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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 31, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. it's our second hour and this morning, simone biles withdraws. the superstar gymnast will not compete in the vault or uneven bars finals. we're live from tokyo as team usa goes for more gold. katie ledecky swimming to victory as teammate caeleb dressel has his own record-shattering race. "the war has changed." the latest cdc report on the delta variant and breakthrough infections. the president warning americans about more restrictions and the cluster of cases in one cape cod town shaping new guidelines. our team is on the ground in provincetown. also this morning, backlash for dababy. outrage over the grammy winner's homophobic comments at a miami music festival. celebrities sounding off. the rapper pulled from the
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lineup of a uk music festival as he's set to take the stage at chicago's lollapalooza. ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ and in pup news, the countdown to dogust 1st is on. ready to say happy birthday to all rescue dogs as we celebrate the unlikely story of piglet. >> he is a tiny 6 1/2-pound powerhouse despite being deaf and blind. >> the inspiring pink puppy is our pet of the week. ♪ vacation all i ever wanted ♪ and take a bite out of summer. fire up the grill with no fuss easy eats that will have the whole family digging in. plus, looking for a last-minute summer getaway our cross-country rundown of the top campgrounds. how to book your spot getting into the great outdoors as we say good morning, america. ♪ and good saturday morning, america. welcome to our second hour here.
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look who is back. mr. dan after a long vacation. >> yes. >> all rested. >> i got a lot of energy so watch out. >> that's right. tan lines from the tank top and everything. more on that coming up. by the way -- >> we're going to lose viewers. >> i want to know how you know about these tan lines. >> not going to get into it. i thought about something and i was like, that's trouble. dan will though be sharing his summer must binges. we got "binge this" coming up, of course, when people are on vacation, "let it be" has something to do it. >> a good hint. >> you actually celebrated like a big birthday. >> yes, i'm 50 years old. i'm now officially walking with a limp. it's great. my wife gave my son my aarp card to deliver to me so -- >> big moment. >> yes. >> happy birthday. >> happy belated birthday. >> these guys call me old man
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dan. >> it's out of love and affection. >> that's true. thank you both, appreciate it. it's a busy morning, we're following a lot of news including new concerns about the delta variant threat as the cdc releases a report about how delta affects both unvaccinated and vaccinated people. >> and daily cases in the u.s. up more than 64% since last week. up nearly 481% since mid-june and now 47 states and territories fall under the cdc's designations of areas with high or substantial community transmission. the agency suggests masks should be worn by both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. but we begin with that breaking news out of tokyo, out of the olympics, team usa scoring big victories in the pool overnight, katie ledecky scoring her third straight gold medal and teammate caeleb dressel also getting the gold in a world record win, and this all comes as simone biles makes another major announcement. let's go back to abc's kenneth moton who's in tokyo with the very latest. i have to say kenneth and dan actually share a birthday, so
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happy belated birthday to kenneth as well. >> happy birthday, young man. >> reporter: thank you, friend. i'm in good company. i'm a little younger than dan but, yes, july 26th. happy birthday, dan. yes, guys, more concerns for simone biles. she pulled out of one of her strongest and most anticipated event finals, the vault along with the uneven bars, there's still no word here in tokyo if she will compete on the floor exercise and balance beam but u.s. gymnastics praised biles and said she's still being evaluated. another olympic bombshell, the number one men's tennis player, novak djokovic is out with a shoulder injury. he withdrew from mixed doubles after back-to-back losses in matches ending his 22-match winning streak. this all comes as team usa racks up the medals and smashes records in the pool. caeleb dressel swimming to gold setting a world record in the men's 100-meter butterfly and katie ledecky with that jaw-dropping tenth medal-winning gold in the 800-meter freestyle
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for a three-peat. covid still lingering heavy over these games, which saw an increase in positive covid cases, 246 tied to these olympic gmes. tokyo saw more than 4,000 new daily cases, a 217% increase in just a week. we're also hearing from more athletes in quarantine sounding the alarm about the conditions in isolation. one national olympic committee called them prisonlike conditions for these high-performing athletes. whit, the ioc said there's not much they can do about it. >> all right, kenneth moton for us, thank you so much. we appreciate it. we do move now to the delta variant, the covid strain fueling a rise in cases and hospitalizations nationwide. abc's trevor ault is in provincetown, massachusetts, the site of a big outbreak this month. trevor, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, again, whit. so many areas across america are finding themselves at a crossroads forced to either reinstitute covid restrictions
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or leave people vulnerable to the delta variant in the name of freedom. there are vocal supporters are in both camps, but a number of officials in areas that are being hit hard by the virus say they don't have a choice. in order to protect people, the mandates have to come back. this morning, an ominous prediction from president biden reversing course on the possibility of renewed covid-19 restrictions that americans thought they'd left behind. >> should americans expect more guidelines coming out, more restrictions because of covid? >> in all probability. >> reporter: that warning comes as weeks of rising covid infections are now turning into an alarming number of hospitalizations. 25,000 more than a month ago. austin, texas, home to more than 2.3 million people, now with just 16 icu beds left free. >> we're doing our best but we're certainly seeing shortages in every level of the hospital. >> reporter: and the mayor of new orleans reinstating an indoor mask mandate as emergency departments have filled up again. >> we have been here before.
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we've seen the movie over again. >> reporter: the cdc revealing a pivotal discovery in their decision to tighten mask recommendations for vaccinated people stem from an outbreak in provincetown, massachusetts, where about 75% of more than 900 people testing positive are fully vaccinated. johnny chagnon is one of them. >> the fact that it was passing amongst vaccinated folks was very alarming to us. >> reporter: restaurants like pilgrim house requiring proof of vaccination, local leaders telling me this outbreak was a wake-up call but it's further proven the vaccines work. >> we haven't seen a single death. we've only seen seven hospitalizations out of nearly 930 cases. the vaccine is doing what it's supposed to be doing, and that's preventing hospitalizations and certainly preventing death. >> reporter: and this morning, abc news has learned the fda is reprioritizing its resources, applying an all hands on deck approach to try to get pfizer's vaccine full approval.
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that process would usually take about a year. here it might be only three or four months till full approval. >> trevor ault for us there in provincetown, thank you. coming up, backlash for dababy. the rapper's homophobic comments at a music festival being criticized by fans and celebrities around the world. we're breaking it down. plus, "deals & steals" with great ways to beat the heat at hme. and gaga goes gucci. the new trailer and those italian accents getting big reactions. the details coming up in "pop news" with janai. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ welcome back to "gma." coming up, get ready to take a bite out of summer with easy eats perfect for the grill. that means we have food this morning. >> i think we're actually grilling fruit. >> yes.
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>> mixing it up. >> which means you can eat it. >> i can eat it. janai, did you say something tart over there speaking of fruit? >> i was just saying that if we're grilling fruit, it means that you can eat it. >> okay, all right, i thought there was a dig. you know janai norman, she's doing "pop news" this morning. good morning to you, janai. >> all right. there's a dig coming, old man. there's a dig coming. it is time for "pop news" and we begin this morning with "the crown." a new queen has taken the throne. the royally popular netflix drama releasing a first look at season five and imelda staunton as queen elizabeth ii, staunton is taking over the role from emmy nominee olivia colman who portrayed her majesty in seasons three and four. season five takes the royal family into the 1990s and the various scandals that plagued the palace during that time period. her reign will continue into the sixth and final season of the series. no word yet on when "the crown" will return. and now to gaga going gucci. the new trailer for the highly anticipated movie "house of
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gucci" is here and you can say a star is born all over again. check this out. >> i don't consider myself to be a particularly ethical person, but i am fair. >> there you have it. and she means business. gaga taking on the role of the wife of gucci heir to the fashion empire played by none other than adam driver. the movie also stars oscar winners, al pacino, jeremy irons and an unrecognizable jared leto as members of the gucci family. "house of gucci" hits theaters on november 24th. we're also getting our first look at will smith as richard williams, the passionate father of tennis greats serena and venus williams in the biopic "king richard." check this one out. >> the chances of achieving the kind of success that you're talking about is just very, very unlikely. >> okay, you're making a mistake but i'm going to let you make it. watch them hit a few balls. >> all right.
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>> tell me your names again. >> i'm venus. >> i'm serena. >> so what did you think? >> the rest is history. will smith taking to instagram to share his excitement writing, one of the greatest honors as an actor is to be able to celebrate someone's legacy while they're still here creating it. "king richard" hits theaters and hbo max in november. lots of movies to look forward to and now to music. new tracks from the late great prince. the estate of the music icon dropping a brand-new album of unreleased tracks from the vault. the album called "welcome 2 america" was recorded back in 2010 and is made up of 11 original songs, plus a cover of soul asylum's "stand up and be strong." here's a little preview of "same page different book." ♪ same page but different book ♪ ♪ so much more in common if
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you only look ♪ >> dan's got his foot tapping. whit, too. >> we got bopping going on here. the album being described by prince's estate as a powerful creative statement that documents prince's concerns, hopes and visions for a shifting society. "welcome 2 america" is out now. and finally, it's time to show some pup news. "pop news," pup news. this morning, we're celebrating rescue dogs everywhere, tomorrow is dogust 1st, a holiday created by our friends at north shore animal league america to celebrate rescue dogs and birthdays. right now, we're going to highlight a few of the adorable pups up for adoption at north shore. shea, senior dog, 10 years old. a birthday wish to find a loving family and rocco is nine, knows how to sit and paw and finally this is luna, her favorite things are toys that squeak and apparently she has no problem sporting a party hat. these dogs are going to celebrate their big day with a party tomorrow. if you want to send them some love, check out north shore america league's amazon wish list to purchase birthday gifts
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for the dogs awaiting adoption. >> that's where i got copper. from north shore. maybe copper needs a friend. we'll see. >> and not to mention, we also had an old dog's birthday last weekend, right? dan, sending you some love. >> don't worry, dan. >> i had to get one in, dan. >> i'm a senior dog. >> you're not nearly as old as you look. all right, we turn now to our "gma" cover story. grammy-nominated rapper dababy recently made homophobic comments at a music festival in miami and now fans and fellow celebs are sounding off. ike ejiochi is on the story. ike, good morning to you. >> reporter: he's still standing by his statements and statements leaders in the lgbtq community are labeling as misinformation. >> i'm one of the greatest. no debating. >> reporter: this morning, rapper dababy facing the music after a video surfaced earlier showing the hip-hop star making homophobic statements on stage in miami. >> part way through the show he gets into a bit of a rant.
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he sort of makes jokes about people with hiv, makes jokes about gay men, and essentially tells the crowd that if you are not one of these people put your cell phone in the air and it didn't take very long for that to become a flash point in the public conversation. >> reporter: for days backlash has been intensifying from fellow musicians like madonna, questlove, demi lovato and elton john, longtime advocate for hiv and aids prevention, calling out the misinformation for fueling stigma and discrimination. ♪ girl, you i want you, baby ♪ >> reporter: dua lipa, who features dababy in one of her hits, said she was surprised and horrified by the comments writing on instagram, i really don't recognize this as the person i worked with. the six-time grammy nominee standing by his statements while acknowledging on twitter that they were insensitive to those affected by hiv and aids. and he's received support from
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fellow rappers tory lanes and t.i. who says people are bullying dababy. >> i don't think he's really taking into account what -- just what the impact of his words were and it's really completely divorced from the reality of, you know, hurtful speech being said on a broad platform which i think at this point he most likely will need to speak publicly in answer to a lot of people's frustrations about what went down and what happened. >> reporter: now, glaad is calling the apology inadequate saying his statements were inaccurate, hurtful and harmful. now we reached out to dababy, we haven't heard back yet. he's still scheduled to perform at lollapalooza tomorrow night. dan. >> ike, thank you very much. let's turn it over to brittany bell from wabc, she's in for rob this weekend. good morning, once again. >> good morning to you, too. so parts of the west are getting some much needed rainfall but in this case it's too much of a good thing. you can see in cedar city, utah, heavy rain caused flash flooding
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and drivers had issues driving around that. that tropical moisture continues to surge to the north prompting scattered showers and some storms, some of that rain is heavy which is why we have a flash flood watch. hoping the drought in the four corners region, but that drought continues to worsen across california and nevada. heavier rain expected across the rockies. that's what's going on across good morning to you. a cooldown is underway in the inland valleys due to the robust marine layer with temperatures coming down six or 7 degrees east of the caldecott tunnel, but in the meantime fog and drizzle at the shoreline but august will pick up where july left off with seasonal numbers, 79 in fremont as a report of alejo, 81 up around napa and 82 around san now to "deals & steals" home edition. tory johnson is here with huge savings on everything you need to make your home as cozy and
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convenient as can be. and, of course, you can get all the deals by pointing your camera at the qr code. bottom of the screen. tory, good morning to you. what do you got for us? >> hi, whit. so, we're starting off with something fun. colorfull plates is a made in america company with kids tableware that celebrates diversity and inspires imagination at mealtime. the plate can be personalized up to ten characters. there's a corresponding mug that comes with it. with our deal the set is 21 dollars, and then we're moving on to you konserve. they make great eco-conscious durable food storage containers that kind of eliminate or minimize our reliance on single plastic. we have a huge assortment for home and on the go. divided stainless steel containers. great for portion control. insulated lunch totes. the food jars are really great. they're insulated for either cold or hot, so think yogurt or soups. huge assortment from the company. everything is half price so our
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they make really nice products all today with our deal, 50% off so they start at $38 and, whit, even though i don't see you i hope you did me proud with your vanna whit moves. >> oh, yes. >> those are your "deals & steals." >> vanna whit was in full action with the pillow. i might hang on to that. tory, thank you so much. we appreciate it. of course, we partnered with all these companies on the deals and you can get them and shop on our website, plus, it's the last day to shop tory's 12 digital deals for 50% off on and be sure to sign up for our shop newsletter for the latest deals. we'll be back. ♪ honestly i want to see you be brave ♪ ♪ [upbeat music] ♪ ♪
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cathedral in oakland and kaiser permanente will be there vaccinating those 12 and older. anyone with a vaccine will be eligible for a target gift card vaccinations are available from 10:00 until 3:00 this afternoon now let's check the forecast with lisa, good morning. >> good morning. a little milder out the skype despite the car cover, 62 in oakland and looking at the roof it is a cloudy start in the city. 70s up by vacaville, low 90s 70s up by vacaville, low 90s inland and 77 palo this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians.
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♪ i need you to hold on ♪ welcome back to "gma." coming up on this saturday morning, if you're looking for a last-minute summer getaway we've got you covered. this half hour we're hitting the road and taking you to some of america's top camgrounds. the tips to booking your spot in the great outdoors. the headlines we're following right now, starting with the new concerns about the delta variant. u.s. daily cases of covid-19 are now up more than 64% since last week and up nearly 481% since mid-june. the cdc is now suggesting both vaccinated and unvaccinated americans wear masks in areas of high transmission. and an illinois woman is facing federal charges after she came within just a few yards of a mama bear and her cubs at yellowstone national park this past may.
8:31 am
the woman is seen taking her phone out to take a picture when the mama bear charged and then retreated. it's a federal violation of park policy to get to within one hundred yards of a bear. >> especially a mama bear with cubs. and a deadly bee attack in arizona. one man was killed and five others injured when a massive swarm of bees came at them. three firefighters were among those hurt. one stung about 60 times. most of the bees have now been removed. authorities say the bees came from a 100-pound hive nearby. >> should also stay 100 yards away from that. this morning, it is also time for -- [ air horn" ] >> that is the clarion call of new jersey's own janai norman here with the best in weekend entertainment in "binge this." what's happening? >> hey, yes. time for "binge this" from new jersey's very own, all aboard for a fun-packed adventure
8:32 am
through the jungle. a-listers dwayne johnson and emily blunt bring their undeniable chemistry and team up in "jungle cruise" based on disneyland's classic boat ride. the basic premise here is that blunt's character arrives in the amazon and enlists a skipper, played by johnson, as a guide on her quest to find an ancient tree but, of course, things don't exactly go according to plan. "the jungle cruise" is in theaters now and available with premiere access on disney plus. also worth a watch on disney plus, the ultimate tea party "turning the tables with robin roberts" brings the girl power with wide-ranging and intimate conversations with the likes of debbie allen, sofia carson and billie jean king. really interesting mixes of women and we're all excited about the four-part series around here and robin has a special message just for us. take a look. >> hey, janai. boy, i loved our lunch this week, janai, and, you know, the lively conversation that we had.
8:33 am
and that's pretty much what "turning the tables" is all about. a group of dynamic, oh, women, they are from various walks of life. not only sharing but caring to listen to one another and realizing we have more in common than not. so fabulous "gma" weekend crew, i hope that you want to "binge this." >> and we certainly do. check out "turning the tables with robin roberts" streaming now on disney plus and, yes, i did have a fabulous lunch with robin. we cackled. all of that. >> a robin weekend shoutout. > how come i wasn't invited to this lunch? >> because we wanted to have a good time. just kidding, dan, just kidding. >> man. >> look who is back from vacation. >> we talked about the love for the dan harris. >> that's right. okay. >> cold in here, man. >> frosty. >> i missed you. >> clearly you missed -- this is their love language. >> exactly right. ⌞> verbal abuse. we are also trying something new here this weekend.
8:34 am
showing some love for a project that people maybe have not heard about yet. >> yes, so, i'm excited about it and we're introducing our "binge this" breakout pick and this inaugural selection is the short film "brown paper pageant." it's a satirical take on beauty standards by this budding filmmaker maame-yaa aforo, and she also stars in it, too. i caught this on youtube when i was surfing the internet and it's a funny poignant piece and we caught up with maame-yaa. here's what she had to say about it. >> hi, i'm maame-yaa aforo. i'm a writer, director and actor based in los angeles, and my film "brown paper pageant" is truly a love letter to anyone who has ever felt unwanted but especially my dark-skinned black sisters. constantly coming against western beauty standards is an issue and colorism is also an issue in the black community so with this film i wanted to shed light and open those
8:35 am
conversations to be had and as always i aim to make people think and most importantly make people laugh with my work, so i hope you enjoy it. >> and that's exactly what she did. i stumbled upon it. loved it. you can watch "brown paper pageant" on youtube. >> looks great there. also, we did mention that both of you just got back from vacation. it's the first time in a long time we've all been in the studio together but you've also got something for us to binge while we're out of the office, right? >> yes, so my vacation binge pick is "an american marriage." it's a must read that has it all, it brings you straight into the hearts of charactering dealing with a wrongful conviction, revealing cracks in the justice system and it's also an epic love triangle. it broke my heart. "an american marriage" by tayari jones is available wherever you buy books, and dan, i was reading on vacation, you were watching tv.
8:36 am
>> that's pretty much sums up the intellectual deficit here. i was watching it while on vacation and loved this documentary on hulu, "mccartney 3, 2, 1", you get to watch him talk to rick rubin about his extraordinary career, he breaks down how he made songs and little innovations they came up with in the studio, spanning his entire career from the beatles to the wings, highly, highly recommend this. >> you're really excited about it, and did you have a good birthday? >> i did. very, very, very fun, yes. we had several parties and my son is referring to it as the birthday that never ends. >> oh, it's a big one. worthy of it. >> thanks again and welcome back. >> did you say round number? >> yes. >> welcome back. coming up, the new dog teaching us all some old tricks about kindness via "gma's" pet of the week up next. of the week up next. this is not just a refrigerator. this is smarter innovation. with handsfree autofill... so you can hit the treadmill.
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may lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. wake up to what's possibl with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. welcome back to "gma" and welcome back to "gma" and camp "gma." this is the first time we've roasted marshmallows in the studio. >> yes. >> pretty cool. >> real marshmallows, fake fire. >> yeah, exactly. between april 2020 and april 2021 yelp saw a 150% increase in rv rental interest from users. so, if you're looking for a last-minute getaway in the great
8:41 am
outdoors you are in luck, because yelp trend expert tara lewis is here with the best rv camp parks across the country that still have openings. tara, good morning to you. that's the key is actually finding the place that still has openings and when it comes to camping the west coast apparently might just be the best coast. tell us about a california hidden gem. >> yeah, well, it is so good to be back at camp "gma." first up, we've got mendocino grove in mendocino, california. the campgrounds here are stunning and modern. each campsite actually has its very own fire pit. they also offer a campfire valet service for anyone who needs a little extra help getting the fire going. they also offer rentable camp boxes that include tablecloths, plates, bowls, mugs and utensils, so you can pack a little bit lighter and have hiking trails throughout the property. but it's also located near the water so you have access to the beach or you can take a canoe on the river and, eva, they've also got dog-friendly tents so walter
8:42 am
can come along on this adventure as well. >> there you go. >> if you're in the new york state of mind what do you recommend? >> yeah, we recommend malouf mountain sunset campground in beacon, new york, it's just 40-minue train ride from new york city and yelpers love how great it is here. you can preorder your food and they'll even help you pitch your tent when you get there. this is a hike in, hike out campsite so it's really nestled in the woods. it's great if you're looking for a serene and tranquil getaway and the city of beacon is also well known for its contemporary art museum, so you can come for the camping and stay for the culture. >> so for animal lovers, i'm really interested in this, for animal lovers you say book a trip to arizona. >> yeah, book that trip to mather campground in grand canyon, arizona. make sure to pack your
8:43 am
binoculars because yelpers indicate you'll be sure to spot wildlife and great for families since there are so many activities for kids. it's also really easy to park your rv here and amenities include bathrooms, showers, even a laundry facility, which i think all three will come in handy after a full day of hiking. >> no question about that. especially with kids and the dogs and all that stuff. finally, where can you take in the sights but also support some small businesses all at once? >> well, you can do that at mama gertie's hideaway in north carolina. craft breweries, antique shops, art galleries, you name it and even have the biltmore estate, which is iconic, nearby just minutes away, and there you can have a whole tour of the house there and there's a winery on the property. as for the actual campsite this rv site is right up alongside the mountains s you can wake up every morning to beautiful mountain views from the comfort of your very own camper. >> excellent, looking forward to it. tara, thank you so much as
8:44 am
always. we truly appreciate it and talk to you soon. we do want to turn now and get back over to brittany bell in for rob this morning. >> good morning to you, too. a fantastic start to the morning, neptune beach, florida. the surfline camera watching people walking dogs along the shore, it's likely going to get crowded this afternoon with people flocking to beat the heat. we had those heat warnings, alerts stretching from kansas city all the way down towards jacksonville. heat advisories and excessive heat warning. heat index temperatures could climb as high as 107 degrees in dallas, 108 degrees in memphis and cooler air pus good morning 50s at the coast to near 70 inland but we cool off today. i clouds to operate ng our "gma" pet of the week and this morning, he is a puppy with a purpose.
8:45 am
piglet known affectionately as the deaf, blind and pink puppy teaches us the power of love and kindness and now he's ready to tell his story with the help of his humans. take a look. ♪ >> ready, here. >> piglet is a dog, he looks like a baby pig when we got him. he is a feisty, really active little dog who happens to be deaf and blind. >> reporter: when melissa and warren shapiro who already had six dogs decided to foster piglet it was just supposed to be temporary. >> i am very clear in my mind when i take in a dog to foster that they are leaving. but he was so intent on connecting with us in such an intense way. i really couldn't figure out how i was going to send him anywhere. >> reporter: piglet quickly became part of the shapiro family leaving his new human friends inspired from the moment they met the little pup. >> the first time that melissa and i took piglet, we got to
8:46 am
this brand-new hotel room. he started doing concentric circles and walking around the perimeter of the room and within 15 minutes he had completely mapped the entire room and was able to walk around. we're really talking about this little dog who invented himself and used it to adapt to his world. >> reporter: that piglet mindset inspiring melissa, a licensed veterinarian, to write a book about their pink pal "piglet." >> what do we want to say in a book? we want to tell his story. >> piglet finds joy in his life every day. it's not a concept for him. it's just a driving force and that's what we're hoping that it'll help inspire people to find joy in their life. >> such a good message. you can pick up "piglet: the unexpected story of a deaf, blind, pink puppy and his
8:47 am
family" when it hits bookshelves this tuesday, august 3rd. we'll be right back with food, guys. we'll be right back with food, guys. so what's going on? [dog] i'm a talking dog. the other issue. [dog] oh...i'm scratching like crazy. you've got some allergic itch with skin inflammation. apoquel can work on that itch in as little as 4 hours, whether it's a new or chronic problem. and apoquel's treated over 9 million dogs. [dog] nice. and... the talking dog thing? is it bothering you? no... itching like a dog is bothering me. until dogs can speak for themselves, you have to. when allergic itch is a problem, ask for apoquel. apoquel is for the control of itch associated with allergic dermatitis and the control of atopic dermatitis in dogs. do not use apoquel in dogs less than 12 months old or those with serious infections. apoquel may increase the chances of developing serious infections and may cause existing parasitic skin infestations or pre-existing cancers to worsen. new neoplasias were observed in clinical studies and post-approval. most common side effects are vomiting and diarrhea. feeling better? [dog] i'm speechless. [dog] thanks for the apoquel.
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we're back with summer bites. you can get the recipes right now using the qr code at the bottom of your screen. showing us how it's done is chef kevin o'donnell, the owner and head chef of giusto at the hammetts hotel. he joins us with two of his go-to summer classics. chef, welcome. i know you're going to show us how to grill fruit. first, though, we've got an heirloom melon with fig and burrata. you say the first two steps are the most important here? >> yes, absolutely. good morning, thank you so much for having me on. i'm really excited to be here and represent giusto. beautiful day here. i'm excited to get going here. the first two steps are crucial. it's really, really important, the first thing you got to
8:51 am
preheat this grill, get it up to at least 550 degrees. it's probably going to take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the grill. once that grill is really hot, i also like to soak a towel in a little bit of oil and rub it on there, and that will help it to be nonstick. now the melon. the melon is the next important thing here, this is a simple dish. italian cooking at its best. you have to pick up that melon and put your nose to it and smell it. people will look at you funny. you'll feel a little weird yourself but it's so important. that melon has to smell like a melon and be fragrant. otherwise it won't taste delicious. the first two steps are crucial. >> we'll keep those in mind and, chef, now we get to the juicy details of the grilling. why do you cut the melon rind off and how are you seasoning it for the best flavor? >> so, i love to cut the melon rind off because it's going to just be easy to eat. we're in the backyard. we're barbecuing with friends and family. nobody wants to cut the melon rind off at the table. you want it to be easy to eat,
8:52 am
easy to share, and it also gives you a nice tender texture and flavor, so this is what i do. i cut the bottom and the top off of the melon and then i'm going to follow the contour of the melon using my knife. so all the way around just like this, got to have a nice sharp knife too. once you have the melon rind off, then you just cut it in half, take the seeds and everybody has probably cut it like this before, but without removing the rind, so scoop out those seeds right just like this. once you have that melon cut and the seeds out, cut it into little wedges just like this, take some olive oil, and now i'm going to season it up. this is the next important thing here, so seasoning the melon, adding the salt to it will help pull out some of that flavor and it's going to -- adding the oil as well will help give it a nice
8:53 am
char, nice caramelization and really develop some fun flavor. grilled melon, nobody's done that before, right? it's not a very common thing to grill. it almost gives you the flavor of a winter or fall squash. gives that sweet and sour thing. i have a 20-month-old son at home and he loves multiple flavors, sweet, sour, acidic, savory, and that dish is all of that combined. >> chef, thank you very much. this is incredible. we're going to show everybody the finished results here and by the way, we did mention grilling fruit. we didn't have time to get to that but you can get the recipes again with your qr code and will be right back with much more on "gma." more on "gma."
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
hey, thanks for watching. very important, watch "world news tonight" with our man, our friend whit johnson at the helm. >> might be some s'mores. >> yeah, might be some s'mores. >> probably not. >> announcer: how would you like to wake up with idris, ryan, john and margot? your mornings are looking sunny and so good. next week on -- good morning i am liz kreutz. more bay area tech companies are delaying office returns until the next year because of concerns of delta variant. san mateo-based roadblocks is delaying his return until january 4th from mid-september. september-based sonnet is allowing its return from the
8:57 am
fall to next february and lyft delayed his return until next february. uber can return earlier on october 25th. google and apple are postponing mandatory returns until october. today a chance to come together to spread the aloha spirit organizers of the trenton hosting a pop-up event called aloha by the bay but it starts at noon in san francisco speas plaza and attendees can inspect every afternoon of island music and dance.>> hopefully when everybody comes to japan town this weekend, not only will they spends all the love we will be spreading out from the stage, but also continue that love and support our small businesses. >> last year the nihonmachi street fair was canceled for the first time in history but returns this year with pop-up events like aloha by the bay happening through the summer but let's get a check of the forecast with our
8:58 am
meteorologist. >> good morning, looking outside it is bayhill scammer with a beautiful view. low clouds and fog, clear now, 67 in san jose but fogged at the coast with low 60s around napa. still some house and vacaville already 78. cooling inland with temperatures near 90 and low 60s around the city. every the afternoon with high clouds.>> next, with a surge delta variant, unvaccinated children are some of the most vulnerable. what you can do to protect them. and hundreds of covid cases among san francisco hospital staff, where they got the
8:59 am
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
9:00 am
because that's power down time. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> we are seeing it among physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, we are sort of seeing it across the board. >> two major san francisco hospitals report a surgeon breakthrough cases among staff members. many employees have reported mild cold-like symptoms and now a covid vaccine mandate could be coming to the facilities. could morning everybody it's saturday, july 31, you are watching abc7 news at 9 am. live on abc7, who live in wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz and let's start with meteorologist lisa arjun.


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