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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 11, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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in chile, a truck was caught
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on a suspension bridge. a driver carrying logs mistook the crossing for one that was stronger. the weight of the truck caused a partial collapse. the driver is okay. officials think the span will eventually fall down. back here at home, a growing number of city dwellers looking to cut costs, commute times and stress, are looking for country roads to take them home. and one of the top destinations is west virginia. here's kenneth moton. >> reporter: tina is on the cusp of a new adventure and a major life change. >> really excited. little nervous, but excited. >> reporter: a fourth-generatio deep. to west virginia, that is. >> the cost of living is incredible. great people. great atmosphere.
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we're right near the lake. >> reporter: macpherson is 1 of 8,000 people to apply to ascend to west virginia. when the world opening up for remote workers and nomads, a handful of states and cities are offering incentives to find city dwellers like macpherson who will pick up and move. the bait, $12,000 along with passes to a variety of outdoor activities for a year. that's $12,000 in monthly payments in the first year, and $2,000 at the end of the second, all to indulge of the state's allure. the state has the sixth-highest poverty rate at 16%, several points higher than the national average. >> it is a bold step of making west virginia the most attractive state in the nation. >> reporter: there's cons the state is tackling. a dual health crisis unrelated to the pandemic. the state is at the center of the opioid epidemic. and it has the most concerning outbreak according to the cdc. as for the twists and turns on the country roads, she is excited for her new adventure.
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>> i think, really, it's the people that are drawing me to west virginia. not just the beauty of the state, which is stunningly beautiful. >> reporter: wild and wonderful, today's west virginia hopes to be an incentive for those seeking a change of scenery. kenneth moton, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to our friend, kenneth. you going to west virginia? >> listen, let's take this show on the road. if they're going to pay us -- i've been to west virginia. it's a beautiful state. sure, why not? just get all this equipment here and -- >> the country. >> we'll call the movers. let's go. >> i'm down. west virginia is a gorgeous state. next, a true miracle of a story. the child once considered the world's smallest baby has gone home with her parents. >> she was born in singapore, weighing just 7.5 ounces and has spent a year in the hospital. she is battling lung disease and other ailments.
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now, she is 14 pounds and home with mom and dad. hospital staff called her a ray of hope amid all of the turmoil around covid. >> so precious. happy for that family. >> she is a miracle baby. coming up, what we never knew about batman's robin. and a big reveal. and "that's wild." the sweet pup that calmed frightened fliers. you're watching "world news now." n sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to sell your policy. don't cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it's worth. visit to find out if you policy qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance.
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♪ the children's carousel ♪ ♪ the chestnut trees ♪ ♪ the wishin' well ♪ ♪ ♪ die-hard comic book fans know better than anyone the
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ecstasy of slipping into fantasy. >> and will ganss is here. >> reporter: robin, the boy wonder, first appeared in comic books in 1940, but it took 81 years for batman's sidekick to reveal one true part of his identity. >> hey, there, pretty birdie. >> reporter: this morning, more info on the boy behind the mask. robin, coming out as bisexual. the boy wonder agreeing to go out on a date with another boy. this it ration of robin named tim drake, joining a few other lgbtq-plus characters in the d.c. universe. like cat woman, harley quinn,
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and allen scott, the green lantern. and more recently in the marvel universe, loki, coming out as bi, as well. >> must have been would-be princesses, or perhaps, another prince. >> a bit of both. >> reporter: comic books have long made superstrong efforts to reflect the world around them. fantomah was the first female superhero to appear in print in 1940. dr. midnight from d.c. comics is blind and widely considered to be the first disabled superhero of character, appearing for the first time in 1941. the first black superhero was the black panther, appearing in the fantastic four back in 1966. the first african-american superhero in mainstream comics, the falcon, was introduced in captain america in 1969. megan fitts martin, the author said now was time to shed light on an underrepresented community in the genre. i wanted to pay tribute to the fact that sexuality is a journey.
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tim is figuring himself out. i don't think he has the language for it all, yet. as far as robin himself, his new love story, a cliff-hanger of super proportions. this episode ending with robin being asked, do you want to go on a date with me? robin's response, i think i want that. urban legends is anthology story. batman urban legends number ten comes out in december, you guys. >> this is awesome. it sounds cliche to say representation. but it's important to see yourself in the entertainment mediums that you consume. >> sure. >> also, in order to be more of an accepting society, now, people say, look at robin. i know -- >> yeah.
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art imitates life, imitates art. >> exactly. yeah. thank you for bringing us that story. i think i'm more surprised that comic books are still around. >> they are alive and well. >> it's not the same robin from 1940. >> oh. he just -- i thought he doesn't age. >> timeless. wers, so thoughtful. young woman whispering: hey, did you bring the... the condoms? young man whispering: what's up? young woman whispering: condoms young man whispering: cond.. condor? young woman whispering: condor. why would i say condor? condoms! condoms. father: condoms charlie. she wants to know if you brought any condoms. young man: yeah i brought some. announcer: eargo, a virtually invisible hearing loss solution with high quality sound and lifetime support. eargo 5 is here. our latest device that allows you to personalize your hearing experience. get yours today. we're here and ready to help you with your hearing loss with free remote hearing checks and consultations
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♪ ♪ time, now for "that's wild!" and we are starting with world lion day. >> yes. we are marking this wild holiday, with a peek at titus and brutus. these two giant cats share an enclosure, showing the pair beating the 90-degree heat with a meat popsicle. >> the hungry brothers wasted no time devouring every last morsel. they are cute. >> they are so cute. >> don't go near them.ed ike pie
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meat from whole foods. lion day was established to raise awareness about lion conservation. now, to scotland, where >> that's wild. a basking shark was feeding in the waters. >> there's a reason it's swimming with its mouth wide-open. the basking shark feeds an plankton and small fish. >> it is the second-largest known species of shark behind only the whale shark. >> its nose is interesting. i thought it had an underbite. and that's why -- or overbite. >> i think we need to trade in our hat for some scuba gear. >> "that's wild." let's take it back to california and an outdoor bath with a view. >> this was captured in yosemite park. this bear is known by locals as
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boo bear. >> boo bear visited her earlier this summer and tried to climb into her birdbath. >> look how cute it is. that's when she got the idea to leave out a bath a little more appropriate for boo bear's size. >> splish splash, i was taking a bath. i love that they know the local bear. i say, if you're going to move into the wilderness, expect the animal to come with the wilderness. >> so, she trades her birdbath in for a bear bath. that's cool. it's 100 degrees out there. you know better than anyone else. it's hot. everyone has to cool off. please, a takeoff. >> when a flight started to experiencing turbulence, a quick-thinking flight attendant knew what to calm everyone's nerves. >> they got to pet a 12-week-old german shepherd puppy.
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>> this gives in-flight enrtainment a whole new meaning. >> prepare for landing. pup-pare.
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it's live with kelly and ryan! today, award winning actress and recording artist jennifer hudson. and chef eric ripert is cooking in the studio kitchen as we continue live's back in business restaurant food made easy week. plus, we'll meet a new york teen who has fought cancer, and now is helping others still fighting. also, ali wentworth returns for another day of co-hosting, all next on live. and now here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth. -hey, ali wentworth. -hi, ryan seacrest. morning, welcome back. oh my god, do you know what i just thought of? 'cause george always gets up at 2:30 and goes to work? yeah? um, you're like the only man i've seen in the morning in so long! and you keep coming back for more. i know, and you don't take all the covers, i love it.


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