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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  July 31, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> we are seeing it among physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, we are sort of seeing it across the board. >> two major san francisco hospitals report a surgeon breakthrough cases among staff members. many employees have reported mild cold-like symptoms and now a covid vaccine mandate could be coming to the facilities. could morning everybody it's saturday, july 31, you are watching abc7 news at 9 am. live on abc7, who live in wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz and let's start with meteorologist lisa arjun.
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hi there, it's getting brighter for those of you who woke up with cloud cover. we are beginning to see the clouds retreat but there is a whole lot of fog at the shoreline and you can see from this picture where it is stacked up inside the bay and we widen the view and we have still some thunderstorms that could fire up in the sierra nevada. the low clouds there and higher clouds will invade the bay area today, 58 in san francisco, 68 in mountain view so pretty mild anywhere from 4 to 7b0 warmer this morning. that's a look at san jose, 280 with 63 in nevada, you can see upper 70s from vacaville to the upper 60s in the inland east bay so a sunny peninsula and a series on tap with upper 70s for palo alto later on today, mid and upper 80s for our warmest locations by about 4 pm but we'll reach about 90 in concorde in livermore down from yesterday's highs and we keep the fog at the coast. talking about august when we see you next. lisa thank you. this morning new data released from the cdc has local and national officials sounding the alarm.
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the data shows the delta variant is twice as infectious as previously thought. the cdc says an outbreak in provincetown massachusetts helped lead to the new recommendation that even fully vaccinated people should wear masks indoors in areas hit hard by covid. in response to the delta variant the fda is also shifting around some resources so that it can give pfizer's vaccine full approval. the fda also announced it is expanding emergency authorization for the antibody drug cocktail from regeneron. it can now be used as a preventative covid treatment in some people. two bay area hospitals are seeing a surgeon break through cases among workers, we have team coverage from two members of the vaccine team, abc7 news reporter kate larson starts us off and she found out how hundreds of san francisco hospital employees are getting infected with covid. >> reporter: two major san francisco hospitals, zuckerberg san francisco general and ucsf are reporting
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more than 230 staff members infected with covid, most of them break through cases. >> more staff are getting covid then we saw before and it's mostly vaccinated staff and that is because of the easing of restrictions. >> reporter: dr. lukejohn day is the chief medical officer and he says in july 50 staff members tested positive for covid, 70 to 80% were fully vaccinated and none of them have been hospitalized. this is out of 7500 total hospital staff so it's a small portion but how they got covid is important. >> close to 99% of those cases, almost 100% we've been able to trace back to community spread. we have so far not detected any patient to staff or staff to patient transmission right now but we still have some active investigations going on. >> reporter: a source tells me that three of the san francisco general cases were emergency department staff who gathered together at an event outside of work. this month 183 ucsf employees
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tested positive out of 35,000 people. 84% were fully vaccinated, to vaccinated people were hospitalized. dr. joss adler is ucsf's chief medical officer . >> we were expecting and planning for breakthroughs but that said the rate of breakthroughs is a little higher than originally predicted. >> reporter: predictions were based on data from the original variant, not the delta which is twice as infectious. but if there was no vaccine available ucsf expect they would have four times as many covid cases right now. sfgh and ucsf have caught these cases through screenings. more employees have been reporting mild cold-like symptoms, ucsf expects to enforce a covid vaccine mandate starting september 1. kate larson, abc7 news. and abc7 news reporter and vaccine team member
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continues team coverage, she spoke with one pediatrician who is seeing a spike in office visits by parents concerned about covid. >> reporter: as the delta variant intensifies across the country at goldengate pediatrics dr. lisa dana and her staff are working overtime. >> we are seeing many more children who are concerned, they feel like they might have been exposed so they want to get tested. or they have symptoms. >> reporter: on a daily basis she says about 150 children are coming into her practice, about 25% of them for covid related reasons. >> we did send out swabs to get tested by pcr and that takes 24 hours for us to get results so we are seeing a few rapid covid positives. >> reporter: they are also seeing this in the southeast portion of the country, this children's hospital near capacity. >> we are seeing children as young as a few days old that have covid up to teenagers. >> reporter: according to the cdc in the last year at least 340 children ages 17 and younger have died from covid- 19. the latest data shows severe disease remains low among
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children. >> yeah, like i'm scared that i might get it but i'm scared that like my family is going to get it to. >> reporter: dr. dean are urging parents to take safety precautions . >> the most important thing is if they are over the age of two they should be wearing a mask and that is really important, i can't stress that enough. >> reporter: for 14-year-old amelia stokes and her brother justin getting vaccinated is personal. >> i'm just worried about his safety but i'm really glad that i have the vaccine and that i'm keeping people safe. and you know i'm keeping myself safe. i just wish he could get vaccinated soon. >> reporter: their dad died from covid in april of last year. their mom is hoping 10-year-old justin can get vaccinated soon. as the pfizer trial for those 5 to 11 years old continues. in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. a new indoor mask mandate for san francisco and much of the bay area is now all but
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certain. the city is seeing a fourth surge of covid cases, public health officials say it is largely due to the delta variant . >> both maryland and breed and health director dr. colfax say an announcement could come next week. >> we are definitely close to a mandate of wearing masks and i know people are tired of being told what to do but that's where we are. >> this surge is going faster than the surge we saw in the fall or winter. >> dr. colfax said we are here again because not enough people have gotten vaccinated yet the city's health department says 77% of san franciscans over the age of 12 are fully vaccinated. in the east bay and outbreak of covid-19 is unfolding at contra costa county jails, health officials report 96 inmates and staff member's have tested positive across three facilities, martinez detention facility, arch creek detention facility and west county detention facility. no one has required hospitalization, officials say as of this week staff
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must be vaccinated or undergo testing. all inmates have been offered vaccine. happening today with just a few weeks until the start of the new school your children 12 and older can get free school supplies. children can get a backpack filled with supplies at bb memorial cathedral in oakland, kaiser permanente will also be vaccinated those 12 and older today. anyone who gets a vaccine will be eligible for a target gift card. vaccinations are available from 10 am to 3 pm this afternoon. in the northbay santa rosa community health is holding a youth vaccine clinic at the roseland community library from 4 pm to 6 pm. doordash has donated gift cards which will be given to the first 100 kids 12 and up to get vaccinated today. when hamilton returns to san francisco's orpheum theater in a few weeks vaccination proof or negative results will be required for audiences. masks will also be required regardless of vaccination status. and in napa bottle rock is requiring vaccinations or negative covid test in
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september, masks are recommended but not required. and disneyland visitors will now have to wear masks whenever they are indoors which does include some enclosed rides. speaking of disney, the walt disney company is now joining the growing number of other american companies that are requiring a covid vaccination for nonunion employees working on site. yesterday disney sent a message to employees who are nonunion based in the u. s. that they must soon be fully vaccinated to come into the workplace. both vaccinated and unvaccinated workers who are on- site have 60 days to provide verification of vaccination. the company is having conversations around this topic as well with the unions that represent their employees under collective bargaining agreements. this decision was based on the recommendations of scientists, health officials and medical professionals that vaccinations do provide the best protection against covid. disney is the parent company of
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abc7. if you have questions about coronavirus vaccines you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team, just go to abc7 lisa let's take a break and get a check outside. all right liz, temperatures continue to cool on top of mount tam, we are in the 80s. in the 70s now due to a healthy push of marine error and this marine layer made its way inland so we are going to cool down the inland valleys today, so that typical spread is on the way. we will talk about it and a look at august coming up. >> thank you lisa. also ahead with so many changes in the last few weeks with a covid surge we talked to experts who give advice on how to cope. their tips on managing stress. and bay area
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welcome back, surging cases, new masking recommendations and vaccine mandates, the changes can be overwhelming especially when it felt like a few weeks ago we were coming out of the pandemic. abc7 news reporter amanda del castillo spoke with a psychologist about managing the pandemic stress. >> no, not again please. >> reporter: the overwhelming sentiment across the south bay friday night, people now having to navigate the fourth surge of covid-19 fueled by the more transmissible more infectious variant. psychologists saying as difficult as the
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last 18 months have been we are better prepared. >> we did the quarantine and wore our masks and we did everything we could to stay away from people, 6 feet apart while we were out and about and we did these things and if you survived it and your loved ones survived it then you know you've got what it takes to make this work. >> reporter: we also know the toll divisiveness, damage, the mental exhaustion, impacts to the local community and so much more. >> it hurt so many people and it was so sad to see so many other business owners that i know have to close and what it did to their families. it's really sad. >> reporter: today cases are climbing and we are witnessing the return of mask mandates. >> were trying to stay hopeful and celibate the good times, there's always that worry in the back of our minds but it's
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friday night so we are trying to have a good time. >> san jose resident ashley sanchez and seattle resident megan porter are finally reconnecting, like many we spoke with they are putting on a brave face even as things appear to be going backwards. >> reporter: but if you are pandemic anxiety has returned psychologist dr. thomas plant says take a deep breath. trust in the health experts. he says understand masking is not such a heavy lift when it means people peaking -- and lastly he says remember we are still in a pandemic . >> of course it's frustrating, it's upsetting and disconcerting, we are so done with this virus but the virus isn't done with us. >> reporter: in san jose i'm amanda del castillo, abc7 news. area volunteers are scrambling to once again convert machines into ventilators, abc7 news reporter david louis shows us what they are doing. >> reporter: bay area volunteers quickly mobilized in may 2 convert donated cpap machines into ventilators. donors provided 1000 of them
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which were modified and shipped overseas. they are gearing up again to get ahead of expectations of another way of sweeping across the globe. >> we cannot call ourselves out of the woods so we have to help. it doesn't matter who needs the help, we will send machines whatever help we can do, to other countries. >> reporter: a call is going out for more donated machines. local volunteers will collect 3 to 4000 of them. a team of volunteers can convert 40 machines in a four hour shift changing out hoses and cleaning filters. >> only getting oxygen to the patient sometimes is not sufficient for covid patients so we need to give the oxygen with pressure, so these machines no how to deliver the oxygen with pressure to the patients. >> reporter: negotiations are underway to ship the machines to nepal, uganda, myanmar, indonesia and bangladesh. 250 are ready to go.
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the goal is to get ahead of the next wave so the machines are there when needed to save lives instead of trying to keep up with demand. >> any of them are being used in ambulances. because sometimes in rural areas hospitals are 100 miles and people do not make it to the hospital. >> reporter: from all walks of life and many are affiliated with bay area rotary clubs. there are 17 drop off locations to donate unused machines in northern california. the list is posted on the india covid website under equipment donation. david louis, abc7 news. happening today oakland residents can get rid of some of their junk at the bulky block party. the event allows residents to toss out large unwanted items like old furniture, computers and appliances. the block party happens on the last saturday of every month from 9 am to 1 pm, if you live in oakland you can bring your trash to the site on edgewater drive across interstate on edgewater drive across interstate 880 from the coliseum, just make sure to bring proof of residency like a
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utility bill. new video from the east bay shows a driver wildly swerving down the streets of oakland. chp posted this video here taken from their helicopter on thursday. this weekend oakland police is vowing to crackdown on sideshows, investigators say the people in this car had just left a large group, they eventually stopped and the car was taken to be impounded. new developments, the official search for a missing berkeley man will resume this weekend. philip cray check was last seen july 10 when he left home to go running in pleasanton ridge regional park. alameda county sheriff's office searchers will be out there today, volunteers have also been searching and an update last week, investigators said they turned up no promising clues but we hope to have more success this weekend. california's largest fire is growing at a truly alarming rate, the dixie far has tarred or than 240,000 acres, thousands are evacuated from their homes.
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cal fire says 44 structures have been destroyed and more than 6000 firefighters are fighting the flames. it is still just 24% contained. pres. biden says more resources are needed to tackle these wildfires, he held a roundtable yesterday with the governors of seven western states including gov. newsom. newsom said it is already a busy season and putting a strain on the states of firefighting efforts. pres. biden agreed acknowledging what is happening right now on the fire lines. >> despite the incredible, and i'm not being solicitous, the incredible bravery and heroism of firefighters, our resources are already being stretched to keep up. we need more help. >> there are more than 60 wildfires out of control nationwide, this season more than 3.4 million acres have burned. this is the final weekend for the gilroy garlic festival. organizers have faced a tough two years following the mass shooting at the festival in 2019. and then last year it was canceled because of the
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pandemic. this year's event is happening although it is a drive-through format. garlic lovers have to order their favorite items online in advance. no walk-up orders are accepted. the festival is open from 11 am to 7 pm today and tomorrow, and i know we've been craving garlic fried fries all morning lisa even at 6 am we were like that sounds good. >> that always sounds good and it's going to be a nice day. those warmer spots like gilroy and the east bay valleys are going to cool off a little bit, it has certainly been warm in the 90s. upper 80s today and gilroy at about the same out toward concorde, livermore maybe 91. plenty of cloak clouds and fog and the seabreeze will be reaching toward the delta, we've had wind gusts of 30 miles an hour around her feel. there's a look at the stratus that has filtered into the bay around the bayshore still kind of cloudy. we widen the view and the low clouds at the coast, and we got instability so from the stable
9:21 am
air mass here to the unstable air mass right around stateline there, and south lake, incline, looking at the possibility again of showers and thunderstorms down through the central sierra so we have a flash flood watch that continues to the evening for those cities along here and because of that and the dry nature of the land there it won't absorb any moisture so when we see the rain it's going to run off and create mudslides or perhaps a risk of rock debris so you have to be careful if you are in the mountains there but the rain has been impressive, an inch in some spots. here's a look at camera where it is mild, a warmer start from the inland valley, 67 in san jose, 70 in mountain view so the sunshine is out on the peninsula can make out mostly cloudy skies but a few peaks of blue.
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59 santa rosa you've been slow to clear and as a result temperatures have been lagging behind. 66 in novato and vacaville through the upper 70s and upper 60s for concorde, but we will see temperatures hold at about 90b0 today. there's a look at the gray sky, the seabreeze up to 30 miles an hour at the coast today. we've had fog and drizzle at the shoreline while it has been clear inland. it will be cooler inland and elsewhere you won't notice much change but as we start august tomorrow the first week looks pretty seasonal. some minor ups and downs but nothing too extreme and that's all because our marine layer will stay pretty close. it clears today from the san mateo coast partially and then moves back and quickly across the bay. then by sunday morning we are cloudy until about 10 pm and sunny again in the afternoon and this is tomorrow afternoon where the moisture is winding down in the mountains. if you're coming into the city for the game today, low 60s and cool, breezy with high clouds out there, 88 and concorde and that feels a little better for
9:23 am
you i think. 81 in napa. 73 san mateo and 82 in san rafael, the accuweather seven- day forecast, low 60s san francisco in mid 70s toward oakland and emeryville, 90 livermore and a little change tomorrow. then by monday we are partly cloudy and the summer spread will carry us to the middle week and temperatures will come back up to comfortable readings in the mid-90s were you would expect it to be in the inland valleys but still having that nice temperature spread. >> so a little cool down is certainly nice, thank you lisa. just ahead of bay area just ahead of bay area florist received a special ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious.
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some real face time. just an amtrak away. warrior star steph curry just might have a new career as a florist. he paid a visit to a three generations old flower shop where one sassy senior showed him some tricks of the trade. abc7 news anchor the unlimited caught up with maybe leon of ah sam flowers on how this came to
9:26 am
be. >> reporter: for 90 something- year-old maybe leong >> i don't whatever but he to know how old i am ■ >> reporter: having warriors star steph curry visit her three generations old flower shop ah sam was pretty special. >> i'm a worker fan, i like him better than lebron james. >> reporter: and the way this sassy senior came to be one of the stars of steph and google's latest commercial featuring three small local businesses >> look at that. >> reporter: started with a phone call . >> i was surprised, wondering is this truly happening? or is it someone playing a hoax on us? >> reporter: days later steph was at the shop, maybe showing him how to make a splash with flower arrangements. >> he picked this flower up and i told him how to cut it and i
9:27 am
said well, i think you play basketball, i don't think you'd better use a knife or you could cut yourself and you're not going to be able to play again. >> reporter: the commercial is an ode to reopen businesses after a particularly challenging year . >> the way it is now i hope it will be better next year. >> reporter: she's just appreciative after 50 years in the business to meet her favorite player. and that he seemed to have a good time, too . >> i got some flowers for the wife, let's go. >> for him to take out time to come visit us is really important. >> reporter: for her and all of the small businesses that make our bay area better. in san mateo, the only him, abc7 news. >> that is awesome. animal lovers across the country are celebrating their mixed breed dogs today and that's because it is national but day. of course san francisco's senior dog rescue is recognizing this special day after 19 months, they are hosting their first in person adoption event. you can check out 70 adorable dogs aged seven and older who are waiting for their forever home. >> i tend to like a little mix in mind because i think, this
9:28 am
is just from my own purview, that they are healthier. but we take in all kinds of dogs, we get mutts and not mutts and we don't discriminate. >> the dog you see here is peabody, one of several dogs up for adoption and this happens today on alabama street from 11 am to 2 pm. the event is outdoors and masks are required. still to come on abc7 mornings. >> i'm just trying to help them be safe, and myself. every shot is a dose of hope. >> one administering booster shots, why they were invited to participate in the trial. and one couple -- tips and one couple -- tips about dealing with you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget.
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could morning everybody, this is abc7 news live on abc7 , who live in wherever you stream. we start this half-hour as always with another look at whether with meteorologist liz arjun. temperatures this morning ranging from the 50s to the 70s and that's because the national -- this is prospect nevada, still some fires burning there and the possibility of thunderstorms and a flash flood watch for the afternoon. 59 in the city, 70 in mountain view, 67 in san jose and look at all that fog from mount tam. 59 santa rosa, 66 in novato, upper 70s you see the range already, some high clouds throughout the afternoon but otherwise mostly sunny and looking at 70s and 80s around the bay, inland will top out at around 90 to 91 in
9:32 am
livermore. it will be comfortable in santa rosa with numbers near 80 there and in the south bay low 80s. low clouds come back tonight and they will dictate the forecast again for the second half of the weekend, we will talk more about august in a few minutes. with the delta variant and breakthrough cases reported some people are wondering if they should get a booster shot before it's even approved or recommended. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. >> reporter: as health officials encourage unvaccinated people to get their covid-19 vaccinations some people already vaccinated are wondering how they can get an additional or booster shot. karen county health officials say they have received lots of requests from individuals wanting a booster. abc7 new special correspondent dr. alok patel . >> there is no evidence right now to suggest that the average person should go out and try to get a booster shot. >> reporter: marin county has safeguards in place to prevent someone from getting a self prescribed
9:33 am
booster including online registration which is tied to the california immunization registry and id checks. santa clara county also says it has electronic records to look up whether someone has already received the vaccine. cvs pharmacies says there are a few ways you can identify a patient trying to get a self prescribed booster shot although the ability to detect the situations is limited. ways to identify a vaccinated patient include if the patient is truthful and lets the provider know they are trying to get an additional does. if the patient uses their insurance to cover the cost while registering to receive an additional dose. and if the previous dose appears in the states immunization information system. walgreens tells abc7 news they also ask patients to verify their eligibility and that purse cdc guidance covid-19 vaccines are not interchangeable. and the safety and efficacy of a mixed product series or third dose of the vaccine has not been evaluated. >> people who have pre-existing conditions or people above the age of 65 a need a booster shot in the future but i would urge
9:34 am
the general public to just wait for data and if they have specific questions regarding their own situation, their exposure or underlying medical conditions that they chat with her doctor. >> reporter: melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> uc davis has started administering their first pfizer booster shots, the dean of medicine says they were invited to do the trial because of their uniqueness to other sites, they say they have a more diverse population of participants willing to be in the trial. last year 4000 people signed up , 225 people were selected and now 60 are getting the booster. >> everybody who is around me i'm just trying to help them be safe as well as myself. and that every shot is a dose of hope . >> >> these people were all in the original trials so they've been followed along the way so this is additional information to say okay now they are here to get there booster. >> uc davis is one of 150 sites across the country doing the trials. royal caribbean is expanding its covid testing requirements in u. s. waters,
9:35 am
passengers over the age of two including those fully vaccinated west show a negative test before boarding trips of five nights or longer. the new policy goes into effect today and comes as six royal caribbean passengers tested positive on a seven night cruise. four of them had been vaccinated. more bay area tech companies are delaying office returns into next year because of concerns over the delta variant. the chronicle reports san mateo- based -- is delaying its return to january 4 from mid- september, san francisco-based -- delayed its return until next february, lyft delayed its return until next february, uber employees can return october 25, google and apple are also postponing mandatory returns until october. fears over the delta variant are sending shockwaves throughout million-dollar wedding industry. many couples had to cancel wedding plans next year and now some are getting cold feet. cornell bernard has advice from
9:36 am
experts about dealing with those wedding day jitters. >> how are people feeling out there? >> nervous. >> reporter: bay area wedding planner -- talking about nervous brides and grooms to be unsure about their wedding dates which have been postponed over and over and now may have to be changed yet again. due to the wedding crusher, the delta variant. >> there are still a lot of unknowns and people are getting nervous about the delta asking us to try to move up their events to be sooner. right now when things are open at allowed. >> reporter: the fear is another lockdown but speeding up the big day is tough when there is no venue available to party. >> people are completely booked out. >> everything is on the table. >> reporter: ian johnstone and his wife samantha got married last summer but postponed the reception until october 2021 when it was safe together. now that is uncertain. >> we are talking about making an explicit requirement that everybody be vaccinated just to feel extra safe. >> everyone is anxious and nervous. >> reporter: wedding planner --
9:37 am
has clients who want rapid covid testing done outside their wedding venue for all guests going to the chapel. >> this is the way that it is. making sure that we are feeling safe and everyone, once alcohol gets involved here, the masks come off. >> reporter: best advice to avoiding the wedding blues? be flexible. >> everyone needs a backup plan, they need to have a backup plan and they need to have a backup plan to the backup . >> reporter: that means being open to keeping the wedding small and moving the date to next year or even 2023 if you can. or there is always another option planners are offering, eloping. cornell bernard, abc7 news. the sonoma county fair is back this weekend, if you get vaccinated at the fairgrounds you get a free admission ticket and a free carnival ride. any unvaccinated people must wear a mask. a fully vaccinated guest do not have to wear a mask outdoors
9:38 am
but everyone must wear one indoors. gates open at noon and the fair runs until next sunday. millions of americans could be kicked out of their homes as soon as tomorrow. but not in california. the federal election moratorium expires today and that could result in a flood of evictions across the country but here the moratorium remains in place until september 30. the state has also set up a massive $5.2 billion fund to help of tenants and landlords with unpaid or even future rent. still ahead on abc7 mornings, urban gardening,
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73. and even his kids. and their kids. usaa is made for all who've honorably served and their families. are we still exclusive? absolutely. and that's exactly why you should join. tucked away in san francisco's inner -- is a garden where people are learning to make the world more beautiful place. while living sustainably. this is called garden for the environment and it began in
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1990 during one of the longest droughts in california history. joining us live this morning to tell us all about the garden is executive director marks, thanks for being here. >> i'm so happy to be here. >> let's start, for those who don't know what is garden for the environment? >> we are san francisco's public teaching garden which means we run a half-acre demonstration site located in the -- neighborhood about four blocks from golden gate park and the purpose is to teach people how to garden whether that be through a workshop, volunteer hours or just walking through our space which has lots of signage and beautiful things to look at and the garden on its own teaching. >> your mission is especially important right now because of the drought conditions we are currently facing. how can people conserve water while taking care of their own gardens? >> an important thing to remember is yes, we are in a very extreme drought situation
9:42 am
and as climate change continues to wreak havoc on the planet this will only continue. even in a non-drought year here in california especially in the san francisco bay area we live in somewhere called a summer dry climate which means even on a year where we get plenty of winter rain we are never going to have summer rain. that means we have to think about the way that we approach our gardens so that they are in line with our local ecosystem. that means planting things that are tolerant to summer dry climates and that means california natives and plants from other similar climate zones around the world that share our summer dry climate. this also means being thoughtful about when and how we water our plants and how much of our garden is being taken up by high water use plants such as fruit trees, vegetables and if you choose to have a lawn. >> so volunteer shifts just
9:43 am
opened up at your garden, what can volunteers expect and how can people sign up? >> volunteers can expect to help out with whatever is going on in the garden that day. we have a range of activities that are usually being done from ceding new vegetables to harvesting, to pruning fruit trees, to pruning shrubs and maintaining our many demonstration and perennial gardens and we are almost always making compost because compost is the heart of what we do and the heart of any sustainable garden. the way the volunteer hours work is that our highly trained staff pairs up with volunteers and teaches them everything they need to know about what they are doing and very importantly why they are doing it. everything we do we have a reason to do it and we share that with our volunteers. we also try to link volunteers up with what they are interested in learning about so if there's a particular aspect of gardening that really makes you excited we are always trying to make sure that we pair you with some sort of task related to that that day. folks can sign up to our website which is garden for the
9:44 am and we are registering for the foreseeable future, trying to manage the number of folks we have coming every day, we have volunteers on wednesdays through saturdays and that way we can make sure we are keeping the garden at a safe number of people. we hope to open back up to regular drop in hours once we stabilize with the pandemic . >> absolutely, i know you have a three month garden training program coming up in september as well. so we will have people check that out on your website as well as they are interested and people can still register for that? >> yes, applications are due august 13 and the program begins september 11. it is a 12 week 90 our intensive training program that is so much fun and it trains the next generation of sustainable garden educators . >> so cool, maggie thinks for being here, we appreciate it . >> thank you for having me.
9:45 am
>> for more information head to garden for the lisa that's up your alley i feel like. >> it is, getting drought resistant plants in there for sure. lots of sunshine here to help the garden today and san jose 67 right now, low 80s or a high today. pretty much were you should be this time of year. we will talk seasonal temperatures and august when we return . >> thank you lisa. also next, giants fans wa
9:46 am
9:47 am
let's get back over to lisa for a fuller check of the weekend forecast. yes liz we are starting out with very mild temperatures that we are projecting a cooldown inland and we have all sorts of cloud cover here, the low cloud deck, the stratus that keeps us comfortable, mother nature's air-conditioner with that seabreeze throughout the afternoon. then we have the unstable air that is writing up through the sierra nevada due to the
9:48 am
monsoonal moisture coming in from arizona, southern california and once again affecting the sierra nevada. we are talking inclined, south way, south way, yosemite and all of those cities and further south into southern california. there is a flash flood watch in effect through the evening and we've had those flooding concerns moisture running off quickly from the burn scar area. so keep that in mind if you are in the mountains and unfortunately this is going to be the case throughout the day this weekend but we are looking at that likelihood of the cooler air in the inland valleys which is the good news. you can see scattered clouds from our cameras, 69 in mountain view, 67 in san jose so pretty mild to start out. pacifica even in the low 60s in san francisco 59. you can see fog in the district, it is starting to clear in santa rosa, 78 in vacaville but fairfield has
9:49 am
southwest winds over 30 miles an hour and we are in the upper 60s in the inland valleys. you can see how smoky it is in the mountains here, so we've got a foggy coast with some drizzle and mild around the bay this morning and not as hot inland. seasonal temperatures last through the upcoming workweek and we will see minor ups and downs with temperatures down today, from where they have been by about 5 to 7b0. 93 for cities like livermore today, and as we get into your sunday, maybe a few degrees cooler with a deeper marine layer and stronger seabreeze. that monitors -- will be wednesday and then back up to mid 90s the end of the week so that gives you an indication that we won't see anything too extreme, in the south bay upper 80s is a nice day for gilroy, 81 in santa clara, the afternoon seabreeze could be up to 30 miles an hour from san mateo. 73 there. paulo alto comfortable at 77, san francisco cooler today at 63 with breezy wins, up in the north bay 80 in santa rosa, how
9:50 am
about 92 in cloverdale down from such a hot last week and the week before. 70 in oakland today, san leandro about 76. heading up to hercules about 72 and inland we are looking at numbers from 88 in concorde, 90 by the delta and that's a lot cooler than it has been. the accuweather 7-day forecast shows a little change tomorrow starting out with fog, the afternoon seabreeze 60s to near 90 and by monday a few more clouds around, a couple of degrees warmer through mid weekend we drop a few degrees on wednesday. then back to near seasonal averages with our summertime spread through the end of next week. >> lisa thank you. let's talk sports, this afternoon the giants and astros will square off in game two of the we can series featuring the teams with the best records in baseball, both have 64 wins. houston's --
9:51 am
francisco's alex would at oracle park, the first pitch is at 1:05 pm. the a's battle the angels down in anaheim, first pitch at angel stadium is also at 1:05 pm. the giants landed all-star kris bryant from the cubs just before yesterday's trade deadline and he is expected to arrive in time to make his debut with the team and started third base. last night the leading giants took on the astros and here is sports director larry beal with the highlights in this morning's sports. and the morning everybody, baseball's trade deadline was a frenzy, 10 all-stars dealt with giants waiting to the last few minutes to land all-star ah sam from the cubs , kris bryant from the cubs, bryant was hugging his coaches on the way out of the dugout for the last time. they are already making bryant jerseys at the team store for the giants, kevin gossman struggling again on the mound, -- and grand slam off of jay jackson, 7 to 2 astros in the battle between the best two teams and baseball. the giants fight back, bottom of the seventh brandon crawford, the giants have the tying tying
9:52 am
donovan solano flies up and that's your ballgame, giants fall by a final of 9 to 6. a's and angels any trades? refresh, refresh. how about defense? first-inning, -- , nicely done, in support of chris bassitt who struck out seven, look at the high heat at 93. not a lot of offense in this game but we have some right here. matt chapman cleared for takeoff, solo bomb to the pirates of the caribbean out there and the a's wind to does it. the workers introducing new draft picks jonathan -- and moses moody a couple of teenagers that they hope will develop quickly. --'s 18 and moody 19, the combined age of 37 is only four years older than steph curry. moody probably more ready to make an impact next season but -- is probably the bigger upside. class in session in ba 101
9:53 am
starts right now. >> to get to guys like this that hopefully can play as long as steph and collated together, would be a dream come true for us and them . >> we are young guys so i'm definitely going to try to develop and see how i can fit and help the team do what they want to do. but early on in my career that's what it's about is finding my spot. >> finally congratulations to the canyon creek tenant under little league team from san ramon who won the championship, canyon creek tenant oh, and we know the russo family is happy. all right congratulations kids, that's a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend everybody i'm larry beal. coming up next you can get into the aloha spirit, the street fair happening today to celebrate hawaiian
9:54 am
9:55 am
here are the winning numbers from last night's $166
9:56 am
million mega millions drawing. 19, 26, 31, 52, 68, the mega ball 10. but he matched all six numbers so tuesday nights jackpot increases to $179 million. happening today a chance to come together to spread the aloha spirit. the organizers of the fair are hosting a pop-up event called aloha by the bay. it starts at noon at san francisco's peace plaza in japan town, attendees can expect a free afternoon of island music and dance. >> hopefully when everyone comes to japan town this weekend not only will they sponge in all the love we are going to be spreading out from the stage but also continue that love and support our small businesses. >> last year the street fair was canceled for the very first time in its history but it returns this year with pop-up events like aloha by the bay happening throughout the summer. it should be nice today of course so lisa bring a jacket.
9:57 am
>> yes, for sure. good morning everyone, a beautiful start deck of low clouds but that's beautiful to isn't it with the seabreeze? we love our marine layer allowing for that seabreeze, mother nature keeping is not so hot today inland. seasonal temperatures will continue through august, upper 60s to near 70 from richmond to oakland, upper 80s which is a cooldown in concorde, 80 in santa rosa with 82 in san jose. 63 downtown and little change tomorrow, low clouds and fog will be with us each day at the coast they will pull back and be around the bay with a seabreeze until midmorning and that will keep inland temperatures near 90. >> good to know lisa, thank you and thank you all for joining us here on abc7 mornings, i'm liz kreutz along with lisa arjun, abc7 news continues at 5 pm, have a great day , we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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