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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 10, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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two black men in michigan are considering legal action
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after they say they were racially profiled by police. real estate agent eric brown was showing a home to a friend and we wyomg,henfficers arrived, guns drawn. all three were handcuffed. police say they received a call about a break-in. all three were let go when brown showed his real estate license. wyoming police say the officers did not violate protocol. a hearing continues in colorado following a bombshell evidence in a case of a man accused of killing his wife. investigators say audio from a spy pen revealed that suzanne morphew was having an affair for two years and it recorded an argument between suzanne and her husband about money. the defense argued that no blood was found in the couple's home or on barry's truck. suzanne morphew vanished on mother's day of 2020. her body was never found. reba mcentire is revealing she and her boyfriend suffered breakthrough case of covid-19. mcentyre says both of them became infected despite being
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fully vaccinated. after telling fans getting covid is not fun, mcentire offered some advice, saying everyone should stay home, wear a mask and be as safe as you can be. the pandemic may have forced a permanent change on the fitness industry. some experts say home workouts will continue to thrive while brick and mortar gyms struggle. many small locations either closed or turned to virtual due to lockdowns. meanwhile, peloton says orders for its bicycles are up nearly 150%. coming up, why huge bombs were detonated next to the navy's newest aircraft carrier. and we're talking to the mom whose son ran on to the field in the middle of a major league soccer game. that's next on "world news now."
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♪["i'll be seeing you" by billie holiday] ♪ i'll be seeing you ♪ ♪ in all the old familiar places ♪ ♪ that this heart of mine embraces ♪
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♪ all day through ♪ [doorbell] ♪ in that small cafe ♪ ♪ the park across the way ♪ ♪ the children's carousel ♪ ♪ the chestnut trees ♪ ♪ the wishin' well ♪ ♪ and i ran i ran so far away ♪
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♪ i just ran i ran all night and day ♪ it was a beautiful day on the pi 2ear-old boy decided to run. and he ran. he ran so far away. >> at least until mom caught up with him. our own will ganss is here with more on that. hey, will. >> reporter: yeah. morgan tucker from outside cincinnati, ohio, tells me her son, zaydek, has always been an energetic kiddo, learning to walk at 7 months. but these days he is running right into the middle of major league games. as any ted lasso fan knows -- look at the bottom left-hand side of your screen, that's not danny rojas. that's a 2-year-old superfan crashing the pitch. that's his mom, hot on his heels. this video racking up 8 million views. morgan tucker says her son,
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zaydek, was enjoying the f.c. cincy game in ohio, versus orlando. >> he was just hanging out with us, eat something popcorn, enjoyed it. >> reporter: zaydek wasn't thrilled when game play switched to the far end of the field. >> he went under the gate. i was like, oh, my god. i tried to grab his shirt. and i like missed. so then i had to hop over the gate. and my instinct was just to run out and get him. >> reporter: a photo journalist sam green capturing the breakaway on camera. the 2-year-old grinning ear-to-ear, even after mom caught up with him. >> he was laughing, laughing the whole time. >> reporter: what was going through your mind? >> honestly, the adrenaline was so much i don't even remember. i had to ask my friend, did i go under the gate, too? she was like, no, you hurdle it. i was like, oh. >> reporter: zaydek and mom making it back to their seats to enjoy the rest of the game. >> security came up to me. i was a little nervous.
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i was like, i'm so sorry. they were like, no, no. we want to make sure you're okay. >> reporter: thankfully, no one injured. >> everybody was cheering and clapping. it was insane. and people were saying, it's the baby. it's the baby! can we get our picture with him? >> reporter: so, what's next for zaydek? >> he can start playing soccer when he is 3. we have already talked about it. >> reporter: the only player in his league that has experience on an mls actual field. >> oh, for sure. for sure. he is coming with talent. >> morgan says she can't wait until zaydek is a little older and can appreciate this wild story. for now, the little guy is thrilled. he was given the game ball after that stellar performance on that field, you guys. >> did you see the legs on him? and mom. >> both of them should be recruited. they got some speed. >> the way she just like slid like it was -- she was going into second base and then swooped him up. >> oh, yeah. >> it cracks me up. he was laughing the whole time. >> security was cool about it. check on the kid.
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make sure everybody is okay. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> harmless. >> he just wanted the ball. he just wanted to play. coming up, the crisis in london's tower bridge.
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by our licensed hearing professionals. and if you're an active or retired federal employee you can now get eargo at no cost to you. ♪ ♪ time, now, for "this happened." starting with the big boom for the newest aircraft carrier. >> the "uss gerald ford" was subjected to three 40,000 volt bomb blasts just off the coast of florida. >> each of those blasts, called shock trials, were taken closer to the ship's hull. they are to test the ship's ability to sustain operations in a combat environment. i still see the ship there so i think it went well. >> the vessel was passing the test with flying colors. next to a sticky situation across the pond. >> this happened yesterday in
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london. the famed tower bridge had a hiccup, when the arms were stuck in the up position. through the river thames. >> a technical failure was to blame. vehicles and pedestrians were backed up for hours. >> remember, this is a 127-year-old drawbridge. it opens up about 800 times a year to allow large ships to pass. it's an elaborate operation, that passage requests require at least 24-hour notice. you have to give a heads-up. >> it's a little old. had a little arthritis in its drawbridge. >> you know what, but it works. it's slow, but it works. now, to eastern europe where dozens of couples participated in a true test of team work. >> this happened in hungary, where 40 married couples competed at the top spot for the second-annual wife carrying contest. >> the sport requires a husband to carry his wife through a perilous obstacle course that's riddled with pools of mud as
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well as strategically faced bricks of hay. >> the origins of the sport is rooted in ancient viking culture. and finally, to a turtle who is finally out of her shell. >> this happened when a laggerhead turtle named stitch finally released into the sea near tel aviv after spending nine months in rehabilitation. look at the crowd cheer. >> i know. the crowd was cheering now that the healthy sea turtle crawled back to the water. >> after that much time in captivity, that level of praise was turtling deserved. >> slow and steady always wins the race, right? >> nine months. beautiful weather there, too. got your fans. go, go, go. this could be an olympic sport. >> it really should, because at the turtle. where is the hare? i need to see the hare. >> slow and steady wins the race. hopefully this guy is living his best life out there. >> it sure does.
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>> that's the news for this half hour. >> thanks for staying with us
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kelly and ryan! today, actress, writer, and stand-up comic, whitney cummings! and, chef melba wilson is here to help us kick off our series "back in business: restaurant food made easy." plus, we'll meet a texas mom and her 13-year-old life-saving son! also, actress and author ali wentworth joins ryan at the co-host desk. all next, on live! and now, here are ryan seacrest and ali wentworth! the famous ali wentworth! hi! -hi, hi. -oh, it's great to see you again! -are we allowed to kiss? -nope. -we get in trouble for it every time. -oh, gosh, sorry. -edit the kiss out. -yeah, get rid of that. uh, monday, august 9th. filling in for kelly today is ali wentworth. ewhe-or as my mother calls you, "a real pistol."


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