooler today. just about everywhere. and a hazy view from our san jose camera tonight. 75 in santa rosa, 77 in novato. upper 80's from concord to livermore. it was hot, in places like vacaville in the low 100's and even concord and livermore and fairfield got up into the 1990's today. but at least it wasn't
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excessive. golden gate bridge camera a foggy view with some haze as well. isolated drops possible into tomorrow morning. hazy skies tomorrow with an air quality advisory. extended. and it's heating up in -- i want to show you the smoke from the satellite perspective. just look how bad it is across much of the northern two thirds of the state. and some of that smoke certainly drifting into our area. that is going to continue especially in the upper layers of the atmosphere later on tonight. still some heavy smoke. we go into tomorrow, and it continues to linger. and look at this. saturday morning, we're still looking at some reds which is some of that thicker smoke so once again, that air quality advisory in effect through tomorrow may get extended into saturday by the air district. 50's, 60's in the morning and watch out, might be a couple of sprinkles or an isolated shower tomorrow afternoon, upper 60's to the low 90's. we will see hazy skies with a combination of sun, smoke, and high clouds. the accuweather seven day forecast, hazy skies tomorrow, hot inland with triple digits, saturday, sunday, upper 60's,
5:24 pm
coast side and then inland cooler and breezier start to the new workweek. back down to the seasonal range for tuesday through thursday. but until then, definitely try to limit your outdoor time especially if you're sensitive to smoke. dan: back into the triple digits. all right.
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dan: walnut creek loam is -- walnut creek home is about to be sold for $1 million. dion: not too farfetched. it is the bay area but a big catch because it has been gutted by a fire. east bay community journalist melissa pixar explains why -- explains why the interest in this property was so high. >> only on the market for three days. this property was listed at $850,000 and it went for significantly over list price. it was a four bedroom, two bath home in a beautiful neighborhood in the northgate school area. close to the park. walking trails, everything. unfortunately, it had a fire. >> it's pretty unbelievable that a teardown would go for that kind of cash right now. i guess we are california. but that's a lot of money for a teardown. >> we have a lot of investors and contractors out there looking for properties like this.
5:27 pm
i had eight offers that came in. i probably had over 75 to up to 100 phone calls, emails, and texts on this property. i'm still getting calls on it now that it's pending. asking if they can make backup offers. >> tear it down quick. if they don't tear it down they will need a whole lot of paint and wallpaper. >> unless you're a 100% season person you will need a contractor and architect and a designer. and so the wording is there because that's what it's going to take. to me, it really has so much to offer when so much is left undone, you get to put your own mark on it. so the minute i saw it, the contractor in me rose up and i said this is a fantastic opportunity. dan: went so fast, too. dion: yeah. only in the bay area. fantastic opportunity.
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dan: we appreciate your time. dan ashley.
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like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. tonight, breaking news as we come on the air in the west. the pentagon now sending thousands of troops back into afghanistan to evacuate many americans from the u.s. embassy in kabul, as the taliban now sweeps across that country. tonight, the pentagon sending 3,000 american troops to kabul to help evacuate most of the staff at the embassy, though the state department is not calling it an evacuation. there are now reports taliban fighters have more cities, now at least 12 cities. the a.p. tonight saying that now includes kandahar, the country's second-largest city. and tonight, the images here. video from the appear ing to show the fighters taking over police headquarters of a fallen city. and now closing in on ka


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