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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 30, 2021 3:30pm-3:59pm PDT

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>> thank you so much for joining us today on this interactive show "getting answers." delta variant, reopening of t, two alarming f headlines in the battle against covid. an internal document from the cdc saying the war has changed because of the delta variant, officials warning it's just as contagious as chickenpox, spreading faster than the common cold. one person possibly infecting up to nine others. vaccinated people transmitting the virus as easily as the unvaccinated. the cdc also revealing what was behind reversing guidance on masks. the covid outbreak in provincetown, massachusetts. nearly 900 cases, 74% of them fully vaccinated. now this cruise ship repor
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outbreak of its own. dr. ashish jah here tonight. >> millions at risk of losing their home unless congress takes immediate action before heading out on summer break. severe weather damage in the northeast. at least three confirmed tornados in pennsylvania, including a ef-3 with winds up to 140 miles per hour. people scrambling to find shelter. hopes and buildings damaged. cars tossed. overseas tonight, olympic drama in tokyo. the american swimmer losing to russia, then saying he's competing in a race that's probably not clean. simone biles posting this practice video, landing hard on her back as she weighs a possible return to competition, and megan rapinoe and the u.s. soccer team saving the day with a huge win. james longman there in tokyo. back here at home, a house committee releasing handwritten notes appearing to show former president trump pressuring the justice department to declare the 2020 election corrupt and wour or e, leave the rest to me.
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hi rets frightening scene in arizona -- one person killed and five injured by a swarm of bees coming from a 100-pound hive. good evening. and it's great to have you with us on a friday night. i'm cecelia vega in for david, and we do begin with the pandemic and that alarming news from the cdc, acknowledging that, quote, the war has changed because of the delta variant. officials now say it is as contagious as chickenpox, spreading paster than the common cold and seasonal flu and that a vaccinated person who becomes infected can spread just as easily as someone who is not vaccinated. all eyes on provincetown, massachusetts. nearly 900 people, 74% of them were fully vaccinated.
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we are there tonight. the breakthrough cases on the royal caribbean cruise ship. six passengers testing positive. four of them fully vaccinated. cdc still saying the vaccine protects against serious illness and death. tnight, more than 190 million people received at least one dose. that's 67% of everyone 12 and older. dr. jha is standing by, but abc's steve osunsami leads us off at the cdc in atlanta. >> reporter: public health officials are trying to warn americans tonight that the fight against the coronavirus has changed dramatically. after looking at the latest outbreaks around the world, they believe that this new delta variant of the coronavirus is at least three times as contagious as ebola, bird flu, and the common cold. just one person sick with the original strain of the disease could easily infect an average of two to three people in close contact. that number could now be up to nine people with the delta variant, according to the cdc.
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>> i started to get a fever, and that's when i kind of knew, oh this is it, this is -- this is covid. >> reporter: johnny chagnon is one of the nearly 900 new cases of covid-19 that came from what scientists believe is an outbreak of the new delta variant in provincetown, massachusetts. he and his friends were fully vaccinated. >> we were partying, like i said, partying like it's 2019, pretending like the pandemic never happened. i've heard of dozens or even more than 100 cases of people that i'm connected to personally who tested positive within my close circle of friends it was about 10. >> reporter: authorities say that 90% of the people they've tested so far were sick with the delta variant, and that about 74% of state residents infected were vaccinated. it's similar to the outbreak on this cruise ship in the bahamas. four of the six people being flown home tonight were fully vaccinated.
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our correspondent trevor ault is in provincetown this evening where face coverings are now required everywhere. >> after the year we hadting a k back on or getting a shot in the arm, it's nothing. it's not a lot to ask. >> reporter: it's not just provincetown. on broadway in new york city, you'll now need to be wearing a mask and show proof you've been vaccinated to see a show. but people aren't always loving the old rules returning. >> we're not doing masks again in our family. >> reporter: at this school board meeting in florida, parents upset with wearing masks had to be shown the door. >> this is ridiculous. you should be ashamed of yourselves. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: today, america woke up to its highest number of new daily cases since early february, more than 86,000. more use of the vaccines will certainly help, and to that end, the federal government says it's working as fast as possible to get full fda approval for the pfizer vaccine. some people refuse to get the shot without this.
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while leaving the white house tonight, the president was asked if americans should expect to see more restrictions because of the increasing number of covid-19 cases, and he responded, quote, in all probability. >> steve, thank you. there are so many questions to let's bring in dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown university school of public health. this new data from the cdc raises so many questions about returning to live as we knew it. the delta variant more contagious than the common cold, so what does this mean for the common future? do you see us returning to lockdowns? people wearing masks indoors and out, no matter the area? >> thanks for having me back. the data i find mostly reassuring, and i'll tell you why -- yes, there was an outbreak. yes, many vaccinated people did end up getting infected. they did really well. very few of them ended up getting sick. very few ended up getting hospitalized. nobody died, and the outbreak
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quickly abated. this is the kind of stuff we should expect. these vaccines are not 100%, but all the data i'm seeing so far says the vaccines are protecting people. as long as we keep vaccinating people, we'll be fine. >> we have our eyes on this outbreak in provincetown that steve was mentioning. 74% of cases among those fully vaccinated, yet we have been told repeatedly breakthrough infections are so rare. so how do you explain this? >> basically what you had was large number of unvaccinated people from around the country descend on a small town. packed bars, packed night clubs. you had a large outbreak, and a bunch of vaccinated people did end up getting infected. we always said these vaccines are 80% to 90% effective at preventing infections but almost no one got sick. no one died. i this is the vaccine working. i see this as very hopeful. >> all this seems to raise serious questions about heading become to school in a number of
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weeks. vaccinated people can spread the variant as easily as unvaccinated. how concerned should parents be about sending kids back to school? >> i think there's a little bit of a misreading of the data. i'm not at all convinced that vaccinated people can spread it as easy as unvaccinated, even after infection. we're going to have to sort that out. if we get vaccinate numbers higher, infection numbers will get so low across the country, that it will be possible, and should be our goal, to get kids back full-time. >> dr. jha, we always appreciate your perspective. thank you so much. we want to turn to the effort to head off an eviction moratorium set to expire tomorrow. millions at risk of losing their homes. landlords unable to pay the mortgage. tonight, time is running out. here's rachel scott on capitol hill. >> reporter: tonight, millions of americans could be kicked out of their homes as soon as sunday
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because washington failed to extend the moratorium on evictions, and now the house is leaving for summer recess. >> why did democrats wait until now, hours before recess, hours before the eviction moratorium is about to expire to try to extend it? >> i think this is something that will work out. we would like the cdc to expand the moratorium. that's where it can be done. >> reporter: but the white house points the finger right back at congress, saying it's on them. >> so, the supreme court's ruling stated that clear and specific congressional authorization would be necessary for the cdc to extend the moratorium through july. >> reporter: meanwhile in salt lake city, debra chamberlin, a single mother of two young girls, is preparing to be evicted this weekend. >> it's a horrible feeling as a parent. no parent wants to be in that position, not to be able to tell their kids what the answer is going to be. >> and in new orleans, amy cousino, a chef whose restaurant shut down because of the pandemic, now fearing she will be out on the street.
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>> i don't even know where i would go because all the homeless places where people might sleep or congregate are full already before anybody gets evicted. >> reporter: the irony here,s this not a battle over funding. congress has already allocated $47 billion to help tenants and landlords during the pandemic, but only $3 billion has been distributed. new york, for example, was sent $2.7 billion, but almost none of that has gone out to the people who desperately need it. the house just adjourned moments ago. president biden is now putting pressure on state and local governments. in a statement he says they must take all possible steps to immediately distribute those rental assistance funds. the reality here, congress and the administration knew this deadline was coming for weeks and did nothing about it. >> we are now down to the wire. rachel, thank you. next tonight, the tornado watch in the plains at this hour after a dozen reported tornadoes ripped from illinois to new jersey. car dealerships in bucks county,
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pennsylvania, destroyed by the first ef-3 tornado to hit that state in 17 winds of 140 miles per hour. here's erielle reshef. and the northeast.eking.orrougec >> reporter: outside philadelphia, employees and customers at this car dealership racing into the bathroom for shelter as a tornado approached thursday. emerging to find it ripped apart. >> this just did not happen. >> reporter: also inside that building, victor rivera and his mom. >> my mom got under the table and i kind of her in my arms. i watched the glass implode and the ceiling fell in and everything kind of caved in from there. >> reporter: four people hurt at the multiple dealerships here in bucks county. you can see the windows of these cars completely blown out, and over here, this part of the building of this dealership leveled to the ground. the damage is extensive.
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tonight we're learning that twister was an ef-3, with winds of up to 140 miles per hour. the most intense damage here and at homes nearby. >> doing this for 34 years, it was the first time i saw that kind of devastation up close and personal. >> reporter: new jersey averages two tornadoes per year, but they had four confirm in the one day. >> thank you so much. going to tokyo, where there at the olympic games. of doping- after losing gold to a russian competitor, american swimmer ryan murphy suggesting the sport probably wasn't clean. but there was a big win for the u.s. women's soccer team, advancing to the soccer finals in a nail biter. here's james longman. >> reporter: tonight, megan rapinoe and the u.s. women's soccer team keeping their olympic dream alive. >> megan rapinoe into the top corner! and the usa wins 4-2 on 4-2 on penalties. >> reporter: defeating the netherlands, advancing to the semifinal.
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and coaching a -- and coaching a concern, but doping here. swimmer ryan murphy telling reporters "it is a huge mental drain on me throughout the year to know i'm swimming in a race that's probably not clean." murphy, who won gold in the 100 and 200 meter backstroke in rio, lost both olympic titles to eyvgeny rylov from russia. >> rylov gets the gold! kolehnikov gets the silver. and murphy gets the bronze.r: r are banned from competing under their own flag but some think that's enough. after a massive state-sponsored doping program was discovered and drug testing enforcement was loosened during the pandemic. >> tweeting, seeing a drew who shouldn't be here walking away a silver is a nasty feeling. murphy saying he wasn't accusing his competitor who's denied doping. >> my intent is not to make any allegations here.
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congratulations to evgeny. i do believe there is doping in swimming. >> reporter: meanwhile, the biggest question of the games -- will simone biles vie for an individual medal. the superstar whose exit from the team and all-around competitions shocked the world, revealing on instagram today she is still experiencing a phenomenon that gymnasts call the twisties. writing "for anyone saying i quit, i didn't quit. my mind and body are simply not in sync." thisor twver on the uneven commenting "i don't think you realize how dangerous this is on a hard competition surface." >> let's get to james in tokyo. the last time simone biles can try for a medal in these games is this weekend. where do things stand? >> reporter: she's being evaluated daily. we may not find out until just before the competition taxpayer first is vault, and that goes sunday. >> we'll be watching. james, thank you. new questions for former president trump tonight.
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a house committee releasing handwritten notes that appear to show the former president pressuring the justice department to declare the 2020 election corrupt. the former president then saying, quote, leave the rest to me. this comes as the irs has been cleared to give congress his tax returns. here's abc's senior national correspondent terry moran. >> reporter: tonight, stunning real-time evidence of how doearsf th partment of justice to do it. these are the handwritten notes taken by a senior doj official on a december 27th phone call. they show acting attorney general jeffrey rosen telling trump, the doj can't and won't snap its fingers and change the outcome of the election. trump had an answer for that argument. don't expect you to do that. just say that the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the "r" -- republican -- congressmen. in public, trump was pushing the same falsehood. >> the truth is we won the election by a landslide. we won it big.
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>> reporter: but according to the notes, richard donoghue, the number two official at doj told him flat out that much of the info he is getting is false. we look at the allegations but they do not pan out. the justice department launched dozens of allegations and claims of voter fraud, interviews hundreds of peop.nonened out. p's response? "you guys may not be following the internetheay i do." the department ruling th trump's tax rur handed overhe investigators. all signs it's a new sheriff in town. >> terry, thank you. the biden administration carry out its first fast track deportation flights to central america. two flights left brownsville, texas. part of a plan to return families who arrivet border and don't qualify for asylum back to guatemala, el salvador and honduras. and when we come back, the
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just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. next tonight arc terrifying scene in arizona. authorities say one man was killed and five others injured, attacked by a massive swarm of bees. three firefighters among those hurt. one stung about 60 times. the bees coming from a 100-pound hive that was near a home. most of these bees have now been removed. in banning, california, authorities are investigating a deadly plane crash. two people killed when this small plane went down near an airport. the plane crashing in a vacant lot and catching fire. no one on the ground was hurt thankfully. no word yet on that cause. when we come back, massive mudslides trapping people overnight in their cars. we'll tell you about the rescue effort today. i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy.
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colorado. emergency crews on the scene there. people forced to take shelter in aon higay 7 it will remain closed through the weekend. firefighters pulling two workers from the debris in brooklyn today. and ceiling coming down. the building was being demolished. the workers are being treated for serious injuries. when we come back, the oldest working nurse in america, she is celebrating her final day on the job. is a walk in the park. if i have something to help me breathe better, everything will be fun and nice. but i still have bad days... flare-ups, (cough cough) which can permanently damage my lungs. my lungs need protection against flare-ups. so it's time to get real. because in the real world... our lungs deserve the real protection of breztri. breztri gives you better breathing... symptom improvement, and flare-up protection. it's the first and only copd medicine proven to reduce flare-ups by 52%.
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finally tonight, "america strong." with help from our friends at komo news in seale country, she is finally ready for a break after 75 years on the job. >> reporter: seesee rigney -- from tacoma, washington, began nursing school in 1943. and for the next seven decades, seesee would care for thousands of patients. driving to work, putting on her scrubs. she is an o.r. nurse at tacoma general hospital. and at 96 years old, seesee is now ready to retire. so many asking, "what took so long?" >> "why don't you retire?" well, i like what i do. >> reporter: after 75 years on the job, her secret? >> you have to have compassion, you have to have love, you have to have patience. you have to really want to take care of people. >> reporter: seesee heading back
3:58 pm
to the hospital one more time. her fellow nurses lininth >> it has en an honor. >> tnkfkindher. >> i have learned so much from you. >> she's a legend. there's no otherheop eve continues to learn every day just like she does. >> it has been a very gratifying and important part of my life. i have made so many, many friends, and i know i will miss each and every one. >> to seesee and all the other nurses on the front lines, we thank you. and thank you for watching. i'm cecelia vega. have a great weekend, everybody.
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. the delta variant is covid on steroids. it is far, far more infectious and there is increasing evidence suggesting it causes more serious disease. >> the war has changed. the cdc says the delta variant is spreading and is highly transmissible and that means renewed push to get vaccinated. thanks for joining us, i am larry beil. >> and i am dion lim. you are watching abc7 news at 4:00, life here on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> the fda is shifting resources so it can give the pfizer vaccine full approval. currently it has only emergency authorization. the progenitor the drug
4:00 pm
cocktail can now be fully used. it is important to clarify, this product from regeneron is not a substitute for vaccines. california reporting over 10,000 new cases today. the last time the single day count was over 10,000 was february 12. >> we have team coverage is covid numbers continue to rise once again. abc7 news reporters stephanie sierra takes a look at the new report on just how contagious the delta variant is, but we begin with reporter lyanne melendez with a pending announcement in san francisco. >> reporter: here is the situation. even if you get more people vaccinated tomorrow, it will be more than a month before they are protected from covid. the health department knows this and that is why a mask mandate for san francisco and other counties is all but certain. at this point, they say mitigation is key.
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