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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  July 30, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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sghoifrjtsdz the new dire picture of the threat posed by the delta variant. the game-changer is how this virus spreads. plus, cheating to get a booster shot. and the fda okay. >> the reluctance from parents to send their kids back to school this year and the fight to cope. and how flight attendants are learning to defend themselves against unruly passengers. new data shows that the
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covid-19 delta variant is more contagious than previously thought. >> it's much more contagious than the common cold. it's about as contagious as chicken pox. 72 the enemy is new tactics. >> that means vaccinated people can spread the more transmissible variant and may be a factor in the summer surge. more than 10,000 new cases in the last 24 hours. 44 new deaths and a positivity rate of well over 6%. the new concerns about the delta variant could significantly impact our current surge. >> reporter: the big takeaway from this report is vaccinated people can carry and spread the same amount of virus as those unvaccinated. doctors are calling this data the proof about why masks need to be mandated indoors. not only is the delta variant twice as infectious, it's now considered just as transmissible as chicken
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pox. the cdc says the delta is even more transmissible than mrz, sars, ebola, and small pox. 469 covid cases were identified among people who travelled to a town in massachusetts in early july. 74% of those infected were fully vaccinated and had the sap amount of virus as those unvaccinated. bob walker treated this discovery as indicating breakthrough cases who spread the virus more readily. >> when i walk into the safeway, it's far more likely the person standing next to me in line has covid. doesn't know it. feels fine. >> reporter: the period of infection from delta may be longer. it's possible you could transmit the virus for 18 days rather than 13. this could raise questions about extending
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quarantine and te requirements. we also asked dr. hong with ucsf about that and he said it's possible the quarantine may be extended especially for people who are immunocompromised or unvaccinated who can transmit the virus for a lon the virus for a lon dr. bush ss shoul once oreekn wt have symptoms. let's talk about that surge for a minute. any predictions on when the surge might peak? >> reporter: it's a tough one. we talked to two doctors at ucsf and several at stanford. while they say it's difficult to be certain, the current models are showing our fourth, current surge may peak by mid-august if we're luck emp that's assuming many factors like indoor masking and vaccination rates.
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if you are vaccinated it is extremely unlikely that you will be seriously sickened with the delta variant. however, delta is formidable. people infected have 1,000 times more virus particles than other variants which one scientist puts this way. if you think of the individual particles as machine gun fire, the delta variant is shooting at us at 1,000 rounds per second. san francisco is seeing a fourth surge of covid-19 cases and the city's health director says he expects it will lead to a new indoor mask mandate. employees at two san francisco hospitals have tested positive for covid. 35 staff members are out sick. another 140 employees at ucsf have tested positive since june. almost all of them were infected
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in the community. as health officials encourage unvaccinated people to get their covid-19 vaccination, some people already vaccinated are wondering how they can an additional or booster shot. >> there's no evident right now to suggest that the average person should go out and try to get a booster shot. >> reporter: marin county says it has safeguards in place to prevent someone from getting a self-prescribed booster in time for the california immunization registry and i.d. check. santa clara county is using electronic
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records to look at whether someone has already received the vaccine. immunizers could identify a patient who is trying to get a self-prescribed booster shot. ways to identify a vaccinated patient patient. >> reporter: if the previous dose appears in the state's immunization information system. they also ask patients to verify their eligibility. and that first cdc guidance. covid-19 vaccines are not interchangeable. and a third dose of the vaccine has not been evaluated. >> people who are above the age of 65 may need a booster shot in the future. but i would urge the general public to wait for data. and if they have any specific questions regarding their own information, exposure, and underlying medical condition,
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reach out to your doctor. the delta variant underscores the anxiety over students going back to school this fall. >> reporter: it may be still two weeks away. it's never too early to get ready for school for third grade student suhanny. >> i'm very excited to go back to school. for the last year, i couldn't go to school and i couldn't meet my friends. and couldn't play with them. >> reporter: she's not the only one ready. today superintendents announced their support for a full return to classrooms. her parents are happy for her to get back. but the recent surge of covid-19 has given them some doubts. >> school i making sure they do the best to avoid these situations. at this point in time we're kind of okay. but that if continue even worse from here, we'll still have consent and have to stop. >> reporter: dr. hong understands the concern but says
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science proves the school setting is safe. >> we're talking about a virus that doesn't like kids.
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from combination with two other drugs. to be eligible, patients must have both a high risk of developing a severe case of covid because they're unvaccinated or have a weak immune system and must have good chance of getting infected. >> reporter: donors provided 1,000 c-pat machines modified to
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convert into ventilators. >> we cannot call ourselves out of work. so we have to help. doesn't matter who needs the help. we will send machines. whatever help we can do for the country. >> reporter: so a call is going out for more donated machines. local volunteers found more than four,000 of them. a team of volunteers can convert 40 machines in a four-hour shift. taking out hoses and cle filters. >> giving oxygen to the patient sometimes is not sufficient. so we need to give the oxygen wigiy pressure. >> reporter: 250 are ready to go. the goal is to get ahead of the next wave so machines are there when needed to save lives instead of trying to keep up
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with demand. >> many of them are being p ambulances. because people do not make it to the hospital. >> reporter: volunteers come from all walks of life. many are affiliated with bay area rotary clubs. the list is posted on the india covid sos website. >> the company is having conversations around this topic with unions representing their employees under collective barking agreements. this decision was based on the recommendation of scientists,
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health officials and medical professional professionals. disney is the parent company of abc 7. racial disparity and home values. a problem we've reported on extensively. new a high-profile advocate
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the governor declared a state of norj relieve stress on california's power grid. the order gives state agencies the authority to streamline permits so new clean energy sites can be constructed faster. he called for large energy consumers to use backup power systems like battery storage. today's announcement comes california endured two blackouts last summer during heat waves. abc 7 news continues to report on racial discrimination
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in home appraisal processes. the department of housing and urban development has a new to address the problem. >> reporter: this is really a major development here. the department of housing and urban development announcing this new interagency task force that will be spending six months coming up with solutions on how to tackle racial discrimination in the housing appraisal process. marcia fudge announcing the creating of a new property appraisal equity task force to dismantle the racial wealth gap. >> a home owned by a black american family is appraised for a lower rate than a similar home owned by a white family. >> reporter: addressing the issue, tasking the hud secretary with finding solutions. the group
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and consequences of misevaluation and undervaluation of properties. the findings will include ideas to step up enforcement and increase public awareness. >> i hope what will happen is that consumers will feel comfortable, confident and empowered to file complaints and we can get better figures, better numbers in terms of the extent and nature of the problem. >> reporter: research by the brooks institution shows bay area homes owned by black railriders in predominantly black neighborhoods are undervalued by 27% on average compared to similar homes in white neighborhoods. the price tag, a ros of $150 billion in equity nationwide. >> had a conversation with one of our white friends. and she's, like, no problem. i'll bring over some pictures of my family. >> reporter: showing the stories
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of seven bay area families who believe they were hit with an appraisal so low they almost missed out on hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity. >> it was 1.23. $430,000 cpls begnvesti hud. appraiser selectd comparable homes in neighborhoods with more black railriders and lower hold values because she's black. she is hopeful the new task force will create change. >> i feel good that it is actually being looked at at a higher level. >> president biden has made this a key issue for his administration. the domestic
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a week's worth of strong winds and waves took their toll causing a beachfront home in a gen tina to plunge into the ocean. rising sea levels weakened the home's foundation.
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fortunately no one was home. you've heard a lot about the tension in the skies and problems with passengers. the tsa is now teaching airline workers to defend themselves amid an increase in u passengers. carlos granda from our station in los angeles shows you how it works. >> reporter: what would yo an anger passenger gets belligerent. >> my eyes teared up. because it's such a real scenario and something we reporter: this is a simulation to train employee house to deal with potentially dangerous situations. >> to make sure that we're ready in galleys in case something happened. >> reporter: the tsa is once
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again holding these special training classes. we've seen incidents of flight attendants getting attacked and passengers fighting. there are more threats than ever for these airline workers. >> it's still a mindset. that's to expand their awareness. situational awareness. expect the unexpected. >> reporter: there's a stimulator here. a full-sized model of an airplane where agents can prepare for any challenge. here's a one-on-one confronting a with an attacker. >> it was an adrenaline rush because it can happen. >> reporter: it being be a life or death scenario. >> we want them to walk away with the confidence that they win that fight. >> reporter: these anger employees hope they'll never have to use this training but they are ready to keep everyone safe.
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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>> some spots will hold in the low and mid-60s first thing tomorrow morning. future weather. marine layer first thing. a lot of fog across thebay area. that fog pulls back to the coast. afternoon sunshine tomorrow. we'll have a really nice sunny end to the month of july. high tomorrow cooler than today. 88 in concord. 63 in the city. 70 the forecast high in
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oakland. 82, a lot of sunshine in san jose. 80 in snoers, napa a comfortable 81 degrees. after morning cloud cover, a light breeze. temperatures in the 73, low 80s. if you are travelling across the country, very few weather issues. a lot of sunshine in honlulu, 86. chicago at 80. l.a. warmer than that at 84 degrees. next week, no extreme heat. we'll give that a heat wave. and not comeback. >> i'm liking how wednesday is looking. >> world news tonight is checks. thank you so much for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. hope you enjoy the rest of the
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are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. tonight, two alarming headlines in the battle against covid. an internal document from the cdc saying the war has changed because of the delta variant. officials warning it's just as contagious as chicken pox, spreading faster than the common cold. one person possibly infecting up to nine others. vaccinated people transmitting the virus as easily as the unvaccinated. also tonight, the cdc revealing the reason behind the mask reversal. the covid outbreak in provincetown, massachusetts. nearly 900 cases, 74% of them fully vaccinated. and now this cruise ship reporting an outbreak of its own dr. jha standing by. tonight, the race to stop a nationwide eviction moratorium from expiring in just a matter of hours. millions at risk of losing their
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home unless congress takes


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