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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 9, 2021 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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t this morning on "world news now," the covid surge. a city of 1 million people has just six icu beds left. plus, the breaking news overnight. the bombshell resignation. new york's embattled governor refusing to step down. a top aide says she is leaving. plus, the near death encounter caught on camera the moment flood waters overwhelmed this elevator. we're hearing from the man inside. and see what happens when there's a bear in the produce aisle. and how often should you shower? after mila kunis and ashton kutcher said they don't shower every day. with soap and water. more celebs weigh in. is it okay to skip the shower some days?
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it's monday, august 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." is it every day? tell me that it's every day you are supposed to shower? >> i know what the experts are going to say. i don't think they will say every day. for me, it's a ritual. i took a nap and i showered again. once you go to sleep, almost like a new day starts. >> they are being so public about it. and other celebrities are coming out, we don't bathe so often. >> it's 2021. we're not going to shower shame. >> it's a pandemic, so you're at home a lot, even if we're not in quarantine. >> there's an article, how people -- it's like a ritual. but if you're not going to work and you don't have the triggers, they just skip showers. >> hey. >> love that journey for -- >> them. >> those guys. them. >> we'll have more on showergate, as i'm now calling it. >> shower shaming. we first begin with breaking news here in new york.
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governor andrew cuomo's top aide has stepped down. >> melissa derosa was the most powerful unelected official in the state, and one of the biggest defenders. he faces allegations of sexually harassing multiple women. >> her departure comes as one of the governor's accusers emerges from anonymity to tell her story. megan tevrizian has more. >> reporter: another bombshell surrounding new york governor andrew cuomo. his top aide, melissa derosa, resigning. she was one of his most trusted advisers. sitting next to him during his pandemic news conferences. she released a statement late sunday reading in part, personally, the past two years have been emotionally and mentally trying. adding, i am forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such talented and committed colleagues on behalf of our state. she did not mention cuomo. her resignation comes less than a week after new york's attorney general concluded cuomo sexually harassed 11 women.
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and now, the woman described in the report as executive assistant number one, brittany commisso is speaking publicly. >> there was a kiss on the cheek. and there was a hug. and then when he went to go kiss me on the cheek, he quickly turned his head and he kissed me on the lips. the governor needs to be held accountable. what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. >> reporter: telling cbs, why she didn't come forward sooner. >> people don't understand this is the governor of the state of new york. those troopers that are there, they are not there to protect me. they are there to protect him. >> reporter: cuomo was seen over the weekend for the first time since releasing his prerecorded message last week, denying the allegations. his lawyer slamming the a.g.'s investigation as biased, and striking back against commisso's claims. >> he did not grope her and
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there was evidence provided by several individuals to the attorney general about potential motives for her to have made that claim. i'm not going to get into that now. none of that was included in the report. >> cuomo's now former top aide, melissa derosa was allegedly helping retaliate against one of cuomo's accusers. as for cuomo himself, if he refuses to resign, steps are under way to begin a possible impeachment process. andrew? mona? >> thank you. the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill is on track to win final senate approval by tomorrow. it was holding on to enough republican support to clear another procedural hurdle after a republican senator forced the chamber to run out the clock on the debate. it will pay for improvements to roads and bridges. and broadbancrats willur
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their $3.5 trillion bill for soft infrastructure. like child care and medicare expansion. now, the pandemic and the surge across the u.s. with beds for patients in short supply, tents are up outside of a hospital in houston. ready to treat covid patients. houston has 46 icu beds left. austin and galveston down to just six each. in sturgis, south dakota, there's a motorcycle rally and it is the biggest in years and it is under way. health officials fear it could cause a new spike in virus cases. janai norman has more. >> reporter: the delta variant fueling another covid-19 surge. the u.s. averaging nearly 100,000 new daily cases, the highest since february. >> i'm afraid we should not really have ever gotten in the place we are. most of the cases of course now in unvaccinated people. most all of the deaths are unvaccinated people. these are younger people now, including children. >> reporter: florida with the highest number of confirmed
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pedic pedic pediatric cases in the country. in physical, doctors are seeing more children admitted than during any point during the pandemic. >> it's very upsetting. it's anxiety for the child. we're seeing people complaining of air hunger because their oxygen sats are low. they are struggling to breathe. it's very sad. >> reporter: some of the largest school districts in the state, defying the governor's ban on masks, putting in their own mask mandates for students and allowing parents to opt out. florida with 20% of the cases across the country. in jacksonville, lawrence johnson was hesitant to get the vaccine. after spending 22 days in icu, with covid, he now says he regrets not getting the shot. >> i am a living witness. if i would have gotten the vaccination, i wouldn't be here right now. >> reporter: in louisiana, denise harris who works in the
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denise harris who works in a baton rouge hospital, finally deciding to get the vaccine. tears rolling down her face, d her first shot, saying she wanted to set an example for her four children. >> if mom hasn't taken the shot, why should they? i have to set the tone for my kids. >> reporter: with the possibility of booster shots still needed this call, emery university with a clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of mixing and matching different vaccines as booster shots. he was vaccinated with the j&j shot. as part of the trial, he has now received a second shot, also of johnson & johnson. >> my hope would be that everybody gets the vaccine. in a small way, if this can help alleviate some of the concerns or some of the fears that somebody that is unvaccinated may feel. >> reporter: no booster shots are recommended. if in a few weeks, though, we expect that they will recommend shots for people that are immuno
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compromised. the cdc and fda maintains there's not enough data to show that immunity has waned enough to recommend booster shots for the general population. mona? andrew? for the second year in a row, jazzfest in new orleans has been canceled. organizers of the music festival had hoped to stage the event over two weekends in october but the covid surge in louisiana has forced them to call it off again. the monster wildfire in california's sierra nevada mountains will burn in hot, dry conditions over the coming days. the dixie fire has burned 725 square miles. as california's single largest wildfire ever. it's 20% contained. several homes in greenville were burned last week. 14,000 buildings are considered under threat. new data shows the nation's roads were more dangerous last year, even though there were less drivers due to the
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pandemic. the numbers show that traffic daths rose in 2020, by 7%. researchers place the blame on people driving faster, reduced use seatbelts and higher percentage of americans getting behind the wheel while under the influence. a los angeles area grocery store had an unexpected customer. that's a bear cub walking through a supermarket. on saturday. it walked through the aisles before running out into the parking lot. animal control officers tranquilized the bear and took it away. fortunately no one was hurt. one of the most most famous athletes on earth held an extraordinary press conference and he wasn't even at the olympics. >> i would say he is the most famous sports superstar on planet earth. we're talking about soccer star lionel messi. who emotionally broke down in tears as he started his public goodbye in barcelona at the football club in spain. he was forced to leave the club because of financial issues. the 34-year-old icon joined barcelona at the age of 13.
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his fans could have an answer about which team he is joining to today. as soon as today. it appears he is going to paris st. germain. >> st. germain. i probably butchered that. >> because they are a great franchise and they will get even better if they sign messi here, he could face his old team. in the champions league. which is the prize of all prize in soccer. >> we have to move on some time. i have cristiano ronaldo on the and he said he is coming for you because of the statement you made. more celebrities sharing their bathing routines. we talk to an expert, is it okay not to shower? and would you get a good night sleep on this bed? it's suspended nearly 100 stories above the ground. first, a more dramatic and terrifying sight caught on camera. one man's near-death experience in an elevator during a flood. we'll see how he got out. you're watching "world news now." elevator during
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credits as a child movie star in the 1930s. her family says she passed away over the weekend in california. jane withers was 95 years old. a former world war ii navy supply depot in new jersey is no more. two buildings covering 1.5 million square feet were imploded yesterday. the facilities were built to withstand a bomb blasting. bombproofing had to be removed before it could be brought down. the implosion makes way for a u.p.s. facility. to nebraska, where three friends were literally neck-deep in trouble. heavy rains left the trio for a fight for their lives in an elevator, in a scene they said was something like a movie. >> let me see your best moose impression. >> this morning, this man breathing a sigh of relief, after his near-death experience on camera. as a storm triggered historic flooding in parts of nebraska, tony and his friends got into an
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elevator in omaha. as the elevator reached the ground floor, water started rushing in. >> water starts coming in through vents. i just thought it was going to go up to my ankles. >> reporter: the water kept rising. lou and friends tried to pry the door open. >> it was to my neck. calling 911, while he called his roommates. i said, you need to come down. i could be dying right now. >> reporter: the roommates coming to the rescue, helping them pry open the door. the water so high, they had to swim out. >> we just got it opened and started swimming out and once i got out, i couldn't believe, wow, this is something you see in a movie. >> reporter: on the other side of the same building, another elevator also filled with water, trapping someone inside. emergency crews were able to get there in time to pry the doors open. lou and his friends are okay. his car outside escaped damage. others in the area not so lucky. up to five inches of rain submerging these vehicles in the streets. >> we had no bad it was.
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we had no idea. >> one other rescue was made in the area after two people got stranded on the roof of their car. >> glad everyone is safe. coming up, a willy wonka inspired hotel room. >> it features lickible wall paper, in a variety of flavors and a chocolate fountain and even a bathtub filled with liquid chocolate. and speaking of bathtubs, iokay not to bathe every rs. that's the million dollar question. you're watching "world news now." using th .
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ splish splash i ♪ splish splash i was taking a bath ♪ ♪ long about a saturday night ♪ i take showers. this is fine. splishing and splashing going on in the homes of some hollywood
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celebrities. >> some celebrities have been oversharing just how underbathed they are. how dirty is too dirty? our will ganss is here. are we talking christina aguilera dirty kind? >> reporter: dirty. dirty. from body spray to dry shampoo, there's plenty of tools to help out when we're in emergency instances when a shower isn't possible. how about nonemergencies? is it okay to not shower? this morning, the rock is weighing in. the rock is coming clean. revealing that he showers three times a day. >> careful. they can smell fear. >> reporter: the "jungle cruise" star, says he starts his day with a cold shower, takes a warm one after he works out, and a hot one when he gets home from work. >> if you exercise multiple times a day, you are sweating more. your skin bacteria is feeding
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off of that sweat. it's probably a good idea for you to wash more often. >> reporter: the rock saying, i'm the opposite of a not washing themselves celeb, following a slew of stars revealing they don't bathe every day. like mila kunis and ashton kutcher. on a recent episode of the armchair expert podcast. >> i don't wash my body with soap every day. >> i wash my armpits and my crotch daily and nothing else ever. >> for people that have more sensitive skin, totally reasonable just to use water. you want some of the oil to build up on your skin. >> reporter: kristen bell and dax shepard appearing on "the view," saying they don't wash their kids every day. >> i am a fan of waiting for the stink. once you catch a whiff, that's biology's way of letting you know, you need to clean it up. >> it's a red flag. >> she strikes on something that is sound. i tend to recommend that maybe
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before the sniff test is positive, because you're probably playing catchup. >> reporter: and jake gyllenhaal revealing in a new interview with "vanity fair," more and more, i find bathing to be less necessary at times. and there's a whole world of not bathing that is helpful for skin maintenance. and we naturally clean ourselves. how often should we really be taking a shower? >> good question. you have to know your skin. >> as long as you're not causing your skin undue harm by not bathing on a regular basis and the people around you don't mind the stink, you know, you do you. >> reporter: if you are going to pull a dwayne johnson and shower three times a day, avoid using harsh soaps. like irish spring that would strip the skin of the natural oils that would dry you out. moisturizing during or after the shower is key. >> very key. >> i don't care what skin you are, get the elbows and the ankles and the knees.
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>> i feel i need a shower after that story. >> also, my showers are like 1,000 degrees. i'm a lobster preparing to get cooked.
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call now! ♪ come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination ♪ time now for "the mix." and these snozberries taste like snozberries. we're starting across the pond and the golden ticket for chocolate lovers everywhere. >> it is a dream hotel room that willy wonka fans never knew they needed. they created this experience in the chocolate box hotel in england has created this fully immersive willie wonka experience in honor of the original film's 50th anniversary. the room boasts lick-able wall paper that the hotel promises is replaced after each guest. that was concerning. a chocolate fountain and unlimited supply of gobstoppers,
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gum drops and other candies. >> and guests can treat themselves to a soak of a bathtub full of melted chocolate. i don't think mila kunis will. >> don't chew the gum. it is not ready. you don't want to turn into a >> violet beauregard. next, machines one step closer to taking over the world. >> this two-legged robot named cassy was recently able to complete a three-mile run in just over 53 minutes. >> it taught itself how to run. with machine learning to navigate outdoor terrain. >> the oregon state university team behind the project believes that robots like cassy may deliver packages, help manage warehouses or even help us with tasks at home. i wonder if cassie can do my laundry, as well. then i'll be really impressed. >> i wonder if she went by the nike headquarters and grabs herself some sneakers. some people sleep to dream. others are living a nightmare. >> okay.
3:57 am
check this out. two women at a theme park in china are snuggled in this so-called hammock bed, suspended nearly 1,000 feet above the ground. >> why? >> why? >> sleeping is hard enough. that is 100 stories up. for you thrill seekers out there. they are strapped in. but who cares? they are swaying in the wind, holding on to nothing but a pillow and a blanket and each other. how cute. >> you know that feeling when you feel like you stepped off the curb in the middle of a dream. and you wake up. this time, you're actually probably falling. the theme park is known for its other vertigo attractions. such as the glass bridge. we saw that one. and cliff swinging. finally to a mutt on the move in central london. >> a toy poodle named toffee was delighting passers-by on a bee-themed scooter with a yellow backpack. >> the owner says teaching
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toffee the trick took less than
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right now on "america this morning," the covid surge leaving hospital beds in short supply. >> we are getting patients at a higher rate. >> some large cities running out of icu beds. breaking this morning, climate warning. a new report from the u.n. details the impact climate change could have in the near future. another bombshell in the sexual harassment scandal surrounding new york governor andrew cuomo. one of cuomo's accusers speaking out publicly for the first time. elevator


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