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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 6, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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the u.s. coast guard says the u.s. coast guard says it worth of drugs in what it calls the largest illegal narcotic
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offload in its history. the crew of "the cutter james" brought ashore nearly 60,000 pounds of cocaine and more than 1,400 pounds of marijuana, gathered from several vessels at sea. hiroshima is marking the 76th anniversary of the first atomic bombing today. the u.s. destroyed the city and killed 140,000 people with that bomb. america dropped a second bomb three days later on nagasaki, killing another 70,000 people before japan surrendered on august 15th, 1945, ending world war ii. back here at home, police officers and first responders were given high honors for their bravery on january 6th. >> they were awarded the congressional gold medal for their courage in the face of hundreds of rioters. he's'stean r >> reporter: the more than 1,500 officers who responded to the capitol on january 6th, recognized with one of the nation's highest civilian with the number of officers in
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attendance, president biden signed a bill, awarding capitol police and those that protected the capitol the congressional gold medal. >> i know receiving the award is bittersweet. on that day, more than 140 law enforcement officers suffered physical injuries. and untold numbers suffering emotional toll. 15 of you were hospitalized. others were lost forever. may their souls rest in peace. >> reporter: the ceremony coming on the heels of harrowing congressional testimony by four officers. >> i remember thinking there was a very good chance i would be torn apart or shot to death with my own weapon. >> what we were subjected to that day was like something from a medieval battle. >> reporter: earlier this week, senate majority leader chuck schumer calling the officers heroes, highlighting their bravery and sacrifice, as the measure to award the medal passed unanimously in the senate. >> this is our olympics. this is our gold medal.
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and it goes, today, to the capitol police officers and the metropolitan police officers, and others that protected us that day. >> reporter: this bill calls for the treasury department to make four gold medals to be publicly displayed at the u.s. capitol police headquarters, d.c. metro police, the u.s. capitol and the smithsonian institute. the president says thesing these medals should remind us of the officers who served us currently and protect us all. at the white house, stephanie ramos, abc news. coming up, everyone loves lucy. >> on what would have been her 110th birthday. little-known facts about the ground-breaking comedienne who is still considered the queen of cmedy. ricky. that's next on "world news now." still considered the queen do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? now you can sell your policy, even a term policy, for an immediate cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. but we quickly realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance you may qualify to
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exactly how old are you, vera? the truth. >> how old do you think? >> i'd say somewhere between 40 and death. >> if looks and comedy could kill, the incomparable lucille ball brought a new depth of talent to the big screen, in 1974, along with bea arthur in the >> her career spanned 50 years. she appeared in tv and film roles until her death. but today would have been her 110th birthday. >> today, will ganss is digging up little-known facts about the queen of comedy. >> reporter: on what would be her 110th birthday, little-known lucille ball facts, for celebrating everyone's favorite funny lady.
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>> i'm trying to be a good wife. that's all. i can sing and dance and do a lot of things. you have no idea how talented i am. >> reporter: those iconic red locks weren't always red. she was a natural brunette and went blonde at the beginning of her career. she didn't rock the red until "i love lucy." her hair stylist on the show referred to the hue as golden apricots. >> it's tasty, too. tastes like candy. >> reporter: after dropping out of high school and modeling and getting into acting, her break came later in life. "i love lucy" premiering two months after her 40th birthday. the show breaking barriers. lucy and her real-life husband, desi arnaz, were the first mixed-race couple on television. and the show was one of the first to be filmed in hollywood. back then, many shows were done live in new york. >> ricky, this is it. >> this is it. this is it. >> reporter: lucy was the first pregnant woman to play a pregnant woman on tv, although
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they couldn't say the word pregnant on tv at the time. they said expecting. >> wait for me. >> reporter: the episode, "lucy goes to the hospital," when little ricky was born, had more viewers than president eisenhower's inauguration. >> where are you? >> reporter: lucille ball was the first ever female head of a major production company when she took the reins of desilu productions, the company she formed with her husband in 1962. it produced "star trek," "mission impossible" and of course, "i love lucy." >> what is remarkable, is you can watch an episode today in 2021 and it is still funny. >> oh, definitely. >> the comedy holds up after decades. usually they say comedy doesn't age as well. watch an episode now. it's still just as funny. >> i'm laughing at the highlights we were watching right now and what distinguished her and what she is known for as her very animated comedy.
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look at that scene right there, where she has a million facial expressions. she is active. every scene was very theatrical and animated. but also, i want to go back to the point we were talking about, about it was groundbreaking. >> so many ways. the fact that desi arnaz, he is of cuban descent, born in cuba. we saw their dynamic. he had an accent. he showed a different perspective. but it wasn't in a way that was highlighted in a negative way. it was just two married people living together. but i want to know now, obviously, we're talking about -- remind me of the access that is about to play. i just said it. >> nicole kidman. >> there you go. >> nicole kidman is about to play lucille ball. i want to see her bring that to life. she was saying, comedy is not her thing. and that she is stepping out of her comfort zone by playing a comedienne.
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she is not playing any comedienne. she is playing the queen of comedy. it will be interesting to see coming up, an update on wally the walrus.
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trust aag for the best reverse mortgage solutions. call now! ♪ ♪ time now for "the mix," starting with an update on the world's most-watched marine mammal. >> wally the walrus, was recently spotted dozing on a boat just off of the coast of waterford, ireland. he has been making headlines since mid march when he struck out on an adventure far from his arctic home and arrived in ireland. the wayward walrus made stops in britain, france and spain. >> wally has now returned to the country where it all started. and locals say they are delighted. >> he is just backpacking across europe. and finally, to florida, where one 93-year-old woman is proving she has more moves than most of us. >> zoomba instructor rena
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martinez shared this clip of her and her student, rachel, practicing a dance routine. and rachel does not miss a beat. >> at all. and speaking of beats, in honor of our own polka guy, barry mitchell, being honored as 1 of 25 impactful people, a huge honor. in the history of late night tv? come on. let's polka. ♪ politics and foreign wars all the weather ♪ ♪ all the scores that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ is this news from tokyo stuff you saw on koppel's show ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ it's late at night and you're wide awake ♪ ♪ and you're not wearing pants ♪ ♪ grab your "world news now" mug and everybody dance ♪ ♪ have some fun, be a pal ♪ ♪ every anchor, guy and gal do the "world news" polka ♪ >> come on, get up.
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♪ ♪ that's the "world news" >>ood. insomniacs only. ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ who cares what the networks think or the sponsors too ♪ ♪ and if the neighbors call the cops ♪ ♪ here's all you have to do ♪ ♪ when they yell, it's half past 3:00 ♪ ♪ tell them it's news to me ♪ ♪ that's the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ they they make us work the graveyard shift ♪ ♪ that's why we go for broke ♪ ♪ five whole days every week we're here with our tongue in cheek ♪ ♪ it's the "world news" polka, do the "world news" polka ♪ ♪ do the "world news" polka the "world news" polka ♪
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ it's live with kelly and ryan. today, film, television and broadway star, daveed diggs. plus, exclusively for our viewers, bargains to upgrade your life. also timber sports champion martha king gives us a lesson in chopping and sawing. and actress katie lowes returns for another day as ryan's co-host. all next on live. and now here are ryan seacrest and katie lowes. hi, good morning! hi, katie. welcome. good to see you again. that was perfect. thank you-- we sat perfectly. it's thursday, we've made it to thursday. we're almost there, obviously. we're almost there. back again, filling in for kelly ripa is katie lowes. lucky me, lucky me. hi, everybody.


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