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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 6, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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extra and very controversial vaccine dose to johnson & johnson recipients today who got the shot and who got turned away. the first state in the nation, california makes a monumental change to its vaccination policy for healthcare workers. much of the great highway in san francisco is closed right now, but changeha about why in my story. smoke from the northern california wildfires starting to drift into our area, hour-by- hour forecast coming up. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc7 news. i parked and walked in and they said they're already out. >> tonight confusion and frustration over booster shots. it's not authorized, but san francisco general started giving out the supplemental vaccine doses anyway, but it wasn't a smooth process for everyone. good evening and thank you
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joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> we spoke with people who received the booster and some of those who were turned away. >> reporter: on thursday a line of people waited under this white tent at san francisco general hospital for a booster. this came three days after abc7 broke the news that the hospital along with san francisco's department of public health would offer an mrna shot to single dose johnson & johnson vaccine. abc7 multimedia producer juan carlos guerrero got the j&j shot in april. now he also wants pfizer. did anybody counsel you this shot is not part of the emergency use authorization and not officially recommended? >> no, nobody said that. they simply asked us why we were there. the reason i went forward and got it is because i saw in the
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news germany and israel were doing it and i figured san francisco is offering us something similar. >> reporter: juan carlos got to the hospital at 8 a.m. and was able to get the supplemental dose, but people who arrived in the afternoon were not so lucky. >> i parked and walked in and they said they're already out. >> they said they'd already given 1,000 shots this morning and that they were prioritizing sf general patients at this point and i'm a ucsf patient. >> reporter: san francisco resident mccauley aarons hopes she can come back another day. >> i have unvaccinated kids that i live with and i want to make sure that i'm protecting my family as much as i can. >> reporter: while they aren't formally recommending the extra dose in accordance with the cdc, san francisco's department of public health tells me all their vaccine sites are now offering the pfizer or moderna shot to johnson & johnson recipients, but despite multiple requests for more information the city and hospital have not specified when and where people can show up for the extra dose.
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kate larsen, abc7 news. tonight california is the first in the nation to mandate vaccinations for healthcare workers in most settings. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo explains what's changing and when. >> reporter: for california's more than 2 million healthcare workers an added layer of security, announced thursday new rules from the state requiring workers in most healthcare settings be vaccinated. emergency room technician roy onpin said this push comes at the perfect time. >> as things started to normalize, we were hoping things would get better. it's unusual that it's kind of gone the other way and this is a great way for us to pivot to really escalate what we'll do to fight this pandemic. >> reporter: workers will need to be fully vaccinated or at least receive a second dose by september 30th. weekly testing was originally offered, but that's now only the case if there's a religious or medical exemption. >> we have been strongly encouraging vaccination. we don't see any other way out of this.
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>> reporter: in a statement the national union of healthcare workers said in part, "while this order will not be embraced by all our members it will save lives and protect the health of healthcare workers and patients enduring another covid-19 surge." for front line worker amber ugarte she believes any hospital worker who has gone without a vaccine likely has not witnessed the brutality of the virus. >> there are certain areas that their views are a little different because they haven't seen what we've seen. >> reporter: a second health order by the state thursday requires anyone visiting california hospitals, care facilities, nursing homes and in most healthcare settings be fully vaccinated or show a negative covid test beginning august 11th. >> it's been tricky because they have let visitors in and it's been a scary situation sometimes when you're talking face to face and you don't know that this person isn't, you know, spreading or shedding the virus. >> reporter: that assurance will soon come from both sides. >> they no longer have to guess if the person caring for them has been vaccinated or not. >> reporter: i'm amanda del
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castillo, abc7 news. south bay san jose says all city employees will need to be vaccinated or undergo weekly testing starting august 23rd. those who fail to do so could be placed on unpaid leave. the city says it plans la >>tonit fel health officials are signaling they will likely recommend booster shots for immunocompromised americans within weeks. >> it is extremely important for us to move to get those individuals their boosters and we are now working on that and will make that be implemented as quickly as possible. >> reporter: those first boosters would go to vulnerable people like cancer or transplant patients or those on medications that suppress the immune system. today moderna said a booster for its vaccine will likely be needed in the fall. the company reports its vaccine is 93% effective six months later, but that data was crunched before the delta variant took hold. meanwhile seven states with some of the country's lowest
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vaccination rates are now accounting for about half of new cases and hospitalizations in the past week. that includes florida where some hospitals are now stretched to capacity. teams at memorial healthcare system have been forced to make room in its cafeteria. >> patients are coming in younger, sicker and unfortunately sometimes they are expiring quicker. >> reporter: florida has more kids hospitalized with covid than any other state in the country, but the governor today doubled down on his ban of mask mandates in schools. >> what are the harmful effects of putting a kindergartner in a mask for seven hours? have they talked about the emotional, the academic, the physiological? >> tomorrow new jersey's governor is expected to announce a mask requirement for all students from kindergarten through 12th grade. in the north bay napa county just joined nearly the entire bay area in mandating masking indoors and this is regardless of vaccination status. it starts tomorrow. solano county is the only place
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not requiring mask use indoors. california only recommends but does not mandate universal indoor masking. lake county has the highest new case rate per capita in all of california. the seven-day test positivity rate is 17.5%. statewide it's 7.1%. the county had low case numbers at the beginning of the pandemic, but people living there said things went down hill as the masks came off. >> politically we're pretty split and as everyone who has been following this story knows that this issue has been politicized. businesses have lost productivity. everything that we've clawed back from, we can lose again. >> 52.5% of lake county residents over 12 are fully vaccinated. if you have questions about the covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team. submit your questions at developing news now, dangerous conditions making for a daunting challenge for firefighters in northern
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california tonight. look at these scenes. governor newsom expanded the state of emergency to include siskiyou, nevada and placer counties due to fires. the river fire burning near grass valley is now a major concern, but the largest is the dixie fire burning east of chico. it destroyed most of greenville last night and took another community tonight. firefighters are encountering extreme fire conditions tonight. the small community of canyondom burning on the shores of lake alminor, businesses fully engulfed, cars burning by the side of the road and this is dashcam video from highway 89 where fire is burning on both sides of the road. at one point a tree is partially blocking the road. just south is the historic mountain town of greenville. >> this is what's left of main street in greenville. behind me is the sierra lodge. to my right is a weigh station bar. all that's recognizable is the front of the structure. >> fire crews say the town
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turned into the apocalyptic hellscape in hours. the downtown area was a living museum of gold rush era buildings, now destroyed. the forest service is calling this fire season a national crisis. congressman doug lamafa says something has to be done. >> the government hasn't been able to get the job done. we'll take up the fight even harder. >> farther south near grass valley the river fire tore through 1,400 acres. ron pucci and his wife lost their home. he tried to fight using a hose and water from his pool, but he said the fire raced up the hill like a tornado. >> all of a sudden the wind kicked up, blew smoke and embers in my eyes and the water back in my face and next thing i know there's fire on both sides of me. >> at least 76 structures lost,
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really scary scenes. smoke from the fire is having an impact on bay area impact. let's check in with abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel for a look at what we can expect over the next few days. >> well, we'll see smoke impacts continuing. oke fre satell wifi perspective and this is really unbelievable. this is from the dixie fire. you can see the sme retcng a the way up into oregon. we've seen some of that smoke actually make it into the bay area and upper parts of the atmosphere. if you watch carefully between these two arrows, you'll see that smoke in the north bay. now fortunately our air quality is good here in the bay area. it's in the upper parts of the atmosphere, not so good. it is unhealthy to very unhealthy for northern california. expecting moderate air quality the next four days. so air quality advisory in effect through tomorrow and just about at sunset. look at the smoke from the wildfires. this is once again aloft not making it to the ground, but that could change. i'll be back
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hour smoke forecast coming up. >> our wildfire tracker is on our website, don't be sorry. there's nothing to be sorry about. i got you, okay? i'm not going to let you die. >> a san diego deputy saved after being exposed to fentanyl. we'll show you the harrowing video. much of the great highway is closed now in san francisco, but changes are coming and some are not happy about it. and after a daring escape an update on the bear cub badly burned in the tamarac fire. but first here's a look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> i want to read the tweet that you wrote and i'm going to do it in your voice. >> good, yeah. >> okay. once i was in a spa in a hotel in vegas.
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in less than two weeks san francisco's great low will reopen to cars at least on weekdays. the stretch between lincoln way and slope boulevard was closed during the pandemic to create an open space for cyclists and pedestrians, but not everyone is happy with the new compromise. >> reporter: well, city leaders have certainly compromised here on the decision to open the great highway during the week and then keep it closed on weekends and also holidays. the initial reaction from bike groups, walk groups and those
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out there enjoying the closed road was a negative one. >> i thought you were kidding me. my initial reaction was pretty mad. >> i'm just pretty sad. gold brick loves the great highway. >> reporter: the great highway is currently closed totototo traffic from lincoln way to slope boulevard since april 2020. it was in response to the pandemic and need for social distancing, but since that time there has been a push to keep it closed due to the spectacular views of the ocean. many neighbors, though, have complained saying that traffic has been rerouted through side roads. they say getting anywhere takes an extra 20 to 30 minutes and there have been concerns over emergency vehicles getting places. we asked neighbors if this compromise of five days open and two days closed is a win. here's what they had to say. >> my emotions today are relief because we've had such an onslaught of unbelievable
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traffic since the highway closed. >> i'm happy today, but it's just the beginning. >> reporter: so the great highway will reopen on august 16th , but keep in mind this is not a long term solution. the mayor's office says this aligns with their plan of reopening the city and also the plan to reopen schools. j.r. stone, abc7 news. the san diego county sheriff's department is sharing body camera video that shows dramatic moments after a deputy was exposed to fentanyl. this happened during an arrest last month. fortunately, i mean really fortunately, another officer was there with him. >> i was like hey, dude, too close. you can't get that close to it. a couple seconds later he took some steps back and collapsed. >> corporal scott crane grabbed the antidote narcan and sprayed it into his partner's nostrils, but he still couldn't breathe. corporal crane needed help. >> i'm not going to let you die. i need narcan. i got you.
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i got you. i'm trying to not let him go like i'm just -- i want him to know he wasn't alone. fire department got there, put him on the gurney. his eyes rolled back in his head and he was od-ing the whole way to the hospital. >> i'm deputy david fivi and i almost died of a fentanyl overdose. >> you can see how scary that is. fentanyl's 50 times more potent than heroin and just a few grains can be deadly. he's lucky. >> he is so fortunate. wow, that was so emotional to watch. glad he is okay. moving on now to the drought which has forced a power plant that relies on lake oroville's water to close for the first time in its history. the lake, which is in butte county, is at its lowest level since september 1977. it was just 4 1/2 years ago that water from lake oroville overflowed the dam damaging its buoys, just shows how quickly
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things change around here, larry. sandy, we had a few sprinkles this morning but not really much. >> yeah, that's right. we had a little drizzle and it was just enough to require wipers in parts of the bay area. that's about it. let me show you what we have been dealing with tonight. it was a smoky sunset from our mount tam cam. you see the reddish hues, a lot more smoke particles in the upper parts of the atmosphere creating that sunset. it looks beautiful, but obviously does come with a price tag, which is that smoke from those wildfires up north. area of low pressure across the oregon/california border responsible for the wind flow that brought the smoke down into our region and as you look at the smoke forecast in the upper parts of the atmosphere we will see near the surface some smoke starting to draft into our area once again tomorrow. so don't be surprised if some of that smoke aloft starts to mix down near the surface. as we head towards tomorrow night, it looks like we will
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see less smoke late tomorrow night by 11 p.m. tonight we have some low clouds right around the bay and along the coastline, temperatures at this hour 50s to the 70s. it was a little lopred morning with areas of low cloud. smoke impacts from the wildfires continue tomorrow. hour-by-hour forecast, tomorrow morning some patches of mist, maybe some drizzle, really the clouds will stick around in the morning near the coast and we will see less of the fog into the afternoon. morning temperatures mid-50s to the low 60s. your afternoon highs really coming up quickly, especially inland. so south bay numbers 86 san jose, 93 in morgan hill, 94 gilroy. on the peninsula you're looking at 85 in redwood city, 67 half moon bay, downtown san francisco 71 degrees. it's going to be a bit breezy around daly city, 66 north bay, 90 in san rafael, 93 in santa rosa, 88 in vallejo.
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it will be hazy because of some of that smoke coming, in 79 oakland, 82 he inl97 fairfield antioch. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast. it's a one-day hot spell at least inland. temperatures will shoot up, upper 90s inland, mid-60s coastside, hazy conditions expected due to smoke, still hot inland saturday, but by sunday those temperatures begin to come down, not a whole lot of change starting off the new workweek. temperatures will be close to average, a little bit warmer than average inland. we're looking at mid- to upper 90s inland, mid-60s coastside. we think the biggest thing here is a lot of us remember last year when 8 a.m. seemed like it was 8 p.m. we had to turn on the lights. i'm not expecting a rerun of that, but we will be watching for the potential for some of that smoke to come down near the surface tomorrow and if that happens, you smell smoke, stay inside with the windows and doors closed. >> hopefully not the
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the search for a bear cub injured in the tamarac fire continues. today, though, hikers spotted the cub near south lake tahoe. lake tahoe wildlife care says it's a good sign to see the cub is able to climb trees because you can see the bandages on his paws for the burns. he escaped the rescue center tuesday. anyone who sees the cub should keep visual contact and call the rescue center immediately, but obviously don't try to rescue it yourself. just give them a call. >> so cute. hope he's okay. >> yeah. >> he can climb a tree, so he must be doing better, right? >> that's good. i'm in for dan. chris alvarez is here with a look ahead to sports. >> coming up in sports the nfl preseason kicks off with the hall of fame game. plus a giant comeback,
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sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> long time oakland a's broadcaster ray fossi announced he's silently battled cancer the last 16 years. he's going to step away to focus on his treatment. giants and diamondbacks fan ella who went viral last night. giants down 4-0. brandon crawford towards the pool in right center. kris bryant scores and she might just be the lucky charm for the giants. later in the inning brandon belt, welcome back, keeps the line moving. an r.b.i. knock. giants down two. the giants and lamonte wade were down to the final strike, get this, six times before wade comes through in a clutch, a two r.b.i. knock ties the game at 4-4 and the giants fan take over at chase field. we go extras, top ten, kris bryant 3 for 5 with an r.b.i. and drives in tommy la stella. giants take a 5-4 lead. in the bottom half jake mcgee
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picks up save 24. it's san francisco's first win when trailing by four or more in the ninth since april 18th, 1993. >> i've been part of a few teams that do well later in the game with the backs against the wall and this team has it and it's really fun to be a part of and it's fun to contribute, you know, to such a good team. nba free agency news, kelly oubre jr. agreed to a two-year $26 million deal with the hornets. because it's not at least a three-year contract there will not be a sign and trade deal with the warriors. golden state essentially gets no value in return. after a year away due to the pandemic the hall of fame game returned, nfl preseason kicking off. 49ers general manager john lynch will be part of the 2021 class inducted sunday. here is john lynch going to get that gold jacket, what an honor for him. antioch's najee harris making his nfl debut in debut, the
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steelers first run pick, seven carries for 22 yards for najee. fourth quarter going straight to the action, pittsburgh up nine, dobbs finds simmons. steelers win 16-3. 9ers open preseason saturday, august 14th , against kansas city. maybe we'll see this youngster playing for the spartans in the future. he sure has the moves breaking tackles there. sparty opens the season at home against southern
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all right. thank you so much for watching and being with us here tonight! i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. it's 25 minutes till friday. >> oh, friday. >> which means the weekend! >> so close. >> jimmy kimmel up next with guest host nick kroll. have a good night! se
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the u.s. coast guard says the u.s. coast guard says it worth of drugs in what it calls the largest illegal narcotic


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