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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 10, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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minnesota, olympic gold medalist anisa lee, riding high on a fire engine. >> i missed you. ? a >> and in los angeles allyson felix, the most decorated track & field athlete in olympic history, getting a hug fit for a hero from her daughter. and who can forget the g.o.a.t., simone biles returning from tokyo to this parade in her hometown of spring, texas? >> we love you, simone! whoo! >> welcome home. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same tim
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>> covid cases in kids are
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rising across the country. coming up, doctor recommended tools to pregnant your kids from covid while in school. travel alerts are taking off due to covid-19 cases. >> tracking warmer days ahead. i'll have the numbers in the accu weather forecast. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> this is not your grandfather's covid. >> tonight alarming new numbers in the covid pandemic. the u.s. is prioritying 100,000 new cases in four days. there have not been numbers like this in about six months. >> now the virus fueled by the delta variant is targeting children by the thousands. >> children are experiencing more severe disease than in past. they come in in respiratory failure and often require hospitalization.
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>> cases in children have steadily increased again climbing to 49,000 in the past week. children with covid are going into hospitals at a rate four times higher than moopt ago. >> this is not a moment to blow off this infection in children. it really is affecting them. we have to protect them, especially under 12 who can't get vaccinated. >> as millions of the children head back to the classroom, they are calling on the f.d.a. to authorize vaccines for 5-11-year-olds as soon as possible. in jacksonville, florida, 12-year-old maya hartley wants masks in schools to protect her 10-year-old brother. >> even though i'm vaccinated, i can still get sick and also my younger brother, i don't want to get him sick, if i get it. because i wasn't wearing a mask. >> hearing from her makes a big impact. bay area schools are fully
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reopening in the coming weeks. we want to help parents student bs prepared. kate larson spoke to an expert at home and in hospital. >> as pediatric covid cases reach alarming levels across the country, parents are preparing for the school year. >> we're definitely worried. >> in san francisco, his son is starting kindergarten and her son is starting preschool. >> we are going to buy more masks and are teaching him how to use hand sanitizer and maintaining distance. >> the masks that they use in hospitals, they can replace them. >> i was wondering how i can maximize my family's back-to-school mask shopping. i asked stanford children's health. >> why is what was good enough last year is not good enough now? i think that is a very, very understandable frustration.
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i think we're all feeling that. the delta virus is moving the goal posts. it is changing game. >> dr. lou says the best kind of mask for your kid is -- >> a mask that they can keep on. >> but the most protective is the n-95 or clothe and surgical mask together followed by a single surgical mask and then a single cloth mask. his youngst son is too young to be vaccinated and wears extra protection in the classroom. >> facefield shield. goggles. >> i think it is good on multiple levels including prevention of other respiratory viruses. reporter: as for for testing, she says do it if there is direct exposure or symptoms. >> symptoms or if the kid has a fever or feels sluggish or has diarrhea. they should get tested.
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reporter: because delta virus levels rise so much faster, symptoms usually appear the four to six days rather than the five to seven days with the original variant. >> in the east bay, the new school year has begun in oakland. there was a mixcimentssmed they offered reassurances that the kids would be safe inside the classroom. libby shaft said what many parents wanted to hear. >> we can never shut down our schools again. our babies need to learn. >> we spent a lot of time washing hands, eating slowly and spreading out. >> parents seemed happy to have their kids back in the classroom and some expressed the importance of focusing on the learning loss some experienced. >> california superintendent tony thurmond said the pandemic uncovered what he called an
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embarrassing fact. >> for all the wealth and riches that we have, our kids should have access to the top technology yet a million students didn't have a computer. naturally as you might expect many of our students struggled. >> he says the lessons learneded will be applied in the state's new independent study option. >> many districts will reopen this week. tomorrow schools in piedmont, east side in san jose will all hold their first day of classes and be reopening for in-person learning. we have chronicled the challenges of remote learning. you can stream all seven episode turnovers docuseries mac, a pandemic story. it is available for roku, amazon fire, apple tv. >> france, israel and thailand three areas added to the highd-
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news is impacting their plans. >> at san francisco international airport monday many we spoke with said they are keeping travel plans domestic due to the delta variant. >> i don't know how comfortable i would feel going out of the country. >> that is going to be way in the future. i'm not looking at anything international at the moment. timing-wise and pandemic-wise. >> for now we're going the try to keep it close to home. >> on monday the cdc added seven new destinations. israel, france and thailand are on high notice. anyone who must travel should be fully vaccinated first. >> those who are unvaccinate reasonable doubt getting walloped with this thing. now they have to reconstruct a way for everybody to get back to normal again. we're just looking for normal.
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reporter: international travel poses a severe risk and even vaccinated people could be at risk for getting and possibly spreading varntse. >> i don't know if the rest of the world is ready. >> it is interesting. the cdc has that level four warning for countries that are handling covid better than the u.s. >> as these alerts take off, canada gives vaccinateded americans the green light to cross its borders. that began monday. new jersey residents alexandra gibbons has waited nearly two years to travel north. >> today is the first day they can come with a anything even the test and not have to quarantine two weeks. reporter: people take a test three to five days after travel and self-monitor covid-19 symptoms. >> the pentagon today announced it will seek the president's approval to require nearly 1.4
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million active duty military members to get the vaccine starting in mid september. the pentagon could move it up if the vaccines get full f.d.a. approval sooner. >> more mandates are being issued in the area. those who are unvaccinated will have to wear masks outdoors and face weekly testing. gilead is going to require all of its employees to be vaccinated by october 1. >> this workplace shift caused by the pandemic has led game maker zenga to close their san francisco headquarters. they will be looking for somebody to sublease their model. many employees are remaining working from home. >> they can come in they want to. >> a brazen purse snatching in chinatown. this humble hero speaks only the abc 7 news.
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>> another wildfire exploding in southern california. see the unusual challenges crews are facing. >> supposed to be the celestial highlight of the year. the best time to watch the meteor shower. >> tracking some warmer days ahead. look at the forecast coming >> david spice is jimmy kimmel's guest host. >> thanks. disease david spade. i'm disappointed too. name two of your fiance's friends. >> johnny and chris. >> generic names. mm. [ clicks tongue ]
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>> tomorrow morning. >> good morning, america. get up. >> wake up with jennifer hudson on the edge. suspended in the air 100 stories in the sky, performing the greatest of aretha franklin for you. >> this is going to be great. you don't want to miss this. >> tomorrow on gma. >> just days after this brazen purse snatching in chinatown, a good samaritan was shot twice here as he jumped in to help. this comes as more business rornse speaking out and showing us the extreme lengthers this going to stay safe. >> calming everyone down. deescalate the situation before it gets out of hand but then it really got out of hand fast. >> it took only seconds for this man who wants to be
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identify as mr. saben lee, for his active shooter training to kick in after he heard a woman scream in chinatown. >> i never would expect something like this to happen in broad daylight with lots of cameras around and lots of police presence. reporter: saben lee was out shopping with his mom when he saw a violent purse snatching. one man was pistol whipped. you can see the moment when mr. saben lee jumped into action and was shot twice in the armpit and leg. this incident comes on the heel of a number of attacks in oakland's chinatown. one block away. just days earlier a, a jewelry shop owner witnessed two women get their handbags >> i couldn't see another person get snatched. i felt so bad.
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i really wanted to stop them. >> now, according to the chinetown chamber of commerce, a number of businesses are closing up early. >> before they would close at kf. then ack. now at health care. sometimes a little earlier. it is so dangerous. reporter: while mr. saben lee recovers, he has no regrets but shares this word of caution with others. >> if you are getting robbed. think about your safety first. don't think about your possessions. possessions can always be replaced. >> developing news, california's wildfires. pg &esaid they found no problems with the power poles or lines linked to the dixie hour. to the west, the monument fire started last night and has scorched 50,000 air,. they are getting the upper hand on the river fire and evacuation orders are being lifted. the dixie fire shows no signs
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of letting down. those who left their homes worry if they will have anything to return to. are it is scary when you see all of the smoke coming over the mountain and wonder where is it at? you can't see it but you can see the smoke. >> those who lived through the campfire are collecting items for those suffering from therom dixie fire. >> a lot of folks don't know if they are going back to a home yet. >> the monument fire is about halfway between redding and eureka. this is tom way they could cross the trinity river. one couple said they know when it is time to go. >> when you can hear the fire or see the flames. basically you can hear the fire coming. >> they have gained enough ground on the river fire to allow people to return home. dozens of houses were destroyed. this shows how close it came to
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wiping out another. that family got lucky. >> it was almost like there was a bubble around it. there were a lot of homes below us here. surprisingly another one above us. >> the wildfires are perhaps one of the strongest indicators of climate change taking place in california. a united nations report released today said widespread and rapid changes are already occuring with the planet warming by about two degrees over the past 170 years. i know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it is. it pointses to human's reliance on fossil fuel as one of the main contributors. hotter temperatures. rising sea levels. firefighters are noticing the shift. >> the fires are becoming much larger and moving much more rapidly than we have seen before. >> i think it is the state's priority. >> the united nation's report was put together by more than 200 sipet estes from 66 countries. you can see live updates on all
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to have fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker at >> parts of the bay area can be in for a treat this week. the annual meteor shower is going to light up the night's sky. it will peak wednesday. look at the sky far away from city lights. but we have to have clear sky. >> drew, atty. gen. harris: you know. -- drew, i hope you know. >> it is one of the best meet major showers all year. the best way to view it is really after midnight and before dawn. over the next several morning, you see anywhere from 30-50 meteors per hour. that is really a great night sky that we'll see over the next couple of nights. outside we go. cameras showing you partly cloudy skies over the city now. a bunch of stars up above.
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marine layer is kind of compressed but we'll wake up to more fog first thing tomorrow morning. air quality was good today. as we head over the next couple of days you'll notice tuesday into wednesday is that it is a mixture between good and moderate. a little bit of haze in the atmosphere from time to time but all in all it looks like our air quality will remain on the good-to-moderate side meaning you're not going to find thick smoke in our atmosphere this week. good news there. we're at 60 in oakland. 61 in hayward. 63 in san jose. 67 currently in concorde. we'll have the cloud cover first. it will spill into the bayshoreline overnight tonight. mid-to-upper 50's first thing tomorrow morning. you may need a light jacket if you're out early first thing. otherwise we'll see the fog break down pretty quickly tomorrow morning. here is live doppler. the story we're tracking across
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california now. what we're watching is an area of high pressure building off the gulf of alaska. it is going to strengthen over the next couple of days and supply warmer weather especially inland. let's talk about the marine layer though. first thing tomorrow morning. 6:30 in the morning you'll find fog along the coast, patchy fog. likely coastal drizzle as well, first thing tomorrow morning. watch the clock, 9:30, 10:00 a.m.. most of the fog has broken down. that means we'll find a lot of sunshine along the coast for much of the day. highs starting in the south bay tomorrow. 84 in san jose. 82 in santa clara. 80 the high in sunny dale. 78 for palo alto. 6 in pacifica. a nice afternoon after morning cloud cover in san francisco. about 66 degrees. the north bay, a wide range of
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temperatures. 87 the high for san rafael. the same for santa rosa. 86 the high in sonoma. 75 the high in oakland. 81 in fremont. inland warming up tomorrow compared to today. we'll gain four to five degrees tomorrow compared to where we were today. 93 in breptswood. the warming trend continues over the next couple of days. wednesday looks hot. it will back off a little bit later in week. all in all, some morning fog, afternoon sunshine. not too bad for this time of year. >> sounds
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talk to your doctor about ) austedo... it's time to treat td. td is not ok. visit >> some bears decided to go far swim in a pool in los angeles county. the the dog was clearly amuse
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bid the visitors. >> oh o. -- no. >> look at mama bear. she is big. the dog rang the bell several times hoping the owners would let it go outside. they decided it wasn't a good idea. instead they marveled at the bears' improm tu swimming that lasted a few mens i think the mom would have said no party crashers. this is our pool. >> i'm amazed, the dog rings a bell when he wants to go out. >> there are dogs that do that. mine is not one of them. >> i'm in for dan. chris is up next with a look at sports. >> coming up both the giants and a's coming off a great weekend. the push for the playoffs is on. light, cameras, las vegas.
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chris: after a year hiatus due to the pandemic, the nba summer league is back. good news for the warrior who is drafted two tage rs. warriors and magic from last las vegas. james wiseman. michael muller sitting courtside. kyle guy with a trip. 15 points off the bench for him. here is jonathan. dribble. drive. aggressive moving the hoop. get out of my way. nice play there. as you take a look at it. first half winding down. defense to offense. golden states led by one at the break. come inga had -- nice game. he can handle the ball. minute is move. get it to moody. moody scored 15. warriors lose1-9 in overtime.
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>>e as an 18-year-old, he has to learn our coverages and play defense all the time down the floor. he can't take plays off. that is part of his development as a young player. >> i felt like we had a pretty good 1-2 punch going on. that is my guy. he does what he needs to do. gets to the cup. finishes around the rim. we play well off each other. chris: the a's an giants off today. san francisco has a major league best record overall. they rallied for comeback wins over the brewers saturday and sunday. brandon belt returned from the injured list. hit four home runs in three games. up next a nine-game home stand with plenty of momentum. >> we're playing good baseball. it is like a playoff atmosphere. >> you never feel like you're out of the game. you go down a couple of runs. i think the confidence comes
1:37 am
from the lineup that keeps coming at you and we believe in each other. >> chris: how about starling marte and the a's? oakland begins a 10-game road trip. oakland two games back of houston in the division. >> we're riding the wave, man. that's all we got to do. keep this feel and keep doing what we're doing and good things will happen. chris:
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>> all right. that is going to do it for this degrees of abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. >> we set the bar pretty low on mondays. right now jimmy kimmel live with guest host david spade who is very funny. whitney cummings is his guest. have a good evening. see you tomorrow.
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veterinarians have discovered that humans can transmit the virus to animals. >> because early on in the pandemic, as we saw more outbreaks in zoos and animals getting infected. that question of transmission was brought up so thank you for clarifying. >> yeah. all right. coming up, reba mcentire opens up about her health battle. and a man on trial for his wife's murder. what a spy pen has just revealed. and this happened. dozens of men carried their wives through an obstacle course. you're watching "world news now."
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