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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 30, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we took two steps forward the with the vaccine and now five steps back. >> we're seeing more restrictions when it comes to masks and we're seeing the number of covid cases rising, the data we expect to get today from the cdc the golden state warriors made their pick. don't think you can get away with lying to your dog. research shows they can right through you. good morning. it's july 30th. you're watching woib westbound live and on hulu live and
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wherever you stream. some of the costal al al al are leaking that into petaluma. now our hottest temperature starts at 10:00 and goes up into lake and mendocino counties. the highest risk of heat illness is there. we'll be in the mid to upper 90s, mid-80s to low 90s in the south bay. mid-70s to mid-80s and the 60s will take over the coast into san francisco. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast and try to break the heat wave coming up. very important. the cdc will release new information on why it revised its guidance to have vaccinated people wear masks indoors. this is as daily casinos continue to rise. you can see the bay area surge on the right side. it is inching back up after hitting a le in may the cdc
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does have a dire warning how contagious the virus is. jobina has more. >> reporter: the cdc said the delta variant appears to spread as easily as the chickenpox and as dangerous as ebola and smallpox. earlier this week the cdc said even fully vaccinated people need it put their masks back indoors in places transmission rates are high. stanford's dr. yvonne maldonado said since the variant is 1,000 times higher, it is twice as infectious. >> billions of viruses can be present in your nose and d d d
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even if you're vaccinated, it's contagious. >> the risk of severe disease or death is reduced 10 fold. dr. maldonado said the vaccine is for those who vaccinated or immuno- compromised people. kumasi? sacramento county is the latest in the state to issue a mask mandate indoors in response to rising covid cases. it joins yolo. we asked mayor london breed to see if her office is considering a mandate here. >> yes, we are looking at a mandate for both unvaccinated people. yes. we are looking at a vaccine for
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those who are not just city employees. governor newsom will meet and talk about wildfire prevention. the president is getting regular updates the dixie fire in butte and plumas has burned more than 350 square miles. it is 23% contained. all right. let's take a look at what's going on with those droughts and the reservoirs, especially. what you can see right there is the ditches from last week to this week and the red is getting so much more prevalent. it's a side by side map that nearly half of our state now classified in that highest level as you can see in the darker side. it includes the bay area, also
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all of alameda county and santa clara county are in that exceptional drought. forlynearly 90% in the it's happening in so many fewer years than what it took last time to get to this area. notice everything is dropping, evaporation, usage by us and usage by the firefighters we they have to dip into this earlier and more often. it takes away some of the water from our reservoirs. you can see from 21% to 57% is as good as it gets. lets a talk about the commute. there's a little mist and drizzle. it's banking up against the east bank hills and sitting
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there and building. if you're on highway 13, the eastbound hills coming out of the the morning spots will be from the golden gate to the delta. 60s at the coast to nearly the upper 90s. let's talk about what will happen. what i will do is talk about the weekend forecast coming up. we're going to break this heat and bring a little more morning clouds and mist hand drizzle. there's a threat of flooding in the sierra. we'll talk about that also when we come back. let's get over to jobina.
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hi, job job. good morning, everyone. so all lanes are back open 880. what we know is some limited information. shortly after 2:30 this morning, the chp said a vehicle was stalled with one person dead. we know all lanes are back open in hayward on southbound 880 near winton avenue. if we get more information we'll update you. you can see we have very light traffic this morning and in livermore just pointing out -- that is an old graphic as well. i apologize. showing you 80. we do have a fog advisory
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issued for the golden gate bridge. jobina, thank you. the two members of the golden state warriors will hold a chalk talk. they selected 6-8'" jonathan cominga. the warriors also selected moses moody. gm bob meyer said draymond green approved of the picks. >> he texted me and said kaminga. after the ninth pick he said moody. i said i don't think he will be there. i didn't even give him those names. he dave me a big thumb's up. >> . still ahead, a push to
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protect asian-americans. and stopping the spread of covid at many san francisco bars. and if you're looking to adopt a pet, right now might be the best time to do. it time is running out for a special deal wi things may be different, but at denny's, one thing will always remain the same... our dedication to safely serving guests the food they love. and hey... if you love to feed people too, we want you to join our family. apply at today.
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a two alarm fire badly damaged a home in row day yes on fourth street and napa avenue. everyone inside escapes. two cats are missing. many parents are concerned about sending kids back to school for in-person learning during this covid surge and they have asked for an online alternative. education is part of our focus to build a better bay area. amy hollyfield has a look at what the school district is
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doing. >> reporter: the palo alto school district made an expensive decision at its meeting last night. it decided it would outsource it to a third party. they will let a third party handle online learning and let the teachers focus on the classroom. this is about $3,000 per student. any student hop wants online learning will have to take classes by zoom. it will not be palo alto teachers but this third party option. the district is sending the message to teachers, we want you to focus on the students in the classroom. we will not add this to your plate. >> it will be by the skin of our teeth to get students registered, and up to speed. i don't know what our legislators think it takes to run a school district but if they think they chan run up
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something in three weeks, they're out of touch. >> reporter: so he's referring to the fact that a law was passed at the beginning of july forcing school districts to offer this option, this hybrid online option for kids who to continue distance learning. the superintendent is trying to see if they can handle this. they opted out and voted on a third party option, an expensive choice but one the superintendent hopes will ease the burden on the teachers. live in palo alto, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. hundreds of bars in san francisco now require proof of vaccination or a recent negative test if you want to go in. jr stone spoke to bar owners ne who said they're getting pushback. >> if i could just see your
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i.d. >> reporter: that's how this goes when you arrive in san francisco's hate ash bury district. they've been requiring proof of vaccinations to go inside since june, something other san francisco bars started doing thursday. >> i would say 80% to 85% of the time people are compliant, happy to comply. >> reporter: but the general manager warns there have been some tense moments. >> we've had people call us nasties on yelp. we've had people saying we violated the hipaa act. we've had people cough on us or spit on us. >> i ask the question did those people actually live in san francisco. i was traveling throughout the southwest and no one was doing anything like that. it makes me feel safer. >> reporter: but not all sf
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bars are requiring this. hundreds are but many are not. >> we are not requiring it yet, not until it's a law. >> reporter: why? >> personal freedom. >> reporter: that's from nick cortez who runs murrays on hate street. >> i feel like there's a small handful but not everybody. a lot of people are over it, over all. covid madness. >> reporter: one thing sure we'll still have options. jr stone, abc7 news. >> we have more at the city of san francisco is stepping in to help
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businesses being sued. many have been sued alleging their businesses are out of compliance with ada regulations. some businesses are calling it extortion. the city will provide inspectors to determine what is out of compliance and also provide half a million dollars to help with the upgrades. oakland has kicked off its community ambassador program. it's sponsored by family bridges and other organizations. members wearing green vests patrol the neighborhood. >> we clean the street and do abatement. some of the folks came on board because they want this got back to their community. >> they currently have three on staff and two volunteers the san francisco spca is hoping this summer might be the time to show some love to senior pets. the spca is offering free adoptions for all cats and dogs over seven years old.
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this goes to august 15th. all dogs 30-pounds or heavier are free to adopt. officials said older animals and larger dogs have a harder time finding their forever homes. it's open for appointment and spca is asking you to go to their website to see how to apply. well, dogs can sometimes tell when humans are lying. researchers from the university of vienna trained 250 dogs to find hidden treats in one of two food bowls. the dog witnessed another person move the treat to the second bowl. now when the first person got back and suggested the empty bowl to the dog many of the dogs ignored the suggestion and want to the correct bowl. they wanted the treat. the study shows dogs can read through the lies and can read
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humans very well. >> i think it just proves that dogs aren't stupid. >> they're like don't try me. i just saw what i saw. >> i'm going to go to the one with the food. i'm not a dumb-dumb. >> i don't care who comes or who goes. >> as long as i have a treat in my hand, i'm his favorite. >> great study, glad to hear it, moving on. >> this, from the cat person. >> no, that's not why. that is not why. to me this was like captain obvious study. >> okay, friend. >> i love dogs. ly stick up for the cats. you are right. but i still love dogs. here's what's going on outside. this is walnut creek.
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we're looking south on 680. on the other side you'll find the fog and marine layer around 1600 feet it's getting close to topping it. it will add to the cooling but for today the heat is holding inland. most of us will have a mostly sunny afternoon thunderstorms are possible. so remember your lightning rules. 30 seconds if you can hear the thunder. 30 minutes and then go outside. there is the possibility these will be really juicy, some flooding up there. here's a look at what's going on with the satellite and radar. we have the moderate rest being of heat. it squeezes high off the east. today we have a few 90s in mer gan hills and gill row. 88 in los gatos. san bruno about 72. san mateo at 76.
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low to mid-60s long the coast. near we have the heat advisory. mid to upper hercules, oakland., berkeley, 72 92 at san ramon. tonight you'll see more cloud cover. that will lead to cooler conditions inland, mid-50s to mid-60s. mid-60s for the most part at the coast. get used to more and afternoon sunshine. reggie? temperatures are surging in green land. that's causing the most significant ice melt of the year. greenland lost 8 1/2 billion
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tons of surface mass on tuesday. that's enough to cover the entire state of florida in two inches of water. scientists said the reason for this troubling melting, you guessed it, climate change. the listings, airbnb can check out. >> the first ever roller coaster on a crews ship. >> and taking a live
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if you're just joining us, here's the seven things you need to know today. the cdc will release new information on why this revised its guidance on mask wearing for fully vaccinated people. this comes after "the "the "the washington post" found that the delta variant videos faster than ebola and smallpox. uc davis is testing booster
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shots in those who are already vaccinated. >> the palo alto unified school district approved an agreement with a third party service for students who still want to learn from home this school year. the cost of the program is $1.8 million. >> this definitely brings some heat relief. we drop from the mid-90s to the upper 80s. other areas will be in the 60s and 70s. >> just trying to understand how to dress. bringing you a live picture from the golden gate bridge. a fog advisory has been issued. everything else is looking good this friday morning the warriors two first round draft picks, jonathan kuminga and moses moody are taking part in the chalk talk.
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the creators of south park are trying to buy a colorado landmark they made well known. they want to purchase casa bonita. the show's instagram page later confirmed that. it has been a fixture on south park. the current owners announced they would reopen soon. the oners filed for chapter 11 protection in april. airbnb can charge based on how fast the wi-fi is. they can post it in a new section on the listing. this comes as more remote workers are renting airbnbs, not for vacation but a change of scenery. carney val cruise lines is releasing the first roller coaster at sea.
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>> reporter: an exclusive ride on the first ever roller coaster ride at sea. bolt is the first ever roast rest at sea debuting on the highest deck of carnival's ship, mardi gras, making its maiden voyage tomorrow. >> we sit around and try to come up with great new guest experiences. why not. >> reporter: the launch delayed for more than year after the pandemic brought the cruise industry to a halt. carnival hopes it will draw back passengers. >> we'll bring guests on for the very first time on saturday. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll show you how carnival is trying to keep its passengers safe during the pandemic as they return return n high seas. reporting from cape canaveral, florida. >> i would love to go on
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. now at 5:30, the covid delta variant throwing a curve ball before school set it begin. one local school district has come up with a solution for students who still want to do
5:30 am
distance learning. a document shows the delta variant spreads faster than ebola. coming up, the latest push to protect americans. and let's take you out live right now. this is a look at our abc7 cam. a few hot days. mike, of course, is tracking how hot everything will get. >> good morning. it's friday, july 30th. >> we want to start with mike. how cool are we talking? we will drop about ten degrees which will take us out of the heat for this one. it will make this comfortable and something you don't have to worry about places like san francisco, the closer you are to water, there will not be a notable change. the flags are moving around. we have a little bit of a sea breeze. we have marine layer clouds. so watch out for fog but it's
5:31 am
not touching places like mendocino or lake county. the risk of heat illness is moderate to high as temperatures can reach 110 degrees. near 100 in the east bay valley. mid-80s to low 90s in the south bay. 65 at san francisco. 74 at oakland. kumasi? evidence is mounting about the zang are of the covid-19 delta variant. this morning the cdc is expected to release new information about why it has new mask guidelines. yesterday president biden announced a post of new rules to boost covid vaccinations. >> reporter: from the cdc to the white house we're seeing a more aggressive push to protect americans. a federal document is showing
5:32 am
why. it's putting federal officials on high alert. the document obtained by "the washington post" said america must acknowledge the war has changed. the delta severe illness, spreads as quickly as chickenpox and more deadly than ebola and smallpox. the doctor said despite news. >> the vaccines are working really, really well. >> reporter: in a somber address, president biden appealed to the unvaccinated, telling them to get the shot. the president also encouraging states. >> we all want our lives to get
5:33 am
back to normal, and fully vaccinated workplaces will make that happen more quickly. >> reporter: major companies like facebook, google and netflix now requiring most employees to be vaccinated before returning to the office and as the covid public health threat continues, here in washington democrats are rushing to extend a ban on evictions before it expires tomorrow. the bay area outpaces california when it comes to vaccinations. the darker the color, the higher the unvaccination rate. we rank in order of vaccination rates. here they are. number one marin, tommed by san francisco, santa clara, santa clara and contra costa. solano county comes in last, and i mean last in the bay
5:34 am
area. to be clear these percentages are calculated with the total population of the county. it's not just those eligible to get vaccinated the 49ers said more than 90% of the team is vaccinated. however pro bowler nick boza said he is not one of him. coming back from a torn acl, he was asked about it. >> i'm just evaluating everything right now. i haven't made a decision yet but following the protocols and see where it goes. >> last week the nfl warned teams they could forfeit games. california scientists are beginning to test covid-19 booster shots. the volunteers will receive the
5:35 am
same vaccine. scientists will look at how strong the antibodies are. part of building a better bay area includes education and how schools plan to operate during the fall. not all parents are sending their kids back to school. palo alto has decided how they will deal with distance learning. amy hollyfield is live outside the school headquarters. >> reporter: they took the exit ramp during the vote. the direct said legislators threw a curve ball. he called state lawmakers out of touch. last night the palo alto school district voted to outsource this issue. what's happening is everschool district has to our a remote learning option. the district decided to hire a
5:36 am
third party service to handle zoom teaching and to let the teachers focus on what happens in the last room. >> we're going to contract out with professionals who do this. it's their sole purpose. typically when a person does one job they do this better than a person trying to do three or four. >> reporter: this is expensive. it will cost about $1.8 million or $3,000 per student. the student believes the classroom is the safest place for kids. he said his direct brought kids back last october. he said during that time the district had zero transmissions and that was before vaccinations but they have hired this service to handle the kids who don't feel safe returning to the classroom. >> thank you. the state superintendent hosted a webinar to talk about
5:37 am
health and safety in the clam. dr. naomi bardak addressed concerns concerning the delta variant. >> kids are less likely to pass it around to each other compared to adults. it brings up the question. because so many adults are vaccinated, the number of kids are looking hire than they did originally. that's actually a sign not that the kids are more vulnerable or susceptible with the variant but a sign that the vaccines are working >> officials urge everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine so the schools can stay open. the group said pg&e is responsible for last year's
5:38 am
deadly zogg fire. the zogg fire fire destroyed homes. there will extensive effort for cleanup because of damage from tornadoes. >> reporter: emergency officials in eastern pennsylvania said timing was everything. take a look at this extraordinary damage. twisters tore apart this car dealership north of philadelphia. powerful winds peeled back the roof and stripped the building down to its studs. it was one of three tornadoes that hit the region thursday evening cars were flung from its parking spots and ended up elsewhere. there were only five non-life- threatening injuries. >> we're very fortunate that we
5:39 am
had no deaths again. thank god. we'll keep working hard to get the electric back on with peco. >> reporter: yous are still on the seen. the local police chief said had the tornado come down a couple hours earlier, the dealership with have been packed with customers and staff. parts of the pacific northwest are bracing for another heat wave. portland declared a state of emergency ahead of that triple digit heat. though were so lucky but they have such great meteorologists and warnings, so i'm sure they took care of their people. what we're trying to take care of is will the you know about the smoke. it will become more established in some neighborhoods. surface smoke will stay well away from us but it will be really chest it tahoe as we
5:40 am
head through the weekend. as has been the case we'll wake up and see a little bit of haze off to the east. look as we head throughout the day. this will move further away from us which will make for a very smoky decide over the sierra as we head into the weekend. not only do they have it in theler part of the but the purpose part. san jose, 280 and 17. grab the sunglasses. the beaches, that's where the clouds will linger. if you're going to be out on the bay, know from the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge, all through the areas in yellow which is the delta, a small craft advisory from 3:00 to 9:00. waking up in the bay year 69. 63 in saratoga. most of the temperatures are in the mid-50s to mid-60s. you can see the low clouds pulling back to the coast.
5:41 am
a few clouds roaming our side. the hottest temperatures are up in the north bay. we'll talk already about that coming up. >> thanks, mike. good morning, everyone. checking in on traffic. we'll start off with a live look at the san mateo bridge. it's beginning to pick up for people making their way westbound. things are at the limit. a live picture and also just an overall view on our maps. you can see what the sensors are picking up. it's coming out of tracy. it is a true friday for the commute. a crash last night led to a major traffic jam on treasure island. take a look at the cell phone video. more than 20 cars were stuck in line around 10:00 p.m. the person who sent us the video said they sat in traffic for three hours before this got
5:42 am
moving again. reggie? coming up, the social media campaign launched in san francisco that's aimed to stop hate nationwide. hate nationwide. they want to be [hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪ [goat does a sick vibrato] ♪
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all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack is a patriot. fresh, sweet and full of freedom. new red, white & blue pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at denny's.
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jewish leaders have launched a program. the majority of religious attacks in the city target members of the jewish faith the campaign encourages jewish families to share their stories. >> our children have experienced fear because they're jewish. they need us to show us.
5:45 am
our parents need us to come together and say here i am. >> the jewish community hopes it will create solidarity. idar >> poet janet miraconaney has died. she was married to cecil williams. she was the city's poet laurie yacht from 2000 to 2002. she was 80 years old. uber is the latest tech company to requires it employees to be vaccinated before returning back to the office. the company told employees it may even be pushed back again depending on the pandemic. lyft is returning its return
5:46 am
february as people are returning from home, they're changing their wardrobes. >> reporter: return keep changing. apparel sales dropped, so wardrobes need refreshing. >> right now the consumer wants to feel comfortable because they isn't a year and half in front of zoom. as they go into the workplace they want to be comfortable but casual cool. >> reporter: the app allows the fashion industry to gauge what they will sell. one thing is clear. during the era of zoom workers put on a few pounds, so loose clothing is in style. >> i'm seeing the loose clothing, flats. none of us have worn heels for a year and half. >> reporter: it shows a big
5:47 am
shift. 30% said they want to dress casually. almost two thirds said they could be productive no petter what they wear. bosses set the ton and could have guidelines. so fashion labels are hedging their bets they came up with the right design. >> for men, it's stayed the same. for women i'm seeing more casual, comfort and cool. we're selling the long dresses, the soft denim jackets. we're selling cardigans, tees and just comfort, really. >> reporter: from what i'm seeing, neck ties are still dead. >> neck ties are not happening. >> recording for abc >> yes, fashionista david louie. i agree about comfort, about heels. you just want to feel good,
5:48 am
pockets. >> pockets. that's a big thing. >> listen. >> i'm carrying around so much stuff. i have masks, other things to carry around. i need some pockets. >> kumasi i heard the best thing you should be wearing is the whole sarin getty. i love this. >> you know, friend, i didn't even notice but there are all kinds of animals on here. >> a zebra. >> thank you, friend. you noticed me. >> i've loved your dresses the last two weeks. >> you're killing it. >> jobina, also. don't want to leave her out, bringing it. i will have to have a sweater sale. >> keep them. >> you think so? >> are you saying i may go back
5:49 am
home? no. let's see what's going on as far as the ready. we're looking at sfo where you can see the low clouds falling. usually we have a lot of delays at sfo because of the morning low clouds. so mostly sunny as clouds retreat. we still have to deal with the heat inland. clouds, a little bit of fog. it will be seasonably quiet. 83 in sunnyvale, heading to santa cruz, 73 degrees. redwood city southward about mid-70s. at the coast low to mid-60s. mid-60s to near 70 for downtown and south san francisco. the astros are in town. it will be interesting to see how the giants fans fans fans f
5:50 am
astros. we know the a's fans were not kind to them, as they should be since they got caught cheating. 82 in san leandro. move inland. 92 at san ramon. tonight mid-50s to mid-60s with more cloud cover. you can see a little more drizzle along the coast. my accu-weather seven-day forecast. let's hold on to it for the next six days. nothing extreme in the forecast after today. reggie? >> a star is born in the worl of gymnastics. 18-year-old suni lee grabbed the gold in tokyo. she's the first hmong-american to compete in the olympics. her family talked about what this means for their community.
5:51 am
>> the word proud. there's no word that could describe it. she showed the world and all the hmong people that she's able to get there. she put the hmong-american on the map. >> look at that. wow. lee's victory marked the fifth consecutive time an american won an olympic all-around champion. >> i'm just still looking >> right there. it's hard to see because of the graphic. i'm assuming that balance beam is the one her dad made for her because they couldn't afford to get the extremely expensive y e rat tus. >> apparatus. apparatus. >> regal theater showing off it
5:52 am
i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed and get to and stay undetectable can no longer transmit hiv through sex. don't take dovato if you're allergic to its ingredients or if you take dofetilide. taking dovato with dofetilide can cause serious
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new details from valley transportation authority. temporary bus service on part of the light rail system will resume monday. buss will operate from the paseo station in downtown san jose and go to bay point station, then over to the pete that's. two large billboards along highway 11 against the wishes of a lot of people the city released a draft plan for the billboard on airport r80% of those polled were strongly opposed to the bell board.
5:55 am
san jose has banned new billboards for 36 years. so if you're thinking about going back to the movies, is a new movie. regal cinemas gave abc7 a tour. they said it sets the standard for the movie going experience. it offers an immersive screen which covers the viewer's entire field of vision and has an interactive 4 didn't with motion effects and motion synchronized seats. >> when you're sitting there and the environmental effects are happening around you, whether it's wind or snow, it takes you into that part of the movie. >> oh, my goodness. >> what is happening. >> wow. >> they went all disney. >> also, the movement of the
5:56 am
seats >> right? so regal said they're following all of the covid-19 protocols. right now san francisco is recommending that you wear masks indoors if you're fully vaccinated and required for unvaccinated individuals but that you is cool, mike. >> i love that. i with definitely pay the premium for those seats and that experience. let's talk about what's going on across the it's hot, temperatures 99 sacramento. 100 yosemite. as you head into the sierras, look at that. flooding is possible. let me show you the watch, from reno, tahoe into the high desert. some of the storms could produce mudslides and rock falls. >> i'm still not over
5:57 am
movie. >> the smoke. >> the shaking. a beach side house disappearing. >> plus, a story a lot of you are clicking on, the chance of a mask mandate in the bay area. mayor london breed said with her office is thinking. and a jump in the drought. a when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at you know when you're at ross
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. top stories right now at 6:00. the true strength of the delta variant. a brand-new cdc report this morning showing how infectious it is, even with the vaccine. with a long way to go with an ability to hit herd immunity, even if that is something. is there way to get people to get the shop. how to approach people who are still on the fence. with the seventh pick in the 2021 nba draft the golden state warriors select jonathan kuminga. welcome to the wires. the big draft picks this morning. one of them already knows the east bay well.


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