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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 4, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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three guests were injured when a when a wall of ice collapsed at the "titanic" museum attraction in tennessee. those injured were taken to the hospital. no word on their condition. it appears to be an accident. it will take at least a month to rebuild the iceberg. police near nashville are trying to figure out what sparked a workplace shooting. it ended with the suspect dead, three of his co-workers in the hospital and detectives poring over terrifying video of a scene that turned into a shoot-out.
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we want to warn you, some of the images may be disturbing. this morning, workers at this smile direct club facility in nashville shaken, after police say a disgruntled employee shot and wounded three people. >> we got a warehouse shooting in antioch. shooting everywhere. >> reporter: 22-year-old antonio king, entering the facility, that makes plastic teeth aligners. firing multiple times, but not injuring anyone, according to police. after leaving, he engages in a shoot-out with security guards through the doors. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: firing more than 20 times. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: hitting two security guards and a manager. >> he has a gun in his hand. >> reporter: officers arrived minutes later, confronting king as he walked away from the facility. >> do not move. drop the weapon. >> reporter: and then, opening fire. >> drop the weapon. >> reporter: king died at the hospital. his family, attributing the violence to king's mental
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illness, saying, quote, unfortunately, the signs of the severity of the illness were not evident to those of us that were with him daily. his former co-workers expressing concern about the security at the facility. >> there's no machine that detects anyone that has a gun or anything. there's nothing. >> reporter: workplace shootings, still rare, have been on the rise. in may, an employee killed nine co-workers at this rail yard in california. one month earlier, a former fedex worker killed eight people at a company facility in indiana. experts blame the spike in workplace violence on the fact that more people are returning to work and attackers have had months to plan, often in isolation during the pandemic. coming up, two americans are now advancing to the olympic finals in sport climbing. our own will ganss is taking us behind the scenes of this brand-new extreme sport. does he get the gold medal? >> hmm. enough, now the folks on cape cod have to worry about fending off coyotes.
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"wait, what?" that's coming up later. on "world news now."
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we are gazing ♪ we are gazing towards tokyo this morning, with eager anticipation for the olympic sport climbing finals. >> the women's qualifying rounds kick off today. after yesterday, on the men's side, two americans are now advancing. 17-year-old colin duffy finished third. nathaniel coleman finished eighth in yesterday's qualifying round, as they both head into the finals on thursday. >> but back here at home, we may have discovered a rock climber qualifier of our own in studio. we're talking about will ganss. let's hear his story. >> reporter: you think you know rock climbing? think again. the summer games' newest extreme sport, scaling its way into the olympics at breakneck speed. to be a true rock climber is to be an athlete. you have to have upper body strength, flexibility, and you have to get over that fear of heights. no, no, no.
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zoom back in. zoom back in. it's known in the olympics officially as sport climbing. but unlike other sports, each athlete here will have to compete in all three climbing disciplines. the first, lead. >> you will see them going up a long route. as they go higher and higher, they will be collecting more points. and if you get to the top of that route, that's the most amount you can get. >> reporter: second, bouldering, in which athletes climb as many fixed routes as they can in four minutes. on a 4 1/2-meter-high wall equipped with safety mats. and the last discipline, speed climbing. >> speed climbing is essentially a head-to-head for two athletes. and the goal is to get to the top of the wall the fastest. >> reporter: both of the competitors climbing identical 15-meter walls. >> finger strength, flexibility,
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lower body technique, leg power, it all ties together. >> reporter: you heard that right, finger strength. >> a lot of it is using smaller holds and just kind of climbing. >> reporter: all right. it's not like sitting at your -- >>oto >> reporter: i feel i could handle this. the two men and two women representing team usa, definitely have the finger strength and are elite in all three disciplines. favorite brooke raboutou, kyra condie, nathaniel coleman and colin duffy, who is 17 years old. after h course, literally, in falling. >> very nice. gold medal. >> reporter: and gearing up. ♪ time to speed climb, against the pro. representing the united states of america, will ganss and ryan smith. three, two, one. ♪
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all right, ryan. okay. good thing that was the qualifying round. time for take two. i'm right behind you, ryan. ♪ it's a dead-heat. son of a -- luckily, team usa has a much better grip on things. both american men are ready to compete in the inaugural sport climbing finals tomorrow. and the women's qualifying rounds will get under way this morning in tokyo, with those finals scheduled for friday. all about that finger strength, baby. >> my fingers hurt just watching you do that. >> i know. what you didn't see during that story is i asked will, like 99 questions. i wanted to know, does the harness help you? is it like a bungee harnesses?
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>> reporter: not at all. that's a safety thing, if somebody falls or needs to come back down. there's no help going up. >> will you do this again? >> reporter: it is fun. and it is a good workout. >> and now, it's an olympic sport. >> woo hoo. >> a lot to process. you've been investing in your home for years. making monthly mortgage payments doing the right thing. well, that investment can give you tax-free cash just when you need it. learn how americans 62 years and older are accessing $100,000s in tax-free cash with a reverse mortgage loan to pay bills cover medical costs create emergency funds and more if i thought a reverse mortgage
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♪ it's time, now, for "wait, what?" starting with the dangers of coyotes, on the beaches of cape cod? >> "wait, what?" >> as if sharks weren't enough. a woman who escaped the wilds of new york city for vacation in provincetown, was forced to fend off an aggressive coyotes. >> she was armed with a stick. two fishermen heard her cries and raced ashore, scaring the wild animal and bringing the woman to safety. you don't see that every day. >> n> nexttoheanith the world't telling everybody's secrets.
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31-year-old tiktok sta samantha ramsey was recently confirmed by guinness world records to have the world'sargest mouth gap >> i did see this. she said embracing her unlikely feature was difficult at first. she was bullied at a child. now, she is embracing it. >> she has amassed a massive 1.7 million tiktok followers who tune in to watch various clips of her eating. i did see a clip of her the just opening her - yeah. that's a wide mouth. >> the one i saw, an apple. she put a whole apple. >> yikes. >> my mom said i had a smart mouth. next, to the world's highest bungee jump. >> "wait, what?" >> straddled between two cliffs bridge are being offered the world's highest bungee jump from a foot bridge, 853 feet, mona. >> if the glass bridge wasn't scary enough, the attraction is famous for its sand stone pillars and peaks into the clouds, alth deerane
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and gorges. >> opening at the end of 2020, the operation averages about 20 jumps per day and costs around $306. >> i'll just youtube it and watch. count me out.?" >> stormy weather sent a number of beach umbrellas flying around the sand, and over the waves in myrtle beach, south carolina. >> this can be dangerous. the umbrellas are tumbling down the shoreline. >> yeah. >> there's a method to putting your umbrella in the sand. okay? i was teaching this to my mom the other day. > okay. >> you don't just jab it in the sand. you put it in and do the twist, back and forth. >> do you screw it in, as well? just to make sure? >> just the back and forth and you reinforce it with the sand around there. that's a lot of wind, so i don't think it would have mattered. >> you think you don't need this information until you have an umbrella coming at you at 50 miles per hour. as andrew said, it can be very
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dangerous. glad everyone was safe there.
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