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tv   ABC7 News 900PM  ABC  July 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. tonight, taking steps to curb the current surge of coronavirus. it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated. >> president biden today announcing the requirement that federal workers get vaccinated, and the bay area could soon have a new requirement for face masks. >> i think it's just a matter of days before the bay area goes to a mask mandate. good evening, thanks for joining us. i am ama daetz. >> you're watching the special edition of abc7 news live. >> we're working to build a better bay area, and that means protecting your health from the
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pandemic, and that is getting more challenging. >> cases in the bay area are going up. the increased order to take up a couple weeks after california reopened. >> the seven day test positivity rate is 6.2%. it has climbed more than a full percentage point since the last week, but it is lower than this time last year. today's big headline is president biden's announcement requiring federal workers to get vaccinated, and the public and private sector employees are also putting vaccine mandates into place. here is abc7 news reporter , melanie woodrow. >> reporter: the federal government will fully reimburse any small or medium sized business that provides workers with paid time off to get vaccinated or take their family members to get vaccinated. >> employers, this costs you nothing. >> reporter: the president asked states and cities $100 to anyone who gets fully vaccinated from now on.
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every federal government employee will be asked to attest to their vaccination status. >> anyone who does not attest or is not vaccinated will be required to mask no matter where they work, test one or two times a week to see if they've acquired covid, socially distanced, and generally will not be allowed to travel for work. >> reporter: similar standards will apply for federal contractors , from public to private. uber office reopening and make the covid-19 vaccination mandatory for u.s. employees, following in the footsteps of companies like facebook and twitter, which announced they will require police to be vaccinated before returning to the office. twitter announced the closing of their opposites in san francisco and new york wednesday after those locations had recently reopened that 50% capacity. smaller bay area startups are also issuing vaccine requirements.
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>> we been working remotely thus far. we are a team of 10 but a hybrid company that will meet in person twice a year. enter before that in person meeting, leibson said neverland is in requiring all in place to get vaccinated. >> we think it is important for us and our employees to be vaccinated in order to best protect ourselves and our communities. >> reporter: leibson said any employee that does not would not be allowed to attend in person meeting. >> we hope more startups and technology companies require their employees get vaccinated as well to protect communities. >> reporter: a move by the government and private employers to protect the public. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. the bay area is outpacing california when it comes to getting people vaccinated. take a look at this map. the darker the color, the higher the vaccination rate. marin county leads the entire state. nearly 73% of people in that county has been vaccinated. we ranked the bay area counties in order of vaccination. moran, san francisco, santa clara, san mateo, contra costa.
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the lowest is celano. these percentages are calculated with the population of the county, not just those who are eligible to get vaccinated. there is one zip code in particular that solano county's health officer is calling a problem area. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra has the story. >> reporter: as the bay area braces for the height of our fourth surge, we're learning most of the recent transmission is spreading among unvaccinated people mingling indoors. >> a case gets into a household, it transmits to other people. >> reporter: the abc7 i-team wanted to know which households in the bay area are most at risk so we compiled the zip code list that included 5000 or more of the 12 plus population that recorded the lowest vaccination rates. our analysis found some of the most vulnerable areas include pockets of solano and alameda counties like berkeley, suisun city, vacaville, dixon, and fairview, where 45% to 60% of
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people living in these zip codes are not fully vaccinated. >> fairfield is lower than we want it to be. this is a neighborhood that is very stressed economically we've been putting a lot of effort into pop up spear >> reporter: dr. bela matyas is the health officer for solano county, which has the lowest vaccination rate in the bay area. >> the 30% of our residents who have not been vaccinated, i would not describe them as hesitant as much as i would describe them as reluctant. they simply don't want to be vaccinated. >> reporter: dr. ucsf said the the are hosting pop-up clinics, door-to-door outreach for homebound seniors, schools, and businesses, even setting up sites at mcdonald's, but it has not worked, in the zip codes like fairfield. >> said i would rather get natural infection . others poignantly say we don't trust government, the vaccine.
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>> reporter: how many pop-up clinics have you had in that particular area? >> i would say at least a dozen , maybe closer to do dozen. we get the word out, and five people show up here >> reporter: matyas is concerned solano county vaccination rates will improve much, given the lack of participation of groups at most risk of spreading the virus. solano county has hosted several dozen of those pop-up clinics he was talking about in these high risk zip codes, and they plan to continue ramping up those efforts over the next few weeks, as all eyes are on the delta variant. stephanie sierra, abc7 news. san francisco mayor london breed said the city is looking and making vaccinations mandatory. >> here in san francisco, we have a reason to be concerned he would we see this delta variant really taking flight. yes, we are looking at mandatory vaccines for folks who are not necessarily just city employees. >> the city is also considering bringing back a mask mandate. right now, the county is
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recommending masks for everyone indoors if the mandate is reinstated, it will climb regardless of vaccination status. mayor breed and the city attorney's office are working together on this. >> reporter: dr. bob watcher joined us on "getting answers. and cohesive we are likely headed to another mask mandate. >> i think it's a matter of days before the bay area, i guess all of california goes to a mask mandate. i think it is the right thing to do. was san francisco and the bay area is proving to the country is that even 70% to 75% vaccination rates is not enough to beat this nasty bug down. we have to get two more like 85% or 90%, and that's going to take more than what we have been doing so far. >> as covid prevention measures begin to return, there follows inevitable questions. top of the list, what is next? what will be the impact on bars, restaurants, small businesses, even baseball?
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the giants drew a large crowd today that provided a perfect mix for taking public opinion. more from abc7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: deja vu all over again. oracle park with subtext. you are wearing a mask. >> absolutely. >> reporter: have you ever stopped? >> no, i haven't . >> reporter: that sets the scene. >> if i'm destined to get it, i'm destined to get it. >> reporter: a crowd this size admitted you might be thinking? >> superspreader. >> reporter: ad in the delta variant surging as fast as the giants, and we may see mandates in response. for a winning team with the best record in the baseball, possibly headed to the playoffs, after the pandemic, potential timing of this could not be less perfect. >> last year, we were lucky to survive. >> reporter: jim sweeney sells giants gear. he does not want to see a
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return to social distancing inside games. >> 8000 people, it is hard to make a living that with your 25% of the crowd, that is 25% of the business. >> reporter: not today. pregame, crowds packed inside and outside. if alcohol it has the same effect on masks, despite present policy recommendations. we asked owner scott morton if he has worries about stricter measures. >> whatever happens with mandates and things the next couple of days or week, we'll take it as it comes in deal with it. >> reporter: as if any of us will have a choice. deja vu all over again , once again, and we thought we might be free and clear. >> you can't take anything for granted. >> reporter: in life or baseball. outside oracle park, wayne freeman, abc7 news. >> you really can't. it's true. let's check on the weather now. >> we'll finally break this heatwave, especially inland. today, it was another hot day away from the coast.
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made it to the triple digits in our hottest locations for a second day in a row. look at these highs today. we hit 106 in ukiah, 95 in concorde, 96, the high earlier today in livermore. around the bay shoreline, nice sea breeze, so we were kept more comfortable in the 60s and 70s. i will take you to now. marine layer is very shallow, compressed right up your limited fog along the coastline first thing tomorrow morning. numbers right now, still holding onto a bit of warmth inland. still 90 in brentwood, 83 in concord, 62 in santa rosa, so so cooler breezes are making their presence known at this hour. future whether showing we're going to hang onto some of this mild air. first thing tomorrow morning, our warmest cities will stay in the 60s. we have one more day in this heatwave, and we will break it over the weekend. we will have those details in
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...her wifi can power it all, and more. i. love. you. can your internet do that? cheer on team usa with wifi speeds faster than a gig. or, get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. switch today. a long time san francisco philanthropist and poet has passed away. several local law maters confirmed the death of janice, posting tributes online. she cofounded the glide foundation which has helped san francisco's need for decades,
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as you know. she was married to cecil williams. she also published several collections of poetry the city's poet laureate from 2000 to 2002. local jewish community leaders have launched a social media campaign to combat anti- semitism. mayor london breed joint city of community livers . police data shows the majority of religious attacks in the city target members of the jewish faith. members of that community launched the here i am social media campaign, encouraging jewish people to share their stories in confronting anti- semitism. >> our kids have experienced fear because they are jewish. they need us to show up. our parents need us, all of us to come together and say, "here i am." >> members of the jewish community are hoping the videos and messages will create solidarity locally and across
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the country. today, oakland chinatown kicked off it's community ambassador program here the group is funded by the city the nonprofit family bridges, and other organizations. members patrol chinatown wearing green best helping with the escalation, harm reduction, and more. >> we cleaned the street, do graffiti abatement, and some of these folks here came on board because they wanted to give back to their community. >> the program currently has three community ambassadors on staff and two volunteers. they hope to add more people with fundraising and community support. oakland mayor libby schaaf was on "mid-day live" to address crime. mayor schaaf said she and a longtime lawmaker agreed something must be done. >> barbara boxer, she too was concerned to know that the city council voted and rejected my proposal to modestly grow our police presence so we could really invest in community
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policing, something she has long been a champion of. she was very disappointed to share that the council was moving in the opposite direction , shrinking the police force. >> last month, oakland city council voted to take away more than $17 million from the police department. that money is being redirected to find antiviolence programs. without the money and more staffing, local and is liking officers to walk the streets to see and be seen. san francisco unified grabbed wrapped up its grab and go meals program at school prepared to open in the fall. more than 7 million meals have been served to students and families in need during the pandemic of the district's nutrition services is focusing on preparing for in-person learning to resume on all schools in august 16, and meals will be free for all students, regardless of income. >> we're ready for it, and it is something we're doing at a lot of our schools are ready.
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about 50 schools are offering free meals to everybody. pre-pandemic, and so it is going to be something we have been ready and willing to do, and we have been preparing to do. >> the free meals are made possible by a federal waiver. rising temperatures across california are prompting's ability statewide flex alerts. reporting from our sister station in los angeles explains why despite the complaints, flex alerts are here to stay. >> reporter: jackie shows she and her friends have had it with the power grid being taxed every brutally hot summer. she says every day, it seems, one of her friends is temporarily losing power. >> an hour here, an hour there. you just never know. >> reporter: california iso reports 2019, people were under flex alerts two days a year. last year alone, that number climbed to 10 days. this year, there have been flex
9:18 pm
alerts, warning residents to confer power in the dark days of summer or risk rolling blackouts. he says the last time the power grid was stretched to the limit, his family lost electricity for hours. >> last time, maybe 24 hours. the freezer, we threw away the food, and this is what happens. >> reporter: we cannot negate climate change putting more power on the power grid. the earth has got too much warmer because of time a change. surface temperature tied with 2016 as the warmest year on record. energy expert don whaley said climate change is an issue. power companies are forced to deal with it, and flex alerts are one way they are dealing with it. >> i'm sure there's plenty of speculation on that, but i think it has to do with obviously be extorting her heat, the lack of snowpack.
9:19 pm
ucsf whaley says mitigating flex alerts comes down to you and i being smart when we use power to wash clothes and being conservative cooling our homes. >> we need to think about the times of the day during which we employ large electric demand devices like your washer, your drier, your pool pump. simply raising your thermostat four or 5 degrees is not going to be quite as comfortable as you might otherwise be, but if everyone did that, the compounded effect is huge, significant, and it is going to go a long way toward preventing blackouts in california, rolling or otherwise. >> reporter: abc 7 news. our you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. worst. check out the new map from the latest weekly update on california's drought. it is side-by-side with lats meets map. nearly half of our entire state is classified in the highest level of drought. that dark color represents exceptional drought. it includes the bay area. more than 40% of california is in the second highest level, the bright red representing extreme drought. so, not good drops yesterday, dan? but nothing like we need. >> that's not going to help at all. sort of discouraging, true, to see that map. we knew this was going to be a bad summer, but it's getting worse every day. >> we still got about two more months of dry forecast to go
9:23 pm
before we can hopefully see a little improvement here or there, but nearly half the state is in exceptional drought right now, the worst drought category. this is substantial when it comes to how dry our ground really is. we'll take you outside. camera showing moisture or fog. it's really having a tough time gathering right now. our marine layer is very shallow, so you can see clouds here and there over the city, but all in all, our fog bank later on tonight is going to be limited to the immediate coastline. you can see on live doppler 7 along with satellite clear the cloud cover along the coastline . we had showers, thunderstorms in the sierra. live doppler 7 showing a couple thunderstorms near bishop. this is winding down as the sun has set and so has daytime heating, so these will fall apart. tomorrow, we will likely see more showers develop near tahoe. right now, it is warm, especially inland across the state 97 fresno right now, 103 in palm springs, so we have some warmth
9:24 pm
can stick around another day across much of the state. even right now, locally, it is still pretty warm in some spots. holding 88 right now in ukiah, 90 in brentwood this hour, 83 in concord. we're going to hop over the east bay hills to oakland. the sea breeze cooling us off down to 62. 68 right now in palo alto. overnight tonight, we'll have the cloud cover again right along the coast. some high clouds time to time across much of the bay area. numbers in the 50s, closer to the water. warmer spots inland holding in the 60s. let's timeout that limited marine layer. tomorrow morning, future weather showing fog what along the coast get a little bit stretching over the city, and that's about it when we come to morning cloud cover. afternoon, mostly sunny. we'll have cirrus clouds moving in time to time, and you can see to our east, we will find thunderstorms bubbling up by 4:00, 5:00 in the afternoon, and we'll track that for you tomorrow as they moved to our east. highs in microclimate, starting in the south bay, 82 in milpitas, 92, the high in
9:25 pm
morgan hill. peninsula, it is warm. 83 tomorrow in redwood city, 74 in mill break, half moon bay coming in at 62 degrees. downtown tomorrow, afternoon sunshine. 65. san francisco coming in with a high of 70. the north bay tomorrow, hot in spots. 101 in cloverdale, 105 in ukiah, 94 in calistoga. cooler, sausalito coming in at a nice 67 degrees. east bay, 79 hayward, 83 fremont, and inland, one more day of this heat wave, then it is over the weekend. 98 antioch, same and brentwood, 95, the high in concord. heat advisory. interior mendocino and all of lake county tomorrow, because of the temperatures exceeding 100 degrees, take it easy as the heat will break over the weekend. heat risk in on one more day, and then we wipe out some of that heat over the weekend. august begin sunday. typical fashion with warm spots
9:26 pm
in the 90s, and it looked like we will cable temperatures early next week, and are numbers not changing all that much to thursday. will "i dos" get delayed again? couples scheduled weddings because of the pandemic. how they deal with new uncertainty as cases rise. if you are fully vaccinated , you are highly protected from covid-19. >> president biden makes a big push for vaccinations. a look at the politics involved in fighting the pandemic. and if you have questions about coronavirus vaccine, you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team. just go to . select our at, hit add channel, and that is it. you will get all your news as it happens, updates on the weather where you live, plus special featured content like our abc7 original and
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get a quote today. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. the fact is if you had high vaccination rates be in this spot right now.
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>> president biden, turning up the heat in the battle against coronavirus. the president this afternoon announced strict new testing, masking, and distancing requirements for federal employees who have not yet been vaccination. >> the pandemic is a partisan matter. alex presha has the latest from washington. >> reporter: thursday, a big announcement from president biden on covid vaccinations and federal employees. >> every federal government employee will be asked attest to their vaccination status. and the biden, taking several new measures to fight the growing wave of covid cases fueled by the delta variant. >> what is happening in america right now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. under the president's action, affecting the more 2 million federal employees, you either have to get vaccinated or face a number of requirements, like weekly testing, remaining socially distant at work, and limited or no work travel. on capitol hill, republicans, already rebuking the reversal of mask guidance from the cdc. >> we can't come. i can't execute my confidential
9:31 pm
duty unless i wear my mask. which is it? vaccines are mask? ? >> reporter: and there's a disconnect unmask policy. >> to say that wearing a mask is not based on science, i think is not wise. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi mandates masks on the house side of congress. on the senate side, masks are simply recommended, but coast- to-coast, mask debate is becoming more common, as increase in covid hospitalizations. masks will be required indoors in washington, d.c. even for the vaccinated starting sunday, and washington state masks indoors regardless of vaccination status. but seven states have banned mask mandates. pfizer is calling for booster shots to better protect against the delta variant. the company, revealing new data showing after six months, there vaccine's efficacy from covid dropped from 96% to 84%, and
9:32 pm
the data comes from march, before the delta variant became the dominant strain. the fda will ultimately decide if booster shots are needed. right now, they are not considering them for the general public but are reviewing tousey if the immunocompromised would benefit. alex presha, abc news, washington. the happiest place on earth is hoping to become the safest place as. disneyland is requiring masks indoors once again starting tomorrow. guests over the age of 2 as well as employees will have to where face coverings whenever they are in an indoor setting or certain enclosed rides and attractions regardless of vaccination status. fears of the delta variant are sending shock waves through out the bay area's million- dollar wedding industry. many couples to be had to cancel wedding plans last year at the height of the pandemic, and now some are getting cold feet as to what they rescheduled. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has advice from experts about dealing with those wedding date jitters. >> reporter: how are people feeling out there? >> nervous here >> reporter: bay area wedding planner alicia falango, talking about nervous rides and grooms
9:33 pm
to be, unsure about their wedding dates which have been postponed over and over and now may have to be changed yet again due to that wedding crasher, the delta variant. >> there is still a lot of unknowns. people are getting nervous about the delta asking us to move other events to be sooner. right now, when things are open and out. >> reporter: the fear, another lockdown, but speeding up the big day is tough when there is no venue available to party. >> people are booked out. >> reporter: ian johnstone and his wife samantha got married last summer, but postponed the reception until october 2021 when it was safe to gather. now, that is uncertain. >> probably making a deposit requirement that everyone is vaccinated just to feel safe. >> reporter: wedding planner corina beczner has clients want rapid covid testing done outside their wedding venue for all guests going to the chapel. >> this is the way that it is, and making sure that we're
9:34 pm
feeling safe, and everyone -- because once alcohol gets involved here, the masks come off. >> reporter: best advised beste aborting the wedding bell blues? be flexible. >> everyone needs to have a backup plan. they need to have a backup plan and a backup plan to their backup plan. >> reporter: that means being open to keeping your wedding small and moving the date to next year, even 2023 if you can , or there's another option planners are offering, eloping. cornell bernard, "midday live". let's talk about vaccines. if you're having trouble doing
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over half of all californians are fully vaccinated. 62% of our population
9:38 pm
>> reporter: said unless they ask, don't offer to educate. >> are in a much better place to talk about how you feel, then ask them about their own perspective, and express concerned about well-being. >> reporter: explain how not
9:39 pm
being vaccinated impacts you and people around you , that doesn't work, dr. danovitch said it is okay to set boundaries. >> the appropriate thing might be to say hey, currently, i am concerned about my own breath, and it is important i don't see you until you are vaccinated as well. >> i think everyone should take precautions. >> reporter: the most important thing experts say is to keep the conversation going. >> when people feel hurt, they are more likely to be listening. get ready for our conversation, and get the facts first. go to to find all the latest information. >> reporter: what does dress for success look like at this point in the pandemic? we will give you wardrobe hands from
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target is getting another $200 bonus to employees. this is the sixth the bonus target workers have received since the start of the pandemic. all full and part-time employees will get extra cash along with everyone at target's distribution centers as well. the retail giants of the bonuses amount to a $75 million investment in staff. companies one by one are pushing back plans for return to work, but dressing casually for zoom calls is influencing what employees are seeing and buying when they refresh their wardrobes. it is definitely a change and workplace.
9:43 pm
abc7 news fashionista david louis tells of about the trend coming to >> reporter: others, scrabbling to fill racks as return to work date keep changing. apparel sales dropped with room at work with no need to dress up, so or just need refreshing. >> the consumer wants to feel comfortable because they spent a year and a half in front of zoom feeling comfortable, and that they go to the workplace, they want to be comfortable but casual cool. >> reporter: kimberly carly operates fashwire clear, during the era of zoom, workers put on a few pounds perhaps, so loosefitting clothes are in demand. >> i'm seeing oversized sweaters, long silhouettes, denim always here to stay. flats are really coming into play more than ever because none of us have worn heels for a year and a half year >> reporter: research done by qualtrics shows a big shift in workwear attitudes. 37% of those surveyed said they
9:44 pm
want to dress casually back in the office, edging out those who dressed as casual. almost 2/3 say they could be productive no matter what they wear. workers of course said bosses set the tone and may offer dress guidelines of what is acceptable office wear, so office labels are hedging their bets they've, with the right designs. >> men, they have basically stayed the same as they did pre- covid, and for women, i am seeing more casual, comfort, and cool. we are selling long dresses, selling, like, the nice, soft denim jackets, cardigans, tees, and comfort, really. >> reporter: from what i am seeing, neckties are still dead? >> neckties are not happening. >> reporter: oh, yes. david louis, abc7 news. >> ditch that necktie, dan. >> it's interesting, we have all changed our approach to how we dress during the pandemic .
9:45 pm
>> i heard a lot of people say, "i hope this continues when the pandemic is over," you know? well, we have one more day of triple digit temperatures, [hippo groans melodically] [iguana belts major 3rd] [gator reverb] [splash] [singing indri sings] [elephant trumpets] [buffalo punish timpani] [cassowary crescendo] ♪
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at 11:00. let's update the forecast. drew is back. >> we showed you the drought monitor across california earlier in the show. have the state is almost and exceptional drought, the worst drought category. when you zoom into the bay area locally, you can see a similar story. the update we got today encompasses all of alameda county in the exceptional drought you you can see it is stretching into parts of santa clara county as well, so much of the bay area is underneath that worst drought category unfortunately, and it is likely going to stay this way if not get worse over the next couple of months before our rainy season really kicks in, hopefully, by october. right now, the story is all about the warmer temperatures away from the coast. 77 right now in san ramon, 87 in rembert brentwood, 87 in clear lake, but most of us are in the 50s and 60s, closer to the water. overnight tonight, we have cloud cover pretty much just along the immediate coastline. that is about it. numbers and our warmer spots
9:49 pm
will be holding in the 60s overnight tonight. for some of us, it is a mild start to our friday. there is the cloud cover along the coast. high clouds streaming in from the south. the south. that is a mostly sunny day tomorrow. to the east we go. double wide in the picture, and we do expect storms to develop in the sierra. some can contain lighting, even locally heavy rain. we have flash flood watches posted in this area where we could see pretty decent downpours. we will keep you updated on that tomorrow. highs here at home, one more day of the intense heat inland into the 90s, if not exceeding 100 degrees in some spots. a little bit cooler by the coast. 65, the high in the city. the heat risk inland tomorrow, then the heat will be significantly over the weekend, and we'll stay pretty comfortable in terms of august numbers. early next week, we will expect morning fog to afternoon sunshine, you guys. as we continue, an oakland program has introduced thousands of kids to the
9:50 pm
wonderful world of golf. you will see what it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast. it could be the day your workforce doubles... or the day your visitors quadruple. with comcast business you'll be ready... with the flexibility to control multiple wifi networks from anywhere.
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since 1998, the eighth kids golf program in oakland has introduced more than 8000 youth to the wonderful world of golf. with every putt, kids develop life skills to succeed both on and off the course. ♪
9:53 pm
>> golf is one of the top escorts. racquetball is a team sport, football is a team sport. baseball, you've got three strikes. golf, you have to hit it right every time. every stroke counts, and when you see these young men and young women when they first start out and they are frustrated because they can't hit the ball, and here they are six months later, and they are hitting the ball high in the air and straight, you see the smile in their face, and they really start to enjoy and love the game not only for their abilities to play, but what the game is about. >> i started playing golf when i was about 12. >> i started playing when i was 7. >> i think i started playing around 5 years old. i did not really choose that that the beginning. i thought it was very boring and i did not want to play, but then i just started hitting golf balls, and i picked up the love for the game.
9:54 pm
♪ >> offering golf to our youth is important because it gets them out of their neighborhoods. you come to a beautiful golf course like here, you're here in the nature, the trees. it is very quiet out here. it really gets them out into a different element to where they could become more one with themselves and become more one with nature. when you think about the kids coming up from the inner cities, you know, there's a lot of violence going on, a lot of negativity, so this is another place for peace and calmness, tranquility. >> i love the outside in nature, and golf is just a way to be outside. you can really engage into your golf shot and really focus. >> it's really well organized, definitely. they communicate well. they take their time, and they are patient with you.
9:55 pm
>> the best part is i make long- term friends, not like i meet them, become friends with them, and never see them again. i see them over and over again, and i have a long-term friend now. >> parents are excited that their kids are outside in a structured program. they are able to hang out with friends and do something positive and get them away from the video screens and computer screens, right? >> what i love about ace kids golf championship allows kids to compete, get out there, and showed determination. golf is very powerful with youth empowerment and teaches valuable life skills like honesty, integrity, strength, discipline, focus, tenacity. all the things you need in life, so golf helps players not only on the course but off the course as well. >> golf is a slow game, so you have to take your time, be real patient, careful with everything you do, and i have taken that with anything i do
9:56 pm
in life. >> i have to wait sometimes to hit on the tee, i have to wait to put. it taught me patience, and i am more patient. >> golf, you can translate to a lot of life situations. you've always got to focus on what is ahead of you. you hit a bad shot? you've got to worry about the next shot. move forward and try your best next time. >> what i learned over my last couple tournaments is how to deal with adversity on the golf course and to not just like if up. it is a great organization that brought great opportunity for me, and i love to keep working with ace kids. >> what i would like to see moving forward with our program is we expand it and get it not only here in oakland but other cities across the country and expand with partnerships. we are grateful to our partners, 2k foundations, even play who is supporting us, and we're looking to garner more support from other entities and other corporations so we get more youth involved in our program.
9:57 pm
>> great program. >> that is so cool. as you know, i'm a lifelong golfer for many reasons, but i love everything golf is about beyond the game. so much sportsmanship, honesty, integrity. it is so valuable for young people. >> absolutely. those young people are doing great. that is it for us for not. i'm annotates. >> i am dan ashley. we will see you in one hour for abc7 news at 11:00 .
9:58 pm
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